How powerful is Erza? Erza respect thread Or why Erza is best Anime Waifu Part 3(Durability)

(A/N: MAJOR UPDATE! Erza got major upgrades as of chapters 43-44 of FT 100 Year Quest, hence the respect thread would be upgraded. Updates would continue to be made as to the seires progress)


Erza, as we all know, is an absolute tank in terms of durability. As covered in strength, she can casually move around her heavy Heart Kreuz Armor which is the best weight loss formula for exercise enthusiasts but how durable is Erza.

Just her eating habits alone is a hint. Erza easily eats 50 cakes a day. An average Cake has 267 calories per serving, Erza’s cakes have about enough for 12 servings, And Average food calorie is worth 4 186.8 joules, eating a single cake would give you roughly 3,204 calories, well pass the daily recommendation of calories a day, this would mean erza consumes on average 160,200‬ Calories of food, that’s equivalent to 670 725 360 joules or 186,312.6 watts of energy. This would offset energy lost of Erza considering she loses an average of 497 027.481 04 Calories meaning eating cakes along wouldn’t be enough to negate the energy lose she faces, meaning she has to consume an average of 500,000 Calories per day if we’re going by this energy, that’s the equivalent of over 2,115 hamburgers at once, meaning she would need to carry roughly hundreds of pounds of food. Which she is implied to do so in canon as most of them luggage she carries have food within them.

Now onto her introduction in an arc. Erza was seen walking to the guild carrying the horn of a giant monster which she implied to have carried over 35 kilometers walking which burns of 2,08 Gigajoules or 497,027 Calories but it doesn’t end there. It was strongly implied she just finished a mission as seen with the Horn she carried back in the guild so she implied to have wasted more energy,

 there’s also the fact she drove from Mongolia to Clover on her Magic Mobile Using her magic to power up the vehicle. Assuming the amount of energy used is equal to joules burned per gallon, 1 gallon of oil would burn around 158 040 000 joules at once, the average fuel consumption of cars is 25mpg or 40.2336 kmpg, meaning Erza would’ve burned up ‭189,648,000‬ Joules driving that fast,

That’s equal to and this is here conseravtie use of power, as discussed before, she carries 90.3 Kg of body armor on her daily and that alone is a physical strain but that about her combat armors?

Given Heaven’s wheel Armor weighs roughly 213kg and doubles her speed, to move at Mach 710 in that armor would exert an energy output of 6.235 Terajoules Per Second /1.49 Kt TNT/s 

This is equal to the power of 277.8 megawatts per second her body is burning off every second, this is twice the power the: average power consumption of a Boeing 747 passenger aircraft consumes every hour within a single second just to move in this armor. 

In the 1 minute she fought Eisenwald men, she would’ve exerted roughly ‭374.1‬ Terajoules per minute, which is equal to 103.92 Gigawatts of electricity per minute using that armor.

That’s the equivalent energy burned to the peak electrical power consumption of France in a single year in one minute. That’s the power of Erza’s stamina and that’s within one minute.

In the Lullaby fight, despite being heavily worn out and not at full power, she was able to still use her Heaven’s Wheel Armor in that fight for at least 2 in a half minutes before requiring into a far stronger Armor which is her Black Wing Armor.  

Meaning in that 2.5 minutes, Erza burned a total of roughly 935.25 Gigawatts of energy merely using the armor to move around her body, this is twice as much power burned as that produced by the total installed wind turbine capacity at the end of 2015 in roughly 150 seconds.

The black Wing Armor should weigh around ‭317.592 kg(‭698.7 lbs) and give Erza speed up to 465193.4m/s. Meaning simply to move around in that armor, Erza would need to burn ‭34,364,232,405,687.71‬ Joules of energy per second or 34.384 Terajoules per second, Erza uses this armor for about 1 minutes meaning she burned a total of 2 .1 Petajoules per minute.

That’s about 583.33 Gigawatts per minute, that’s more power than the world’s wind power production in a year in a single minute.

And Erza combined with all that could still fight some more though notably weakened by lack of rest sed up energy fighting Lullaby and then wandered the canyon to Fiore for several days, meaning she was awake for several days and had no food for that long.   

The means Erza burned a total of ‭5.4669‬ Petajoules of Energy within a single day with her ability to withstand being unable to eat and sleep for at least 3 days yet can still fight with enough power. That’s about 1.518 Petawatts of electricity

That’s about 1.1 more energy generated than a single denotation of the B-83 Nuclear Warhead which is the same nuke that our modern armies can launch from our fighter jets into the major city much like that of the Avengers movie.

That’s about 1.299 Trillion Calories Erza normally burns, that’s enough to equal the daily recommended calorie intake of ‭519,652,240 people, that’s enough to give every American 3,197 Calories of food daily that Erza regularly burns yet she can regain that much energy back with only 497 027.481 04 Calories of food, that’s insane energy efficiency on Erza’s part

Erza’s average daily energy exertion:1.299 Trillion Calories or  1,3 Megatons(City level+)

Now for more basic feats from Erza’s durability. 

A much smaller feat of durability was Erza tanking a fall to a Pit Trap with absolutely not a single scratch on her.  

This may seem like an extremely minor feat but keep in mind Erza is wearing 90.3 Kg of body armor in addition to her body weight.

It might seem minor but it was enough to break the ice covering Gray’s whole body so how much would the force of the fall hit you if you feel roughly 20 feet into a hole.

Falling over 6 meters in a hole with the mass of 151.6kg would have you fall at 10.84 m/s

Or 39.04 km/h, meaning it would take only 1.11 seconds, impacting your body with the force of 

8914.08 joules.  

That more than twice the force needed to break your Femur and do serious injury, the fact, Erza or Natsu aren’t hospitalized much less Erza can effortlessly shrug it off is a testament of her immense durability.

The formula for determining Gravity is G=V^2/ R.

G= 10.84 m/s /‭0.875‬ m

G=‭‭ 117/‭0.875‬ m

G=‭‭134.2921142857143‬ ‘s

Erza’s force landing force down the Pitfall: 134.29 G’s  

So yeah while nothing by Fairy Tail standards, this is an insanely impressive feat if a human would survive that, under that force falling, Erza’s body would feel as if 1,557.764‬ kg landed on her, this would be equivalent to a car crushing your whole body or a massive car engine falling on you, in short, this would kill a normal human.

