How powerful is Erza? Erza respect thread Or why Erza is best Anime Waifu Part 2(Speed)

(A/N: MAJOR UPDATE! Erza got major upgrades as of chapters 43-44 of FT 100 Year Quest, hence the respect thread would be upgraded. Updates would continue to be made as to the seires progress)

Now for Part 2 of this respect thread, Erza’s speed.


 I already did an entire journal on how fast Erza was in the series, I’m going to put her best feats back here and add a few more we overlooked. Let

Add in the more notable calcs before adding anything new.

Pre Timeskip Speed

One of the newer and more casual feats was  

Now for speed. It took Erza merely a second to cross the distance of 3 monsters to cut them into literal ribbons. Erza casually dicing 3 monsters to 5cm long,4mm wide pieces of meat. This is an extremely impressive speed, strength and skill ability.

Going by Erza’s word, she slashed the monsters into 50mm long and 4 mm wide pieces so how big were the monsters and how much area she covered in a short amount of time?


Monsters(50% height frame):937px( 1,425.86 cm/14.26 m)

Monsters, estimated full height:‭2,851.73 cm/28.52 m

Monsters Diameter:169px(‭257.17 cm/

Monster volume: 188,603,181.352 cm^3/‭188.6 m^3/188603181352 mm^3

Density of flesh:1,010 kg/m^3

Mass of each monster:‭190,486‬ kg

Now for dividing the monsters by the pieces they were cut into

The volume of meat pieces: 800 mm^3

188603181352 mm^3/800 mm^3

Number of meat pieces per monster:‭235,753,976.69‬ meat pieces

Total number of meat pieces:707,261,930.07 meat pieces

Now for speed

The distance of the monsters:1339px(‭20.38 m)

Area of monsters:188.6 m^3

Overall Velocity:‭241,660.39 m/s or Mach 710.16

Erza’s Cooking Armor Attack speed: Mach 710.16(Massively Hypersonic)

Yes, her “Cooking Armor” despite being a joke armor is considerably faster than base speed and more or less the speed of her Heaven’s Wheel Armor and weaker Armors. All her lesser armor speeds would be scaled from this feat.

Fairy Tail 93 - Page 4

She’s shown Hypersonic base speed with this feat here alone. Going by this feat, she crossed over 60 feet in an instant while rocks were still falling. Given the free-fall speed of an object is 56 m/s and Erza crossed that distance while debris was starting to fall around 1 meter from her fall. Let’s do a measurement of that speed. 

Erza's  casual speed by IreneBelserion69

Erza’s Height:33px(1.75m)

Distance between debris and Hole: 308px (16.33m)

Timeframe: 0.29 sec

Firefall speed: 56 m/s

Freefall speed Distance character moved/Timeframe


6,306.7586 Meters per Second =Mach 19.03639783( Hypersonic)

Erza’s casual Clear Heart Armor Speed: Mach 19 ( Hypersonic)

Can block Ikagura’s slashes which can cover 10 meters in a millisecond

Which are fast enough to easily blitz Sho, a character who’s at least as fast as PTS Taraus.

Another impressive feat is Erza dodging energy arrows mid-flight from Evergreen and reacting to them while the arrows are 20 feet above her or 6.1 meters above.

Erza dodges Arrows by IreneBelserion69


Evergreen’s Arrow direction:6.1 meters upwards

The distance between arrows and Erza: 183px(6.4 meters)

Velocity: At least 7,753.1 Meters per Second ( Should be fast enough to tag Elfman)

Timeframe:1/1,271tn a second

Now for the proximity between the arrows and Erza

Erza dodges Arrows 2 by IreneBelserion69

Erza’s body(25% framed):219px( 0.43 m)

The velocity of arrows: At least 7,753.1 Meters per Second 

Timeframe: 1/71,788th a second

Distance Arrows were away from Evergreen=5.9 meters/6.1 meters

7,753.1 m/sx6.1+5.9/6.1=93,037.2

93037.2 Meters per Second = Mach 273.41

Erza’s Casual speed=Mach 273.41 (Massively Hypersonic)

She also casually blitzed Freed in a race summoning swords before he can react as a testament of her base speed.

