Naruto vs Bleach verse battle

Now that we got Naruto and Ichigo out of the way and I finished my rant journals, let’s finish up the Bleach vs Naruto saga by matching up verse by verse going by characters of comparable rank and power and see without bias which displays who in power.

Naruto vs Ichigo DB revised Part 1

Naruto vs Ichigo DFB revised Part 2

Naruto vs Ichigo DB revised Part 3

Bleach and Naruto Freezing feats

(Note: This is a general average of tiers power levels not a VS battle Anyslsusi of each character because that could be large enough to fit into its own journal in itself, this is merely taking averages of each tier of each verse to summarize how powerful Bleach and Naruto characters are in a tier, there will be general exceptions to God Tiers though as there’s only so many)

Unseated officers/Lower rank Seated officers vs Genin and Low levelChunin

Unseated officers:

Going by Agent of the Shinigami ArcWe see roughly the range of the powers of Average Shinigami ranging from the lowest rank to more notable ranks.

Average Shinigami should be able to fight on par with Hollows.

Who’ve shown casual Wall Level feats in which the holes the punch into buildings are comparable to a Truck hitting a house. Going by an average Japanese Truck, it would weight at least 5,000kg and if you have the truck move at roughly 

Another impressive feat was Ichigo stopping kon from falling in roughly a second before he fell off a 4 story building. Given the height of a building on average per story is 4 meters averaged, Ichigo crossed roughly 16 meters to catch Kon.…

 Freefall speed is roughly considering Kon was roughly 1-meter freefall before being caught and with Ichigo weighing 61kg in mass, he would be freefalling at 

17.71 m/s and would’ve felt took serious injury or death in less than 2 seconds. Meaning Ichigo at bare minimum would be at least 17 meters per second with casual movement and up to 272 meters per second if they’re up to the rank of 10th seat or higher.

It should be noted Ichigo was casually above the power of an average Shinigami by at least 10 times as a Shinigami given Pre Retcon Rukia struggled against average Hollow  who only shown Wall level power and Ichigo with zero training and merely gaining his powers effortlessly bodied Fisherbone D as well as effortlessly blitz one and it wasn’t until Grand Fisher could any Hollow remotely challenge him in speed or power, he also effortlessly shattered Sherker’s Hollow mask face with a punch with little effort with raw strength alone.

This further backed by Ichigo reacting to arrows fired by Uryu which can casually one shot average Hollows. An average arrow could move between 68.58 Meters per Second to 100 meters per second, given Ichigo has reaction and movement speed up to 272 m/s, it would make sense he can deflect arrows from Uryu.

Especially since he wounded a Menos Grande much like Hanataro could within filler. So going by this scaling we get a scale for Shinigami of this rank.

This is a rough ballpark estimate of speed for an Average Shinigami to be roughly between   depending on rank with the Lowest Rank Shinigami to have ‘

As for seated officers above the 7th seat, we can easily scale to a Suppressed Renji who was under limiter in Shikai. Given Vice Captains have shown Mach 3 speed feats at their full power, going by limiters, they would be 80% slower than without Limters putting them at least 200 meters-300 meters per second.

This is backed by Renji casually evading Uryu’s arrows as Ichigo did

A suppressed Renji could easily fracture the ground and overpower Ichigo to the point he used the same power he used to battle a Menos Grande.

Menos are shown to be at least Building level via powerscaling given they consists of Hundreds of Wall + level to Small Building level Hollows

This would put Seated officers 7 to 3 on a average of Building level Attack Potency with Subsonic attack speed as well given that most Seated officers are only 1/5th to 1/1t0h as strong as a Lieutenant and likely don’t have mastered Shikais or Shikais at all so it’s safe to say that they’re Building level fodder.

Unseated officers: Wall level+ Attack Potency and Durability, 17-27m/s speed

Lower Seated officers: Small Building level Attack Potency and Durability, 170-272m/s speed

Seated Officers 3 to 7: Building level Attack and Durability, between 272m/s speed and 300m/s 

Genin/ Low level Chunin

Doing this one was actually much harder than the unseated officers power scaling given that Naruto’s Konoha 11 genin minus Sakura and Ino were all exceptionally strong for Genin level with Neji easily being Special Jounin level via feats while the rest hanged between High Chunin and low Chunin level so it was hard to find a range of power for them. Let’s go with the weakest characters of Konoha 11 to get a scale of strength. Sadly Sakura and Ino were so weak and useless in Part 1, they have not even feats to scale them by so I have to use other means to determine power levels 

The random Fodder Rain Ninja Gaara bodied effortlessly.…

After throwing a special umbrella that has been equipped with springs into the air, it releases a hailing “shower” of senbon. It cannot be dodged by moving away since the needles cover a wide area in all directions, controlled by chakra. Although the needles are said to be able to pierce a five millimetre thick steel sheet, they can still be blocked by a powerful enough shield

Now, this should be interesting to measure. Let’s assume the steel being penetrated is roughly a steel plate of said size, these Senbon if they can penetrate 5mm of solid stainless steel could penetrate roughly the same force of a 50 BMG.  Meaning that each Senbon would be containing roughly 18,050 Joules, which puts this fodder Geni roughly at Wall Level attack potency, using him we can put almost all Genin at least Wall Level on average.

For the range of a lesser Chunin, we can scale to Zaku’s feat which literally produced a soundwave. 

Going by Dosu’s explanation to Lee, the attacks ltierally move at the speed of sound which would be 340m/s attack speed, it should be noted that Dosu and Zaku were casually stronger than average Genin given they beaten a heavily limited Rock Lee who effortlessly stomped Sasuke and was far stronger than Naruto in this arc.

Now for the attack potency of Zaku’s sound blast.

Sasiuke dodges sound by IreneBelserion69


The distance between Zaku and Sasuke: 345px( 9.95m)

Zaku by IreneBelserion69

Zaku:73px(At least 150cm)

Fissure height:2px(4.1cm)

Fissure length:995 cm

Fissure widith:239px(477 cm)

Volume:1,945,921.5 cm^3

Density of Rock:2,700kg/ m^3 or 2.7 g/cm^3

Mass destroyed:5253988.05 kg

Violent Fragmenation Enegry: 69 (j/cc).

