Whitebeard’s Power and Power of OP Top Tiers

Hey there, here to make a calc on the Legendary Badass Pirate Whitebeard with his legendary feat, the Island Titl calc. I’m currently nearly done with the Whole Cake Arc so I’m getting close to having all update information to do a One Piece thread on Luffy but for now Whitebeard.I’m going to take a break from politics and post some calcs for the week unless that’s breaking news to report on.

Let’s retract back to the Akoji’s Feat thread where I briefly covered the size and power of Whitebeard’s Tsunami

The majority of the island is occupied by Marineford Town (マリンフォードの町 Marinfōdo no Machi?)[, which is noted to be rather large [6], especially compared to most other towns and cities in the world. It is mostly home to the families of the Marines stationed at Marineford.


Sajun Wof Size by IreneBelserion69

Sajuin Wolf would be the best reference of the height of Marineford true size, being over 180 Meters high, he’s a massive beast who’s perfect for scale.

Sajuin Wolf:459px(180px)

Angle of Marineford:759px(298 meters)

Sanjuan WOlf 2 by IreneBelserion69

Marineford Island by IreneBelserion69

Sanjaun wold’s height:72px( 180 meters)

Marineford HQ Height:402px(1,002 meters)

Marineford HQ Length: 426px(1062 meters)

Mareinford Island Height: 534px(1,331 meters)

Marineford Size by IreneBelserion69

Marineford Hq is massive on its own. Just comparing the main building to the worlds largest Skyscrapers, it would effortlessly tower over all of them,even the massive Burj Khalifa in Dubai with its 828 meter high, 163 floor tower wouldn’t even reach half the height of the G1 Building within Marineford Hq, that’s how Massive Mairneford is but just how big is Marineford is as an Island? Let’s wait until we do Whitebeard’s feats next before that.

Massive tsunami by IreneBelserion69

Now for the main course, the Mega Tsunami which is just MASSIVE

Marineford height:137px(1.33km)

Tsunami Height:388px(3.76km)

Tsunami Wdith:285px(2.76km)

Tsunami Length:Estimated 5km wide

Marakov wave by IreneBelserion69

Needless to say it’s more than enough to make Marakov’s Super Titan Tidal Wave kick seem like a splash at the kiddy pool.

Brandissh size scale by IreneBelserion69

In fact, at 3.76km high, the massive tidal wave generated by Whitebread would reach up to Theoretical Brandish’s Boobs at her 6.1km maximum height using Command t with the waves were 3 times larger than Marakov in Titan form and more than enough to completely overtake the Teneoru Tree, even the Mighty Pica himself pales in comparison to the Mega Tsunami of instant death. 

Now for the velocity of the speed. 

As we happen to know One Piece is a verse which is basically flowing over Ocean. We’re using the Pacific Ocean which an average depth of 13,215 feet (4,028 meters) to find Tsunami’s speed.

As we know the speed of Tsunami is v = sqrt(gxh)

What’s even more impressive is that Akoji froze this tidal wave of death in 10 seconds flat.

Frist the kinetic energy of the Tidal Wave itself, just how immensely powerful this wave is.

Volume of the wave:51,888,000,000 m^3

The density of Water:1000 kg/m3 

Mass of Water:51,888,000,000,000 or 5.1×10^13kg or roughly 16,114,285,714,285.71 Gallons of water


Mind you this is merely one of the mega Tusnamis within Marineford, the volume of water is enough to equal the amount of rainfall caused by Hurricane Florence very recently within the Caronilas with 16 Trillion Gallons of water

The velocity of the wave is 4,030 Meters per second given these waves formed near instantousely to each other going by the manga panels

 Adding this, you get roughly 8.427078192e+20 Newtons of energy from this tidal wave but it doesn’t end there either

Time fo distance between sea level and height wave

 Overall Force of the Tidal Wave :3.168581400192e+24 joule = 757 309 130.07 megaton [explosive] or 757.309 Teratons of TNT (Large Country level+)

Whitebeard’s Tsunami’s Each :757.3 Teratons (Large Country Level+)

Whitebeard’s Combined Tsunamis:1.514 Petatons of TNT  ( Continent level +)

Yep and keep in mind this is Whitebeard sick and elderly, the destructive force and speed of this ungodly sized Tusnamis would decimate entire seaboards across the world if they impact anything, spreading hundreds of Miles Inland

Merely a 300-foot Tsunami would apyoltic in itself, try a Tsunami that is well over 2 miles high coming at you at speeds nearly 4 times faster than the fastest Fighter Jet in the world.

The range of these massive Tusnamis that are over 3.76km high moving at 4,030 meters per second and it’s destructive effects on the entire world. This is the map of the world of all the evelvations

World flooded by IreneBelserion69

This is what the destructive force of  1.514 Petatons of TNT look like on a planet, a massive volume of water nearly 4km wide is enough to completely engulf Much of the surface area of the world in water and vritually wipe out humanity making the world resemble the biblical Noah’s Ark Flood which said to flood the entire Earth and turn mountains into islands hence wiping out all life on the entire planet.

 At over 4000 Meters high and moving at nearly Mach 12, it could destroy NYC in roughly 7.5 seconds and cross the Atlantic within 16 minutes and 11 seconds. This would render any attempts to evacuate the coastal cites useless, then again evacuation, in general, would be useless as these Tusnamis being so massive and towering over all but the tallest mountain ranges would engulf. Humanity and all life on the earth would be reduced to barely even a few hundred mountain people. In other words, they’re not kidding about Whitebeard being able to destroy the world.

Left of the world by IreneBelserion69


To give you the scale of the destroyed word, all the mountain ranges and elevations above 4,000 meters excluding Antarctica combined together would make up the area eqauilvent to the continental mass of Europe. The Surface area of earth is 510 million square km (5.1 x 108 km2) or 196,900,000 Square Miles.  70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, that works out to 361 million km² (139.4 million mi²). Earth’s continents, on the other hand, cover the remaining 149 million km² (57.5 or million mi²).  

