How Accurate was Death Battle?:All Might Vs Might Gai 

Merry Christmas to you all, today i would be doing something different, anyalisying Death Battle and seeing if the battle is accurate to the actual scaling and power

Versions we’re using

Gai vs  weakened All Might

Gai vs Prime All Might



Might Gai is well known for his immense strength, while he hasn’t fought much or showcased his abilities in Pre Shppuiden, He easily scales to Pre Timeskip Kakashi.

Who’s able to generate a small-town level flash flood Jutsu attack against Zabura.

One of his earliest feats in the series is effortlessly smashing a Ninja through a concrete wall with a single punch.While hardly the most impressive feat Gai has done at all, it shows you his baseline power as he inadvertently can smash through concrete walls punching his opponent into it .

Going by the mupiltier effect on Rock Lee alone, the First fourth Gates explosively increased Lee’s attack power from Building level to Small Town level+  given at Fourth Gate, he was able to blitz Gaara and breakthrough his sand.

To go from Building to Small Town level, this would be a power increase of 30.5 times going by TNT Measurments. This would mean the first fourth gate icnrease speed and power on an average of  7.625 times base power with the Fifth Gate going as high as 10 times increase as it was such an explosive increase of power, Putting the fifth Gate’s final strike possibly in the Town level range of power and this is merely under Rock Lee.

Gai via powerscaling in Pre Skip alone is already comparable to Kakaskhi’s immensely powerful 2.16 Kiloton Water Vortex Jutsu feat which is a small-town level. Going by the multiplier  effect of the first fourth gates combined, Gai would be easily putting out 65,88 Kilotons of TNT force in each punch he does and this is only in the fourth Gate. With the 5th Gate, he would be dishing out  659.8 KIlotons of TNT in 5th Gate alone and that’s a mind-boggling amount of power. Keep in mind this is merely Pre Skip Gai and this is all via power scaling.,

Anyways here’s the idea of the scaling with gates so far

Frist 4 Gates:7.625x Speed and power

5th Gate: 10x Speed and power

Now onto the timeskip feats or rather early timeskip feats, particularly the Gai vs Fake Kisame fight.

It’s stated that Kisame was using only 30% of his intal base power in the fight with Gai using a human as a proxy for this Jutsu, we should take this into factor considering  how strong Kisame is shown to be,

Kisame in the base is able to keep up with Killer Bee in their brief base to base power

Which is proven  to be a match for his brother A, the second strongest Kage in terms of brute force 

Who is just under Tsunade in brute force.

Meaning Kisame in 30% power base is just 30% the power of a Kage class Shinobi

Considering Kage Class Shinobi easily average an attack potency of 24.116 Teratons of TNT  as shown by Onoki, Kisame at this point would have an attack potency of roughly 7.31 Teratons, putting him just enough in the Country restoring range of power.

Kisame at merely 30% of his power was able to casually generate a massive lake from a barren canyon that seems to stretch out for miles across the desert.    Considering Lakes average around 6,000 Square Miles or 15,539 Square Kilometers.’

Which In context, that’s enough to completely cover the entire area of Tokyo and at least 2,000 Square Kilometers of suburbs within the radius, the second-largest city in the world by total Metropolitan area

the average rock formation mesa in the desert average at a height of 40 meters, it’s safe to assume the lake is around 40 meters deep.  That’s enough to completely submerge a 13 story apartment building with the 13th floor being submerged under 2 feet of water

Needless to say, your city would resemble the final stage of Sonic Adventure if Kisame at merely 30% of his power were to drop his massive wave blast on your city but just how much water  and what would be the force of the explosive water shockwave when it’s unleashed in pure potency?

Going by square root, the area Kisame affected is roughly  124.6 km in length and width, that’s Almost the distance between Philphedila and New York city with a slight margin of error. Meaning that Kisame can potentially flood an area of a desert that can potentially engulf all of New Jersey in 40 meters of water.  It might sound crazy until you realize this is exactly the feat in quesiton. 

 And that Kisame even without merging with his sword has power comparable to a Bjuu.

Anyways  Kisame going by the anime frame summoned this much water in roughly under  11 seconds. Meaning he covered 123 Kilometers in 11 seconds, that would make the water movement speed roughly  11331.81 m/s. The total volume of this water wave would be an estimate ‭‭621,006,400,000‬‬ Cubic Meters of water, the density of water is 1,000 kg/m^3, giving the mass of water ‭‭621,006,400,000,000‬ Kgs of water or ‭164.070 Trillion Gallons of water

That’s more gallons of water than an average Hurricane generates.

Now for the insane speed of this shockwave  combined with insane mass


E=621,006,400,000,000‬ Kgx11331.81 m/s^2/2

E=‭3.987169041226625e+22‬  Joules

3.987169041226625e+22 joule = 9 529 562.718 megaton [explosive]

Kisame’s Exploding Water Shockwave: 9.529 Teratons of TNT(Country level)

HOLY SHIT1 Wasn’t expecting this result from Gai.. Well damn, that’s pretty goddamn strong. Now comes the fun part, melting this lake of water from Gai’s Morning Peacock which was enough to completely evaporate the entire lake and the Kisame clone.

Water has one of the highest specific heat capacity within the world, requiring 4186  Joules per Kg or energy to change the temperature of the water with the energy needed to vaporize water  roughly 2,264,705.7 Joules per Kg , the average temperature of water is roughly 5.6 °C, the punches Might Gai are generating are based on  reentry friction force which ignites the air up to 2900 degrees C

2895 Cx621,006,400,000,000‬ kgx2,264,705.7 j/kg

‭4.071518005054651e+24‬  Joules

4.071518005054651e+24 joule = 973 116 158 megaton [explosive]  or 973.116 Teratons of TNT

Gai’s Morning Peacock Heating Capacity:: 973.116 Teratons of TNT( Large Country level+)

HOLY MOTHER OF SHITS! That’s enough attack potency to nearly match the force of 10 Chibakux Impact events, or enough heat to vaporize nearly a whole continent however it should be noted that it’s roughly equal to  the many punches he threw, let’s count the punches he threw by slowing own frames. And going by timeframe of the attack.

Gai is throwing 27 punches in the first second of the attack which then quickly change as  the fireballs bst in the second timeframe .In the second time frame, he’s punching Kisame 27 times with the additional 13 fireballs hitting him 6 times in the frame meaning the punches ped up to a total of 46 per second  for 5 seconds, meaning Gai punched him a total of 230 times,. So let’s divide the power of the heating capacity with number of punches 

Gai’s average Punching power in 6th Gate/Individual Peacock fireball attack potency:‭4.23  Teratons of TNT(Small Country level+)

During the battle, it safe to assume Gai was using at least the first two gates of power when he fought seriously against Kisame using his NuChunks as moving them around is enough to create a shockwave.  The Morning Peacock was enough one shot Kisame who generated the 9 Teraton feat.