Fairy Tail 154 - Page 15
Fairy Tail 154 - Page 16

Here’s her blocking her attacks thrown back at her.

Her reaction speed is even more impressive given she can react to Laxus Lightning speed attacks in her stronger armors at point-blank range. 

Distance between Laxus and Erza by IreneBelserion69

Erza’s Height: 265px(1.75m)

The distance between Erza and Laxus:699px(4.62m)

The velocity of the Lightning:440,000m/s


Distance Erza was from Laxusoint blank(0 m)

Timeframe: 1/95238.1th a second


440,000 Meters per Second = Mach 1293.015

Erza’s Speed via Black Wing Armor= Mach 1293.015 (Massively Hypersonic+)

Going by the stats here, Erza in Black Wing Armor is easily over 5 times faster than base form as well as 5 times stronger and 5 times more durable than base form as Black Wing Armor is a massive increase from base power going by narrative and by comparable feats. Given Flight Armor is a massive boost of speed as well as Armadura Fairy which should be 5 times faster, it’s safe to say Erza’s Maximum speed would be at least Mach 6,465

Base speed: Mach 273.41 (Massively Hypersonic)

Elemental Armors/Heaven’s Wheel Armor(X2 speed)= Mach ‭546.82‬ to Mach 710.16

Black Wing Armor(X5 Speed)= Mach 1,328.1225-1,367.05‬ (Massively Hypersonic+)

Clear Heart Clothing(X12.5 Speed)=Mach‭ 3,417.625‬‬ (Massively Hypersonic+)

Fairy Armor/Flight Armor(X25 Speed)= Mach 6835.25 ‬ (Massively Hypersonic+)

First Timeskip Speed

You thought Erza was fast before, you’ve seen nothing yet, time to see how much faster she becomes

As shown before, Erza is a Lightning doger in base form. Note even PTS Erza needs Armors to enhance her speed to dodge lightning, now she can dodge Lightning speed attacks without having to use Armors.

Erza dodges lighting by IreneBelserion69

Erza( Half her body framed here): 180px(0.875m)

The velocity of the Lightning:440,000m/s

The distance between Erza and Lightning:77px(0.374m)

Now for the distance of Rufus attack

Erza dodges 2 by IreneBelserion69
1equation 1446059911104

Mountain Height:67px( At least 3.6km high)

Mountain Length:199px( At least 10.7km long)

The distance between Rufus and Erza: 418px( At least 22.47km or 22,740 meters)

Timeframe: 1/19th a second


440,007 Meters per Second =Mach 1,328.1225

Erza’s TS speed casually=Mach 1,328 (Massively Hypersonic+)

Here’s the speed scale with her Pre Timeskip

Erza’s TS speed is at least 5 times faster than PTS speed given her base speed easily dodged a lightning speed attack in base form whereas her previous power needed Black Wing Armor to evade Lightning.

The speed increase is quite crazy from Pre Skip, given Base Erza is: Mach 273.41 this would make her much faster than before.

Erza’s TS speed is at least 5 times faster than PTS speed given her base speed easily dodged a lightning speed attack in base form whereas her previous power needed Black Wing Armor to evade Lightning.

The speed increase is quite crazy from Pre Skip, given Base Erza is Mach 1,328 this would make her much faster than before.

Base=Mach 1,328(Massively Hypersonic+)

Elemental Armors/Heaven’s Wheel Armor(X2 speed)= Mach 2,656(Massively Hypersonic+)

Black Wing Armor(X5 Speed)=Mach 6,640 (Massively Hypersonic+)

Clear Heart Clothing(X12.5 Speed)=Mach 16,600( Sub-Relativistic/ 1.88%SoL)

Fairy Armor/Flight Armor(X25 Speed)= Mach 33,200 (Sub-Relativistic/ 3.7%SoL)

Erza is also fast enough to block attacks while being unexpectedly switched with another fighter.

At full speed, she can blitz Kagura a fighter faster than her Flight Armor. That makes Erza’s full speed up to Mach 16,600 via power scaling in a short burst.