Given Europe and an Anitarica are merely 24,599,636 square km in area and Antarctica lost about 20% of landmass to the global flood if Whitebeard’s flood were to happen, only 21,750,636 km of land would be left or 15% of the Warth’s original mass which would make the world only 4% land and 96% water.

And now using this previous calc,we can scale to current Marineford.

Marineford Size 

Marineford Island 2 by IreneBelserion69

Marineford HQ height and base:330px(1,331 meters)

Marineford Artificial Island

Marinford  Length: 641px(2,583 Meters or 2.583 kilometers)

Marineford Width:474px(1,910 meters or 1.91 Kilometers)

Marinedford Depth/Height:57px(230 meters)

Area of Marineford :4.93353 Sqaure Kilometers

Marineford Bay

However, the island is divided by the massive artificial bay that cuts about a good chunk of the island, let’s take into account the mass and volume of the bay.

Marineford Bay Length:339px(1,367 meters or 1.367 Km)

Marineford Bay Width:178px (717 meters or 0.717 meters)

Marineford Bay Area:0.980139 Sk Km or 242.2 Arces

marineford Water depth by IreneBelserion69

Now for the depth of the bay

Marineford: 441px(2,583 Meters or 2.583 kilometers)

Ocean Depth:389px(2,278.4 Meters or 2.28 Kilometers

Volume of Marineford Bay:2,233,148,700 m^3

Now to subtract the area of water from the area of Marineford Land.

4.93353 Square Kilometers-0.980139 Sk Km or 242.2 Acres

Area of Marineford Island:3.95 Square Kilometers

Marinford  Length: 641px(2,583 Meters or 2.583 kilometers)

Marineford Width:474px(1,910 meters or 1.91 Kilometers)

Marinedford Depth/Height:57px(230 meters)

Area of Marineford :4.93353 Sqaure Kilometers

Now for the mountains

Marineford Mountains

Marineford Island 2 by IreneBelserion69

Mountain Height:141px( 568 meters)

Mountain Length: 55px(222 meters )

Mountain Height: 55px(222 meters )

Mountain Volume:2,774,112 m^3

And lastly the G 1 building

G 1 building

Marineford Island by IreneBelserion69

Sanjaun wold’s height:72px( 180 meters)

Marineford HQ Height:402px(1,002 meters)

Marineford HQ Length: 426px(1062 meters)

And let’s combine it with the size here for width.

Marineford Width:136px(548.5 Meters)

Now let’s divide volume by 144 times given G-1 is a building that’s hollowed out

620384292/144=62038429.2 m^3

The volume of Marineford Artificial Island:1133394000 m^3

Volume of Marineford Bay:2,233,148,700 m^3

The volume of Marinefords Mountains:2,774,112 m^3

The volume of Marineford G1 Building:4,308,224.25 m^3

Now for the mass of each of them.

Density of Water is 1000 kg/m3 

Mass of   Marineford Bay:2,233,148,700,000 kg or 2.23X10^12kg or 693,524,440,993.7888 Gallons or  693 .524 Billion Gallons of Water

The density of Concrete:2,400kg m/3

Marineford Island:2,720,145,600,000 kg or 2.720×10^12 kg

Marine G-1 HQ building :10,339,738,200 kg or 1.03X10^10 kg


That’s roughly the weight of nearly two Great Pyramids of Giza.

Now lastly the mountains.

The density of Rocks: 2,700kg/m^3

Weight of the Mountains:7,490,102,400 kg or 7.49X10^9

Or slightly heavier than the Pyramids of Giza.

Now for the combined mass of Marineford on sea level.

Mass of   Marineford Bay:2,233,148,700,000 kg or 2.23X10^12kg  

Marineford Island:2,720,145,600,000 kg or 2.720×10^12 kg

Marine G-1 HQ building :10,339,738,200 kg or 1.03X10^10 kg

Weight of the Mountains:7,490,102,400 kg or 7.49X10^9 x4=29.96×10^10kg

The combined mass of Marineford:4.993.26×10^12kg

Now for the feat itself

Activation timeframe: 3 seconds

Now for the full scale of this mammoth feat

Whitebeard Tusmai by IreneBelserion69

Ocean Depth of Marineford: We’re using the Pacific Ocean which an average depth of 13,215 feet (4,028 meters) 

Number of massive Tusnami like paths: 5 including the one Marineford is on.

Marrineford Height:214px(1,331m)

Tsunami height:320px(1,926.7 m)

Tsunami Ring width:85px(528.7 m)

Marineford Lengith 429px(2,583 m)

Marineford Waters wdith:774px(4.660 m)

Marineford Waters Legnth:1,666px(10,030m)

Tsunami rings Volume:10,217,022,300 m^3 x5

Overall Volume:5,108,5111,500 m^3

Density of Water: 1,000kg/m^3

Mass of the Tsunami Rings:51,085,111,500,000 kg or 5.105X10^13 kg

Now for the Tsunami Rings themselves and the energy generated by it.

Veocity:4,028 meters per second

Force:8.28844899703416e+20 Netwons

Now for the Distance which is 1,926.7 m above Sea Level

8.28844899703416e+20 Netwonsx1,926.7 m


1.596935468258572e+24 joule = 381 676 737.16 megaton [explosive]

Tsunami Energy caused by Whitebeard: 381.7 Teratons TNT( Large Country level+)

THat’s merely the energy of the Tsunami generated from the bigger and more collsioal feat which is shifting the Tectonic plates under Marineford to shift not only the island but to generate the massive 381 Teraton level Tsunami.