362 525 175.45 joule = 0.086 645 596 427 ton [explosive] or 86kg of TNT(Small Building level+)

Going by Zaku’s feat, a low-level Chunin/High Genin would scale to at least Small Building level, meaning someone like Iruka would easily be small building level by powerscaling.

As for speed, we already estbalsihed the bare minimum speed for fodder going by a recent calc. The speed of an average Genin level Shinobi/Fodder Chunin:39.33 kmph/24.434 mph or 10.93 m/s(Peak Human)  to 41.579 kmph/ 87.973 mph or 39.328 m/s  depending on the Genin, power scaling would put the speed roughly at just under 100m/s with a low level Chunin to as high as 200m/s, this isn’t counting Zaku or Dosu who have sonic weapons and can attack at the speed of sound.

Genin: At least 18,000 Joules Attack Potency/Durability, At least 39.328 m/s  speed

Low-level Chunin: At least 86 kg of TNT Attack Potency/Durability, At least 100 m/s speed

Mid Level Chunin: At least 160kg of TNT Attack Potency/Durability, At least 100 m/s speed

Final Tally

Strength/Durablity: Shinigami> Shinobi

Stamina: Shinigami>Shinobi 

Speed: Shinigami>Shinobi 

Range: Shinigami>Shinobi 

Intelligence:Shinigami> Shinobi 

Weaknese:Shinigami> Shinobi 

Winner:Unseated Shinigami/ Seated officers.

Honestly no contest, for the most part, Unseated Shinigami gain the advantages of having better experience and more skill than an average Shinboi who are Gnein to low Chunin level, given even fodder Shinigami could use Hakudo and Bakudo whereas most genin are struggling to use basic jutsus, it’s clear that in a contest of skill, a Shinigami would prevail over a Shinobi who’s only Genin level on average.

Special Jounin/Higher Rank Chunin vs Vice Captains/Higher tier Seated officers

For this one, we’re going to use a combination of feats and powerscaling from Special Jounin, notable CHunin(Minus the Konoha 11) and Vice Captains as well as KIkkau and Ymhchcikia for this arugment.

Special Jounin/Higher Rank Chunin 

Off the bat, we have some scaling issues given it’s hard to find quantifiable feats from Chunin of a higher grade that doesn’t contradict powerscaling. For example, Ittan showed a Multi-City Block level attack which is an outlier as most Chunins don’t display feats of this level

Let’s go with Choji’s feat of smashing Jibroro’s Boulder to bridge the gap in scaling between average High-Rank Chunin and Special Jounin who are a bridge between Jounin and Chunin.

Jiibro's boulder by IreneBelserion69



Volume:5106.219048 m^3  or 5,106,219,048 cm^3

Density of Rock:2,700kg/ m^3 or 2.7 g/cm^3

Mass:1,3786,791,429.6 kg

13 786 791 429.6 joule = 3.295 122 234 6 ton [explosive]

Mass of the Boulder/Engery of the boulder:3.295 Tons of TNT(Large Building Level) Low End

Fragementation Engery: 8 j/cc

110 294 331 436.8 joule = 26.360 977 877 ton [explosive] High End 

Jiboro’s Boulder toss/Choji’s Human Boulder amped= 26.36 tons of TNT( City Block Level+) High End

Given Gemma and Special Jounin like Radio should easily equal base Jirboro, an Average Special Jounin should be bare minimum Large Building level to City Block level depending on what they specialize on, in other others pretty much on the level of a Vice-Captain level Shinigami in terms of attack potency and durability.

Akno easily scales to at least Curse Mark level 1 Jiboro given she’s a Special Jounin on the same level as Radio and had she ever released her own curse mark which is superior to the ones the Sound Four have, could easily scale to Valley of the end Sasuke in Curse Mark Level 2.

Pre Tieskip Neji Chunin Exams Arc also scale to the level of Special Jounin given Neji was able to match Kurama cloak Naruto who is City Block level which would put Neji at least comparable to Special Jounins

Sasuke dodges sound 2 by IreneBelserion69

As for speed, anyone who is High ranked Chunin to Special Jounin would easily be Supersonic speed levels powerscaling from Curse Mark Level 1 Sasuke who can easily dodge Soundwaves with a casual Mach 1.26 to Mach 3.78.

High-Level Chunin: At least 320kg of TNT Attack Potency/Durability, At least 300 m/s speed

Special Jounin:3.2-26.3 Tons of TNT Attack Potency/Durability, At least Mach1.26-3.78 speed

Vice Captains/High Seated oficers

Rukia's Shikai by IreneBelserion69

Should be self-explanatory their feats, scaling from Rukia alone from the Bleach and Naruto Freezing feats which had a calc of 3.53 Tons of TNT. it’s safe to say an Average Vice Captain is easily that strong in Shikai.

Hisgai dodges water cutter by IreneBelserion69

And you have Hisgai’s combat speed/reaction speed which is at least Mach 3 which scales to all Vice Captains in Shikai.

Not much more to say about the power of Vice Captain so let’s move on.

Vice Captains: 3.53 Tons of TNT Attack and Durability, at least 1,020 m/s speed

Final Tally

Strength/Durability:  Shinobi>  Shinigami

Stamina:  Shinobi= Shinigami

Speed:  Shinobi>  Shinigami

Range: Shinigami>Shinobi 

Intelligence: Shinigami> Shinobi 

Weakness: Shinigami> Shinobi 


Stat wise a Special Jounin and Vice Captain on average are roughly close in power being roughly relative to the skill and abilities of each other and are much better fighters than the previous class, however, due to Gemma fighting off Joirbdo who has a city block level feat, overall Shinobi of Special Jounin or even High Chunin level rank have superior stopping power and attack potency to an average Vice Captain and have higher durability which can give them the overall edge.

Jounins vs Captains

This is where calculations become tricky given no one Captain or Jounin fight the same and there are Jounin and Captains who have techniques that could drastically amp their powers beyond normal average, for example, Might Gai with 8 gates or Hitsgauay using Tensro Jurin in Bankai, so we’re going to look at the average abilities of a Jounin/Captain level fighter using more notable examples of concrete feats.



