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Kirby brings his copy abilities to Death Battle!

Yep, we’re tackling possibly one of Nintendo’s strongest video game characters and one of the strongest video game characters in gaming Kirby. Yes really, this little puffball can pack a massive punch.


Despite being a mere 8 Inches Tall and weighing as much as a ballon, this puff ball isn’t just deceptively strong, he’s terrifying strong.


One of the lower end physical feats is how Kirby can casually crack the entire planet of Popstar with a single punch within a minigame.

Saturn size by IreneBelserion69

Going by Popstar’s shape, it’s likely a large planet the size of Saturn but the mass of a Rocky planet so let’s do some math on the size of the planet.

Planet Popstar by IreneBelserion69

Length of Popstar:391px(116,464,000m)

Width of the planet:379px(112,889,600 m)

Depth of the planet:135px(40,211,355.4m)

Volume of the planet:5.286817871148757e+23 m^3

The Earth’s volume, by contrast, is only 1.08 quadrillion cubic kilometers (259 trillion cubic miles) or 1.08×10^15 m^3, Popstar has a volume over 489,520,173.254 times that of Earth. Now for the mass of the planet.

Density of Earth: 5503kg/m^3

Mass of Popstar:2.909335874493161e+27 kg 

Popstar is roughly half the mass of Saturn despite being smaller overall due to lack of depth, now for the GBE.

GBE calc ref by IreneBelserion69

Where U = GBE in joules, M = the mass of the body in question in kilograms, r = its radius in meters, and G = the gravitational constant of 6.67408×10^-11.


U=0.00000000000667×2.909335874493161e+27 kg^2/56,444,800  mx5    

U=0.00000000002001×8.464235230612886e+54kg^2/282,224,000 m

U=6.001238270471818e+35 Joules

6.001238270471818e+35 joule = 143 433 037 060 000 000 000 megaton [explosive] or 143.433 Yottatons of TNT

GBE of Popstar:143.433 Yottatons of TNT( Large Planet level+)

Popstar despite being of Earth’s Gravity and half of Saturns mass has nearly 30% of Jupiter’s GBE which shows you how massive the planet is despite being an oddly shaped flatish planet. Looks like the Flat Earth’s might be onto something, lol.

Cracked Popstar by IreneBelserion69

Now for the feat from Kirby cracking the planet itself.

Planet Width:159px(112,889,600 m)

Planet Cralck length:113px(80,229,715.72 m)

Planet Crack Width:5px(3,549,987.42 m)

Esimated depth of the punch:40,211,355.4m

Crack volume:1.145277634377754e+22 m^3

Now for mass.

Density of Earth: 5503kg/m^3

Mass destoryed:6.302462821980782e+25

So the crack generated by Kirby splitting the planet in half equals 10.5 Earth masses of purivlezed rock. Now for the Kinetic Energy of the punch which crossed the planet within a second.

Kirby’s punching speed:112,889,600 m/s( 37.65% SoL)

E=6.302462821980782e+25kgx112,889,600 m/s^2/2

E=4.015948781045216e+41 joule

4.015948781045216e+41 joule = 9.598347947e+25 megaton [explosive] or 95.983 Tenatons of TNT(Small Star level+)  or just close enough to reach Star level.

Kirby’s Megaton Punch:95.983 Tenatons of TNT(Small Star level+)  

And to think this is considered a fairly casual feat on Kirby’s part if he wanted, he can easily bust his own homeworld with a punch. Jesus Christ that’s powerful. a Balloon weight character punched with the force over 668,116.821 times the planets GBE despite weighing 0.001 pounds and having almost no mass, you think that’s crazy, we’re only getting started.

Another powerful feat is tossing Ponpon to the sun and back with the Fryingpan resisting the gravitational pull of the sun and the intense heat while cooking the creature alive.

The distance from the Earth and Sun is 149,597,870,690.99997 or 1 AU

Given Kirby threw him front and back, that means that the total distance Poppon was thrown was a total of 299195741381.98 meters in 22 seconds.

Speed of the throw=13599806426.45364 m/s

Light travels at 299,792,458 m/s  

C=45.364 c

Now for the frying pan size.

Kriby Frying pan by IreneBelserion69

Kirby:10px(8 inches/20.32 cm)

Frying Pan Length:630px(1280.16 cm/12.80m)

Frying Pan Width:13px(26.416 cm)

Frying Pan Height:50px(101.6cm)

The density of steel: 7.98 g/cm^3

Frying Pan Volume:3,435,777.386496 cm^3 or 3.436 m^3

Weight of the Frying Pan:27,417.5 kg

Now for Poppon

Body Diameter and depth:161px(327.152 cm)^3

The volume of Popon segment:35,014,565.29253581 cm^3 or 35.014 m^3

The combined volume of Segments:210.084 m^3

The density of flesh:1,010 kg/m^3

Weight of Popon:212,184.84 kg

Now for frying panhandle.

Handle length:142 px(288.4 cm)

Handle Diameter:68px(138.176 cm)

The volume of Panhandle:5,506,307.851 cm^3 or 5.506 m^3

Density of plastic:1,052 kg/m^3

Panhandle weight:5792.63 kg

The combined weight lifted by Kirby:245,394.97 kg.

Kirby lifted the mass of nearly 41 Elephants and tossed it into the sun moving at faster than light speeds which is an insane speed and strength feat. Now for the Force Kirby threw the frying pan, keep in mind Kirby threw the frying pan so far and hard that it orbited around the sun and back with enough heat to cook the creature but not melt the frying pan.


F=245,394.97 kgx13599806426.45364 m/sx299195741381.98 m

F=4.538696160668596e+25 Newtonsx299195741381.98 m


1.357958562698787e+37 joule = 3.2455988592e+21 megaton [explosive] 32.456 Ninatons of TNT(Dwarf Star level)

Kirby’s Frying Pan throw:32.456 Ninatons of TNT(Dwarf Star level)

Kirby’s Lifting/Throwing Strength:1.3847323629e+36 meter kilogram-force(Muilt Stellar level lifting strength)

Carina Nebula by Harel Boren (151851961, modified).jpg

That roughly the same amount of potential lifting strength as lifting the entire mass of  2 Nebula clouds which are mupilte Solar Systems-wide meaning Kirby’s lifting strength is in the Multi-Star System level range.

Now for the enegery of the Frying Pan to withstand the sun’s gravity as it passes back to earth. The sun’s gravity is 28 times that of Earth giving the gravity pull roughly 274.68 m/s.

Given the frying pan didn’t melt, this means the frying pan was far from the sun’s coronasphere but close enough to roast the monster alive so between Mercury and the sun which is roughly 20,000,000,000 m from the sun’s Coronasphere.


