Kandagawa Jet Girls episode 4 review

So, the time for another race begins and it was pretty much like the last one only Rin and Misa won at the end but unlike the last one that took up half the episode, this race was the entire episode. I guess one of the rules before a race is the 2 teams have to agree on what kind of course to do. you got regular straight racing or racing with obstacles which makes no difference really since it’s still racing towards the goal. Aside from lacking motivations as to why we’re supposed to care about these characters racing there’s really not much I can overall say about the episode but let’s at least try.

Just as the race starts we have the pointless mechanic and the pointless girl who brings lunches talking about Emily and Jennifer and who they are in the racing market.

Emily and Jennifer came from California and went to a California school where they learned to be power house jet racers….

I’m sorry XD Oh… that’s a good one. the idea that California would even let these girls compete in a sport they would more than likely find very sexist and no trans woman is hilarious. Okay whether intentional or not I already got my first genuine laugh in this series since even in a fictional story the idea california today would be okay with Jet Racing is too funny for obvious. So, Jennifer and Emily are apparently the best and yada yada yada you know how it goes. they’re the best of their school hence why they get to be here which is likely what you’re gonna hear from a lot of the characters in how they’re special for this or that reason.

on left is Syoco and on the right is Aqua.

so our 2 announcer girls Syoco and Aqua comment on the sport. also Are they really just sitting on that bridge all day everyday and not even going to school hoping to get to comment on more races? again I have to wonder where does a city even have the money to do races like this everyday? That’s like saying everyone put their tax dollars just to see random football or tennis matches happening in the middle of the park.

yuri shipping item

Yeah and there’s our stakes for the episode. whoever wins gets the yellow dolphin and gets to be yuri shipped cause that’s more or less the point of this episode.

The race begins as Rin takes a lead on Jennifer and Emily, and like last time you’ll quickly notice how we go back and forth on what’s obviously CG and what’s 2D animation. yeah transition between the 2 smoothly has is not their best strength in this series so that annoying aspect is gonna be at the forefront of everything negative when talking about this series in a full overview.

and aside from noticing the out of place CG models we also get to see the 2 Gal girls who are pretty much the usual Gal girl characters who are also Jet Racers that are apparently smarter than they look is what the idea they’re aiming for. Kind of like Shiki from senran kagura or Galko from Oshiete Galko-chan only you know those 2 were likeable. Shiki cause at least she had a backstory and motivation and Galko pretty much cause she showed there’s always more to a person than just being a certain look of an archetype. so yeah I can’t even say these 2 Gal girls are anything interesting as they just watch and comment on the race.

So, we finally see how the boost function works which is exactly what you thought it was and is just a boost in speed while unnecessarily giving the jet ski a transformation sequence that only lasts for a few seconds to give you a lead. you know I feel bad needing to make comparisons but I don’t even think I should bother since it’s pretty obvious the whole point was to show how this works when you play the game in january which isn’t even a guarantee is gonna be 100% accurate to what they described since chances are you’re gonna be doing these boosts multiple times without needing to plan when to use it. anyway first Jennifer and Emily take a lead then Rin tries her boost function cause she thought she could make the turn at high speeds and failed at it. kind of like we’re supposed to expect her to have been trained on how and when to use these things! but I guess expecting actual training on this is a bit much to ask for given who the creator is. Come on Takaki. you’re more predictable than Shyamalan only you’re a bit better cause you aren’t inserting yourself in these series of games you’ve made to act like you’re the 2nd coming of jesus.

and here’s 2 more of the girls the anime decides to just bring up who are watching. yeah the loli idols from episode 1 are watching too and like most of Takaki’s tropes you can break them down from just watching their interactions which is more yuri ship bait only add loli and incest in there. given the episode count and how many characters this has to introduce and use by the end I can’t even say I feel surprised they’re more or less trying to rush out in introducing them this quickly as we’re already 4 episodes in and it’s not like Rin and Misa are doing much in teaching us anything about themselves or what the point for this sport’s existence is other than Takaki’s bringing of fanservice.

they go racing into a tunnel where upon coming out Emily fires her Bazooka and does impact damage which is why Rin lose her top. oh and I guess Misa landed a few hits on Jennifer and oh hey she said…

lol sorry I had to but yeah I guess cause they’re americans we’re expected to say shit. I always thought we’re more prone to saying the F bombs. oh well.

and the race reveals an obstacle they can drive through or jump over with a ramp. Jennier and Emily choose to fly like eagles while the 2 gal girls note their play style.

and we get more loli incest yuri ship bait as they act impressed with the jump while Rin drives through the obstacle course.