Another major feat of durability/endurance from Erza was her tanking Jupiter Canon and getting right back up to fight again

Now for Erza’s Jupiter Canon feat.

As seen, the power of the beam was enough to part Lake Sicoria from a decent distance from the target. Before we redo this calc again let’s get the size of Lake Siclroia.

Lake Slcoria by IreneBelserion69

Area of Mongolia Town:61 px( 7160mx7160m=51,265,600 sq meters)

Lake Siclroia Length:442px(51,880.65 m)

Lake Siclroia Width: 158 px(18545.574 m)

Area of Lake SIlcoria:962,156,421.8360656 m^3 or 962,156,421,836,065.6 cm^3

Now for the depth of the Lake

Lake Slcoria 2 by IreneBelserion69

Fairy Tail Guild: 370px(25.8 m)

Clif Height:238px(16.595 m)

Lake Sicoria 3 by IreneBelserion69

Now for the lake’s depth.

Fairy Tail Guild:40px (25.8 m)

Cliff depth:438px(282.51 m)

Now subtract that from Cliff height and lake.

282.51m-16.595 m

Lake Sicorila Depth:265.915 m

Now for the volume of the Lake.

265.915 mx51,880.65 mx18545.574 m

Volume of Lake Siclroia:255,851,828,078.7964 m^3 or 2.558518280787964e+17 cm^3

The density of Water: 1,000 kg/m^3

Mass of Lake Sciloria:255,851,828,078,796.4 kg or 2.55×10^14kg or 67,588,902,237,478.61 Gallons of water

Jupiter canon blast by IreneBelserion69

Now for the parting of the water.

Frist the Phantom Lord Building.

Phantom Lord by IreneBelserion69

Phantom Lord Mech legs: 547px(265.915 m)

Phantom Lord Building Height: 585px(284.39 m)

And now for the distance between the building and guild.

Phantom Lord Building: 157px(284.39 m)

First picture

Juptier canon by IreneBelserion69

Guild Building:1,99px (284.39 m)

Beam Diameter: 154 px(220 m)

Beam Length:505px+603px=1168 px(1669.18m)

Now for the parting feat.

Water parting width:220 m

Water Parting length:1669.18m

Water Pariting Depth:265.915 m

Volume:97,685,021 m^3

The density of Water: 1,000 kg/m^3

Mass Parted:97,685,020,997.29237 kg or 9.7685×10^10 kg or 25,805,652,372.42959 Gallons of Water.

Now for attack speed. It should be at least 93,037.2 Meters per Second = Mach 273.41 to get the attack potency of Jupiter Canon.

97,685,020,997.29237 kgx93,037.2 m/sx0.5

422 776 891 991 652 800 000 joule = 101 046.102 29 megaton [explosive]

Jupiter Canon’s attack Potency: 101 Gigatons of TNT( Large Island level)

Now then let’s put forth the Tensile Strength of Erza’s Addmadtine Armor which tanked the blown. Time to measure the Armor to get the actual potency of Erza’s durability potency.

Assuming this armor is the absolute densest and most tough of armor in the Fairy Tail world, we’re going to go with Graphene for Tensile strength, the strongest material on Earth and Onsium, the densest material on Earth. Onsium which we used for Deus Sema’s density given it was enhanced to be harder than Steel has a density of 22.6 grams per cubic centimeters/ Graphene is the strongest material ever discovered and is not only 200 times stronger than steel but also stronger than diamond. Outlining its strength in technical terms, Graphenea states that graphene has an ultimate tensile strength of 130 gigapascals. That’s 18,854,905.9049 PSI or the equivalent of 2,130,318.244 1 joules.

Meaning a square of Graphene can tank easily over half a kg of TNT per square inch. Meaning per square inch, you can tank a Grenade blast to the face.

Meaning merely two square inches of Graphe could tank a 1kg explosive capable of instantly killing you at 2-5 meters

Now for the density of volume of this armor,Going by plating, it should have roughly the volume of Giants Armor minus the large arm but possibly greater thickness of armor plating and the helmet, considering 955 of her body is covered in plated armor and a human body has roughly 3,128 in^2 of skin covering their skin or 20180.60 cm^2, that would give the armor roughly the area of ‭19,171.57‬ cm^2


Armor Plate: 11px(5.37 cm/2”)

Erza’s Armor area:19,171.57‬ cm^2

Erza’s Armor Volume:‭102,951.3309‬ cm^3

Density of Osmium: 22.6 g/cm^3

Mass of Adamantine Armor:‭2,326.7 kg( 5,118 lbs)

Damn 2 inches thick, that’s intense, mind you merely an inch of stainless steel can stop even a 50 Caliber round, now imagine metal 200 times stronger than steel. Now imagine over 5,000 pounds of solid Onsiuim like metal with the tensile strength of Grapheme



Shield Length:225px(59.39 cm)

Shield Depth:18 px(4.74 cm/2”)

The volume of Shield:‭47,856.462‬ cm^3

The density of Osmium:22.6 g/cm^3

Mass of Shields:‭1,081.556 kg

The combined mass of Shields:‭2,163.11 kg

Shield spikes x10

Sheil spike height:63px(16.6 cm/7”)

Spike diameter:47px(12.38 cm/5”)

Volume of spilke:2,544.2 cm^3

Density of Osmium:22.6 g/cm^3

Mass of spikes:‭57.498 kg

Combined mass of Spikes:574.98 kg

Erza;s Adamantine Armor Set Weight:‭5,064.72 kg(11,432 lbs)

Well, shit, just the armor alone weighs an astounding 5 tons of metal, that’s almost the mass of an Entire Elephant on you.  

Or the mass of Two Hummers covering your entire body

Wearing this Armor alone would make your body feel as if it was under 82.6 times Earth’s Gravity or the equivalent of being under nearly 3 times the Gravity of the sun.