Erza next to Gildarts was the fastest Mage Marakov ever seen as even his experienced veteran eyes had never seen anyone move that fast before and even he barely registered her speed.  

This is further backed by her using her strongest armor which easily speed blitzed Minvera.

She also blitzed Minerva and removed her dress before she can notice

She processes enough speed to block a surprise attack from Kyokua, actually has enough strength to block her attack and kick her faster than she can react..

She was also able to dodge slashes from Kyouka and her retracting claws.

She also dodges and blocks Koykua’s attacks and catches her with her piercing armor

She can dodge flying pillars and deliver a kick to Kyoku’a face and a direct slash

Dodges more flying pillars thrown by Kyokua.

Most notably, able to blitz Kyokua without any of her senses and defeat her demon form meaning her speed qunptriled even that of Fairy Armor using linear scaling, Erza’s top speed in this “Ultra Instinct” form became roughly 37% the speed of Light here.

Second Timeskip Speed

Now for Second Timeskip…Oh boy! You think her speed was crazy then, you’ve yet to see anything from her.

Simply power scaling from previous feats, Erza is easily 5 times faster than previously.

Base=Mach 6,640 (Massively Hypersonic+)

Elemental Armors/Heaven’s Wheel Armor(X2 speed)= Mach 13,280 (Sub-Relativistic/1.5%SoL)

Black Wing Armor(X5 Speed)=Mach 33,200 (Sub-Relativistic/ 3.7%SoL)

Clear Heart Clothing/Rabbit Armor(X12.5 Speed)=Mach 83,000 (Sub-Relativistic/ 9.42 %SoL)

Fairy Armor/Flight Armor(X25 Speed)= Mach 166,000 ( Relativistic/ 18.84 %SoL)

And this is merely power scaling alone of a factor of five times from previous speed. Now for the mother of Erza speed feats, Deus Sama is a major speed boost for Erza.

A major feat from her fight in the Avatar Arc was effortlessly one-shotting Jetmore with her new 

Erza dodged a point-blank Ranyakyu style kick from Swan at near close range, an opponent who’s comparable top herself in speed.

Remember the Moulin Rouge feat? Time to go back to that o use as a reference to this feat.

The distance between Erza and the bullet:0.32m

Erza(50% her height)921px(0.875m)

Velocity::440,007 m/s

Timeframe: 1/‭846,167.3th a second

Distance bullet was away from gun= 0.52m/0.52m

Distance bullet was away from Erza= 149px(‭0.16 cm)

 440,007 m/s x0.52m+0.16m/0.16m/=‭‭1,870,029.75‬ m/s or Mach 5495.400

Erza’s Dragon Cry Bullet deflecting feat: Mach 5495.400

Erza’s bullet-deflecting from guns that can tag a suppressed Natsu and Wendy Second Timeskip would be ridiculously fast in speed. Erza is moving faster than the speed of hypervelocity star PSR B2224+65, which currently seems to be leaving the Milky Way at 1,610,000 m/s.

Erza Moving her limbs to stop bullets of this force in such speeds would be insane on her part as she would be moving not only her 22kg sword but her immense 90kg body armor, her body would be generating twice as much force as that of the bullet itself just to deflect the bullets away from her. Now comes the fun part, Erza deflecting the bullet.

Each bullet would be generating roughly 101,223,484,538,573.47 PSI that’s equivalent 11 436 717 686 000 Joules/In^2 Firing a bullet with 3 451 444 867 600 Joules/ in^2 in a 0.06548763 in^2 at the speed of 741,052.847 m/s would give the bullet’s attack potency roughly ‭‭1.450039542672218e+20‬ Joules or equal to 34.656 Gigatons of TNT. Meaning each bullet would have the energy density equivalent of 351 949 428 970 kilograms/1n^2, so combine that with 1,870,029.75‬ m/s and the area of the bullets being 0.06548763 in^2, Erza would be deflecting the bullets back with over ‭8.05596681518792e+22‬ Joules of force or over 19.254 Teratons of TNT in terms of attack potency.

