Naruto vs Ichigo DB revised Part 1

(Major Updates: Due to the calculations done by my recent Bleach freezing Feats, major revisions need to be done on the research here to update the versus battle thread)

Well, Death Battle Made another Anime based Death Battle, let’s see how they screw this one up…Only kidding, for the most part they were much fairer and did much better research than the shit heap that was Zoro vs Erza which pissed me off.

My first thoughts watching the death battle as they showed some Naruto Storm gameplay(One of my favorite multiplayer competitive fighting games) is that it’s really ashamed they never made a Bleach Fighting game on par with that of Naruto games, would’ve been excellent to played as Momo and get sweet revenge against Aizen online for what that prick did to her.

The death battle was good for the most part in terms of Accuracy…Mostly, there are several major problems I had with the Death Battle itself and I’m going to cover each of those problems here in this review to make it more accurate.

1)The fraggor was lazily calced

Bleach 419 - Page 13

Death Battle lazily calced most of the calcs in general but the 818 Kiloton yield from the Fraggor Blast was reveately lazy, especially since it was estimated.e thing that’s not taken into account is that the Fraggor isn’t a stationary explosive but a high-speed projectile and there’s more energy than simple destructive blast radius.

Bleach 419 - Page 16

After all it makes very little sense that Ichigo can casually produce at least gigatons of force yet burned by an 818 kiloton level explosion, by this logic, his arms should rip off every time he does a mountain-busting sword slash. Something is off with the calcing of that explosion, either that or it’s not taking into account velocity of the blast.

Bleach 174 - Page 15

Aizen’s base speed is easily far above Ichigo’s Bankai which Death Battle claims it’s Lightning Speed, ignoring the fact databooks are bullshit(Haku is also light speed by databook logic) Byakuya’s accepted speed by many anime communities in Bankai is Mach 26, Ichigo was at least twice as fast which is Mach 52.

Bleach 392 - Page 23

 or Aizen in his base state alone effortlessly reacted not only to Bankai Ichigo’s speed

but also to the speed of several Captains in the now infamous curbstomp of Captains in Chapter 392.

So Aizen in base is easily Mach 100 or Massively Hypersonic, Each of his transformations muptiled his power considerably. This would put Aizen’s speed roughly around Mach 5,000 at the very least.

Bleach 419 - Page 17

Let’s now scale the volume of the crater destroyed by Aizen’s fraggor and using  m^this picture as scale to the attack.

Aizen's crater by IreneBelserion69

Small Mountain: 31px(262.14 m)

Crater caused by Fraggor Length and Width:622px (5,259.71 m)

Crater Depth:2,630 m

Volume:72,757,764,617.183 m^3  or 7.2757764617183e+16

The density of Rock: 2,700 kg/m^3 or 2.7 g/cc

Mass destroyed:1.964459644663941e+17

Given Aizen can vaporize matter, we’ll go with Vaproizartion engery as high ewnd and Purielzartion as Low end

214.35 (j/cc)

25700 (j/cc).

42 108 192 483 371 580 000 joule = 10 064.099 542 megaton [explosive] or 10.1 Gigatons of TNT (Island level) Low End

5.048661286786328e+21 joule = 1 206 659.007 4 megaton [explosive] or 1.21 Teratons of TNT( Small Country level+)

Aizen’s Fraggors:1.21 Teratons of TNT( Small Country level+)

And as seen with DBZ with Trunks killing Frieza AOE isn’t always a factor in terms of power

Bleach 351 - Page 15

Especially when Ichigo in his weaker Hollow Form tanked Ulquorria’s Lanza Del Pamgerio with his barehands which were easily in the upper Megatons of TNT

Also, it would put the crater at around 10 Megatons, not 818 Kilotons as Death Battle originally reported on.

Another thing Death battle should’ve calced regarding Ichigo vs Aizen was the Destruction of mountains casually done by Aizen and Ichigo which uplifted mountains with mere shockwaves.

Founreartly I’m here to help with that…

Mountain Height:447 px( 262.14 meters)

Mountain diameter:520px( 304.59 meters)

Area desotryed by slash: 223px ( 131.07 meters)

Yeah, the mountain really isn’t all that big when you compare it to a mountain, in fact it’s barely a mountain given you need at least 300 meters height to be considered a mountain, however, what matters is velocity and energy, not size. Keep in mind that “Mountain was vaporized by the shockwave alone.

As seen with Erza’s meteor smashing feat, the meteor itself isn’t very large but has a lot of energy due to the insane speed it’s coming from regarding the distance of the meteor from Space to Earth.

Case in point Madara’s Meteor from chapter 561 was way more impressive in scale but given it was traveling at only supersonic speeds or low hypersonic speed, therefore, having less energy than a 30-meter meteor traveling at nearly the 1

No Caption Provided

Aizen’s /Ichigo’s casual Attack Speed(esimated)=170.1450km/s or Mach 500

trees: 31 px( 18.18meters)

Mountain Diameter: 304.59 meters

Mountain height desotryed:131.07meters

Volume destoyeed by slash:12,160,028.175867 m^3 or 12,160,028,175,867 cm^3

Denisty:2.700 kg/m^3 or 2.7 g/cm

Mass: 32,832,076,074,840.9 kg

We’re using vaproizartion engery as there was nothing left of the top mountain half

25700 (j/cc).

843 784 355 123 411 100 joule = 201.669 300 94 megaton [explosive]

Vaporization energy of Aizen/Ichigo’s casual slash: 201 Megatons of TNT(Mountain level+)

Striking strength of the two.

32,832,076,074,840.9 kgx170.1450km/s=9.504663102077911e+23 Newtons

Force= MassxDistance

Distance change: 131.07 meters

1.245776192789352e+26 joule = 29 774 765 602 megaton [explosive] 29.7 Petatons of TNT( Muilt Contitential level+)

Aizen and Ichigo’s Sword clash:29.7 Petatons of TNT( Multi Continental level+)

Yep looks like Aizen got a major upgrade in destructive power as well as Ichigo. We went from barely country level with this feat to Multi Conteitnal level, which fits more consistently with the strength expected of the Royal Gaurd. Keep in mind this isn’t Factoring in Muguestu or Aizen’s Final form which bumps them up much further.

Would factoring this would’ve mad a difference in Death Battle though? Nope, not in the slightest.

No Caption Provided

Madara with Prefect Sunasoo achieved this same level of strength casually against Much larger mountains than the ones Aizen and Ichigo destroyed and This is without the Juubi, Rinnegan or Kyubbi power-ups. Aizen and Ichigo were within their final forms respectively whereas Madara did this with his strongest base form. To compare, Madara smashing a mountain range would be comparable to Aizen only using Shikai or Bankai doing so, except Aizen’s best feats were achieved with the Hoyguku whereas this is merely a tiny example of Madara’s overall power given this is Madara’s natural strength and not amped with Juubi or Rinnegan.

Speaking of which how strong is Madara for this fairly casual feat? Let’s see.

