The Cowardly Heroes

We’ve had quite an interesting october this year as a certain duo who are pretty much cowards by nature had to once again show the world their courage. No, I’m not talking about Shaggy and Scooby Doo. Sir Daniel Fortesque and Luigi…. uhhh… Mario I guess, both return as they show how cowardly they are but show even cowards can be heroes.

Hello! I’m Fu-reiji and welcome back to the blog where we talk about topics you may or may not want to. Today we will have a double review of these 2 games as thankfully this past weekend I was able to play these 2 games due to my sister’s brother in law having access to these games.

Let’s first start with Medievil. the story is a long time ago a wizard named Zarok was banished from the kingdom of Gallowmere then came back leading an army of the dead to have his revenge. the king’s army was led by sir daniel fortesque who brought an end to Zarok’s reign of terror…. Or so the legend would have you think. Turns out Dan was something of a coward and only got to be the captain of the knights cause he was good buds with the king. so, he was an overglorified hero much like Hercule Satan from Dragon Ball Z lol However, Zarok returns once again to seek his vengeance on Gallowmere as he unleashes a new spell that takes the souls of everyone turning them into well…. the Evil Dead lol No there’s no Ash Williams to save Gallowmere though that would be a cool team up since we just gotta give Ash a tim burton style looking animation lol

Anyway Zarok’s spell worked perfectly. A little too perfectly as this spell also ended up reviving his hated nemesis, Sir Daniel Fortesque who wakes up in his crypt missing his lower jaw and an eye ball only to learn his revival was by chance. a 2nd chance to go and defeat Zarok and prove himself a true hero for real.

That’s the basic gist of the story which for many of us is a classic lol Let’s first talk about the visuals. my god the visuals are very much amazing to look at as Gallowmere looks so much bigger now. the textures and the environment and even Dan’s movements, all of it is just such a welcome update which clearly took note from how spyro and crash went about it. The music is the same but with a more orchestrated sound behind it and it all sounds amazing. the sounds all have been given that HD update where i didn’t realize this till someone brought it up but most of the voice acting audio is the same audio from the original game given a more HD sound update where only Dan’s dialogue was updated by the same voice actor. why do it this way? well it’s mostly cause Zarok’s original voice actor died so I guess they didn’t want to forget about him so just kept the audio of how he read his lines in 98.

How does the game play? well it’s very much an action hack and slash platformer where exploration is everything in games like this. you explore various areas in each level to find all sorts of treasures while slaying foes to fill the chalice up to 100% and collect it to go to the hall of heroes where you’ll be given a variety of items from new weapons and health bottles to extend your health. The camera controls are a much better improvement from what we got originally as the came is more focused behind dan for the most part except when certain areas have it focused from a different angle on purpose. the platforming and timing of your jumps can be tricky but that’s part of what makes a good platformer honestly. There’s a variety of weapons and shields to use. some weapons are just to be used till you get a better version of that weapon such as starting with the small sword and working your way to claim the magic sword, a cross bow that will get replaced with an actual bow and magic arrows. you get the idea.

Enemies tend drain your life pretty quick if you’re not careful which is often why you can either keep your distance and shoot them down or just run around them and slash away till they die and each weapon does have draw backs when using them so pick your weapon and attacks carefully. Boss fights can be fun and their updated looks are quite something too.

Okay so I’ve praised this game a lot what are the down sides to it? Well since it can’t be avoided here they are. yes, despite how much i loved this game Medievil does have some problems. one of them being how apparently PS pro owners have had trouble with the FPS where it’ll slow down and even crash on them, I haven’t had it happen but i did notice how a certain level does slow down on frames and I’d be dumb to not call that out. While I did praise the visuals I do feel like that this new look may have taken away that dark gothic look the original had just a bit. and Yeah obviously certain weapons in this game are more spammable than others to the point it makes your whole playthrough an easy breeze and despite being remade this game is pretty much a shot for shot of the same 98 game. meaning you can pretty much use the exact same walkthrough and guide from 1998 to find all the hidden items this game to offer and I do wish they at least tried to put some different spin on things but I do get why they did it this way. hopefully if this does well enough maybe they’ll do a remake of Medievil 2 and do a lot more with that one.

There’s a couple other things most will point out but those are just nit picks and vary with people since despite flaws Medievil 2019 is a definite welcome remake and I do give it a 4 out 5 rating and absolutely recommend for a fun adventure.