Let’s use Pre Skip Kakashi as a factor of “Average Jounin” level strength using the Land of Waves Arc as an example given that’s Kakashi roughly around his weakest point(Well second if you count Kid Kakashi but Kid Kakashi doesn’t have quantifiable feats)

A good showing of power comparable to an Average Jounin would be Kakashi and Zabuza’s Water Style Jutsu exchange, they are often a great example of Average Jounin level strength given Zabuza is the first opponent to be revealed to be Jounin class.

Kaskashi's water style Jutsu by IreneBelserion69

Kakashi: 55px(1.81cm)

Water Vortex Height and Width:374px(12.31 m)

Water Vortex Length:692px(22.77m)

The volume of Water Vortex Jutsu:3450.945381309091 m^3

Density of Water: 1,000 kg/m^3

Mass of Water Vortex Jutsu:3,450,945.38 kg

Attack Speed: At least 2,287.654m/s ( Should be at least 5 times faster than Sasuke’s sound dodging feat)

9 030 021 178 237.861 joule = 2 158.226 859 ton [explosive]  

Kakashi’s Water Vortex Jutsu:2.158 Kilotons of TNT( Small Town level+)

This would be the high end of average Jounin level strength, now to look for a lower end of Jounin level power, let’s use Post Timeskip Sakura towards the beginning who was able to pressure Kakashi.   

As noted by Kakashi’s words, a reveately casual punch from Timeskip Sakura could easily threaten a Jounin Class Shinobi’s life if the blow it them directly( Too Bad Sakura sucks) Anyways let’s use this as a baseline of Average Jounin strength and durability since she’s Low Jounin level at the very least.

Sakrua's punch by IreneBelserion69

Naruto’s height:22px(1.66m)

Ground depth uplfited:42px( 3.169m)

Crater Length:545px(46.96 m)

Crater Width:368px(31.7m)

Volume fragemetned:4,717.4 m^3 4,717,474,808 cm^3

Density of Rock:2,700kg/ m^3 or 2.7 g/cm^3

Mass destoryed:12,737,182 kg 

Fragmentation Energy: 8 j/cc

101 897 455 852.8 joule = 24.354 076 447 ton [explosive]

Sakura’s casual punch: 24.35 Tons of TNT (City Block level+)

It’s safe to say that scaling from Sakura alone that an average Jounin’s attack potency would easily be City Block to Multi-City Block level, especially when she clashed with Sasori, it leveled a whole cave so Jounins range between City Block level to Small Town level on Average. Now for speed.


We need to take into account Kakshi reacting to lightning is a Timeskip feat so we won’t be using that nor using the Hyperbole claim he can cut Lightning with a Lightning blade from the databooks, we’re going to go by qaunitafable speed feats.  One of the best examples of speed would be Lee within 5th Gate Pre Timeskip.

Mind you a suppressed Rock Lee was slower than Sound

And a full power base Lee was able to easily reach Supersonic speeds going by how fast he moved.

But just how much faster was Lee moving in 5th Gate? If even Kakashi commented on how fast Lee was in 4th gate alone wasn’t an indication of how fast Lee was moving, I don’t know what would be, just his mere movements alone created an explosive wave that exploded the ring. Meaning at bare minimum Lee is traveling at least 3000 m/s via initial take off speed to accelerate even faster than that, that would be at least Mach 8.8 and this is merely the initial speed

An even better example is Lee hitting Gaara 7 times while in mid-air while Gaara was freefalling, which would actually be the best way to determine Lee’s speed.…

Given Gaara was launched at least 4 meters high from a single kick from Lee and weighed 40.2 kg in Part 1, It’s safe to say that his freefall speed would be at least 8.85 m/s. Going by the number of times Lee hit Gaara before he even moved a meter downwards, it’s safe to say that Lee is attacking 7 times per meter. Meaning Lee is moving at 5482.575m/s at a bare minimum here. That’s roughly Mach 16.1 and mind you this is pure movement speed, no teleportation Jutsu, no Highspeed Jutsu, just raw speed alone. But it gets crazier from here.

Before Gaara could even land on the ground(Mind you Gaara is freefalling at this point) Lee moved so fast that he vanished from Gaara’s sight entirely and hit Gaara before he can reach the ground again twice. Gaara seemed to be merely a meter from the ground before Lee hit him yet again. Keep in mind Gaara’s freefall speed is at 8.85 m/s, Lee crossed 8.85 m to hit Gaara enforce he hit the ground at bare minimum

Gaara’s FreeFall speed:8.85 m/s

Lee’s speed:5,482.575m/s 

Distance Lee Traveled:7.85 m

Timeframe: 0.887/sec

(Distance the character moved =8.85 m+7.85 m) x (Speed of projectile =5,482.575m/s) / (Distance the projectile was away from the character=7.85 m )

Lee’s 5th Gate speed=11,663.57 m/s or Mach 34.3 (Hypersonic+)

Going by powerscaling, especially to Valley of the End Temari who has roughly Mach 33 speed and grew much stronger than the Chunin Exams version who one shotted Tatayua who in CS2 curse mark could one shot Speical Jounins. So the average Jounin Speed is Mach 33-34 give or take.

Jounin:26 Tons -2.158 Kilotons of TNT Attack Potency/Durability, At least Mach16-34 attack speed.



As already determined by Byakuya and Hitsugaya’s calcs which I did, we already have the attack potency of  Captains on Average.

Byakuya's Bankai crater by IreneBelserion69

We concluded that simply Byakuya’s One Hand Bankai attack potency should at least be worth 111.155 Tons of TNT which is solid Multi-City Block level attack potency for average attacks meaning even the weakest Captain level fighters like Mayuri should be Solid City Block level+ at the very least and Monsters like Kenpachi should be bare minimum Small Town Level+ with his eyepatch removed.

Hitusgaya's Banaki power by IreneBelserion69

Especially since Toshiro was able to achieve Small Town level with his strongest attack outside of Tenso Jurin at 1.811 Kilotons,it’s safe to say that Most Captains Pre Timeskip are solidly between City Block level and Small Town level Attack Potency wise with the only exceptions being Toshiro in Tensro Jurin, Soifon in Bankai and Kenpachi using Kendo in the Arrancar ac which scales between Small City level to Mountain level but those are outliers or one-off attacks that can’t be spammed and outside the average.