Prefect Sunasoo destorys a mountain range by IreneBelserion69


Prefect Sunasoo Size:160px(5.333km or 5,333m)


Mountain Height: 150px(5km or 5,000 m)

Mountain Length and Width:229px (7,633 m)

Number of Mountains: 2

The volume of the mountain:291,338,888,888.8889 m^3 or 2.913388888888889e+17 cm^3

The density of rock: 2,700 kg/m^3 or 2.7g/cm^3

Mass of each Mountain:786,614,999,999,999.9 kg 7.86X10^14 kg  or 786.615 Billion Metric Tons

Mininium engery needed to bust the mountain 8j/cc:6 292 920 000 000 000 000 joule = 1 504.043 977 1 megaton [explosive] or 1.5 Gigatons of TNT( Large Mountain Level+)

The shattered Meteor 

Meteor Height: 265px(8,827.8125 m)

Meteor Length and Width:262px(8,727.875 m)

The volume of the Meteor:672,465,697,231.0596 m^3 or 

The density of rock: 3,500kg/m^3 or 3.5 g/cm^3

Mass of shattered Meteor:2,353,629,940,308,708 kg or 2.353X10^15kg

Fragmenation Engery: 8 j/cc

 Madara’s Meteor Destruction:18 829 039 522 469 670 000 joule = 4 500.248 451 8 megaton [explosive] 4.5 Gigatons of TNT (Island level)

Madara’s Meteor Destruction:4.5 Gigatons of TNT (Island level)

The missing Mountaintops

Mountain Summit missing: 40px Height(1,333m) 

100 px LengthXWidth(3,332.5 m)


Missing tops Visible

Top Length: 48px(1,599.6 m)

Top width: 8px(266.6 m)

Top Height:31px(1,033.1 m)

Height Launched:36px(1,199.7 m)

Volume of the Tops:440568966.216 m^3

The density of rock: 2,700 kg/m^3 or 2.7g/cm^3

Mass of missing tops:1,189,536,208,783.2 kg or 1.19×10^12

Now for the pulverized matter.

The height of missing matter: 9px (299.925 m)

Length of the missing matter: 3,332.5m-1,599.6m (1732.9 m)

The width of Missing matter: 3,332.5 m-266.6 m (3065.9 m)

The volume of the pulverized matter:1,593,470,965.64175 m^3 or  1,593,470,965,641,750 cm^3

The density of rock: 2,700 kg/m^3 or 2.7g/cm^3

Mass:4,302,371,607,232.725 kg or 4.302X10^12

pulverized energy:214.35 (j/cc)

922 213 354 010 334 600 joule = 220.414 281 55 megaton [explosive]

Energy of the pulverized matter: 220.414 Megatons (Mountain level)

And now finally the Destructive Force of Madara’s Slash.

Kinetic Energy of the slash

The distance between Madara and the mountains: 470px(15,656.875 m)

Timeframe: 1 second

Velocity:15,656.875 m/s or  Mach 46 (Hypersonic+)


KE:527 336 814 958 485 700 000 joule = 126 036.523 65 megaton [explosive] 126. 036 Gigatons of TNT( Large Island level)

Kinetic Energy of Madara’s Slash:126. 036 Gigatons of TNT( Large Island level)

And Finally the Prolusion Energy of Madara’s Slash launching the mountain tops into the air casually.

Mass of missing tops:1,189,536,208,783.2 kg or 1.19×10^12

Velocity:15,656.875 m/s or  Mach 46 (Hypersonic+)

Forcex Distance:1,199.7 m

3.49832773907871e+23 joule = 83 612 039.653 megaton [explosive]

Madara’s slashing Force: 83. 612 Teratons of TNT( Country level +)

So on second thought Ichigo and Aizen’s Slash had more power due to faster attack speed and the vaproizartion of the mountaintop

2) They didn’t showcase the power of Mugestu at all

Mugestu was the super move of Bleach and it barely got much of a mention. One can argue Death Battle might’ve been disingenuous not scaling from Mugestu as opposed from Ulquorria, then again it wouldn’t make much of a difference against someone who can clone themselves to escape the attack.

 Founartly I’m here to actually scale the attack and give Bleach some bone

As seen with the panels, the depth of Mugestu is around the same as the crater Aizen created using his  Fraggor technique but how potent is Mugestu itself? Let’s take a look.

Ichigo’s speed as Dangai: Mach 5,200(100 times base Bankai) or 1,769,508m/s

Ichigo's Mugestuu by IreneBelserion69

First Picture

Crater length:622px (5,259.71 m)

Fissure Widith: 13px (110 meters)

Fissure depth:2629.855

Fissure Length:10,519.42m

Now for the volume of rock destroyed.

Fissure volume:3,041,153,673m^3 or 3,041,153,673,144,625

Density of Rock:2,700 kg/m^3 or 2.7 g/cc

Mass destoryed:8211114917490488 kg

Now for energy


1.285515138899589e+28 joule = 3 072 454 920 900 megaton [explosive] or 3.1 Exatons of TNT( Muilt Cotnteint level/Small Moon level+)

Ichigo’s Muguestu:3.1 Exatons of TNT( Multi Continent level+)

Roughly expected in the ballpark range going by the math, we’ll get to the battle results in a few minutes let’s talk about the biggest pet peeve I’ve had with the entire death battle.

3) The part that Naruto can’t see Ichigo at all was complete bullshit.

A nitpick however a pretty big one I had with the battle itself is Ichigo not being seen by Naruto which Death Battle manages to completely misinterpret the data regarding Shinigami’s visibility to humans. Allow me to correct the record on that.

Bleach 1 - Page 14

Keyword “Normal Humans” Can’t see Shinigami. Last time I checked, Naruto was anything but ordinary, to begin with, especially with Kyuubi in him.

Also, Charka within the definition is spiritual energy within a human body as said within the wiki.

Hagoromo spread chakra to others through a practice called ninshū, intending to create peace by using the chakra to connect people’s spiritual energy so that they would understand one another without even talking. However, the people did not use chakra in the way Hagoromo hoped, instead using it to connect their inner spiritual and physical energies. They kneaded their inner chakra to amplify and weaponize it, creating what is now known as ninjutsu

Chakra is created when two other forms of energy, known collectively as one’s “stamina”, are moulded together. Physical energy (身体エネルギー, shintai enerugī) is collected from each and every one of the body’s cells and can be increased through training, stimulants, and exercise. Spiritual energy (精神エネルギー, seishin enerugī, English TV: Mental Energy) is derived from the mind’s consciousness and can be increased through studying, meditation, and experience. These two energies becoming more powerful will in turn make the created chakra more powerful. Therefore, practising a technique repeatedly will build up experience, increasing one’s spiritual energy, and thus allowing more chakra to be created. As a result, the ninja is able to do that same technique with more power. This same cycle applies to physical energy, except the ninja needs to increase their endurance instead. Some unique individuals have substantial potential that enable them to exponentially increase their chakra reserves in a relatively short amount of time.

