Area 51 vs Naruto Ninjas

(Update: Added the Speficie Heating Capacity Calcs for Doomguy, revised the Power Armor durability feat)

`After a seires of fucking stressing journals, in order to clear out my head of anger, i would be doing something much more wholesome such as showing off the might of the US Armed forces versus Ninjas from the Naruto world based on the whole silly “Ninjas storming Area 51” meme.

We’re going to be putting the entire might of the US Military, all active and reserve soldiers versus all of the Narutoverse at once. 

We’re going to disqafly God Tiers as God tiers would be just simply impossible for any weapon to even hurt them, Literally no verse we’re using could just cut down a whole moon.

We’re also banning Jincuirhuiki and Bjuus for the same reason, it would be far too one-sided for forces to battle that much power at once.

we’re going with as realistic of tech as possible in the near future so we’re going with the real-world army and then gradually move into more futuristic technology, it also has been America or American based armies.

Round 1 Modern US Army versus Ninjas

Round 2 Fallout US Army versus Ninja

Round 3 Haloverse USNC versus Ninjas 

Round 4 DoomGuy vs Ninjas

Round 1 Modern US Army versus Ninjas

Not much needs to be said about the United States and it’s Military, we spend 8 times as much on Military defense than the next 8 coutnries combined. There’s simply no comparing the US military arsenal to any country in the world.

In terms of Military power, in a direct land invasion by every country in the world, the US Army would be enough to crush the entire might of the World’s Armies and be able to

Naruto vs Bleach verse battle

Now that we got Naruto and Ichigo out of the way and I finished my rant journals, let’s finish up the Bleach vs Naruto saga by matching up verse by verse going by characters of comparable rank and power and see without bias which displays who in power.

Naruto vs Ichigo DB revised Part 1

Naruto vs Ichigo DFB revised Part 2

Naruto vs Ichigo DB revised Part 3

Bleach and Naruto Freezing feats

(Note: This is a general average of tiers power levels not a VS battle Anyslsusi of each character because that could be large enough to fit into

Naruto vs Bleach verse battle part 2

King Tier Naruto Characters vs King Tier Bleach characters.

Now here’s where we get to the characters who can do serious damage to the planet itself. At this point, there should be each their own fights and vs battles and would not be tally it.


Madara is an absolute monster. Just him dicking around was able to casually drop a Country destroying meteor on the battlefield and this was merely toying around.

He also effortlessly stopped Naruto’s Sage Rasenshruken with Petra Path in base form, again he was actually weakened by Edo Tensei compared to his true power.

He also effortlessly tanked attacks from Muzikage and Riakage with his ribcage Sunasoo, keep in mind this is a heavily suppressed Madara taking two Country level Kages.

His true abilities are best showcased when he effortlessly tanked KCM2 Naruto’s attacks with merely his Returning Fan IN BASE. Making Madara’s base power unsuppressed easily Mutii Contitent Level+

His true power is so

For this, we’re going to be using these two journals as reference to the Shinobi abilities as we already did a verus break down of this caliber with them. Going by the Shinobi World War, over 100,000 active ninjas would be fighting but for the sake of making this interesting, we’re throwing in the Genin small fry. Considering 3 out of 66 Gennin are only able to pass the Acemedy, it’s likely that the total number of Shinobi in the Shinobi World is at least 2.2 Million with Genin making up the vast majority of redshirts.

After all, while this was no longer done in the Modern Shinobi Wars back in the older days it wasn’t uncommon for Genin to be drafted into wars as seen with Tsunade’s brother Nawaii being drafted into war despite being a Genin. Yeah, Naruto is a bit messed up when you think about it, drafting child soldiers is something heavily frowned apon within the US Army but let’s say for arugment sake that they are not bound by morals at all.

The same would be done with the US Army, the US Army would be allowed in this scenario to use WMD’s which includes Nuclear weaponry if things get very out of hand.

For Genin level ninjas, they have At least 18,000 Joules Attack Potency/Durability, At least 39.328 m/s speed, these would be the largest amount of Shinobi soldiers would have to deal with as they make up over 95% of the reserve units. These guys would be the ones most prone to conventional weaponry as they would have durability on par with at least a heavily armored ground trooper.

As tough as Genin are, they can be easily taken down with 50 Caliber rouns or heavy-caliber weapons. Also Using poison-tipped weaponry(Which is banned in the Geneva conventions) with armored preicing rounds from M4 Carbines, the US armed forces should be able to easily dispatch the Genin their soldiers, provided they can get over the qualms at shooting at children

However, it should be very well warned not to underestimate even Genin as even these inexperienced children could have the strength to knock out a giant bear the size of a Elephant with a single blow so underestimating these mostly children Genin would be a very fatal mistake for any US Marine.

Thankfully our US marines are some of the best-trained soldiers in history and would not be so easily deceived by rookie Shinobi. If the US Army can stalemate the world’s armies at once, there’s no way genin would stand much of a chance.  

Next comes the Chuin Class Shinobi which is where the problems really begin. Low-level Chunin can tank and deliver At least 86 kg of TNT Attack Potency/Durability with At least 100 m/s speed with Mid Level Chunin having At least 160kg of TNT Attack Potency/Durability, At least 100 m/s speed. The US Soldiers would stand no chance in a direct fight against them.

Let’s get this out the way, bullets aren’t going to do jackshit to Chunin level Ninjas. While it’s possible to get a lucky shot of a Ninja off-guard and potentially kill them with a cheap shot before they can use Charka to protect them or teleport away, an average ninja in the Shinobi War would be moving faster than the human eye can see, even the most heavily trained US soldier would be unable to easily track Shinobi movements with merely shooting at them.

Zaku by IreneBelserion69

If Kid Sasuke could easily dodge sound itself, what thinks bullets would hit seasoned Chunin Soldiers? Simply put convivential ways of dealing with the threat would be hard if not impossible to do.

