How powerful is Erza? Erza respect thread Or why Erza is best Anime Waifu Part 1(Strength)

(A/N: MAJOR UPDATE! Erza got major upgrades as of chapters 43-44 of FT 100 Year Quest, hence the respect thread would be upgraded. Updates would continue to be made as to the seires progress)

Oh boy talk about a Doozy of a respect thread, this has to be the longest ever respect thread I’ve made for a single character ever of any series to this point but when you’re talking about one of your top waifus in anime history it’s hard not to


Origin: Fairy Tail

Gender: Female

Age: 19 (x784) 26(X791) 27(X792)28(X793)

Height:  175cm(5’9”)

Weight:  135 lbs Pre skip and First Timeskip, 147 lbs Second timeskip

Hair Color: Scarlet

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Color: Fair tone

Ethnicity: Ishgalian(White European)

BHW:94,71,103 cm (37, 26, 41 Inches) Pre skip, ,105,74,108 cm(41,29,42 Inches) Frist Timeskip, 100,64,112 cm (39, 25, 44 Inches), 107,69,119 cm (42, 27, 47 Inches)Second Timeskip

Bra Size: F Cup/ 38 I Pre Skip, 42 J or L Cup  Frist Timeskip, JJ Cup/ 40 N(14” above bust)42 0 or S Cup Second Timeskip

Breast volume: ‭3,666 ml,2,640 ml Frist Timeskip,‭7,100‬ ml :11,010.9‬‬ ml Second timeskip

Breast weight: ‭3.3 kg (7.3 lb) Pre Timeskip, 4.8 kg or 11 lbs Frist Timeskip,6.4 kg(14 lbs):9.91 kg / 21.8 lbs Scond Timeskip

Marital Status: Single, for the moment

As of the recent figure models made to be within the scale of the manga character, Erza is taller than a man at 171cm or 5’7 by a sizable amount, confirming she’s around 175cm or 5’9″, further confirming she’s a relveately tall woman.

And with the recent measurement updates, Erza’s Measruments got a major update. In Pre Skip, she remains unchanged as her BHW is still 94,71,103 cm (37, 26, 41 Inches) with her bra size still being F Cup/ 38 I, her first timeskip measurements are 105,74,108 cm(41,29,42 Inches) with her bra size and her second timeskip BHW is currently 107,69,119 cm (42, 27, 47 Inches) with a Bra Size of 42 0 or S Cup in Japan with her breasts weighing 9.91 kg / 21.8 lbs


Erza is the biological daughter of Irene Belserion and General Rung.

Irene Belseiron being the former Queen of Dragons

Erza grew up in a small village when a bunch of slave trades working for the dark guild cult trying to bring back the demon Zeref came and abducted her and bought her to the tower of Heaven. Erza spent a good number of years trapped in the Tower of Heaven until she turned 11 and decided enough was enough.

File:Jellal saves Erza.png

After her first escape attempt, Erza lost her right eye due to the torture she went through and would’ve died had not for Jellal

File:Rob covered Erza.jpg

After the death of Rob, the one who taught her magic.


Erza went on a rampage and caused a slave revolt and overwhelmed the dark guild cult through sheer badassery. 

Jellal tries to kill Erza using his Shade

However, things go array as Jellal processed by the dark guild turns on Erza and forces her into exile forcing her to abandon her friends still trapped in the Tower of Heaven

File:The guild Members Happy .jpg

She eventually found her home within Fairy Tail and became close to the guild after a while, then trained for the next 8 years non stop hoping one day she can return to the Tower of Heaven and save her friends.

File:Porlyusica treats Erza.jpg

During that time she gained an Artificial eye thanks to Porlyusica.

File:Erza's teaching Natsu vocabulary.jpg

She then adopts Fairy Tail’s rules and becomes real strict and bossy overtime.

File:Erza's memories.jpg

Eventually, after 4 years of grueling training and mastery of her magical powers, Erza finally becomes an S Class Mage. In the year X780, Erza passed Fairy Tail’s annually held S-Class Mage Promotion Trial, becoming the youngest member of the guild to do so at fifteen years of age.

Erza is currently 28 years old( Physically 20 years of age given the time sphere slowed down her aging by 7 years) and has 17 years of fighting experience


Erza embodies both Masculine and Feminine characteristics. This has been played up several times comically going by several series examples of Erza having dressed as a prince for a play.

File:Erza as a Prince.jpg

A construction worker

File:Erza working.jpg

Erza also embodies many feminine traits as well.

File:Sexy Rose Dress.jpg

Such as her love of wearing dresses

File:Erza changing clothes.gif

And her love for fashion

She also seems to be a Weeabooo in canon as despite being of fictional European ancestry and being set in a Fictional Europan like country, she’s very much into Japanese culture or the Fairy Tail equivalent to Japan.

File:Erza cooks.jpg

She’s also implied to be a decent cook

Erza is a very strict person, often criticizing the bad behavior and habits of the other guild members, causing most them to apologize for fear that they might invoke her wrath. She becomes a bit more lenient over time.

Erza is not without her flaws.

File:Team Erza vs. Jiggly Butt Gang.PNG
File:Erza threatens Kageyama.JPG

She is impatient, liking people who answer her questions quickly as seen when she promptly knocks out anyone who doesn’t answer her questions (despite them not knowing anything)

File:Erza Shows Her Emotions.png

She also is massively socially awkward and doesn’t know how to talk with people on personal matters which leads to her intentionally scaring people.

File:Erza says sorry.jpg
File:Erza's making friends.jpg

As seen here with Juvia as she completely misunderstands and terrifies Juvia and drags her away attempting to make friends with her in her attempt to apologize for being so rough in the S class exams.

File:The Female Knight Didn't Hold Back.jpg

She also doesn’t like to hold back in fights much to the dismay of Juvia and Lisanna

And even poor Natsu

. However, she has a great sense of justice. Despite being a very strict person, she seems to have a clumsy side to her as seen during the Galuna arc when she fell into a pit hole.

Of one she’s a terrible actress as seen with her trying to do a play and failing badly at it.

She’s also an immense pervert

File:Seduction Armor.png
File:Erza's casino outfit.png

As seen with her sexy, revealing outfits, she isn’t afraid of teasing of her male guild members.

Even possessing a Chainmail Bikini.

Well several of them anyways

If anything some of her battle armors and clothes in canon are very revealing in general. Somewhere she visibly has no bra on

She playful dresses in revealing outfits in front of men without any fear and even outright seducing men

She especially loves teasing men dressing in sexy bunny outfits, especially those that reveal her perfect THICC Ass


n fact, she’s a bit too enthusiastic to seduce men.

She seems to have an Arsenal of kinky outfits for her disposal to deploy against men to seduce them.

Especially her Seduction Armor, which in itself is a very questionable revealing outfit known for sexual purposes.

Which she thought of using in the middle of a fight against Azuma. Makes you wonder if she was surrounded by 100 knights, would she use that armor?

In fact yes, she would likely do a gangbang in canon. She strongly lovers” Skinship” with both men and women as she outright admits to wanting to bathe with men.She felt no discomfort stating her desire to shower with Natsu and Gray or the fact that she used to shower with them when they were younger.

This is further confirmed in 355 that she’s into “skinship” which means she likes to have good personal contact with her close friends be it male or female.

Especially confrimed in the recent omake when she brought some Les Yay as she gropes Mirajane and Juvia implying she’s bi-curious or bisexual ..Seriously, she’s just perfect for hentai fuel.

To which she strongly implies she loves to touch the “private parts” of the person as seen with her casually groping Mirajane.

I’m half surprised we didn’t get this scene.

h, she not only possesses a cat outfit but a Seduction Armor 

Even more so in the Christmas Omake where she openly admits to being bisexual and most of that Omake focuses on her making people do whatever fetish she wants.

Raging from making men strip

To groping Lucy

And even domaitning Lucy

She also shows little to no modesty as she has joked about the idea of walking around the guild naked.

Something she did somewhat in the 9th OVA where she walked out to the streets naked in a snowstorm on a dare.

Also, Damn that ass is huge

It’s no wonder at least half the hentai involving Erza involves her taking on at least 2 men at once. Of all women that have hentai made of her, she is amongst top search of females within Whentai. Erza brings in a lot of hentai potential

So when Erza has a weapon known as “Seduction Armor” in her arsenal, it’s likely that she prepared herself in the off chance she has to fight an army of handsome knights mind-controlled and would lose her virginity to all of them at once.

And considering she can eat 50 cakes at once and fight 100 monsters, she would have more than enough stamina to handle 100 guys at once, If anything if Erza were to fuck you, you probably cum in seconds due to the tightness of her body. The results, which were published in the journal PLOS ONE, concluded that men burn 100 calories during the average sex session, while women burn about 69 calories, if this is true, Erza can do a total of 2,322 men before triing based on the calorie consumption of her Cakes and this is without the Seduction Armor.

The researchers estimated that men burn roughly 4.2 calories per minute during sex, while women burn 3.1 calories per minute, As we know, Erza can easily surpass any normal limit for a woman, meaning Erza if she were to ever go nuclear and fuck anyone, could go on for 861 hours which is over 35 days. HOLY SHIT, she can go on with a single male partner for 35 days, in theory, this is of course with an average joe like you. For 100 men, she can go on for over 8 hours straight and this is assuming she doesn’t use Seduction Armor.

Meaning she can easily do a whole mammoth of men and easily break the worlds biggest record for gangbangs if she ever chose that route. Erza would easily break Lisa Sparxxx’s record of 919 guys in a single day, setting a world record.

Of course, this is just headcanon and theories, in reality, Erza’s heart is for Jellal and it shows as he’s the only one who makes Erza feel shame for some reason. Despite her lack of modesty and bordering on straight-up Thothood with just one drink away from becoming a porn star she’s always shy around Jellal for some reason and acts the most normal around him.

This is best shown when Jellal accidentally groped Erza during Ryuzetsu land.

Or even the most recent chapters in which Erza struggles to fight against a Half-Naked Jellal.And when she used her Seduction Armor to successfully seduced Jellal was even shyer than Wendy or Juvia normally would be on a good day towards him.

 whereas she normally is unfazed and even encourages men to be naked in her presence as seen with her calling over Natsu to the girl’s bathhouse whereas all girls, even the very perverted Cana were against.

That’s not the only thing that can embarrass Erza. There’s the time Mirajane dominated her, which strongly implies Erza doesn’t like to be submissive and finds an embarrassment of being the one forced to submit in all cases.

She would have zero problems being even naked for men. And hell maybe having a public “party”

Though even she has her limits as seen with the fact she doesn’t like being stripped against her will as in the case of Moulin Rouge.

She also has a thing for domination and trampling, keeping in tone with Erza’s Alpha female character

File:Erza as a dominantrix.png
File:Erza's sexy outfit.png

This is further shown with her special preference to dominatrix outfits

And her love to whip and dominate however be it, men or women, as she got her payback on Mirajane

In in the case of Jellal, she seems to be more of a hopeless romantic and shows a softer, cuter side to herself as seen by some of Mashima’s drawings of the pairing.

File:Jellal and Erza nearly kiss.jpg

Even further seen by her almost kiss from Jellal.

File:Erza fight.jpg

Erza is also implied to be gluttonous, she once Ordered 50 cakes—one was for Wendy and by the way. mess with Erza’s cake and you’re dead. 


In her early appearances, Erza is very fond of corporal punishment against Natsu and Gray due to their constant bickering.

File:Natsu and gray best friends.gif

Which is the reason why they’re afraid of pissing her off?

File:Erza dragging Natsu along.jpg

Seems like her punishments must be bad.

File:Very angry Erza.jpg

And Lucy learned the hard way what it’s like to be at the receiving end of one of Erza’s punishments.

She also has a way of unintentionally scaring people

In spite the fact Erza herself hypocritically picked fights with Mirajane back in the day. She is also pretty much The Stoic and there were little to no cases of her being gentle towards someone. Later, after her backstory is fleshed out, Erza grows out of beating Natsu and Gray around. They also mostly stop picking on each other too, and her gentle side becomes much more apparent.

File:Erza fall.jpg

 Erza is also shown to be a bit clumsy at times as seen when she feels into Lucy’s trap.

File:Erza's hug.jpg

This is shown when she accidentally hurts Natsu with a hug forgetting she’s wearing armor

It was shown that Erza cannot stand drinking too much alcohol. While being drunk, she is acting very aggressive, furious and sadistic toward the nearest person. She also has a problem with recognizing different guild members.

Despite her flaws, Erza has a great sense of selflessness and maturity within her character putting money aside for the honor and pride of Fairy Tail.

This was best exemplified when Erza was ready to sacrifice her own life to save the guild she cares for trying to stop the Jupiter Cannon.

And even more so when she wanted to sacrifice her own life to prevent the resurrection of Zeref and save Natsu and her guild members lives

In spite of her bounds of batshit craziness, Erza is also quite mature and compassionate for a woman her age as she shows a more motherly bond towards Wendy.

And shows a slimair side to Juvia in a more recent omake comforting her about Gray’s rejection.

’She can also fit cats inside her boobs

Even the official information from the manga describes Erza as having very little filter or modesty or subtly in her approach which would explain her carefree behavior in general.

Despite these flaws or rather because of these character flaws and her badassery. Seriously, I can’t even begin to describe the level of awesomeness behind Erza. Mashima is a genius for writing such an awesome female character, hell just all of his women like I mention before just kick-ass but none further personally this as clearly as Erza. Which is the last reason Erza is so wonderful? She’s a world-renown wizard who does not take shit from anyone. It’s simply wonderful to watch powerful yet emotionally believable women in shows, (not to mention her and Mira strike fear into any of the Fairy Tail members who even imagine fighting them.) And although she is unbelievably strong, she is still humorous, caring, loving, compassionate, and can even work her sexy side with no shame and filled with empowerment. If there is anyone who embodies the spirit of Second Wave Egalitarian Feminism, it’s Erza for she can do anything a man can do without it being shoehorned as a political mouth peice. Now time to see how strong she is.


Pre Series Strength Feats

Erza, as we know, has always been crazy strong since the beginning of the series. 

Even as a small child at around 10-11, she could effortlessly one-shot grown men with massive swords and send them flying over a few meters away with singular sword strikes. To send a grown man weighing flying even a single meter at presumably freefall speeds of 54 m/s, that would require the bare minimum of ‭204,120‬ Joules or nearly the same force as being hit by a 1-ton car moving at 55 mph. And this is merely her at her absolute weakest. Considering she’s about 60 pounds or 27.72 kg and hitting at the force of 20 814.447 kgs, she’s hitting with the strength of 297 men.

As a child, Erza can effortlessly curb stomp Natsu and Gray. This is before she became an S Class Mage

The same young Natsu who can fight on par with a Large Gorilla who can punch him through a tree 

And Gray who had a whole Manga dedicated to him about his feats, one of the most impressive being sending a boat he created flying with a kick at the full speed of a boat despite being roughly 8 years old. An Average small Boat weighs roughly 997kg or 2,200 lbs.

Given Gray’s Ice was weaker as a kid, we’re going with the usual freezing energy of water.  The heating capacity of water is 4,186 J/Kg, the average temperatures of Isvan or Arctic temperatures is roughly -34 C, Gray can freeze up to -195.5 c, enough to instantly freeze almost anything. Gray created the boat merely needed ‭684,444,488‬ Joules or the equivalent of 163.5 Kg of TNT ef energy to create the boat. To Send a boat of that mass flying across at over 100 m/s, that would be roughly ‭4,985,000‬ Joules of force or more than 1kg of TNT striking power And yes Erza just casually stomps both Natsu and Gray despite their attack potency.

BTW Mashina when the fuck are you going to give Erza her Spinoff?

Either way, Erza has beaten Natsu and Gray so many times that they’re traumatized by the horror and feared to incur her wrath.

Erza s a kid can clash evenly with Mirajane who in their battles generated shockwaves that knocked around things in the guild.

Throughout the series, Erza is established to be Mirajane’s equal. Even having implied to have teamed up as many times as they fought each other.

To the point, Erza even Knows Mirajane’s Satan Soul by heart.

Mirajane’s Halaps Soul should be noted to be capable of effortlessly destroying a whole city and this was back when she was 16-17, 2 years before the start of the series.

To destroy a whole city entirely, you would need roughly 6.3 Megatons of TNT just to destroy one city.

 It would be equivalent to a High Yield denation of several Hydrogen Bombs on a major city.

Also, a testament of Erza’s strength and skill is the fact she’s canonically the youngest S Class mage at merely Age 15, in context while Laxus is physically superior to Erza, he became S Class mage at Age 17 and Mirajane not to be outdone by Erza became one at Age 16.

All before the series even begin.

Pre Timeskip Strength Feats

As an adult, she can effortlessly send people flying with singular blows both in a Comdial sense and for serious sake, she was able to effortlessly launch Bisca across the room and crashing into the pool table with a single bitchslap.

She’s also able to effortlessly take out 10 men with a swing sword swing, effortlessly launching them 10 meters away from her. 

During the same Omake/Episode her strength was so ridiculous, she completely puirllevzed the balls within the Pool Cube with merely the strike of her pool cue with the balls exploding as if they were hand grenades.