In other words, it’s so easy for a SHinobi to see a Shinigami, even worthless PTS Sakura can do it

Considering Keigo and Tatsuki who have no powers can see spirits and Chad shadowboxed a Hollow even without being able to see him and having no powers, it’s safe to say this argument is invalid and shouldn’t be used in any Bleach VS battles in the future.

4) Ichigo actually has WAY Better regeneration than Naruto does.

Another fact I need to point out is that Death Battle is wrong about Kurama having superior regeneration to Ichigo’s Hollow. That’s flat-out wrong. While Kurama regenerates fairly well, he can’t regenerate Naruto from vital organs being damaged or his arm.

Naruto 699 - Page 1

Something he lost during his battle with Sasuke.

Naruto 168 - Page 10
Naruto 168 - Page 12

And Kabuto almost killed Naruto Pre-skip using Charka Scapels against his heart who would’ve died had not for Tsunade’s intervention.

Tsunade, Kaguya, and Madara all shown far superior regeneration abilities to Naruto in Kurama from within the series.

Bleach 348 - Page 23

Ichigo, on the other hand, has shown better regeneration than any character excluding Aizen given his heart was vaporized by Ulquiorra’s Cero Orcaus which is a Cero on steroids.

Bleach 353 - Page 10
Bleach 353 - Page 12

A fully regenerated after his Hollow stopped its rampage.

So Ichigo’s regenration>Naruto’s, just to correct the record here. Would it make a difference in battle no but get your facts straight Death Battle?

5) Las Noches is NOT bigger than California

My biggest gripe with Death Battle scaling Ichigo’s power was using Ulquorria being able to destroy Las Noches as somewhat a scale of power, which isn’t ammdisable at all for many reasons.

A) The claim Las Noches takes a week to scale is coming from literally an anemsic toddler version of Nel who to say isn’t the brightest bulb and is essentially like a 3-6-year-old girl, everything would seem much further to a child than an adult.

B) Scaling shown within Las Noches directly contradicts the claim…

Going by this scaling, Las Noches is at best only 29km wide and 7km high. Nowhere near the size of California or greater. Going by the scaling of Las Noches, that’s roughly 841 square kilometers, roughly larger than the City of Los Angeles.

Now to come up with the volume of the building itself. Remember the mountain-sized fortress is hollowed out.

Ulquorria's cero by IreneBelserion69

Wall Depth: At least 6 meters

Diameter: 29,456 meters

Height: 7,317 meters

Density: 1920kg m^3(Density of Concrete)

Volume:25,557,673,250,816 m^3 or  2.5557673250816e+19 cc^3


Difference between depth and length=4442.83

The overall mass of the building:1.104492691405404e+16 kg

Fragmentation Energy:8 j/cc 

Bare minimum force required to destroy Las Noches:88 359 415 312 432 340 joule = 21.118 407 101 megaton [explosive] or 21.118 Megatons of TNT( City level)

In other words, 21.1 Megatons of TNT more or less, which is consistent with the powers shown with the top 4 Espada.  Keep in mind all Espadas 1-4 know  Cero Oscuras,  so scaling from Ulquiorra’s attack and the fact its mention it can completely destroy Las Noches,

the possible high-end attack potency of Espada’s 1-4 would be 565.841 Megatons of TNT, this would make all Espadas 1 to 4 at least Mountain level+

 Meaning Hollow Ichigo easily tanked a muitl Megaton level attack capable of easily destroying a city the size of New York or Los Angeles at the very least and at the apostle most, tanked the equipment of at least one Tsar Bomba with his bare hand.

However, Naruto as his 6Tailed form tanked Pein’s Shara Tensei which left a city-sized crater

Frist picture

Konoha crater by IreneBelserion69

Mountain height: 170( 3km)

Mountain Base:683px(12km )


Konoha crater diameter:1163px(20,2km)

Konoha Crater depth:223px( 3.94km)

Volume of rock desotryed:1,607,677,600,000 m^3 or 1.6076776e+18 

Density:2,700kg/ m^3 or 2.7 g/cm^3


214.35 (j/cc)

930 435 372 612 000 000 000 joule = 222 379.391 16 megaton [explosive] or 222.379 Gigatons of TNT(Lagre Island level+)

Pein’s Shrina Tensei:222.379 Gigatons of TNT(Large Island level+)

In other words, the explosion would generate roughly 222.379 Gigatons of TNT, that’s more than 20 times the world’s Nuclear Stockpile exploding at once combined. For those who claim Ulquorria can beat Pein, you might want to look at this again.

Overall not the best thing to rely on Ulquorria wank to estimate Bleach strength.

C)The events of Bleach’s Arrancar Arc take place within one day

No not making this up, look at the Bleach Timeline, Ichigo was able to get to Las Noches and across Las Noches in merely a few hours, even Orihime who has never shown any Shunpo didn’t seem to have problems crossing from one part of the dome in Las Noches during the Ulquorria fight to another. So this alone would completely debunk the claim “It takes a week to cross Las Noches”, especially when a said claim is coming from a child with no sense of direction or scale.

D) Aizen is barely Country level, what thinks an Espada easily weaker than Aizen with the Hoyguku much less Final form has a better feat of strength than Aizen alone?

This is literally the bleach equivalent of Brolytards claiming Broly is a Galaxy buster based on a dub error from the original DBZ dub and using it to wank Broly above Majin Buu who at best is a Multi Solar System Buster. Ulquorria is to Bleachtards as Broly is to DBZtards.

Some argue Ulquiorra’s Segunda Epta form would put him Country level which is debunked by the fact a mere 10 fold power increase would not make your country level in bleach or most Shonens, the fact that Aizen effortlessly one shotted Harribel with Shikai alone as well as all the Captains in Fake Karakura Town and base Aizen is not Country level and the fact that even with Segunda Epta, at most he beats Base Aizen without Hoyguku or Bankai and gets stomped by Aizen if he fights seriously, especially since Aizen is actually country level PTS with Hoyguku.  

But to be fair to Ulquorria let’s calculate several feats on his part to see where this Espada actually stands.