As I shown before, Hisgai alone is able to react to the speeds of Findor’s Water cutting attack which puts him and most Vice Captains at Mach 3 in Shikai and Mach 3 for base Hisgai and him in Shikai at around Mach 30 powerscaling given his Shikai=Renji’s Bankai. Naturally, Captains would be easily faster with the average of their speed ranging from Mach 30 which is 10 times the speed of a Vice Captain to Mach 60 depending on the speed of the captain. Soifon, the fastest Captain in the Soul Society out of the Junior Captains should be up to Mach 120 easily or safely in the Massively Hypersonic range but this is about average speeds, not high-end speeds.

Captain’s Pre Timeskip:26 Tons -2.158 Kilotons of TNT Attack Potency/Durability, At least Mach16-34 attack speed.

Strength/Durability:  Shinobi>  Shinigami

Stamina:  Shinobi= Shinigami

Speed: Shinigami>Shinobi 

Range: Shinobi= Shinigami

Intelligence: Shinobi= Shinigami

Weakness: Shinobi= Shinigami

Winner: Tie

Captains and Jounins vary greatly in Attack Potency and attack power but Jounin Shinobi have shown superior attack potency to an Average Captain level Shinigami whereas Captain level Shinigami have shown faster speed to an Average Jounin level Shinobi, depending on matchup, powers, and abilities, a battle winner can be presented at this state and would require matchups of individual abilities.

Shinobi World War Arc Chunin/Special Jounin vs Thosuand Year Blood War Arc Seated Officers/ Vice Captains.

Now for the Timeskip boosts in powers as we all know the power levels grew far great than Pre Skip. In the Fourth Shinobi World War Arc alone, Ittan a mere Chunin displayed feats comparable to Pre Skip Jounin and this is merely a Chunin level Shinobi at this point  and in the FUllbrigner Arc, Renji easily tanked an attack that might easily be City Block level in base which is more than enough to one shot a Vice Captain so let’s determine what the range of power from each character.

Special Jounin/Higher Rank Chunin (Fourth Shinobi War Arc)…

Going by Ittans feat calced within VS battle Wiki, he alone had enough attack potency to register up to 350 Tons of TNT force, which is squarely within the Multi-City Block range of power. Speedwise by the Fourth Shinobi War Arc, a High-level Chunin could challenge a Pre Skip Jounin in attack Potency and speed.

Powerscaling upwards is the Special Jounin who are easily 10 times as powerful as any Chunin shown by feats and scaling from before, this would easily make Fourth Shinobi War Arc Special Jounin at least Town level in attack potency.

High-Level Chunin( Fourth Shinobi World War Arc): At least Multi-City Block Potency/Durability, At least Hypersonic speed

Special Jounin( Fourth Shinobi World War Arc): At least Town level+ Attack Potency/Durability, At least Massively Hypersonic speed

Vice Captains/High Seated officers( Fullbringer Arc/Thousand Year Blood War Arc)

We already established that Rangiku at bare minimum is Large Town level given she contributed to a weakened Shikai Hitsugaya’s Ice Vaccum attack which was at least Small City level in terms of freezing energy which would make sense considering Renji’s casual durability feat in base which we’re going to scale now.

Renji's casual kick by IreneBelserion69


Rock formation height: 829px(1900cm)

Rock fomration length: 588px(717cm)

Rock Formation Width:91px(208.6 cm)

Volume fragemetned: 284.22 m^3  or 284,222,297.5609756 cm^3

Density of Rock:2,700kg/ m^3 or 2.7 g/cm^3

Mass destoryed:12,737,182 kg 

Fragmentation Energy: 8 j/cc

6 139 201 627.317 073 joule = 1.467 304 404 2 ton [explosive]

Jackie’s Dirty Boots attack potency: 1.467 Tons of TNT (Large Buidling level)

While a Large Building level attack might not seem that impressive, keep in mind if this was Pre Timeskip Renji attempting to block this same attack in the base, he would’ve been killed instantly. Hell a suppressed Renji was getting his ass handed to him by Ichigo Pre Soul Society Arc and he was merely Building level+ at best, now he’s casually stopping a casual Large Building level attack with ease.

Bleach Chapter 465 Page 13

Keep in mind Jackie is capable of casually uplfiting the ground from the mere pressure of her attack as seen here at her fullest power meaning her attack potency could even rival a Pre Skip Captain’s average attack potency so the kick was merely just a pressure wave generated from her kicking Renji so it’s safe to say she’s at least Multi-City Block Level via feats.

Bleach Chapter 465 Page 18

Meaning that if you were to put timeskip Renji versus Pre Skip Captains. he might casually beat them, this is how much stronger the Shinigami became over time.  Going by scaling a Seated officer in the Thousand year war arc would easily equal Jackie at Multi-City Block level while Vice Captains in the base are easily at least Small Town Level, and between Town and Large Town level in Shikai, kinda a crazy leap in power. Speed wise, the scale to Captains speed with a Vice Captain being Massively Hypersonic+ Thousand Year War arc.

Seated Officer (Post Timeskip): At least Multi-City Block level attack Potency and Durability, Hypersonic Speed

Vice Captain( Post Timeskip): At least Town level to Large Town Level Attack Potency/Durability, Massively Hypersonic Attack speed.

Strength/Durability: Shinigami>Shinobi 

Stamina:  Shinobi= Shinigami

Speed: Shinigami>Shinobi 

Range:Shinobi= Shinigami

Intelligence: Shinobi= Shinigami

Weakness: Shinobi= Shinigami

Winner: Shinigami

Timeskip/ Fourth Shinobi War Jounin vs Post Timeskip Captains Pre Royal Gaurd training.


Jounin have grown far stronger in the leadup to the war and one best example to power scale from is no other than the Legendary Kakuzu. 

What’s constantly overlooked about Kakuzu is the fact he’s extremely durable and way stronger than most people think. People don’t realize that Kakuzu is strong largely because his AoE attacks are merely Muitl City Block Level however this is a mere mistake to assume he’s this strong merely by AoE Alone.

Let’s not forget it was him and Hidan who captured  Yuigito Nii, a Jounin class Ninja who had the ability to transfer into her Bjuu Partially.

Keep in mind a mere novice Genin level Naruto with merely the addition of KN0 was able to BTFO Haku, a Jounin Level Ninja.