Keep in mind the Mega Tsunami within the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami was generated by a rupture was more than 600 miles long, displacing the seafloor by 10 yards horizontally and several yards vertically which created, this is merely a Manaitgute  


The tsunami, like all others, behaved differently in deep water than in shallow water. In deep ocean water, tsunami waves form only a low, broad hump, barely noticeable and harmless, which generally travels at a high speed of 500 to 1,000 km/h (310 to 620 mph); in shallow water near coastlines, a tsunami slows down to only tens of kilometres per hour but, in doing so, forms large destructive waves. Scientists investigating the damage in Aceh found evidence that the wave reached a height of 24 metres (80 ft) when coming ashore along large stretches of the coastline, rising to 30 meters (100 ft) in some areas when traveling inland. Radar satellites recorded the heights of tsunami waves in deep water: maximum height was at 60 centimetres (2 ft) two hours after the earthquake,

All from a Tsunami which generated roughly e was estimated at 1.1×1017 joules, or 26 megatons of TNT. This energy is equivalent to over 1,500 times that of the Hiroshima atomic bomb, but less than that of Tsar Bomba, the largest nuclear weapon ever detonated. This is from an Earthquake that was generated by an underground quake that produced  9.6 Teratons of TNT.

Hiroshima nyc by IreneBelserion69

As seen with the Little Boy bomb on NYC

ICBM on NYC by IreneBelserion69

Versus a standard ICBM on NYC 

And then the 26 Megaton explosive force on NYC

2004 Earthqauke by IreneBelserion69

Yet you compare it to Indonesia’s main islands, it’s tiny by comparison yet generated a mega Tsunami that destroyed countless square miles of coastline, all merely just with 30 meters of water moving only at speeds below the speed of sound

Imagine Whitebeard who can casually generate roughly  1.514 Petatons of TNT from two Tsunami’s moving at speeds nearly 4 times faster than a Jetliner and the sheer fissure size that must exist for him to do such a feat.   

World flooded by IreneBelserion69

On a side note to further debunk the idea Noah’s Ark could ever happen, going at the speed of the wave and the energy of the wave, the wave would generate a force eqaul to 1.5 Billion Megatons, which is no way anything is surviving that.

Keep in mind water from a water Jet at Mach 3 or the speed of a Jetfighter could do this to an Anvil with merely an mm of water Image ocean water 4km high moving at 4km/sec. Let’s get the PSi of Whitebeards Tsunami by dividing energy with cubic meters.

3.168581400192e+24 joule = 757 309 130.07 megaton/51,888,000,000 m^3=0.014595072657840 Megatons of TNT or 14.595 072 658 kiloton [explosive]

In other words for every cubic meter of water moving at 4km/sec, there’s an explosive force nearly equivalent to the Little Boy Atomic Bomb giving the Tsunami Whitebeard generated 14.5 Kilotons of TNT per Cubic Meter

14.595 072 658 /61023.74in³= 0.239 169 215 13 ton [explosive] or 239.2 Kilograms of TNT per Sqaure Inch or 8 ,856,799,982.6 Pounds per Sqaure Inch or 4.025X 10^9kg per sqaure inch       

That’s like being hit with the nearly the entire weight of the Great Pyramids of Giza per square inch or roughly the equal mass of how much matter is converted to energy by the sun each second. 

Or if you’re punched by 4,428,399.9913 Ivan Dragos or if everyone in the Population of Los Angelas became Ivan Drago and all punched you at once, that’s how much force is in this Tsunami per square inch.



Needless to say, given even the sturdiness of  Wood has the tensile strength of 10,180 PSI or 69 MPa. Unless Noah’s ship has the tensile strength of 61 TPa, which is 169 times the pressure inside the Earth’s core, there’s no way anything is surviving the force of this Giga Tsunami.

Going by the Tsunami model here,  a 3 meter uplift of ground about 10 meters wide  and 600 miles ( 965.6064 Kilometers )wide generated an Tsunami roughly up to 30 meters high so displacement energy is roughly 10 times that of the fissure underwater to generate that Tusnami, let’s go with that to see what generated this Tsunami and just how much was uplifted.

As esbtlasihed, the depth we’re going for is akin to the Pacific Ocean which an average depth of 13,215 feet (4,028 meters). Let’s do some math on this and mupilty and divide to get our parameters of the possible fissure underwater.

So parameters of the Whitebeard Fissure

1,926.7 m/30m=64.2 times difference

965.6064 Kilometers, going based on Tsunami fissure length

3 meterx64.2=192.6 meters

10 metersx64.2=642 meters

Now for the volume of the Underwater Fissure

119396409000 m^3

The density of Oceanic Crust:3,000kg

Mass of the fissure:358,189,227,000,000 or 3.58X10^14 kg

Now for the Ocean Water around Marineford Below Sea Level and the mass of the water underneath. Given the ocean, depth is 4,028 meters and the Tusnami rings are over 1,926.7 meter’s high, it’s best to subtract the uplifted water by its depth to get the depth of the water.

The depth of Ocean during WB’s tit: 2101.3 Meter’s

Length and Width affected by WB: 10,030 meters

Area of Whitebeard’s tit: 100 Square Miles

Volume:211,392,671,000 M^3

Density of Water:1,000kg/m^3

Mass of the Ocean around Marineford:2.11392671e+17 kg

Basically, Whitebeard’s feat has three masses being moved.

The combined mass of Marineford:4.993.26×10^12kg

Mass of the Tsunami Rings:51,085,111,500,000 kg or 5.105X10^13 kg

Fissure mass:358,189,227,000,000 or 3.58X10^14 kg

Marineford Ocean:2.11392671e+17

Now to combine the mass of all these things being moved by Whitebeard’s tit.

Combined Mass Whitebeard titled:2.11806867e+17 kg

Prometheus 12-26-09b.jpg

Whitebeard titled the mass larger than the Saturns moon Prometheus, a for the inner edge of Saturn’s F Ring, a massive Asteroid that is 136 km × 79 km × 59 km and weighing 1.6×10^17 kg. This is an easy Class P lifting strength feat.

The ocean around Marineford is a staggering 2.11392671e+17 Kg in weight which would equal a staggering 65 Quadrillion Gallons of water.

Sumba Topography.png

The surface area of the asteroid would equal 10,744 Square Kilometers or more than enough to move the massive Island of Sumatra within Indonesia at roughly 4 times the speed of an F-22 Fighter Jet with a depth reach 59km which is about 84% the depth of the Earth’s crust in terms of mass. Pretty mindblowing right.