Going by our previous multiplier effect:The first fourth Gates increased his power by 7:625 times, with the fifth gate going beyond  that going 10 times stronger, Gai was easily much weaker than Kisame in merely 2 gates , putting him at 900 Gigatons for scaling at merely 2 gates, with Thrid Gate, he was at around 6.825 Teratons, at  4th Gate he would be around 52. 32Teratons and at Fifth just shy of 525 Teratons , meaning Morning Peacock at sktih gate has the lowest Multiplier effect of the gates observed so far however is easily the fastest in times of  punching power. With the muptiler only being observably 181% percent power however it should be noted this isn’t the fullest exent of this jutsu’s power

Gai’s Morning Peaccok power is shown to have even more power as it was able to easily counter the speed and power of over 1,000 Water Shark’s Kisame summons, this time at 100% his base power without Sahehhama (Ablet he stole Killer Bee’s power so he’s roughly as powerful as when he fought Killer Bee)  Gooing by the increased level of punches fromGai here form 230 to over 1,000, it’s safe to assume his Morning Peacock is up to a 5 fold power increase, still much lower than the other gates but still high.

Now comes the 7th Gate itself, where Gai generates so much energy in his body, his sweat becomes his aura, meaning Gai’s body is moving so fast, its vaporizing the water in his body to a scorching 100 degree celsius, enough to boil water  with Gai having so much, it was replling a tidal wave of sharks similar in volume to the exploding water shockwave.

Then comes the Hidoura, the destructive shockwave shaped like a tiger that dwarfs the size of  Trule Island that completely vaporized Kisame’s Water Shark bomb

This gives us a good idea of how massive this Turtle is.

 It is considered to be the equivalent of Konohagakure‘s Forest of Death.

A metallic fence surrounds its perimeter with 44 gates equally spaced around it; this perimeter is where the shinobi entered. Inside is a river, the forest, and a tower located in the exact centre; the forest’s radius is about ten kilometres. It lies to the north of the Forty-Third Training Ground (第43演習場, Daiyonjūsan Enshūjō).[1] Within the forest are several large and deadly creatures such as leeches,[2] tigers,[3] and bears.[4]

So going by this, the island is at least 20km for the feat in question


Trule Island:401PX(20km)

Hidoura Blast radius:1105PX(55km)

Now for Area of the explosion


Height of the explosion:27.5km

‭Volume of Hiodura Exploison 83,187,500,000,000‬

Density of Air: 1.125kg/m^3

Overall mass of air:‭93,585,937,500,000‬ kg

Now for the force of the explosion

Going by timeframe of the explosion, the exploison only takes  2 seconds to cross it’s point meaning it’s traveling at the speed of 27.5km/sec meaing the windspeed of Hidoura is far faster than any nuke on the planets windspeeds  with vicious winds moving as fast as 61,515.75mph, this is more than 47 times more destructive and powerful than the winds of Neptune, the strongest winds in the solar system.

To put into context, if a 70 kg man is hit by these winds, they would be hit with the force equivalent of ‭52,937,500,000‬  Joules on impact with the winds, in short the sheer wind speed alone would shred anyone to ash,No structure on earth would survive a windforce of this Maniatigude.

It would be eqauilvent to the force  a MOAB and this is merely a human being thrown with the wind speed. A Skyscraper roughly 500,000 tons hit by these winds would be hit with an instant force  of ‭3.78125e+17‬ Joules or the force equivalent of 90 Megatons of TNT, more power than the Tsar bomba, to say that being hit by these winds won’t result in instant vaporizaiton by destructive force is a sheer understatement, now for the force of the attack itself.


E=93,585,937,500,000‬ kgx27,500 m/s^2/2

E=7.0774365234375e+22 joule

7.0774365234375e+22 joule = 16 915 479.263 megaton [explosive]

Kinetic Energy of Hidoura: 16.915  Teratons of TNT(Country level)

A very powerful blast but ultimately underwriting compared to Morning Peacock, however the attack didn’t merely  create a massive windstorm capable of shredding anything on earth , as we stated before, the temperatures inside Hidoura reached a mindblowing  100 degrees ciclius, enough to vaporize water and also burned Kisame, now let’s factor all the water burned by Hidoura away.

Frist the Height of the water

Tidal Wave Height:279px(13.91km)

Tidal wave Length:Combined length of the trule island and Hiurdora: 75km)

Volume of water:‭78,243,750,000,000‬ m^3

Density of water:1,000 kg

Mass of Wave:‭7.824375e+16‬ kg

Holy shit and i thought the tidal wave Whitebeard generated during Marineford was massive, that wave has nothing on the one Kisame and Gai both generated.How for the heating capacity

Average temperature of ocean water:15

Boiling point of water: 100degrees ceilius

85cx:‭7.824375e+16‬ kgx2,264,705.7 j/kg

1.506192066222188e+25 joule = 3 599 885 435.5 megaton [explosive]

Gai’s Hidorua heating Capacity: 3.599 Petatons of TNT( Continent level!)

Now that’s more like it, the power of Hidorua can potentially destroy all life on the planet by completely obleirarting a whole continent in the process

It can likely be even stronger into the Multi Continent level range as Gai was able to crack a stronger and more complete Sunasso with Madara fighting seriously against  him,

 the very same Madara Unchiha who while holding back massively did a causal country busting mountain splitting attack.

With Madara’s base form fighting seriously able to fight on par and block attacks with KCM2 Naruto.

With an incomplete Sunasoo withstanding the force of Juubi’s Tenpachi, a Muilt continental attack.  So power scaling, 7th Gate Gai could reach from Multi Continental to even Moon Level depending on how much power he puts in his attack.

This can be best seen with his further limitations being pushed as he turned 7th gates against Madara against Madara, surprising even Juubi Madara of how powerful he is

And even holding his own against Madara for a brief bit of time  even in 7th gate

Keep in mind Juubi Madara is leagues more powerful than Obito with the Juubi.  

Obito Uchiha in Jubbi form is casually above most people within his verus and he’s a low tier God compared to the rest. He casually one shotted Tobriama and Hashirama and broke out of Hashriama’s Sealing gate which can hold back a suppressed Incompleted Juubi

At his full power controlled state, he was so powerful that no even Minato and Naruto in KCM2 with Sage Mode could even scratch him.