Ulquorria's Laznza del rapigmingo by IreneBelserion69

Las Noches Diameter: 772px (29,456 meters)

Las Noches Height: 265px (7,317 meters)

Lanza Del Relmpalngio fireball width and length:247px (6,820 meters)

Since this is merely the fireball size, we can’t calc energy caused by destruction as there’s no visible crater so we’re going to scale from the size of the fireball via  Nuke Map, let’s round off which comes the closest to yield with this attack.…

Ulquorria's exploison readius by IreneBelserion69

Ulquiorra’s Lanza Del Ramlpolingo AoE: 760 Megatons of TNT(Mountain level+)

So Ulquorria is at least Mountain level+ going by this feat, however, let’s try yet another major feat which has a bit more validity, his Cero Oscuras attack which Pulverized a good chunk of Las Noches, note he can spam these and also note he’s at least above Harribel and Barragan power wise so his Cero Oscuras would possibly put him at Island level+

Ulquorria's cero by IreneBelserion69

Las Noches Diameter:863 px (29,456 meters)

Las Noches Height: 200px (7,317 meters)

Las Noches Dome Diameter:781px(26,657.2 meters)

Las Noches dome height destoryed:97px (3310.81 meters)

Las Noches Dome area destoryed: 376px(12,834 meters)

Wall Depth: At least 6 meters

Density: 1920kg/m^3(Density of Concrete) or 1.92 g/cc^3

Volume destoryed:3,271,803,023,487.905 m^3 or 3.271803023487905e+18 cc^3

Mass destoryed:6.281861805096775e+18 kg

Difference between depth and length=4442.83

6.281861805096775e+18 kg/4442.83=1,413,932,517,133,623 kg or 1,413,932,517,133.623 Metric Tons

Mass destroyed: 1.414X10^15 kg or 1.413 Trillion Metric Tons

Pulverization Energy: 214.35 (j/cc)

303 076 435 047 592 100 joule = 72.437 006 465 megaton [explosive] or 72.43 Megatons of TNT ( City level +)

Ulquiorra’s Cero Oscuras:72.43 Megatons of TNT ( City level +)

It other words, nowhere close to Country level yet again.  Granted, this is his Frist Release form and his second resurrection is 10 times as powerful, he would still be nowhere close to this power to destroy a whole country. 

Still  Cero Oscuras Scales to all Espadas above Ulquorria except Yammy who’s considerably weaker despite being Zero Espada. That would put each Espada 1 to 4 at least Mountain level DC and attack potency power scaling from Ulquorria.

Ulquiorra Cifer 

Ulquiorra Cifer

Attack Potency: At least Town level + base(Superior to Bankai Hitsugaya and Grimmjow in released form, Ichigo barely scratched him in Vizard form and had to achieve even greater power than when he fought Grimmjow to even keep up)  At least City level+ first Resurrection form( destroyed a good chunk of Las Noches Rooftop dome, should be superior to Soifon’s Bankai AoE and Kenpachi’s Kendo attack) Mountain level+ via power scaling( Should be capable of destroying all of Las Noches,casually curbstomped Ichigo, should be superior to Hitsugaya’s Hyōten Hyakkasō)  At least Mountain level+Segunda Epta(Far superior to base form, should be above Harribel and Barragan, his Lanza del Relámpago generates Mountain level AoE) Island level+( While overwhelmed, could keep up with Hollow Ichigo, could produce an explosion dwarfing Las Noches, should be arguably comparable to Starrk’s Resurrección)

Speed:At least Massively Hypersonic ( Superior to Vizard Ichigo who dodged Gin’s Kamishini no Yari which even if Gin was holding back and wasn’t moving at Mach 500, could cross a whole city in less than a second, was blitzing Hollow Ichigo) At least Massively Hypersonic ( Should be comparable to Gin’s Kamishini no Yari full speed of Mach 500, effortlessly bitlzied Hollow Ichigo)  At least Massively Hypersonic+( Vastly superior to Gin’s Bankai speed, could briefly keep up with Hollowifed Vasto Lorde Ichigo)

Durablity:At least Town level+(Tanked the same attacks from Ichigo which defeated Grimmjow, should be vastly superior to Resurrection Luppi and Grimmjow) At least Mountain level+( Should be no weaker than Harribel who tanked Hitsugaya’s  Hyōten Hyakkasō, no sold Ichigo’s strongest Vizard Geustgua Tensho)  Island level+(Could withstand blows from Vasto Lorde Ichigo,survived his own denaotion of Lanza Del ablet badly injured) Regeneration makes him hard to kill

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength:  Class TJ,  Class PJ ,  Class EJ

Key: Base ,Resurrección , Segunda Etapa

E) Las Noches would appear FAR bigger than depicted if it’s larger than California.

Considering a 29km object like Las Noches has over 7,000meters in height, imagine for a second if Las Noches was the size Death Battle incorrectly scaled the object? considering the diameter of the city-sized fortress if easily 4 times that of it’s height let’s see how it would appear on the scale of the world if Las Noches was bigger than California.

California from north to south is 1,260km wide. Roughly over 43 times the size of the actual Las Noches by length alone and easily over thousands of square kilometers larger. But let’s humor the idea of Las Noches being country-sized.

Size of Las Noches for bleachtards by IreneBelserion69

The towers Ulquorria stands on that directly contradict the claim would be roughly 11,610 meters high, larger than Mount Everest and Ichigo would barely be able to see him if at all.`Las Noches itself would be well over 315km high, in other words, you won’t be able to see clouds for you would be far above the atmosphere.Las Noches itself, if it was the size of California or Larger, would be so massive, it would block out the sun across much of the Southwestern US. Needless to say, Las Noches is nowhere near the size of any country unless it’s smaller than Los Angeles.

Moving onto the next gripe.

6) Ichigo’s power increases are in a large margin depending on form and time.

As seen with DB’s math on Ichigo’s power, Ichigo’s power would still not be enough against Base Naruto Last movie, however, let’s correct the record and Death Battles math here with some facts.

Base Ichigo Bankai:1

Vizard Mask Ichigo: 10x

Hollow Ichigo:100x 

Dangai Ichigo:1,000x

And this is pre-skip.

Ywach himself compared Ichigo’s Post training power to that of his Dangai power after training in the Royal Gaurd and Ichigo was able to keep up with Ywach in Shikai and Bankai which would have his timeskip power be more like this.

Timeskip Shikai:1 Mugestu

Timeskip Bankai:10 Mugestus

Timeskip Vizard Mask:100 Mugestus

Timeskip Hollow Form: 1,000 muguestus

*Therotical* Mugestu Timeskip:10,000 Mugestus Pre Skip one sec

As for Fullbringer Arc, it’s entirely irrelevant in terms of power given it’s a temporality power boost anyways.BTW found Death Battles joke on the pointlessness of the Fullbring arc to be absolutely Hairlous.

We establish Mugestu’s power is at least  3.2 Exatons in terms of power going by Mugestu’s Final Gestgua Tensho. Scaling from this, this would make Ichigo’s power merely scaling from this 32 Zettaons within the end of the series and 322 Zettaons of TNT within Muguestu if he used it on Ywach, however, this is merely scratching the surface of Ichigo’s power. Still, at around 322 Zettaons of TNT, it’s still more than Enough to effectively solo the One Piece Verse and Fairy Tail verse

Let’s get back to powerscaling from Ywach regarding the lifting of the Soul King Palace and reactions to Minghai as a devils Advocate arugment regarding Ichigo’s strength using this feat from Ywach.

7) Naruto vs Ichigo:The Battle of the best feats.

Ichigo’s feats

Vanderiech elevated by IreneBelserion69

Length of Soul King Palace:1305px(7,521.15 meters)

Large Building:12px (69.16 meters)

Small city island:243 px(1400.49 meters)

Small city area:1,961,372.24 sqaure meters

Small city depth: 173px(997.1 meters)

Volume of the small city:1,955,599,267.806639 m^3

The density of Concrete:2,400 kg/ m^3

Mass of the city:4,693,438,242,735.934 or 4.693X10^12

Now times that by four

Combined mass of the 4 cites:18,773,752,970,943.73 or 18.774X10^13

Combined Area :7,845,488.96 sq meters

Now for the pathways that connect the 4 cites to the main island.