Modern Pool Balls are made of plastic resins known for their high durability. A typical engineering plastic, ABS, has a tensile strength of about 28 MPa (4000 psi), The cue ball usually weigh 0.17 kg (6 ounces) and tend to be 5 cm in diameter and height with an area of 25 cm^2. Going by fragmentation energy of 8 j/cc, each cue ball would’ve exploded with the force of ‭170,000‬ Joules. Erza hitting all seven destroyed Pool balls would generate the force of 1.19 Megajoules easily, that’s about 0.28 kg of TNT, easily the equivalent of the force of a Hand grenade. 

Meaning Erza merely playing pool is exerting 10 532 387.867 PSI, enough to crush even Graphene, the most durable substance on earth and this was with almost no kinetic energy applied to move at stationary human speeds

easily more than enough force to tear a human being in half

No wonder those guys were scared shitless of Erza.

She also effortlessly chucked Bisca’s head into the wall and slammed her face-first into the wall with the sheer pressure vaporizing the entire wall.

And creating a small city block-sized explosion of dust and debris from the wall impact meaning her attack despite destroying only the wall between stores, creating a shockwave that produced winds moving at 80 m/s or 178.95490 Miles per Hour, which is more than enough to kick up dirt and debris into the sky.

1 story height:503px(4.3 m)

Hole height:368px( 3.14 m)

Hole Length:416px((3.55 m)

Hole Width:58px(0.49m)

Concrete sheet depth 1:21px(0.18 m)

Concrete sheet depth 2:8 px(0.07 m)

Actual Width: 29 px(0.25 m)

Overall volume:‭2.77 m^3 or ‭2,770,825.714 cm^3

Density of Concrete: 2,400 kg/m^3 or 2.4 g/cm^3

Mass Destroyed:‭6,648‬ kg

Pulverization Energy: 214.35 J/cc

1 425 423 580.457 143 joule = 0.340 684 412 16 ton [explosive] or 340.6 Kg of TNT

Erza slams Bisca through the wall: 340.6 kg of TNT( Building level)

The impact of Erza slamming Bisca’s head to a wall would be 3 times the force of a Cargo Aricarft’s impact force landing speed of (59 m/s or 115 knots), enough to reduce any normal human into a typical mortal kombat

Another feat from Erza is casually knocking bullets from Bisca’s gun around with casual speed and strength to the point it violently richotees across the entire room with ease 30 times per second. Now for some ballistics.

Going back to our Erza’s speed calcs, we placed Erza’s extremely casual bullet deflection at Mach 6.3 which is the speed we will be using for this feat here but this isn’t the speed of the feat we’re here to get, we’re here for the force of the bullet and the sheer strength to chuck a bullet that fasts!

Cue ball:24px(5cm)

Lead ball:3 px( 0.625cm/0.25)

The volume of bullet:‭0.244140625‬ cm^3

The density of Lead:11.34 g/cm

Weight of lead ball:‭2.768 grams/‭42.724 gr

Velocity:487 m/s

Power of the Pistol:‭659.32982‬ Joules

This pistol has stronger stopping power than a 45 ACP which has the force of 412 ft⋅lbs (559 J), this is the equivalent of a small-caliber revolver being fired.

Now for Erza’s striking force with the bullet. Erza casually caught it moving her arm at 2090.25 m/s however going by how the bullet moved across the room it’s likely moving much faster being knocked by erza’s sword. This is taken over a single second frame. The bullet passes the entire building area 18 times within a second. Going by the wall calc we did. The bar is at least 12 meters long and wide giving us an area of 144 square meters, this means that in a single second, that bullet was moving at ‭2,592‬ m/s. This means the round was reflected to being 1.23 times faster than Erza’s sword swing, meaning the bullet would be returned with the force of ‭18,596.7 Joules, just slightly stronger than a 50 BMG.

So how much strength would that require to generate that much force to knock a pistol bullet that hard and fast? Well considering Genji’s insane strength deflecting bullets and the bullet having the impact force of 13 716.222 51 lb/f but how hard is Erza swinging her sword to generate such pressure and force.

An average Katana weighs 1.3 kg, Erza is swinging the blade at 2090.25 m/s, merely going by this, Erza is generating the force of ‭5,679,888.58 Joules or roughly 4 189 270.979 ft/lbs which is fucking insane, this is also equal to 579 187.447 42 kilogram-force meters

The equivalent of lifting nearly the entire mass of the heaviest aircraft in the world, holy shit that’s insane amounts of strength Erza is exerting.

Just her main Heart’s Kreuz Armor is ridiculously heavy. Going by a side story omake in the manga, Cana who’s quite physically strong despite not specializing in brute force was barely able to wear Erza’s base armor.

And this the same woman who herself can effortlessly lift a full Barrel Keg beer, a full-size Keg weighs 161 pounds or roughly 73.18 kg.

Which on a side note, she can drink easily down.  

To the point, she needs 12 kegs just to get drunk. Cana can drink easily up to 19.32 gallons of beer per keg which is at least a total of 231.12 gallons of beer a day. An average beer serving contains 154 calories per can of beer, there are 10 2/3 beers in a gallon, each keg would contain easily 206 cans of beer in them equivalent, meaning Cana would’ve drunk over the equivalent of ‭2,471 cans of beer,  

enough beer to give 1/3 of the Sturgis motorcycle rally attendees a free can of beer.  Cana can on average consume the equivalent of ‭1,925.2296‬ pounds of alcohol per day or ‭875.1 kg’s equivalent. The lethal dose of alcohol is 5 to 8g/kg (3g/kg for children) 6 – that is, for a 60kg person, 300g of alcohol can kill, which is equal to 30 standard drinks (about 1 liter of spirits or four bottles of wine). Cana is drinking 82.6 times the fatal limit of Alcohol daily but we’re getting off-topic.

When even someone like her who’s quite strong in her own right can’t wear the armor, you know that shit is heavy.

And Lucy whose strength is comparable to an average female human (At least Pre Timeskip) was completely unable to move at all while wearing Erza’s outfit. Just how much weight is Erza’s average armor?

Erza’s height:378px(175cm/5’9”)

Armor Plate size:65p px( 31cm)x3.14=99cm/ 39 Inches or Size 40 

Armor Height: 127px(59cm)

Armor Depth:3px(1.38cm/0.54 inches)

Erza’s body armor contains roughly ½ inch of stainless steel depth meaning her armor if converted to that of real-world steel plate armor steel used in Body armors. Now for the volume of the breastplate.

The volume of the breastplate:‭8,060.58‬ cm^3

The density of steel: 7.98g/cm^3

Mass of breastplate:‭64.32 kg(‭141.5 kg)

Now for the Shoulder Pads

Length of shoulder Pad:28px(12.96 cm/5”)

Width of Shoulder pad:29 px(12.51cm/5”)

Depth of Shoulder pad: 3px(1.38cm/0.54 inches)

Volume of Shoulder pads:‭223.738848‬ cm^3

Weight of shoulder pads:‭1.785 kg(4 lb)

Combined weight: 3.57 kg (8 lb)

Now for the arms:

Gauntlet Height:61px(‭28.24cm)

Gaulent curifcirmaince:19px(8.8 cm)x3.14=‭27.6cm

Volume of gauntlet:‭1,403.96 cm^3

Depth Gauntlet: 3px(1.38cm/0.54 inches)

Weight of gualents:11.2 kg (24.6 lbs)

Combined weight of Gauntlets:‭22.41 kg (49.3 lbs)

Erza’s Heartz Kreuz Set weight:90.36 kg (‭198.8‬ lbs)

Damn, she walks around with nearly 200 pounds of armored plating with no effort whatsoever. Erza is carrying around body armor that is nearly 8 times heavier than the heaviest modern Body Armor, meaning that if you can move around with 200-pound weights easily, you can easily tank most conventional firearms with little effort.

Considering an average person walks around 30 miles/48.2 km, this would mean an average walking speed of 0.55 m/s, Erza would casually exert a total of 28.1146863024‬ Joules per every second merely walking with the armor and would burn up a total of 2,429,10 Joules or 580 Calories a day, enough to burn 1.16 kg per week or over 2 pounds per week and this is extremely casual weight lifting that she wears as if it was a dress.

So even without, magical amp of any kind, Erza can casually lift nearly twice as much of her body weight in armor without any effort giving her Superhuman strength, speed and durability. Erza would be moving around with gualents and chest plate with a combined weight 5 times heavier than the Power Armors of Meaning anything less than a 50 Caliber in the real world would come nowhere close to penetrating this steel and that’s assuming the armors don’t contain Titanium Alloys.

This is near comparable to Piccolo( another favorite character of mine) doing the weighted clothing of over 113kg weights daily like it’s nothing but imagine if Piccolo wasn’t a loner and interacted with people daily and constantly walked around towns.

And this is with no Leg Gauntlets and in Pre Timeskip which would add even more to her weight.  

It’s no wonder Lucy couldn’t even move with that armor as the armor would weigh nearly twice the weight of an average woman being roughly 110 pounds, Erza can effortlessly walk around with the armor doing daily activities with the weight.

It’s no wonder in canon she’s constantly moving heavy objects with little effort.

Hell her default sword which has a length of 94cm, the volume of 1,146.93 cm^3 would weigh roughly ‭9.152528‬ kg each. the blades being about as thick as her very thick armor. Given an average pound is 4.4 Newtons and one kg is 2.2 making one kg worth 9,68 Newtons the blades are at least 1 meter above the ground and have a radius of



T=‭42.51456‬ Newton Meters

 that makes Erza’s swords easily heavier than the heaviest swords ever created by men yet Erza can wield her two-handed claymore swords easily with one hand. While ‭42.51456‬ Newton Meters might not sound that impressive,  

try imagining lifting 9.1 kg which is about the weight of a fully-loaded Light Machine Gun in each of your hands.

While not superhumanly impressive it would take considerable effort however Erza doesn’t merely wield just Great Swords.

Most notably she can effortlessly wield massive Great swords larger than her own body.

Such as this one with her Black Wing Armor she used to one shot Alvarez Army troops.

[optimize output image]

To put into context Because Science did a video breaking down that merely weilding a bone-like sword from Monster hunter roughly the same size swords Erza wields would require the energy of a Super Car’s Horsepower just to properly hold the sword or 1,500 newton-meters which translates to at least 1,500 Joules.

This is equivalent to the amount of energy a 5.56mmx45 NATO round fired from an M-16 produces and that’s merely to stabilize the sword and wield it And this is from a sword nearly 6 times lighter than steel.

If you want to know how hard holding a 120 pound sword is , merely check out the Demolition Ranch episode where a professional bodybuilder and one of the strongest men in the world struggled to properly wield the blade without killing himself and needed the assistance of the host of the show and even then neither could lift the blast.

Yet someone like Erza could not only effortlessly wield blades larger than this, she can move around with such speed and precision that it makes Raiden Blush. Erza can easily move 93,00t m/s carrying a massive sword comparable to that of the Bust Sword. 

To even move 55.9k sword at boxing attack speeds at 11.176 meters, it would require roughly ‭7,718.94 Joules of force to swing this sword properly with your muscles needing that same force to withstand the strain. This is around the range of throwing a Boulder or the power of a large caliber hunting Rifle/Sniper Rifle. How Powerful is ErzA? Especially given she’s clad in armor yet lifts swords bigger than her like they were toothpicks, let’s first see how heavy a full suit of armor is on Erza.

Now for the weight of her second timeskip armor, it’s safe to assume her cape is made of similar materials and her skirt being made of Kevlar like armor. We don’t need to calculate the chest plate much as it should be comparable though we should adjust the breastplate weight as it’s own segment now as well as the leg gauntlets, Kelvar like Skirt and the kevlar cape.

Erza’s Height:933px(175cm)

Now for the neck guard

Neck guard Cir:41px(7.6cm)x3.14=24.17cm/9”

Neck guard height:36px(6.75cm/3”)

Depth of Neckgaurd : 1.38cm/0.54 inches

Volume of Neckgaurd:‭70.794‬ cm^3

Density of steel: 7.98g/cm^3

Mass of Neckgaurd:‭564.93612‬ grams/1,24 lbs

The combined weight of Shoulder Pads: 3.57 kg (8 lb)

The combined weight of Gauntlets:‭22.41 kg (49.3 lbs)

Now for the actual Breastplate

Breastplate cir:163px(100cm)

Cup size:35.56cm / 14”

Depth of Breastplate: 1.38cm/0.54 inches

Volume of Breastplate:‭4,907.28‬ cm^3

Density of steel: 7.98g/cm^3

Breastplate Mass:‭39.16 kg(86.15 lbs)

Now for the newer rest of the plate armor.

Torso Armor Plate Cir:116px( 22cm )x3.14=68cm/27 inches

Torso Armor Plate Height:83px(15.56cm)

Depth of Torso Armor Plate: 1.38cm/0.54 inches

Volume:1,460.96 cm^3

Density of steel: 7.98g/cm^3

Torso Plate mass:‭11.66 kg (25.66 lbs)

Kevlar Cape

Kevlar Height:619px(116.1)

Kevlar Length:517px(97 cm)

Kevlar Depth: 3px(0.56cm)

Volume of cape:6,336.96 cm^3

The density of Kevlar:1.44 g/cm^3

Mass of cape:‭9.125 kg( 20 lbs)

Kevlar Skirt Segmentsx6

Kevlar segment height:180px(‭‭33.76 cm)

Kevlar Segment Length:91px(‭17.07 m)

Kevlar Depth: 3px(0.56cm)

The volume of Segment:‭‭322.718592‬ cm^3

The density of Kevlar:1.44 g/cm^3

Mass of skirt segment:‭ 465 g(1 lbs)

Combined skirt mass:‭2.8 kg(6.13 Lbs)

Now for the leg gauntlets upper Leg

Leg Gauntlets X2

Leg gauntlet upper cir: 76px(14.25 cm)x3.14=‭44.745‬ cm

Leg gauntlet upper height 72px(13.5cm)

Leg Gauntlet Upper Volume:‭833.59935‬ cm^3

Depth of leg gualent: 1.38cm/0.54 inches

Volume:833.6 cm^3

The density of steel: 7.98g/cm^3

Armored Leg gualent upper mass:‭6.652 kg(14.63 lbs)

Combined Leg gauntlet upper mas:‭13.3 kg(29.27 lbs)


Armored knee pads cir: 64 px(12.43cm)

Armored Kneepads Height:84px(‭16.31 cm)

Depth of Kneepadst: 1.38cm/0.54 inches

The volume of Kneepads:‭279.771954‬ cm^3

The density of steel: 7.98g/cm^3

Mass of Kneepads:2.232 kg(4.91 lbs)

Combined Kneepad mas:‭4.91kg (10.8 lbs)

Lower Leg Gauntlets

Galuent Height:210px(39.38 cm)

Gauntlet Cirfurimance:33px( 6.18cm)x3.14=‭19.4312 cm

Depth of Gauntlets: 1.38cm/0.54 inches

Volume of Gauntlets:‭1,055.98 cm^3

The density of steel: 7.98g/cm^3

Mass Leg Gauntlets:‭8.426 kg(‭18.546‬ lbs)

Combined leg mass:‭16.86 kg(‭37.092‬ lbs)

And lastly Armored Boots

Boots height:19px(‭3.55cm/1”)

Boot Cir:44px(8.24 cm)x3.14=‭26 cm/10”

Boot Length: 77px(‭14.42‬ cm)x3.14=‭45 cm/19 inches

Depth of Gauntlets: 1.38cm/0.54 inches

Boot volume:‭1,614.6‬ cm^3

The density of steel: 7.98g/cm^3

Mass of boots:‭12.9 kg(‭28.38‬ lbs)

Combined mass of boots:‭25.8 kg(‭56.76‬lbs)

Total Armor volume:‭18,369.66 cm^9

Erza’s Avatar Arc Battle Armor:‭146.59 kg(‭322.5 lbs)

Some of the more notable armor weight more than that, Her Heaven’s Wheel Armor covers more area of the body though seems to lack a chestplate entirely, let’s see how much this weighs. Going by the shiny look of the armor itself, it’s made of Titanium so it should be measured with Titanium and Kelvar.

Erza’s height:701px(175cm)

Wing spanx4

Wing Length:319px(79.63cm)

Wing Height:193px(‭48.17 cm)

Wing Depth:4 px(0.99cm/0.39 inch)


Density of Titanium:4.506 g/cm^3 (281.1 lb/ft3, 0.163 lb/in3) at room temperature .

Mass of each wing:‭17.11 kg

Combined mass:68.45 kg(150.59 lbs)

Now for Arm Gauntlets

Arm gauntlet length:64px(15.96cm/6”)

Arm Gauntlet Width:37px(9.23 cm/4”)

Arm Gauntlet Height:4 px(0.99cm/0.39 inch)

Volume:‭145.83 cm^3

Density of Titanium:4.506 g/cm^3 (281.1 lb/ft3, 0.163 lb/in3) at room temperature .

Mass of arm gauntlets:‭657.144640152‬ grams (1.4 lbs)

Combined mass:‭1.314 kg(.2.891 lbs)

Breastplate armor

Armor Plate crifuimaceComaprable to breat size (94cm)

Armor Plate Height:Comparable to cup size(‭22.86‬ cm/9” per skip)

Armor plate depth:0.99 cm

Volume:‭ ‭2,127.3516‬ cm^3

Density of Titanium:4.506 g/cm^3 (281.1 lb/ft3, 0.163 lb/in3) at room temperature .

