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Carcole Islannd 2 by IreneBelserion69
Cracole Island 3 by IreneBelserion69
Stok Kangri western flank.jpg

Yep, we’re revising this feat, simply because how ridiculously casual and how immense the scale of an attack of this caliber was.

And the land was no more. Within Seconds, the entire Island shrinks to merely a  stepping stone to Brandish.

Now  the question is how big is Caracole Island and how powerful Brandish is to generate enough energy to casually destroy a whole Island

First, we need a scale of the Fairy Tail Ship which we got covered by the first picture here.  I took screencaps so excuse the rather crap quality of the pictures.

Frist Picture
Average Man: 107px( 1.8m)
Ship Height:407px(6.8 m)

Seems about right given the ship isn’t that big given it’s only transporting Team Natsu.  Now for the Alaverz ships.

Sadly I can’t get a proper scale of any of the Alaverz ships so we got to go with the default size of an average cruise ship minimum for the minimum height of the ships given they are far larger than the fisher boat ships or Alaverz military Ships.

Alvarez Warship:32px(220m)
Calacrole Island area/Length and Width:489px(3,361m)x2=    roughly 10.8 Square Kilometers or roughly half the size of Nauru ( – 21 km²) the third smallest country within the world.…

Caracole Mountain size:110px(756 meters)
Brandish command T Sea mountain:895px(6,151 m)…

In short, the island bedrock was altered to being as high as Stork Kangri, a massive mountain within the Himalayas in Northwest India,  

We’re going to cover several aspects to this whopper of a casual feat. We’re going to cover the Lifting feat in how much longer it would take to lift a whole island, which would be the kinetic   energy and protrusion energy of the island, the amount of energy needed to vaporize the entire island or rather compress it violently into a pebble

Brandish’s Lifting of the Island
Diameter of the Massive rock pillar:1201px(8,254m)
The height of the Massive Rock Pillar:895px(6,151 m)
Volume:419058501916 m^3

The diameter of Caracole Island:489px(3,361m)x2
Caracole Mountain size:110px(756 meters)
Caracole Island Volume:8,540,018,676 m^3

Note ocean Crust is even denser than Continental crust so the sheer energy and density of the rock is immense.  If  Oceanic Crust is 2,9gm./cc then we’re going with 2,900kg/m3
The volume of Rock: 2,900kg/m3
Mass of the Rock Pillar:1,215,269,655,556,400 kg 
Mass of Carole  Island itself:24,766,054,160,400  kg

Anime timeframe of Brandish’s terraforming: 32 seconds
Movement speed of the ground:192.2 meters per second/ 433mph

24,766,054,160,400  kgx192.2m/s^2

9.148788441706707e+17 Newtons of engery

Brandish's DC by IreneBelserion69
Natsu's dragon roar nuke by IreneBelserion69

Now for ForcexDistance


5.627419770493796e+21 joule = 1 344 985.604 8 megaton [explosive]

Brandish’s Lifting Caracole Island: 1.34 Teratons of TNT( Small country level)

Now for the formation and energy needed to create the massive Rock Pillar.

Mass of the Rock Pillar:1,215,269,655,556,400 kg
 Engery needed to create the Massive Mountain: 22 446 540 951 382 040 000 joule = 5 364.852 043 8 megaton [explosive]  or   5.364 Gigatons (Island Level+)

Now for Vaporization energy of the feat, well technically compression but the mass of the island and it’s massive rock pillar.

After all, Command T seems to have the same effect as complete vaporization as seen with Marin hollow appearing to been completely vaporized

Caracole Island Volume:8,540,018,676 m^3
Carcocle Island Volume in CC:8,540,018,676,000,000
Volume of rock in CC: 2.7gm/cc
Vaporization enegry: 25700 (j/cc).