Land Bridge Length:301px(1,734.76 meters)

Land Bridge Width:28px(161.37 Meters)

Land Bridge Depth:10px(57.63 Meters)

Land Bridge Area:279,938.221 meters 

Volume:16,132,839.67623 m^3

Mass:38,718,815,222.952 3.872X10^10

Combined mass of the Land Bridge:154,875,260,891.808 or 1.55X10^11

Now for the main Island.

Island Length and Width: 182px (1048.9 Meters)

Island Area:1,100,191.21 sq meters

Island Depth: 267px(1,538.81 Meters)

Volume:1,692,985,235.8601 m^3

Mass:4,063,164,566,064.24kg or  4.063X10^12

g)Combined landmass:22,991,792,797,899.78 or 2.29×10^13

Combined Land Area:10,065,433.054 meters or  10.1 Square Kilometers

The possible number of Large Buildings:11,428

The combined mass of buildings:81,438,675,220.43465 kg or 8.14X10^10

Combined mass:4,144,603,241,284.675 or 4.144X10^12

Going by this statement it would take a week for them to reach the Sereiert moving at average speeds of 1.4 m/s or the walking speed of 3.5 Miles Per Hour if they’re talking about “Normal pace”, merely going by this, we can assume the low end would be roughly 588 miles distance between the Soul King Palace and the Serieert however given these are superhumans who move casually faster than the speed of sound, it’s likely a lot higher than that.  Simply going by an average seated officer’s speed which would be less than 340 m/s or 768 MPH or slower than Supersonic Vice Captains, that would be likely come to be at least 170m/s  or 612 Kilometers per Hour which would make more sense as a timeframe for Shinigami, giving us a distance of  102,816 Kilometers. This would make Ichigo at least 6.346 km/s freefalling from the Palace which took about 9 hours for him to do.

This would give Ywach a timeframe of at least one minute to elevate the entire palace above to the Soul King Palace. Now for the feat in question.

Seteriert Depth: At least 997.1 meters

Area of Wandenreich City: 1,690,000 m^3

The density of Concrete: 2,400kg/m^3(Sekiseki rocks are said to be deep in construction)

Mass of the land under the Setreeirt:4,044,237,600,000 kg or 4.04X10^12

The overall mass of Vandeiech city:4,232,075,941,608.576 kg or 1.88X10 ^12

Estimated speed:1,713,600 m/s


6.213586713777463e+24 Newtons


4.791549696643222e+33 joule = 1 145 207 862 500 000 000 megaton [explosive]  or 1.145 Yottatons (Planet level+)

 Ywach Elevates the Wandereich:1.145 Yottatons (Planet level+)

Let’s now factor in the speed it takes to get to Soul King Palace, distance and time within 10 seconds instead of a minute. Ywach formed the massive palace that is easily 7 times bigger than the Serriert that he just lifted in roughly less time than it took to lift the Seertiert

Combined landmass:31,741,422,195,557.87 kg or 31.741X10^13

The distance between Soul King Palace and Vandereich City:102,816 Kilometers

Creation speed:10,281.6km/sec or 10,281,600 m/s

Creation energy force:1.677713479216814e+27 newtons

Ywach Creation energy:1.72495789079156e+35 or 1.72495789079156e+35 joule = 41 227 483 050 000 000 000 megaton [explosive] or 41.222 Yottatons of TNT( Large Planet Level)

Ywhach creates the Wahrwelt :41.222 Yottatons of TNT( Large Planet Level)

Now for the energy of how Ywach took over the Soul Society and froze the entire place. After all, this is a Freezing feat which would for the feat.

And now for Speed of Mimihagi, going by Ywach’s feat here, it’s safe to say that it only took Mimihagi one second to reach Ywach which gives Mimihagi 102,816 Kilometers or 102,816,000 m/s or Mach 310,341.1, roughly  35% the speed of light.

Now for Ywach’s reaction speed

Ywach's reaction by IreneBelserion69

Velocity:102,816,000 m/s

Distance between target:102,816,000 m

Mimihagi distance from Ywach:109px(0.98m)

Ywach: 223px( at least 2 meters or 6’6″)

Timeframe: 1/8,753,501,401th a second or 8.753X10^9th a second

0.98m+102,816,000 mX102,816,000 m/s/102,816,000 m=102816000.98

102,816,000.98 Meters per Second =Mach 310,341.1 or 35% SoL

So while not impressive in terms of distance traveled given Ywach casually swatted it without moving, his reaction time is immensely impressive.…

Normal Human perception: 0.3-0.129 seconds

Athletic Human perception: 0.129-0.102 seconds

Peak Human perception: 0.102-0.08 seconds

Superhuman perception: 0.08-0.0291 seconds

Subsonic perception: 0.0291-0.00583 seconds

Subsonic+ perception: 0.00583-0.0032 seconds

Transonic perception: 0.0032-0.00265 seconds

Supersonic perception: 0.00265-0.00117 seconds

Supersonic+ perception: 0.00117-0.00058 seconds

 m)Hypersonic perception: 0.000,58-0.000,294 seconds

Hypersonic+ perception: 0.000,294-0.000,117 seconds

High Hypersonic perception: 0.000,117-0.000,058,8 seconds

High Hypersonic+ perception: 0.000,058,8-0.000,029,4 seconds

Massively Hypersonic perception: 0.000,029,4-0.000,002,94 seconds

Massively Hypersonic+ perception: 0.000,002,94-0.000,000,333,6 seconds

Sub-Relativistic perception: 0.000,000,333,6-0.000,000,066,7 seconds

Sub-Relativistic+ perception: 0.000,000,066,7-0.000,000,033,36 seconds

Relativistic perception: 0.000,000,0333,6-0.000,000,006,67 seconds

Relativistic+ perception: 0.000,000,006,67-0.000,000,003,336 seconds

Speed of Light perception: 0.000,000,003,336 seconds

FTL perception: 0.000,000,003,336-0.000,000,000,333,600 seconds

FTL+ perception: 0.0000000003336-0.00000000003336 seconds

Massively FTL perception: 0.00000000003336-0.000000000003336 seconds

Massively FTL+ perception: anything less than 0.000000000003336 seconds

Ywach’s Precpetion time: 0.000,000,000, 875,300 seconds ( FTL +)

Given FTL+ starts at 10times the speed of Light let’s divide 8.753X10^9th a second from 3.336X10^9th a second where FTL+. You would get  2.617 times the FTL+ entry point or roughly 26.17 times the speed of Light from Ywach in his Absorbed Soul King Mode

Ywach’s Reaction Speed: 26.71 SoL ( FTL+)

So yeah this is a speed upgrade for Ywach which we will update here.