The best strategy of the US Army would be set up traps, landmines and then shoot at a weakened Shinobi, however, this would become increasingly less effective against stronger Shinobi as well as faster Shinobi. and especially against more Shinobi.

Engaging Shinobi of mid to High CHunin level would pretty much lead to a one-sided curb stomp up close quarters and simply not advisable at all, despite the army outnumbering these Shinobi 22 to 1, they would move too fast to hit them and it’s not likely they’re bullets would do much either

The best way to engage Chunin level Shinobi would be with a combined Air and Ground Asssult. While Chunin are walking battle tanks, they’re not faster than a Sabot round fried from M-1 Armabas tank which can move at 1,705 m/s which would easily outspeed any CHunin level Shinobi within Naruto and with the ability to damage Tanks with composite Armor, the M1 Arambas would make mincemeat of Shinobis, provided they maintain a distance from the Shinobi.

The M1 Abrams which is comprised of up to 65,000 kilograms of “depleted uranium mesh-reinforced high-hardness steel-ceramic metal matrix composite armor” with fragmentation energy of up to over 20 gigajoules or  4.787 Tons of TNT, enough to tank any Chunin tier attacks.

Thankfully with the Military might of Fourth and Fifth Generation planes the US has, they can rain down Anti Tank missiles and guided Missles which should have more than enough firepower to take out even the toughest Chunin level Shinobi. With bombs and Missles ranging from 82kg of TNT to 426 kg of TNT moving supersonic and most Chunin having little to no jutsu to counter the air assault, the Airforce. With Anti Tank and Airt Air Missles with Anti Tank 20mm sabots, it could do serious damage to a shinobi alliance that lacks any means of fending off an air assault.

F 15 eagle by fave man-d4xqkmv…

The F-15 Eagle can fire Anti Tank Missles, Anti-tank Aurttocanons and drop Guidance bombs while moving at Mach 1.2,enough to easily dodge most Chunin level attacks.

Now, where things become very difficult. Jounin level Shinobi are immensely tough and powerful and very fast, faster than any weapon we currently have in our US Arsenal.  For Jounin, they average at Multi-City Block levels of attack potency and durability along with Speeds exceeding Mach 30.  

Bleach and Naruto Freezing feats

We’re here for the Bleach freezing feats and some Naruto and what better than to start with Rukia.


Rukia’s new Shikai would actually be a good place to scale from as going by her words we can find Rukia’s old temperature scaling.  Rukia’s Shikai pre Skip is clearly nowhere near as powerful as her timeskip Shikai much less Bankai however Let’ s use at least -30  °C for her freezing energy Pre Skip since it would really make sense to have her between the freezing point of blood and the instant frostbite point.

Let’s start with the first time Rukia freezes someone, Di Roy in her first major fight.

She froze him within seconds here.

Di Roy:65px (168 cm/5’6″)

Ice Width and Length:74px( 1.91 m)

Ice Height:380px(9.8m)

Volume:35.75 m^3

The density of Ice:917 kg/m^3

Mass:32,784 kg

Rukia’s freezing energy: -30  °C


Naruto Chapter 520 Page 18
Naruto Chapter 520 Page 19

An Average Jounin scales to Haku who can protect himself with a thin layer of Ice which withstood a massive explosion 

 Haku could stop nearly 10 times as much force with a single Ice Mirror as a M1 Abrams tank with only 1/3.066th the weight of the armor covering the M1 Abrams tank with all 14 mirrors having the same durablity as an entire Tank Battilion of M1 Abrams tanks . Prehaps the U.S army could use Haku’s ice for experimental armor.

That going by my calcs is worth 20 times the destructive force of the infamous Oklahoma City Bombing.

Thankfully the amount of Jounin in the Shinobi world is less than 100 but of these 100 Shinobi, each would be capable of taking out a small countries army singlehandedly.

If anything in a direct ground forces battle, an average Jounin in part 1 is easily as powerful as Kid Goku who was able to defeat the Red Ribbon Army who are comparable in scale to the US Army and armed forces would likely fare just as well against them in a direct war, hence it becomes all but impossible to win without outright getting dirty.

Want an example of this, in Naruto Shippuden Movie 2, Shino, a “chunin” was able to destroy a whole armada of battleships having the insects literally devour battleships whole and it’s later shown that vritually all of Konoha 11 would be Jounin tier so to say Jounins are dangerous are a vast understatement and should not be engaged by conventional warfare means.

You would need the following to have a chance against a Jounin.

T 15 opt…



Armed with MOAB explosives 


At least 10 battleships firing all their guns at once for 6 seconds( Which is impossibly given Nevada is in the desert)

Or straight-up Nuclear Weaponry, a Tactical Nuke should be more than enough to kill most Jounins if not from the blast, from the immense radiation.

however, it’s very likely Area 51 would be pretty much be destroyed which would result in a Mission failure. worse if the next class of Shinobi, the Kage.

While there are only 5 Kages in Naruto and several dozen Kage level candidates, even a single Kage alone could theoretically take out the entire United States Army with little effort.

Konoha crater by IreneBelserion69

Worse than a direct Nuclear blast would do next to nothing to a Kage class Shinobi as they can tank blows and dish out blows surpassing all Nuclear Weapons on the planet.

However, despite their devasting power and speed, they’re still all human beings and perhaps the best weapon to destroy them won’t be by physical weaponry but Biological and chemical weaponry.

As Neji stated before, it’s impossible to train your internal organs, so naturally, the best way to deal with the ritually invincible bursiers is to essential go scorched earth and bombard them with Chemical, Biological and Radiological weaponry. Not even the mightest Shinobi should survive that.. then again neither would anyone else and it’s possible it might be enough to destroy millions of lives. If anything Nukes might still be handy for the devasting radiation that would still kill the Kages in minutes however either case it’s a lose/ lose, especially for anyone in the US.