Brandish’s Attack Potency/Vaporization Energy Low end casual:592 591 895 927 640 000 000 joule = 141 632.862 32 megaton [explosive]  or 141.63 Gigatons of TNT

Now for the massive Rock Pillar that lifted Caracole Island
Massive Mountain sized pillar:419058501916 m^3
The volume of rock in CC: 2.9gm/cc
Vaporization energy: 25700 (j/cc).
Brandish Vaporizartion on the Rock Pillar:3.3419915527801e+22 joule = 7 987 551.512 4 megaton [explosive]  or  7.98 Teratons of TNT(  Country Level)

Holy fucking Christ on a stick, that’s a huge amount of destructive energy. to give you a scale of how destructive this level of power, it’s enough to destroy everything within the Arabia Peninsula and leave devastating destruction from  Istanbul to as far as Tehran and can destroy an entire area the size of the Indian Subcontinent.  Needless to say, Brandish would make the Tsar Bomba look like a Firecracker.

To compare, Natsu’s Dragon Roar against Bluenote only generated  734 Gigatons, so Brandish is easily 10 times stronger than base Natsu holding back.
Ikusa-Tsunagi vs Pica size revisions
I figure I revise the scaling of Ikusa-Tsunagi and rescale him and compare his size to that of Pica, his massive counterpart within One Peice for the lulz.

Summmoning 843 px ( 443.68421 meters ) Tree:38 px (20 meters)
Now for the summoning’s dimmesonsArmsx2Arm diameter: 1/6(73.95 meters)^2Arm Length: 2/ 6 (147.895 meters)Volume of  Arms:808,
ShouldersShoulder diameter:  170 px (   89.4736841  meters   )^2Width:24 px(12.631 meters)Volume of shoulders: 9,047,397.9836 m^3
Chest Length: 265 px (139.474 met

And far stronger than Ikusa-Tsunagi

Yikes, they’re not kidding with the “Country Demolisher” name considering Brandish’s vaporization energy is easily Country level.  At damn near 8 Teratons, it’s enough to completely vaporize Manhattan Instantaneously and produce a crater deeper than the entire Island.  It’s also potentially enough to generate a Catrapsohic Earthquake around 10.0 on  Higher.

Worse would be the sudden compression effects which would collapse 6 km high mountain into the sea which would generate devastating Mega Tsunami which would produce a massive destructive force that would devastate the Alaverz and Isghal coastlines.


Brandish Lifting strength:1.34 Teratons of TNT( Small country level)  

Brandish Creation Energy:  5.364 Gigatons (Island Level)

Brandish Vaporization/Compression energy  Caracole Island: 141.63 Gigatons of TNT(Large Island Level)

Brandish Vaporization/Compression energy Rock Pillar: 7.98 Teratons of TNT(  Country Level)

Brandish’s overall killing Potency:9.47  Teratons of TNT(  Country Level)

And what’s even scarier is this is hardly even close to her full power.  Though looking up some information of a foot tap,  they’re much deadlier than what it would appear.…

“Humans will only have one foot on the ground while walking. Estimate that the area of the heel on a man’s shoe is 10 in2. When he walks, a 200 lb. man exerts 20 psi because the weight is supported momentarily by the heel. A 100 lb. woman exerts much more psi when she wears heels. Depending on the area of the heel, she can exert as much as 1600 psi under a ‘stiletto heel’ ¼ inch on aside. This explains why people with wood floors don’t want women walking on them in high heels.”

In other words, women with heels have more devastating punching power than a boxer. Well that’s a surprising fact…
Let’s go with the 20psi given Brandish did an extremely light tap to achieve this feat and didn’t display even all her force in that feat and let’s use the 1,600psi as a high end of the potential force she exerted.  That means at most Brandish only used  1/80th of her actual potential stopping power in this feat. Yeah makes you rethink, doesn’t it? Meaning Brandish would possibly Large Country level+ going by power scaling from her revised Island shrinking which is easily in the Small Country to Country level range of power  giving her full potential between   107.2  to  634 Teratons of TNT  

Brandish  full power(Canon):107.2  to  634 Teratons of TNT  (Large Country level+)

Brandish  full power by IreneBelserion69
Brandish  full power 2 by IreneBelserion69
Cracole Island 3 by IreneBelserion69
Brandish steeping power by IreneBelserion69
Brandish height by IreneBelserion69

Holy fucking shit, forget Country buster, she can nearly wipe out the surface of North America alone and that’s within a lower-end scale of her full power.