As for the depth of water, Whitebeard is moving roughly the equivalent of 65 649 897 826 086 960 gallons or 65 Quadrillion Gallons of water, that’s roughly, 248 511.896 85 cubic kilometers of water.  

File:Caspian Sea from orbit.jpg

 That’s 3 times the volume and mass of the great Scaprin Sea, the Largest Lake in the whole world. The Caspian Sea spreads out over nearly 750 miles (1,200 km) from north to south, with an average width of 200 miles (320 km). It covers a region of around 149,200 square miles (386,400 square km)— bigger than the region of Japan. Now image Whitebeard moving the mass of over 3 Caspian Sea’s, that’s how much water he bent within merely 100 square Kilometers in a depth over 4km deep. That’s enough water to cover North America in over 21 feet of water or 6.5 Meters.

Basically, think what would happen in 100 years or so when global climate change occurs and the climate skeptics are proven wrong, every major coastal American city would be destroyed if we were to spread out the water titled by Whitebeard.

Yeah, that’s how much water Whitebeard manpuaitled, enough to submerge every coastal city in North American under 6.5 Meters of seawater.

Or flood a good chunk of Europe underwater.(BTW FUCK THE EU, THEY SHOULD FLOOD FOR PASSING ARTICLE 13)

Whitebeard Tusmai by IreneBelserion69

This is merely from a 10km volume of water over 4km deep.

Basically enough to make New York City resemble Hurricane Sandy along with every city in North America from Anchorage to as far as Panama City.

So yeah when you combine the Marineford Island itself which is massive enough, ,combine with the vast ocean water that he’s lifting which is a mind-blowing 65 Quadrillion Gallons and the fact he’s moving oceanic crust at the same time, that would give Whitebeard a pretty solid Class P within Lifting Strength alone, which is just utter insanity. This would easily dwarf any lifting strength feat done by any Naruto, Bleach or Fairy Tail character shown by far, needless to say, Whitebeard definitely can lift.

Now time for the piece to resistance, the Angel of the Tit. Going by the angle of the tit, it’s being ti, it’s being titled by 30 degrees. Let’s go with the surface Agular distance outlined here

Tittiing WB by IreneBelserion69

 Marineford Length:159px( 2,583 m)

Agular titi: 418px (6,790 m)

Timeframe: 6,790 m/s

Image titled Calculate Joules Step 7

Now time to begin the movement.

4.87303442152555e+24 Netwons

Image titled Calculate Joules Step 9

cos(30º) = (√3)/2 = about 0.866. 


Image titled Calculate Joules Step 10

6,790 m X4.87303442152555e+24

2.865412462338925e+28 joule = 6 848 500 149 000 megaton [explosive]

Whitebeard’s Island Tilting/Tentoic plate Manauaptilion:6.848 Exatons of TNT( Multi Continent level+)

Going by the energy produced by Whitebeard’s tilt, Whitebeard has an upwards lifting strength of up to 2.9219075447e+27 meter kilogram-force which is a Class Y feat.

File:Jupiter and its shrunken Great Red Spot.jpg

The Lifting Energy and velocity is shown by Whitebeard is more than 1.5 Times the mass of Jupiter being carried at 1 g or 9.81 m/s. Yes, Whitebeard can theoretically lift up objects the size of Jupiter’s mass, of course even by One Piece standards it would be near impossible to find anything the mass of Juptier. Still, this is an insane amount of strength. 

Whitebeard’s casual Lifiting Strength: At least Class P

Whitebeard’s Devil Fruit Lifting strength: Class Y

Whitebeard's pwoer by IreneBelserion69

 As for the world, complete destruction of the world, everything within the orange range is essentially desotryed by a massive impact of the Earthquake.  As seen from the map, there would be ltierally nothing left on the surface of the planet.


The earthquake going on the Richter Scale would be a devasting  Managitue 15 on the Richter Scale. Essentially there would be almost nothing left of the surface of the Earth.


In fact, going by this calc, you need only a bare minimum of 183.24 Petatons of TNT to completely destroy the entire surface area of Planet Earth and render the entire planet a barren wasteland with 99% of all life killed instantly. Whitebeard’s full destructive Threshold in his elderly state, pre than meets the mark and upon doing this calc, the claims of his World ending powers are hardly Hyperbole either.

There’s honestly no point of measuring White Beards other feats considering that the Attack Potency of  Whitebread’s attacks is the same of his Island Tit, meaning if you’re punched by Whitebeard unless you’re a Logia or incredibly tough, you would be instantly killed in a Nanosecond.  

Of course, this scales with all the Top tiers within the series, Mostly Shanks and Kaido, the only people who legitimately shown to be comparable if not stronger than Whitebeard. the Admirals to an extended scale to him but barely.  

However need no fear, as you can tell from this title, we’re here to showcase another badass, Kizaru, literally the fastest One Piece character who can legit move at the speed of Light and take out a massive Mangrove tree that is roughly bigger than any skyscraper in the world.

Mangroove width by IreneBelserion69

1 story building: 1px(4.3m) 

Town around Mangrove:356px(1530.8 m)

Mangroove Tree Width and Length: 135px( 580.5 meters)

Now for Velocity which should be a literal no brainer.


Borsalino has so far been shown using this fruit to travel at the speed of light (to the point of stating that Monkey D. Luffy in his Gear Second mode was “too slow”),[6] and to also drastically augment his kicks’ strength and speed. Even though he travels in light speed when mobile, it should be noted that it takes a few seconds for him to actually go into light speed, as Silvers Rayleigh was able to stop his movement by slashing at him with his sword and Borsalino had to stop to counter him.

So quite easily 299,792,458 m/s speed which needless to say is going to be a shitton of kinetic energy.

Hell, let’s go by Kizaru’s height and dimensions to see what a Mass Energy Kick from him looks like.



Kizaru is over 9’11” which is nearly 10 feet tall putting him roughly 1.667 times larger than an average human.  An average human is roughly 67960 cm^3 in volume this would give him at least 113,289.32 cm^3 and the mass of 114,222 grams or 114.2 Kg. A kick at lightspeed of a man that size would have a bare minimum kinetic Energy of 5.131892070587229e+18 or 1 226.551 642 1 megatons of TNT which is an Extremely casual Large Mountain level kick.