Also, this is assuming Kages would just stand there and take it. As we mentioned, Kagews are super fast, able to react and dodge Lightning, they can outrun a nuclear explosion or activation of any WMD so it might not work.

Hell any Kage as powerful as Madara or Hashirama would pretty much be unstoppable as they can use their powers to shield themselves from the gasses and generate country destroying Jutsus, completely ending any war in seconds.

In other words, Area 51 is destroyed and the US Army is no real match outside of Chunin tier opponents, To evens stand a chance against Jounin you would need the strongest conventional explosives or even tactical nukes and against Kages, you need to deploy nuclear weapons, Chemical Weapons and Biological 

Round 2 Fallout US Army versus Ninja

Now to step up the tech levels of our verse. Now we’re having the US Army of Fallout verus Ninjas and this is where things get interesting. Let’s combined the current US Arsenal of weapons, retro the guns to Cold War era and give them Laser weaponry and Power Armor.

Fo4 CreatureSentryBot LS

Let’s also throw in some Sentry Bots



And Mr. Gustys

And Liberty fucking Prime.

Now let’s get into how powerful the base power of Fallout 4 weaponry are. Staring with the Laser Rifle.

Lasers work by focusing light into a point and having concencerated light generate heat to melt material.

Laser Rifles would be easily the best friend and huge factor in this battle as Laser Weaponry in Fallout are confrimed to be moving at the speed of light.

To note, only god-tier characters have shown FTL reflexes meaning in theory no Shinobi should be able to dodge these laser projectiles, of course, while they can’t dodge the lasers,they still move faster than the human eye so while a laser can hit them dead on, you actually need to aim the gun at them but how much power can a Laser Rifle generate on average?

A Lasers power is determined by Watts.  1 watthour equals roughly 3 600 joules of energy, which is roughly the same amount of energy of power as an Average Sniper Rifle or Hunting Rifle Callber round

So a Wattz 1000 pistol should be generating roughly 1,000 Wattz of energy or roughly 3,600,000 Joules.


This is equal to the force of 86 grams of TNT or the force of nearly 4 Hand grenades

Meaning a Watts 2000 Laser Rifle should be generating roughly 2000 watts or  7,200,000 Joules of energy which is akin to  1,7 Kg of explosive.

This is more than enough force to chew through Genin tier soldiers like toilet tissue and with moving at the speed of light could easily catch the fastest of Shinobi off-guard with sneak attacks. After all, if a mere laser can catch someone like Goku off-guard who’s Faster than the speed of light and nearly kill him, i’m sure Shinobi who aren’t planet busting giants would be caught more than surprised with that so Laser weaponry can really even the odds of the American Military.

However, at only 7,200,000 Joules, it would become increasingly less effective against higher level Shinobi.

File:Plasma gun.png

Plasma Weaponry makes a huge difference too as they can shoot powerful blasts that can easily melt anything they touch. But how powerful are Plasma weaponry?…

The plasma bolt is a toroid of superheated hydrogen gas that delivers high levels of both thermal and kinetic energy damage to the target, melting through most types of armors and causing massive 3rd-degree and 4th-degree uses a micro fusion cell as its power supply. It taps into the cell, essentially a small fusion reactor, to produce a toroid of plasma that is ejected down a superconducting barrel.…

Heating energy of Hydrogen:20,960 J/kg

Heating energy of Plasma Rounds: 6,000 degrees ceilius

Velocity of Plasma: 200 m/s

Weight: 0.029 lbs/0.0138 kg (Survival mode)

Average Plasma Cartilage round capacity: 30

Average heating energy per Plasma bolt:289.248 J per shot

Average Kinetic energy of Plasma Bolt:11,569,920 J per shot

Average Heating energy of a Plasma Bolt:1,735,488 J per shot

Fallout 4 Plasma Rifle Attack Potency: 2.76 kg of TNT( Wall Level+)

Damn so firing these weapons would be enough to also easily take out Fodder genin and Weak Chunin as well however moving much slower than lasers, they would become much less effective.

However, this is from a standard-issue Plasma Rifle, what about the much larger Plasma Caster weapons which are the eqauilvent of 40 mm Auto Grenade Launchers? Assuming the Standard Plasma rifle rounds are equal to the mass of 5.56mmm 4 grain bullet, Plasma casters should be firing roughly 0.09 kg worth of plasma which is 5 times the mass of an entire Plasma Cartilage.

Average Kinetic energy of Plasma Bolt:35,906,648 J per shot

Average Heating energy of a Plasma Bolt:5,380,012.8 J per shot

Plasma Caster Attack Potency:8.58 kg of TNT( Small Building level)

Now for the Heavy Hitting weaponry Gattling Lasers and Fusion Cores. Considering Fusion Cores weigh 4 pounds in the game verus Microfusion cells weight 0.028 lbs and the difference of capacity is around 30 verus 500, there’s an estimated value of over 3.6 Gigawatts perfusion core, that’s the eqauilvent amount of power to over 3 Kilotons of TNT, the power of over 

Meaning for every shot used up by the Gattling Laser, that’s generating the force of over 7 200 000 watts per shot or 6.2 tons of TNT per shot, that’s basically the eqauilvent force of nearly 3 Oklahamahoa City bombings concentrated as a thin blast of light.

Gattling Lasers can make up the bulk of fighting as they would surprisingly prove to have enough power to easily kill a Special Jounin tier Shoibi in merely a single shot. Firing at 50 shots per second at lightspeed, the attack potency of the lasers would add a DPS of roughly 360,000,000 Watts per second which is a monstrous 309.751 tons of TNT eqauilvent concentrated in the form of lightspeed lasers.