P.E.=245,394.97 kgx274.68 m/sx20,000,000,000 m 


1 348 101 807 192 000 000 joule = 322.204 064 82 megaton [explosive]

GPE of the Frying Pan=322.204 Megatons of TNT(Mountain Level)

Thing is crazy throwing/destructive feats aren’t outliers, they’re fairly consistent with the Pink puffball.  

Another crazier feat was tossing a clown into deep space at least 3,000 Lightyears away within 18 seconds going by this calc here.

Now for throwing energy and the force of the throw.

Kriby throws clown by IreneBelserion69

Kriby:402px(20.32 cm)

Clown Height:631px(31.895 cm)

Clown Length:305px(15.42 cm)

Clown Width:31px(1.5672 cm)

Clown Volume:770.8204151409836 cm^3

Denisty of human flesh: 1.01 g/cm^3

Weight of the clown:778.5286192923934 Grams or 0.779 Kilograms

3,000 Lightyearsx63241.077088071 AU’sx149,597,870,690.99=2.838219141774053e+19 meters…

149,597,870,690.99997 meters=1 AU…

63241.077088071 AU’s= One Light Year

Now for speed.

2.838219141774053e+19 meters /18=1.576788412096696e+18 m/s

Light travels at 299,792,458 m/s  

Speed=5,259,599,999.999653 c or 5.259 Billion times the speed of light


F=0.779 kgx1.576788412096696e+18 m/s^2×2.838219141774053e+19 

F=1.25985394126526e+37 Nx2.838219141774053e+19 

F=3.575741571938544e+56 J

3.575741571938544e+56 joule = 8.5462274664e+40 megaton [explosive] or 854.622 GigaFoe (Solar System level+)

Kriby’s Clown Toss: 854.622 GigaFoe (Solar System level+)

Merely throwing his opponent into a black hole generates roughly the force of 5,228 Solar Kamhahka waves with the force of 163.47 MegaFoe each

Another feat is tossing the villain Marx into the planet NOVA which is roughly the size of Popstar but made purely of metal. Going by the dimensions of the planet, it should be roughly Volume of the planet5.286817871148757e+23 m^3. The Density of steel is 7,980 kg/m^3 making the planet roughly 4.218880661176708e+28 kg.

This is roughly the mass of Brown Drawfs or 22.22 Jupiter Masses, now for the GBE of the planet.


U=0.00000000000667×4.218880661176708e+28 kg^2/56,444,800  mx5    

U=0.00000000002001×1.779895403325082e+57kg/282,224,000 m

U=1.261965921414723e+38 Joules

1.261965921414723e+38 joule = 3.0161709403e+22 megaton [explosive] or 301.61 Ninatons of TNT

GBE of NOVA:301.61 Ninatons of TNT( Dwarf Star level+)

That’s roughly 625 times the GBE of Jupiter meaning Kirby could casually destroy a planet and this is not factoring the speed of the exploding planet which should roughly match his casual planet punching feat.

The velocity of the explosion:112,889,600 m/s( 37.65% SoL)


E=4.218880661176708e+28 kgx112,889,600 m/s^2/2


2.688283791145464e+44 joule = 6.4251524645e+28 megaton [explosive] or 64.251 TenaKilotons of TNT or  2.68 Foe

Kriby destorys NOVA:2.68 Foe(Large Star Level+)


So Kirby destroying NOVA produces more than twice the force of a Supernova explosion however that’s merely factoring the explosion of the planet itself, now for the force, Kirby used to throw Marx. According to  Marx was punched at 170 billion c, scaling backward, that means Kirby punched Marx  at 5.096471786e+19 m/s, given it took 4 seconds for him to impact Nova, that means he was throwing at a distance of 2.0385887144e+20 meters or 21,547.8919 Light Years giving Kirby’s throwing speed at roughly 5,386.973 Lightyears per second.

Now for Force of the throw. Marx weighs would be around 1.2 kg at most.


F=1.2kgx5.096471786e+19 m/s^2×2.0385887144e+20 meters 

F=6.1157661432e+38 Nx2.0385887144e+20 meters

F=1.246753183943713e+58 J

1.246753183943713e+58 joule = 2.9798116251e+42 megaton [explosive] or 29.798 TeraFoe of TNT (Muitl Solar System Level+)

Kirby Throws Marx: 29.798 TeraFoe of TNT (Muitl Solar System Level+)

Vegeta's final flash by IreneBelserion69

 To put into perspective, this is the eqaulivent of being hit with 91,142,384 of Vegeta’s Final Flashes that he used against Cell, an attack with the explosive force of over 326.939 KiloFoe

Another, far crazier feat would be him batting away meteors moving at 9,999 Lightyears in seconds which is a shiton of force, we’re going to do 3 versions of this calc based on difficulty and scale it to potential force.

There are three meteors, going by the naming we can make our own guesses on the mass and size of the meteors being deflected.

We will use this video as a reference for the first two meteors.  To destroy a whole Town or small city with a meteor, the meteor would need to be at a bare minimum of 7 meters wide, across and high and weigh roughly 1,029,000 kg.…

To desotry a whole country with a meteor, you would need a meteor the size of the one that killed the Dinosaurs which was 15,000 m wide and across and estimated to weigh around 1.0125e+16kg

Now, this is where things get very interesting with Popstar given it’s around the same size as Saturn with half the mass, it would require a planet the size of Neptune to completely desotry the surface of Popstar and end the whole world.

And Earth-size planet won’t be large enough to do complete destruction of the world instantly. Meaning we need an asteroid roughly 49,244,000 m in length, width, and height weighing 9.421867037352058e+26 kg.

Frist the speed of how far the meteor was hit. It took 20 seconds to cross 9,999 Light Years, that gives the meteor speed of 499.95 Light years per second.…

149,597,870,690.99997 meters=1 AU…

63241.077088071 AU’s= One Light Year

Light travels at 299,792,458 m/s 

Meteor velocity:4.727872830469256e+18 m/s or 15,770,486,229.07403 Times the Speed of Light.

Kirby’s Meteor slam: 15.77 Billion c

Now for the 3 meteors.

Town Crisis Meteor

let’s factor force.


F=1,029,000 kg.x4.727872830469256e+18 m/sx9.455745660938512e+19 m

F=1.150050608231048e+43 Nx9.455745660938512e+19 m

F=1.087458604864043+63 Joules

1.087458604864043e+63 joule = 2.5990884437e+47 megaton [explosive]  or 25.99 ExaFoe of TNT (Muitl Solar System level+)

Kirby’s Town Crisis Meteor Launching energy:25.99 ExaFoe of TNT (Muitl Solar System level+)…

Yeah crazy right, as i alluded to within my post on Sephiroth’s meteor, the force of Kirby’s meteors is simply far greater than Seprioths. Not only are they much faster and traveled a lot more distance, but because this is factoring in a lot of force needed to deflect the asteroid back the same distance and force as the impact. 