His greatest feat is summoning the Juubi Tree at high speeds which produced roughly 9.515 Yottatons of TNT or Large Planet Level. It literally took the combined might of Prefect Sunassoo and Kurama, Talk No Jutsu and Obito’s weakening will to beat Obito.

And then goes Madara who somehow becomes even more powerful than before once he revived himself with the Rinne Tensei to the point he effortlessly blitzed and overpowered Hashirama, his rival with ease and steal his Sage Mode.

In his blinded base Sage Madara state he overpowered each Bjuu and tanked the combined attacks with just his stole Sage Mode, making easily Planet level via scaling from Hashirama’s Sage Mode.

In his one eye Rinnegan form, he became much stronger to the point he effortlessly defeated all the Bjuus in one hit. Likely this makes Madara up to Large Planet level via powerscaling.

Given the difference between Muilt C0ntinental level and Large Planet level is roughly   , Might Gai can push between 5-10 times increase in power to over ‭556,964,035.355‬ timers when transitioning  into the 8th gate , that’s a monstrous multiplier effect in power. Now speaking of which onto the Eight Gate.. Now onto  the final Gate the Gate of Death.

Gai is probably moving at the speed of Light within this gate as his speed is enough to distort space and time itself.

And punching air so fast, it was moving as beams of light.To ut into context, if you punched a cubic meter of air at the speed of light or 299,792,458  m/s, the air would explode with the force of 24.165 Megatons of TNT which is an insane amount of power from a single kg of air  

Most notably Gai’s power becomes comparable to a blackhole using Night Guy where he kicks so hard that he literally distorts space time, meaning he’s hitting with the force of a Micro Blackhole.

Going by the calculator,   a blackhole the size of Might Gai’s body would have the weight of over 204.07  Earths , meaning if Gai is traveling at merely Lightspeed alone, he would be generating  ‭1.2×10^27 kg mass.


E=‭5.41056459508226e+43‬  Joules

5.41056459508226e+43 joule = 1.293155974e+28 megaton [explosive]  or 1.29 TenaKilotons of TNT(Large Star level+)

Night Guy Night Guy attack Potency: 1.29 TenaKilotons of TNT(Large Star level+)

I n other words Gai’s Night Guy attack is easily comparable to the strongest attack Sage Naruto and  Ssauke could muster prior to the Kaguya fight,mDamn no wonder Madra feared getting hit by more than one of his attacks . In short if you’re hit by his attack you would be instantly obliterated.

Might Gai would scale to Naruto and Sasuke at their weakened state which produced Dwarf Star level energy using Ckibahku Tensei and the fact that Night Guy seems to be remarkably simliar to the Flash’s Infinite Mass Punch which has the force and energy of a White Dwarf Star. COnsidering Kaguya’s later feats, it’s not entirely Hyperbole.

All Might

All Might is very powerful even at the start of the series where his power is massively diminished.

The famous feat of him parting a storm cloud over the city is one of the most cited feats about All Might cited by many.  Where he battled Smile and defeated him with a Deteiror Smash which was enough to easily part a storm cloud covering the entire city,_Japan

Musutafu, Japan[1] is the city where My Hero Academia takes place. It is located somewhere near Tokyo.  Going by this, it’s likely part of the Greater Tokyo area which we previously had at just 13,539 sq klimoeters or a storm cloud roughly 116.4 km wide and long with the cloud being as high as 8,000 meters

Cloud Density:3 grams of water per cubic meter. 

Cloud Volume:‭108,391,680,000,000‬ m^3

Mass of cloud:‭325,175,040,000‬  kg

Now for the parting speed of said cloud., going by anime timeframe, it seems like it took All Mihgt only 3 seconds to part the cloud. Giving All Might’s cloud parting speed of 38.8 km/sec


E=325,175,040,000‬ x‭38,800‬ m/s^2/2

E=‭2.447657561088e+20‬  Joules

244 765 756 108 800 000 000 joule = 58 500.419 72 megaton [explosive]

All Might’s casual Detroit  Smash( Weakened, out of prime):  58. 5 Gigatons of TNT( Island level+)

58  Gigatons and this is without any ehanctments of power via his quirk, this is pretty much his base level power.

If his base form is 1% of his power, then him using 20% of his diminished power would easily make him 20 times stronger than this calc which All Might is implied to be able to casually do in and out of fights if he needs to, meaning All Might’s Average Attack Potency is roughly 1.17 Teratons or just within the Small Country level ranges of power.  Ihe he uses 100% of his power in his diminished state, he would have easily around 5.85 Teratons of TNT force which is just below Country level however All Might is far stronger than that.

In his youth, he can casually punch a villain twice his size through several city blocks, not the most umpressive feat from him in a long shot but no less awesome.

He can also hold up massive skybridges saving people from the falling debris

He can also punch a massive Stadium  falling from air and stop it’s momentum and place to harmless back into place with little effort.

Another example of impressive casual feats would be to casually change the weather yet again with another casual punch.Another solid Island level+ feat from a weakened All Might

He can also  leap his massive body across the entire city while carrying  Deku and this was extremely casual on All Might’s end. Keep in mind All Might weights a staggering 565 pounds of pure muscle and is over 7 feet tall.  A 255kg person jumping from one part of the city to another in 10 seconds .

An average American or Japanese city is around 114 Square Miles or 295.26 Square Kilometers  or 17.18 km wide and long or 6.6 miles long and wide, this means All Might Casually leaped 1.718 km/sec over a distance of 17.18 km with his 255kg body.  To do this , you would need ‭12,930,331,491,600‬ Joules of energy or roughly 3 Kilotons of TNT worth of energy to jump that high, that fast with that amount of mass,  so even casually moving his body as slow as he does, he can generate Small Town levels worth of energy.

Another  crazy feat from All Might is that he not only saves a person from a falling car from presumably an EF5 Tornado, he stops the Tornado by punching it directly , another example of just how powerful his punches are even at a diminished power level.

 Even when  purposely weighing himself down  to give Deku and Bakgoku the edge in their training, All Might effortlessly dominated the both of them in battle.casually blowing down a city block with the sheer pressure of his punches

And easily lifting a guard rail to pwn both his students with

Even their teamwork..well the lack of it wasn’t enough against All Might

Mind you Bayogku is powerful enough to make large explosions easily able to destroy buildings like during his fight with Deku.

 And Deku was able to destory Villain bots who are giant metal robots with armor easily on par with Miltiary Grade Tank Armor

As seen with   Deku himself using a piece of the Villain Bot armor to step on Landmines to  launch himself over the battlefield, tanking the damage of the explosion while jumping ahead of the pact..