Yet Erza can effortlessly move around it. One of the most impressive showings of maneuverability of it is how fast Erza can block Irene’s Lasers which are fast enough to keep up with her Clear Heart Clothing yet Erza can still react to the beams using her shield. Merely moving at walking speeds alone with over 5 tons of metal would require at least 4.500 Joules of energy and roughly the same amount on your body to power this, that would be equivalent to the energy of a Shotgun blast yet Erza can move this 5-ton beast at speeds reaching towards Realststvic like no problem.

See the source image

If Armor like this exists in the real world, it would take roughly 121.825 Gigajoules of force or 29.117 tons of TNT to destroy this armor. That’s enough to tank 3 MOAB’s, the strongest non Nuclear Weapons Man has ever made.

That’s over 6 times the durability of the M1 Abrams Tanks total tensile durability to fragment the armor completely. Keep in mind the M1 Abrams Tank has 65,000 kilograms of Armor versus merely 5,064 Kilograms of body armor, that’s 77 times the durability of M-1 Armabs pound per pound Erza seems to carry around her.

Now for the real feat in hand, the sheer pressure and tensile strength of Adamantine Armor.

As we already know the Jupiter canon has an attack potency of 101 Gigatons of TNT which is 5 times the world’s Nuclear Stockpile, what we don’t know is the fact that it’s a continuous beam so it’s 101 Gigatons of TNT per second. It withstood the blast for 11 seconds before the armor begins to break down and finally burst at 20 seconds, meaning the Armor would’ve tanked a destruction force of roughly 2.02 Teratons of TNT meaning Erza’s Adamantine Armor would have roughly up to 1.11 Teratons as a limit.

Erza’s Adamantine Armor Durability: 1.11 Teratons of TNT(Small Country level)

Erza’s Adamantine Armor Total Destruction/Fragmentation limit: 2.02 RTeratons of TNT(Small Country level+)

However where not merely here to discuss just the durability of said armor, but also the sheer pressure it could withstand if it can tank a Teraton of force.

That laser alone would have shot roughly 2.347 Exawatts of power, that’s roughly Estimated energy contained in the world’s petroleum reserves as of 2010 in just 20 seconds of that laser being fired, Erza tanked all that energy with her armor absorbed of it but how much it absorbed within square inches.


P= 8.4492e+21 joules


A=57186.7 in^2

P=‭88,510,996,285,615.56‬ Pa or 12,837,434,665.49412 PSI

Erza’s Adamantine Armor Durability:88,510,996,285,615.56‬ Pa or 12,837,434,665.49412 PSI

Damn, that’s fucking a lot of pressure that Armor could withstand within a single square Inch. That would be 1/8th the pressure of the Pressure inside an Ivy Mike-like nuclear bomb detonation of about 5.3 billion bar. In other words, that armor can easily tank a Nuclear bomb.

Yet despite exerting all her energy form stopping a death laser. Erza was able to get back up and tank a direct attack from Aria who has attack potency equivalent to a Hurricane and later

fought Jose in 30 minutes to fight almost on par with Jose admitting had not for Jupiter Canon, she would come close to beating him, that’s one hell of durability feat.

Another major durability feat from Erza is her tanking a direct slash against her shoulder from Ikagura.

Who can effortlessly slice through all her armors including her infamous Purgatory Armor? A massive bulky armor is heavier than most of her armor.

Despite being weakened by Ikagura and their intense battle, half powers Erza was still able to defeat Jellal despite taking hits from Jellal as well, though should be noted both Jellal and Erza were only half their power and Erza was still holding back.

Another notable feat is how she tanked by Evergreen’s Fairy Bomb: Gremlin attack even without any armor, the same spell one-shot Elfman.

Another example of Erza’s immense durability is taking a direct Lighting Blast from Laxus, keep in mind Erza wears over 90kg of Steel Plated Armor so needless to say.

Yet despite being hit directly a cheap shot Lightning blast off guard, she got back up within merely a minute.

Keep in mind Laxus Lightning much like all Dragon Slayers with their element surpasses the power of natural Lightning which Laxus can casually overpower with a casual Lightning Blast. A typical Lightning bolt has over

Another major feat of Erza was taking 2/3rds of Thunder Palace Lacrima blasts herself. As i went over before, Thunder Place had an attack potency of 31.516 581 338 megaton which is City busing destructive power, Given Erza tanked 2/3’s of its force, it’s likely she tanked 20.79 Megatons of TNT in overall attack potency. But how much electricity would that be she tanked.?

The sheer power of 2079 Megatons of TNT exploding would be equal to that of 24 162 600 000 000 watt-hours or 24.162 Terrawatts per second, that’s roughly 1.33 times average total power consumption 

of the human world in a single year. HOLY SHIT THAT’S A WHOLE LOT OF VOLTS ERZA TANKED.

Another feat was Erza tanking a weakened Jellal’s magic blast.

The very same blast sent Natsu flying.


Another major durability feat from Erza was able to tank Midnight’s magic, wrapped up in her armor again, and then is blasted by a tornado vortex of Midnight’s magic, yet is still able to fight afterward: Now for the feat in question

Crater depth and Erza’s diameter:35px(1.75m)

Crater Diameter:189px(9.45 m)

The volume of rock:‭156.28 m^3 or 156,280,000 cm^3

Density of Rock: 2,700kg/m^3

Mass destroyed:421,954.3125 kg

Puirlevization Energy: 214.35 j/cc

‭90 446 268 600 joule = 21.617 177 008 ton [explosive]

Minium energy needed to create the crater/Spiral Pain’s AoE: 21.617 Tons of TNT (City Block level)

That’s roughly equal to that of nearly 10 Oklahoma City bombings however let’s now factor attack potency into the mix. Going by speeds feats, Midnight should have speed at least comparable to Black Wing Armor which has a speed of Mach 1,328 or. 400,000 m/s


P=421,954.3125 kgx. 400,000 m/s

D=9.45 m

A=4,746.884494 sq in

P=‭6.751269e+16‬ Pascals or 9,791,887,825,666.793 Psi

Spiral Pain’s Air Pressure:‭6.751269e+16‬ Pascals or 9,791,887,825,666.793 Psi

The pressure of Midnight’s attack is so intense it’s over 2.7 times that of the pressure inside the Sun’s Core, that’s a mindblowing amount of pressure when you factor attack speed, now for the amount of force Erza tanked.