This is basically the eqauilvent of trying to withstand the force eqauilvent of Kakashi’s Water Vortez jutsu except it’s moving at the speed of fucking light. In other words, even without deploying nukes or Liberty Prime Fallout is doing far better in this verse fight than our current Army.

Asssultrons should obviously scale to this attack potency based on the fact that they fire a continuous laser beam from their eyes which can vaporize literally everything in its a path, even Super Mutant Behemoths and 

Oh did i fucking mention there’s a chance Laser Weapons can outright VAPORIZE FUCKING PEOPLE! Yes let’s assume luck is in play here for all the US soldiers, there’s a chance they can vaporize a Shinobi with over 2.99 Gigajoules of force. HOLY FUCKING SHIT ON BALLS THAT’S INSANE.

Another strong point is Power Armor itself. Fallouts power armor is literally a walking battle tank with durability nearly on par with it. In Fallout 4 there’s a scene where Brotherhood soldiers are able to withstand blasts from Wattz 2000 Laser weaponry like it was nothing and can tank the impact of a high fall like nothing from the Prywden

One major feat is Paididlain Danse withstanding the energy of a rocketship thruster setting his suit on fire.…

Aw9T39BvAAJTKkkarR8Qr6-650-80 by IreneBelserion69

  1. Lindbergh and the astronauts, all hailing from aviation backgrounds, talked about fuel consumption. The first stage of the Saturn V rocket, using five F-1 rocket engines, produced 7.5 million lbs. (3.4 million kilograms) of thrust and was used during launch for about 2 minutes. It gobbled up 20 tons (40,000 pounds) of fuel per second. Lindbergh’s little aircraft used 450 lbs. of fuel to get across the Atlantic. Thus, the men estimated that in just a tenth of a second, the Saturn V would burn 10 times the amount of fuel Lindbergh used for his entire trip.

In other words, given Oil has the burning energy of 4,186,000 J per Kilograms, this means that for 18,181 kgs of fuel burned per second, it produced a mindblowing 76,109,090,909 Joules of energy or 18.190 509 299 tons of TNT, just barely enough to survive a Davey Crocket style nuke to the face

 This would give power up to 18 tons of TNT incomplete fragmentation energy, able to easily absorb 2,500 joules of force and can use a reflective coating to withstand laser and energy weaponry. While this sounds like an Outlier feat, it’s not far off to how powerful this beast is.…

 The first suit of T-45d power armor is deployed for combat duty among American infantrymen fighting the Chinese occupation of Alaska. While lacking the full mobility of future versions of the armor, this early suit of power armor is incredibly effective against conventional Chinese tanks and infantry. Its ability to allow a single infantryman to carry heavy ordnance becomes key in various localized conflicts during the Sino-American War, and it has the power to destroy entire towns without endangering the wearer from attacks by conventional firearms or even missile launchers. 

Which given Power Armor lore  Power Armor soldiers were walking battle tanks which were so strong that they can take out entire towns and take blows from missiles so more to withstand anything less from a Jounin level Shinobi?

Going by Fallout New Vegas with the T-45 power armor set, the Power Armor has an HP of 2,000 with a Damage Threshold of 25, meaning anything less than 25 damage would be unable to damage the Power Armor at all.

In NewVegas, a Laser Rifle does roughly 22 damage on average, which makes little sense how it’s weaker than a 44 Mangun considering a 2,000 Watt laser could do as much damage as 4 frag grenades bit whatever.  That means by powerscaling, the Power Armor T-45, the weakest of the power armors can take up to 2,273 laser blasts from 2,000 wat lasers before fattening in durability. 

This would give the Power Armor durability roughly16,363,636,363.63636 Joules of durability via Fragmentation Energy or roughly up to 3.864 tons of TNT, that’s nearly twice the durability needed to survive the Oklahoma City Bombing at Point-blank range.

Or roughly near the durability of the M1-Armabs Tank which would make sense Lore wise as Power Armor Troops were created to replace modern Tanks.

Of course, the plates can still be damaged by small arms fire however if we’re going by scaling and the fact anything less than 2,500 Joules is not capable of pereicing even a millimeter of the armor. That means assuming you’re not shooting softer points like Fusion cores or the eyes of the helmet of the Power Armor would Realistically require over 909,090 50 Caliber rounds to fully destroy a single suit of T-45 Power Armor.

Makes you wonder how powerful the fan-created versions of the Makeshift Anti Material Rifle has to be actually effective in taking out Brotherhood of Steel Power Armor, who use the T-60 Power Armor, the most powerful variation aside from the Enclave which is roughly twice as powerful as the T-45, this would make the T-60 Armor on average able to tank roughly 7.728 Tons of TNT. Assuming Paidldiin Danse is wearing a completely upgraded T-60 that makes him twice as durable, it means the power armor could tank up to 15.456 Tons of combined force before it’s completely destroyed, which doesn’t sound too outlandish when you think about it.

As for its power source,  given the battery of a fusion core is roughly 3.6 Gigawatts perfusion core and the average output of the Power Armor requires  60,000 Watts to power the HiFlo hydraulic systems built into the frame of the suit. presumably watt-hours, that means in lore it’s possible to power the Power Armor for roughly 60,000 hours or the equivalent of 2,500 days or  6 yeas, 10 months, 5 days and 18 hours.  An average American household uses roughly 10,399 kilowatt-hours per year, which is less than 6 times the power consumption of a single hour of a T-45 Power Armor meaning the T-45 Power Armor consumes 8,760 times as much power in one hour as one household in America in one year, so it’s safe to assume the lore of Fusion cores being only able to power armors for a few game hours isn’t that off considering these cores were in active use for over 200 years.

 To give you a context of how much power a power Armor uses 60,000 Watts would easily equal 216 000 000 joules or the eqaulivent of  51.62 Kilograms of TNT, enough to equal a very powerful IED from a terrorist organization.