All Might  was then able to battle the Nemo, an artificial monsority created to combat the likes of All Might in a direct fight.  All Might was able to defeat the monstoirsly with 300 punches, noting that it would’ve token only 5 at his prime, a direct statement of how much power All Might had.

It should be noted that each of these punches are 100 times the power used against the Sludge Villain he defeated with a single Deterior Smash.  All Might is basically spamming 300 Small Country level punches at Nemo at insane speeds before it could recover, pushing himself beyond his current limits.  100 5..85 Teraton punches means All might hit with the combined DPS o 1.755 Petatons of TNT which is Contitntent level, in his statement, he would’ve needed only 5 meaning at presumably “100%” of his power at his prime, he could punch with the force of   351 Teratons of TNT .

All Might’s 300 Punches:5.85 Teratons Each, combined DPS of   1.755 Petatons of TNT( Continent level+)

All Might’s casual punch at 100% prime:351 Teratons of TNT( Large Country level+)

However is this really All Might’s true extension of power?  Hardly.

Remember One For All can go even further beyond 100% and there’s the factor of All Might’s physical peak to also to be considered.  

All Might’s statement of needing only 5 punches to beat Nemo at his prime shows that All Might was 60 times weaker than his prime…Yes all this power and he’s not even 1/6oth the power that he was before and that’s not even taking into account other factors.

Remember Deku has the same powers as All Might which includes the now Infamous 1,000,000 percent statement that Dkeu can make himself 1 million times stronger. While that is heavily debated whether it truly applies to his power or just a naming technique,  what isn’t disputable is the fact All; Might’s United States of Smash is the Final Gestuga Tensho of MHA.

One for All was a villain far more powerful and far more intelligent than Nemu,able to match All Might blow for blow. Keep in mind All Might  is holding back his full desturcivte power fearing hurting cilvlains around this point and was begining to weaken as he was at his limts

Even a completely dmiiinshed All Might was able to clash with a massive attack creaitng a city block sized  epxloison

Forcing him to use the United States of Smash, an attack that put down the villain AllForOne once and for all.

Assuming this the actual 1,000,000 percent,  this punch would have far superior attack potenc to all his attacks,. Putting his Maximum Attack Potency all the way toMuilt  Continental level at 58.5 Petatons of TNT, Damn that’s nothing to fuck around with.

United states of Smash estimated Attack Potency:58.5 Petatons of TNT(Multi Continent Level+)

Now time for the final verdict on Prime All Might.  Prime All Might is 60 times stronger than he is currently, putting his minimum base power at   3.51 Teratons of TNT or casually in the Small Country level range. Going by the statements he needed 5 punches against Nemu, his power actually climbs higher to   210.6 Teratons fighting seriously, over 1.05 Petatons at 5% power, 2.1Petatons at 10%, 4.21 Petatons at 20%, 6.318 Petatons at 30% power and 21.1 Petatons with 100% power with even  higher with a possible 1,000,000% putting him up too Moon level at 211 Exatons of TNT power scaling.



Being one of the fastest people in the entire series, Gai fights with sheer raw speed, no gimmicks, no use of the Body Flicker technique, just very very fast.

Keep in mind even in Pre Skip he’s insanely fast, being constantly compared to Kakashi, he’s easily as fast as him who easily scales to 5th gate Lee at around Mach 33.3

As expected of any Jounin, his speed casually outclasses that of Genin.

However what makes his speed more impressive is how he’s able to catch Kisame off guard with a Leaf Hurricane catching Kisame off guard.

To the point even Itachi stated he’s a considerable threat.

In the Timeskip Gai’s speed is even greater than before as he scales easily to Kakashi who can actually redirect actual Lightning.

However the most telling i pressive speed feat is within the 6th Gate where he punches so fast, his fists are generating fireballs.  To generate Friction within the air to catch fire, you need to punch at least Mach 23.

Might Gai is punching 230 times within five seconds within a 3 meter radius of Kisame  but how fast is Gai actually punching here.

Punching Velocity:7826.670m/s

Distance Kisame is at: 0 m/point blank range

Distance fireball traveled:3 m

Number of punches: 230

Punches per second:46 

Combined distance moved in a second:138m

Timeframe: 1/‭360,026.82‬th a second or  0.00000‭28 seconds


‭367,853.49‬  m/s or Mach 1081 (Massively Hypersonic+)

Might Gai’s Morning Peacock Speed against Kisame: Mach 1081( Massively Hypersonic+)

Damn so Might Gai can punch faster than the speed of Lightning moving in 6th Gate.

At  Seventh Gate, Gai was fast enough to blitz Madara, catching him off guard within Imperfect Susanoo.

And was able to keep up with Six Sages Madara.

Who mind you long before he gained Juubi powers   was as fast as Hashriama who was one of the fastest SHinobi prior to Minato.

And when revived with Riinnegan base effortlessly bltized Hashirama and stiole his sage mode.

Madara also blitzed Tobirama with raw speed despite the latter using the Flying Raijin technique  and this was Pre Juubi Madara.

Keep in mind even an incomplete Flying Raijin is able to blitz the Fourth Raikage, the fastest Kage aside from Minato with the jutsu having Minato move at Mach 51,943.79 (5.9 % SoL 


Inm Juubi form, Madara effortlessly reacted to  the combined speed of Kaakashi’s Kuami and Minato’s Flying Rajin level 2 which is within the realistic range of speed.

Gai also reacted to an attack  from Juubi Madara too fast for even Kakshi and Minato to react too.

Considering Madara can casually spam  Light Beams from his mouth confirmed to be Lightspeed, it’s of little surprise   However is Might Gai faster than Light?

Going by power scaling, likely , Gai in Eight Gate almost killed Madara Uchiha and was surprising him with his speed even with someone who can casually shoot Light Beams .

Madara himself has trouble keeping up with Gai’s speed, ignoring gravity as he kicks the air  almost as he has no mass.

Gai’s speed is easily at least Realistivic to Speed of Light, if not FTL entirely given his body was breaking down in the process of moving against Madara.  He’s also far faster than Minato with Flying Raijin 2 which is up to 50% the speed of light.

Gai’s Lightspeed and FTL natural speed is backed by Mabui’s statements that unless a Shinobi had the natural durability of Raikages, it would likely resort in people being violently ripped to pieces.

Something that was occuring while Gai was in the 8th Gate itself.

Gai’s speed was so powerful, it was distorting space time, backing the lightspeed part very cleary.

However is FTL Gai backed by evidence?