So assuming the Bjuu is being suppressed enough by Yugito so it doesn’t fully rampage out of control and kill everyone in Kumokagure, that’s a ridiculous leap in power from Average Jounin tier and Keep in mind Kakzuu defeated that.

Want a good example of how powerful Kakuzu could be, well let’s look at the aftermath of the battle where we see a massive hole through a mountain in the aftermath of the battle with Yugito

Cloud mountains by IreneBelserion69

Building height: 65px (at least 24 meters)

First Mountain height: 450px(166 meters)

Second Mountain Height:674px (248 meters)

Kakuzu surrives Bjuudama by IreneBelserion69

Now for the aftermath

Mountain:478px(248 meters)

Vaproized radius of Bjuudama:342px( 180.6 meters)

Mountain Length:307px (162.1 meters)

Mountain Width:84px(43.6 meters)

Vaproized chunk of mountain Length:129px(66.9 meters)

Vaporized chunk of mountain height:180.6 meters

Vaporized chunk of Mountain Width:43.6 meters

Volume of vaporized rock:527,008.63 m^3 or 527,008,633,305.44 cm^3

Density of Rock:2,700kg/ m^3 or 2.7 g/cm^3

Mass of Vaporized Rock:1,422,923,309.924686 kg

Vaporization Engery: 25,700 j/cc

39 130 391 022 928 870 joule = 9.352 387 911 8 megaton [explosive](City level)

Vaporized Mountain

Vaporized Mountain height:166 meters

Vaporized Mountain Width:162.1 meters

Vaporized Mountain Length:43.6 meters

Volume of vaporized rock:1,173,214.96 m^3 

Density of Rock:2,700kg/ m^3 or 2.7 g/cm^3

Mass of Vaporized Rock:3,167,680,392 kg

Vaporization Engery: 25,700 j/cc

87 111 210 780 000 000 joule = 20.820 079 058 megaton [explosive]

Now let’s add this up.

Kakuzu’s Durability: At least  30.172 Megatons of TNT (City Level)

This would scale Pre Shinobi War Arc Kakashi up to City level+ Bare minimum which scales to Naruto however there are even better ways to determine a Jounin’s power during the war.

Keep in mind Kakuzu was able to battle a suppressed Two Tails Bjuu at its fully transformed state which should make it much stronger than at least 4 Tailed Naruto so he’s already very strong, in fact it should easily equal Gamabunta and suppressed Shukaku, the former who can physically restrain Kurama and survive a full powered Shrina Tensei and the latter who can destroy all of Konoha. However, this alone doesn’t speak of Kakuzu’s potential attack potency at his strongest.

Another example abelt Filler example would be the Naruto thrid movie fight with Hiruko in which his Rasenshurken was so powerful that it vaporized the entire mountain Hiruko and Naruto were on. Considering that his Rasenshruken was already City level and he is able to basically one shot Kakuzu who was established to be on par with a Partially transformed Bjuu, it would not be illogical to scale Kakuzu to Hiruko, especially given the movie is based on power levels within the Hidan and Kakuzu Arc.

Naruto Mountain buster by IreneBelserion69

Going by the size of the mountain it seems no smaller than the ones Hashriama and Madara were battling in so let’s go with that size.

Mountain Height: 497 px(At least 3,000m)

Mountain length and width:1012px(6,108m)

Volume of Mountain:111946884526.4747 m^3 or 1.119468845264747e+17 cm^3

Density of Rock:2,700kg/ m^3 or 2.7 g/cm^3

Mass of Vaporized Rock:3,167,680,392 kg

Vaporization Engery: 25,700 j/cc

8.31205617609075e+21 joule = 1 986 629.105 2 megaton [explosive]

Naruto’s Rasenshurken Attack Potency(Movie)/Kauzu’s maximum durability:1.986 Teratons(Small Country level+)

This honestly doesn’t contradict scaling given Gaara’s casual Sand Tsunami was compared to the power of a suppressed Shukaku which is easily small country level scaling by power.

In the Second Databook,Yugito’s power was said to equal a heavily suppressed toying around Killer Bee given Killer Bee praises her skills so Yugito alive was hardly Fodder.

At bare minimum Yugito should equal Post Timeskip Kakashi in base given Killer Bee considered a rival at one point of his Shinobi career.

You also have Dauri, who’s easily stated to be on the same level as Kakashi was able to battle both Gin and Kin almost Singlehandedly, despite both being of high Jounin Class who when amped with part of the 9 Tails power can casually produce Mountain level+ powered and by scaling should be at least Island level+ to Large Island level, given they were directly compared to that of The 4 Tailed Naruto that fought Orochimaru. Given Dauri fought the two, he would be at least Large Island level via powerscaling as he kept up with both of them, even with their hax abilities.

However, the best arugment is actually Sugiestu tanking a suppressed Killer Bee’s casual Bjuudama that vaporized a whole mountain range.

Hashirama's Wooden sage jutsu by IreneBelserion69

We’ll scale from the height we gave Kurama within the Hashriama calcs which was around 1,301.89m.

Killer Bee Bjuudaama causal by IreneBelserion69

Killer Bee:51 px(1,301.89m)

Mountain Length and width:163px(4160.94m)

Mountain Height:257px(6560.5m)

Volume:113584702955.2578 m^3 or  1.135847029552578e+17 cm^3

Density of Rock:2,700kg/ m^3 or 2.7 g/cm^3

Mass of Vaporized Rock:306,678,697,979,196.1 kg or 3.067×10^14 kg

Vaporization Engery: 25,700 j/cc

433664194427892e+21 joule = 2 015 694.119 1 megaton [explosive]

As seen for the aftermath of Killer Bee’s suppressed Bjudama which mind you he completely held back on, he vaporized over 8 mountains of comparable size, So if vaporizing one of these tall but narrow mountains is Small Country level via 2.015 Teratons of TNT, then vaporizing 8 of them is solid Country level and this is from a heavily suppressed Killer Bee. Suigetsu was able to completely protect Karin and Sasuke as well as Jugo from the explosive force of a Bjuudama at his full power state.