Now imagine that enegery against a massive tree. Now for its Height.

Mangroove trees height by IreneBelserion69

Sabaody Archipelago length and width:528px(43,786.28 m)

Mangroove Tree Height:87px(7,214.785 m)

Mangroove Tree Width: 7 px( 580.5 m)

Leafed parts of the tree:101px(8,375.784885057471 meters)

Total height of the trees:15589.785 meters high

Everest kalapatthar.jpg

That’s over 1.75 times the height of Mount Everest,  the highest mountain on Earth. That’s how tall these Mangrove trees are.

Now for mass of the Mangroove Tree:


Leafed parts of Trees volume:587,592,906,839.0555 m^3 or 5.875929068390555e+17 cm^3 with a speed 

The density of leaves: At least 0.002 grams per cubic meter

Weight of the leaves:1,175,185,813.678111 or 1.175×10^9 kg

Now for the volume of the tree.

Volume of Tree:2,431,240,052.996 m^3

Denisty of Mahogany, African: 500 kg/m^3

Mass of trees:1,215,620,026,498.125 or 1.215×10^12 kg

One Piece 507 - Page 17

Now for the Eenrgry of the kick itself. Going by the angle here, Kizaru took out 80% of the tree’s mass and volume having it collapse onto the ground.  That means Kizaru kicked down roughly 1,944,992,042.3968 m^3 of trees down with a single kick, meaning just the tree part alone would be roughly 972,496,021,198.4 kg of mass knocked down at Lightspeed. Now comes the Kinetic Energy.

Speed of Light:299,792,458 m/s 

972,496,021,198.4 kgx299,792,458 m/s ^2/2

4.37017917676506e+28 joule = 10 444 978 912 000 megaton [explosive]

Kizaru’s Mass Energy kick Attack Potency: 10.445 Exatons of TNT( Multi Continent Level+)

And this is likely a 10% Kizaru, if Kizaru went 100%, he would be at least Moon Level+ in attack Potency and might actually be a potential Moonbuster given it takes Light only 1.3 Seconds to reach the moon.

Making it near

ly 4 times faster than Piccolo’s attack speed against the moon.

Beiieve it or not Whitebeard isn’t that much slower than Kizaru nor are all the other Admrials. As seen wityh Rayleigh, he’s able to interpcet Kizaru mid flight.



Panel Height = 422px

Kizaru = 70px – Distance from the Panel = 15.414m

Rayleigh = 40px – Distance from the Panel = 20.596m

Distance between the two = 5.182m

Image 2: Rayleigh’s Arm Swipe

Rayleigh arm swipe

Rayleigh’s arm-length is .814m scaling to his height.

In Order for Rayleigh to have hit Kizaru’s cheek with his blade, he must have connected his blade to the light path before Kizaru had enough time to get out of the way. As shown in the final image, Rayleigh wouldn’t even have to swing 90 degrees in order to hit Kizaru before he passed by. I’ll use 75 degrees.

75 degrees = 1.309 Radians

Arm distance moved = 1.309*.814 = 1.065526m

Rayleigh’s Speed:

Time-Frame = 5.182 / 299,792,458m/s (speed of light) = 1.72852914e-8 seconds

Rayleigh’s Speed = 1.065526 / 1.72852914e-8 = 61643508.0753 M/S, or 0.2056206099597742 c (Relativistic) – The speed may be slightly higher, since Rayleigh did reduce the distance by leaping and leaning forward during this time-frame, but the difference is unknown, but definitely wouldn’t even touch Rel+.

Going by the calc above, Rayeligh is easily Relativistic at 20.5% c

Thatis roughly the same speed as Piccolo’s Moonbusting attack.  All Admrials minus Kizaru and Yonko their characters should be this fast via powerscaling.

So EoS Moon Level Strawhats with Lightspeed to FTL reactions don’t sound as outlandish considering you would need to be at least Muilt Continental level+ to Moon Level+ and bare minimum Relativistic speed.

Especially since Luffy is already halfway there canonically post Katakuri fight,a character comparable to Adrimals 

Another crazy feat is Fujitoria taking all the rubble within Dressora and levitating it’s power above Dressora.

All while tanking blows from Gear 3rd Luffy mid set up of attacks.

How strong is Luffy Debunked

Normally I don’t have a problem with Seth the Programmer’s videos but I have to call bullshit on his scaling here and there are multiple flaws with the scaling with the Luffy feat here.

1) Luffy isn’t Lightspeed Period

I’ve heard my tale of bullshit from One Piece Wankers but this is one of the biggest wanked feats I’ve heard.  

For example, the claim Kafila is Lightning Speed level because she dodged Nami’s Lighting attacks.

Yet not only did she get tagged by Lightning and beaten by it.

She got blitzed by Sanji who wasn’t anywhere close to Lightning Speed and wasn’t even close to fighting her seriously and mind you doesn’t hit women so he wasn’t close to fighting at full power.

There’s also zero chance any of the Strawhats are Lightning speed level given Sanji’s Diable Jambe made him at best Mach 26 and he’s the fastest of the Strawhat and Jabba>>>Kafila,the weakest of the CP9 combatants so no way Kafila has a faster spee

Going back to my respect thread/debunking thread, here’s Dressora’s size.

Dressora Size 2 by IreneBelserion69

Dressrosa Plateau:45px(2219.39 m)

Dressrosa:605px(29,838.47 m)

Now for Fujitora’s rubble sphere.

Fujitoria's meter size by IreneBelserion69

Fujitora’s Rubble Ball: 503px(9639.531m)

Dressora Length: 1557px(29,838.47 m)

Dressora Height:595px(11,402.626 m)

The height of the sphere formation:941px(18,033.4 m)

So the height of the Dressora Cliff Plateau are over 1.28 times the size of Mount Everest with the debris ball easily 1.09 times larger than Mount Everest. Now for Mass and the power.