Mass of Breastplate:‭9.586 kg (21.1lbs)

Segmented Platex12

Plate Length: 70px(17.48 cm/7”)

Plate Height:200px(50cm/1’8”)

Plate depth: 4px(0.99cm)

Volume:‭865.26‬ cm^3

Density of Titanium:4.506 g/cm^3 (281.1 lb/ft3, 0.163 lb/in3) at room temperature .

Mass of Plates:‭3.9 kg (8.6 lbs)

Combined mass:‭46.8‬ kg(‭102.96‬ lbs)

Kevlar Dress

Dress Crifumance :432px(107.8cm)x3.14=338.492cm

Dres Height:316px(78.89 cm)

Dress Depth:4px(0.99cm/0.39 in)

Dress depth: 4px(0.99cm)

Volume of Dress:‭26,436.5975412‬ cm^3

Density of Kevlar:1.44 g/cm^3

Mass of dress:‭‭38 kg(83.75 lbs)

Armored Bootsx2

Armored Boot length:107px(‭26.71 cm/11”)

Armored boot width:57px(‭14.23cm/6”)

Armored boot height:155px(‭38.69cm/1’3”)

Armored boot depth:4 px(0.99cm)

Difference between width and depth:14:37

Overall Volume:‭376.282 cm^3

Density of Titanium:4.506 g/cm^3 (281.1 lb/ft3, 0.163 lb/in3) at room temperature .

Mass of Boots:1,695kg (3.73 lbs)

Combined mass 3.39kg (‭7.46 lbs)

Erza’s Heaven’s wheel Armor set weight:‭213.56 kg(‭‭469.83 lbs)

Yeah, just heaven’s wheel armor despite being made of lightweight material is immensely heavy, weighing the mass of 3 humans. Just the Kevlar dress alone would be heavier than the most durable kevlar armor. With Titanium costing over 30 pounds per pound, the armor would cost 13,915 dollars to produce in USD or ‭1,391,490‬ Jewels in Fairy Tail. Yeah, Erza can casually move around with over 450 pounds of body armor on her and this is her reveately lighter armor.

The earliest and most well-known feat from Erza is that she’s able to easily carry a massive horn of a Monster from what would appear to be a more canyon-like desert-like region of Fiore to that of Mongolia town.

Given the diameter, the mass of the horn and the width of the horn, it would be virtually impossible for Erza to carry that with her inside a train so she had to travel carrying this giant horn.

Going by the introduction of OP 1, she slew a giant lizard easily10 times her size. While I won’t fully speculate the size of the monster itself, the monster would have to be the size of a large building for the horn to be that massive.

Now for three calcs of this feat, first the weight and mass of the horn, the force erza was exerting carrying the horn, and the energy Erza burned merely carrying such a horn.

Going by the manga and anime, the horn was roughly twice the size of Erza herself.


Horn Diameter:169px(194 cm/6’4”)

Horn Height: 377px( 434 cm/14’3”)

Volume of horn:16,334,024‬ cm^3 or 16.334 m^3

Density of Ivory:2.6 g/cm^3

Mass of the Horn:42,468.4624‬ kg

Mass of the horn:42,468.4624‬ kg

Damn so the horn weighs a staggering 42 Tons which is nearly 85,000 pounds

Erza was moving the mass equal to that of a fully-loaded Tractor Trailer truck…..WITH ONE FUCKING HAND.

She carried 80,000 POUNDS, Billy Mays would be proud.

She was carrying that horn the same way an average man can easily carry a 5kg cardboard box

She carried the weight equivalent of over 7 elephants or a herd of elephants in a single hand.

Or the weight equivalent of carrying an NYC subway car with each hand.

Meaning Erza can easily bench press an M-1 Abrams Tank with 4 elephants stacked on of it

If we’re simplifying converting the lifting energy of this feat to joules, Erza would be casually exerting 10,556.24 Joules on her arm which is the same force equivalent of an Elephant gun being fired, this means her arm can easily sustain over 10,000 joules of force extremely casually or the equivalent of over 10,000 Newtons, nearly 3 times the force needed to break every bone in your body.

Remember the calc i did on Fiore’s distance from one end to another? Well here’s the calc again now time to calculate the distance Erza traveled. We’re going to assume she was within Clover Valley which would make sense canonically as she was traveling from there to Fiore in her last mission where she heard of Eisenwald’s plot.


Clover to Mongolia:88px(35km)

Erza walked 35km from clover to Mongolia with the giant horn, erza appeared to be walking around with casual walking speed. the average human walking speed at crosswalks is about 5.0 kilometers per hour (km/h), or about 1.4 meters per second.  Going by this, it would take Erza around 7 hours to reach Fiore at this speed which is believable by timeframe. Now comes the sheer energy needed to move such a massive object for 7 hours at walking speeds.


F=42,468.4624‬ kgx 1.4 m/sx35,000 m

F=‭2,080,954,657.6‬ Joules

Erza’s casual Horn carrying energy: 2,08 Gigajoules or 497,027 Calories 

Erza would’ve used up over 2 Gigajoules of energy moving from Clover to Magnolia with the heavy object she casually moved around or the energy-burning equivalent of 578,042.960 44 watts or burning off 497 027.481 04 Calories doing this which is equivalent to burning off 142 pounds in 7 hours or 20 pounds per hour which unless you weigh as much as a land whale would be fatal lose of mass yet not a single shred of strain or loss of mass from Erza.

Meaning that if erza were to try at all, she can easily lift to 212 198 320.28 kilograms given the energy she generated moving for 7 hours is over 212 Million Kilograms-force meter, meaning Era can theoretically move the mass of two of the heaviest trains within the world.

Or the mass of two aircraft carriers and this is NO MAGICAL AMP.

And for anyone claiming she would have carried this by car or train, the car she has is a small buggy, it would be impossible for her to fit something this massive inside a buggy that small, especially if it has the same mass of a Semi-Truck.

And as for the train, there’s zero chance that’s fitting in any of the trains Erza and Team Natsu normally ride in.

However, don’t’ assume merely disarming her of magic or tying her up would help you. Even her teeth have immense strength. In the manga of Fairy Tail, she was bound by steel chains, not only did she break out, she effortlessly tore through steel chains with nothing but her teeth.

Chains for hoisting weights are made from a good grade of wrought iron, which has a tensile strength of from 40,000 to 48,000 lbs. per square inch. Assuming these chains have the same density, she can generate easily over 48,000 PSI of bite force which is fucking insane.

Even going by the anime version here she broke through normal looking rope, that would require a tensile strength of at least 880 lb/f for even the thinnest of ropes. A 3/16 rope that’s the weakest requires at least 880 foot-pounds = 10 560 inch-pound

That’s twice as powerful as the Nile Crocodile, the animal with the strongest bite in the world and that’s for a 3/`16.


Rope/Chain:10px(8cm/ 3”)

So this is thicker than normal rope if this was a rope, being at least 2” thick, the minimum force Erza needs to exert to break it would be 84,600 lb/for 1,015,200 PSI, meaning erza broke through 3 fucking inches deep with her fucking teeth like it was toilet

Meaning Erza with biting force alone could generate nearly the same amount of force as 114,702.194 34 joules which are about 1/3th the force equivalent of being hit by an average car moving at 55 mph.

Or the force equivalent of being shot  by two 20x102mm rounds from a Bolt action Anti Material rifle

Meaning repeated bites would feel like you’re being shot by M61 Vulcan Cannon

Yeah so for any would-be a rapist who tried anything with her, yeah she would rip more than just your dick off.

So her statement of wanting to eat a bear doesn’t sound too far off. Her teeth are confirmed now be 203 times stronger than the Nile Crocodile

In fact, at roughly over 1 Million PSI, Erza’s teeth would be generating force levels comparable to DoomGuy at his weakest point.

She can take on Lullaby at only around half her magic reverses, ablet she had help with Natsu and Gray at the time but she was still holding back her true power at this point. Still she can slice through wood hard enough to withstand attacks that melt through steel.

Ignoring magical durability or power scaling, the sheer force needed to cut through even a square Meter of wood or 1550 Square Inches would require an immense amount of energy. Wood can have a tensile strength between 1,400 PSI to as high as 22,600 PSI,  even going by the lower end of tensile strength, you would need the cutting force equal to 2.1 Megajoules to instantly cut even a single Square Meter of wood cleanly in a second.

To contrast an Average chainsaw weighs 10kg and moves at 26.8224 m/s(88 ft/s) generating 3,597.2 Joules of force and taking several minutes on average to fell a trail meaning even lowballing the fuck out of Erza’s casual slash with arguably her weakest Armor, she can casually produce the cutting force of 584 chainsaws and this is not factoring in elements such as kinetic energy or the mass destroyed by Erza.

And we mean lowballing the fuck given Lullaby is a casual Small Mountain busting Demon who can destroy a small mountain with an Energy blast. To blow up even a small mountain, it would require City busting attack potency.

Such as the infamous Mount Saint Helens eruption which destroyed 300 meters of Mount Saint Helens which produced the force of 14 Megatons of TNT.  Either way, Erza can easily cut through Lullaby, did this while severely low on magic power as well:

Erza can effortlessly curb stomp Natsu PTS ablet it in two different ways. In the manga, she one-shotted him with a single blow with a hammer before he can throw a punch at him, in the anime, she one-shotted Natsu with a nonchalant blow to the stomach. I should also be noted that Natsu was never able to beat Erza in a fight either.

Another testament of Erza’s strength is where she one-shots a massive rat that required Gary and Natsu to throw several dozens blows at which was an Elephant sized rat meaning she can effortlessly defeat elephant-sized creatures with ease.

Considering Erza appeared out of nowhere, it’s safe to assume she was moving at her normal base speed of 93,027 m/s ut how big is the rat?

Thankfully this calc makes it easy for me given Natus’s height is roughly 170cm, below that of Erza only slightly and the pixels just happen to match that of the heights presented. Aneigicila, Sherry’s rat is 630cm tall and 412 cm wide and long, with the density of flesh being 1.01 g /cm^3 with a volume of ‭‭106,938,720‬ cm^3, giving the rat roughly 100,000 kg, the mass of 18 elephants.

For Erza to effortlessly one-shot this massive rat, she would need to exert roughly ‭865,402,272,900,000‬ Newtons of force into her blows or ‭432,701,136,450,000‬ Joules of force applies from her sword to the massive rat.

That’s equal to the force of 103.418 053 64 Kilotons of TNT hitting you from an area of only with the force of over 5 Fatman style nukes.

It should be noted that Natsu in this same arc can topple a Priyamd with seemingly casual blows so this elephant size rat would be able to withstand Multi-City Block level punches.


Natsus primaid  titl by IreneBelserion69

Natsu’s striking force, by contrast, is only 271.14 Tons of TNT fore per casual punch from Natsu with a stronger punch being roughly over a Kiloton in striking strength.

If Natsu’s casual attack potency equal to at least 579.182,258,250 kilogram-force meter or the equivalent of lifting+over 9 Three Gorges Dam over your head, Erza’s attack Potency would be like trying to live an entire City over your head.

Probably why it took a bit more effort for Natsu and Gray to beat the giant rat, though not by much given they still casually defeated the rat.

Erza vastly exceeds his base strength with her base strength going by the fact she can one-shot creatures or characters who can give PTS Natsu a hard time.  

Unsurprisingly due to her incredible strength, she can casually generate shockwaves and air pressure slashes merely swinging her swords that can cross entire rooms.

Considering her casual no armor state can casually cut through steel, it’s to be expected she’s ridiculously strong.

The density of a cubic centimeter of steel is 7.98 g/cm^3


Erza Combined dimensions):153 px ( 175cm/5’9”)

Erza’s swords(x2):

Length of swords:116 px( 133cm/ 4’4”)

Width of swords:17px(19.5cm/8’)

Depth of swords: 1 px(1.1 cm/0.45 inches)

Volume of swords: 2,852.85‬ cm^3

Density of steel:7.98 g/cm^3

Area of swords::‭2,593.5‬ cm^3

Mass of the Swords:22.,765. kg( 50 lbs)

Now for the Tank in question


ErzaCombined dimensions):153 px ( 175cm/5’9”)

Diameter of Water Tank: 145 px(‭163.5cm)

Depth of Water Tank: 11 px(‭12.4cm/5”)

First chunk dimensions: 216 px high, 145 px diameter, 11 px (‭247cm/‬/8’1”, 5’4” diameter,5 inches deep)

Second Chunk dimensions: 46 px high 145 px diameter, 11 px (52.6 cm/1”8”,163.5cm/ 5’4” diameter,12.4 cm/5 inches deep)

Third Chunk dimensions:126 px high,145 px diameter, 11 px (‭144 ‬cm/4’9”, 5’4” diameter,5 inches deep)

Volume destroyed by Erza:‭899,354.64‬ cm^3

Density of steel: 7,98 g/cm^3

Mass destroyed by Erza:‭7,176.85 kg(15.789kg)

Combined area slashed by Erza:‭652.24‬ cm^2 

Now for density of steel

Common Steel Tensile strength=550 Megapascal (MPa) = 79,770.75 Psi (Psi)

Frist Erza’s Kinetic slash itself


E=:22.,765. kg x93037.2 m/s/2

98 526 016 045 558.8 joule = 23.548 282 994 kiloton [explosive]

Erza’s casual Kinetic Sword Slash: 23.548 Kilotons of TNT(Town Level)

Now for Erza’s pressure and force.

Erza dodges Arrows 2 by IreneBelserion69

Erza’s speed as revealed in my Erza’s speed post is roughly 93037.2 Meters per Second = Mach 273.41, so we’re going to use that for her speed in the equation for her pressure.


P=:22.,765. kg x93037.2 m/s

P=‭98,526,016,045,558.8‬ J/.1m/ ‭2,593.5‬ cm^3

D=less than 1 meter

A=‭2,593.5‬ cm^3

‭P=37,989,595,544.84 Pa or 5,509,925. PsI

Erza’s Sword Pressure base:5,509,925. PsI

Erza’s sword slash generated enough pressure to effortlessly cut steel-producing roughly 69 times the Tensile strength limit of the steel

Now for the force.

Combined area slashed by Erza:‭652.24‬ cm^2 ( 101.1 in^2)

P= 5,509,925. PsI

‭3,593,793,482‬ Joules

3 593 793 482 joule = 0.858 937 256 69 ton [explosive] or 858kg of TNT(Building level+)

Erza’s extremely casual sword pressure slash:: 858kg of TNT(Building level+)

And this is with no armor and here merely being away from the target. Mind you the kinetic energy of her strength was able to do casual Town level destruction while her pressure is enough to cut down buildings, this should you how much control she has in her strength.

Another display of casual strength from Erza was being able to casually battle against the hulking strong Pantherilly in a sparring match.

The Same Pantherilly who can stalemate Gajeel back in Edolas who can effortlessly cleave through small floating Islands.

Erza i the manga also casually sliced a whole theater in half accidentally merely playing around, the theater being FAR bigger than that of a Water tank. Let’s get an estimate of the cutting force of Erza’s attack here.

One story house:39px(( 4.3m)

Theater Length”288px(31.75m)

Theater width:: 69px(7.6 meters)x2=15.12 m

Theater Height:225px(‭24.8‬ m)

Theater depth::3px(‭0.33m)

Difference between Length and depth::‭75.15 times

Slash Width:51 px(5.6 m)

Theater Volume::‭259.85 m^3

Slash Volume:‭27.94 m^3

Now for slash area

24..8mx2+15.12 m= ‭64.72‬ m^2Length and Height

Slash Width:51 px(5.6 m)

Slash Area:‭362.432‬ m^2

Density of Concrete:2,400 kg/m^3

Mass of Theater:‭622,992‬ kg(‭1,370,582.4‬ lbs)

Mass destroyed by Erza:‭ 67,056 kg

Violent Fragmentation:69 j/cc

4 626 864 000 joule = 1.105 847 036 3 ton [explosive]

 Minimum Destructive needed to destroy the Theater:‭ 1.1 Tons of TNT( Building Level+)

Now for Kinetic Energy of Erza’s slash

Erza’s speed=93037.2 Meters per Second 

Mass destroyed:‭ 67,056 kg


E=67,056 kgx93037.2 m/s/2

E=‭290,215,705,334,987.5‬ Joules

290 215 705 334 987.5 joule = 69.363 218 292 kiloton [explosive]

Erza’s Kinetic Sword slash: 69.363 Kilotons of TNT (Town Level+)

 Now for sword pressure generated from her slash. Let’s measure her rapier or Area of her sword.


