Kandagawa Jet Girls OVA/ep 13

So we’re back here again. Jet Girls has a OVA 13th episode out which is only viewable if you a preordered the game or if you happen to know where to pirate this. if you’ve seen my episodic reviews on jet girls it was mostly disappointing as the anime did everything one could do wrong in how to tell what they think is supposed to be a story with fanservice. so let’s get the negatives out of the way first. first one being is… Rin and Misa doing the yuri ship baiting that ultimately doesn’t add to anything as this is pretty much just tropes being used to get some attention even when it doesn’t lead up to anything or even matter much and the other problem being is some inconsistency with the animation as there were a few random points where the bodies such as the hands or heads being in different sizes. random but still noticeable if you know where to look. the other problem is how the OVA probably due to being more tied to the game itself has the girls hanging out like they’ve had no issues with each other before hand and because of the anime’s 12 episode poor run this kind of comes off as odd and also add in the trope of how a high schooler in these anime run what looks to be a multibillion dollar company where we know Kaguya is rich but it’s really hard to believe a whole company just gives her control where the only exceptions have been tony stark cause of his family inheritance and genius intellect and seto kaiba who got groomed to run the company to the point he changed the direct and still ran it like a actual company… well unless you watch yugioh abridged where we all laugh the problems with that too lol other than those 3 things and this is gonna be surprising for me to say but this was an actually entertaining OVA for what it was at least.

so basically Kaguya invited everyone to her company to get their opinions on a promotional video to promote jet racing that her and kuromaru did. off screen during season 1 which we got a small glimpse of in i think ep 11 or 12.

so, Kaguya shows her promotional video and before you ask no you don’t need subs to tell you what’s going on cause as mentioned in earlier reviews, jet girls is very predictable to the point you can literally tell what’s going on without the subs since the visuals and gestures tell you as much.

not gonna lie this segment was probably the funniest bit of the whole thing for me just due to the fact it’s over the top and a bit extreme and makes me ask “is this what Kuromaru had to do for her diet all season!?” stuff like this would’ve ironically made jet girls more entertaining and would’ve gotten a lot more passes if it did more stuff like this if it wasn’t gonna tell a story or give away stuff from the game’s story.

so, the reactions were not what Kaguya hoped for as all the girls had different opinions since they felt she made it look too serious and lacked other things they all think make jet racing good. enter the twin lolis of hells kitchen.

Naturally the twins’ video was just showing them off cause their idols and everyone still feels like they lack something too. Yuzu and Manatsu have some suggestions in mind as they go through trends to put something together.

so they start with showing how the girls wash their jet skis. Rin and Misa get a surprise when the see how American girls like to wash vehicles with their bodies. lol

but you know the old saying. if you can’t beat them, join them. at least until Misa snaps and has enough of this.

they then go to the shrine of the other 2 girls, Fuka and Inori who do the… what I only to be done during a certain festival worshipping the penis.

probably my other favorite part is them doing a kamen rider skit for their promotional video. lol

and then they do a bit of a wet t-shirt scene though I did hope this meant nudity but alas nope.

so after pulling an all nighter for editing Yuzu and Manatsu turn in their promotional video which got turned down cause it was not suitable to their audiences and went for these little kid muppet dolphins to talk about jet racing making their whole endeavor a waste of time lol and that’s pretty much it.

So, this OVA while it’s not anything great but compared to the 12 episode tv run it had this was actually a lot more entertaining than all those 12 episodes combined and I really wish they put that kind of effort to begin with instead of dancing around doing nothing and offering nothing. as for the no nudity in this OVA, well I’m not too bothered by it mostly cause again the 12 episode anime even managed to make that as boring as season 2 senran kagura. if you’re going to use nudity then well as michael bay on nostalgia critic said “Shoot it like it’s porn” which as stupid as a lot of people are gonna tell me that sounds but when it comes to series like jet girls, senran kagura, or high school dxd and ikkitousen for example, if you’re gonna go for lewd and want to use nudity you can’t just put in average camera work actually shoot it like you’re filming porn… or hentai as I guess would be the more proper analogy and if you need proof of that method working well ishuzoku reviewers currently took that to the next step without legally falling into the hentai category. same with high school dxd and a few others.

to close it out this OVA was an actual entertaining waste of time where assuming the game comes to the US or assuming people have anything to actually say about the characters in the game then perhaps jet girls may have a chance to be something long running and avoid the same tragic fate that valkyrie drive got.

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8 thoughts on “Kandagawa Jet Girls OVA/ep 13

  1. I wish Kaguya did more rope on Kuromaru for her training lol

    Btw, the d*ck festival is called “The rich man festival”, if I remember correctly. You can find it on Gaijin Gomba’s channel on Youtube

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That was just her hands. Made it goes around her breasts, crotch, and since she doesn’t need her legs for the bunjee jumping, did for her legs as well. lol


  2. I’m all for pirating, ARRGH.

    Yeah at least Varykle Drive brought us some actual Yuri, this anime cops out on the actual Yuri, shame given there’s a shitone of potential here.

    Kaguya and Kuromaru are best girls and expect some hentai of them.

    Kuromaru and Kaguya should’ve been the real main characters of Jet Grils.

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