Despite this meteor being house sized and over 3.8 Qaudrillion times smaller than the Pluto sized meteor and over 

Sephiroth’s Meteor speed:11,465,927.984 c

Asteroid Length, Width and Height:2,370,000 meters

Asteroid Volume:1.3312053e+19 m^3

Density: 7,980kg/m^3

Mass of Asteriod:1.0623018294e+23 kg

Velocity:3,437,398,733,581,728 m/s


E= kgxm/s^2/2

E=1.0623018294e+23 kgx3,437,398,733,581,728 m/s^2/2

E=6.275925202815171e+53 Joules…

6.275925202815171e+53 joule = 1.499982123e+38 megaton [explosive] or 1.5 GigaFoe of TNT(Solar System Level+)

Sephiroth’s Supernova:1.5 GigaFoe of TNT(Solar System Level+)High End

However, let’s factor in the speed of the sun exploding since the timeframe of the sun explosion was roughly a second after the meteor entered the Solar System. That means that the sun expanded to roughly 1 AU per second if we’re going with the high-end speed of the meteor, going by the AU and assuming the frame of the explosion is slowed down when plowing into the Solar System meaning the explosion of the Sun happened at 3,437,398,733,581,728 m/s.

Mass of the sun:2×10^30 kg

The velocity of the Explosion:3,437,398,733,581,728 m/s .


E= kgxm/s^2/2


2.363142010725853e+61 joule = 56.48 PetaFoe of TNT

Sephiroth’s Supernova exploding sun: 56.48 PetaFoe of TNT (Multi Solar System level+)

So yes Kirby knocking a House size meteor into space 9,999 lightyears away produces over 173,266,66,666.66667 times as much destructive force as the Pluto-sized meteor despite being over 100 Sextillion times lighter than the Pluto-sized Asteroid and being  38.8 Quadrillion times smaller than the Pluto-sized Asteroid which is just mindblowing , goes to show how much force is within the attack itself Hell even the Star explosion caused by Sephiroth’s Supernova moving at FTL speeds itself at 56.48 PetaFoe pales to the 7m wide asteroid which has 460 times the destructive force moving at thousands of lightyears per second.

Country Crisis

Now for the massive Manhattan-sized Asteroid that killed the Dinosaurs moving at 15.77 Billion c.


F=1.0125e+16kg.x4.727872830469256e+18 m/sx9.455745660938512e+19 m

F=1.0125e+16kgx2.291509366072616e+38×9.455745660938512e+19 m

F=  2.320153233148524e+54 Nx9.455745660938512e+19 m


2.193877886705661e+74 joule = 5.2434939931e+58 megaton [explosive] or 5.24 TenaFoe (Muilt Galaxy level+)

Kirby’s Country Crisis  Meteor swing:5.24 TenaFoe (Multi Galaxy level+)

Yep this Asteroid capable of killing dinosaurs when hit with the force to send it across a small galaxy length is able to generate 255,309.89 the force needed to be considered Mutil galaxy level and over 208,345,635.7345 times the enegery needed to blow up an entire Galaxy.

World Crisis

Now for the Neptune sized Asteroid which is coming towards Popstar and it’s mass.

Meaning Kirby can generate enough force to potentially damage the Milky Way Galaxy or desotry a good chunk of it.

And now for the force of the Asteroids.


F=9.421867037352058e+26 kgx4.727872830469256e+18 m/sx9.455745660938512e+19 m

F=9.421867037352058e+26 kgx2.291509366072616e+38 mx9.455745660938512e+19 m

F=2.159029656198309e+65 Nx9.455745660938512e+19 m


2.041523530343473e+85 joule = 4.8793583421e+69 megaton [explosive] 48.793 TenaTeraFoe

Kirby’s World Crisis  Meteor swing:48.793 TenaTeraFoe(Multi Galaxy Level+)

HOLY MOTHER OF FUCK! The enegery need to knock a Neptune sized Asteroid 9,999 lightyears from orbit in 20 seconds, the force created would be rough 1/5789765 the force needed to destroy the Universe or enough to destroy Millions of Galaxies instantly.

And that’s not even the craziest feats Kirby could even achieve.

Now for bonus feat, the size of the planets, I’m aware they’re not scaled properly and realistically there are ZERO planets that are lightyears wide

Then again there are ZERO people who can casually knock meteors the size of Neptune 9,999 light-years wide so let’s actually put into account the massive size of the planets. Thou one has to wonder how the hell the spaceship tanked it and what it’s made of.

Lihgty years planet by IreneBelserion69

Going by this screencap i made, the planet is roughly a mind-blowing 123 Light years in diameter.  

To contrast, the nearest star system to our own is only 4.36 Lightyears from our own.

To give you a contrast of the size differences of this theoretical planet. If Namek is roughly 202 lightyears from earth based on the speed that it takes Nakemian spaceships a mere second to reach Jupiter and mupitl that by 37 days it took to reach Namek, this Multi Solar System sized planet would be rough 3/5ths the distance between Earth and Namek.…

149,597,870,690.99997 meters=1 AU…

63241.077088071 AU’s= One Light Year

Light Year Planet size:1.147109785433691e+18 meters or 123 Light Years.

Light Year Planet’s Volume:1.731489802452889e+72 m^3 or 

The density of the planet: Roughly the same as Earth(5,503kg/m^3)

Mass of the Planet:9.528388382898248e+72 kg.

Yes, this planet is ltierally more massive than the Universe itself. The Universe at least the Observable Universe weighs merely 6×10^52 kg, this makes these planetoid spheres roughly 83.3 Sextillion Times heavier and denser than the Obersablbe Universe despite being much smaller than the Universe.( This would make the Kirby Universe far denser than our Universe given it would be physically impossible to scale their Universe to our own)

Now for the GBE of the planet itself

Where U = GBE in joules, M = the mass of the body in question in kilograms, r = its radius in meters, and G = the gravitational constant of 6.67408×10^-11.


U=0.00000000000667×9.528388382898248e+72 kg^2/5.735548927168455e+17mx5    

U=0.00000000002001×9.079018517535029e+145kg/3.289652149594322e+18 m

U=1.816711605358759e+135 kg/3.289652149594322e+18 m


5.22503665266842e+116 joule = 1.2488137315e+100 megaton [explosive] or441.7 ZettaUniFoe

GBE of Kirby’s Light Year planets:.522503665266842e+116 Joules or 441.7 ZettaUniFoe( Universe Level+)

WHAT THE FUCK! So the planets GBE, if the Lighty year sized planets are true, is roughly 441.7 Sextillion times the energy OF THE BIG FUCKING BANG. Yeah no joke, that’s a lot of fucking energy. That would make Kirby actually Universe level if these planets are actually are 123 Light Years wide.

