Correcting a major error

i was way off on my measurements everyone , Mika Kano’s Measurements are t: 96cm, Waist: 58cm, Hips: 91cm, yeah never doing the Decoed measurements thing again, measuring anime characters isn’t th same as IRL characters.

Sorry for the crappy calc i made. To make it up here’s some Mika Knao stuff.

Born  October 7, 1962 (age 53) (1962-10-07) Osaka Japan
Known for  Bust: 96cm, Waist: 58cm, Hips: 91cm
Height  169 cm (5 ft 7 in) (5’6.5″)
Website  The Kano sisters’ official website
Similar People  Shoko Takahashi, Maki Goto, Yinling, Sayaka Isoyama, Aya Sugimoto

Kano Sisters

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