so after the eye catcher of Kuromaru we move to how the race continues and something something something about Misa noticing Rin being bit off her game and asks her to trust her as for whatever reason Rin feels bad Misa was mad at her last episode. it’s kind of there but the episode doesn’t really do a good job of knowing how to either split the subplots or focus the story during the race but it mostly serves as that sign that the “Plot armor” has been activated so you can already guess that things start to turn around.

and there’s the obligatory dick innuendo jokes as one of the girls talks about the guns as if it were dick inside a woman and how it needs to release it’s load and goes into how Bazookas are long and thick and powerful when releasing while semi-auto rifles like Misa’s are good in how they’re precise… oh god what the hell am I even doing at this point? lol

and of course more yuri ship baiting mixed with some obvious sexual symbolism in how being close to your partner is gonna take you to the victory lap which in most sports trust is always a common thing you’re taught and this anime doesn’t even do that good of a job emphasizing it properly.

and Yuri bait power activated cause Misa said Rin’s first name where yeah japanese culture yada yada saying one’s first name is a big deal and blah blah you know how that works especially in anime that rely on tropes to move things along and somehow justify why they win. Rin saves her boost as Jennifer and Emily another jump on the ramp and Rin somehow drove fast enough to catch up to them(even though I’m sure those ramps also increase the jet ski’s speed in the actual game) where Misa show a open point on their jet ski that made it stop completely and thus Rin and Misa win the race. they also mention limited ammunition but I doubt the game when it’s released will be like that and is somehow gonna have ways for you to reload your guns during the race where more than likely story or extra mode challenges will prevent reloads of your water guns. it’s the dumb part about this anime where it acts like there’s gonna be all this planning and strategy but given Takaki’s set of games where while they are fun little time wasters they lack ingenuity where any form of planning really matters gameplay wise. like you can probably race through the whole game with level 1 stats or gear no problem.

then after the race Rin gives her little apology to Misa for what happened last episode which I have to ask is that really something to apologize for since it’s not like Rin necessarily did anything wrong with how Misa was the one who didn’t pay attention or even thought about asking for Rin’s phone number?

So, Misa won the yellow Dolphin cause Rin has the blue one and like i said yuri ship bait item to where even Jennifer and Emily are calling it out. this wouldn’t be so bad if they’d stop beating us over the head with it which was one of the main problems that Valkyrie Drive had where they did something similar with all the yuri shipping where at first it’s not too bad till they start beating you over the head with it non-stop. Also was the bag snatcher the only fully designed male character they had in the town? the guys in this series either don’t have a show or are just in the background where you can kinda see them mingle. I really want to know how is it Takaki expects people to buy into any sort of world building when the world itself doesn’t even feel complete or thought out enough to feel alive.

and we get to see the 2 Thicc girls of the series who were also watching the race while still not really showing why the student council prez wants these two to lose since nothing about them comes off as bad or even rude for that matter.

and of course we get our obligatory nude scene which again whenever I see people overhype this show for the “Uncensored” nudity I have no idea what the hell they’re even talk about when those scenes only pop up for about a few seconds to a minute at most so far. it’s not like high school dxd, shinmai maou, ikki tousen or any other ecchi anime in general where they let you bask in the nudity and make it feel like an art where you see a lot but you aren’t there for too long to feel like it’s distracting. I guess it’s possible the backlash from senran kagura season 2 is the reason they aren’t trying as much with the nudity considering this anime is being handled by the same director and most of the same animators and of course Takaki likely giving his own input here and there. the episode ends with Misa attaching her new dolphin to her phone while hearing Misa talk in her sleep to her mom about how her and Misa won a race. I guess that’s supposed to be emotional but the problem with that is we didn’t even get to know the mom for even 5 minutes to grasp what kind of person she was for Rin to look up to her like this so it’s mostly just there for no reason.

and we’re at the preview of the episode where next race is the idol sisters and something about Misa telling Rin not to get cocky over winning one race. the episode was overall… kind of average. not really disappointing or really anything that wowed me. it’s just…. within expectations. I’ll at least say the camera work was decent but that’s probably where my praise on this episode ends as nothing about it really felt like anything mattered and unless something changes within the next 8 episodes left that’s probably gonna be a recurring complaint. so this one is a 3 out of 5 for me. not great or disappointing as it pretty much did well nothing where there’s decent camera work here and there and from what I can tell people are gonna be all over the place naming what they thought was good personally for them so that at least says there’s enough good that just varies between people right now.

but what did you guys think of the episode? leave them in the comments below and don’t forget to give a like and subscribe if you haven’t already lol

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