The Higher end scale borders easily on Continent level alone. The Surface area of all of Africa and Europe are completely desotryed by the blast, in other words, she has enough power to completely vaporize an area twice the size of the Arabia Pennusila and flatten every building throughout Europe, Africa, and Western Asia. Once again all from merely the weakest Sparrtgian 12 if we take into account the 8 Teraton level attack was merely her casual power.

To put into scale, the human body has 70 trillion cells. The explosive potential of Brandish’s full power is enough to make every single cell in your body explode with the force of  9.1 Tons of TNT or basically every cell in your body explodes with  roughly 82% the explosive force of the MOAB, the   largest non nuclear weapon in the US arsenal per every cell within your body.

This radically upgrades the tier list within previous journals as this revised calc has to Brandish a lot higher than originally thought possible
How powerful is Fairy Tail Top Tiers(For Fu-Reiji)Last week a good new friend of mine :IconFu-Reiji: was banned unjustly for expressing himself in ways the fascists’ pigs on DA didn’t want him to.  Anyways we’re about a week away before the FCC fucks us over in the ass,  here’s your chance to stop them from killing our Internet freedom.
Now that I got that out of the way, let’s finish this three-part series. 
Disclaimer: AsDragon Cry is due to come out on DVD/Blue Ray soon in the states, I got a bit of spoilers from the Dragon Cry Movie. if you  have yet to see Dragon Cry, don’t read this journal, you would be spoiling the movie for yourself and it’s a pretty good movie. This also contains spoilers from the final chapters of the Fairy Tail Series and the Final Arc, do not read if you haven’t reached around Chapter 437- 520 of the Fairy Tail Manga
As seen in Dragon Cry’s Final Fight, Natsu is very powerful,  he’s able to defeat an Amped Dragon with th

How Powerful Are Fairy Tail Top Tiers part 2
How Powerful are Fairy Tail Top Tiers Part 3 Final
Needless to say the entire verse benefits from her power and she scales very nicely with the Sparrgian 12

Base Natsu Holding back:  0.25 to 0.5 Brandish
Natsu full power base: 2.5x to 5 Brandish
Blaze King Mode Natsu: 10 to  50 Brandish
Partial END Mode: 500 Brandish

Wendy:0.5 Brandish base,  5 Brandish Dragon Force,  up to 50  Brandish using  Ehcantments+Dragon Force

Erza: 2.5x to 5 Brandish base,10 to  50 Brandish using weaker armors,  100 Brandish using stronger Armors, 500 Brandish full power 

Gray: 0.25 to 0.5 Brandish base holding back, 5 Brandish full power base, 50 Brandish Devil Slayer Mode, 500 Brandish Demonized Gray

Lucy:0.5 Brandish,  5 to 10 Brandish potentially using Uno Materia

Sparrigan 12 tier

Irene Beleserion:100 Brandish base, at least 1,000 Brandish  Dragon Form
Lacarade:50 Brandish Base, 500 Brandish Ethertious state
Inveel:20 Brandish Base,  200 Brandish Kaumi mode
God Serena:10 Brandish base, 100 Brandish Dragon Force/Hybrid Mode
Dimaria: 10 Brandish base, 100 Brandish God Soul
Ajeel:10 to  50 Brandish
Brandman:2.5x to 5 Brandish
Wal Itchi:  2.5x to 5 Brandish
Jacob:  2.5x to 5 Brandish
Neihart:  2 Brandishs.
Brandish: Standard Method of Test

Now for the mechanics of Brandsh’ COmmand T, just how much can she shrink an object to.

As seen with the two images here, the gap of how much she can grow and how much she can shrink is immense. However just how immense is this gap between shrinking and increasing size.

As seen with her Mountain, she can increase object to an exceeded of 6km with little effort  and then shrink it to roughly thousands of times smaller than it’s original size  but just how much volume was lost from Caracole’s original size to its current state and how much of a change from the rock pillar to her power currently.

