Ishuzoku Reviewers ep 2

alright time to come back to ep 2 as this week we learn how to plow tinker bell(fairies) and Cow Girls(female minotaurs who produce milk). yeah I don’t know what is it with japan and other people in world wanting to stick their dicks in something the size of a doll.

so we get our familiar intro which I guess is gonna be a recurring thing unless ep 3 changes that where we get told about this world in the same way while being shown monster girl whores looking for a good time for the right price at the red light district which we’re all guilty of going regardless of our gender lol

our main heroes talk about hitting up another sex club and decided to go and try out fairies for their reviews. again I’m not sure how or why you’d want in the first place unless you’re like the halfling character in this series where you got a micro penis and fairy is the best you can do.

fantasy fairy girls…

but reality hits them hard as they find prostitute fairies are a bit more on the harsh side of things such as the main owner being a smoker and her eyes looking like she hasn’t slept in years. and Fairies are kind of a pain to deal with as first there’s the usual fee but you also have to pay for a membership fee on top of that then you have to let her measure your dick to see if you can even fit it in any of the fairy girls which I’m kind of surprised any of them could at all. also apparently this is what most hard core fans call the best girl of the series and has her own figurine coming soon… seriously this whole fucking a girl who is the size of thumbelina fetish is one I don’t know how would even work out.

so she shows off her tits to get the guys fully erect to measure them properly then puts the size on your membership card and unlike hentai logic the smaller your dick the more fairies you can fuck is the lesson here.

now again one of the big highlights about the anime that make it better than the manga is your getting visually entertaining review of the fairy girls where yeah from this camera looking perspective they are cute and sexy but I don’t really get why they just can’t use magic to either temporarily be human size or make their customers fairy size? this is supposed to be a fantasy world right? there’s literally nothing in any of the mentions fairy lore that says they couldn’t do that.

everyone reads the reviews but angel futa krim is now embarrassed for life cause everyone now knows the size of his… her dick. actually I’m not even sure if they clairfied Krim’s gender despite the futa status since technically Futa also has tits right there and the ass of a female and krim did say he… or she has both a dick and pussy which krim hasn’t really explained if that’s normal for angels or not. but yeah it is kind of embarrassing letting your dick size be exposed but on top of that Krim is more upset about the fact he/she still had to pay then get his/her dick is too big and can’t fuck any fairies but didn’t get any of that money back. so yeah fairies are super stingy with money.

eye catcher of the week

next scene we got elections happening between the orc party and demon party and currently orc party is winning and… just need to say this but the manga started in july of 2016 and given how the anime presented this…. there may or may not be a bit of that japanese parodying a certain election that took place in 2016 with everything that was happening especially with the way the Orc… I guess president handled himself and explained his plan and pretty much made prostitution legal for everyone and gave everyone a hefty tax break. or that could just be coincidence… oh boy…

moving on then. This giant loli demon girl is the acting demon lord and running to be the next… I guess president or something… but the demon party is not all that popular due to the reputation they have. I guess all those isekais trying to change people’s views on demon folks did not reach this authors ears lol but basically the demon race is viewed as a bunch of scammers and cheaters and ranked number 2 as most undesirable marriage partner of the races due to how… demons both male and female are more likely to cheat on you regardless of relationship status. so yeah demon race is on the top 5 of worst marriage partners and don’t have a good rep overall although that’s quite a contradiction since i think one of the characters they had in this episode reviewing the cow girls was also of the demon race….

the Orc party moto. Want to fuck? Vote to Succ! lol i added the to part cause that made more sense lol

so the heroes meet a piccolo looking demon and yes I said piccolo as in from dragon ball. they even make the joke as the guy says “Fuck off you piccolo looking wanna be” with the name piccolo censored in the subs and the name beeped out cause of copyright and most of you should know how japan gets when it comes to making jokes or mentions of their characters that are icons and end up censored in other works that aren’t in the same company or studio. so basically not piccolo tells our heroes to go to a demon sex pub and give a review on the girls there in the hopes it will boost their popularity and make the demon race reputation better to give the demon party a chance to win the elections.

but… when our heroes get there… they find themselves drawn to something else and go to a different sex pub instead that is filled with vitamin D to quadruple D’s lol

so the guys enjoyed themselve with milk and meat lol aka tits and ass lol this was pretty visually amusing so this was easily my favorite part of the episode lol

and the episode kind of ends on a metaphorical explanation on how tits are like a planet. you get drawn into the like gravity lol

and the post credit scene is pretty much a not professor oak talking about the giant demon loli’s horns while also… working on dildos for some reason. also again whether intentional or not given the show’s unapologetic nature says the demon loli girl lost the election. kind of like a certain someone in real life… again may just be coincidence but I kind of tend to notice japan’s sense of humor tends to be on the nose.

overall this was a fun episode with some things I kind of want to question but I do like how unapologetic this continues to be. what did you think of the episode overall?

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