Killer Bee’s Casual Bjuudama blast: 16.12 Teratons of TNT( Country Level)

Mind you Darui was able to hold his own against Suiguestu in a one one one fight, this would scale Dauri to at least Large Island level if Sugiestu at powered up state is able to survive at least a small Country level Bjuudama, especially when he defeated Sugiestu(Abelt his blade was broken by Raikage’s Raiton Level 1)

Keep in mind Kakashi came the closest to threatening Deva Path directly aside from Jariya and was considered powerful enough to be considered Kage level at this point so it’s safe to say the range of power of Jounin in the Fourth Shinobi War is likely at least base Naruto level post-Sage Training.

Naruto 334 15

Speed wise, everyone basically scales to Kakashi’s Lightning reaction speed at over Mach 2,200+

Jounin( Fourth Shinobi World War Arc): At least  City level+  to Large Island level Attack Potency/Durability, At least Massively Hypersonic speed+

Captains(Post Timeskip, Fullbringer Arc)

Ichigo alone puts Captains at least Large Mountain level in Shikai alone.

With his Bankai being at least Large Island to Small Country level+

Mask del amscluine's laiart by IreneBelserion69

Especially from Powerscaling from Mask Del Masculine who has a solid Teraton striking feat.


Speedwise, the Captains in Bankai(Pre-training) would scale to lesser Steiner with a speed feat of roughly Mach 1,040.

Captains( Fullbringer Arc): Large Mountain level+/ Island level+ in Shikai  to Small Country level+ Bankai  Attack Potency/Durability, At least Massively Hypersonic speed+

Strength/Durability: Shinigami>Shinobi 

Stamina:  Shinobi= Shinigami

Speed: Shinobi >Shinigmai

Range:Shinobi= Shinigami

Intelligence: Shinobi= Shinigami

Weakness: Shinobi= Shinigami

Winner: Draw

Kages vs  Pre Skip Senior Captains


An Average Kage’s durability going by Onoki’s tanking of the Two Meteors Madara summoned which were each Country level at 9 Teratons each. However, what is the attacking potency of Kages overall on average? Again going back to Onoki, his attack potency should be roughly within the average ballpark of Kage level strength with Raikage and Tsunade each at the higher ends of attack potency by scaling and Gaara and Mei being a lower end in terms of attack potency.

Let’s go with the sheer size of lifting Turtle Island and how ridiculously powerful that feat is

This gives us a good idea of how massive this Turtle is.

 It is considered to be the equivalent of Konohagakure‘s Forest of Death.

A metallic fence surrounds its perimeter with 44 gates equally spaced around it; this perimeter is where the shinobi entered. Inside is a river, the forest, and a tower located in the exact centre; the forest’s radius is about ten kilometres. It lies to the north of the Forty-Third Training Ground (第43演習場, Daiyonjūsan Enshūjō).[1] Within the forest are several large and deadly creatures such as leeches,[2] tigers,[3] and bears.[4]

So going by this, the island is at least 20km wide.

Main Body

Genbu Island Length: 925px(20,000m)

Genbu Island Width and height: 377px(8,151.35 m)

Volume:1328890577063.55 m^3

Density of Rock:2,700kg/ m^3 or 2.7 g/cm^3

Mass of the Main Body:3,588,004,558,071,585   kg or 3.588×10^15 kg. 

Arms X2

Arms height:38px(821.62 m)

Arms Width:120px (2594.59m)

Arms Length:271px(5859.46m)

Volume:12491002523.28216×2=24982005046.56432 m^3

Density of Rock:2,700kg/ m^3 or 2.7 g/cm^3

Mass of the arms:67,451,413,625,723.68 kg


Legs  height:38px(821.62 m)

Legs length:166px (3589.182m)

Legs Wdith:40px (864.86 m)

Volume:2550432773.670359×2=5100865547.34 m^3

Density of Rock:2,700kg/ m^3 or 2.7 g/cm^3 

Mass of the legs:13772336977819.94 kg

Combined Volume:1,358,973,447,657.454 m^3 or 1.358973447657454e+18 cm^3

Combined mass:3669228308675129 kg 3.67×10^15

Now for the energy needed to destroy the island.

Vaporization Enegery:27,500 j/cc

1.358973447657454e+18 cm^3×2.7 g/cm^3×27,500 j/cc

1.00903778488566e+23 joule = 24 116 581.857 megaton [explosive]

Onoki’s full attack potency: 24.116 Teratons of TNT (Country Level+)

Powerscaling this would make Tsunade Roughly have the punching power of over 72 Teratons assuming Onoki is a 3/5 in power, Riakage is a 4/5 in power and Tsunade is 5/5 being the biggest powerhouse.

Meaning a punch from Tsunade would be damn near 3/4ths the destructive force of the meteor that killed the Dinosaurs.

Here’s an overlooked feat going back to the Turtle Island feat where Deidara’s C-3 tipped over the entire Genbu Island in one blast and flipped it 180. This should be used to calculate how strong Deidara’s C-3 actually is.

Timeframe: 7 seconds

Genbu Island Mass:3669228308675129 kg 3.67×10^15

Genbu Island Length: 925px(20,000m)

Genbu Island Width and height: 377px(8,151.35 m)

The speed of the island tit:2857.143 m/s

Genbu island Massxisland tilting speed/2

1.497644207622502e+22 joule = 3 579 455.563 2 megaton [explosive]

Deidara’s C-3 Maximum Attack Potency:3.579 Teratons (Small Country level+)

In other words not only would this blasted level Sunakgaure, but it would also have reduced Sunkagure into Konoha post-Shrina Tensei. Gaara tanked all this and this was him considerably weaker than when he became later. Gaara’s power was compared directly to a Suppressed Shuaku that fought Gamabunta which is enough to destroy Sunakagure in the Fourth Shinobi War Arc.

Konoha crater by IreneBelserion69

Speaking of which time to revise the calc on Shinra Tensei.

Mountain height: 170( 3km)

Mountain Base:683px(12km )


Konoha crater diameter:1163px(20,2km)

Konoha Crater depth:223px( 3.94km)

Volume of rock desotryed:1,607,677,600,000 m^3 or 1.6076776e+18 

Density:2,700kg/ m^3 or 2.7 g/cm^3


But this time we’re using Vaporization like the Bjuudama calc .