If we scale down this energy to Watts per second or Joules, the T-45 would consume roughly 17 watts per second. thats more 1.41 times energy than a single square meter Solar Panel generates at 12% efficiency per hour.

Or the equivalent energy of 61,200 joules of energy per second, that’s roughly the eqauilvent of being shot with a 50 Caliber round 3 times within a second. Needless to say very sturdy indeed.

Power Armor kinetic durability impact damage: 2500 Joules (Peak Human Level+)

Power Armor Total Destruction durability:3.864-7.728 Tons of TNT(Large Building level+)

Paladin Danse Power Armor Total Destruction durability: 15.466( City Block level)

Power Armor Energy Consumption: 61,200 J/s-51.62 kg of TNT per hour(Wall Level+-Small building Level)

However, while the weapons and tech give the soldiers an edge, they would still have to face stabaodges and soldiers from Shinobi who are still much faster and stronger than them physically and if they’re disabled of their weaponry, they’re pretty much fucked.

So for the most part, soldiers armed with Laser and Plasma weaponry would do fairly good against the first three waves of Shinobis however the Jounin and up there would prove to be much more intelligent and versatile and harder to aim at, enter Liberty Prime

Our favorite Cyborg spewing Anti Communist lines and wanting to nuke those Dirty Reds is our favorite badass Robot.

Spewing Anti Communist Catchphrases and wanting to kill ANTIFAG’ but how powerful is our Liberty Prime exactly.…

If Fatman Tactical Nukes have roughly 364.43 kilograms of TNT per 7 Pound Warhead, then we gotta assume by lore Liberty Prime’s Massive Nukes are much heavier and stronger.

Note the nukes in the game are probably scaled-down within gameplay as it would be too powerful of an explosion to handle bo, so we’ll just have to scale the size of the bomb with that of Liberty Prime to get the possible yield of this tactical weapon from the Fatman.

Liberty Prime (later Liberty Prime Mark II[1] if rebuilt) is a unique U.S. Army robot. It stands 40 feet (12.19 meters) tall and is heavily armored, which coupled with its armament of a powerful eye laser and tactical nuclear bombs make it a major combat asset.

Liberity prime Mark 28s by IreneBelserion69

Liberty Prime(50% height framed) : 941px(20 feet high)

Nuke Length: 303px(6.433 feet)

Nuke Diameter:87px(1.84 feet)

The cloest in scale i can think of is the Mark 83 General Purpose Guidance Bomb currently used in the US Army which weights roughly 1,030 lb (468 kg) of weaponry. 

Scaling from this, we can come to the assumption that Liberty Prime is carrying 1,030 lb bombs loaded with roughly 53.6 Tons of TNT eqauilvent. That’s enough nearly equal 3 Davy Crocket tier explosions which are enough to destroy the entire City Block.

However the biggest feat from Liberty prime was when he punched and vaporized 5 meters of ground deep to create a whole for the Institute, yep this nigga just shat all over them.  However, thankfully this feat comes gift wrapped as i don’t even need to guess the depth as it’s “hand wrapped for me”

Liberty Prime Hole by IreneBelserion69

Brotherhood soldier: 191 px( Even the calc is gift wrapped with exactly 1.91 m)

Hole Diameter: 432px(4.32 m)

Hole Depth:5 Meters of concrete, Gravel, and COMMUNISM

Volume:93.312 m^3  or  93,312,000 cm^3

The density of Concrete:2,400 kg/m^3 or 2.4 g/cm^3

Let’s assume Vaporization energy for the hole at 25,700 J/cc.we get a vaule of 5,755,484,160,000 Joules or  1.375 Kilotons of TNT.

Liberty Prime’s Death laser: 1.375 Kilotons of TNT(Small Town Level+)

Roughly the same amount of energy within an average EF5 Tornado or the eqauilvent of 1.598 Gigawatts.

It’s also a few hundred tons stronger than Kakashi’s Water Vortex Jutsu used against Zabzua so against an average Jounin, Liberty prime could pretty much stomp them as he shoots lasers which are Lightspeed and are unavoidable and spams nukes.

Speaking of power, Liberty Prime should be far more durable than the Brotherhood of Steel strongest Power Armor which by powerscaling can tank at least 5,000 Joules of Kinetic projectiles without a single scratch and can withstand damage up to 7.5 Tons to 15 Tons of TNT before their suits are completely destroyed. Given Liberty Prime is able to tank anything less than a Kinetic Obritbal strike and 147 times heavier than a Brotherhood of steel in power armor, that means he should be at least able to tank 4,815,584,415,584 Joules of force or up to 1.15 Kilotons of TNT via powerscaling to the T-60 power armor durability before it’s completely destroyed.

However, while Fallout can deal with the Shinobi invasion much better than our current army tech, they still are inferior to the Kages who can pretty much still solo our army and would one-shot Liberty Prime with no effort. While Fallout would be far more Liberal and would have far more nukes than our current world, it would still not stop Kage tier characters and Area 51 would be destroyed. However, there would be far more casualties with the fallout tech, especially the unavoidable and undodgeable Lightspeed lasers.

Overall still not enough to defend Area 51.

Round 3 Haloverse USNC versus Ninjas 


Time for the Heavy AIltierart, the immense technology of Halo’s UNSEC verus Shinobi and they’re coming in with guns blazing.


As expected, the guns of Halo are far more advanced than our own weaponry. At first glance, they appear silmair to our conventional weaponry however they can also fire  Kinetic Bolts.

Which are essentially Halo’s eqauilvent of K Bullets

Which can completely vaporize a Spartan in Power Armor. HOLY FUCKING SHIT!