Light year planet exploison by IreneBelserion69

Going by the explosion radius the planet exploded within 0.001 seconds of the trajectory of the meteor, just how powerful is this explosion.

Light Year Planet diameter: 201px(1.147109785433691e+18 m)

Exploison distance:484px(2.762194707213465e+18 m)

The explosion happening at 1/10,000th a second makes the explosion speed roughly 1.147109785433691e+22 m/s


F=9.528388382898248e+72 kgx1.147109785433691e+22 m/s^2×2.762194707213465e+18 m

F=9.528388382898248e+72 kgx1.315860859837729e+44 metersx2.762194707213465e+18 m

F=1.253803333038831e+117 x2.762194707213465e+18 m

F=3.46324893040646e+135 Joules

3.46324893040646e+135 joule = 8.2773636004e+119 megaton [explosive] or 82.77 TenaTeraUniFoe

Kirby’s Meteor shatters the Light Year Planet:82.77 TenaTeraUniFoe (Universe Level+)

Yep Yep funny how in this crazy ass feat if you take planet size to account, Kirby would literally be Universe level+

Kirby Triple Deluxe devs discuss the 3DS game, HALâs relationship with Nintendo

What’s even crazier is that these minigames are considered part of the canon within Kirby Lore and Kirby is meant to be this ridiculously powerful

This wouldn’t be too far off from what Kirby’s strongest opponents are capable of doing. Magalor is said to be capable of destroying entire Universes.

A villain which merely his soul was able to casually warp the entire galaxy that they’re fighting within so casual Galaxy level reality warping with a weakened boss character and Kriby is able to fight on par with.

 Galacta Knight was stated to be galaxy level by a very legible source. (NOVA the wish-granting comet) Meta Knight in Meta Knightmare wished for the opportunity to defeat the strongest warrior in the galaxy. NOVA granted that wish, and Meta Knight won. Considering Kirby regularly is the victor in his battles with Meta Knight, and has also defeated Galacta himself(Kirby Super Star Ultra: The True Arena), well……

Nightmare is immensely powerful who was going to spread nightmares all around the galaxy, This confirms Kirby in stronger states with the Star Rod being at least Galaxy Level +! and this is massively lowballing considering Kirby’s able to destroy a small Galaxy sized planet with a Massively FTL meteor giving a Universe level+ yield.

However as Death Battle noted, Kirby’s true power is literally Universe level. It’s confirmed to being it’s very own Universe within the Death Battle and the animated series. Imaginary Axis did a whole video on just how big Kirby’s stomach is

Kirby has the inner Universal mass of 3.4 Million Galaxies within his pocket Universe, that’s roughly 4.08x48kg’s Kirby’s Pocket Universe which is over twice the size of the Pisces–Cetus Supercluster Complex. The Pisces–Cetus Supercluster Complex is a galaxy filament. It includes the Virgo Supercluster which in turn contains the Local Group, the galaxy cluster that includes the Milky Way, a 1.08 Billion Light year-long stretch of the Universe is around 1/93th the size of the Observable Universe, meaning Kirby’s pocket Universe dimension is at least 1/46th the size of the Observable Universe.

With speed and expansion of 3,500 Lightyears per day, this means Kirby’s Suction speed is faster than light. This means Kriby’s suction speed is moving at 2561.846 AU’s per second or 383,246,706,638,230 m/s or 1,278,373. c. Combing the mass of the pocket Universe and speed of expansion


E=4.08x48kgx383,246,706,638,230 m/s^2/2

E=5.992623956481221e+77 Joules

5.992623956481221e+77 joule = 1.4322715001e+62 megaton [explosive] or 1.4322 TenaKiloFoe(Muilt Galaxy level+)

Kirby’s Potential Pocket Universe expansion energy:1.4322 TenaKiloFoe(Multi Galaxy level+)

And this is merely considering stationary dimensional pocket space speed, imagine if Kirby could weaponize this power.…

In the Japanese verison, Kirby’s Hypernova is directly compared to that of the Big Bang itself, considering his actual mouth contains a Pocket Universe, it should easily be on par with that of the Big Bangf itself

Fought with both Master Hand and Crazy Hand on equal footing, and Master Hand can create a universe while Crazy Hand can destroy it.

Kirby also defeated Landia EX three times, who was powered by the Master Crown, which had also powered Magolor. The third time they fought, it’s clear that Landia EX was not holding back. This is another Unvierse level+ final boss.

Kriby also defeated Dark Tarzana, who was massively superior to Parallel Landia, almost the final boss, who in turn, was also massively superior to Landia EX. 

Kirby also defeated Marx Soul, who created a universe with countless stars. Said universe ceases to exist after his defeat. 

Within the battle against Magolor, who used the universe itself as a weapon, including a multitude of galaxies.…

Kirby also defeated Dark Mind, who nearly conquered both the Mirror Dimension and Dream Land. The Mirror Dimension is a universe with an innumerate amount of stars, and Dark Mind not only corrupted it, but can manipulate its entirety)

However, Kirby’s power is actually possibly Multiversal as he was able to fight the Void Termina, a Multiversal threat that threatened the entire Kirby Multiverse.

As seen with Kirby’s travel speed feats, Dimmeisonal creatures who can casually bend all of 4 Dimmeisonal Space and, Conssienset Universe busting Final Bosses and Kirby being a possible 5th DImmeisonal entity himself with a pocket Universe within his ballon mass body.

If anything, as seen within the gameplay of Return to Dreamland Kirby, is able to physically hold back briefly the collapse of the entire Universe during the escape scene of escaping a dying Universe. Kirby was also Was able to hold back the wave that was consuming the parallel universe Magolor and his crew fought in, this would make Kirby easily Universe level.

The same wave is later shown destroying the parallel Universe. Going by timeframe, the explosion destroyed the parallel Universe in roughly 2 minutes.

Assuming one of the Kirby Universes is the same as our own, it should be 23.5 Trillion Light Years Wide and Long and having a thickness of at least 235 Billion Lightyears giving it the volume of 1.083314312985248e+88 m^3 or 1.14506413233621e+72 Cubic Lightyears with the mass of  1.62×10^60 kg.

The timeframe of the chase scene in the video is roughly 25 seconds before the Universe implodes. This means the Universe imploded within 930,000,000,000 Light Years Per Second or 8.79848252714505e+27 m/s . That means the Universe collapsed at 10 times the Observable Universe size per second or roughly 2.934857863283889e+19 c/ or 29.348 Quintillion times the speed of Light.