Caracole Island Volume:8,540,018,676 m^3
Brandish mountain Pillar Volume:419058501916 m^3

Brandi’s “Stepping Stone”

Brandish:2273px(5’6″ or 167cm( without heels/Smae height as Evergreen)
Steeping stone Length:599px(44cm  or 0.44m) 7,638 times smaller than the original length of the island.
Stepping stone Width: 167px(12cm or .12cm)  28,003 times smaller than the original length of the island.
Stepping stone Height: 219px(16cm or .16cm) 21,006  times smaller than the original length of the island.
In other words, Caracole Island is roughly as big as a dollhouse for girls, being   5 inches wide, 6 inched high and roughly 1 foot and 5 inches long.  Needless to say I can canonically picture Brandish still playing with dolls but rather than collecting dolls and toys, she shrinks entire cities into the size of playhouses.

Now time to get serious calculate the volume of the shrunken Caracole Island

The volume of stepping stone: 8,448 Cubic Centimeters  
The volume of rock: 2.7 grams/CC
Rock’s Mass:  22.8 Kilograms/ 50.3 Pounds

Now for the interesting math here.
Carcocle Island Volume in CC:8,540,018,676,000,000
The volume of stepping stone: 8,448 Cubic Centimeters  
Overall Voume loss:1,010,892,362,215.909  or  1 Tirllion times difference

Caracole Island Mass loss
Carcaole Island mass:2.30580504252e+16 Kg
Stepping Stone mass: 22.8 Kilograms/ 50.3 Pounds
Overall Mass Loss:1,011,318,001,105,263  or  1 Qaurdillion Times difference

Now for Brandish and how small she can make herself and others

Brandish’s height:167cm or 1.67 meters
1.67m/7638=2.186436239853365e-4  or 21.8 μm

 So Brandish can shrink herself smaller than a human skin cell.

Now for mass, the maximum shrinking ability of Brandish by mass.

Brandish is 59Kg

59km/1 Quadrillion times
0.000000000000059   or 5.9 picograms, the weight of     DNA in a typical diploid human cell 

Now for the tally

Brandish Mass manapautilion:1 Quadrillion times
Brandish Volume change: 1 trillion times 

Brandish Height  Change: 7,638 times

Maximum size Brandish could shrink herself/Others:21.8 μm

Maximum mass Brandish could reduce: 5.9 picograms

Brandissh size scale by IreneBelserion69
Brandish vs nyc by IreneBelserion69
See the source image
Marakov wave by IreneBelserion69
Brandish height by IreneBelserion69

However, her extend her command T’s true size reduction and ignoring conventional durability could extend on a far smaller scale as evident by the fact she shrunk cancer like mass to a subatomic Particle.

Keep in mind a cancer cell is roughly in the Micrometers of size,  so this is great testament to her power.

Theoretically, Brandish can make herself at least 6km high given she casually manpiutiled the mass of the ocean floor to emerge  6km above sea level which theoretically would make herself far larger than Marakov by merely theoretical capabilities.  Going by her magical potential, she could easily exceed 12.7 km in height multiply her height by 7,638 which if she did manage to do that, she would be far from the weakest Sparrgain 12 member like in canon.

 Needless to say, she can make herself fucking comparing her massive, easily beyond anything in the scale of Fary Tail.  Markov in Super Titan form in Tenerou Island looks like a baby by comparison and Kikasturngari looks like a  tiny toy.

Going by the direct size comparison, she makes up considerable mass and size of Manhattan.

After all, Brandish is Yammy on Steriods,  Casual country destroying steroids…  Now to get the potential mass and possible Destructive Capacity by Sheer Virtue of size with this theoretical increase in size and power.

Now let’s get to what Brandish’s possible capabilities are about and her full potential if Mashima used her the same way Kubo had Yammy be strictly stronger than he leads on.

Remember in the calc earlier before this I had Markov at the most 1,459 m or roughly 1.46 km?  That’s nothing compared to how big Brandish could make herself.…

Let’s go with 130 lbs or 59kg  for Brandish height being 5’6″ o 167cm  going by the fact she’s roughly the same height as Evergreen.…
Brandish’s Body Volume: meter³0.06

LengtLet’s go by the lower end 6,151 Meter height and go with the higher end 12.7km  as the higher end.