Sasuke has a casual reaction speed of  1153.6c with Naruto having a casual 2.17c feat with Madara’s Light Beams, so while detabale if Gai scales to them, he is easily alot faster than realssitvic and arugably faster than Light but we’re leave it at that

All Might 

All Might is also a monster in terms of raw speed. Having a trove of impressive speed and agility feats

Living up to the Superman Expy he is, he’s able to easily outrace a speeding car and lift it prompty, given Missiles have a velocity of 300 m/s, it’s an extremely casual Supersonic speed feat.

In his youth, he effortlessly redirected Missiles  with his Carolina Smash.

Even weakened and losing his step, it took him 30 seconds to travel 5 km.  That speed is at the bare minium 166 m/s which is around Subsonic.

He also  casually beats down a group of villans before they can react.

He also casually defeats villain and disappears  at faster than eye speeds

However these are far from the best feats of All Might in terms of speed.

The  best one was documented by Seth the Programmer on his video on All Might’s speed, in which while weighed down, easily dodged a Bagoku’s explosions. 

 Considering Baygokus explosions being at 8229.6  m/s All Miht was able to move at roughly 2,468,880  m/s or

And keep in mind this is a weighted Surperssed All Might.

So give or take Mach 7,197  is his base speed which is immense.    This means at 10% he’s moving at Mach 71,970 which is roughly  8.8% the speed of Light and at 100% Amped wouls easily be roughly 88% the speed of Light.

Now comes the fun and interesting part,  His Prime Speed. If he’s moving at Mach 7,197 while surpessed weighted, he’s going to be 10 times faster than he is currently at the bare minium, meaning at 100% prime, at bare minimum he would   8.8 times the speed of Light and if we consider the 60 times muptiler of his prime to speed , he would be over 53.3 times faster than the speed of light

However what could possibly  further cementer All Might as possibly FTL would be the scaling to  Thirteen’s Blackhole Quirk, a quirk that literally functions as a Microscopic Blackhole  as described here

Due to its nature, Black Hole is highly volatile and dangerous, having a lot of potential to kill living beings or cause large collateral damage on structures if not regulated properly. Should someone get caught by the suction with no way to escape, Thirteen must deactivate Black Hole to avoid obliterating the target, leaving herself open to a counterattack. Due to that restriction, Black Hole is unsuitable for close combat.

Thirteen is not immune to the effects of Black Hole and will get disintegrated like any other object caught by the range of suction, so she has to be extra careful while activating it. Surviving Black Hole is not impossible if one only gets briefly exposed to it, but victims will be left in critical condition.

Now one would be thinking how would such a quirk be possible without destroying the planet or running the balance of quirks and not contradicting power scaling?Simple, using the blackhole calculator, the smallest blackhole  possible to be made would be the size of an atom yet it could have the same mass as the Pyramids of Giza despite being an atom and having enough power to destroy an entire country It’s also used defensively and rarely used offensively for fear of destroying the user.

Which fits nicely into the scaling of the MHA world as of now, unless there’s a massive  verse upgrade, country to multi continental level seems to be the upper limit for the verse.

So FTL All Might at his strongest is possible.



Gai is unsurprisingly very durable, being the master of the Eight Gates, a technique that makes him increasingly more of a glass canon. It comes with the territory.

He repeatedly trains by running 500 laps across the village and constantly competing  against Kakashi.

And can keep running all day across a continental distance without any rest.

The Eight Inner Gates are eight specific chakra nodes on a human’s body. They limit the overall flow of chakra within a person’s body. Opening these gates leads to one surpassing his own limits, increasing exponentially in speed and strength, but at the same time greatly damaging the user’s body.

When opening one of the Eight Gates, users are typically shown opening all preceding gates as well, though it is not clear if this is actually required. To have all of the Eight Gates open at once is known as Eight Gates Released Formation.[4]

  1. The Gate of Opening (開門, Kaimon), located in the brain, removes the user’s mental inhibitions. Opening this gate allows the user to perform the Front Lotus, a technique that tires them afterwards.[1]
  2. The Gate of Healing (休門, Kyūmon, English TV: The Gate of Rest), located in the brain, increases the user’s physical strength. This has the added effect of re-energizing the body, enabling it to rapidly recover from exhaustion.[1]
  3. The Gate of Life (生門, Seimon), located on the spinal cord, turns the user’s skin red when opened. Other effects include the user’s pupils disappearing, their hair standing on end, and bulging veins all over their body. Opening this gate allows the user to perform the Reverse Lotus.[1]
  4. The Gate of Pain (傷門, Shōmon) is located on the spinal cord. Rock Lee opens this gate as he’s about to use the Reverse Lotus, seemingly to increase his speed; as he performs the Reverse Lotus, his muscles start to tear. Opening the gate on this occasion also causes Lee’s nose to start bleeding.[1]
  5. The Gate of Limit (杜門, Tomon, English TV: The Gate of Closing) is located in the abdomen. Rock Lee opens this gate as he’s about to deliver the final blow of the Reverse Lotus,[1] seemingly to increase his strength; after completing the Reverse Lotus, Lee’s limbs receive compound fractures.[13]
  6. The Gate of View (景門 , Keimon, English TV: The Gate of Joy), located in the stomach, increases all the user’s abilities.[14] The power that emanates from the user is enough to displace surrounding bodies of water.[11] Opening this gate allows the user to perform the Morning Peacock, wherein the user’s punches are so fast that friction with the air produces flames.[14] Opening this gate has sometimes been shown to create an aura around the user;[5] in the anime, the aura is green.
  7. The Gate of Wonder (驚門, Kyōmon, English TV: The Gate of Shock), located below the stomach, causes the user’s body to secrete a blue sweat. The sweat immediately evaporates, creating an aura around the user that can be mistaken for chakra. Opening this gate allows the user to perform the Daytime Tiger, a single punch that creates a pocket of compressed air.[15] After opening this gate, Guy’s muscle fibers rupture, causing him intense pain if anyone touches him.[16]
  8. The Gate of Death (死門, Shimon) is located at the heart. Users open this gate by puncturing their chest with their thumb in order to direct the chakra there.[4] While open, the user’s heart pumps at maximum speed, granting them power a hundred times greater than they are usually capable of, far beyond that of the Five Kage. A “Steam of Blood” (血の蒸気, Chi no Jōki) is emitted from the user’s pores and hair, resembling a flaming red aura.[5] Opening this gate allows the user to perform the Evening Elephant and Night Guy. The eighth gate causes the body to continually heat up until it’s been cooked from the inside-out, reducing the user to ash.[17]

 Gai takes  a nasty punch from Kisame that sends him into the lake bottom and withstands attacked with his water sharks, the same Kisame who at 30% power can flood a whole valley within a desert.