E=1.62×10^60 kgx 8.79848252714505e+27 m/s^2/2

E= 1.62×10^60 kgx 7.741329478047675e+55 m/2

E=1.254095375443723e+116 Joules

1.254095375443723e+116 joule = 2.9973598839e+100 megaton [explosive] or 

1.061 Yotta UniFoe

Malagamor’s Universal Collapse: 1.061 Yotta UniFoe (Unvierse Level+)

Now for Kirby stopping this Universal collapsing Dimmeisonal Rift even momentary yes Kirby physically stopped a collapsing Universe even for a few seconds with his exahaltion, how much more powerful can Kirby be to physically hold back a collapsing Universe. Kirby seemed to move the mass of the collapsing Universe roughly 3 meters pre-attack which gave him enough time to escape the wave, meaning Kirby produced roughly 3 times as much force as the Universe collapsing meaning merely exhaling stars from his mouth, Kirby could stop Universe busting attacks.

See the source image

The Kirby Multiverse is confirmed to be pretty much a Mutiverse, especially with the various dimensions having many galaxies present within the backgrounds.

And this is literally nothing compared to the Void Terminal power who can destroy the entire Kirby Multiverse. Several edivence within the games prior to hint within Parrael Dimensions and realities within the Kirby Universe .

So going by the “Destroyer of worlds” moniker, Void Termina would at the very least be Low Muitversial if not Mutiverisal.,with%20a%20finite%20or%20infinite%20number%20of%20universes.

The Multiverse is very huge. Our Local Multiverse has approximately 10^10^10^120 universes, although a multiverse can contain anywhere from only 2 universes to omega universes. Our universe lasts long, most of them only live for xonoseconds and pop. The diameter of the Local Multiverse is on the order of 92,200,000,000 * 10^10^10^120 light years across! A multiverse is a self-contained group or larger bubble filled with a finite or infinite number of universes. In many cases, the term is used to define a larger bubble filled with a finite or infinite number of universes. In many cases, the term is used to define the hypothetical set of every single possible universe, including the universe in which we live.

Now to sum up this mind blowing number,the a real Mutivlerse is 9.3e+120,000 lightyears across, a mind blowingly large size beyond comprehension,  by multiplying the dimensional space by the 3rd power, we get a 3 dimensional volume of our Multiverse  at  8.04357e+360,002  Cubic Light Years in volume.    You need a bare minimum of roughly8.04357e+360,002 Joules to blow up all Universes within a 3-D Dimensional Muitiviersial space

Low Multiversal Level(1,000 4 D Universes+Infinte 3D Universes):4.307432805138255×10^207J(10 Septentrigintillion  Big Bangs) or 38.33 TriTenaYotta UniFoe/1 MuitFoe

Multiverse Level (5th Dimensional busting on 1,000 Universes or 3-d busting of 10^10^10^120 universes):8.04357e+360,002‬ Joules   

High Multiverse Level(1,000 5th  Dimensional Multiverse Busting,Infinite 4 Dimensional Busting of 10^10^10^120 universes ): At  least 1.741105116668646e+‬720,004 Joules

Low Complex Multiverse level:(Infinite  4th and 5th dimensional busting of 10^10^10^120 universes,  6 Dimensional to 7 Dimensional busting of the Mutiverse)At  least 1.741105116668646e+1,440,008‬ ‬J   to1.741105116668646e+ 2,880,016J

Complex Multiverse level:(7-9 Dimensional Multiverse Busting)::1.985832917233346e+‭‭5,508,864‬ J to 1.985832917233346e+‭‭11,017,728‬ J)

High Complex Multiverse Level:(9-11 Dimensional Multiverse Busting):1.985832917233346e+‭22,035,456‬ J  to 1.985832917233346e+44,070,912 J

Low Hyperverse level: (fucking with with muptile 11 Dimmeisonal realites at once, up to 12th Dimmeisonal)1.985832917233346e+‭88,141,824‬ J

Hyperverisal level(Characters with a finite number of dimensions greater than 11, brder is  from 12 Dimensional to as high as 42 Dimensional)

Up to 1.985832917233346e‭+2.366039071811174e+16‬ Joules

High Hyperversial Level(At least more than 1×10^16 Dimensions/Infinte Dimmeisonal busting)

Infinite Joules

Outerverse level (Boundless, beyond infinte Dimensions, This is something completely formless, abstract, metaphysical and transcendental. The usual scale does not make sense against a beyond dimensional object.)

Infinite Joulesx1,000

High Outeversial Level(Infinte Dimmeisonal busting/Near Omnipotent)

Infinte Joulesx1,000,000

Omniverse  level( Completely Omnipotent, can’t be killed, can control all of Creation)

Examples: One Above All, Kami Tenchi, Mind Over Monitor Overlord, The Writer (Stan Lee, Grant Morrison)

This is the new Scale

This would make Kirby up to the Standard Mutiverse level, currently, that makes Kirby much stronger than even Zeno(Abelt Zeno has not shown many feats and should technically be around this powerful)

However  thanks to  further  research is actually above  2A

The term Exteradeimmsional space i used numerous times in reference to the Kirby Muitverse, meaning the Kirby Mutiverse actually exists within Muptile Muitverses within an 

Extradimensional.  So bare Minimum Kriby would be Complex Multiverse level+ or  1 C in terms of power.


Kirby is also ridiculously fast as seen with various feats within the series.

As seen with Meta Knight’s casual speed, eh leaped across another Solar System in a single flight less than 5 Seconds. Given Alpha, Centura is the closest to our Solar System at 4.36 Light Years, that means Meta Knight at bare minimum casually flew at 8,249,746,916,001,680 m/s or 59,958,491.6 c and this was a farily casual speed feat compared to feats later shown.

To put into context, this is over 4 times faster than Vegeta’s Final Flash against Cell which crossed the same distance in roughly 12 seconds. Believe me when i say there are far faster feats.

Kirby’s reflexes and reaction/combat speed scales to Metal Knight Naturally.

See the source image

Kirby with his warp star casually moved across a whole galaxy in less than a second. To travel 100,000 light years a second, you would need to move at 9.460733900093359e+20 m/s /3,155,761,143,295.126 c or 3.155 Trillion times the speed of Light and that’s literally nothing compared to this other speed feat.

Going by this feat, shadows are shown constantly travel across 6 galaxies within seconds. Given the distance between the Aredmoerna Galaxy and Milky Way Galaxy is 2.2 Million Light Years from each other, going by Roach Limit of Galaxies, that means that the galaxies are 13.2 Million Light Years, this means Kirby’s stronger enemies has the speed of 2.2 Million Light Years per second.…

149,597,870,690.99997 meters=1 AU…

63241.077088071 AU’s= One Light Year

Light travels at 299,792,458 m/s  

Shadow’s movement speed:2.08728477674845e+22 m/s or 69,624,325,797,697.37 c(Massively FTL+)

Universal travel

Kirby and co. fly from one universe to another in 3 seconds, yeah you’re not hearing wrong. The multiverse theory applies to the Kirby Universe and there is transversal travel within this series. That’s a crazy amount of time to travel from one Universe to another.