Erza’ Height: 182px(60% frame/ 105cm)

Erza’s Rapier blade length:100px(‭57.69cm)

Erza’s Rapier blade width: 8px(4.6152cm)

Sword area:‭266.25 cm^2


P=:67,056 kgx93037.2 m/s/2

P=‭‭290,215,705,334,987.5‬ J/ 18m/ ‭266.25 cm^2

D=At least 18 meters

A=‭‭266.25 cm^2

‭P=‭60,556,224,378.71414‬ Pa

P=8,782,937.78936 PSI

Erza’s Sword Pressure base::8,782,937.78936 PSI


A=362.432‬ m^2 (‭561,769.6‬ in^2)

P=8,782,937.78936 PSI

E=‭4,933,987,448,753.651‬ Joules 

4 933 987 448 753.651 joule = 1.179 251 302 3 kiloton [explosive]

Erza’s casual sword pressure slash against the Theater:1.179 Kilotons of TNT(Small Town Level+)

Damn, her sword is generating enough pressure to effortlessly generate the force of more than 1 Million Pounds of TNT, this is enough force to effortlessly destroy an entire Battleship with merely the pressure of her blows alone. THis is near comparable to the striking force of 5 of Natsu’s casual punches against the Pyramid. Again this was her base level power with Zero magical amp.

It’s no wonder in her battle against her Edolas Counterpart they can create shockwaves clashing that can easily.

Even crazier is that she can slash through fast wind speed with the sheer pressure of her sword slashes as seen with her short fight with Aria, the same guy who can effortlessly cancel out Natsu’s insane 3,000-degree flames and his Small Town Level tier punches. Given Aira is the strongest of the S Class mages of Phantom Lord and alone could power the Abyss Break Spell which is confirmed to be at least Town level destruction energy.

Which going back to power scaling from Juvia seems to be legit given how powerful Juvia is to generate a small local Thunderstorm Which would require Large Town level power. Given Aria with his eyepatches on is easily Large Town Level+ via power scaling, it’s safe to assume he borders on Small City level of this point and even safer to assume that his attack Potency with wind rivals that of a Hurricane given those are the most destructive winds on the planet.

An average Hurricane produces roughly 6.01e+14 J / 143.642447418938 Kilotons of TNT, Large Town level per second, an average Hurricane has roughly the radius of 665km, assuming Aria’s Airspace magic is comparable to a Hurricane.

Socially there is some backing to this as no sooner did Aira remove his eye patches and goes full Kenpachi, he powered the entire Phantom Lord MKII mech singlehandedly and was going to cast Abyss Break.

 An average hurricane can generate 166 944 444 440 watt-hours in a single second or the power output equivalent of ‭16,054 American homes annually within a single second.

Considering the pressure is condensed around Erza’s body , it’s safe to assume it’s 175cm across and over ‭5,359,375‬ cubic centimeters where the Hurricane is condensed or over 5.359 m^3 as opposed to a typical Hurricane which has a radius of 353,780,000,000,0000 m^3, Aria’s attack would be easily ‭660,160,477,701,063.6‬ times smaller than an average Hurricane making the energy far more condensed and far more dangerous concentrated.

Condensing the pressure and energy of a Hurricane to merely a cubic meter and then the area of at least ‭30,625‬ Square Centimeters or 4,746.884494 sq in. Dividing energy by area, we get ‭126,609,346,214.7141‬ Joules per Square Inch or 1 120 587 178 100 pounds per Square Inch or 872,940,713,198,437.4 Pascals.

That’s an overwhelming 1.62 times the pressure inside the Ivy Mike nuclear bomb detonation.    

The blast overall has the force equivalent of 61 284 944 400 000 kilogram-force meters, basically the equivalent of 6 large 2.5 mile wide comets.

Now comes the fun part, just how much pressure Erza si generating to cut through aerospace.

Area of swords::‭2,593.5‬ cm^2


P= 61 284 944 400 000 kgfmx93037.2 m/s/2

P=‭‭‭5.479602230032342e+20‬‬ J/ 3 m/ ‭‭‭:‭2,593.5‬ cm^3

D=At least 3 meter

A=‭‭:‭2,593.5‬ cm^3

P=‭7.042737908916319e+16‬ Pa or 10,214,627,737,345.336 PSI

Erza’s Sword Pressure against Aria’s Aerospace:‭7.042737908916319e+16‬ Pa or 10,214,627,737,345.336 PSI

If this is true, Erza is slashing with the force of nearly 3 times the core of the Sun, HOLY SHIT! Even crazier is the output of power from her slash.


E=10,214,627,737,345.336 PSIx 4,746.88 in^2

E=‭4.848761211384966e+16‬ Joules

48 487 612 113 849 660 joule = 11.588 817 427 megaton [explosive] or 11.59 Megatons of TNT

Erza’s Sword pressure slash against Aria Base: 11.59 Megatons ( City level)

HOLY SHIT, just her sword pressure alone is enough to generate force that would be equivalent to the Ivy Mike Nuclear bomb itself. Meaning Erza can potentially stop an EF6 Tornado with her slashes.

And this is all IN BASE.

It should also be noted that Erza effortlessly overpowered Evergreen with barely any effort whatsoever, 

the very same opponent who can make the strongest(t least in brute strength) A ranked Mage Elfman fall to his knees in a single blow.

The same man who in base form could chuck a grown man across Mongolia with little effort to Smash Bros style.

Her base strength only gets crazier in the first time skip, merely pressing her sword against an Erza impersonator effortlessly collapsed a stone roadway under the sheer pressure of her attack exerting no effort against them. Mind you Erza didn’t even swing the sword that fasts and yet created that much over-pressure.

Frist the sword area touching the erza fake.


Contact pont:35px(29.88 cm)

Sword Width:17px(‭14.513cm)

Area hitting the fake Erza:‭433.652 cm^2 (67.2163 Square Inches)

Now for the energy, mass, and pressure.


Crater depth:315px(‭214.49 cm/7’0”)

Crater Diameter:965px(‭657.1 cm/21’7”)^2

Crater Volume: 92.612 m^3 ‭ or 92,612,580.1409‬ cm^3

Crater Area: 66,926.0974 Square Inches

Density of Concrete: 2,400 kg/ m^3

Mass destroyed::‭222,268.8‬ kg (‭488,991.36‬ lbs)

Fragemation energy: 8 j/cc

Minimum energy needed to generate crater via fragmentation energy:1 778 161 538.705 28 joule = 0.424 990 807 53 ton [explosive] or 425 kg of TNT

Damn, so this is equivalent energy of the Mark 83 Bomb dropped by now for Erza’s strength.

Now for the pressure, let’s get a measure of the small gap between skin and scabbard

Sccbard width: 246px(14.513cm/ 0.14513 m)

Small gap in between sword and skin:1 px(‭0.00059 cm)


P= ‭222,268.8‬ kg x93037.2 m/s/2

D=‭0.00059 m

A=‭‭433.652 cm^2 

P=‭‭‭‭‭1,923,941,081,065,416‬‬ J/ ‭0.00059 m/ ‭‭‭433.652 cm^2 

P=‭7,519,663,431,856,772‬ Pa or 109,063,497,264.75137 PSI

Erza’s casual pressure timeskip:‭7,519,663,431,856,772‬ Pa or 109,063,497,264.75137 PSI

Damn, that’s enough pressure to surpass the Pressure inside a W80 nuclear warhead detonation at 64 billion bar. Now time to do more pressure!


E= 109,063,497,264.75137 PSIx66,926.0974 Square Inches

E=7 299 194 240 725 292 joule = 1.744 549 292 7 megaton [explosive]

Erza’s super casual sword pressure feat: 1.744 Megatons of TNT( Small City level+)

Also while not a major feat, she can easily send men flying while on horseback, that’s just too cool not to count as a strength feat.

Her Robe of Yuen made Erza at least 5 times faster and stronger than base as she was able to casually blitzed Midnight who was able to easily blitz her in Heaven’s Wheel Armor. It’s safe to assume Midnight weighs around 70kg, the weight of an average man in Japan. Erza moving 5 times faster is ‭465,186‬ m/s and the distance Midnight is fung is at least 4 stories or 17.2 meters, going by force or F=MxVxD, the force Erza generated casually is roughly ‭130,271,604,786,792‬ Joules or 31.135 Kilotons of TNT force in terms of throwing, this gives Erza in this state a casual striking strength equal to 13 284 006 749 000 kilogram-force meters.

Another feat Erza displays casually is able to wield weapons over twice her size

Erza:371px (175cm/ 5’9”)

Hammer handle length 576 x:576px(‭271.7cm/8’11”)

Hammer handle width:23px(10.84 cm/4”)

Hammer Handle depth 30px(‭14.14 cm/6”)

Hammer Handle Volume:‭41,645.52392‬ cm^3

Density of Steel: 7.98 g/cm^3

Mass of Hammer Hammer:‭332.33 kg(‭731.12 lbs)

Now for the HammerHead itself

HammerHead Diameter:205px(‭96.7 cm )^2

Hammerhead Height” 97px(45.75 cm)

Hammerhead Volume:‭427,847.33 cm^3

Density of Steel: 7.98 g/cm^3

Hammerhead weight:‭3,414.22 kg(7,511 kg)

Connecting partsx2

Hameer Connector LxHxW:76px(‭35.85‬cm)^3

Hammer Volume:58,637.17 cm^3

Density of Steel:7.98 g/cm^3

Mass of connecting rods:‭467.92kg(

Combined Connector weights:‭935.85 kg(‭2,058.8 lbs)

Middle Hammer segment 

Hammer segment: 151px( 71.22cm )^3

Volume of Hammer Segment:‭361,248.38 cm^3

Density of Steel:7.98 g/cm^3

Mass of the Segment:‭2,882.8 kg(‭6,342.1 lbs)


Hammertail:103 px(‭48.58 cm)^3

The volume of Hammer Segment:‭‭114,649.596 cm^3

The density of Steel:7.98 g/cm^3

Mass of the Segment:‭‭914.9 kg

Erza’s Holy Hammer mass‭:8,480.1‬ kg(‭18,656.22‬ lbs)

HOLY SHIT, Erza’s hammer weights a whopping 8.4 Tons and yet she’s able to effortlessly move with that Warhammer as it was nothing. What’s even scarier is that despite carrying the mass equivalent to that of nearly 4 SUV’s can easily move at insane speeds.

She’s still able to freakishly move at insane speeds as seen when she first uses the Hammer. 

In the Key to the Starry Sky Arc(BTW confirmed to be canon ) despite not having trained for 7 years or gotten any stronger since Tenrou Island, Erza was able to completely block against Cobra’s attacks unaffected by the weight of the weapon and it was the same weapon which overpowered and outspeed him.

Most impressively is that she has two Golden Armors, one being her Giant’s Armor being made of Golden Armor Plates and the Gold Heart Armor which was admitted by the creator to be mistaken for Adamantine Armor. Going by Giant’s Armor alone, it should be extremely heavy. But how heavy is this armor?

Erza’s height:905px(175cm)


Diameter of horn:24px(4.64 cm/2”)

Height of horn:36px(6.96 cm/3”)

Volume:‭149.846016‬ cm^3

Density of Gold:19.3 g cm^3

Mass of horn: 2.892 kg(6.36 lbs)

Combined horns: 5.78 kg (12.72 lbs)

Now for Shoulder pads

Shoulder Padsx2

Shoulder Pad Height:148px(28.61 cm)

Shoulder Pad Curfimanc:102px(19.72 cm)x3.14=62cm/24 inches

Depth of Gold:13px( 2.51 cm/098 in)

Volume:‭4,506 cm^3

The density of Gold:19.3 g cm^3

Mass of Shoulder Pads:‭86.96 kg(191.32 lbs)

The combined mass of Shoulder Pads: ‭173.93 kg382.65 lbs)

So yeah it’s safe to say Erza’s battle armors average between 200 pounds and 400 pounds depending on the material and how much it’s covering her body with heavier armors being 

Now for the steel arm connectorx2

Arm Crfuimance:57px(11cm/4”)

Arm Height: 55 px(11cm/4”)

Armor depth 13px( 2.51 cm/098 in)

Volume:303.71 cm^3

Density of steel: 7.98 g/cm^3

Mass of the connecting gauntlets‭2.423 kg(5.33 lbs)

Combined mass of the gauntlets:4.87 kg (‭10.66 lbs)

Left Armor Gauntlet

Armoede Gauntlet Curnfiamnce:70 px( 13.53 cm/5”)x3.14= 42.5 cm /17 inches

Armored gauntlet Height:189px(36.54 cm/1’2”)

Depth of Gold:13px( 2.51 cm/098 in)

Volume:‭3,897.9045‬ cm^3

Density of Gold:19.3 g cm^3

‭Mass of Left Arm Gauntlet:75.23 kg(165.5 lbs)

Right Armored gauntlet

Armored gauntletcrufiance: 110px(21.26 cm)x3.14=68cm/26 inches

Armored gauntlet Height:189px(36.54 cm/1’2”)

Depth of Gold:13px( 2.51 cm/098 in)

Volume:‭ ‭6,236.6472‬ cm^3

Density of Gold:19.3 g cm^3

Mass of Right Armored Gauntlet:120.37kg(264.8 lbs)

Left armored glove

Armored glove curifrumance:31px(6 cm/2”)x3.14=18.79 cm/7”

Armored glove height: 42px (8.12 cm/3”)

Depth of Steel:13px( 2.51 cm/098 in)

Glove volume:‭382.962748‬ cm^3

Density of Steel: 7.98 g/cm^3

Mass of glove:3.06 kg( 6.72 lbs)

Right armored glove

Armored glove curifrumance:73px(14.12cm/)x3.14=44.3cm

Armored glove height: 116px (22.43 cm/)

Depth of Steel:13px( 2.51 cm/098 in)

Glove volume:‭2,525.15 cm^3

Density of Steel: 7.98 g/cm^3

Mass of the glove:20.15 kg

Breast Plate depth

Armored Plate Curfirance: Comparable to breast size (94cm)

Armor Plate Height: Comparable to cup size(‭22.86‬ cm/9” per skip)

Depth of Gold:13px( 2.51 cm/098 in)

The volume of gold:‭5,393.5884‬ cm^3

The density of Gold:19.3 g cm^3

Mass of Breastplate:‭104 kg

Torso Plate

Armored plate Curnfimance: 110px( 21.2 cm)x3.14=67 cm/26 inches

Armored Plate Height:86px(16.57 cm/7”)

Depth of Gold:13px( 2.51 cm/098 in)

Volume:881.72 cm^3

Volume of Torso plate:17 kg (37.4 lbs)


Amroed skirt crufamnce:253px(49cm)x3.14=154 cm/ 60 inches

Armored skirt Height:155 px(30 cm)

Depth of Gold:13px( 2.51 cm/098 in)

Volume:‭11,603.84 cm^3

Density of Gold:19.3 g cm^3

Mass of the skirt:‭223.954 kg (‭492.7 kg)

Leg connectorx2

Armored Plate Height:86px(16.57 cm/7”)

Armored plate crfirumance :82px(15.8 cm/6”)x3.14= 49.6 inches/20 inches

Depth of steel:13px( 2.51 cm/098 in)

Volume of the plate: 2063.3 cm^3

Density of Steel: 7.98 g/cm^3

Mass of connectors:‭16.465 kg(

Combined mass:‭32.93 kg(‭72.45 lbs)

Leg Gauntlets X2

Armored Leg’s Crufimance:75px(14.5 px)x3.14=45.53 cm/18 inches

Armored Leg’s Height: 315px(60.9 cm/2’0”)

Depth of Gold:13px( 2.51 cm/098 in)

Volume: ‭6,959.67 cm^3

Density of Gold:19.3 g cm^3

Mass of the Leg gaullents:‭134.32 kg (295.5 lbs)

Combined mass of leg gualents:268.6 kg (591 lbs)

Steel Bootsx2

Armored boots Length:105px(20.3 cm)

Armored boots width:73px(14.3cm)

Armored boots Height:50px(9.79 cm)

Volume:‭2,843.25 cm^3

Density of Steel: 7.98 g/cm^3

Mass of boot22.68 kg ( 50 lbs)

Combined mass boot: 45.38kg (100 lbs)

 Price of gold per Kilogram:47,949.62 USD

Price of steel per Kilogram: $6.60

Gold mass: ‭988.864‬ kg(‭47,415,653 USD)

Steel mass: ‭103.33‬ kg(‭681.98‬ USD)

The combined mass of Armor’:‭1,092.194‬ kg (2,402.8 lbs)

Erza’s Giant’s armor set weight: 1,092.194‬ kg (2,402.8 lbs)

Combined cost of Giants Armor:‭47,416,334.978‬ USD or ‭4,741,633,497.8‬ Jewels

Damn, this armor weighs a Ton the weight of a small car and Erza walks around pretty casually in this armor.  Considering an average person walks around 30 miles/48.2 km, this would mean average walking speed of 0.55 m/s, Erza would casually exert a total of ‭330.39 Joules per second merely walking with the armor.

This is like being shot with a 9mm Handgun every single second merely walking in this armor and would burn up a total of ‭28,545,582.384‬ Joules or ‭6,818.32 Calories a day, enough to burn ‭13.64 kg per week or over 30 pounds per week and this is extremely casual weight lifting that she wears as if it was a dress.

 And despite being an armor the greatly reduces her speed like that of the Ultra Super Saiyan Buff form Trunks used, she’s still not that slow in comparison to lesser mages.

Now for her stronger feats using her stronger armors. Erza can destroy an afrtical barrier covering the island via a combination attack with Natsu. A massive barrier made of a Diamond-like structure.