Gai also tanked direct  attacks from the Jinchuriki in V2 Cloaks controlled by Obito,

Mind you the same V2 Jinrhruck i are comparable to KN6 Naruto who is shown capable of overpowering  Pein’s Shria Tensei which can destroy Konoha and reduce it to a massive crater.

And have corsssive chakra cloaks that can badly burn anyone who touches them.

All while in a form which drastically weakens his natural durability with the Sixth Gate literally causing his body to sweat from within.

In his 6th and most notably 7th gate,  Gai’s body heats up to over 100 degrees Celius as his body sweats out so intensely, that it becomes an aura.  The human body is 70% water., Given Gai weighs 76 kgs, the amount of water in gai’s body is 53.2 kg. When you account for that along with the temperature change from 37.5 °C to 100 °C  and the evaporation energy of water being 2,264,705.7 j/kg, this means Might Gai’s body is burning off ‭7,530,146,452.5‬ Joules every second.

7 530 146 452.5 joule = 1.799 748 196 1 ton [explosive]

Gai’s 7th Gai Sweating Energy::1.8 Tons of TNT (Building Level+)

HOLY SHIT1 Keep in mind unlike other ninjas Gai doesn’t use chakra to amp his defense or power, he’s using his own natural body’s chakra to accelerate his entire body,  the energry Gai is generating 2.5 times the enegery needed to completely vaporize the human body..Seriosuly, how in the fuck is Gai standing, merely standing, he’s proudcing enough energry to vaporize a normal human being.

Now imagine traveling around ‭367,853.49‬  m/s casually with a 76kg body while your body is burning off as much sweat to vaporize a human body, simply moving your body would exert  on your body ‭10,284,030,447,993.69‬ Joules, that’s right 10.284 Terajoules of energy on yo

 doing this technique with such a drastic temperature change of the body.That’s 2.46 Kilotons of TNT or  1/6th the energy of the Hiroshima Little Boy Nuke and that’s all the energy Gai has to withstand merely moving.

Gai can withstand his own point blank Hidroua attack.

The same attack that canceled out and vaporized a massive mountain sized tidal wave and produces  wind speeds capable of shredding literally everything on the planet.

And produce serious burns on Kisama

However it’s noted the strain of 7th Gate is so bad that Gai is rendered temporarily Immbobile 

Even with that, Gai  was still able to fight the entire Fourth Shinobi World War despite having used 7th Gate against Kisame and use his final gate against Juubi Madara

Which was so powerful, it distorted space time and turned his body into a walking Micro Black Hole.  Just how much pressure is being exterted on gai’s body warping Space and time like a blackhole.

As covered, the force on Gai’s body is literally the mass of 204 Earths in mass  moving at Lightspeed which is the energy of a Large Star level however that’s not all.  Merely moving his own body even without his body weighing like 1/5th the mass of Juptier, moving his body at Lightspeed would be producing 1.632 Gigatons of TNT  burning off the mass so in addition to the brutal attack potency Gai has to withstand, the aura itself is also a concern. Just how hot is Gai’s body burning at the final gate.

As we all know within the 6th and 7th Gate, Gai was burning with a temperature of over 100 degrees, here it seems his blood has become plasamized and burning like flames, as stated within the  wiki and shown, Gai’s blood is burning at temperatures capable of reducing his body to complete ash meaning it’s generating roughly 2.99 Gigajoules of energy but how that translates into heating energy.,-work,-and-heat/joules-to-celsius-heat-units

Going by this conversion, the heating energy of his body should translate to 1,574,429.55  Ceiclisu, about the temperature of the Corona of the sun itself but how does this translate to Gai’s overall body heating?

  The human body is  70% water, Given Gai weighs 76 kgs,  the amount of water in gai’s body is 53.2 kg. When you account for that along with the temperature change from 37.5 °C to 1,574,429.55°C  and the evaporation energy of water being 2,264,705.7 j/kg, this means Might Gai’s body is burning off‭189,686,443,362,427.2‬ Joules every  second or 45.34 Kilotons of TNT.

That’s nearly three times the power of the Hiroshima Little Boy Nukes he’s generating with his heat aura per second.   So when you combine Large Mountain level strain moving at lightspeed with the mass of 204 Earths with the heating energy enough to melt a whole town, 

it’s a Miracle Gai even surrived a second  without vaporizing into ashes.

All Might

All Might’s durability is quite impressive

At his youth he’s able to take a beating fromGrand Tonio

He’s also strong enough to withstand a punch from  Nemu, a creature mind you to take on All Might with the strength to easily match his base Island level punches.

Amnd tanked having his weak point squeezed by  Nemu.

He  also thanks direct explosions from Bagoku

Including one that creates a large explosion the size of skyscraper

And withstand a  5% punch from his student Deku.

He also takes  many attacks from AllForOne who casually destroys City blocks with his blows,.

One of the  best feats is  Skinny All Might, the most depowered weakened All Might tanking a blast that razed a massive chunk of the city referenced in Seth’s  channel in 1.31 Gigatons, enough to destroy a large mountain.

Much like the Eight Gates, the forms and attacks do alot of phsicyal strain on the user but unlike gates, it’s not as fatal to the user.

Who actually wins?

Gai vs  weakened All Might

Gai                         Power/Durability                                   Speed

Base:  Island to Large Island level+                                          ,Massively Hypersonic+

1-3 Gates:  Large Island level to  Small Country level+         Massively Hypersonic+

4-5 Gates:Small Country level to   Country Level Massively Hypersonic+

6th Gate:  Large Country level to Continent level+                   Sub Relativistic+

7th Gate: Muilt Continent level to Large Planet level                Relativistic+

8th Gate:        Large Star level+                                            Lightspeed to FTL(At least 2.7c+)

 All Might(Weak)          Power/Durability                                     Speed

 Base:  Island level+                                                                           Massively Hypersonic+

10%: Large Island level+                                                                    Sub Relativistic+

100%:Small Country level to Continent level via DPS                       Relativistic+

1,000,000%: Multi Continent level+                                                  At Least Sub Relativistic+

The frist round Gai and All Might are pretty evenly matched in terms of base form at least in raw power,however in terms of speed, All Might surpsiing has the edge on  once they both fight seriously. At 10% All Might is moving faster than Gai within 6th Gate given the feat with Bayoku and would overpower all the gates up to 6th Gate,   Gai and Might would have a highspeed battle of fists clashing evenly with each other however at 100% he would be moving even faster than Might Gai and bitz him with 300 punches,  Gai would then turn into 7th Gate and it’s here Gai has the ultimate edge in terms of attack potency, One Hiudiroua against all Might and it finished however if All Might this Gai with United States of Smash, then he wins, it could go either way however  given Gai has the trump card with Eight gate as a last resort, he would basically one shot All Might with that, though at the cost of his own life.