The volume of Debris Ball:895,710,598,413.969 m^3

Density of Concrete: 2,400 kg/m^3

Mass of Drebis Ball:2,149,705,436,193,525 kg or 2.149×10^15kg

Formation speed: 3 minutes

Tiemframe between sea level and core: 6 seconds

Fujitoria's meter size by IreneBelserion69

Dressora city going by pixel scaling of 202px from 595px of the cliff, Dressora should be overall 3,781.1 meters above sea level

Distance core was from the city:14,162.26 m

Formation speed:2,360.38 m/s

Force:1.197685541951128e+22 Newtonsx14,162.26 m

1.696193404335278e+26 joule = 40 539 995 324 megaton [explosive]

Fujitora’s Rubble ball Formation Energy: 40.539 Petatons of TNT(Multi-Continental Level+)

That’s nearly ten times as powerful as Deva Path Nagato’s Chibaku Tensei except Fujitora did this with Zero effort whereas Deva Path was at his limit. So yeah Fujotira can leigt body the Akatsuki minus Obito and Madars.

This logically scales to Sabo who was able to fight on par with Fujitora for a extended period of time whereas Luffy couldn’t even flinch him even Gear 3rd.

This would put Each Admiral at the very least minimum attack potency of  6 Exatons of of TNT which is a major upgrade from the previous calcs which featwise put people like Akoji roughly at 38 Petatons of TNT which is a major upgrade for  Admiral level characters.especially scaling from a casual Kizaru kick which is over 1/3 the GBE of the Moon.

Vergo Full Haki

Also, this isn’t even factoring Armament Haki which can increase Whitebeard’s already insane strength by over 10 times which all Vice Admirals know.

So if Whitebeard’s base attack potency is over 6.848 Exatons of TNT of TNT, then with Armament Haki, he’s easily over 68.48 Exatons of TNT in striking force which is over . Especially when a bloodlusted elderly Whitebeard shrugged off a serious injury from Akaniu and with a Haki imbued punch nearly killed Whitebeard and this was a dying and ill Whitebeard’s punch.

One Piece 785 - Page 8

However, if you factor that all Paramerica’s have Awakening which drastically increased Dolfamingo’s power to ridiculous degrees.

One Piece 784 - Page 8

 the point he went from being effortlessly stomped by Gear Fourth Luffy

One Piece 790 - Page 15

To keeping up with Luffy in Gear Fourth.

One Piece 784 - Page 13

Who could triple his already massive tenfold Power boost within Gear Fourth.

So factoring all this power, it’s possible that Elderly Whitebeard is Small Planet Level with possible attack Potency of  684.8 Exatons of TNT.

Elderly Whitebeard’s Island Tilting/Tentoic plate Manauaptilion:6.848 Exatons of TNT( Multi Continent level+)

Elderly Whitebeard’s Maximum attack Potency: 684.8 Exatons of TNT( Small Planet level+)

This doesn’t seem too far fetched considering Prime Chiajno could literally spilt an entire continent in half. An Ice conitntent comparable to steel in density.

Open Chijano by IreneBelserion69

Average Human:16px(1.81 m)

Fissure Length:285px(17.8125 m)

Fissure depth:185px(11.5625 m)

Now for Chiajno’s Length

One Peice world by IreneBelserion69

One Piece world:983px( 12,742 kilometres /7,918 mi).

Possible size of Ice Contintent:371 px(4809.0356 km)

Now for the feat.

Fissure Width:17.8125 m

Fissure depth:11.5625 m

Fissure Length:4809035.6m

Volume:990,454,696.4410605 m^3

Denisty of dense Ice: 9170 kg/m^3(stronger than steel)

Mass of Super Ice:9,082,469,566,364.525 or 9.082×10^12kg

Now for Velocity

Going by the the speed of the fissure, Chiajno cracked the ice in 5seconds. Going by timeframe, the attack crossed the contitnent at 961,807.12 m/s or  Mach 2,826.434. Let’s calcuate that to DC.

4.200973394319274e+24 joule = 1 004 056 738.6 megaton [explosive]

Prime Chiajno’s Headbutt: 1 Petaton of TNT(Contintent Level)

So basscially the feat is unsuprisingly Baseline Contintental Level and Prime Chiajno and he was considered Fodder to Adrimal level characters like Garp. Of coruse with Araament Haki full body, Chaijno should be at least 5 times more pwoerful and within the Muilt Contintental level.

So if “Fodder” characters like Chinajo were Muit Contitneital level at their prime and reduced to merely Small Country level+ by old age and crippling injury, imagine how much stronger Prime Whitebeard is.

Prime Whitebeard’s Theoretical Power 

See the source image

But for the fun of it, let’s go to the theoretical fun of predicting just how powerful Whitebeard at his prime could be. Keep in mind even elderly, Whitebeard is a Multi-Continental threat who could produce Tusnamis the size of entire cities that can reach hundreds of Kilometers across the world in hours. 

Now to calculate how it would be like if Prime Whitebeard were to move every single continental plate in the world at once with the same speed and power he shown within Marineford.


Average plate = 510,072,000 / 8 = 63,759,000 km2 

Mass of an “average” continental plate: Average thickness of continental crust = 40 km

63,759,000,000,000 x 40,000

= 2.55036 x 1018 m3

Mass of continental crustal portion of the plate

= 2.55036 x 1018 x 2,750 =

7.01349 x 10^21 kg

Volume of continental lithospheric portion of plate:

63,759,000,000,000 x 160,00

= 1.020144 x 1019 m3

Mass of continental lithospheric portion of plate:

1.020144 x 1019 x 3,300

3.3664752 x 1022 kg

Total estimated mass of a continental lithospheric plate: 7.01349 x 1021 + 3.3664752 x 1022

= 4.0678242 x 1022 kg

=40,678,242,000,000,000,000,000 kg.

or 4.07×10^21 kg

or forty sextillions, six hundred and seventy-eight quintillion, two hundred and forty quadrillion kilograms.