The area of the crater is roughly ‭89.3025‬ m^2 or 138,419.151838 sq in in^2, the overall attack potency of Spiral Pain is roughly 1.355384807721635e+18 Joules of TNT or 323.944 Megatons of TNT.

Midnight’s Spiral Pain Attack Potency:323.944 Megatons of TNT

 that’s enough force to equal the force of  6 Tsar Bombas to the face at point-blank range. Erza’s a beast tanking the attack. And standing back up later on.

Tanked a blast that obirleated a small floating island and still was able to fight her counterpart and tanked a 3km fall fighting her opponent despite the impact leaving a fairly large crater.

There’s also the insane feat of both durabity and strength of Kinghtwalker and Erza’s clash with her Heaven’s Wheel Armor and Gravity core Spear which generates insane amounts of pressure and Gravity but how dense.

the formula for detemrmrning Gravity is G=V^2/ R.

As seen with Erza’s cooking armor, the speed at which she can achieve with Heaven’s Wheel Armor via power scaling is 241,660.39 m/s or Mach 710.16. We’ll use that speed and half their height as radius

G= 241,660.39 m/s /‭0.875‬ m

G=‭‭58,399,744,094.9521‬ /‭0.875‬ m

G=‭66,742,564,679.94526‬ G’s

Gravity Core’s Gravity:G=‭66,742,564,679.94526‬ G’s

Damn, that’s rough 1/10th the Gravitational pressure of a Neutron Star that Erza tanked outright with Nightwalkers attack hitting her, making her body many times more. Given Erza weighs 61.36 kg or 135 lbs and Erza’s Heaven’s wheel Armor set weight:‭213.56 kg, the combined mass of her weighs 274.92kg or 604.832 lbs, meaning Erza’s body under Gravity Core would weigh a staggering ‭40,368,038,880,500.65‬ kg or 4.036e+13kg, 4 timers the mass of a Large Comet

Erza’s: 69px(5.5 feet or 1.667 meters)

Crater Diameter: 558 px ( 44.49 feet or 13.48 meters)^2

Crater Depth: 133 px ( 10.584 feet or 3.21 meters )

The volume of rock destroyed: 583.290384 m^3

Density of soil : 1,700 kg/m^3

Mass of soil destroyed:991,593.6528 kg

Now for free-fall speed of the object

Remnant of Island

Length of remnant island:59 px (4.258 meters)

Width of island:44 px ( 3.1756 meters)

Height of the island remnant:27 px (1.95 meters)

Erza’s : 23 px (1.66 meters)

Volume of the rock:26.36732436 cubic meters

Density of concrete: 2,400 kg /m^3

Overall mass:63,281.578 kg56 m/ second

3 513 978 220 702.215 joule = 839.860 951 41 ton [explosive]

Overall force both Erza’s tanked via free-fall: ot 839 Tons of TNT(Multi-City Block level+)

 And that’s the force Erza tanked, with no magical power left.

‭ Now for the fall.

Using the freefall calculator, the island would’ve fell at the speed of at 242.49 m/s or 872.95 km/h, this would mean the island would impact the ground in 24.74 s. Erza impacting the ground at that speed with her 61.3kg frame would impact the ground at ‭51,451.22 G’s, HOLY SHIT!

Not only did Erza tank the explosive force greater than any non Nuclear explosion ever With NO MAGIC, but she also tanked over 1000 times the G force needed to kill a human being, WITH NO FUCKING MAGIC!

Erza Anime GIF - Erza Anime Attack GIFs
Erza GIF - Erza GIFs

Another example of Erza’s extreme durability is tanking not one but two of Azuma’s strongest attacks, 

shortly after taking a Wooden fist to the stomach

And his lesser Tower Brust which effortlessly one-shotted Mest, Pantherilly and Wendy.

And effortlessly destroyed an entire fleet of Rune Knight ships from a distance towards the ocean. given a battleship has the durability ranging from Multi-City Block level to Small Town level, it’s easily a casual Town level attack, if not much stronger.

[video-to-gif output image]

Azuma’s blast was powered up by the magical power he stole from Tenrou Island and Erza was wearing an armor that had zero defensive capabilities whatsoever and was already low on magical power herself yet tanked over 426.063 Gigatons of TNT dead on her body.

Yet despite being hit with enough heat and energy to cremate you instantly, can still survive and fight on.

Her durability is further displayed within the Timeskip.

During the Second Origin, everyone but Erza was affected by extreme pain. Erza outright tanked the pain of Second Origin, implying her body is extremely tolerant of pain, a fact that would come to play much later.

Another major feat of Erza’s was fighting all 100 Monsters at once, each of them a considerable threat to any S Class mage

The Grand Magic Games organizers created 100 monsters classed by their battle power from D to S: There were 1 S class, 4 A-class, 15 B class, 30 C class, 50 D class, a total of 100. All of them were destroyed by Erza Scarlet during the third day’s event: Pandemonium.

As the Pumpkin hints, each monster has a tenfold power increase from their base counterparts. With the S Class Monster scaling to Saint Wizard level and becomes 3 times stronger than the base if all monsters were defeated.

Keep in mind S Class mages like Jellal can generate massive meteors that 

S Class= Country level+( 7.83 Teratons-23.49 Teratons of TNT)

A Class monster=Large Island Level+(783 Gigatons of TNT)x4=3.132 Teratons of TNT

B Class monsters=Island level+(78.3 Gigatons of TNT)X15=1,1175 Teratons of TNT

C class monsters= Island level(7.83 Gigatons of TNT)x30=234 Gigatons of TNT

D Class monsters= Mountain Level+( 783 Megatons of TNT)x50= 39,150

Combined attacks Erza tanked during the Panderioum trial:28.01265 Teratons of TNT(Country Level+)

Here’s a bonus of erza being awesome in this event.

Erza tanks a powerful spell from Minerva, one capable of destroying half of a multistory building, without any defensive armor on with a massive beam of light seen across Crocus. A testament of her immense durability.

Another feat is, of course, tanking the massive slash from Kagura from her sword, which as we know delivered a payload of 3.298563335814859e+22 joules or 7.883 Teratons of TNT however all that energy impacted Erza’s shoulder and caused merely a light wound.   