Brandish Theoretical size and power( lower end 6,151 Meter height)

Brandish vs nyc 2 by IreneBelserion69
Brandish casual step by IreneBelserion69
Tenrou Island mass by IreneBelserion69
Brandish  full power 4 by IreneBelserion69

Going by this size comparison  Brandish being as huge as Caarcoile Island would be easy as tall from Battery Park Mahathahan to 28’th street with her width taking up at least a quarter of the width of Manhattan itself. Her feet alone would be slightly larger the Empire State Building, enough to extremely casually decimate an entire city block and this is the lower end size of her. 

Brandish’ Volume(6.1km):2235280043.0 8 M^3
Mass of Human by cubic meter:1,010 kg/m^3
Brandish Mass(6.1km):2,257,632,843,510.8 kg or 2.2X10^12 kg……

 In short, Brandish has more mass than  Global biomass of fish and roughly half the mass of  World crude oil production in 2009.

This is merely the energy she generates at merely walking speed walking around

Average Walking speed: 1.34 Meters Per Second
F: 1.34m/s^2×2,257,632,843,510.8=462605533807.9925  Netwons

Now for a distance of each step.…
average step length is 2.6 feet or about 31 inches/78cm
Brandish is 167cm
In this form, she’s over 6151m
Brandish step length=2872.922155688623 meters

1 329 029 687 421 144 joule = 317.645 718 79 kiloton [explosive]

Crap she’s a walking nuke going by sheer mass and standard walking speed alone, meaning every step she makes, she’s producing a force equivalent to modern medium yield Hydrogen Bombs Again this is the merely physical size and mass, no magical spells

The Teenrou tree alone’s physical mass eqauivlented to the force of being hit with a 2.4 Kilton Nuke. frightening, now imagine a punch from her at full speed

Now for potential energy/ We’ll go with the potential Kentic Energy of a single punch from her within her form.

Brandish Mass(6.1 km): 2,257,632,843,510.8 kg or 2.2X10^12 kg2.2X10^12 kgVelocity:12.7km/sec

Time for ForcexDistance

60.600.000.000.000  kgx12.7 km/sec

3.641336013298569e+20  Newtons of engery

Now for ForcexDistance

3.641336013298569e+20×12,700 m=4.624496736889183e+24 joule = 1 105 281 246.9 megaton [explosive] or 1.1 Petatons of TNT  ( Conttient Level)

Enough to completely wipe out all of Europe with a single attack,  the effects would be devastating


Brandish Theoretical size and power( Higher end 12,700 Meter height)

Brandish vs nyc 2 by IreneBelserion69
Las Noches by IreneBelserion69
Brandish steeping power 2 by IreneBelserion69
Brandish  full power 3 by IreneBelserion69

Going by this picture, she’s even more massive than half of the 22km longManhattan Island. The height would be from Battery Park to72 Sterr and her body would take up  75% of the width of Manhattan. Her Theoretical maximum potential would be that massive.

If going by an earlier calc on Las Noches actual size, she would effortlessly tower over Las Noches and even tower, Mount Everest,

Her foot alone would now be nearly a full Kilometer wide, big enough to stretch between  Battery Park and Ground Zero of the World Trade Center.

Average Walking speed: 1.34 Meters Per Second
KE: 1.34m/s^2×60,600,000,000,000= 108813360000000 Netwons

Now for a distance of each step.…
average step length is 2.6 feet or about 31 inches/78cm
Brandish is 167cm
In this form, she’s over 12,700m
Brandish step length=5932.17 meters

 108813360000000 NetwonsX5932.17 meters

645 499 349 791 200 000 joule = 154.278 047 27 megaton [explosive]

Damn merely her walking at average walk speed, she generates the force of over 3 Tsar Bombas. It’s enough to destroy New York City and flatten everything within a 50-mile radius with the shockwave generated alone. Again this is merely physical size and mass, no magical spells now for her power.

Brandish’ Volume(12.7km):60,000,000,000 M^3Mass of Human by cubic meter:1,010 kg/m^3
Brandish Mass(12.7km):60.600.000.000.000 kg or 6X10^13 kg……
 In short, Brandish has more mass than   Global annual human carbon dioxide emission and more than 6 times the mass of a 4km Wide  Comet.