Mind you in lore Master Cheif’s Minojori Armor weighs roughly 360 kilograms. To atomize steel, you need 59526.65 j/cc. Steel weights 7.98 g/cm^3, meaning we’re vaporizing 45,112.78 cm^3 of solid steel, giving us a vaporization energy of 21,429,594,000 Joules or over 5.12 tons of TNT eqauilvent per shot.

HOLY SHIT! That would be nearly 3 times the force of the OkhomlaCity Bombing caused by a truck loaded with over 2 tons of ANFO.

Within a  7.45 g 9mmm bullet 

Let’s consider this, a submachine gun is much weaker than an Assult Rifle. An Average 9mm bullet can produce 481 Joules of energy per shot.

MA37 Assault Rifle

The much heavier hitting MA5 Assault Rifle uses the 7.62x51mm NATO ammunition.

A kickass Battle Rifle round that can produce over 3,500 joules of force.

That means an MA5 could do at least 155,932,596,673.5967 Joules of force or 37.268 785 056 tons of TNT force per shot.


That’s nearly 4 MOAB’s, massive 9,800 kg bombs 

Condensed into a 147 Grain bullet.

HaloReach NobleSix

Durability wise the armor can take a half a clip of SMG with Kinetic Bolts before being destroyed and this is an Average Spartan Armor suit, that would give these suits at least 321,443,910,000 Joules or over 76.8 tons of TNT, that’s enough to withstand attacks from Jounin level Shinobi.

In fact, this isn’t even counting Energy Sheilds which greatly increase their durability considerably.…

And if that’s not enough, SPARTANS carry Laser canons that can vaporize massive monsters that have the energy Eqauilvent of 17.17 Kilotons.

HOLY DICKS, This laser canon has slightly more energy than the Little Boy Atomic Bomb, that’s fucking crazy, needless to say, no Jounin is surrving a direct hit

Needless to say, the Halo boys effortlessly slaughter Chunin and even could stand toe to toe with Jounin being walking Miniature Liberty Primes but what about the Kages.

These massive Jugggernaunts who can easily outmatch by their weapons and even break their armor so clearly they’re attached, right? Nope.

Remember all that heavy firepower is that of the soldiers themselves, let’s get to the big guns. 

UNSC Infinity…

Enter the UNSC infinity the most powerful ship within the seires.…

Armed with the Magnetic Accelerator Cannons which can fire projectiles ranging from 30km/sec to 3,000 km/sec with projectiles ranging from 600 tons to 3,000 tons. At this force and speed from the distance of speed while it might not be enough force to kill a Kage at full power, it would deffieitntly severely cripple them off guard and with no means to reach the ship, the UNSC can spam these weapons, though Area 51 would likely be destroyed in the process which would still be a failure.

As for top tier Kages like Madara and Hashirama, yeah not even these weapons would be enough to stop them however Hashirama and Madra would not have the range to even reach the ships and the ships can spam MAC canons until they’re exhausted and eventually win in a war of attrition but overall, Area 51 still falls and it’s still a failure.

Round 4: DoomGuy vs Ninjas

Doom Eternal Doom Slayer

That’s right when an entire army fucking fails, send for the man, the big man Doom Guy himself, Doom guy. The all American badass SpaceMarine who kicks Demon ass.…

Going by this respect thread Doomguy is one tough son of a bitch as he has tanked the following 

  • The suit is capable of withstanding a 7-10 story fall with no damage.
  • Immune to explosives in all but direct hits. (For reference a direct hit from a rocket launcher does 9 damage out of 400)
  • Nearly immune to radiation, fire, and acid. The suit is also airtight and presumably space ready.

But this is the feat that really gets me going by this number.

  • Capable of absorbing and dispersing large amounts of energy. Doom-Guy repeatedly absorbs 34,488,120 MW( 34.5 TW) of energy. This is a low end estimation of the power that a nuclear reactor produces in a year. This ridiculous figure is further supported when the specs for VEGA’s (the sentient supercomputer) power consumption and core temperature. VEGA consumes 2.4 terawatts of energy every minute and if not cooled the core temperature would be 1.5 times the temperature of the sun… So Doom-Guy is capable of absorbing 34.5 TW of energy

 34.5 Terrawatts of fucking energy?HOLY FUCKING SHIT! THAT’S OVER HALF THE ENERGY OF THE TSAR FUCKING BOMBA DOOMGUY and absorb and tank. Meaning that Doom guy can tank over City level of force and make himself even stronger.

 Now for his weaponry, his default standard is an energy pistol a pistol with the energy of 4 Megawatts of energy, that is eqauilvent to 3.4 Tons of TNT, Thats an insane level of power from a small pistol.

What’s even more insane is that Doom Guy’s fists are as strong as a 4 Megawatt laser.

  • Fists: Extremely basic close-range weapon. Never runs out of ammo, but only about as powerful as a pistol shot; normally used only as a last resort or with a berserk powerup.
Knock Nevis.jpg

Damn so Doomguy can punch around the force of 1 468 391 346.7 kilogram-force meter, that’s over twice the strength needed to move the massive Largest ship and largest mobile man-made object, Seawise Giant,  THAT’S INSANE. And that’s merely a casual punch

That means for Doomguy to generate that much force in a punch equal to 4 Megawatts, he would need to be punching very fast.. Let’s assume Doomguy’s fists are at least 1kg, now to get the force and power so we can get a basic attack speed for Doomguy


C^2=14 225 600 000 joule/ 1 kg/^2


C^2=119,271 m/s or Mach 347.7

Doom Guy’s Punching speed: Mach 347.7( Massively Hypersonic)

Then again it would explain i in the scene, he broke out of the cage, he would be able to exert enough force to break chains forged in hell.

Doomguy strength by IreneBelserion69

Which going by the highest tensile strength possible on earth would require a casual strength of  9,500,000 PSI

No wonder Doomguy can physically rip apart demons with his bare hands or effortlessly break chains without his armor.

Needless to say he stomps Chunin and Special Jounin characters even without his guns.