Unless Thirteen generates a Micro Blackhole the size of a human body or can use the power offensively, nothing in My Hero so far comes close to the god tiers of Naruto

Gai vs Prime All Might

Gai                         Power/Durability                                   Speed

Base:  Island to Large Island level+                                          ,Massively Hypersonic+

1-3 Gates:  Large Island level to  Small Country level+         Massively Hypersonic+

4-5 Gates:Small Country level to   Country Level Massively Hypersonic+

6th Gate:  Large Country level to Continent level+                   Sub Relativistic

7th Gate: Muilt Continent level to Large Planet level                Relativistic

8th Gate:        Large Star level+                                            Lightspeed to FTL(At least 2.7c+)

All Might(Prime)

Base: Small Country level+ to Large Country level                  Sub Relativistic

5% to 20%:Continent level to Muti Continent Level                   Relativistic+

100% power: Muiti Continent level+                                          FTL(8.8c)

1,000,000 power: Moon level+                                                   FTL+(53.3 c)

As for  Prime All Might, this is where the battle takes a vastly different turn.  Prme All Might would pretty much curbstomp Might Gai’s base from and overpower him to the point he’s forced to used the 6th gate from the Getgo.  Gai’s speed up until 6th Gate is only Massively Hypersonic whereas Prime All Might is at least Mach 71,970, forcing Gai to use his 6th Gate.

Once All Might is pushed back by the destructive potency of Morning Peacock, All Might would go 10% and pretty much dominate 6th Gate Gai with little effort, at realisstvic speeds, Gai would be fotrd to use 7th Gate,   to note Gai’s attack potency would increase the more he uses 7th gate and go full power, being able to pretty much stomp All Might in brute force, however All Might then powers up and gots FTL and bltizes Gai.

Normally a much weaker fighter would be unable to hurt a  stronger opponent in the case of many Shnoen themed fights.  Sorta a Bleach or DBZ rule, however it should be noted Might Gai trades durability in exchange for power and speed and his 7th and 8th Gate especially makes him vulnerable to damage of silmair scales.  

This can be seen with  the aftermath of his 7th gate levein him more winded and injured than Goku using Kaiokenx3  which even the slightest touch would hurt him very badly.

Needless to say a punch from All Might at his prime should do far more damage than it would normally do against a silmairly tier opponent .  The 8th gate is even worse in terms of durability as Gai’s blood becomes flames

This is where All Might’s superior speed would come in hand. While the best we can scale All Might too  is Moon Level, that should be more than enough to damage 8th Gate Gai who’s dying in the form. While Gai has  arguably FTl reactions and speed, All Might at his prime should be FTl at best but Gai at best scales to base Naruto’s 2.71c whereas Powerscaling All Might is easily up to 53.3 , this would make Prime All Might much faster than even Eight Gate Gai however he’s far weaker in attack potency.

That being said  as seen with Dragonball Z,  a Far stronger opponent can be outclassed by a weaker opponent if they lack the speed and stamina to hit their opponent. Might Gai with Larg Star level attack potency trumps even All Might at his primes power however with less speed and even less durability.

However, with Gai being able to spam punches where he turns compressed air into beam like blasts,Gai still has the range edge even with slower speed.  All Might while able to produce shockwaves, doesn’t have much in range compared to Eight Gate Gai

Not to mention he can generate enough force capable of bending space time, essentially turning the energy around him into a micro blackhole, as we know  not even light can escape a blackhole’s gravaritonal pull which should prove advantageous for Gai’s Night Guy attack functioning or would it.

A we know within  fiction, it’s possible to escape a blackhole, it just would require a shiton of speed and power. The Escape velocity of a black hoel like object like Gai’s body would be roughly 24,827,491,125,326,454 m/s  or ‭82,815,596. Times the speed of Light, unfortunately for All Might, at only 53.5 c, he’s only moving at roughly 53c, not nearly fast enough to get out of the escape velocity.

That being said  the outcome remains unchanged with the case of Eight Gate, if Gai hits All Might with Night Guy, All Might is toast, however All Might at his prime would pretty much stomp Gai throughout most of the fight and could win more against 7th Gate or even hit him with his fastest attack  while Gai is in 8th gate using superior speed against Gai to get a strong enough shot on him before he turns Night Gai.


Might Guy

Attack Potency:At least Small Town level+(As one of Konoha’s strongest ninja, he should be significantly stronger than Choji, and should also be stronger than Asuma)  At least  Town Level with stronger gates per skip( Far more powerful than base)At least Island level+ base,  up to Small Country level+( Kept up with 30% Kisame)  At least Country level+ 6th Gate, Large Country level  DPS via Morning Peacock( Can vaporize a whole lake worth of water generated by Kisame, easily defeated the Kisame clone) At least Multi Continent level ( Holding back and trying to capture Kisame, he easily one shots Kisama despite steakling Killer Bee’s charka,  Uo to Large Planet Level+ going all out( Able to breifly hold his own with Juubi Madara who’s far superior to Juubi Obito)  At least Small  Star Level+( Comparable to Juubi Madara)  Up to Large Star level +via Night Guy( Can warp space and time kicking Madara,comparable to a black hole, almost killed  Juubi Madara)

Speed: At least High Hypersonic( Comparable to Pre Skip Jounin)  Massiviely Hypersonic with Gates(Far faster than base)  At least Massively Hypersonic+(Faster than before). Up to   Sub Relativistic+ speed,  At least  Relativistic+, At least Lightspeed(  Body was breaking apart moving) Likely FTL( Can blitz Madara, should be comparable to base Six Sages Naruto

Durability:At least Small Town level+,  At least  Town Level with stronger gates per skipAt least Island level+ base,  up to Small Country level+ At least Country level+  6th Gate, Large Country level DPS via Morning Peacock( At least Multi Continent level ( Holding back and trying to capture Kisame, he easily one shots Kisama despite steakling Killer Bee’s charka,  Uo to Large Planet Level+ going all out( Able to breifly hold his own with Juubi Madara who’s far superior to Juubi ObitoTook a point-blank Hirudora, though it knocked him out briefly)  At least Small  Star Level+( Comparable to Juubi Madara,Guy’s body starts to break apart the moment he activates the 8th Gate and simply moving causes him great pain.)