Considering the speed of continental shift 1cm a year, it’s barely any velocity worth factoring here. Ging by sheer mass alone, the energy needed to move a single Continental Plate even at 1 meter per second would require at the very least 4.0678242e+22 joules or 9.277 Teratons of TNT, nearly 1/10th the power of the Dinosaur-killing Asteroid that struck earth 65 Million years ago and this is merely moving the plate at a measly 1 Meter Per second which is slower than a human’ average walking speed

Now for the fun part, moving the continental plates at speeds faster than sound titing them at the same angle as Marineford, now picture this, every continental crust in the world shifting over 30 degrees within seconds.

It would make California sinking into the ocean a very strong reality

6,790m/sx 4.07×10^21 kg

cos(30º) = (√3)/2 = about 0.866. 

1.87643687e+29 Netwonsx6,790m 

1.27410063473e+33 joule = 304 517 360 120 000 000 megaton [explosive] or 304.517 Zettatons of TNT(Planet level+)

Yes, this is a mindblowing 304.517 Zettatons of TNT, enough to destory the planet over 5 times and that’s one plate, let’s now muplty this by 9 plates.

This is is coming very close to outright Plaentbusting and that’s with one plate alone. Now mupilty this by 9

Prime Whitebeard’s power(Low End):304.517 Zettatons of TNT(Planet Level+)

Prime Whitebeard’s power(High End):2.74 Yottatons of TNT(Large Planet level)

Now let’s factor that to Aramanet Haki and Awakening power up which is 100.

Prime Whitebeard’s Full Power: 274 Yottatons of TNT(Large Planet level+)

This is merely Theoretical and going by the hype around Whitebeard and not a definitive feat of Whitebeard’s overall power, however considering how insane his Island Titling feat is and just how much mass he shifted within seconds sick and elderly, it’s not too far fetched to think someone know as a World Destroyer could generate this level of power.

This especially would scale to Blackbeard’s potential End of Series and what we ought to expect from this point. This put Prime Whitebeard potentially in the top echelons of the Holy SHoneon Trinity potentially. 



Attack Potency: At least Multi-Continent Level+ base(Being regarded as the strongest man in the world and an Emperor he should be at least comparable to Kaido, and it took all of the Three Admirals to block one of his attacks, managed to completely tit Marineford a massive chunk of the sea surrounding it in a 30 degree angle. Should be superior to Prime Chiajno who spilt a Ice Continent in half) Possibly Small Planet level+ with Haki+Awakening via powerscalining(Was able to one shot Akainu with a single full powered Haki punch)  At least Planet level base+, likely Large Planet level base( Far superior to his elderly form, is said to be able to shake all the Tenotic plates in the world the same way he did to Marineford Island) Likely Large Planet level+ using Haki+Awakening via powerscaling

Speed: At least Realstvitc+ ( Should be comparable to Rayleigh who has shown to be able to react to Kizaru’s Lightspeed attacks with Pre Cog)  At least  Realstvitc+, likely FAR Higher at his prime

Lifting strength: At least Class P, Likely Class Y( Moved a chunk of the sea with his Devil Fruit along with Marineford and the Ocean bottom which is enough water to cover the entire North American Continent in 6.5 Meters of water, the o, Superior to Garp’s strength)At least Class Y, Likely Class N 

Striking Strength:At least  Class YJ (Can casually split whole Islands with a single punch, can clash evenly with Adrminals)Possibly Class NJ at full power(Could one shot Akainu)  At least Class XJ, Likely Class XKJ

Durability:   At least Moon Level+ base(It took the combined efforts from all three Admirals to do sufficient enough damage to Whitebeard to weaken him to the point in Blackbeard could harm him. However, he did not die until after all of the Blackbeard pirates attacked him together after Akainu had already taken part of his head, and put a hole in his abdomen ) Possibly Small Planet Level with Haki+Awakening via powerscaling(Stronger than base )  At least Planet level base+, likely Planet level base( Far superior to his elderly form) Likely Large Planet level using Haki+Awakening via powerscaling

Key:Elderly Whitebeard/Prime Whitebeard

Let’s do a Quick Gualent of how far Whitebeard gets both as Elderly state and Prime state.

Now how Whitebeard scales to other comaprable sister fictions.

Bleach( Elderly Whitebeard)

In Bleach,  Whitebeard elderly already outclasses most of the verse in sheer destructive power and durability alone and have displayed feats on par with the Eitle Sterin Ritter like Ille and Gread  However against Yamamoto and Ichibe he’s horribly outclassed as Whitebeard has no possible defense against his Bankai and Ichibe’s Bankai hax to strip away powers would eventually overcome Whitebeard.

Bleach ( Prime Whitebeard)

Prime Whitebeard should at the very least be comparable to Ywach strength wise with , meaning even Yamamoto’s Bankai would not be nearly enough nor would Ichibe. Prime Whitebeard comes pretty close to soloing the Bleachverse however due to Ywach’s broken Hax as well as Aizen’s Hax, he stops at thembut not without doing Serious damage to both.  

Fairy Tail( Eldery Whitebeard)

Pretty much anyone below the Sapprrgian 12 and EoS Fairy Tail main cast/Four Gods of Isghal or people on par with Laxus,Erza or Gidlarts would not slow down Whitebeard in the slightest. Elderly Whitebeard would go through most of the verse with little problems however would really strong against Gidarts who’s the Shanks of Fairy Tail, primarily August and Irene are more than powerful enough to handle WB alone, Whitebeard would especially have problems with Irene who in her dragon form is resistant to most attacks/  Brandish could even be a problem given her Command T can enlarge and diseases or illness whitebeard is suffering and can shrink his ship or any island his own which can be Instant BFR, worse is Lacarde’s hax who could prove fatal as well.