Size of the Island: 234px(1600 m)

Size of the barrier diameter::284px (1942 m)

Depth of the barrier:2 px(14m)

Overall volume:30,323,660,660.45139 m^3

Density of diamond:3,510 kg/m^3

Mass of Crsylastine dome::

Tensile strength of Diamond:: 1,600 MPa or 232,060. PSI

Inches of barrier:76,456.6929 inches x76456.6929

Area of Crystalline barrier:5,845,625,889.20491‬ In^2

Force needed to destroy the Crystalline barrier:1 356 535 943 848 892 joules = 324.22 Kilotons of TNT(Large Town level+)

Now for the force of Erza’s attacks. We need the area of the tip of the spear.Let’s first get the weight of the spear

Erza’s height:321px(175cm/5’9”)

Spear(Cut off frame height):419px(228.4cm/7’7”)

Now for the full height and dimensions of this spear.

Spear(Full height) 484px(291.7 cm/9’7”)

Spear(Cut off height) 379px(228.4cm/7’7”)

Spear tip Length:45px(27.12 cm/ 11”)

Spear Tip Width:32px(19.28 cm/8”)

Area of spear tip:83.51916010498688‬ in^2

Estimated Weight of spear: 365.138 kg


P=106,436,048,918,179.5‬ kgx1,000 m/s/


A=:83.51916010498688‬ in^2

Velocity of spear: 1,000 m/s( Mach 2.9)

Distance: 1,942 m

P=106,436,048,918,179.5‬ kgx1,000 m/s/1,942m/83.51916010498688‬ in^3

P=328,113,604,243,544‬ Pa

The tip of the spear itself would generate roughly 47588854968.879196, PSI or the equivalent to that of 1.285 tons of TNT per Square Inch. That’s over ‭205,071. Times the tensile strength limit of the diamond at 1,600 MPa. Now time to factor Area destroyed in inches.

Area of Crystalline barrier:5,845,625,889.20491‬ In^2


P=‭2.781866426385585e+20‬ Joules

278 186 642 638 558 500 000 joule = 66 488.203 307 megaton [explosive] or 66.488 Gigatons of TNT(Island Level+)

Erza’s Attack Potency in Giants Armor:66.488 Gigatons of TNT(Island Level+)

Erza’s Striking Pressure:47,588,854,968 PSI

If we convert the joules to Kilogram Force Meter, we can calculate that Erza’s attack potency in Giants Armor is easily equal to 28 367 142 973 000 000 000 kilogram-force meter or 2.8367×10^19 kg, that’s the equivalent of lifting the mass equal to the moon of Saturn Hyperion over a meter over your head. Yeah, that’s some crazy strength.

‘Damn Giant’s Armor is no joke, It attacks Potency is seriously strong, however as seen with its slow speed, it’s cleary reducing speed for pure power

Despite that, she can catch Azuma, an immensely powerful and fast mage known for raw brute force and speed off guard twice in their battle.

Meaning even with reduced speed, she should be at least comparable to Lisanna.

Who has been confirmed to be the fastest non S Class mage in the guild?

Fairy Tail 130 - Page 5
Fairy Tail 130 - Page 6

Yes in a world where one of the slower A-Class tier mages can effortlessly deflect shotgun bullets,

 Lisanna is the speed queen of her rank, Given Taurus, is at least Mach 23 and Lisanna is easily 5 times as fast, Lisanna and Erza in Giant’s Armor should be at the very least Mach 115 or 39,133.35m/s

Yes Erza using a 1 ton Armor made of solid gold, an armor that sacrifices speed for power, is moving as fast (Actually faster since Lisanna couldn’t hit Azuma) as a pettie, 5-foot tall cat girl who’s less than 90 pounds in mass using her fastest form.   

Now picture the insane amount needed to move the same speed as Lisanna. Moving at 9,133.35m/s with a 1,092.194‬ kg armor would require ‭45,554,364,447.46058‬  energy or 10.89 Tons of TNT force or the equivalent of 4 645 252 399.9 kilogram-force meter, meaning being hit by the kinetic energy of Erza’s armor.

That would almost the same level of rock as being hit with the Great Giza’s Pyramid and this is just the bare minimum force produced by her Giant’s armor, this is merely the energy needed to move her massive armor, that’s some incredible strength.


This is near twice the kinetic energy of being hit by the heaviest train in the world which only has the destructive impact force ‭24,905,653,414.4‬ Joules moving at 22.352 m/s or 59 mph. Yes, Erza, a mere 175 cm tall mage wearing merely a ton heavy armor moving 115 times the speed of sound is providing twice as much energy as a massive 99,700 ton,682 loaded iron ore wagon, 7.353 km (4.568 miles) wide train moving at full speed.

 Now for the heavy ariltierary with Fairy Armor, Erza’s strongest armor, it’s assumed that the armor contains Platinum as Platinum is one of the densest metals in the world. Let’s estimate the weight of this armor.

Erza’s Height:823px( 175cm)


Headdress 102px(‭21.77cm)

Headdress Height:26px(5.55 cm/ 2″)

Headdress Depth: 6 px(1.28 cm/ 1/2 inch)

Volume of headress::‭154.65408‬ cm^3

Area of headress:‭‭120.8235‬ cm^2

Density of Platinum:21.45 g/cm^3

Mass of Headdress:‭ ‭ lbs)

Average Volume of Shoulder pads:‭223.738848‬ cm^3

Density of Platinum:21.45 g/cm^3

Mass of Shoulder pads: 4.8 kg( 10.55 lbs)

The combined mass of Shoulder Pads: 9.59 kg (21.11 lbs)

Average Volume of the gauntlet:‭1,403.96 cm^3

Density of Platinum:21.45 g/cm^3

Mass of gauntlet:‭‭30.11 kg( 66.26. lbs)

The combined mass of gauntlets: 60.22. kg (‭132.505 lbs)

The volume of the cape:6,336.96 cm^3

The density of Kevlar:1.44 g/cm^3

Mass of cape:‭9.125 kg( 20.1 lbs)

The volume of the skirt dress:‭2,471.85 cm^3

The density of Kevlar:1.44 g/cm^3

Mass of Skirt dress:3.55 kg(7.83 lbs)

The volume of the breastplate:‭8,060.58‬ cm^3  

Density of Platinum:21.45 g/cm^3

Mass of Breastplate:‭172.899 kg(‭380.378 lbs)

Leg Gauntlet Upper Volume:‭833.59935‬ cm^3  

Density of Platinum:21.45 g/cm^3

Mass of Upper Gauntlet::‭17.88 kg(39.336 lbs)

Mass of combined Upper Gauntlets:‭35.76 kg(‭78.672‬ lbs)

The volume of Kneepads:‭279.771954‬ cm^3  

Density of Platinum:21.45 g/cm^3

Mass of Knees Pad:‭6 kg(13.2 kg)

The combined mass of Kneepad:: 12kg(26.4 lbs)

Volume of Gauntlets:‭1,055.98 cm^3  

Density of Platinum:21.45 g/cm^3

Mass of lower Gauntlets:‭22.65 kg(49.83 lbs)

Combined Mass of Lower Gauntlets:45.3 kg( 90.6 lbs)

Erza’s Fairy Armor weight set:‭351.035‬ kg(772.277 lbs)

Now for Erza’s clash with Nightwalker during the Edolas Arc in which Erza shows her true power.

Erza Tanks Island Explode by ragazz

 Remember my calculation for this feat? Yeah this is going to be revised using new speed found from Erza 


The height of Erza’s:1.66 meters

The area around the two Erza’s: 10.852 meters

Second picture

The height of Island:376.2 meters

Width:258 meters

Length: 736.73 meters

Volume:71,506,719.108 cubic meters

Density: 2700 Kg/m^3

Mass of the Island:193,068,141,591.6 kg or 1.93×10^11kg

Given the Island was hit with an attack that disappeared, it was virtually vaporized by the collision between Erza and Nightwalker.  

5 309 373 893 769 000 000 joule = 1 268.970 815 9 megaton [explosive] (Small Island Level+)

Now for the attack’s Kinetic energy.

Mass of the Island:193,068,141,591.6 kg

Going by the stats here, Erza in Black Wing Armor is easily over 5 times faster than base form as well as 5 times stronger and 5 times more durable than base form as Black Wing Armor is a massive increase from base power going by narrative and by comparable feats. Given Flight Armor is a massive boost of speed as well as Armadura Fairy which should be 5 times faster, it’s safe to say Erza’s Maximum speed would be at least Mach 6,465

Explosion Velocity: At least 2,199,975m/s


E=193,068,141,591.6 kg x2,199,975m/s/2


3.860397551457836e+21 joule = 922 657.158 57 megaton [explosive] or 922.657 Gigatons of TNT( Large Island level+)

Erza vs Knightwalker Collison Vaporization energy:1.268 Gigatons of TNT (Large Mountain level +)

Erza/Kinghtwalker’s Collision:922.657 Gigatons of TNT( Large Island level+)

Erza/Kinghtwalker’s Maximum Individual attack potency: ‭461.3285‬ Gigatons of TNT(Island Level+)

A Solid Large Island level feat, however, has given its two Erza’s fighting, that power is halved individually, however, each Erza would have at least ‭461.3285‬ Gigatons of TNT. Originally the calc was on in the Mid Megatons but doing revising on it and adding velocity correctly, we got a solid High Gigaton feat.   

Now time to see what kind of overpressure Erza can generate clashing with Kinghtwalker generated by their blades or rather Erza’s blade and the entire area of the Island.

Width:258 meters ( 25,800 cm)

Length: 736.73 meters(73,673 cm)

Area of the Island:‭190,076.34‬ m^2(‭1,900,763,400‬ cm^2/294,618,916.2378 in^2)


P=193,068,141,591.6 kg x2,199,975m/s/2


A=:502.86 cm^2(77.9435 in^2)

Erza: 823px(175cm)

Sword Length:412px(87.6cm)

Sword Width:27px(5.74cm/2”)

Sword Area:‭502.86 cm^2(77.9435 in^2)

P=‭7.676883330266547e+19‬ Pa or 11,134,377,910,390,084 PSI

Erza’s Fairy Armor Sword Pressure:‭7.676883330266547e+19‬ Pa or 11,134,377,910,390,084 PSI

During Tenrou Island she displays her power as she casually overpowers Lisanna and Juvia and rekts them mostly offscreen, Juvia the same opponent who could hold her own with Gray and Lisanna while physically weak is still on the level of Natsu and faster than him in speed.

One of the most notable examples of her brute strength is being able to overpower and overwhelm Azuma using her Clear Heart Clothing. Remember her casual feat earlier of effortlessly cutting through several meters of wood? Here’s her cutting wood much stronger than normal steel with little effort.

The very same wood that can take out the mountain-sized Tenrou Tree.

Going back to my Dragon Roar calc, Azuma’s attack Potency ranges between 10.99-187.13 Gigatons of TNT (Island level+)

With his Great Tree Magic roots being much stronger than steel and can withstand Erza’s sword attacks.

Another feat of Herculean power from Erza was being able to overpower Azuma’s Great Tree Magic strongest spell Terra Climate, abelt arguably Plotkai and arguably an outlier feat, Erza was able to tank the nuke like explosion of Terra Climate and using the power of friendship to not only cut through A FUCKING EXPLOSION but also Azuma’s final defense and Azuma himself.

The explosion was comparable in size to Tneoru Island itself and as high as the island within the tree attached.

And the explosion that can be seen throughout the island by all the members of Fairy Tail. Let’s calc this massive explosion.

Teneoru Tree calc by IreneBelserion69

Tenrou Island:278px (4km)

Tenrou Tree Height:136px (1.95 km)

Tenrou Tree Width and length:57 px (817 meters)

Tenrou Tree Volume: 1,301,603,550 Cubic Meters

Fairy Tail 236 Page 8

Noe for the density of the tree, keep in mind the roots of the tree are denser than Iron as they were able to tank Erza’s casual sword slashes and her weaker armor attacks.

File:Erza's enhanced strength.gif

Mind you Erza can effortlessly shred through steel pre timeskip

So this tree is made of much more denser stuff than an average tree. Let’s go with the density of Lead for the High end and density of reinforced Steel as the lower end calc for the density of the tree which is very dense.

The density of Reinforced Steel: 7850 kg/m³(Low End)

The density of Lead: 11,340kg/m^3 (High End)

Tenrou Tree Volume: 1,301,603,550 Cubic Meters

Tenrou Tree Volume: 1,301,603,550 Cubic Meters

Mass of Tenrou Tree (Low End) 10,217,587,867,500 kg

Mass Tenrou Tree (High End)14,760,184,257,000kg  

Tenerturo ree size by IreneBelserion69

The tree itself is so monstrously huge, it would easily dwarf any real-world skyscraper in scale.

Now then his first Terra Climate destroyed the tree further and divided it in half. Let’s see how much power was needed to destroy the tree.

Tenrou Island mass by IreneBelserion69

The tree’s mass alone would be the equivalent of attempting to withstand over 2.4 Kilotons of TNT if you’re directly crushed under it which is about 1/8th the energy and force dropped on Hiroshima and roughly enough kinetic mass to destroy half of Central Park and that’s by sheer weight of the tree alone. 

Tenrou Tree(1281px): 1,950m

Tenrou Tree trunk(1017px):‭1,548.13 m

Tenrou Tree Width and length:817 m

Tenoru tree crater diameter:817 m

Volume of tree destroyed:‭545,338,513‬ m^3 or ‭545,338,513,000,000‬ cm^3

Density of Tenrou Tree:11,340kg/m^3

Vaporization energy: 25,700 j/cc

170 063 815 279 050 000 000 joule = 40 646.227 361 megaton [explosive] or 40.646 Gigatons of TNT (Island Level+)

Azuma’s Frist Terra Climate:40.646 Gigatons of TNT (Island Level+)

A solid Island level explosion that erza somehow survived, but let’s go for the second explosion which was even larger and was seen across the island. The blast is easily 4kmx4kmx4km making the explosion 64 km^3 or 64000000000 m^3. The Density of air is roughly 1.125kg/m^3 and is being superheated to the temperatures of a nuclear fireball. The specific heating capacity of Oxygen is 919 J/kg with Temperature Changing from 40-degree Celsius to 10,000-degree celsius. Temperatures of a nuclear explosion reach those in the interior of the sun, about 27,000,000° Celsius, and produce a brilliant fireball. The Terra’s Climate’s attack power concentrated puts the heat levels and energy at ‭1.782648e+21‬ Joules or 426.063 Gigatons of TNT, making it Solid Large Island level.

Azuma’s Second Terra Climate:426.063 Gigatons of TNT( Large Island Level+)

Yeah, that’s fucking crazy, the explosive power of this concentrated heat dome of death is easily comparable to that of every Nuclear weapon made by man times 21. 

The fact Erza survives that is either due to the immense plot armor, her badassery, her insane durability or all three is some shit, even more, epic is that she slashed through the explosion.  

The explosion itself hit her with a force equivalent of 181 779 506 760 000 000 000 kilogram-force meters or 1.82e+20 kg, that would be like trying to lift the Moon of Charon, a 1,212 km diameter moon

Now comes the main event, Erza’s sword pressure, and attack potency breaking out of the explosion from seemingly point-blank range. Frist the explosion’s speed. We’ll go with 3,000 m/s which fits the speed of the explosion.


P=1.82e+20 kg x3,000 m/s^2/2

D=4,000 m

A==80.97464468882175 in^2

P=1.82e+20 kg x3,000 m/s^2/2/4,000 m/80.97464468882175 in^2

P=‭2.528570687598333e+21 Pa or 366,738,172,219,652,740 PSI

Now for the attack slashed let’s go with the area caught in Erza’s slash


Blast covering her height: 955px(‭1,202.33 cm)‬

Blast covering her Length:1117px(‭1,406.285 cm)

Area of the attack:‭1,977,638.782 cm^2/306,534.6243


E=366,738,172,219,652,740 PSIx1,202.33cmx1,202.33 cm

E=366,738,172,219,652,740 PSIx‭1,445,597.4289‬cm^2

E=366,738,172,219,652,740 PSIx306534.6243


1.124179480945367e+21 joule = 268 685.344 39 megaton [explosive] or 286.685 Gigatons of TNT(Large Island level)

Erza’s “friendship” Beinsakrua slash:286.685 Gigatons of TNT(Large Island level)

Erza’s slash has enough destructive force to destroy a small country within the attack and would feel as if a small moon dropped on your shoulders.

[video-to-gif output image]

Now onto the monster, she becomes later.

First Timeskip Strength

Erza only grew much stronger post Second Origin which drastically increased her power but even without Second Origin, she was able to fight on par with Post Timeskip Cobra, an opponent on par with Pre Skip Natsu who grew so much stronger in the Key to the Starry Sky Arc What normally would be an opponent Erza could easily beat was someone who proved to outmatch her yet overcame his increase in power.

[video-to-gif output image]

Erza also defeated 100 Monsters during the Grand Magic Games, more on that on Durability as it’s more of a durability and stamina feat than her best showing. The monsters themselves lack feats however they benefit tremendously from power scaling, especially the S Class Monster said to be too strong for even a single Saint Wizzard to take on.

Mind you an average Saint Wizard has casual Island level Attack potency can generate regional storms clashing.

