Plunderer thoughts

Mmmmm this one… I did have some small hope for but after watching this first episode… god did I get some familiar vibes here. like the best comparison it has going for it is seven deadly sins familiar. naive girl looks for legendary heroes who are apparently hundreds of years old and the first one she finds is a lecherous perv who only gets serious and regrets his sins when the story calls for it.

I kind of let this slide with deadly sins cause it was something of a different story overall but I don’t know…. Okay let’s cover the basics. main girl Hina here loses her mom to… magic hands I guess…?

so literally she’s dragged to hell as she gives her daughter Hina the special ball that has 10,000 and tells her to find the legendary Ace which apparently in the manga the name is the legendary baron. gee I can’t help but wonder why they made that change in the anime. anywho time skip to the present

and we got Hina telling people what she’s looking for and there comes the pervy hero who can’t help but oogle her especially on the thighs where she has her special number.

she then meets a sexy tanned woman named Hana who explains the numbers have a function where basically you find what you want to do in life then you keep that number going up cause if it hits 0 you get dragged into hell by the magic hands and if your number is higher than another person’s then they’re obligated to obey you but apparently you can also challenge that person where you put your numbers on the line as a gamble. Obviously there’s a bit of a metaphor here about society but that’s nothing new that we haven’t seen told to us a bajillion gajillion times in anime as a whole. I’m sure the concept sounded good on paper but in terms of execution it’s kind of lacking especially when later on we learn the legendary Ace hina is looking for already cheated this system which goes into why he’ll be OP yet flawed.

there’s not a lot I can say except Pluderer feels really formuliac and by the numbers. Nothing really special about it and it’s definitely nothing we haven’t seen done or told before so overall you’re not missing much by skipping this and can come back to it when all the episodes are done airing or you can follow episode by weekly release and this is one of those anime also being simul-dubbed by funimation. the dub is alright but I can’t help but feel like our male lead aka Licht’s english dub VA is trying a little too hard to sound vic mignogna. gee it’s almost as if funimation realized they just lost one of their best contracted VA’s they had in mind to voice this character and now have to use another VA to try and mimic him. But putting that controversy to the side I don’t think even Vic can make this anime pass since the first episode as I said is very by the numbers in what to expect here. I will give credit that cause of where the numbers tend to be placed on people the anime has an excuse to go for lewd shots such as Hina’s thighs or Hana’s cleavage.

that’s all i got for plunderer. if you got any thoughts on it leave it in the comments below.

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