Luigi’s mansion 3 the third installment to Luigi’s ghost busting adventures and hard to tell if Polterpup is living with luigi when he’s on adventures with mario and the others or in kart racing, sports, olypmics with sonic, and what not. So, after unexplained amount of time since the dark moon adventure Luigi is once again invited to a luxurious hotel after winning another contest he once again has no recollection entering and this time is a family and friends package where his brother, toad, toad blue, toad yellow(i guess it was too much to put in toadette), and peach(who now I’m wondering if she just sleeps around with both brothers at this point lol) all get to go and he brings along polterpup.

after a bus ride there things seem normal only to realize the hotel is haunted and the staff are all ghosts and once again King Boo is free and seeks revenge as he’ already captured everyone except luigi. You’d think Mario would know how to handle himself with ghosts at this point. Luigi manages to get away and after finding the latest version of the poltergust and with the help of the ghost expert himself, prof. E. Gadd, Luigi now embarks on another ghost hunt to save his brother and friends from this haunted hotel.

so, what can I say about the game? well the visuals are very well animated and you can pretty much get a grasp of what’s going on without the need for text boxes to tell you as the characters expressions lay it on there. it definitely has a lot of color to it and the ghosts all have expressive personalities to them especially the boss class ghosts.

one of the biggest positives is easily the fact there’s a lot of exploration to do and you can pretty much find everything on every floor pretty easily but still tricky challenges. much like the original collecting rare gems and money is gonna lead to what your ranking will be which means what size hotel are you gonna end up making. Everything for the most part is interactable as every nook and cranny always has hidden money for you to collect.

The gameplay is simple enough. nothing complicated and everything you have on you from beginning to end is all you need to win it all. it’s all just a matter of how you time your attacks or how you get past a particular ghost’s defenses that are gonna get you far. you got “sucking”, you got “blowing ghosts” Oh my… lol, you even got a burst jump skill that lets you get lifted in the air to avoid ground wave attacks or blow away enemies and their protective gears, and of course you got your trusty flash light for stunning ghosts before sucking them up, and the dark light to reveal hidden secrets, another new feature is plunger where you fire a plunger and yank on it to pull things away and break them, and Luigi’s new ability is the slam attack. as you suck up ghosts pressing the A button will let you slam ghosts around to drain their HP faster and you can damage other nearby ghosts and stun them too so you can start sucking them up once your done with the current ghost, the last game feature is Gooigi who you may remember from the 3DS Luigi’s Mansion remake. Gooigi serves a more prominent role this time around as he is there to help you and act as a 2nd controllable character to get through areas luigi can’t get through except water. Gooigi melts around contact with water. He also serves as a player 2 character if you wish to do co op since Gooigi has all the same abilities as Luigi and can do everything he can.

This hotel is pretty massive and some areas are short and quick while others are very long. you got a virtual boy this time around to act as your map viewer.

what are some negatives? well one negative to note is that while it made a lot of strides it definitely doesn’t have the tone and atmosphere the original luigi’s mansion did, another negative is while the boss ghosts are a step up from dark moon they still feel lacking in a way compared to the original and all of them on each floor act like a boss that serve more as mid boss battles. main bosses who guarded the portraits of your friends are notably tougher and require more patience and timing still felt a bit lacking. in the original and even dark moon bosses those felt like boss battles with how they dragged luigi to pocket dimensions to show they’re more powerful than other ghosts. The third negative may just be me but Luigi’s mansion 3 was notably easy. I think that’s due to how the slam makes things easier this time around and there’s the fact Gooigi has regenerative health and is infinite and can back a few seconds after being killed. maybe they didn’t want to scare kids away with too much of a challenge but i think it would’ve benefited the game more if we had a DK kind of system where losing Gooigi meant you had to find certain points in the game where you could collect goo to rebuild Gooigi to summon him back or hell maybe have that regeneration take a bit of time or maybe just pay E. Gadd a certain amount of money to revive Gooigi.

I only have those 3 negatives to say about the game and overall it’s a fun time and the multiplayer was an improvement from dark moon works a lot better though I do wish multiplayer had more than just color pallette swapped luigi’s and gooigi’s to pick from when playing multiplayer. So I will give Luigi’s mansion a 4 out of 5 and also give it a recommended must play if you’re looking for a fun time.

that’s all i got on these 2 games and my overall thoughts on them. what did you think of them? good? bad? leave them in the comments and I’ll see ya’ll next time.

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