And generate large Tsunamis.

Deiloria vs Ur by IreneBelserion69

As established by Ur( Who should be Young Gildarts level from Ice Trial) she’s able to freeze Dielroia’s attacks and tank his blasts giving her up to Country level Attack Potency. This would put the S class Monster at least on Prime Deloria level.

Erza’s kicking strength is strong enough to kick Kagura, an opponent comparable to her power through a stone bridge with little effort.

Another impressive feat of strength is being able to create an explosive shockwave covering a city block 

Erza’s most notable feat Post Timeskip was stopping Kagura’s Archenemy sword unsheath with pure raw strength within the Grand Magic Games which destroyed a large chunk of Corcus.


P=193,068,141,591.6 kg x2,199,975m/s/2


A=:502.86 cm^2(77.9435 in^2)

House: 4px ( 10.83 m)

Slash Length: 718 px (1,941.113 meters )

Slash Width: 27 px (72.9675 meters)

Slash shockwave height: (1267.9415 meters)

Total Volume destroyed by Kagura’s slash:179,588,890.4689283 m^3

Difference between Length and depth:15.77

Building height/Slash Shockwave difference:117.1

True Total destruction volume:97,250.2841437727 m^3 or 97,250,284,143.7727 cm^3

Estimated number of buildings destroyed: 897 Buildings

The density of Brick: 2400 kg/m^3

Mass destroyed:233,400,681.945 kg

Violent Fragmentation:69 j/cc

Purevilezation: 214.35 j/cc

16 104 647 054 208.76 joule = 3.849 103 024 4 kilotons [explosive]

50 029 436 174 922.43 joule = 11.957 322 222 kilotons [explosive]

Kagura’s Archenemy Shockwave: 3.849 Kilotons of TNT ( Small Town level+) Low end 

                                                   11.957 Kilotons of TNT(Town Level) high end

And this is merely the Shockwave of the attack, most of the attacks force was blocked by Erza herself who tanked the blow now for the Kinetic Energy of the attack itself. Not that impressive in terms of AoE however let’s not forget most of the blast was absorbed by Erza.

Fairy Tail 314 - Page 10
Fairy Tail 314 - Page 11

Erza’s base speed should be 440013.96 Meters per Second or Mach 1,293, Kagura is easily faster than going by feats of blitzing Erza’s fastest armor but we’ll use base speed as a low end and her flight armor speed should be at least the higher end,Kagura scales to this given she blitzed Flight Armor Erza.

Base=Mach 1,293(Massively Hypersonic)

Elemental Armors/Heaven’s Wheel Armor(X2 speed)= Mach 2,586(Massively Hypersonic)

Black Wing Armor(X5 Speed)=Mach 6,465 (Massively Hypersonic)

Clear Heart Clothing(X12.5 Speed)=Mach 16,162.5( Sub-Relativistic/ 1.83 %SoL)

Fairy Armor/Flight Armor(X25 Speed)= Mach 32,325 (Sub-Relativistic/ 3.6%SoL)

Slashing speed: 10,999,874 m/s  

2.824083553236012e+22 joule = 6 749 721.685 6 megaton [explosive]

Kinetic Energy of Kagura’s slash: Kinetic Energy of Kagura’s slash: 6.749 Teratons of TNT(Small Country level+)

Crocus size by IreneBelserion69

Now for the maximum attack potency going by the possible scaling with the Crocus Map.

Dous Flamu Mountain:154px(1,847.3832 m)

Crocus:1,735px(20,808.733 m)^2

Possible distance Kagura slash:378 px(4,534.486 m)

Building Erza and Kagura fought height:22px(263.9 m)

Building Erza and Kagura fought in Diameter:50 px(600 m)

Slash Width:72.9675 meters

Slash Height:1267.9415 meters

Overall Volume of slashed buildings:419,523,940.0346685 m^3  

Difference between Length and depth:15.77

Building height/Slash Shockwave difference:117.1

True Total destruction volume:227,178.9878926025 m^3 or 37,620,840,395,014.97 cm^3

Estimated number of buildings destroyed: 2,095 Buildings

The density of Brick: 2400 kg/m^3

Overall slash destroyed:545,229,570.942246 kg 

Violent Fragmentation:69 j/cc

Purevilezation: 214.35 j/cc

6 230 011 169 414 480 joule = 1.489 008 405 7 megaton [explosive]

Kagura’s Slashing Shockwave energy: 1.489 Megatons (Small City Level)

Now for Kinetic Energy 

Slashing speed: 10,999,874 m/s High End

3.298563335814859e+22 joule = 7 883 755.582 7 megaton [explosive]

Kagura’s Kinetic energy Slash:7.883 Teratons of TNT(Country level) High End.

Fairy Tail 315 - Page 4
Fairy Tail 315 - Page 5
Fairy Tail 315 - Page 6

Either way Erza tanked at the very least a small country to Low Country-level attack potency slash with little injury on her par from a bloodlusted Kagura at roughly 50% her maximum power, after all, it’s well established that Fairy Armor is her strongest armor overall so this is 50% Erza’s power that tanked the slash with NO ARMOR.  

Erza, later on, can battle Minvera in hand to hand combat and defeat an amped, stronger Minvera made at least twice as strong as before with merely her fist,

The very same Minvera can hold her own with Kagura who can effortlessly destroy a whole city with a shockwave caused by merely releasing her sword.

Onto the next big feat which is Erza piercing through the cube of Tartarus.

Castle door: 50 px(10.83m)

Castle Height: 405 px (87.723 Meters )

Castle Length: 558 px ( 120.8628 Meters )

Second picture

Castle: 14 px ( 120.8628 meters )

Cube: 304 px(2,624.449 m)^3

Volume of Cube:3,230,109,326.056248 m^3

Density of Contential Crust: 2700 Kg/m^3

Mass:48,806,578,316,165.38 or 4.88×10^13 kg

Now for the Gravitational Potential Energy of the Floating Island.

Given the island is hidden within clouds, it’s likely over 11,800 m high


55 311 128 621 517 370 000 joule = 13 219.677 013 megaton [explosive]

Gravitational Potential Energy of the Cube: 13.219 Gigatons of TNT(Island level)

Now for Erza’s feat of smashing through the cube Island.

Erza pireces cube by IreneBelserion69


Hole:258px(20.3 m)

Now for the volume of the feat.

Hole:258px(20.3 m)

Taurus cube depth:2,624.449 m

Volume of destroyed rock:1,081,509.18841 m^3 or 10,815,091,88410 cm^3

The density of Contential Crust: 2700 Kg/m^3

Mass destroyed:2,920,074,808.707 kg or 2,92×10^9 kg

Now for values, let’s go with at least Purevilezation

Purevilezation: 214.35 j/cc

625 918 035 246 345.5 joule = 149.598 000 78 kiloton [explosive]( Large Town Level)

Erza’s Cube punching feat via Purevilezation: 149.598 Kilotons of TNT (Large Town level+)

And now for Kinetic Energy, given this armor is not even close to Fairy Armor, let’s go with 2,200,065 m/s which should be around Black Wing Armor speed.

7.066998613937243e+21 joule = 1 689 053.206 megaton [explosive]

Erza’s Piercing Armor Kinetic Attack Potency: 1.689 Teratons of TNT (Small Country level)

Then there’s the fact she was able to overpower Kyouka via the power of will use her Benisakura blades to defeat Kyouka despite being robbed of her Five Senses and physically overpower Kyouka in her Ehtertious form.  

The Same Eheterious form that effortlessly Fairy Armor, Erza’s strongest Armor within her Eheertious form and was to keep getting stronger.  

 If Erza in Heart Clothing is able to one-shot Kagura who’s Archenemy can generate 7.883 Teratons of TNT force, that means Erza at bare minimum would be generating at least 15.755 Teratons of TNT force, given Fairy Armor generated twice as much attack potency as Clear Heart Clothing based on the comparison of Erza’s Fairy Slash, it would be safe to say Erza had an attack potency as high as 31.352 Teratons, just shy of Jellal’s Sema of 40 Teratons. 

 Assuming Kyouka’s statements are true about her power doubling quickly and she was initially twice Erza’s attack potency of 31.352 Teratons of TNT at a bare minimum. There were roughly 5 Face and Kyouka was planning on using her entire life denoate it. 

Assuming Fairy Tail functions on the “100% power unleashed by brian” myth Anime and fiction Established that we only use 205 of our life force instead of 100% Animes like Naruto popularized, Kyouka was already making herself 5 times even stronger than before.

And considering she can clash evenly with a weakened Clear Heart Clothing Erza in the base, his would make all the more sense while she effortlessly blitzed Erza at full power.

This is also not factoring the fact Seliah herself gave Kyouka a power boost which would double Kyouka’s already insane base power.

Keep in Mind Seliah is equal to Mirajane in power if not outright superior given her Etherious form overpowered Mirajane.

Who is established to be equal to Erza?

Kyouka in the base alone no sold Erza’s Erza’s Piercing Armor which has an attack potency of 1.689 Teratons of TNT, mind you without a single on her.

The fight itself went on for 4:30 as there were 30 seconds after Erza defeated Kyouka. Assuming Kyouka’s statements are true about her power doubling every second. There are 270 seconds within 4 minutes and 30 seconds. Assuming a Conservative Estimate of a power increase of 1.5 times Every Second, Kyouka would be getting over ten times stronger Every 10 seconds

Kinda like fighting Issei in Highschool DXD who’s Scared Gear can exponentially boost his power every 10 seconds, however, unlike Issei, Kyouka can attack you and still get stronger. 

Meaning Kyouka grew 500 times stronger towards the even of the fight and her last-ditch attacks were generating over 15.625 Petatons of TN eqauilvent force by sheer power scaling….HOW FUCKING CHRIST! This is pretty much in the Multi Contitneitial Range of power but that’s assuming all of this isn’t entirely Hyperbolic.

However, what is true is that her power was getting stronger during. Even if you lowball the number and power increase by her to 2 times stronger every 10 seconds or if you really want to lowball this to 10 times power increase every minute, Kyouka would still be pulling energy between 1.467 Petatons and 1.678 Petatons of Attack Potency, Either way you slice it, Kyouka would be generating Attack Potency that’s Continitent busting which completely changes everything.

And before you ask, no it doesn’t contradict power scaling at all from this series. Brandish is still casually stronger than anything in Fairy Tail before her, hell if anything it kinda confirms the power scaling of the Sparrgain 12.

Her Teraton casual feat was massively lowballing her attack speed on my part at the time, this would likely warrant a revision on my part.

but yeah going by Walt Itchi’s own Eheteriton, the speed and power feats of other Sparrigans, this is not outside the ballpark of others. Mard Geer would just be 5 times below Barandish which works out nicely for us.

Also, Kyouka might be on Mard Geer’s Level thanks to her curse power. Think about that, if she’s 50-500 times stronger than the base and Mard Geer is easily 10-time stronger than her in base( Given he’s the main villain, it’ s expected),. Then with her full curse power up, she’s easily equal to that of Mard Geer in Etherious form if not slightly weaker so it doesn’t contradict Mard Geer’s Power Scaling from Brandish, even if you have Kyouka at an Abused level as 16.125 Petatons as Wal Itchi’s Etherton is past the 43.933 Petatons of TNT.

Now imagine this scenario, where you’re hit repeatedly by Attacks ranging from Country busting to Continent busting with your skin so weak that merely a breath of air feels worse than being impaled by a Lightning Rod. Just what kind of monster you have to be to not only survive that


This may seem like something out of the Incredible Hulk or Dragonball Z but nope, this is Fairy Tail and this coming from Erza. Erza didn’t just overcome the Five Sense removal, she drew blood from Kyouka.

I will admit when I first saw this in the manga, I was pissed on how badly written this was for Erza to somehow overcome an opponent with over 500 times her strength when she couldn’t do so prior and it is your typical Fairy Tail Asspull times 10 here however looking back at it, is it really that absurd?

 Yes but then again you can pretty much say the same thing for Ultra Instinct, though that was foreshadowed way better here. However, nothing less this sudden boost of power and speed and having little to no of surroundings is very slimair to how Ultra Instinct works.

Mushin in Japanese and Wuxin in Chinese (無心 “no mind”) is a mental state. Zen and Daoist meditators are said[by whom?] to reach this state, as well as artists and trained martial artists. They also practice this mental state during everyday activities.

Mushin is achieved when a person’s mind is free from thoughts of anger, fear, or ego during combat or everyday life. 

Discursive thought and judgment are absent, so the person is free to act and react towards an opponent without hesitation and disturbance from such thoughts.

however. The mind could be said to be working at a very high speed, but with no intention, plan or direction.

At this point, a person relies not on what they think should be the next move, but what is their trained natural reaction (or instinct) or what is felt intuitively. It is not a state of relaxed, near-sleepfulness, 

This is how Ultra Instinct is described within Dragon Ball Wiki

Users can automatically react to any threat without the need to acknowledge it and defend themselves.[

3] Their body can also move and adapt while in battle on its own, allowing them to attack and defend simultaneously without thinking.

In a way Erza can still think of an attack which prevents it from being Pure Ultra Instinct, however, she ‘s unable to see, hear, sense or use any of her five senses so it sort of qualifies

 However, this ability is not a guarantee against all danger as shown by Whis being oblivious to stepping on excrements or (in the anime) when Goku managed to bite Whis to escape his hold, possibly because they were not of genuine danger to his being as they were such obscure threats. Additionally, it does not make one completely aware of their surroundings to the point that they can avoid specific hazards, even relatively harmless ones, which is exemplified humorously by Whis when he steps in poop while explaining the technique to Goku and Vegeta.

Case and point Erza falling to react to Kyouka’s counter-attack.

Panhterilly has described this similar to Sixth and Seventh Sense with Happy replying that it’s a result of Erza’s extreme training regiment.

While we’re never given a showing of what Erza normally does to train as we do for Zoro.

Is implied heavily in lore and canon she trains her ass off repeatedly daily

To the point, she never got a chance to relax to do a picnic

Though she does occasionally have fun when given the chance

This can be best shown towards the beginning of the series where she not shortly after doing her mission goes on another one immediately after the one she went in to stop Eisenwald which implies heavily she rarely takes time off to relax.

After all, this is the very same woman who implies she has a Giant Horn collection meaning she regularly lugs around Giant Horns

And carries luggage filled with goods which must be a combined weight of at least a ton.

This would at least explain the Author’s intentions with this obvious asspull which is both awesome and badass and also facepalming stupid on a narrative level. Regardless Erza was able to tank the equivalent force of several Dozen Impacts to the face and then generate enough power to punch your opponent with enough force to their blows.

Kyouk’s speed is likely scaled above TS Erza’s best which is Mach 33,200 (Sub-Relativistic/ 3.7%SoL), assuming Kyouka is 5 times faster only, she would be moving at 18.5% SoL, Fore Erza to hit her, she would need to move at least 37% SoL or Mach 332,000 here. Merely moving her body which weighs 61.3 Kilograms moving at the speed of 112,976,280m/s would generate roughly ‭1.458701696301531e+16‬ G’s on her body or 14.59 Quadrillion G’s simply moving her fist to attack Kyouka. The average human hand is around 0.58% of total body weight.

  Erza’s hand should weigh roughly 0.365 Kilograms but under the sheer G’s of the pressure her arm would be‭ akin to being over 5,324,261,191,500,590‬ Kg’s or the equivalent of her fist weighing half the mass of an asteroid roughly the size that wiped out the Dinosaurs. It is like being hit in the face with an Asteroid if you’re punched by Erza moving her arm to collide with your face.

‘Also gotta love the same people who literally don’t bitch about Luffy beating Corcdile with” Bloody Fists” which makes no logical sense even within the seires own logic yet talk sit about Erza’s asspulls, say what you want about the quality of Fairy Tial’s writing verus One Piece but One Piece isn;t without dumb asspulls either. Just saying someone established to drain people’s moisture in which blood being beaten by bloody whereas not even water alone was enough is pretty dumb but that’s neither here or there.

Anyways the sheer power of Erza is devastating as she was able to overcome Kyouka’s Five Sense curse initially overpower Kyouka, this would p[ut “Ultra Instinct” Erza easily up to Muit Continent Level. Ablet this is Outilerish. Regardless Erza’s Attack Potency should be roughly 31.25 Petatons of TNT with speed roughly that of 37&% SoL.

That means if we divide Erza’s slashing power of 1.3075e+26 joules to her swords area of a combined area of her katanas of 161.95 in^2, it would generate a slashing pressure of ‭8.073479468971905e+23‬ Pascals.

This is nearly 8.1 times Pressure inside the core of a white dwarf at the Chandrasekhar limit, Erza’s is exerting as much pressure from her sword strike as a Neutron star’s Surface pressure.

The force would also equal that of 117,095,919,778,928,670,000 PS1 ot 1.17e+20 PS1 or 3.162 Gigatons of TNT per Square Inch meaning each square inch of Erza’s blades feels like the world’s Nuclear Stockpile is exploding in your face.

That’s enough sword Pressure energy to cleave through even the largest of mountains.

Merel,y 2 square inches of Erza’s Katana has enough energy to destroy the 9251km^2 Island Nation of Cyprus Island, now imagine that force magnified with the impact energy moving at 37% the speed of Light hitting you with two 80 square inch blades.

