Kandagawa Jet Girls episode 10 review

Time for another Jet Girls and there’s not much I can really say that I haven’t already said in the other episodes where again the story just pretty much stops to do a beach episode and ultimately nothing moves forward and nobody really develops or we learn anything about them personally. so I’m just gonna knock it out and say this episode was overall a completely bad one objectively cause this has been a consistent problem where the anime doesn’t seem to know if it wants to be a story or if it wants to be something like I guess Harukana recieve where you aren’t getting a story but just cute anime girls doing regular daily stuff with some minor hijinks involved which after this episode probably would’ve been the best call for it make from the get go.

The episode is pretty much the girls need 300,000 yen to buy a new power core unit for their machine to go faster in the finals. even though they’ve raced pretty much everyone and they already gave away the pros and cons of each machine so it’s not like it makes much difference but I guess they needed an excuse to tell viewers “in the game you get to change your vehicle’s parts and customize it!” even though it looks like it doesn’t make much difference in the game either.

So, after the student council president gave a really contradicting response in that they need the money to beat kaguya the girls just go do part time jobs while juggling the preliminaries of the tournament which… ultimately doesn’t matter now cause the anime doesn’t care and you’d think being jet racers means they’d get funding of some kind but nope they gotta work for the money which how do you even make that kind of money in a one week salary especially in Japan of all places? they end up with 180,000 yen and need 20,000 more to get a used part. a new part would cost them 300,000 which yeah needless to say that worked it self out too at the end. by the end of the episode they get the money they need for a new power core. oh and I guess the mechanic chick is only interested in machines cause she keeps talking about the jet machine they use like it’s a person she’s known all her life or something and it’s stuff like that can get annoying with how this anime can’t decide on what it wants to be.

Seriously do these 2 ever do anything outside of just walking around the streets and eating? Did the writers and director really have nothing for these 2 along with manatsu and yuzu to do the entire season?

Yuzu makes eye catcher number 10

Then the following day Jennifer offers Rin and Misa a job at her Aunt’s beach shack she opened and who doesn’t get a line of dialogue other than doing the… winking and smile. at least we know who’s looking after Jennifer and Emily since it’d have been weird for them to be in japan alone and unsupervised.

So, everyone does their job and serve the food and because they just so happened to get a full house with more customers than planned everyone got extra money. I don’t even know how to begin questioning that when they basically did less than 8 hours of work. so what’s next? do they go buy the part and get ready for the next race?

No, they go play at the beach and to be fair this where the episode’s entertainment value does go up and shows how ironically this would’ve been better without needing to really do the whole jet race concept especially with how this anime just throws that out the window for half the season. by the way you’ll kind of notice the anime is reaching their limit on the budget when you realize they used certain scenes twice. like it’s really obvious which ones when you see it happen.

So best THICC girls are at a private beach but Kuromaru is starving and wants to eat but she has to adhere to a fasting diet to lose weight for the finals… I hate to be a health nut here but why does she need to starve herself when you can just feed her the actual proper foods she needs to lose weight. fasting never works as a diet. you literally put on twice on the weight cause you starved yourself for so long you gourged down more food than you’d normally eat and I really feel mr Goto the director should’ve learned something from how heavy are the dumbbells you lift at least cause even to non health nuts this kind of dieting sends a pretty bad message about how to handle your weight. But I do give Kuromaru headpats for hanging in there.

So yeah from the 25 images shots there the girls enter a volleyball tournament to win 100,000 yen and there’s the miracle solution in how rin and misa get the 300,000 yen in less than a week. funny how these things just happened to work out for them.

So yeah then yada yada the girls face each other, insert the usual flat chest lolis hate big breasted girls joke we’ve heard a million times.

and then enter finals where somehow and pretty much plot armor reasons rin and misa are back and forth with the twins in terms of teamwork. yeah… two 15 year olds tying with two 12 or 13 year old idols in a volleyball game… that is… so impressive… I can’t believe 15 year olds are beating 2 preteens in a sport even though it’s already pretty weird they can compete with older teens in the first place when I thought this was mostly grounded in reality when it came to human athletic abilities. so, anyway the twins end up losing cause their manager found them and was mad at them for ditching work and are in trouble meaning rin and misa win by default.

episode ends on everyone asleep on the train ride home and insert obligatory yuri moment even though they aren’t really gonna do anything with it since if takaki was ever serious about any of his characters he would’ve handled it better by now.

next episode is Rin saying she’s gonna go home in the middle of a tournament…. that just comes right out of nowhere and on the 11th episode too. so yeah while this episode is entertaining and has good fanservice shots it’s still pretty much a directionless anime that doesn’t know where to go or how to develop these characters or give them anything to do. so it’s better than the last 2 or 3 episodes in entertainment value but still overall bad narrative wise. what did you guys think? leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Kandagawa Jet Girls episode 10 review

  1. I wouldn’t say SJW bad cause trust me we’d know from episode 1. the problem is just this has very little direction and doesn’t do much in terms of story and this is something that was always a problem with Takaki’s works lately. there’s no real sense of direction or good execution in the story and handling of the characters.


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