Even Gods from Dragonball Super don’t travel this fast. Just how fast is Kirby?

Captain Marvel strongest Marvel character DEBUNKED

(Due to the internet outage Wednesday, this journal was delayed by several days, this was originally intended to come out before Endgame to address the problems of making Captain Marvel Thanos level both in the comics and within the MCU itself, this would likely be outdated as this update is being written with the release of Endgame, sorry for the inconvenience caused by the internet outage. Inevitably due to inevitable shitty writing, i half expect Captain Marvel to defeat Thanos singlehandedly with no real effort and further piss on the grave of the MCU and look forward to hating the hell out of Endgame, boy that would be fun!

Update: Updated the size of the Universe and revised allUniverse calcs due to new numbers in preparation for the Kirby respect thread soon.

Also redid calcs that used the 1×10^12 muplticaion now that i learned how to do those right, fixed all mathematical errors, will be updating DBZ too)

Because you have

Remember my Captain Marvel strongest debunked and DBZtard pwnage videos, i briefly talked about the size of the Universes of various fictions, however, those would require revisions and we’re not taking into account the Roache Limit nor the size of the actual Universe.…

Instead of taking one measurement method, a team of scientists led by Mihran Vardanyan at the University of Oxford did a statistical analysis of all of the results. By using Bayesian model averaging, which focuses on how likely a model is to be correct given the data, rather than asking how well the model itself fits the data. They found that the universe is at least 250 times larger than the observable universe, or at least 7 trillion light-years across.

Going by the Sicnfetic models, we got two sizes of the actual Universe size, 7 Trillion Light Years that can be used for the Low End and 23.25 Trillion Light Years as a high end.

Now let’s take into account the Roache Limit to separate the Universes. That’s between 25 to 30 times the length of the celestial object. So let’s go with the 25 times for Roach Limit. We’re going to redo the entire DB Multiverse and Marvel Multiverse calc.

This means that we got a High-End Distance between the Universes between 175 Trillion Light Years and 581.25 Trillion Light Years which is thousands of times the length of our Observable Universe.…

149,597,870,690.99997 meters=1 AU…

63241.077088071 AU’s= One Light Year

Light travels at 299,792,458 m/s…

1.655625814564557e+30 m/s or 5.5225732682193e+21 c or 5.522 Sextillion times the speed of light

 5.496684396914271e+30 m/s or 1.833496557446509e+22 c /18.33  Sextillion times the speed of light  

Now divide by 3 seconds

5.51875271521519e+29 m/s or 1.8408577560731e+21 c or 1.84 Sextillion times the speed of light

 1.832228132304757e+30 m/s or 6.111655191488363e+21 c /6.11

 Sextillion times the speed of light  

Kriby’s Warpstar Universe speed: 1.84 Sextillion c Low End

                            6.11 Sextillion c High End

And if you think Kirby’s speed is crazy, he can further enhance his agility, speed, and reflexes with an ability known as Star Warrior sense. It’ds an anime and manga based ability that gives Kirby Precognition abilites and the ability to sense attacks coming at him up to planetary distances. 

Combined with Kirby’s already crazy speed, it would be very hard to blitz him unless you’re faster than traveling the Roache Limit between Universes within a second.

As seen with Meta Knight, SWS can sense powers and energies across entire planets and star systems.

According to Meta Knight in the Japanese dub of the Kirby anime, let’s Kirby fight based purely on instinct. it letsKirby know when and where an attack is coming from, it letsMeta Knight, to whom Kirby certainly compares, sense people who are on other planets.

It even works when he’s asleep, when he fell asleep from hunger while fighting Dark Meta Knight, beat the shit out of him while still sleeping in his Bell Kirby form. It’s basically a combination of Observation Haki, Ultra Instinct, and Spider-Sense, but better.


During his battle with Queen Sectiona, Kirby tanked an explosion that took up the size of Popstar. Given the size of Popstar, the explosion would at least equal the enegery equipment of at least the GBE of Uranus at 2.7 Yottatons of TN giving Kirby casual Large Planet level durability

Kirby has faced many small black holes that range from large planet level to star level.

Schwarzs' black hole

The first one here is at least 30.67cm wide, using this calculator, this black hole has the mass of 34.58 Earth Masses in density, moving at lightspeed, the force generated from the black hole.  Going by E=MC^2/2 or E=5.9722×1024 kgX34.58×299,792,458 m/s^2/2, we get the energy of 9.280486478043547e+42 Joules or 2.21TenaKilotons of TNT which is Large Star level.

Marx's black hole (Smash Ultimate)

The largest micro blackhole Kirby tanked is this one which is 4.3 times bigger than him. The blackhole is roughly 87.464 cm wide, using the same calculator, we get roughly 98.81 Earth masses.  Going by E=MC^2/2 or E=5.9722×10^24 kgX98.81 x299,792,458 m/s^2/2, we get the energy of 2.0361635475869e+43 Joules  or 4.87 TenaKilotons of TNT which is Large Star level+

Kirby has also survived massive explosions that drawfed entire galaxies

Also, Kirby fought Marx, who after absorbing Nova created an alternate dimension that has at least 53 “squiggles” in the background that heavily resemble galaxies, so this could be a universe-sized dimension. When this multi-galaxy to universe sized dimension collapsed following Marx’s defeat, Kirby was there when it collapsed and was completely unharmed.

Kirby using his most powerful state and his full power against him confirms this and the fact Kirby has tanked attacks from this cosmic reality wrapper proves Kirby can withstand anything less than a Big Bang.

When Kirby defeated Magolor, it caused the parallel dimension Magolor created to collapse. Kirby outran this, pushed back the universe-collapsing wave for a while, and is tougher than Magolor, who SURVIVED his parallel universe collapsing. This means Kirby would be able to tank Universe destroying attacks.

Image result for kirby mouse attack ds

Also, in Kirby: Squeak Squad, Kirby fought an eldritch abomination of darkness called Dark nebula and killed him just because Kirby thought that Dark Nebula stole his cake . When Dark Nebula appeared, his awakening wiped out a galaxy that had been created by Dark Daroach (who Dark Nebula had been possessing). Assuming this galaxy had the same radius as the milky way (52,850 light years), this comes out to 2.237 yottafoe, 176.459 times what’s needed to wipe out the milky way, putting Dark Nebula at galaxy level! And Kirby fought him in a 2.82 million light-years wide black hole and was not even exhausted!…

Going by the Blackhole calculator, a Blackhole that is 2.82 million light years has the mass of 9,031,452,423,442,333,492 or 9.031 Quintillion Suns.…

That’s roughly 90,314,524.23 times as many stars in our Milky Way Galaxy or 12,902,074.8906319 times the mass of the Milky Way Galaxy. 