 Outputting the force of that attack directly at the sword with an area of 80.97464468882175 in^2, meaning erza is tanking the force of roughly ‭4.0735e+20 Pa or the force equivalent of 59,081,122,464,315,496 PSI or 5.91e+16 PSI

That’s essentially the equivalent of your body being ‭16,294‬ times the Pressure inside Sun’s core (250 billion bar), HOLY FUCK, Erza’s body density is enough to tank pressures greater than the fucking sun.

Erza’s Skin tensile Strength: ‭4.0735e+20 Pa or 5.91e+16 PSI

Which is pretty weird and inconsistent that she can be injured with a mere stone slab yet can tank the pressure equal to 16,000 suns, guess we can chalk it to either Erza low on energy or plot induced stupidity. Kagura is understandable as she’s out of magic but erza still hand some left, oh well.

Despite literally having a broken freak in leg

Despite that, she was able to take even more damaged while weakened getting pumped through stone pillars by Minvera’s magic.

Erza Scarlet Vs Minerva Territory GIF - ErzaScarletVsMinerva Territory Magic GIFs

And despite those grievous injuries can not only get a second win but use the Nagamaki Armor which drains magic. She was able to dash at full speed completely ignoring her leg injury despite her foot having broken bones and blitzing Minvera.

However it’s what she does next that’s impressive, despite having severe injuries, Erza tries on the Namgakai Armor for the very first time, an armor said not to be wielded for the last 10 years.

Given this ability to absorb and negate magic, it’s safe to scale the mass and power of Namagaki Armor to the Energy Absorbing Effects of the Eclipse Gate. The bare minimum energy output it would need is over 2.9288e+22 joules or over 8.135 Exawatthours of Electricity, that’s enough energy to power the entire world for 58 years, 6 months,28 days, 6 hours, 31 minutes and 40 seconds for this gate would at the bare minimum require over 58 times the Annual consumption of Energy of the world in 2010 just to function .

Considering Minerva scales to Kagura and both are country level, this is relative to the amount of power that the Eclipse Gate has to absorb. However, the real feat is Erza withstanding that much magical drain at once via Namakgai Armor. Erza spends a full minute and a half in this armor and uses that time to kick Minvera’s ass.  

That means Erza burned up roughly 732.15 Exawatts of energy or roughly ‭2.63592‬e+24 Joules of energy she burned, that’s about Half the Total energy from the Sun that strikes the face of the Earth each year or energy of nearly 5 times the impact energy of the Chicxulub Asteroid impact which killed the dinosaurs, this is all while severely weakened.

It’s no wonder Erza was given the title “MVP” of the Grand Magic Games event.

Yes, even Laxus who’s shown to be at the very least physically stronger than Erza.

Who defeated the 5h Strongest Mage Jura Keneeis

And defeated an entire guild

Isn’t as MVP as Erza.

Larter in the dragon festival Arc, she withstood a direct blast from Altas Flames, a Dragon who can produce Hellfire flames, with flames roughly as hot as the Core of the earth, the fact she survived in an already weakened and injured state is a testament of her durability.

Yet despite her injuries, she was able to fight against Motherglare’s minions, ablet she was almost killed having reached her limit during that and would’ve died had not for Jellal and yet even then fought side by side with Jellal despite being heavily injured

In the Sun Village Arc, she was turned into a child and yet despite being drastically weakened, survived a brutal beating from Minvera and then was able to fend of Minerva once she returns to an adult with little issue.

The Tartarus Arc is where her durability is best showcased.

In this arc, Erza is captured and tortured by evil Lesiban Sadist Kyouka who can enhance pain sensory levels on her victims. Erza was repeatedly tortured for several hours at the very least restrained by Magical Handcuffs.

Despite this, despite being tortured and being hit with presumably enough voltage to fuck your body pretty badly, Erza emerged out having pulled a Houndidi Escape routine and effortlessly smashed through a brick wall while also breaking the spine of an Optcpus, which i didn’t think was even physically possible given they have no spines

Despite her state, she was able to take more punishment from Kyouka as she was toss through a stone wall yet easily shrugged it off and smiled from it.

Now time for the really big feat here, Erza’s Infamous Five Sense feat.

Erza’s durability was lowered so badly that even a breath of fresh air feels like being fried with 50,000 Watts.

The most comparable thing to this within the real world trigeminal neuralgia. It is commonly described as feeling like lightning is hitting your face, but trigeminal neuralgia, which can be felt almost anywhere on a person’s head, really originates from the trigeminal nerve’s function is disrupted. It is more common in females than men, and it is estimated that at least 1 in 20,000 people experience it. There is no cure for trigeminal neuralgia, however, it can often be managed with therapy and medication. Episodes can last from just a few seconds to several hours, and in particularly nasty cases, something as light as a gush of air can set it off.

air has a density of approximately 1.225 kg/m³ .…

The normal maximum mouth opening (MMO) is approximately 48 millimeters for humans. this would make a human breath 110592mm³ or 0.0001105920m³ giving a human breathe roughly 0.000138125 kg or 138.125 Milligrams.…

A reasonable average for the volume of air we breathe when resting would be 1.8 liters/min – or about 3 pints/min. This translates into a speed that varies from the wide diameter of the single trachea, through the 2 bronchi down to the many bronchioles inside each lung. The speeds seem to be: Trachea : 8.8 miles/hour or 3.93 m/s (about 13 ft/sec

The kinetic energy of the average human breath should be no more than 0.00106666340625 Joules of Energy or roughly 1.1 Millijoules or over 100 times weaker than the energy of an American half-dollar falling 1 meter.

Fairy Tail 403 Page 13
Fairy Tail 403 Page 14

Under kyouka’s curse, Erza’s body was weakened so badly that her skin and brutality was so sensitive, she could be damaged with merely less than 1.1 Millijoules of energy, so going by merely judging by human standards, 1.1 Millijoules of energy would equal being hit by an M-16 bullet that contains 1,800 Joules of force, that’s at bare minimum making someone over 1,636,363.63 times less durable to the point even the simple act of breathing would be fatal but this is in scale to a normal human which Erza isn’t.