Vaporization energy:27,500 j/cc

1.193700618e+23 joule = 28 530 129.493 megaton [explosive]

Pein’s full power Shrina Tensei:28.53 Teratons of TNT( Country level+)

Which fights more consistently with the feats shown from Kage level Shinobi, especially since Pein>5 Kage. 

Remember Konan’s Paper Person God technique? Yeah the DPS of the attack is insane at roughly 41 Teratons, this is an attack with prep mind you but still insane given the sheer DPS of this attack. Assuming it’s 41 Teratons per second in this attack, Konan could potentially kill someone with 24.6 Petatons of TNT durability or a solid Multi-Continental level, enough to kill the current 5 Kages.

 Now for the final calc for Kage tier characters, Sasuke’s Mountain busting Kirin.

Naruto-1569345 (1)……

Going by these two calcs we get the speed of Kirin and the size of the Uchiha Hideout. The Uchiha Hideout is  high and  874.16 meters high and 1498.5598 in Diameter with Kirin’s attack speed moving at 1000m / 0.001s = Mach 2915.4519 which translates to 992099.1m/s, going sheer volume of size and fragmentation energy of a mountain, it’s easily a city level feat given it was a small mountain destroyed, however, what is the actual Kinetic energy/attack potency of Kirin?

Keep in mind that Sasuke blew up the mountain at the speed of lightning, this was probably amped by Amaterasu as well as the Grand Katon style jutsu so the 

The volume of Uchiha Hideout:1,963,084,917.46 m^3

Density of Rock:2,700kg/ m^3 or 2.7 g/cm^3

Mass of the  Uchiha Hideout:5,300,329,277,157.463kg  or 5.3×10^12 kg



2.60845270145542e+24 joule = 623 435 158.09 megaton [explosive]

Sasuke’s Kirin Attack Potency: 623.435 Teratons of TNT(Large Country level+)

In other words, Sasuke with Kirin prepped could kill a Kage-class Shinobi, Itachi who while sick compared his power to that of Jiraiya(Obviously excluding his Sunasoo state which greatly outclasses even Sage Jiraiya)And keep in mind this is is long before Sasuke himself gets Amatesrtu. 

Deidara’s C-0 is also a possible devastating Kage level exploison.

Deidara's  c-0 by IreneBelserion69

Deidara’s C-0 explosion

Crater Daimeter:327px(20km)

Crater Depth: 108px(6.6km)

Volume:2640000000000 m^3 to  2.64e+18 cm^3

Density of Rock:2,700kg/ m^3 or 2.7 g/cm^3

Vaporization energy:27,500 j/cc

1.9602e+23 joule = 46 849 904.398 megaton [explosive]

Deidara’s C-0: 46.849 Teratons of TNT(Country level+)

And keep in mind Deidara is a character who’s all about prep so he can potentially kill any of the 5 Kage at the war arc via suicide bombings.

Sage Mode Rasehurken by IreneBelserion69

Speed Wise, Kages should be no slower than Pein and Naruto who have at least Mach 6,100 with Raikage being easily Sub Relativistic+.

Kages: Country level+ Bankai  Attack Potency/Durability, At least Massively Hypersonic speed+

Senior Captains (Pre Timeskip)

Simply going by powerscaling, we get a good power of the Senior Captains early on in the series where they both fought evenly against Yamamoto,

the Strongest Shinigami in the soul society who casually one shotted Ayon in base form with barely any effort and vaporized Ayon with his Suppressed Shikai.

And defeated Wonderwesis in Release form with his bare hands

Who was powerful enough to defeat Kensei within Vizard Mask who easily scales to the strength of the Frist Espada who powerscaling from Ulquiorra’s Second Release should be at least Large Island Level+ in his release form and Small Country level+ powered up in his release form.

Shunsui defeated the strongest Espada with just Shikai alone, Considering Stark is 10 times stronger than Ulquorria at bare minimum expressing his power who has at least Mountain level to Island level attack potency clashing with Hollow Ichigo’s cero at 20 Gigatons, scaling from that, then with Stark’s WOlves form Stark would be vritually on par with Less Sterin Ritter. Given Bankai is a power boost up to 10 times Shikai power, Shunsui would easily be Country level via powerscaling.

Especially since he’s superior to Gin in Bankai who could casually cut a whole city in half.

Bleach Chapter 524 Page 10

Unohana herself is considerably on the same tier as well as Ukitake given Unohana was able to easily keep up with Post Timeskip Kenpachi without Eyepatch in base form.

Who was the only one of the Captains who killed Sterin Ritters with 3 of them killed easily with his eyepatch on? Mind you even the weaker Sterin Ritter should be at least Island level in base form.

Bleach Chapter 526 Page 10

And in Bankai was essentially decimating Kenpachi in Bankai prior to Kenpachi overcoming her by releasing “Mental barriers”, Poorly executed plot device and disappointing Bankai aside, Unohana is easily Country level+ via powerscaling from Shunsui’s feats and the fact she was at one point rekting Kenpachi.

Speed wise, they should scale above Lesser Sertin Ritters with Lightning speed reaction time.

Yoruichi, Kisuke, and Isshin pre Skip easily scale to the Senior Captains.

As well as White who was overwhelming Isshin in combat.

Senior Captain tier Captains: At least Large Island Level Shikai, Country level+ Bankai  Attack Potency/Durability, At least Massively Hypersonic speed+

Strength/Durability: Shinigami>Shinobi 

Stamina:  Shinobi= Shinigami

Speed: Shinobi >Shinigmai

Range: Shinobi= Shinigami

Intelligence: Shinobi= Shinigami

Weakness: Shinobi= Shinigami

Winner: Draw

Naruto Top Tiers vs Bleach Top Tiers

Now for the average power of a Top tier character, basically characters below that of the Gods but far above Kages or even the strongest Captains, basically the Royal Guards and the Top Former Kages. Excluding Hashirama and Yamamoto who are Small Planet level+, this would be scaling people below those two but still very strong.

Naruto Top Tiers

No Caption Provided

We have the Edo Kages who are individually much stronger than an average Kage. Each of them are proven to be at least MuilContinentnt level powerscaling from Deva Path Pain.

At bare minimum, each of them should be far stronger than Prime Nagato who was capable of overpowering KCM 1 Naruto and Killer Bee.