Going by the mass of the Blackhole and it moving at least Lightspeed or 299,792,458 m/s, the energy of the black hole would be roughly  8.117064637083979e+65 Joules of Energy or 8.117064637083979e+65 1.94 ZettaFoe per second Kirby tanked within the massive black hole.

This would put Kribys Durability at minimum Small Galaxy level as he tanked nearly 1/5th the force to desotry a whole galaxy in his fight with Dark Nebula but again this is assuming the black hole is moving merely at Lightspeed. Even merely going at Lightspeed, the black hole alone generated the force of roughly 8.2771024122e+64 Kgs, which is roughly the weight of 6.9 Trillion Observable Universes.

Image result for kirby mouse attack ds

If we assume the galaxy is moving as fast tas Dark Nebuk’s causal vaporization of a galaxy, that would make the potential blackhole over  9.460733900093359e+20 m/s /3,155,761,143,295.126 c or 3.155 Trillion times the speed of Light. Let’s estimate the true power of the Gamble Galaxy Blackhole.

Mass of the Blackhole: 9,031,452,423,442,333,492 or 9.031 Quintillion Suns(1.8062×10^48kg)

Velocity:9.460733900093359e+20 m/s


E=1.8062×10^48kgx9.460733900093359e+20 m/s^2/2

E= 1.8062×10^48kgx8.95054859283757e+41 m/2


1.616648086838322e+90 joule = 3.8638816607e+74 megaton [explosive] 38.68 TenapetaFoe

Gamble Galaxy Black Hole: 38.68 TenapetaFoe of TNT (Multi Galaxy level +)

In other words, this black hole is producing roughly 1/175th the power of the Big Bang And kriby not only shrugs off the effects of the attack, but he also fights the final boss within this Massive Blackhole 25 times longer than the Milky Way Galaxy tanking the intense gravity of the black hole. A Blackhole can assert up to 1.6166480868e+90 Netwons of force on his body which is just unheard of, that means in the blackhole Kirby is carrying the mass of 1.6485222648e+89kg which is roughly the mass of 20 Undecillion Observable Universes, imagine tanking the weight of 20 Undecillion Universes.

 And if you think killing Kirby is hard enough. Kirby can just casually rip himself in half and throw his body parts like a boomerang which makes him next to impossible to kill by conventional methods

He can even reform his body exploding himself and return back to normal, with no bones or even any notable organs, he can shrug off most attacks that can be fatal to anyone else.

And in his Ghost form can revive himself from death if he’s killed, Kirby is considered a Type 3 immortal without powers meaning he can regenerate and has the ability to regenerate being cut to pieces and as Ghost Kirby, he can regenerate from complete destruction of his body meaning he can come back from even scattered or lone molecules, atoms, particles, or even pure energy.

Accuracy of Kirby vs Majin Buu

Allow me to address my problems with Death Battle for a minute. While i agree with the overall decision here of Kirby beating Majin Buu, the problem here is that they far downplayed Majin Buu in this fight. Let me address several problems i had with Death Battle’s research here.

1)Buu’s durability is far above Planet level, Frieza a far weaker character surrived the explosion on Namek and he’s far superior to Perfect Cell who is stated to be a Solar System buster. 

2)Buu is much faster than the speed of light DB, that was bullshit on your part! This is a legitimate downplaying which is just shitty, lazy research on your part. 

We’re going to go over these two because this is one of the few times i kinda agree with DBZtards about Buu being screwed over. If there is anything i hate as much as DBZ wank, it’s DBZ downplay which just brings me to a small side rant.

1) Majin Buu isn’t above Planet level! DEBUNKED

I think this a mistake that Death Battle did in their own shoddy research because even the ODB have Kid Buu at least Star level with their calcs.…

However, let’s bring up some canonical facts into Buu’s Destructive power and durability.

Salty DBZtard threatens to dox me

(Update: Updated the size of the Universe and revised all Universe calcs due to new numbers in preparation for the Kirby respect thread soon.

Also redid calcs that used the 1×10^12 muplticaion now that i learned how to do those right, fixed all mathematical errors, will be updating DBZ too)

Of all the butthurt retards I’ve encountered on the internet, this has to be the saltiest one. DBZtards are well known for their sheer stupidity but this bitch nigga by the name of :Iconlyterious: takes it to a whole new level of faggotry by threatening to dox me because i raped his ass hard in a debate. No joke, this bitch nigga actually threatened yours truly because i dare called him out for his stupidity.


Lyterious 5 hours ago 

You’re not providing any evidence either and secondarily the only cuckold I see h

Palnetbusting is no big deal to characters with a power level of 10,000. 

Fireza with a power level of 530,000 leveled Planet Vegeta,

Let’s factor Frieza’s power level of 3,000,000 which is 2,000 times faster than Raditz’s 1.1c and him kicking Vegeta’s attack which would make far more sense.  This would give Frieza a casual speed of 600,000,000 km/sec or 600,000,000,000 m/s, now let’s go back to the mass of 1.8072e+17kg per Ki Blast times velocity times the speed of Light and we get roughly 3.25296e+40 joules or  7.7747609943e+24 megatons of TNT/ 7.77 Tenatons which in English gives Frieza  Small Star level Enegery in his Final Form at 5%, multiplying this by 20 and you get Frieza’s Maximum Attack potency at  155.4 Tenatons which actually pushes Frieza to Star level.

Vegeta's final flash by IreneBelserion69

Super Vegeta, a character confirmed weaker than Perfect Cell is able to create a small Supernova sized explosion with his Final Flash.

And Cell is stated to be a Solar System buster which is about reasonable given powerscaling plus Super Vegeta’s feat was 32.84931 KiloFoe alone and he was easily many times weaker than Super Prefect Cell.

And Cell is literally nothing to Buu as Buu in fat form casually rekted Dabrua who’s at least Perfect Cell level and this was a heavily surpesssed, weakened Fat Buu that recently reawakened.

And was able to beat the crap out of Majin Vegeta who clashed evenly with SSJ2 Goku who’s 10 times SSJ2 Gohan and Cells power and this is merely the weakest Majin Buu.

2) Majin Buu isn’t FTL DEBUNKED

Another claim i think is horsehit is that Majin Buu isn’t FTL according to Death Battle which is bullshit.

It should be noted that Goku’s Brother Radtiz was faster than Piccolo who shot a casual Ki blast that hit the moon within seconds which puts Piccolo and Goku with power levels below Raditz between 1/5 and 1/4th the speed of Light and making Raditz at least Lightspeed or FTL given he reacted to both Goku’s Kamehameha wave with the dub outright saying that Radtiz is “FTL”Which makes sense given Piccolo at least than half power hit the Moon with his Destructive Wave which blew up the moon in 2-4 seconds.