Erza’s “Ultra Instinct” Clear Heart Clothing Attack potency: 31.25 Petatons of TNT(Multi Contitential Level)

Erza’s “Ultra Instinct” Clear Heart Clothing Slashing Pressure: ‭8.073479468971905e+23‬ Pascals or 1.17e+20 PS1

The fact Kyouka was even in one piece and not instantly split in half by this impact is a testament of her durability, in fact, Minvera herself had to do the finishing blow to ensure Kyouka never got back up.

Getting hit by Erza’s full attack would be the equivalent of attempting to lift the mass of 1.3332789485e+25 kilograms over your head, that’s the equivalent of lifting TWO FUCKING EARTHS over your head.

So yeah Canonically Erza has Ultra Instinct and this would explain her Asspulls, later on, after all, she is in a way a very skilled. This would come to explain her Ultimate feat coming up.

Second Timeskip Strength Feats

Erza unsurprisingly grew much stronger than she did previously which is already saying a lot and look no further than DragonCry the movie, particularly her two big moments of fighting Swan and deflecting special bullets.

Erza’s notable Dragon Cry feat can easily deflect Stellarium powered bullets fired from elite soldiers firearms, weapons faster and stronger than normal weaponry 

Which in Pre Skip couldn’t even scratch Natsu.

And the autocannons alone were fast enough to force Wendy and Natsu on the defensive despite this being carried by Happy and Carla, both with travel speeds of Mach 11 and have reaction speeds roughly comparable to Natsu in the Massively Hypersonic speeds.

Which Happy has shown to casually dodge bullets up close from conventional weaponry making these bullets

This would make the bullets at the very least as fast and powerful as the ones Zeref’s used against Natsu during the war, making them relviate to Natsu’s are timeskip speed which should be at least in the Mach 6,640 range, after all, even base Erza found the need to dodge these bullets.

Especially when Natsu has fodderized gun welders before with little effort. It’s safe to assume these bullets are at least Mach 1,328 or as fast as Lightning. Now for the feat.

As for attack potency given these guys scale from 

Erza was very close to the gun-wielding mages where they fired at her. It’s 

Soldier: 146px(1.81m)

Positon were Erza was at: 42px(0.52m)

Now for the volume of fire

The fire rate going by the gif here is firing steallnium powered bullets at roughly 10 rounds per second, giving each Assault rifle the rate of fire of 600 rounds per minute, roughly comparable to an AK-47 rate of fire.  

Now then the speed needed to deal with 5 gunmen firing rounds at least comparable to the Lightning speed of Anti Mage bullets at a volume of 10 rounds per second per person. Going by screen captures from Erza, she was moving her sword every frame within a second which is 60 sword swings per second. Now for Second Timeskip…Oh boy! You think her speed was crazy then, you’ve yet to see anything from her. reacting to the bullets

Scaling to a suppressed Base Natsu’s Second Time Skips casual heating energy of 5.68 Megatons of TNT he used to casually melt the stadium.  

  It’s safe to say that each of the soldiers using their guns are easily stronger than base Natsu suppressed who’s Literal firepower is equally equal to the strongest nuclear weapons we have in our arsenal.

Now for the potency. Considering the bullets in question resemble ore laser than bullets, it’s safe to assume the firing mechanisms of the gun are shooting silmair to a Gauss Rifle from fallout firing electromagnetically charged bullets coated with Plasma like magic to do their damage

Given the bullets are based on 45-70 Government styled Rifles if each 45-70 firearm would be firing Depleted Uranium rounds at high velocities faster than any modern firearm.

Stellanium is a Magic crystal that was originally stated to absorb starlight which causes it to radiate but when too much was absorb they would become explosives. However, it was proven false with the crystal just being used for magical purposes such as Swan’s leg gauntlet

Steallmnium within lore is essentially Fairy Tail’s equivalent to Nuclear energy. As seen with Sawn’s Stellanium Leg Gauntlets, Stellanium can be used slimair to Depleted Uranium and being Stellanium absorbs sunlight., it uses Solar Radiation to create a Uniraum like substance, minus the negative stuff about Unirairunum such as Ionizing Radiation

Considering how lethal Depleted Uranium is and how powerful it’s pricing power is, merely a single 49kg Depleted Uranium Tank Sabot could pierce through 10 1 foot thick steel plates with ease at merely the speed of 1,555 m/s with the impact force of 12.1 Megajoules or equivalent to that of nearly 3kg of TNT, imagine firing something like this at Lighting speed enhanced by plasma-like energy.

A 45-70 government round is pretty Devastating on its own, firing a 500-grain bullet at merely 1,500 ft/s, it can generate the force of 2,852 ft-lbs (3,867 J), that’s enough energy to hunt Big Game such as Tiger, Bison, Buffalo, Large Deer, and even Elephants.

Contrast this to that of the AK-47’s 7.62x39mm which only has the force of 2,056 J (1,516 ft-lb) from a 10-grain bullet moving at 2,104 ft/sec, about 1,88 times weaker than the 45-70 round.

An armor-piercing 45-70 round can penetrate pretty far on its own despite moving only 71% the speed of 7.62x39mm, it can penetrate anything less than AR-500 steel, now imagine this gun but with AK-47 levels of firepower with depleted Uranium dense bullets.

Now for the potency. Considering the bullets in question resemble more laser than bullets, it’s safe to assume the firing mechanisms of the gun are shooting silmair to a Gauss Rifle from fallout firing electromagnetically charged bullets coated with Plasma like magic to do their damage.

As I’ve discussed with the Fourth of July journal, we broke down how a simple Gauss rifle can fire a mere puny 2mm cartilage at the speed of 741,052.847 m/s(Mach 2,160) gives the attack potency of 7,116,984 joules. We’re going to use 440,007 m/s for the speed of the guns

Which should be more or less the speed of TS Erza from GMG.

Now let’s use this combination of mass and velocity. The round is 11.66 mm by 6.5mm by 6.5mm, giving the bullet a volume of ‭492.635‬ mm^3 and an area of 42.25 m^2, meaning the bullet would weigh roughly 9.4 grams or over 141 Grains or 0.0094 Kilograms.‭ Firing this gun at 440,007m/s. The total energy of this firearms should be 1 819 897 904.460 6 joules or 434.966 kg of TNT

That’s nearly 1/5th the force of the Oklahoma City Bombing blast of 2.3 Tons of TNT. Meaning the bullet would be generating the pressure of 45 688 415 477 PSI, more than 4,089 times the tensile strength of Graphene, the strongest metal in the world.

And this is not factoring the final factor of the bullet, the Plasma like the energy of the round.

We’re going to go with the bare minimum Energy density equivalent of Natsu using his flames to melt the stadium feat of 2.376637161742544e+16 joule for energy density

Now for Pressure


P= 2.376637161742544e+16 joule

D=0.52 m

A= 42.25 mm^2 or 0.06548763 in^2

P=2.376637161742544e+16 joule/0.52m/ 00.06548763

P=‭2.10620095865167e+17‬ Pa or 101,223,484,538,573.47 PSI

Each bullet would be generating roughly 101,223,484,538,573.47 PSI that’s equivalent 11 436 717 686 000 Joules/In^2 Firing a bullet with 3 451 444 867 600 Joules/ in^2 in a 0.06548763 in^2 at the speed of 741,052.847 m/s would give the bullet’s attack potency roughly ‭‭1.450039542672218e+20‬ Joules or equal to 34.656 Gigatons of TNT

Stellianuum Firearms Attack Potency:34.656 Gigatons of TNT(Island Ievel+)

That might sound insane but you also have to recall that Fodder B rank mages from Fairy Tail like Max scale to a suppressed Natsu Dragneel who in our previous calculations in a suppressed state was able to easily take out Ikagrunarasti, a Large Island level summoning with next to no effort.

And considering Bisca was able to injure Ajeel(About with prep with Jupiter Cannon)  

despite Ajeel effortlessly scaling to Brandish who can casually shrink entire Islands with Country-level energy.

So yeah Island level attack potency blasters aren’t too much out of the realm of plausibility within Fairy Tail, especially when Bisca could damage Ajeel with Jupiter Canon which despite not showing anywhere near the strength to destroy a country could damage a Large Country level character.

After all, if the Tuffles could kill Sayains.

Who tank Casual Moon busting ki blasts. With just guns alone, I’m certain a series with Magical guns enhanced by magical power killing people who would normally laugh at guns isn’t too implausible. Especially when said guns are using bullets being equivalent to Depleted Uranium rounds in real life Which have the nasty penetration power.

Especially fired from presumably Gauss Rifle like Electromagnetic rails but we’ll get to the speed of Erza’s slashes and the overall kinetic energy of her swings and deflections in the speed section, onto other feats.

Remember my Grand Chariot calc, time to revise it a bit to get some interesting results now that we have updated Erza’s speed since this calc was made last time.

On a side note, damn Erza is fucking hot in this movie!

Then again Sawn is also pretty hot.

Does anyone think that EoS Kakashi vs EoS Erza would be a match for the ages?


Did Erza turn Sawn gay?

Erza: This pussy anti going to eat itself(No seriously, did she just muff dive Sawn?)

Going by the depicting of the lake they’re battling in within the Dragon Cry movie, it’s at least around 150 meters in depth. Hard to get a clear estimate but let’s go for 150 meters for Low-end depth and 200 meters for high-end depth.

Let’s use the first picture to get a nice horizon.

First picture

Swan:46 px(1.75m around the same height as Erza)

Canyon Wall:224px(8.5 m)

Edge of the canyon lake: 648px (24.6 meters)

Now for the estimated lake size going by angles and pictures

Second picture

Edge of lake(Ground Zero) 24px(24.6 meters)

Estimated size of the lake:233 px(238.8 meters)

Area of the lake overall:644px(660 meters)

And this is roughly a few seconds later within the same frame

Erza's grand chariot 3 by IreneBelserion69

In the third panel, the small hills and canyon rocks are being violent uplifted within the same radius of the lake, assuming violent fragmentation energy to spread greater than 660meters and vaporization energy to be around 238 meters.

Third Picture

Area destroyed by Grand Chariot:868 px(660 meters)

Rock derbib height:146px(111 meters)

Rock Debris Length and Width(Small rock) 136px(103.4 meters)

Rock Debris Length and Width(Large Rock) 229px (174 meters)

Erza's grand chariot 4 by IreneBelserion69

And for the finale, the destruction caused by Grand Chariot vaporized solid rock to the point the large building-sized rocks uplifted from the explosion are destroyed and there’s no debris or falling rocks, just a large crater where the lake used to be. 

Going by how this is presented here going with two possible crater sizes. The low end is the estimated 238.8 meters for crater diameter with a depth of roughly 150 meters and the high-end size is a crater roughly 660 meters in diameter with a depth of around 250 meters

Crater Diameter 238.8 meters low end

                                   660 meters high end 

Crater Depth: 150 meters low end (Only counting the lake)

                              250 meters high end ( If we go by the pulverization of rock outside)

Volume:8,553,816 m^3 low end

               108,900,000 m^3 high end

Density of Rock: 3,500kg/m^3

Correction it’s 2,700 kg/m^3

Low-End destruction of Grand Chariot (TNT Value)

Also, note that at least 238 meters of the calc are water so we need to put in the values of the lake as well. Given the low end is covering the lake size only, we would have it mostly covering the lake depth.

The density of Water:1,000kg m^3

Now we hollow the lake by over 238.8 meters and around 150 meters in deep

Lake Volume:8,553,816 m^3 

Lake Mass: 85,538,163,000 kg 

Keep in mind everything was vaporized by Grand Charito within a 660-meter radius of Erza’s attack.

Vaporization of water: 2264705.7 J/Kg

193 718 765 313 629 100 joule = 46.299 896 107 megaton [explosive]

The energy needed to completely vaporize the canyon lake:46.3 Megatons of TNT

High-end destruction of Grand Chariot (TNT Value)

Crater Diameter: 660 meters high end 

Crater Depth: 250 meters high end 

Volume: 108,900,000 m^3 or ‭108,900,000,000,000‬ cm^3 high end                 

Density of Rock: 2700kg/m^3

Mass destroyed:‭294,030,000,000‬ kg

Pulverization value is 214.35 (j/cc) given nothing but dust remained from the attack.

63 025 330 500 000 000 joule = 15.063 415 511 megaton [explosive]

Grand Chariot crater:15. 1 Megatons of TNT(City level)

Combined destruction feat of Grand Chariot: 61.4 Megatons of TNT

However let’s now do Attack Potency of Erza’s legs and the pressure of Erza’s attacks, yes we’re going to be measuring Erza’s THICK legs and combing the destruction done by her blast with her speed and area of her thick legs.

Erza’s Height: 318px(175cm)

Erza’s full Leg length:184px(101 cm)

Erza’s tight cir: 46 px( 25 cm)x3.14= 79cm/31 inches

Erza’s Thigh length: 116px( 63.67 cm/25 inches)

Erza’s ‘s calv cri: 20px(10.87 cm)x3.14=34 cm/13 inches

Erza’s calf length: 68px(37.32 cm`/15 inches)

Erza’s foot length:51 px(27.7185 cm/ 11”)

Erza’s foot Circumference: 14px( ‭7.609‬ cm/3”)x3.14=22.86 /9”

Total Leg Circumference =‭135.86‬ cm

Total Leg Length:‭128.7085‬ cm

Area of Leg:‭17,486.33 cm^2

An average woman’s Thigh Circumference is 23 inches, Erza’s is confirmed to be truly thicc at a monstrously large 31 inch Thigh Circumference, Erza’s legs are also very long as an average woman leg length is 81 cm, Erza’s leg is over 101 cm long she also has large feet as an average woman’s shoe size is around size 8 to size 9, Erza is a size 11 so she’s above average shoe size. Now for the pressure conversion of force.

The force of Grand Charito’s explosion should equal roughly = 26 196 264 780 000 000 kilogram-force meter or 2.6196e+16 kg being lifted over your head, we’ll use this for the mass equivalent for pressure and velocity we use Erza’s speed in Clear Heart Clothing for her Grand Chariot.

Clear Heart Clothing/Rabbit Armor(X12.5 Speed)=Mach 83,000 (Sub-Relativistic/ 9.42 %SoL)

Mach 83000 = 28,244,070m/s


P= 26 196 264 780 000 000 x28,244,070m/s^2/2

D=660 m

A=17,486.33 cm^2

P=‭1.044874027732228e+31‬ joule/660 m/ 17,486.33 cm^2

P=‭9.053600534022588e+23‬ Pa or 131,311,373,976,575,590,000 Psi or `1.31e+20 PSI

Erza’s Grand Chariot Leg Pressure:P=‭9.053600534022588e+23‬ Pa or 131,311,373,976,575,590,000 Psi or `1.31e+20 PSI

That’s an insane amount of Leg pressure Erza generated, this is roughly the same amount of pressure generated within a Neutron Star. Now for the Attack potency.

Area of the lake overall:‭435,600‬ m^2 


E=1.31e+20 PSIx67,518,000 

8.844858e+28 joule = 21 139 717 973 000 megatons [explosive] or 21.139 Exatons of TNT(Multi Continent Level+)

Erza’s Grand Chariot Attack Potency:21.139 Exatons of TNT(Multi Continent Level+)

DAMN! Talk about most of the force transferred into her legs, Yeah being at the receiving end of her Grand Chariot Facesitting would be enough to completely crush anything on Earth. This is almost enough force to destroy the moon yet Erza can control this force to only destroy the lake around her.

Nowhere close to controlled as Jellal’s own Grand Chariot which can disperse a whole country of clouds and then fire a blast that only damages Neihart and his ship, however, it’s much stronger in terms of damage as Jellals attack does 32.946 Petatons of TNT damage versus Erza’s 21 Exaton verison but his attacks are far more controlled, far less likely to blow up his comrades and can spam thousands of blast.

As seen with the second timeskip, she can effortlessly like straight through an Airship with a casual slash.  

Assuming Zeref’s Ships have the same toughness and durability of Hades’s Magical ship(No reason to assume otherwise) which has supposedly had Magical reinforced Armored Plating. Given this is supposed to heavily magically resistant, we’re going to go with Graphene as the Tensile Strength of this ship’s armored plating giving each inch of the ship roughly 9,500,000 PSi. Graphene is 7.98 times lighter than Steel at merely 1 g/cm3 or 1 g per 15.5 in^2 however it’s 96.322 times tougher than stainless steel having a tensile strength of 98625.66 PSI. So going by mass and kilogram equivalence, an airship should be protected by at least 52,600,000 kilograms of hardened armor-grade steel with fragmentation energy of over 5 terajoules, with the same mass as Steel

A cubic centimeter is 15.5 Square Inches meaning for every g/cm^3, Graphene has about 1 073 355.837 5 joules per cm^3, meaning for every kg/m^3, Graphene has a tensile strength of ‭1,073,355,837,500‬ joules per Kg/m^3 or roughly 1.073 Terajoules of force, given an average ship is easily 45,000,000 kg, that gives the ship the Total Fragmentation force of 4.83010126875e+19` Joules if made from pure Graphene, that’s enough durability to survive the world’s stockpile of Nuclear Weapons hitting one ship at once.