Simply power scaling from previous feats, Erza is easily 5 times faster than previously.

Base=Mach 6,640 (Massively Hypersonic)

Elemental Armors/Heaven’s Wheel Armor(X2 speed)= Mach 13,280 (Sub-Relativistic/1.5%SoL)

Black Wing Armor(X5 Speed)=Mach 33,200 (Sub-Relativistic/ 3.7%SoL)

Clear Heart Clothing/Rabbit Armor(X12.5 Speed)=Mach 83,000 (Sub-Relativistic/ 9.42 %SoL)

Fairy Armor/Flight Armor(X25 Speed)= Mach 166,000 ( Relativistic/ 18.84 %SoL)

Erza dodges more energy blasts and explosions en route to attacking Eileen before the latter could put up a proper defense or dodge:

And then there’s her speed reacting to Deus Sema.

Back to this again, Erza reacted to Asteroid moving across space to earth in seconds.

As we showed in the anime timeframe, The meteor approached Earth in 3 seconds with a 2-second margin of error, if we include attack activation speed which took around 6 seconds, this would give Erza about 9-11 seconds to react to the spell used. This is consistent given the average use of words per minute is 150 and this is excluding anime logic. Erza spoke about 30 words in the timeframe Deus Sema was coming towards earth which is about 12 seconds which is more or less close to the time passed to react. 

Erza despite crippled was able to intercept the meteor moving at the same speed as the meteor itself and this is before further accelerating pass the speed she was in…Meaning if she went even faster than 61.6%c, does that mean she’s achieved the Speed of Light?

Going by this, very likely but let’s reaffirm this with hard calcs.

Deus Sama meteor fragments by IreneBelserion69

Meteor diameter:164px(1,704.2265 m)

Distance Erza is from Meteor:152px(1,579.527 m)

Distance from Sea Level: 928px(9,643.428 m)

Velocity of the meteor:184,837,262.3739922 m/s(61.65%c)

Distance bullet was away from Surface= 9,643.428 m

184,837,262.3739922 m/sx9,643

Distance the character moved = 13.934+35 m) x (Speed of projectile ) / (Distance the projectile was away from the tank = 35m)) 

184,837,262.3739922 m/sx9,643 m+1,579.527 m/9,643 m

Erza’s Speed:215,113,674.95 m/s (71.7 % SoL/Realsitstvic+)

So not quite Lightspeed but very close.

Deus Sema Cinematic Time

First, let’s factor Erza’s speed regarding her takeoff launch speed

Keep in mind she threw herself up into the air with one arm, which is impressive in itself.

Erza’s weight presumably: 54.43 kg

The distance achieved:9,643.428 m

Erza’s Speed:215,113,674.9557411 m/s (71.7 % c)

Erza’s throwing strength:2.518688004315843e+18 Newtons or 601.980 880 57 megatons of TNT(Mountain Level+)

Now for ForcexDistance.

2.518688004315843e+18 Newtonsx9,643.428 m

2.428878642408352e+22 Joules

Now comes the fun part, finding out how much cutting force/destructive power Erza has if she can spit a whole meteor in half and those halves violently fragment and break into so many pieces that they burn up.

Now for the final possible kinetic Energy of Erza colliding with the Asteroid before doing her devastating slash that destroyed it.

Erza’s speed:215,113,674.9557411 m/s (71.7 % c)

Mass:111,814,512,144,166.9 kg


E=2.587046393955001e+30 Joules 

2.587046393955001e+30 joule = 618 318 927 810 000 megaton [explosive] 618.318 Exatons of TNT 

Erza’s Kinetic Impact against Deus Sema: 618.318 Exatons of TNT(Small Planet level+) 

Erza has shown to be faster than before  as she’s able to evade strikes from a power-up Laxus   repeatedly keeping up with Laxus

Even blitzing him in some points of the fight

WHos known as one of the fastest characters in the seires

Able to move literally as fast as Lightning casually Pre Skip turning himself into a Lightning Bolt

And probably been able to easily surpass the speed of Natural Lightning with his Lightning blasts

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