Erza in the same Arc can casually dash through a whole Island-sized cube with no injuries. Erza can produce up to 2.9288×10^22 joules of force and tank just as much in the timeskip so she’s been weakened durability wise over 4.792581799544e+28 times or 47.93 Octillion times. 

Fairy Tail 404 Page 11

Erza was being hit multiple times by Kyouka who could barely withstand air on her skin hitting her like bullets and blades, an opponent who can increase her power almost infinitely and was growing twice as powerful every minute, with merely singular blows from Kyouka feeling as if her body was being ripped apart.…

Going by the information, the power to tear off a limb is less than the peak power provided by 2 horses (15 hp)This is about 22 000 J/s, or, if they do that in 1 second, 22 000 J or 200 kN. If Ezra’s durability is roughly 6.44336e+23 joules or 154 Teratons of TNT Force.

Fairy Tail 404 Page 12

it would take up to Large Country level force to rip her apart and that’s ignoring the fact Erza completely shrugged off the force of being ripped in half despite her opponent getting stronger and this was with durability so weak wind itself can hurt her

If we scaled a normal human to that of Erza’s durability, a normal human would go from being killed by Handguns at 350 Joules to needing 12,599,999,951 joules or 3 Tons of TNT to put down or the yield of 6 Bunker Busters to put down.

This would give her an insane Endurance that would take up to at least 11 454 545 410 000 megatons to 11.454 Exatons of TNT force to ensure she stays down presently. HOLY FUCKING SHIT! That means that Erza has essentially tensile strength of her body exceeding anything on planet Earth. If we divide the pressure of Erza’s body to that of skin area. An average adult has roughly 3168 square inches of skin on their body, Erza’s durability at its peak would exceed 4.7925817995e+28 joules before her body explodes, this means Erza’s flesh has a tensile strength of ‭1.569627840909091‬e+25 Pascals of force or 2.276552711234789e+21 PSI

Erza’s Skin Tensile Strength(Tartarus Arc):1.569627840909091‬e+25 Pascals of force or 2.276552711234789e+21 PSI

This is over 159.96 times Pressure inside the core of a white dwarf at the Chandrasekhar limit, Erza’s body would require the force of a Neutron Star to rip her apart. Now for the overall limit of Erza normally.

This is essentially the equivalent of tanking 257 215 909 680 000 000 000 joules per square Inch or 61.476 Gigatons of TNT, that’s like every square inch of your body taking the force of the world’s Nuclear Stockpile times Three. Apply that to Erza’s skin and we get a durability limit of 8.1486000186624e+23 joules or 194.756 Teratons of TNT as her default durability limits.

Erza’s normal durability limits:194.756 Teratons of TNT (Large Country Level+)

The energy needed to dismember Erza/destruction of Erza’s Body(Tartarus Arc):11.454 Exatons of TNT(Multi Continent Level+)

Difference between Durability limits and Willpower:‭58,812 times over limit

The extent of Kyouka’s weakening of Erza: 4.792581799544e+28 time or 47.93 Octillion times. 

GOD FUCKING DAMN, Erz’a is an aboustle monster in terms of durability and this is without armor. Human flesh is  

As if that’s not insane enough, Erza’ WITH NO SENSES proceeds to beat down and curb stomp Kyokua channeling the fullest extent of her power. Keep in mind Erza is hitting Kyouka with the fullest extent of her attack Potency even under the effects of Kyouka’s curse. Assuming a causal punch from Clear Heart Clothing equals the force of 2.9288×10^22 joules, Erza is not only taking 2.9288×10^22 joules of force, but it’s also being straight up multiplied by 1,636,363.63 times meaning her arm should’ve been obliterated. Needless to say, Erza’s quite the beast in terms of durability.

Then again when you’re the daughter of the Queen of dragons that survived torture, hulimationbeatings and peven gangrapes for 3 straight years brutal torture is not that big of a deal, speaking of which, we finally come to the Alvarez Arc.

You thought the Tartarus Arc was gambit for Erza’s Durability, this arc pushes it to another level.

Erza survived being kicked at full force by Swan who one-shotted her Heaven’s Wheel Armor.

Going by power scaling alone Swan should be easily comparable to the Sparrigan 12 along with all the Three Stars.

Her casual stomp seems to be reveately on par with Brandish’s casual feat of Island titling and should be between Ajeel and base Irene in terms of overall attack potency given she easily overwhelmed Heaven’s Wheel Armor Erza.

In Dragon Cry Erza was able to tank Swan’s strongest attack Grand Frounte which as a torrent of powerful leg powered energy blasts from her Stelalmmnium Gualents.

Then there’s the fact she clashed evenly with Swan, BAREFOOTED WITH NO ARMOR PLATING AGAINST STELLARIUM ARMOR PLATING.

Yeah, you try kicking what appears to be a fusion of Diamond plated armor with the Density of Depleted Uranium with the tensile strength of Platinum so it’s composite armor of some kind. Just how durable and dense are Swan’s gauntlets.

Swan’s Gualent

Upper Gauntlet

Gauntlet Cir:39px(21.46 cm)x3.14=67.39 cm/ 27 inches

Gauntlet Height:32x(17.6 cm)

Galuent Depth:5 px(2.75 cm)

Volume:‭‭3,261.676‬ cm^3

Density of Platinum:21.45 g/cm3

Mass of Upper Gauntlet:‭69.9629 kg(

Combined mass of Upper Gauntlet:‭‭139.9259004‬ kg(

Now for the Lower Gauntlet

Gauntlet Cir:28 px(15.4 cm)x3.14=‭48.356‬ cm

Gauntlet Length: 62px(34.1 cm)

Galuent Depth:5 px(2.75 cm)

Volume:‭4,532.67089‬ cm^3

Mass of the Lower Gauntlet:‭97.225 kg

The combined mass of lower Gauntlets;‭194.451581181‬ kg

Swan’s Gauntlet Weight: ‭167.188 kg each, ‭334.376 kg together

Yes, Erza clashed with a foot wearing Armored plating on each leg weighing nearly 3 times her body weight. Mind you a human’s leg is about 17.5%. a person’s body weight, Erza’s leg would weight about 11.63 kg colliding with another 11.63 kg leg with the weight of ‭167.188 kg which is just insane.