Lifting Strength: At least Class G (Stronger than Jirobo) At least  Class P( Stronger than Sakura)

Striking Strength:  Class TJ( Stronger than Jiboro) At least Class TJ, At least Class EJ, Class ZJ via 6th Gate, At least Class YJ,  up to Class Class XKJ:,  Class XTJ(  Can punch Madara creating distortions in Space Time)

Stamina: Very High (Can withstand extreme physical training, also recovered in moments after opening gates later in the War)

Range: Standard melee range normally to several dozens of meters with Eight Gates-enhanced attacks, higher with final gate unlocked.

Standard Equipment: Sōshūga (Nunchaku)

Intelligence: Known to be an incredibly skilled ninja, graduating from the Academy at age 7 (where the average is around 13-14) and becoming a Chunin at age 11. Highly skilled martial artist.  Below average on non ninja things.

Weaknesses: Opening Gates leaves his body physically exhausted depending on the number, with opening the Eighth Gate leading him to death.

Key: Pre Skip base, Pre Skip Stronger GatesTimeskip base-6th gate, 7th Gate, 8th Gate

All Might

Attack Potency:At least  Island Level+( Casually parts entire storms with a single punch and can easily generate storms punching the air)  Up to Small Country level with Continent level DPS using Plus Ultra( Can easily defeat Nemu with 300 singular punches)  Multi Continent Level+ via United States of Smash( Can one shot AllForOne) At least Small Country level+, Likely Large Country level, Up to Muilt Continent level going full power(Far Stronger than before)  Likely Moon level+ via 1,000,000% power

Speed:Massively Hypersonic+( Can easily bltiz Deku  and Bakgou without moving more than 1mm.Is established as being much faster than virtually everyone in the series, making him far superior to 100% Deku)Sub Reaslstvic via powerscaling, up to     Relativistic+.  At least Sub Relativistic( Faster than he currently was,)  Up to FTL+ speed( Is established as being much faster than virtually everyone in the series  including Thirteen how has a Ligfhtspeed Blackhole quirk)

Durability:At least  Island Level+Up to Small Country level At least Small Country level+, Likely Large Country level, Up to Muilt Continent level going full power

Lifting Strength: At least Class G

Striking Strength:At least Class EJ, Class ZJ,   Class ZJ( stronger than his prime)  Class YJ, up to Class NJ

Stamina: Very high (Managed to break his limits and defeat All For One while being extremely injured. In his prime years, All Might has never been shown to be tired even when fighting against multiple villains)

Range: Standard melee range, up to tens of kilometers with air pressure (The aftereffects of his Detroit Smash brought a thunderstorm from at least 13 kilometers away)

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: All Might was the top-ranked hero in Japan for his countless acts of heroism, having spearheaded multiple operations against villainous teams and saving countless lives during large-scale disasters. He is an expert in hand-to-hand combat with an intelligence to match his strength, deducing that Noumu’s Shock Absorption had a limit and simply kept beating him until he went over that limit. After a stern talking from Gran Torino, All Might has also started to drop hints for Izuku that allow him to greatly improve over the span of a few hours. However, as a hero to the core, he refuses to go all out if innocent lives could be harmed by the aftereffects of his attacks.

Weaknesses: Using One For All in his weakened state harms him, and he can only use his hero form for about 3 hours a day (which later decreased to around 1 hour and 30 minutes after giving his Quirk to Izuku). His true form is sickly and often coughs up blood. He has a weak spot on the left side of his torso. Due to the destructive nature of his powers, he cannot go all out if there are innocent lives in the crossfire.

Key: Weakened , Prime

Is Death Battle Accurate?

For the most part yes.   The results are pretty dead on if we’re comparing All Might in his weakened version versus that of Might Gai, Might Gai holds the ultimate edge in terms of raw power, however Death battle gets serval facts wrong

1)Death Battle usually lowballing of anime characters and characters in general.  Madara is above planet level alone and hence Gai should be at least that level.. In fact the difference between Gai and All Might’s strongest attack isn’t Gigatons and Petatons, it’s  Exatons which is Moon Busting and Tina Kilotons which is Star bustingI will give Death Battle 

2) In actuality Gai is the one with superior brute force, however All Might has superior speed,especially with his casual dodging of Bagoku’s blasts, with the prime scaling, All Might actually suprasses even Gai in Eight Gate in speed,

3) Minor Nitpick but All Might shouldn’t of been able to resume fighting after using United States of Smash, it’s much like the Final Getsuga  Tenshou, it should’ve been the final blow .

Overal; a pretty good death battle, pretty good match up of opponent and even good animations for a fan animation, they have been getting better  at the animation. Speed issue aside , they’re pretty much on the money with this battle. All Might’s overall DC /AP is lower than Gai, Gai hs superior set of skills and veralstile as opposed to All Might’s simple but effective smashing techniques.

Overall Grade of this Death Battle Accuracy: A-

Let me know if you want more of these analysis of Death Battles to test their accuracy.

5 thoughts on “How Accurate was Death Battle?:All Might Vs Might Gai 

  1. not that this would change the outcome but don’t forget about how all for one made super giant mutated arm to where he maxed out all the power boosts he listed and called it the ultimate combination of quirks although it’s likely he can make even more powerful combinations but one of those quirks was “impact recoil” where one for all literally reversed the impact of all might’s punch back to him which lead to his arm getting wrecked down to the bones.

    now with Gai we can say indefinitely he’s top tier although keep in mind no one in naruto has even gone against someone who can create black holes and sadly unless they officially say boruto is non canon most of these feats have been underplayed or retconned due to how these new atagonists have abilities they claim make gai and naruto look like chumps or something to that effect.

    while all might’s best can be safely determined since as far as users go he was the strongest physically but the power of one of all hasn’t fully been explored yet and that’s cause the power gets stronger when passed on to new hosts. for all might this made him a near equivalent to hercules. near limitless strength but still human enough to injure so him surviving the amount of punishment his body took is impressive. especially if you read up on the injury he has which literally fucked up his insides that it’s even amazing he can walk right now but he has admitted he was expected to die when he beat all for one but surviving just meant he likely has less than a year left to live due to the injury and no longer having one for all to help keep him alive.


  2. I would need a major upgrade in the MHAverse power before revising this entire journal, currently the verse lacks god tiers to elevate All Might via scaling, we just need to see what villains and heros on par with All Might could do.

    He warped space and time as he moved, which is very slimair to the Flash’s Infinite Mass Punch attack which hits with the force of a Dwarf Star.


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