As we know a shotgun is easily 10 times as much power as Pistol so powerscaling, the shotgun would do more damage, however in the case of Doom Shotgun, they’re easily 5.5 times the power of the 50 BMG Asssult Rifle, yes there’s a 50 BMG Asssult Rifle. Yeah, Doomguy is so manly, his Assult rifle shoots 50 BMG.

Given powerscaling seems to be a thing here,  50 BMG rounds have over 18,000 Joules of force per shot and these are based on conventional rounds, that’s over 37.4 times the force of a pistol.  


By powerscaling, this is roughly 532,037,440,000 joules or 127.16 Tons of TNT in terms of attack potency, that’s the combined power of 10 MOABS scaling from the 4 Megawatt pistol.

That means that the Shotgun in Doom could produce up to 699.38 tons of TNT force, more than enough to crush any Jounin.

the Railgun and Rocket launchers should deal between twice to 3 times the damage of a Shotgun with the Rocket Launcher having an estimate 1.4 Kilotons of TNT to 2.1 Kilotons of TNT by powerscaling but how fast is the Gauss Canon? Let’s find out.

Fo4 railway spike

Let’s give the Flechette rounds it fired to that of the railway spike 


C^2=8 786 400 000 000 joule/ 0.09 kg/^2


C^2=9,880,620.76 m/s or Mach 28,806.47

Gauss Cannon Attack Speed: Mach 28,806.47( Sub-Realistvic)

Needless to say, Doomguy can effortlessly take the entire Shinobi Alliance minus the Kages and that’s not even his final form or weaponry.

BTW the speed of Doomguy should be scalable to this giving him Sub Reasltvtic reflexes on par with the Raikge with average running speed of 200 m/s

Bfg 9000 by IreneBelserion69

Meet the BFG, the biggest fucking gun in Doom and it’s very very big, almost half as big as Doomguy itself.

Doom guy is at least or near 2 meters tall so let’s go with the conservative height of 2 meters to scale him. Now let’s make the weapon size and possible mass.

Bfg 9000 by IreneBelserion69

Doom guy(50 % height frame):168px( 100 cm)

BFG length:112px(66 cm)

BFG barrel Diameter:24 pc( 14 cm/ 5.56 inch barrel)

Caliber of BFG:141 mm(5.56 inches)

So the BFG can fire rounds large than 120mm rounds Yes the BFGs Barrel diameter is larger than a fucking Tank Gun. BIG FUCKING GUN INDEED. Now for the insane amount of power of this gun.…

Argent Energy was first discovered by the UAC in 2095 during a geological survey mission in the Promethei Terra region of Mars, in a narrow trench which later dubbed as the “Argent Fracture”. Discovered in Hell, Argent Energy’s metaphysical nature defies previous laws of physics on other forms of plasma. While plasma itself is a superheated gas to the point of freeing electrons to become ionized, Argent Energy seems to be stable at higher than thought possible temperatures and can energize objects it comes into contact with.

The BFG uses Argent Plasma which as we know burns hotter than any possible natural substance according to the game itself.

This goes to the scaling from the game itself where the Doom Guy Armor was tested with a 572 MegaKelvin Laser, that’s roughly  572,999,726.85 degrees Celsius, that’s over 38 times the center of the sun’s heat.…

Using the Specific Heating calculator and assuming the Preator’s Armor is roughly 100 kg in mass, that means canonically Doomguy can casually tank temperatures that can generate up to 267,018,000,000,000 Joules per second or 63.8 Kilotons.

Yes, Doomguy is so fucking bardic that he can literally tank the eqauilvent of Hiroshima and Nagmaksai combined times two and still shrug off that force like it was nothing. Meaning that Doomguy has heat resistance up to the Town Level range.

Which probably the most ridiculous level of heat resistance since Erza tanking Natsu’s END enraged punches with her bare hands…?

The thing i can think of when going by this is to use the Large Hadron Collider which produces heat up to 13 EK at heavy nuclear conversions/This is just a mindblowing amount of heat. Now let’s covert this to Plasma. That’s over 1.300000e+18°C. This is where the plot thickens.

Heating energy of Hydrogen:20,960 J/kg

Heating energy of Plasma Rounds: 1.300000e+18°C

The velocity of BFG: 100 m/s

Density of air:0.000001225 kg/cm^3

Projectile weight:0.00345 kg

Energy within projectile:9.401480377268499e+19

HOLY MOTHERS OF DOGSHIT, GOING BY THIS, BFG MERELY CHARGING HAS ENOUGH ENERGY TO BE NEARLY TWICE AS POWERFUL AS A HURRICANE DOES AN ENTIRE FUCKING DAY. Now to fire this bad body. As stated in the wiki, this weapon fires at a lousy 100 m/s so let’s fire it 

4.700740188634249e+23 joule = 112 350 386.92 megaton [explosive] 

BFG 9000 Attack Potency:112.35 Teratons of TNT(Large Country level)

HOLY MOTHER FUCKING CHRIST ON A STICK!  Yeah, there’s no fucking way a Kage of any level is surviving a direct shot from this, even if you’re strong enough to survive the direct shot, this would burn at roughly  1.3 Quintillion degrees which would be impossible to survive the heat of it. This would be even more powerful than the asteriod that killed the Dinosaurs.

To give you an idea, putting your hand in the hardon collider, for example, you would feel a motisuguio bite from the initial particle impact but then the heat would be so intense, it would feel as if your arm is being crushed by aircraft carrier moving at 11knots which is 300 Megajoules or 71.7kg of TNT in heating energy. going from 1.6×10−7 J to  3×10^8 J  is roughly an increase of 4.6 Quadrillion times.

Now you know why Doom Guy can literally fight all of hell for over 1,000 years against Billions of demons kicking ass in the name of American space marines.

