New Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer

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So, the new Sonic movie trailer finally dropped and yeah looks like paramount unlike disney and warner and even dreamworks and illumination, actually took the backlash and criticisms with a good level of maturity and fixed Sonic. and the trailer…. actually looks pretty good in my honesy opinion. The movie could still flop and be bad but for a trailer it’s actually pretty good and does show promise this time.

Now I know what some of you are asking and that’s what the trailer is suggesting about Sonic’s character here and yeah I get where you’re coming from but even though Sonic is an iconic character general audiences don’t really know much about his character outside of tv shows they likely haven’t seen. The fact Eggman is living on Earth as Dr. Robotnik for the movie suggests this is long before he decides he’s gonna conquer the world meaning Sonic isn’t the freedom fighter we all know him to be yet. So, this movie is likely trying to serve as an origin story for Sonic where he’s got super speed and the power to use the gold rings to apparently teleport which I’m not gonna criticize given plenty of Sonic games have had this concept appear only those giant rings took you to bonus stages to collect chaos emeralds or it could just be a build up to the fact Sonic collecting rings has slowly been making him the embodiment of chaos needed to harness the power of the chaos emeralds. again I said build up. So, it’s likely we won’t be seeing chaos emeralds and super sonic anytime soon in this movie.

Jim Carey as Robotnik I still have some reservations on but outside of the american and archie comic sonic media, a lot of sonic’s games and OVA movie and sonic X anime tend to have Eggman portrayed as this over the top mad scientist who can be silly in his delivery while still being dangerous in how he’ll conquer the world with his tools. So for now I’ll give carey a pass on this and wait for the movie to see his full performance.

Sonic himself I think at least still recognizable not just from his much more appropriate look but from his personality and if this is to be more of a origin story film then Sonic feeling lonely where he just plays by himself makes sense from that perspective. Well aware some want to bring up the archie comics but let’s keep in mind Sonic is originally made in Japan and it’s likely SEGA had more say in this than Archie Comics. depending on if this movie does well enough for a sequel that may change but we’ll see. as for the relationship between sonic and that guy who’s name I can’t think of but I guess it’s doable compared to picking kids cause lord knows we’ve all seen how that played out in sonic X.

So, overall I think at the very least Paramount is taking a step in the right direction and we’ll see how it plays out when Sonic comes to theaters. This been Fu-reiji and now I gotta go fast! Asleep! lol as always give this like and comment your thoughts on this and tell me what you think of the new sonic trailer.

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5 thoughts on “New Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer

  1. Honestly, I’m still excited for this movie and this trailer has really gotten my attention. But as you said, it could be bad and flop horribly but I could still have fun with this movie.


  2. Dman this actually looks promising, also Sonic can conquer the Universe, also Jim Carey makes for a good Robtink though not sure why he has hair though, i do like that Sega listened to the fanbase, take notes Rian Johnson, Lucasflims and the vast majority of Hollywood. Even if this movie bombs, i’m going to watch it out of respect for the people who made this movie listening to the fans but it looks like a fairly decent adaptation based on the trailer, let’s hope this would be like Detective Pikachu and be a sleeper hit.

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