Kandagawa Jet Girls ep 8 review

So episode 8 happened. yeah that’s probably the simplest way to talk about it. it happened and that’s basically it. things start with the twins doing their show then get taken to do a bungie jump event they didn’t want to do due to from the looks of it fear of heights. I’m not even sure what the point of even spending the first 3 minutes on was. Did the anime think we forgot what the set up from last week was or something?

So, after the opening credits Rin is eating watermelon and rewatching her last race with the twins which made Misa think she’s studying how to beat the twins but no she’s more focused on her and Misa should also do cute poses that Misas says no to. they both then go out to do grocery shopping. Along the way they find Yuzu and Manatsu as they continue to hunt the Nyu Nyu monster. you know… this thing.

Yeah we’re still doing that apparently as now they say finding it can grant a wish. so with the usual Rin drags Misa to go along with Yuzu and Misa to look for it in the tunnels and we learn Misa has certain fears about being in the dark but that’s okay cause we get tsundere moments and more yuri ship bait moments.

Okay I did chuckle at this moment since it’s more or less a bit of meta humor showing we’re all bored of the yuri ship baiting that doesn’t really go anywhere and has no development on the characters. after they tease Misa a bit in the tunnels we get this

Uhhhh did we just go from Jet Girls to the Rodentz horror film? so after a chase scene and Rin losing a button to her top

cause of course that’s what randomly happens over an actual cut running in a dark closed off run down tunnel that said to keep out. they get out and end up at a shrine where we meet this girl.

yeah you remember her from episode 1 who had the yuri moment with the other chick. I know she has a name on her profile but if the anime isn’t gonna bother with it then I have no reason to either. seriously if the anime doesn’t care to then I can’t be expected to care. so rather than freak out or calling security since technically they did trespass on private property she lets 4 random strangers into her house to take a bath and eat dinner and even wash and fix their clothes. wow. it’s like they can’t be bothered to have any kind of conflict whatsoever not even for comedic effect.

this week is emily on eye catcher.

the girls all take a bath and do boob size comparisons cause again as I’ve said it’s kenichiro takaki that’s about all he knows what to do with bath scenes and I guess compared to the other episodes this is probably the longest we see them naked.

so the girls eat and get changed and end up hearing about how the Nyu Nyu is some sort of divine deity of the kandagawa river itself that only blesses certain folks…. buddhism and shintoism aside, Takaki please don’t go trying to add super natural to a sci fi sport you barely even try to make appealing and this is assuming the big tournament race is actually something different with all 5 teams racing at once over 1 team vs 1 team since that’s a pretty boring race since you already know how those play out really easily.

and the the shrine girls says something to Rin about being troublesome which is something her mom used to say to her and… that for some reason got her sad and thinking about her mom…? huh!? okay first off why? we barely meet this character and barely know anything about her and her saying something completely random gives her PTSD flashbacks about her childhood with her mom? okay look if the mom is central and important than actually write her in the story and treat her like she’s an important factor to everything. we don’t need these random flash backs to basically say “Oh hey! Don’t forget! Rin had a mom! Rin had mom!” We get it! we got that from episode 1! if you have a point either state your point or actually build up to what you’re saying with this. we don’t need pointless reminders she existed even though Rin’s mom didn’t really offer anything to the story that she was killed off in the first 5 minutes. off screen mind you. If you’re going for tugging at the heart strings like the lion king the you have to have us know who the mom is! other wise these random flash backs and mentions of her don’t add anything to the story or even Rin herself. it doesn’t even work as a theme or concept to depict how a person deals with “loss”. that would’ve been something at least but acknowledging and showing how a person deals with loss has to be handled carefully in the same way a dark mature series has to handle physical and sexual abuse carefully and with meaning to the story or character. this whole thing with bringing up Rin’s mom suddenly in the last few episodes just come off as forced just to get cheap reactions. plenty of anime have done what this is doing so well. Attack on Titan of all things handled Eren’s grief and loss over his mom really well because we were give a full episode to know the mom meant a lot to Eren, Full Metal Alchemist where we get the slow build ups and reveals as to who the elric brother’s mom was and why she’s an influencing factor on them as characters and their journey. in both the original anime and brotherhood, I mean even disney despite their shotty reputation in recent years understand why it’s important to show who the parents are to our main leads before the inevitable death scenes or the build ups of what lead to the deaths of parents or parental figures.

I think Ranted on that last part enough cause man that’s the one thing on this episode that got me more irritated where the episode was more entertaining than last week but it still feels like it’s ultimately confused on what it’s doing or what it wants to tell. at best from an objective stand point this is kind of a 2.5 out for 5 for me. What did you guys think of the episode?

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    1. yep. and it’s kind of sad when I end up finding random people that still want to say this is the best anime of the season when i can’t believe I have to say it but sword art online is leagues better by a long shot.

      See what you did Takaki!? You made me praise sword art online of all things!


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