One last feat and that’s Ywach’s effect on the world when he took over the Soul King Palace and caused all the realms to shake in his presence. Going by the GBE of the Sun and there are at least 3 Earth-size realms with a visible Moon and Sun there. Given the GBE of the sun is  164.913 tenatons of TNT,  This would give Ywach at least 494.739 tenatons of TNT, putting him at Roughly Large Star level.

Naruto’s Feat 

Let’s use Pre Movie Naruto first since many believe that had not for the feats of the Last Movie the battle would be closer or Ichigo would’ve won the battle. We’re going to be using mostly Six Sages Naruto or post Six Sages Naruto feats.

Naruto in his first Kurama Feat showed was able to casually repel Bjuudamas that vaporized Mountains slmair to Ichigo and Aizen’s clashes, easily giving Naruto Gigatons of striking force like the two affmonetioned, however, this is with only half of Kurama’s Charka and without Sage Kurama Mode.

And the sheer size of debris drawf entire mountain ranges, which is insane in it of itself.

Let’s use Pre Movie Naruto first since many believe that had not for the feats of the Last Movie the battle would be closer or Ichigo would’ve won the battle.

Naruto in his first Kurama Feat showed was able to casually repel Bjuudamas that vaporized Mountains slmair to Ichigo and Aizen’s clashes, easily giving Naruto Gigatons of striking force like the two affmonetioned, however, this is with only half of Kurama’s Charka and without Sage Kurama Mode.

However, let’s get towards Six Sage Naruto’s power. Just how powerful is he?

How about cutting the God Tree in half, a massive tree. Let’s frist get the size.

God Tree by IreneBelserion69


God Tree Length and Widith:77px(30,800 m)

God Tree Height:461px(184,400 m)

God Tree Root Length and width:34px (13,600 m)x10

God Tree Height:97px(38,800 m)x10

God Tree Volume:174,929,216,000,000 m^3

God Tree root volume:7,176,448,000,000 m^3 X10

God Tree Root volume Combined:71,764,480,000,000 m^3

God Tree volume Combined:246,693,696,000,000 m^3 or 2.46693696e+20 cm^3

 Density of wood:1330 kg/m^3 or 1.33 g/cc^3

Mass of the God Tree:3.2810261568e+20 kg

Ceres - RC3 - Haulani Crater (22381131691).jpg

The massive god tree has nearly 1/3rd the mass of the Dwarf Planet  Ceres, the largest Asteroid within the Asteroid belt, yeah that’s how massive the tree is, it’s roughly the mass of a whole small moon.

Naruto cuts god tree by IreneBelserion69

Height of destoryed wood:15px(1,232 m)

God Tree Length and witdh:375px(30,800 m)

Height tree was lifted:219px(17987.2 m)

Volumed desotryed by Naruto:1,168,724,480,000 m^3 1.16872448e+18

Density of wood:1330 kg/m^3 or 1.33 g/cc^3

Mass destoryed:1.5544035584e+18 kg

Average Tempeatures: 12°C

Average temepature of Lava:1,200 °C

Image titled Calculate Joules Step 21

Tempeature change:1,188  °C

Image titled Calculate Joules Step 22

Engery used to burn the tree: 1,188,000 calories/kg

2.19379813572649e+27 joule = 524 330 338 370 megaton [explosive] or 524.33 Petatons of TNT ( Muilt Contteintial level +)

Naruto’s casual Lava Release Rasenshrunken melting energy:524.33 Petatons of TNT ( Multi Contteintial level +)

Now for the strength needed to uplift the tree.

Mass of the Tree:80% of the mass cut off(3.2810261568e+20 kg) 2.6248 e+20 kg

Distance moved:17987.2 m

Velocity:17987.2 m/s

8.492328924107777e+28 Newtons of engery

Now for ForcexDistance

1.527532188237114e+33 joule = 365 088 955 120 000 000 megaton [explosive] or 365.1 Zettatons of TNT (Planet level+)

Naruto’s casual Lava Release Rasenshrunken Lifting energy:365.1 Zettatons of TNT (Planet level+)

So yeah attack with casual Planet level attack potency, not too shabby. Now for the creation energy of the tree itself. 

Mass of the Shinju Tree:3.2810261568e+20 kg

Timeframe: 1 Minute or less

Velocity:3073.33 m/s

1.549526577487317e+27 joule = 370 345 740 320 megaton [explosive] or 370.345 Petatons of TNT ( Muilt Contintental level+)

Creation of the Shinju Tree: 370.345 Petatons of TNT ( Muilt Contintental level+)

Well if you call destroying meteors the size of small countries powerful, then Jesus that’s insane. Now let’s do some math here because boy this feat is dozy to comprehend and would require several scans.

Forst country size compared to shinobi world by IreneBelserion69

First Picture

Shinobi Contitent :1035px( 3219 km)

Frost Country 97px(301.682 km)

Let’s do a scale of Naruto’s continent of the shinobi. Let’s assume it’s only  Slightly Larger Europe which is around 2,500km wide. The length of Frost Country where all the meteors were formed would be wider than the entire state of Israel.

Now comes the fun part, scaling the country’s length with the mass of the meteors.

Madara's meteors by IreneBelserion69

Shinju Tree Diameter:39px(30,800 m)

Frost Country Diamter:382px(301,682.1 m)

Meteor Height: 27px(21,323.1 m)

Meteor Length and Width:16px (12,635.9 m)

Volume:3,404,572,037,806.706 m^3  or 3.404572037806706e+18 cm^3

Density of Rock:3,500kg/m^3  or 3.5 g/cm^3

Mass:3.404572037806706e+18 kg

Orbital Height of the Meteors: 185px(112.4km)

Each of those meteors is larger than the ones that killed the Dinosaurs. Yikes!

Time seems slowed down however given the activation of the jutsu going by anime time frame so let’s assume at least 6 seconds for high end considering the meteors started to burn up.

Velocity of Meteors: 25,000 m/s

1.063928761814596e+27 joule = 254 285 076 920 megaton [explosive] or 254.285 Petatons of TNT( Muilt Contintental level+)

Now multiply this by 20 and you get a combined Destructive force of 5.1 Exatons or roughly 1/6th the Gravitational Binding energy of the Moon. Now for Naruto’s destructive energy to the meteors.

Naruto's Bjudama's exploison by IreneBelserion69

Shinju Tree Diameter:379px(30,800 m)

Exploison Diameter: 254px(20641.7 m)

Exploison volume:426079778.89 m^3

The density of exploison:1.225 kg/m3

Mass of  exploison:521947729.14025 kg 

Air Temperature:12°C

Exploison tempeature:20,000 °C

Difference in Temperature:19,988°C

Exploison veloicty:34,029 m/s

Heating engery: 20,000,000 caliores/Kg

2.416154615307464e+29 joule = 57 747 481 245 000 megaton [explosive] or 57.747 Exatons of TNT(Moon level)

Naruto’s Tailed Beast Rasenshrunekn:57.747 Exatons of TNT(Moon level)

Now for the speed of Naruto shown within the Madara fight, the now famous Light Fang feat.