As we know the composite Armor Swan has should have the Tensile Strength of Diamond as Stellarium is a Diamond-like substance, giving her feet the tensile strength of 100 GPa or 14,503,773.773 PSI. Contrast that with Erza’s barefoot which only has the tensile strength of 15 Mpa or 2175 PSI. Going by tensile strength, mass and Density Erza’s barefoot tanked roughly ‭95,862.145 times the tensile strength limit of an average leg.

If the weight of 167.188 kg mass of metal hits your leg at fast speeds, your leg would be broken, now imagine if you’re kicking at roughly 28244070m/s with the kicking pressure equal to Erza’s own ‭9.053600534022588e+23‬ Pa or 131,311,373,976,575,590,000 Psi or `1.31e+20 PSI Leg Pressure strike. With Equal force exerted amongst their legs, Swan’s leg and Erza’s Legs had to exert at least ‭1,579,658,396,366,139‬ G’s moving their legs at this speed with Swan’s leg hitting Erza with the force of ‭2.64099927971662e+17‬ kgs against Erza’s ‭1.83714271497382e+16‬ kg leg eqauilvent, needless to say, Erza’s legs are fucking strong.

Now for Swan’s Leg pressure. It’s safe to say she scales on par with Erza’s Celestial Armor meaning she has an attack potency of but the added edge of concentrating her Leg pressure within her immensely powerful gauntlets. Swan’s Gualents should have an area of 5984.275 cm^2 per leg or 927.56448013 in^2. The force equal to 8.844858e+28 Joules on the leg would create up to ‭9.535572124064492e+25‬ Pacsa; ls of pressure holding her leg with Erza’s. That’s Neuton Star Surface levels of pressure or the equivalent of 1.562600251e+21 joules/in^2 or the equivalent of 373.470 Gigatons of TNT per-Square Inch.

HOLY SHIT! That mean s pre every Square Inch, Erza tanked the equivalent of 5Super Eurotpons of destructive power…PER SQUARE INCH! Those legs aren’t just THICC, they’re lethal to anything Erza or Swan touches.

No wonder merely tapping her foot created a strong enough shockwave to outright knock Erza’s Heaven’s Wheel Swords out of the air so easily, those legs are generating so much pressure that it could effortlessly crush a Mountain Range. Now Imagine colliding head-on with a leg that has ‭95,862.145 times harder defense to your moving at Sub Relativistic speeds of with the mass 3 times your body weight on one leg with Multi Continent Attack Potency with Pressure as great as a Neutron Star

Now imagine if the said leg was stopped and your face was between two thicc thighs roughly 31 Inches in Circumference, this would be the best death you’re granted in the nano-seconds before your head is crushed to death by Erza’s Thicc Thighs.

Erza’s Leg G-Force Durbality Timeskip:1,579,658,396,366,139‬ G’s or 2.64099927971662e+17‬ kg

Erza’s Leg Pressure:9.053600534022588e+23‬ Pa or 131,311,373,976,575,590,000 Psi or `1.31e+20 PSI 

Difference between Swan’s Gauntlet Tensile Strength and Erza’s bare legs: ‭95,862.145 times 

Erza’s Leg Durability/ Swan’s kicking Potency:9.535572124064492e+25‬ Pascals or 1.3830178088355646e+22

Erza(suppressed by Marin Hollow) struggled to overpower Ajeel as he caught her off guard and drained her of water.

Erza has her sense of pain magnified again by Kyoka, is whipped by her talons repeatedly, and even has Kyoka stab her with her thumb, yet Erza shrugs all of it and dispels the technique that reanimated Azuma, Ikaruga, and Kyoka, thus defeating them:

A weakened Erza who barely recovered from her fight with Ajeel and Neiheart’s Historias Went to fight once more. This time against an army of soldiers, who later had their stats skyrocket. Did better than the others except for Gildarts, Erza was stabbed and beaten Irene’s Enhanced soldiers.

To note base soldiers could hold their own against a Suppressed Natsu and able to damage him slightly via combination attacks. With Enchantments, they should be at least comparable to Brandish’s casual power.  

Then there’s the afffmentioned Durability feat with Erza stopping Natsu and Gray form killing themselves, we already went over how Erza exerted over 1.56999619047619e+27‬ Pa or 2.2770869571138474e+23 PSI to stop Natsu and Gray’s attacks at full force and speed but what would be the force needed to avoid being completely obliterated by the sheer Temperatures of both attacks?

Energy Grey/Natsu produces:93,000,000,000 calories/kg

93 Million Degrees Minus -273.15°C=20,000=93000273.15

Erza’s Weight: 63.1 kg

Heat and Frost Erza tanked:‭5.45753502926145e+20‬ Joules or 130.438 Gigatons of TNT

Yep in addition to taking Multi Petatons of Force, Erza tanked Temperatures that are enough to instantly vaporize a small country. Given Gray and Natsu scale to a full power Erza, she’s at least tanking Exatons of force along with Gigatons of heating energy

Keep in mind Natsu casually one-shotted Dimaria in his weakened END state

The same woman who fodderized Kagura, a casual mountain buster with a Country-level slash

And casually one-shot Brandish.

The same woman who casually shrunk Cacrlole Island

And is said to be easily as powerful as Ethertion, a Multi Continent level Space laser that can vaporize a whole country.

Ans Gray himself defeated Inveel

Who is superior to Ajeel and God Serena and only below the big 3 Sparrigan.

So Erza stopping both attacks with her bare hands alone would put her maximum power above Multi Continental level, which goes about right for her Dragon Cry movie scaling.


And despite her injuries went to fight against Irene Belserion, her mother who was former Queen of Dragons and currently the strongest woman in the Fairy Tail world.

The same woman who can shrink an entire country roughly 1/20th it’s the size and rip an Island off its continental Plate.

And Same woman who can hold her own against Human Ancolgoia.

She’s tanked blows from Irene and kept coming back.

After Eileen enchants herself onto Wendy Marvell, Erza can tank two explosive attacks and one of Wendy’s Sky Dragon Slayer attacks and remain conscious. 

Erza is able to withstand being hit by Eileen’s dragon form, which broke nearly all of the bones in her body, Keep in my her Dragon Form is easily 1000 times her already stronger than base at the very least, this would mean Erza would’ve tanked a Moon level Attack Potency strike that broke every bone in her body.