Who’s far stronger than his Deva Path state which managed to create Chibaku Tensei, a borderline Multi-Continental level Jutsu at 4.5 Petatons that almost held back 50% Kurama at 10% of its power.

And Killer Bee alone was easily stronger than his brother’s Lighting Release Armor Level 2 without using his Bjuu cloaks.

Minato the weakest of the revived Edo Kage was able to one shot Obito Uchiha.

A foe showed to be able to tank Country level+ Kage level attacks from Konan who prepped to take him out.

No Caption Provided

And was capable of nearly killing A and was able to fight his own against Partially Transformed Killer Bee. Putting him roughly in the same level as Prime Nagato and Prime Itachi and this is merely base Alive Minato.

His Senjutsu radically increases his power by multiple times.

No Caption Provided

And like Naruto can access KCM 1 and KCM 2 forms making him stronger than he was alive. He easily scales to KCM 2 Naruto in Sage Mode making him At least Multi-Continental Level+ in KCM2, Likely even Moon level.

If base Minato is at least 4.5 Petatons of TNT attack Potency scaling from Deva Path Nagato, his Sage Mode makes Minato minium 450 Petatons of TNT, His KCM 1 over 4.5 Exatons and his KCM 2 form possibly over 45 Exatons of TNT.  

Kisame is also arguably this level via Samehada given he was able to defeat the Four-Tailed Beast with the help of Samehada, his base power should be at least Kage class and he’s at best KCM 1 Naruto which is above Partially transformed 8 Tails mode.

Killer Bee himself is easily on the same tier as Minato as well given his base form as mentioned before when not holding back is enough to body his brother A within his brother’s strongest form.

His full 8 Tails form is shown to be consistently as powerful as KCM2 Naruto

Even tanking is own BJuudama which can cancel out a casual Multi Continent Bjuudama from the Juubi.

As for Tobirama, while slower than Minato, is clearly more powerful chakra reserves wise and power wise. His mere charka alone can terrify Orochimaru.

He’s also able to easily slice through the Shinju’s Roots that are capable of draining the Charka of a weakened KCM Naruto. And shown comparable abilities to Minato and KCM 2 Naruto.

The Third Raikage also scales to Top Tiers given he physically fought on par with the 8 Tails which should be no weaker than the 50% Kurama in its partial Transformation which would give Third Raikage over 4.5 Petatons Attack Potency and durability, putting him in the same tier as Prime Nagato and Itachi and a full power Killer Bee.

Higher up the Food Chain of Top Tiers would be Hiruzen at his prime who is the second strongest of the Former Hokages. This is proven by the fact even a heavily weakened, elderly Hiruzen was able to battle weakened versions of base Hashriama and Tobirama along with Orochimaru.

And in a less weakened state was able to smack Kurama out of the village, a full powered 100% Kurama who in a much weaker furless state tanked Chibaku Tensei who withstood  Chibaku Tensei, a Continent level Jutsu.

In the War Arc, he was able to overpower the Shinju roots with raw strength alone, something not even Tobirama’s Water Jutsu could do and save Naruto from the Shinju tree so he’s arguably even higher up than Top Tier.

Obito Post Rinnegan also scales to this level as well as Kakashi towards the end of the War arc as Obito tanked blows from KCM 1 Naruto and Kakashi were able to fight Multiple versions of Verison Two charka Cloak Bjuu with Rinnegans who easily were as powerful as the 6 Tails that overpowered Pain.

Gai especially scales to this in power, especially with his monstrous Hduora one shotting Kisame and knocking around Madara.

Speedwise each should be at the very least comparable to the Raikage’s speed making them at the very least Sub-Relativistic+ to Relativistic+

Average Top Tier Naruto Characters: At least Multi-Continent level+ Attack Potency/Durability, At least  Sub-Relativistic+ speed.

Bleach Top Tiers

Now for a compilation of feats from the Top Tiers of the Bleach series.

Bleach Chapter 671 Page 12

We have Hitsugaya who is established Multi Continent level+ Attack Potency in Matured Bankai alone with a devastating 6.3 Exatons which increased his power so much that he can keep up with Post Royal Gaurd Training Byakuya.

Bleach Chapter 671 Page 18

Byakuya also scales to this power as well ablet his Bankai has four stages with his 4th stage reaching a Matured Bankai Hitsugaya’s power as he was able to seriously injuring Gread, the strongest of the Schutzstaffel who’s full power was compared to Ywach’s base form.

Kenpachi post Unohana training was easily at least Country level+ with his Eyepatch on in base alone, being able to easily match Gremmy who can summon Country busting Meteors and merely his Shikai release alone with his eyepatch on effortlessly obliterated the meteor with 14.924 Petatons of TNT  making his suppressed Shikai and Shikai alone Multi Continent level+ 

The Royal Guard easily scale to Adult Hitsugaya Bankai and Post Royal Gaurd Byakuya as well as Kenpachi post Unoahna fight with the exception of Ichibe who scales to Bankai Kenpachi and Yamamoto in Bankai 

Mayuri with Prep also scales to this as a Prepped Mayuri was able to defeat Pernida, the Left arm of the Soul King which adapted to the fighting style of Kenpachi so Mayuri with Prep can defeat Multi Continent level+ opponents.

All of Ywach’s Schutzstaffel scale to Kenpachi’s Shikai at bare minimum within base and above within Quincy: Vollständig.

Shunsui obviously scales above Hitsugaya and Shikai Kenpachi given he’s Captain Commander and somehow got thousands of times stronger during the arc.

Going from barely matching Robert of the Sterin Ritter.

Who was absolutely fodder to Post Royal Guard Training Byakuya.

To holding his own with the Third Sterin Ritter. Either way bullshit power creep and bad writing aside, Shunsui is easily Multi Continent level via powerscaling from Hitsugaya’s Adult Bankai alone with his Bankai having broken Reality warping hax.

Kisuke, Yoruichi and even Grimmjow and Neliel also scale to Multi Continent level+ as well given they fought Askin, the weakest of the Schutzstaffel.

Speedwise, they should be at least At least Sub Relativistic+( At least 3,927 km/sec ) to Relativistic+  

Average Top Tier Bleach Characters: At least Multi-Continent level+ Attack Potency/Durability, At least  Sub-Relativistic+ speed.

Will cover more including a tier list within Bleach and Naruto in Part 2.

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