For King Kai to not be able to track Goku and Frieza’s speed despite tracking ships 26,841 times the speed of Light. Frieza would be 80,000 times the speed of light and Goku would be 100,000 times the speed of light powerscaling from Raditz and the comparable feats there.

Kid Buu is at the very least Massively FTL. power scaling merely from Frieza and Goku alone who are many times weaker than Buu, hell the Andriods who pale in comparison to Cell( Who Fat Buu is alone 10 times stronger than the strongest cell) casually stomp and blitz the sayains.

And Namek Saga Fireza is so much weaker and slower than Buu Saga characters that a rusty Gohan in base one shotted him easily(Granted this is non canon but proves my point regardless)

Hell his feat shown of destroying a whole galaxy in 3-5 years actually further debunk the downplay of both his speed and power DB did.

As for Kid Buu, a lot of people use this statement from Goku about Kid Buu’s power that there’s enough Ki to blow up the earth over 10 times over however they completely ignore the context of Goku’s statements nor take into account Mass Enegery times Faster than Light.

The Mass Energy of Earth is 5.4×10^41 Joules, that’s over 2.37 the GBE of the Sun blowing up the entire Earth at Light speed. Kid Buu himself has mass eqauilvent of that in a single Ki Blast which is extremely casual Star level and that’s merely going by Lightspeed explosions which they’re far faster than that.

Kid Buu is at least 100 Trillion c, Light travels at 299,792,458 m/s or 300,000km/s , going by powerscaling, Kid Buu should have at least speed up to 2.99792458e+22 meters per second. Going by Mass Energy, Kid Buu should have an attack Potency at least up to 540 GigaFoe, just 1/37th the baseline of Muilt Solar System level and this is merely bare minimum speed of 100 Trillion C

Time to see how strong Kid Buu really is.

This is from the flashback in which Kid Buu busted an entire Galaxy over a period of a few years.

Kid Buu Galaxy Bust

Galaxy diameter: 460.01 px

Galaxy diameter real: 100,000 Light years

Pixel: 217.387 light years

Red zone: 32.24 px (7008.7 ly)…

149,597,870,690.99997 meters=1 AU…

63241.077088071 AU’s= One Light Year

 Light travels at 299,792,458 m/s  

6.630742166273387e+19 m/s /299,792,458 m/s =221,177,751,118.5217 c 

Now for Mass Energy of the Sun

Mass Enegery yield of the sun :1.8×10^47 Joules

3.981199520133e+58 joules= 9.5152952202e+42 megatons or 399.692 TeraFoe (Muilt Solar System Level+)

Kid Buu’s Vanishing Ball Attack Potency:399.692 TeraFoe (Multi Solar System Level+)

Kirby still beats Majin Buu in a massive curb stomp battle.

However while i take issue with the death battle’s downplaying of Majin Buu, the results i don’t disagree with. Majin Buu is massively outclassed against Kirby, even more so with recent games further buffing up the entire verse into Low Mutiverisal level.

Kid Buu at his best feat only produced roughly 399.692 TeraFoe of TNT. Literally, Kirby knocking the smallest meteor no bigger than a 2 Story house 9,999 Lightyears away produces 25.99 ExaFoe of TNT, that alone has more than 10,390,119 times Kid Buu’s strongest attack with the weakest Asteirod knocked around space for shits and giggles by Kirby. Speedwise Kirby stomps horribly. Majin Buu at best is around 1000 Trillion C at best, Kirby’s speeds are in the casual Trillions of times that of Light and can go Sextillions times the speed of Light so Kid Buu comes nowhere close to Kirby’s speed.

Majin Buu has no feat that puts him close to beating Kriby, the closest he comes to challenging Kirby is within his Absorption of Gohan form which he came close to actually destroying Universe 7 by collapsing the dimension via a domino effect(Which in the narrative would’ve killed himself in the process)

However several problems with using this are clear, A Kirby tanked collapsing dimensions the size of Universes in the games so it would not kill Kirby.

Hell Kirby actually pyschially held back the collapse of an entire Universe with sheer brute force alone

And B, Buuhan’s strength increase is powered by Gohan’s inner rage which wears off far too soon, hence why Veigtio who’s not a Universe Buster and stated to be inferior to Beerus in Battle of the Gods with neither Vegeta or Goku confident of beating him, even if Super Vegito is borderline Universe level, Buuhan is still weaker and lost to him.

Ridiiko stronger than Buu by IreneBelserion69

Majin Buu isn’t even considered a big deal within Dragonball GT as even the first arc’s villain is said to be 100 times stronger than him and Dragonball GT is FAR weaker than Super

Witn Shenron, the strongest villain only capable of slowly busting the entire Universe overtime which is still impressive and easily puts him in the Muitl Galaxy level+ range.

Whereas Super Sayain God Goku alone clashing with Beerus shook all of Universe 6 casually.

And in the same movie/arc Beerus casually flicked Buu with ease.

And the same Goku who could keep up with the strongest non fused Majin Buu

Got effortlessly bodied by Beerus despite having a massive Zenkai boost post-Buu and training for 5 years straight being brought back to life making him far stronger than he was in the Buu Saga.

jamming kirby by Raikaaa

To put it bluntly Beerus vs Kirby would be a FAR better Versus battle than Buu vs Kirby

While Good Buu has gotten much stronger in Super, he’s yet to actually fight due to contrived writing having him sleep off when needed so this Buu isn’t usable as of yet however unless that Buu is Beerus or Jiren level, the outcome would remain the same, Kirby eats Buu and makes his powers his and going by feats he’s show it might not even be a fair fight against Beerus to fight Kriby.

Kriby’s standing within Fiction.

Kirby would be at least Solar System level casually to Multi Galaxy level casually going by his lower end feats whereas his higher end feats put him within Universe level and even Low Multiversal to Mutiverisal level making him somewhere between Skyfather Level to Celestial level. I would make a bio for him but i’m frankly out of space to fit it. Scaling to Void Termina, Kirby is actually much closer to Zeno level than any canon Dragonball character

Anyways that’s it for Kirby, onto other projects.

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  2. in Kirby quest the Kirby’s can also perform the same planet cracking feat, and the crack actually appears wider in Kirby quest than it did in megaton punch, the max Kirby’s in mass attack is 10, making it a 10th of Kirby’s power at most

    and in the manga Kirby vaporized the planet on accident, the only reason the planet gets cracked in the minigame is because it’s a minigame.


    1. minigames in kirby are what if scenarios so the fact he just cracked popstar wich is saturn sized is just proving that he was supressing himself since he punched marx into nova at multiple lyrs


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