Fairy Tail( Prime Whitebeard)

Whitebeard would very nearly solo the verse much like Bleach however due to Fairy Heart Zeref and Ancologia himself bein roughly on the same level as Prime Whitebeard but being a lot more broken or harder to kill, Whitebeard would still not have enough power to kill them. Ancologia’s dragon form would especially be the end all for his progress in this verse. The chances of soloing the vers drop lower when you consider the recent spinoff has 5 Dragon Gods on the same level as Ancologia and especially drops woth Fairy Heart Zeref and Acnologia Post Ravines of Time

Naruto( Elderly Whitebeard)

His power far superior to the 5 previous Kages, able to take them on with relative ease the same way he casually defeated Vice Adrimal level characters, he has strength far superior to the striking force of Sakura and easily comparable to  Incomplete Juubi and the 4 Edo Hokage Minus Hashriama in Senjutsu mode. Second to Thrif Form Incomplete Juubi and Hashirama in Snejutsu basically stomp Eledery Whitebeard.

Naruto( Prime Whitebeard)

In terms of raw psychical power, it puts him roughly on the same tier as Toreni and Kinhsiki, Kinshiki who’s basically stated to casually crack the whole planet in half(Which Whitebeard at his prime was said to be capable of as well and we calced Tornei’s Moonbusting feat to be roughly Large Planet level like a theroicall prime Whitebeard however it’s in the Ninatons making Tornei 1,000 times more powerful than Whitebread so there’s little chance he could go past Juubi Obito, especially in the  speed department. Whitebeard seems to be a static and slow character considering his verse though slow in terms of combat speed as opposed to reactions, until One Peice gets better speed feats, it’s hard to say if he’s above Faster than light speeds like Bjuu Six Sages Mode Naruto, Sunasoo Six Sages Sasuke, Might Guy in 8th Gate, Juubi Madara and Kaguya as well as Tornei and the Ototsuki clan in Brouto.

Dragonball Verse

 In terms of Dragonall let’s remember the powers and abilties within Dragonball and this list in particular because it would be important.

Dragonball/Dragonball Z

Human level: 5 to 8…

Peak Human: 8 to 10

Wall level: 10 to 12.5

Small Building level:12.5 to 15

Building level: 25 to 50

City Block level: 50 to 100

Muilt City Block level: 100 to 150

Town level : 150 to 180

Large Hill/ Small City Level : 180 to 210

Smalll Mountain/ Medium City level: 210 to 250

Mountain /Large City level: 250 to 275

Large Mountain/Small Island level: 270 to 300

Himalaya Size Mountain/ Island Level: Power level 300 to 330

Muilt Mountain level/ Large Island level: Power level 330 to 360

Small Mountain range/ Small Country Level: Power level 360 to 400

Mountain Range/Country Level: Power level 400 to 430

Large Mountain Range/ Large Country level: Power level 430 to 460

Continent level: Power level 460 to 500

Muilt Continent level: Power level 500 to 600

Muilt Continent level+: Power level 600 to 700

Moon level: Power level 700 to 800

Small Planet Level: Power level 800 to 1,000

Small Planet Level+: Power level 1,000 to 2,000

Planet Level(Low-end planet busting): Power level 2,000 to 10,000

Planet level+: 10,000 to 25,000 

Large Planet level: 25,000 to 100,000

Large Planet level+: 100,000 to 500,000

Dwarf Star level: 500,000 t0 10,000,000

Elderly Whitebeard’s Maximum attack Potency: 684.8 Exatons of TNT( Small Planet level+)

Unsurprisingly Elderly Whitebeard is Budokai 22 Goku level and with superior strength, size and speed pretty much would tank anything Less than a Super Kamehahaha is going to knock him down. However, due to inferior martial arts skills and slower movement speed he would overall lose against Goku. Given his Attack Potency is at it’s highest 648 Exatons or 23.3 the level of Moonbusting power, It’s safe to give Whitebeard roughly a power level of 827. Elderly Whitebeards power level in base would be at least  640, over 780 with Armament Haki and up to 827 with Armament Haki and Awakening.

That would be more or less Piccolo Jr’s Attack Potency range via the Demon Explosive Wave attack in Budokai 23rd and this is merely Marineford Arc Whitebeard, this isn’t even counting Prime Whitebeard.

Prime Whitebeard would actually be roughly a power of 10,000 in base form given he can potentially bend all continental plates in the world at once which would produce a force 5 times the energy of the GBE of Earth . That’s virtually 2.5 power level of Nappa from Dragon Ball Z who by powerscaling has only two 2 Earth GBE and this is merely going by low end.

Gohan Piccle moon bust6


Which logically makes sense given Radtiz no selled a Small Planet level blast from Piccolo presumably using more than twice his 406 Power level at the time to kill Raditz to blow up the moon which would put Piccolo at 812.

which should logically equal Goku’s Super Kamaheaha Wave which at a power level of 916 could blow up the entire Moon and not far from Roshi’s own Moon busting feat eithe making Roshi Ultra Buff Kamaheha and Bukdokai 23rd Goku’s Super Kamaehaha Wave Small Planet level with attack potency of over 17.43 Zettatons.

Which the feat itself is at least 17.43 Zettatons, given Radtiz was 1,500 and the feat was done with at least a power level of 812, Radtiz would at bare minimum have the durability to tank up to 32.18 Zettatons of force and Nappa being almost 3 times more powerful in base than Raditz could tank nearly twice the force to destroy the GBE of Earth.

Going by scaling up to 100 times from baseline Large Planet level to 270 Yottatons or the GBE of Jupiter, Prime Whitebeard in Theory should be at least a power level of 45,550, this would make him comparable to the Ginyu Force, this is merely by power ,speed is a different story given the narrative has Kizaru as the fastest current character and until new speed feats that prove FTL speed exist, there’s nothing concerte of FTL movement.

BTW this isn’t the end all be all for One Piece powerscaling for we’ve not done with the series and there’s likely a class of characters far beyond what was shown within the current One Peice showings by far. Given the HST’s track record of having Ywach and Kaguya who elevated Naruto and Bleach from being barely above Sayain Saga DBZ level to around Mid Tier Cell Saga.

Overall Whitebeard is ridiculously powerful and ridiculously badass as a character and nothing to fuck with within a fictional verses battle. Now onto Luffy respect thread and where he currently stands amongst these Giants.


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