Madara’s Light Fang is literally confirmed to be Lightspeed and it’s a fairly casual attack by Madara in Juubi form so getting a read on movement and reaction speed would help in scaling Naruto’s speed.

Madara and Naruto distance: 409px(1.23m)


Madara's Light fang 2 by IreneBelserion69

The distance between Naruto and Light Fang: 756px(1.44 m)


Velocity:299,792,458 m/s

Now for the speed feat.

(Distance the character moved (m))×(Speed of light (m/s))Distance the light was away at the point character started moving (m)=Speed of character (m/s)

1.44m+1.23mX299,792,458 m/s/1.23m=650,768,994.195122 m/s 2.17 SoL 

Naruto’s casual movement speed: 2.17 SoL

 Now for even more impressive FTL reaction feats, this time from Infinite Tsyumoki

As seen here and the activation of Infinite Tsyumoki, it is pretty much lightspeed, moving at roughly the same speed as Light Fang

This is further confirmed by the fact the Jutsu came in the form of Light. So time for distance and time of the feat.

Going by this feat Sasuke was right at the meteors when he noticed Madara’s jutsu activation.

Sasukes rinnegan speed by IreneBelserion69

Shinju Tree Diameter:379px(30,800 m)

Exploison Diameter: 254px(20641.7 m)

Sasuke’s distance from the ground:450px(36569.92 m)

Velocity:299,792,458 m/s

Timeframe:1/8197.79th of a second

Distance between Moon and Earth:384,401,000 m

Now for the speed feat.

(Distance the character moved (m))×(Speed of light (m/s))Distance the light was away at the point character started moving (m)=Speed of character (m/s)

299,792,458 m/sx384,401,000 m+384364430.08/384364430.08= 2 SoL

Now for Sasuke’s reaction speed.…

Normal Human perception: 0.3-0.129 seconds

Athletic Human perception: 0.129-0.102 seconds

Peak Human perception: 0.102-0.08 seconds

Superhuman perception: 0.08-0.0291 seconds

Subsonic perception: 0.0291-0.00583 seconds

Subsonic+ perception: 0.00583-0.0032 seconds

Transonic perception: 0.0032-0.00265 seconds

Supersonic perception: 0.00265-0.00117 seconds

Supersonic+ perception: 0.00117-0.00058 seconds

m)Hypersonic perception: 0.000,58-0.000,294 seconds

Hypersonic+ perception: 0.000,294-0.000,117 seconds

High Hypersonic perception: 0.000,117-0.000,058,8 seconds

High Hypersonic+ perception: 0.000,058,8-0.000,029,4 seconds

Massively Hypersonic perception: 0.000,029,4-0.000,002,94 seconds

Massively Hypersonic+ perception: 0.000,002,94-0.000,000,333,6 seconds

Sub-Relativistic perception: 0.000,000,333,6-0.000,000,066,7 seconds

Sub-Relativistic+ perception: 0.000,000,066,7-0.000,000,033,36 seconds

Relativistic perception: 0.000,000,0333,6-0.000,000,006,67 seconds

Relativistic+ perception: 0.000,000,006,67-0.000,000,003,336 seconds

Speed of Light perception: 0.000,000,003,336 seconds

FTL perception: 0.000,000,003,336-0.000,000,000,333,600 seconds

FTL+ perception: 0.0000000003336-0.000,000,000,03336 seconds

Massively FTL perception: 0.000,000,000,03336-0.000,000,000,003,336 seconds

Massively FTL+ perception: anything less than 0.000,000,000,003,336 seconds

0.000,000,003,336 seconds SoL


Sasuke’s Movement Speed: 2 SoL( FTL)

Sasuke’s Reaction Speed: 27,347.8 SoL (Massively FTL+)

Yep, Sasuke being able to react to Light and traveling to save Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi put his reaction speed at Massively FTL with FTL Movement Speed moving casually at 2 times the speed of Light, needless to say, that’s pretty fast.

And finally we get Madara’s Planterary Tree Jutsu, let’s use the scale of these roots from the previous calc and get an estimate speed and power of this jutsu.

God Tree Root Length and width:34px (13,600 m)x10

God Tree Height:97px(38,800 m)x10

God Tree Volume:174,929,216,000,000 m^3

God Tree root volume:7,176,448,000,000 m^3 X10

God Tree Root volume Combined:71,764,480,000,000 m^3 or 7.176448e+19 cm^3

The density of wood:1330 kg/m^3 or 1.33 g/cc^3

Tree Root mass each:9.54467584e+18 kg

Mass of all tree roots:9.54467584e+19 kg

Earth’s circumference:40,008,000 m

Timeframe:10 seconds

Tree growth velocity: 4,008,000 m/s


1.533262835530138e+33 Newtonsx40,008,000 m


6.134277952388975e+40 joule = 1.4661276177e+25 megaton [explosive] or 14.66 tenatons (Small Star level+)

Madara’s Planterary Tree Jutsu:14.66 tenatons (Small Star level+)

Infinite Tsukuyomi Calc HD 2

Now for Infinite Tysumoki’s speed. Note that the speed of light takes 8 minutes to reach Earth from the Sun and it takes Light 1.3 seconds to reach the Earth from the Moon. Given the moon can’t produce light and the light from the moon is reflecting light from the sun, that means Madara is doing small scale stellar manipulation to create light.

The distance between Earth and Sun:149597870700 meters

SoL:299,792,458 m/s

 Infinite Tysumoki’s speed:499 SoL or 499 times faster than Light

yeah we’re going to need to completely revisit Naruto vs Bleach but let’s do a quick preview with the new methods to calcing lifting strength with Naruto’s own Chibaku Tensei

Naruto's Chiabku Tensei by IreneBelserion69

Naruto’s Earth sized realm: 1465px(12756 km)

Naruto’s created moon:367km(3,195.5km or 92% the size of the moon)

Naruto’s Moon Area:10,211,220.3 sq km or 10,211,220,300,000 sq meters  

Chibalu Tensei size by IreneBelserion69

Slightly larger than the United States area you can fit the entire continental Untied states including Alaska and Hawaii on this moon-like Dwarf Planet Naruto created.

Naruto’s Moon Volume:32,629,954,468.65 km^3   or 3.262995446865e+19 m^3(

Given Naruto states this moon is almost as big as our moon, it makes sense it’s 92% smaller…

Now for GBE

The gravity of the Moon: At least 1 G(Seems to have the same gravity as Earth making it much stronger than Earth’s moon gravity)

Planetary diameter (km):3,195.5

Planetary volume (m³):1.708E+19

Surface area (m²):3.207E+13

Mass (Kg):3.750E+23

Average density (kg/m³):21962

Surface escape velocity (km/s):5.6

GBE:3.525e+30 joule = 842 495 219 890 000 megaton [explosive] or 842.49 Exatons

GBE of Sage Chiabku Tensei:842.49 Exatons( Small Planet level+)

Now for the violent Fragmentation energy of Chibaku Tensei and it’s the creation of the Moon.

