Caulie’s True Power

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My first actual doujin published here and far form my last.

Other links to the doujin

I have my mega project of Erza vs 100 which should be completed around the spring of 2020 at this rate,

A special mini doujin trade between myself and Cydle.83 that took a few months to complete due to personal life issues.

pending permission from cyde.83 to show you guys the full doujin being traded, here’s her Pateron so you guys can support her, here’s a good preview for the first two pages

Check my Newgrounds account for the doujin trade in question

i have my Mamako must pay her debts doujin

Working on my Miraxus Pairing.

Working on a mini doujin of Lucy and Erza being gangbanged

And my mega project,

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