Now for potential energy/ We’ll go with the potential Kentic Enger of even a single punch from her within her form.

Brandish Mass(12.7km):60.600.000.000.000 kg or 6X10^13 kg

Time for ForcexDistance

60.600.000.000.000  kgx12.7 km/sec

6.659334e+22  Newtons of engery

Now for ForcexDistance

6.659334e+22×12,700 m=1.241320098e+26 joule = 29 668 262 380 megaton [explosive]  or  29.67 Petatons of TNT  (Muilt Conttient Level+)

Needless to say, this would easily be a life wiping scale of destructive energy  Europe and Africa are destroyed and atomized into a massive craterMuch of Asia is also completely vaporized and every building on the planet would’ve been blown away.


Brandish’s True Potential

(Theoretical 6.1 km Maximum Height)1.1 Petatons of TNT  (Small Continent Level)

(Theoretical 12.7km Maximum Height): 29.67 Petatons of TNT(Multi Continent level+)

In other words, if Mahsima pulled a Kubo and made Brandish the Yammy of the series starting as the weakest only to be a lot stronger potentially,  Brandish would be only eclipsed in potential power by August, Laracade and Irene.  Of course, sadly, Brandish’s full capabilities were never utilized.

However what if she theoretically became half the size of Manhattan and towered over the entire battlefield, How much more powerful would she be then?

Irene the second strongest Spaprgain in a previous feat had the destructive force up to  1.81 Exatons of TNT ( Small Moon/Multi Continent level), enough to reduce the entire world to a fiery wasteland. August being twice as powerful scales from this feat and Larcade who’s half as strong as this feat scales too.  So going by  scaling Brandish would between God Serena and Inveel in terms of power if her full power was realized in canon



Attack Potency: At least Small Country level base holding back (Casually uplifted Caracole Island  barely breaking a sweat using Comand T completely uplifting the environment, far stronger than Ikasgurnari, had Gray and Natsu shook at the mere presence of her power  stating her power exceeds any previous villain ) Potentially Country-level via Vaporization/Compression energy( Can destroy an entire Island, completely compressing it to a small rock she can barely stand on)  At least Country level+(Effortlessly held back Lucy and overpowered Lucy who  was in her Tartarus form)  Ikely Higher in Giant Form (Physically restrained base Natsu who is casually superior to  Katsurgnari and capable of handling Jacob hand to hand who’s superior to base Brandish)Possibly Large Country level+ via Vaporization/Compression energy  in Giant form ( Far stronger than her casual feats, possibly comparable to Ehtertion which is a country destroying weapon, should be comparable to Markov in power if not possibly higher given she can ignore conventional Durability via Command T  which can shrink objects as much as )

Speed: At least Massively Hypersonic+ (Should be comparable to Warroad who can grow a tree at 33.3km/sec casually, casually blitzed Natsu and Gray)

Lifting Strength: Class T( Casually moved a mountain-sized rock formation with her powers)  Likely higher at full power

Striking Strength: At least  EJ holding back base (  Far superior to  Ikusa-Tsunagi, should at least be comparable to Lucy’s Tartarus form)    Class ZJ( Superior to Lucy’s Tartarus form, should be comparable to base Natsu or Jacob)

Durability:  At least Small Country level base ( Withstood blows from Lucy while holding back against her  )  Country level+ base full power(Withstood blows from Niehheart enhanced with Irene’s magical power, a stronger Sparrigan than herself. Regeneration via Command T makes her fairly hard to kill as she survived Diamra’s asssaaiintion room  ) 

Such a shame she was wasted by having her either curb stomp her opponents such as the case with Lucy or get beaten by PIS our curb-stomped.  Imagine Brandish vs Markov in a Giant battle.

Regardless Brandish upgrades the verse considerably with not only an extremely casual Island level feat but also casual Small Country/Country level vaporisation. I should do a calc for each sparrgian with any notable feat, especially can’t wait for Anime Irene.  Needless to say this has defintntely inspired several concept ideas.

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