Crater of Chibaku Tensei Length and width:405px(3,526km)

Depth of Rock:263px(2289.6km)

Naruto’s created moon:367km(3,195.5km or 92% the size of the moon)

The volume of rock destroyed:28465855000 km^3 or 2.8465855e+25 cm^3

Volume of Rock:21.962 g/cc

Violent Fragmentation:69 (j/cc).

Formation energy of Chiabku Tensei:4.260621153954e+28 joule = 10 183 128 953 000 megaton [explosive] or 10.183 Exatons(Muilt Continenital Level+)

Formation energy of Chiabku Tensei:10.183 Exatons(Multi-Continental Level+)

Now for Lifting strength and power needed to mover this massive moon out into orbit

The mass of the rocks lifted was up to 3.750E+23 Kilograms going by the GBE calc with the density of Uranium going by the fact they produce the same gravity as Earth’s Gravity now for the fun part of all this, which is the Lifting strength needed to move all the rocks at once.

Formation time:2 minutes

Density of Uniarum rock:21,962 kg/m^3


Velocity of Moon Formation:28.9km/sec or 28,900 m/s

Force:3.1320375e+32 Newtons

Distance from Earth to Moon:125px(1088.4 km or 1,088,400 meters)

3.1320375e+32 Newtonsx1,088,400 meters

3.408909615e+38 joule = 8.1474895196e+22 megaton [explosive] or 81.4745 Ninatons of TNT( Dwarf Star level+)

Lifting Strength of Naruto’s CHiabku Tensei/Creation Speed:81.4745 Ninatons of TNT( Dwarf Star level+) 

Naruto and Sasuke’s individual Maximum DC: 40.73725 Ninatons of TNT( Dwarf Star level+) 

And now for Kaguya’s feats. Particularly her Planterary creation Jutsu feats.

Mass of the Planet: :4.18088e+24 or 70% of Earth

Creation Speed: 12,750km/sec

3.398271525e+36 joule = 812 206 387 430 000 000 000 megaton [explosive] or 812.206 Yottatons of TNTLarge Planet Level+)

Number of planets created or controlled by Kaguya: 6

Kaguya’s overall DC:4.873 Ninatons (Large Planet level+)

Whoa like Ywach, a major upgrade.

 However, one planet stands out the most, the Gravity planet, in which the gravity is over 10 times that of Earth’s. Might as well add this as a bonus feat for Kaguya.…

Planetary diameter (km):12,750km

Surface Gravity: 10 G’s or

Planetary volume (m³):1.085E+21

Surface area (m²):5.107E+14

Mass (Kg):5.973E+25

Average density (kg/m³):55,034

Surface escape velocity (km/s):5.6

GBE:2.24e+34 joule = 5 353 728 489 500 000 000 megaton or 5.353 Yottatons of TNT(Large Planet level+)

Mass of the Planet:5.973E+25 or  10 times the mass of Earth

Creation Speed: 12,750km/sec

Kaguya’s Gravity Planet creation:9.709858125e+39 joule = 2.320711789e+24 megaton [explosive] 2.32 Tenatons of TNT( Dwarf Star level+)

Kaguya’s Gravity Planet Creation Energy: 2.32 Tenatons of TNT( Dwarf Star level+)

This would also be a great scale for Frieza blowing up Planet Vegeta which he did using Supernova, in fact, Frieza should be roughly this powerful in Frist Form. 

With 6 Earth-Size realms with each having a star and moon, this would put her Maximum attack potency overall at 989.478 Tenatons of TNT however that’s not even the highest possible power she could ever achieve.

Remember how devastating Truth-Seeking Balls are.

Truth-Seeking Balls are extremely destructive, capable of turning targets to dust in a similar manner to Dust Release.[8] 

Subatomic Destruction: Applied only if clearly stated. It describes the energy necessary to destroy all atoms in a substance, by separating the particles in their nucleus. Note that Protons and Neutrons still stay intact. Value is 5.403E13 (j/cc).

Kaguya's truth seeking ball by IreneBelserion69

Yep whipping out this calculation again because lord knows we need them. Given the Truth-seeking balls are used in a similar fashion to weaponry controlled, it’s best we give the attack the same density as Iron at 7.874 g/cm3.

Now for the size of the Truth-Seeking Ball, which is massive. Sasuke’s Perfect Sunasoo is but a mere speck compared to the massive death sphere.

Sasuke’s Sunaso: 32px

Kaguya’s Truth-Seeking ball:831px

Now for Sasuke’s size, let’s use Madara’s Prefect Sunasoo for scale.

Prefect Sunasoo destorys a mountain range by IreneBelserion69

Prefect Sunasoo Size:160px(5.333km or 5,333m)

Mountain Height: 150px(5km or 5,000 m)

Sasuke’s Sunassao: 32px(5,333 m)

Kaguya’s Truth-Seeking ball:831px( 138,491.34 m )^3

The volume of Truth-Seeking ball:2,656,243,445,153,909 m^3 or 2.656243445153909e+21 cm^3

Density:7.874 g/cm3

Subatomic Destruction Energy: 54,030,000,000,000 j/cc or 5.403E13 j/cc.

Creation speed: 20 seconds

Velocity:6924.567 m/s

2.700125069911893e+43 joule = 6.4534538e+27 megaton [explosive] or 6.453 TenaKilotons of TNT(Large Star level+)

Kaguya’s Expanding  Truth-Seeking Ball:6.453 TenaKilotons of TNT(Large Star level+)

Toneri Busts the moon by IreneBelserion69

Tornei’s Moon Busting calc

Size of the Moon: 799px ( 3479 km or 3,479,000 m)

Fissure widith: 14 px( 65.7 km or 65,700 m)

Fissure Length:799 px(3479 km or 3,479,000 m)x3.14=10,924,060

Fissure depth: 3479 km or 3,479,000 m

Denisty of Moon Rock:2,100kg/m^3 or 2.1 g/cm^3

Volume of Rock Destoryed:2.4703123081e+18 m^3 or 2.4703123081e+24

Mass of rock destoryed:5.18765584701e+21

Timeframe: 11 seconds

Velocity of the slash: 316,280 m/s 

Now for force and stance

5.189369765499359e+32 Newtonsx

3.409415935933079e+37 joule = 8.1486996557e+21 megaton [explosive] or 8.1487 Ninatons (Large Planet Level+)

Toreni’s Moonbusting feat: 8.1487 Ninatons (Large Planet Level+)

Now then, rather than post the results in this video of who wins in Round 2 of this death battle revisit,  we’re going to do a more comprehensive review of all of Naruto and Ichigo’s feats from pre Skip to Timeskip, at least the best feats from the series.

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    1. lol they claim he is universal now our multi galaxy level with a solar system level low ball and he solos naruto


      1. Ulquorria Universe level ? What drugs are bleachtards are on, please link me to the dumbass who wrote this.


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