Yet as seen with Marakov

Natsu,Wendy, and Gajeel

And Erza, they can tear through these ships like it was toilet tissue with their strength. In short, the power of Fairy Tail’s strongest can shatter potentially ships made of material far stronger than anything in our world.

Erza Erza Scarlet GIF - Erza ErzaScarlet SeaEmpressSword GIFs

And physically overpower Ajeel with singular blows, this is while still weakened

She’s able to clash against Azuma, Kyouka, and Ikagura who are enhanced to be stronger than their prime and scaled to current Erza’s strength despite being at less than half her power.

She also was shown effortlessly overpowering hordes of Alvarez soldiers during the Second timeskip, all while showing “DAT ASS”. Nothing notable here just wanted an excuse to show off her ass.

During Irene’s enchantments of berserkers, Erza was seen battling a battalion of them, one-shotting the Berserkers capable of overpowering most mages and even capable of hurting Erza herself putting them at least comparable to Sparrgian 12 levels of power, at least comparable to Wal Itchi clones who can hurt Mirajane.

One of the more notable strength feats which double as a Durability feat was catching Natsu and Gray’s full power attacks with her bare hands.

Devil Gray's casual attack by IreneBelserion69

Natsu’s height:65px(.1.75m)

Melted ground: 166px(4.469 m)

Devil gray ice dome by IreneBelserion69

Melted Ground Height:159px(4.469 m)

Meitled Ground Length and width:375px(10.540 meters)

Ice hieght:676px(19 m)

Ice Length and Width:564px(15.9m)

Ice volume:5722.597633136094 or 5,722 m^3

Density of Ice:1,000kg/m^3

 Mass:5,722,597.633136094 kg or 5,722 Metric Tons

Velocity of the ice forming:19m/s

Potential Creation energy of the Ice:2065857745.56213 joules or 0.493 751 851 23 ton [explosive] 493kg of TNT

Now for melting energy, keep in mind Gray’s ice is Absolute Zero

Energy Grey/Natsu produces:93,000,000,000 calories/kg 

93 Million Degrees Minus -273.15°C=20,000=93000273.15

5,722,597.633136094 kgX93,000,000,000 X93000273.15°C

4.949489229985562e+25 joule = 11 829 563 169 megaton [explosive] or 11..82 Petatons of TNT (Contitent level+)

END Natsu/Devil Gray’s casual Melting/Freezing Engery11..82 Petatons of TNT (Continent level+)

 Now let’s tenfold this with their strongest punch, that would up to 118.2 Petatons of TNT.

 Meaning Erza tanked a combined total force of 236.4 Petatons of TNT in attack potency, that’s enough energy to destroy the surface of the Earth. However it’s not so much strength and power that’s impressive, it’s her resistance to heat and frost. She outright survived with her had intact taking a hit from roughly 6 times the center of the sun’s heat and took a blow with Gray that is Absolute Zero, just keep that in mind. It would be impossible for even planets to survive this.

Now let’s factor all this to pressure and energy Erza had to tank with her bare hands. Erza tanked the force equivalent of 1.0085988589e+26 kilogram-force meter holding it back with each hand.

Erza(60%height framed): 415px(105cm)

Hand Length:56px(23.6 cm/9”)

Hand Width: 40px(16.86/7”)

Hand Area: 63 in^2

Now time to divide up the force to determine the PSI Erza personally exerted strength-wise


P=9.890976e+26 joule

D=0.01 m

A== 63 in^2

P=19.890976e+26 joule/0.01 m/ 63 in^2

P=‭1.56999619047619e+27‬ Pa or 2.2770869571138474e+23 PSI

Erza’s hand tensile strength:1.56999619047619e+27‬ Pa or 2.2770869571138474e+23 PSI

Erza would be taking the force of over 2.2770869571138474e+23 PSI within each of her hands, withstanding a shit ton of force. This would be like the weight of Saturn’s moon Titan pressed against every single Square Inch of your entire body.

Erza is also tanking the pressure equal to 15,700 times the pressure inside the core of a white dwarf at the Chandrasekhar limit. HOLY MOTHER OF FUCK THOSEHANDS OF HERS ARE FUCKING STRONG.

It’s of little surprise why her greatest feat by far is smashing through an Asteroid that could destroy a small planet.

Erza was able to score slight damage on her Mother, the same woman who can fight on par with Ancologia.

Remember Deus Sema and how mindblowing fast and strong Erza was to smash through the meteor with her sheer brute force

The sheer mass eqauilvent of the impact of Deus Sema is if you placed the mass of 100 Jupiter sized planets on Earth’s Gravity at 9.81 m/s or the typical mass of a Drawf Star.

Meaning going by physics, the Asteroid Impact would equal in energy to trying to lift more than 31,800 Earth’s in mass off the ground on earth’s Gravity of 9.81 m/s, a feat virtually impossible by physics as if the earth had such mass, it would cease to exist

Deus Sema Cinematic Time


Erza: 591px(175 cm or 68.9 inches)

Sword Length:331px(38.58866328257191 inches)

Sword Width: 18 px(2.1 inches)

Area of sword:


P=11,814,512,144,166.9 kgx184,837,262.3739922 m/s(61.65%c)

D=1,704.2265 m

A=80.97464468882175 square inches

P=2.924950245761383e+24 Pascals or 424.228 Quintillion Psi

Erza’s Slashing Pressure:424.228 Quintillion Psi

This is over 29.24 times Pressure inside the core of a white dwarf at the Chandrasekhar limit, Erza’s is exerting as much pressure from her sword strike as a Neutron star’s Surface pressure. Now that we got the pressure of Erza’s slash.

Erza within the instant of the slash also completely dispersed the immense fireball within the Upper Atmosphere roughly the size of the Continental United States and tanked the kinetic shockwave caused by dispersing.

As we know fires can be dispersed by explosive shockwaves.  

The Swedish Air Force dropped a laser-guided bomb on a forest fire to help suppress the flames. The idea here is to snuff out fires the way you’d blow out birthday candles at the base. In Sweden, the shockwave from a single bomb snuffed out flames within a 100-yard radius of the impact point. Going by 100 meters equalling 1,000,000 m^3 caused by the Mark 82 bombs.…

The Mark 82 bombs pack about 89 kg of Tritonal high explosives, which can produce around 421.3 megajoules, going by division, which means that a typical explosive shockwave can generate about 421.3 J/m^3, now imagine the flames.

Volume of Fireball:1.277569121808e+18 m^3

Denisty of Air:1.225 kg/m^3

Mass of the Atmosphere:1.5650221742148e+18 kg


659 343 841 996 695 100 000 joule = 157 586.960 32 megaton [explosive]

Erza’s Slashing Secondary Shockwave:157.586 Gigatons of TNT(Large Island Level)


Assuming Low End, Erza would be exerting roughly 2.12 times the force as the Toba Eruption, a Mega Eruption 70,000 years ago that almost wiped out humanity and that’s purely the shockwave alone indirectly caused by the meteor, enough to put out a 4.172 Trillion Gallon Oil Fire or 99.33 Billion Barrels of oil. That’s over 99 times the energy burned by the Kuwaiti Oil Fires that took over 6 months to put out, with a single instantaneous sword swing.

Now for the thermal power to completely put out flames instantly.

Vaporization of Oxygen:213,125 J/kg

The temperature of Atmospheric Entry:3,825 °C 

Average Atmospheric temperatures: -15 C

Mass of the Atmosphere:1.5650221742148e+18 kg

Explosive shockwave:421.3 J/m^3

3,825 °C – -15 C=3840°C 

1.5650221742148e+18 kgx213,125 J/kgx3840°C 

1.280814147377392e+27 Joulesx421.3 J/m^3

5.396070002900952e+29 Joules

5.396070002900952e+29 joule = 128 969 168 330 000 megaton [explosive]

Erza’s Slashing Primary Shockwave: 128.969 Exatons of TNT(Moon Level+)

So even with the direct shockwave caused by the meteor being destroyed in the air that’s more than 4 times the force needed to destroy the moon via GBE.

Now for the fragments of the meteor scattered across the area

Deus Sama meteor fragments by IreneBelserion69

Meteor Fragment Length and width: 12px(34.4m)

Meteor Fragment Height:29px(83.133 m)

Meteor volume:98,376.26688 m^3

Density of Rock:22,590 kg/m^3

Mass:2,222,319,868.8192 kg(1/50,314th the meteor’s mass)

The fragments being flung are much slower than the meteor reaching 9km in under 3 seconds giving the fragments a speed of 3,000 m/s, far slower than average meteors.

Each of the meteor fragments falling would produce roughly 2.39 Megatons of TNT, which is still a devastating city buster.

Deus Sema broken meteor fragments:2.39 Megatons of TNT (Small City level+)

8k63 na pu.jpg

This is more or less equal to the power of One Russian R-12 missile pre fragment and as seen with the damage to mountains, each fragment is fatal.

Considering there are potentially 50,314 meteor fragments of this size if all of them are combined, the combined might of these fragments would be up to 120.251 Gigatons of TNT, that’s nearly 6 times the combined World’s Nuclear Stockpile in 1960 at over 20 Gigatons.

Thankfully most of the meteor fragments seem to have been destroyed by friction alone and the few remaining crashed into mountains.

now for the cutting force of her attack.

The meteor as we know is roughly 1,704.2265 m or roughly 67095.53in, adding Cirfurimfance of the slash, that is 210679.9642 inches across when you factor the slash of roughly 80.97464468882175 inches, the slashing force of Erza should be roughly 4.989887679499683e+31 Joules or 11 926 117 781 000 000 megatons or over 11.926 Zettatons of TNT to generate enough force to completely fragment the Asteroid with its intense slashing pressure.

Erza’s “Ultra Instinct” Slash:11.926 Zettatons of TNT(Small Planet level+)

Erza is slashing with roughly 10.42 times the GBE of Mars which would require over 1.144 zettatons of TNT to essentially destroy the planet Mars.

Or over 1.51 times the energy released by the sun daily which is 7.89 zettatons, all of this energy released by Erza in presumably less than a second.

Now that’s a shit ton of crazy destructive power Erza is unleashing at once. And this is not counting the fact she’s only using one hand……YES, THAT AMOUNT OF POWER WITH ONE HAND!

You can argue that with all but her right hand broken, this was only 25% of Erza’s hidden potential. Now, how strong would Erza be at 100% power with potential unlocked?

Multiplying this by 4 times and you get roughly 47.704 Zettatons of TNT as the striking potential for Erza, that’s on a par with the Theia Collision with Earth that created the Moon.  

Erza’s attack Potency would surpass that of Piccolo in the Raditz fight and be strong enough to potentially kill Raditz with her strongest sword slash as her attack potency is at least 2.75 times that of Piccolo’s Destructive Wave against the moon which is accepted at 17.34 Zettatons of TNT.

As of the recent Dragonball calcs and reevaluation, Erza is no longer anywhere near Sayain saga Piccolo level and below Budoaki 23rd Goku and Piccolo level

Erza’s Hidden Potential Slash generated the force of 11.926 Zettatons of TNT, Erza is slashing with roughly 10.42 times the GBE of Mars which would require over 1.144 zettatons of TNT to essentially destroy the planet Mars.

Or over 1.51 times the energy released by the sun daily which is 7.89 zettatons, all of this energy released by Erza in presumably less than a second. Nothing more to add to that, she’s just that awesome. 

Maintaining the same momentum used to slash and destroy the meteor and with Wendy’s Dragon Slayer Enchantments, Erza was able to essentially damage Irene badly enough to force her back into her human form.

This might not seem like a big deal at first glance given Wendy enhanced Erza’s attack but it should be noted that even with Dragon Slayer powers during the Dragon Festival Arc, none of the dragon slayers could put a serious injury on any of the Dragons. 

And these Dragons were FAR WEAKER than Irene.  

The same Irene within flashback in her normal base Dragon Slayer form who casually one-shot a Dragon

Given merely a 10 fold power boost is given to those who can use Dragon Force

And another 10 fold boost for Partial Drafgonciation form Natsu used during Dragon Cry

It’s only logical to assume Irene’s Dragon Force is 1,000 times stronger than the base, especially going by feats.

Fairy Tail 401 Page 13
Fairy Tail 401 Page 14

And should power scale to that of Ingeel who notably able to produce heat that would potentially destroy a small planet.

This would make Erza via her “Ultra Instinct Friendship “ form strong enough to bypass the dragon scales thanks to Wendy’s help meaning based on the fact Erza’s slash had over 11.75 Zettaons in verus Irene’s Deus Sema only have over 456 Exatons, Erza would be hitting Irene with over 25 times that force, force which Irene herself states would be tanked by her Dragon Scales implying that Erza would need to reach planet bursting strength levels without dragon slayer amp to do any serious injury to Irene. With dragon slayer amp, she cut through Irene’s scales with ridiculous ease. Which seems fairly consistent with everything we’ve seen within the series.

This is likely further proven when Erza uses her Heaven’s Wheel Armor to throw every single weapon in her entire Arsenal At Acnologia at full speed, likely channeling the very same power Erza used in her fight against Irene.

An Average sword in Erza’s Arsenal should weigh between 9,9 kg to 22 Kg, especially since Erza loves having large claymores and large swords with variable power depending on weight, cutting surface area and magic, elemental effects. Purgatory Sword and Giants Spear should weigh between 300kg to 700 kg on their own, the combined payload rain should be at least ‭20,800‬ kg with 8,000 kg added due to the Holy Hammer, with a volume of over 36.1 cubic meters of metal or 36,100,000 cubic centimeters of metal, that would give each of the 200 weapons an average of 3194.3615 in^2 of shear pressure area.

Let’s first get the kinetic energy of each weapon hitting you directly. 20,800 kg might not seem like much but imagine them moving nearly at the speed of light like Erza was against Irene.

Erza’s Speed:215,113,674.95 m/s (71.7 % SoL/Realsitstvic+)

Mass of all weapons: 20,800 kg


E=20,800×215,113,674.95 m/s^2/2

E=‭4.812484887651403e+20‬ J

481 248 488 765 140 300 000 joule = 115 021.149 32 megaton [explosive] or 115.021 Gigatons of TNT

Kinetic Energy of Erza’s Sword Rainstorm:115.021 Gigatons of TNT

Just the kinetic momentum of these projectiles has enough power to outpace our Nuclear Stockpile by over 5 times and this isn’t even close to the true attack potency.

Considering Erza’s strongest attack every displayed was roughly 11.926 Zettatons and this attack is likely in that ballpark of Erza’s meteor smash. That means that going by this formula of pressure, we can determine its power.

Erza appears to be 50 meters above Acnologia in this frame raining down the weaponry


P= 4.989887679499683e+31 

D=50 m

A=3194.3615 in^2 


Now let’s divide all that by 200

‭1.562092355389233e+24‬ Pascals or 2,266e+20 PSI

Erza’s Sword Rain Sword Pressure:‭1.562092355389233e+24‬ Pascals or 2,266e+20 PSI per sword

About half the pressure of Erza’s devastating meteor attack. While the attacks did nothing to Ancologia, it knocked him off into the ship which was the intention enough time for Fairy Sphere to be cast to incapacitate his Dragon Half. Yeah, the ending was dogshit but Erza was awesome and frankly the only cool part of this entire episode in my opinion.

Erza’s current power level or increase in the 100 year Quest is currently unknown for the time being however considering she’s developed a brand new technique and up against Fifth Generation Dragon Slayers who have proven to be 10 times stronger than an average Dragon Slayer.

To the point that they might possess a Dragon From even, Erza is likely overdue for a massive power boost very soon.

Especially if she not only has to deal with Kariya but Laxus as well.

100 Year Quest

Erza in 100-year quest has grown significantly stronger, to what degree of her power is currently unknown as there’s no defined A0E feat or is there any confirmation of any villain being comparable to the Sparrigan 12 or stronger, what can be said though is that she’s easily much stronger than she was before and we can use the very recent Fight with Laxus as a scale.

While obviously weaker than Laxus(  Due to Sexual dimorphism and the fact Laxus is almost 3 times her mass )  she’s shown to on par with him in power as recent as the last chapter,.

Which isn’t honestly too surprising considering both are S Class mages.  That being said Laxus is a monster of his own right known for his brute strength and high speeds.

Kinda like a  White Verison of the Raikage.

Anyways Laxus is known for his immense strength, able to defeat his father and his eitles within his guild with little effort on his part in the Grand Magic Games Arc.

As well as defeating the Might Jura Keenis, the 5th strongest Saint Wizzard in the land and said to be the strongest  Wizzard within the land putting him above Kagura and Minvera

Mind you two Sanit Wizards clashing casually created stormclouds covering a whole lakeside and were creating earthquakes and tsunamis from the sheer energy alone.

And Laxus was strong enough to easily one-shot Tmespster

Who is powerful enough to keep up with Lightning Flame Dragon Mode Natsu

And was able to blast away Ajeel’s sand Tsumnami easily.

Erza can easily make herself even stronger by increasing her power with Magical Enchantments she learned from Wendy which can channel powers from Natsu and Gray.

Which is enough to overpower Laxus slightly.

This fight is still ongoing so expect me updates on strength.

Now onto her speed feats.

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