To break 75% of the bones in your body, that would be instantly fatal to any human with only a handful of people in history every suffering Grievous Injuries. It’s especially near impossible to survive an attack from a Dragon of all things, as I covered within my Fairy Tail First Timeskip alone, an average Dragon weighs about 2,300 tons of solid muscle and scales, Irene’s fist should weigh about 1.337 Tons , this moving at roughly as fast as Deus Sema at 184,837,262.3739922 m/s should impact Erza with the force of ‭4.567835573227639e+19‬ Newtons casually and this is not taking into fact power scaling

Which should put Irene’s casual DC on par with the Highest end of the attack at a stunning 223.969 Exatons of TNT or the equivalent of the mass-energy 9.5556241465e+28 kilogram-force meters, Now for the PS1 of that punch concentrated amongst Irene’s fist. Irene’s Dragon Fist should have the area of 14,895.52979106 in^2, dividing by area, the punch should generate roughly ‭6.4150950966498e+24‬ Pascals or over 930,430,880,140,902,700,000 or 9.3e+20 PSI.

This is actually twice the pressure Erza generated with her slash against Deus Sema. Erza tanked that force along with the sheer force of the punch which the force of 4.567835573227639e+19‬ Newtons with Irene’s fist hitting her body with the weight of ‭7,945,305,479,429,126‬ G’s with her fist weighing the equivalent of ‭1.062287342599674e+19‬ kg upon impact

Dragon Irene’s Punching Pressure:‭6.4150950966498e+24‬ Pascals or 9.3e+20 PSI.

Dragon Irene’s Punching G-Force:f ‭7,945,305,479,429,126‬ G’s weighing the eqauvieltn of ‭1.062287342599674e+19‬ Kg force

Dragon Irene’s Attack Potency/Erza’s Durability: 223.969 Exatons of TNT ( Moon Level+)

And despite this, Erza smashed the Asteroid Deus Sema with force of her equal to 11 Zettatons of force. Just how much force did Erza tank her broken body to Deus Sema?

As we know Erza’ is 175cm tall, moving with gravity the radius of her body accelerating is 87.5cm, Erza’s top speed is roughly 215,113,674.95 m/s 71.7 % SoL, this means with every bone broken in her body, she would have to move at a mindblowing ‭5.288444931485058e+16‬ G’s, meaning under that force, her broken body would weigh roughly ‭3.337008751767072e+18‬ kg,. That’s like moving with the mass of the Earth’s Atmosphere on you. All with broken bones! So the Gravity alone would be a mindblowing amount of mass.

Erza also tanked the insane burning energy of Deus Sema, which mind you generated a massive shockwave parting clouds across two continents with a massive Fireball generated from the atmospheric impact creating a fireball the size of the United States, a fireball that generated roughly 306.121 Petatons of TNT.

Lastly the sheer impact force itself. Concentrating all the force of Deus Sema into Erza’s feminine frame of 3168 square inches, Erza tanked roughly ‭1.57509080792288e+28‬ Pascals of force directly to the forehead or 2.2844760750045245e+24 PSI. That’s 2.5811112955e+23 joules/ In^2 or the Equivalent of 6.9 Teratons of TNT per Square Inch.

Erza’s “Ultra Instinct” Clear Heart Clothing Durability::11.926 Zettatons of TNT(Small Planet level+)

Erza’s “Ultra Instinct” Clear Heart Clothing body Tensile 

Strength:1.57509080792288e+28‬ Pascals of force or 2.2844760750045245e+24 PSI.

Erza’s G Force Durbality::5.288444931485058e+16‬ G’s

But wait there’s more.

As if tanking enough PSI to crush an entire country per square inch, enough heat to vaporize the Earth’s Atmosphere in one blast wasn’t durable enough nor tanking the force of a small Planet collision with Earth all while also taking a bone-shattering punch wasn’t insane enough for you, Erza survived direct impalement with a sword through her body.

Mind you she broke75% of the bones in her body and with the intense pressure and heat, yet also now survived a stab that scraped her stomach and cut through her left lung and spleen and her Shoulder bone, the fact she’s not 6 feet under is amazing.

And despite the injuries and being patched up, she had enough energy to still fight as she attacked Ancologia with her full Arsenal during the final battle of Fairy Tail.

  The same 200 sword rain that severely drained her back in Pre Skip, Erza did as she could barely stand, in addition to being zapped with Lighting.

Yet here she is standing perfectly fine with no exhaustion despite injuries. Overall Erza is durability queen, able to survive extreme pressures and punishments that would vaporize anyone lesser or crush them to pieces.

A testament of just how much more durable Erza has become would be the recent fight with Laxus as of chapters 43 and 44 of Fairy Tail 100 year quest.

To the point, his base power was enough to easily one-shot Erza’s Lightning Empress Armor with a casual punch

Whereas in Pre Skip Laxus was unable to break the same armor with Lightning blast.

To the point, his base power was enough to easily one-shot Erza’s Lightning Empress Armor with a casual punch

Whereas in Pre Skip Laxus was unable to break the same armor with Lightning blast.

Yet despite this, Erza  withstood not only that attack but a direct follow-up Lightning Dragon Roar from Laxus at point-blank range 

Erza has shown yet again immense durability withstanding strikes from an Enchaned Laxus using Blood Lightning Dragon Mode.

Keep in mind Laxus Red Blood Lightning  is able to effortlessly one-shot Walt Itchi

A Machina  immune to Lightning attacks

The same Lightning attacks from Laxus that can casually disperse a whole stormcloud covering a city.

And can create a nuclear explosion of Lightning with a casual Lightning bolt.

And keep in mind this was a weakened Laxus, severely weakened by Magical Particle Barriers.  Meaning he one-shotted A Sparrgain 12 member.

Easily comparable to Ajeel, at roughly 1/5th his power. Now imagine just how much stronger  Laxus would be at 100% of his power, fully recovered and having trained a whole year.

Yet in  inspite of this, Erza takes repeadteled blows from Laxus  and repeated blasts from Laxus despite Laxus becoming much stronger than before.

And still rairing to go.

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