Interspecies/Ishuzoku reviewers thoughts

and time for what’s pretty much one of the most lewdest anime to come out in a long while and considering the disappointment that was jet girls this is a blessing. Ishuzoku Reviewers aka Interspecies Reviewers where given it’s concept you’d think would be more of a hentai series of OVAs but nope it got green lit to be an anime. now when I read the manga after people hyped this series up I’ll be honest the manga didn’t really give me much to be hyped on. the concept is fine and all, it’s just the visual art style was a bit too silly for me to really read it but thankfully the anime fixes my problems and really emphasizes on the more visual showing over the telling in dialogue the manga does.

This anime being done by studio Passione and if you’re not familiar with their anime works check out rail wars, citrus, and high school dxd hero to get ya started. Man just holy wow. if High school dxd Hero was a leg up for them then this anime just goes beyond plus ultra lol if you’re not into any kind of lewd ecchi stuff especially monster girls then obviously skip this one cause this focus on the how monster girls are rated at brothels. that’s right we’re talking about monster prostitutes this season lol This anime is 100% unapologetic on it’s concept and lays it on thicc. in every sense of the word. this has something for everyone and if one of those things offends you then this anime does not apologize for it. at all. It just keeps going and it’s pretty amazing. even the opening and end credit sequences do not stop the lewding. yo got boobs, asses, dick bulges, and ever kind of fetish from women to traps and futas are here. this first episode definitely made waves this week. I loved the animation Passione gives it, the voice acting definitely shows they’re having a lot of fun with this, the songs for the opening and ending are over the top. So, this is getting a big pass from me as it shows this is how you know you’re watching something that is intending to be lewd and this what it means to be an ecchi lewd series. I hope to god Passione does a final season of shinmai maou and season 2 of masou gakuen since this gives me hope they can handle something like interspecies reviewers amazingly well and I’ll end things with a few lewd monster girl image shots cause wow…. just wow.

hope you enjoyed those images cause man this is one anime that’s gonna make me work extra hard on the stitching and I doubt the image shot count will be any smaller if the rest of the season is like this lol although this time it’s just cause of the opening and ending sequences lol

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