And for anyone wondering of how deadly the burning damage would be on the BFG, here’s the anwser.…

To meet all the water in your body at over 1.300000e+18° C, it would take a whooping 140,608,000,000,000,000,000,000 Joules of Energy to do so per second for the 10 seconds after you’re hit by the BFG. That’s a whopping 33.6 Teratons of TNT heating per second

Even if you somehow surrived the initial 112 Tertatons of TNT impact force from the BFG for 10 seconds., Your body would be heated to being hit with roughly 1/4th the destructive power of the power per second. This would render any chance of survival nigh impossible as your body is vaporized on a sub atomic level.

To give you a contrast of how deadly the burning energy of this attack is,  Amatearsru, the infamous flames in Naruto said to be as hot as the surface of the Sun itself burning merely a cubic meter of air per second is generating only a measly 6,761,081 Joules per second which is barely even 1kg of burning energy per second. to give BFG the same amount of Cubic meter of air to burn, it would burn roughly 1,598,073,750,000,000,000,000 Joules per second or roughly 381.948 Gigatons of TNT per second.

that’s 19 times the power of every Nuclear Weapon in the world blowing up in your face at once. and that’s per a cubic meter of air heated to the BFG. Even of  Amatearsru were to burn for a full week according to Lore, it would only produce a measly  4,089,101,788,800 Joules or 977.318 Tons of TNT per Cubic meter of burning air.

Amastresrtu is no joke in Naruto, not only could it burn Flame Toads that are immune to Fire but can even burn Bijuu who are so powerful that Nuclear weapons are merely just them sneezing if anything its heating energy across a whole Square Kilometer of the forest was able to create Thunderstorm conditions in seconds, given Amateasrtu produced 6,761,081 Joules per second per cubic meter of air, it would make sense that at 1 Square Kilometer, Amateastru is producing 6,761,081,000,000 Joules of energy per second which is enough to generate a Thudnerstrom as the bare minimum needed to create a storm is at least 1.687 Terajoules .

If a whole person is covered in flames of Amaeastru, it would burn the person at 1,195,851,800 Joules per second, that’s enough heat to vaporize a whole human body in less than 3 seconds or equal over , this is merely heating energy alone and not factoring in Amaeastru’s attack speed(Which is comparable to Lightning) nor the attack potency or expertise of the user, just the heat alone.   

While it might not sound like a big deal for a Kage, it was more than enough to force the Raikage to cut his own arm off to prevent burning damage. 

The very same Kage who is on par with his father who can take a Bjuudama to the face and even Rasenskhruken, one of the most destructive and potent attacks in the seires that casually outpace the destructive force of any nuclear weapon.

Needless to say, if the temperature durability of Naruto characters shit their pants at merely 6,000 degrees, there’s zero chance they’re surviving a direct BFG blast. The only problem would be the BFG’s attack speed being a pitifully slow 100 m/s which even Chunin level Shinobi should be able to dodge, thankfully Doomguy is much faster and can make himself and presumably his attacks far faster too.


It is composed of the same material as the Praetor suit that Doom-Guy wears and is stated to be immune to all conventional forms of damage. It is sentient and awakens after any 5 creatures die. It does not absorb souls; it observes their passing. It has chosen Doom-Guy and responds to his thoughts. The soul cube is the single most powerful weapon to ever exist in doom capable of doing 1000 damage ( for reference the BFG from doom 3 does 200).The soul cube only attacks one target and always attacks the greatest threat present. Upon killing or grievously wounding its target it takes the life force from the target and gives it to Doom-Guy restoring his health. The soul cube cannot be dodged nor does it need to be aimed. It may be used only once however it can be reused as soon as 5 things die.

The Soul Cube has also been known to talk with Doom-Guy during battle to point out weak points and assist with direction.

The Artifact (Hell’s Heart)

Hell’s Heart is the is hell’s superweapon and the ace in the hole for Doom-Guy. Hell’s Heart functions off of absorbing human souls. It can contain 3 souls and may be used 3 times. When it is activated Hell’s Heart does 3 different things and lasts 12 seconds.(15 when upgraded) Hell’s Heart uses the power of souls and hell magic to do the following things.

  • First it slows time so to a crawl for everything that isnt Doom-Guy or his weapons.
  • While active Doom-Guy is a bullet timer.
  • Activates the Berserk power up. (Berserk increases the damage that his other weapons can do by a factor of 2.5. This is because of all the weapons being imbued with extra power and also because the weapons are able to still fire and the projectiles fly at full speed. even though time has slowed to a crawl.)
  • It activates the Invulnerability power up which makes Doom-Guy Invulnerable.

So for 12 seconds Doom-Guy becomes super strong, deals greatly increased damage with ballistic weapons as all weapons are enhanced and immune to the time slowing effect, makes him invulnerable, and most importantly It lets him do this…

In other words, Doom might be able to take on the Shinobi Alliance, while not sure if chakra would give him the same power boost as Argent Plasma or if i work outside demon powers, Doom Guy could get stronger per each opponent killed and Doom guy can kill a fuckton of people.

Whether Doomguy could match the likes of top tiers like Hashirama and Madara is not clear, what is clear is that once he kills Kage level shinobi, he would be stronger than before. The best thing is that due to the concentrated power of Doom’s weaponry is based on thermal energy and attack potency rather than AoE, hence reducing damage and protecting Area 51 from those pesky ninjas.  If Dooom Eteneral upgrades Doom Guy considerably, we would resume this event but for now, he can handle the Shinobi Alliance.

After all, he can kill his opponents very fast.

So if Area 51 wants to successfully defend against Naruto Ninjas, better hire Doomguy, he would be able to take on the entire Shinobi Alliance almost singlehandedly in the name of America. If he can fight hells armies of demons for literally an eternality, he can handle Shinobi and protect Area 51.


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