Nekopara ep 4

another week, another cats in paradise episode as well the first half is just showing how the new kitten is adjusting to her new home and chocola more or less playing the role of mom.

they dressed her, showed her TV till she gets bored later and she learns how to utilize the cardboard box lol she also has some Cacao cake that has become her new favorite meal and finally slept and that’s pretty much the first half.

the 2nd half is where things get a bit more fanservicey as the cat girls go through their monthly health checks with Shigure

the little kitten gets her first health check as everyone decides her name will now be Cacao. at least now we have a name for her.

then we get to examining the chest sizes and damn Cinnamon is packing meat on her chest lol

Cacao then gets curious about breasts and plays with chocola and vanilla and finds them uninteresting then plays with Cinnamon’s breasts lol Cinnamon if you know her character ends up having an orgasm from this lol

and the episode ends with showing Cacao the beach and they play and pretty much hint we’re gonna have a beach episode later. so again like I’ve said if you know Nekopara this is about what one could expect. simple and a cute waste of time. I will give credit that it went into a different territory compared to the OVAs this time so hopefully they’re escalate bit by bit or at the very least the beach episode delivers.

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      1. Just a meme which the cats shock and jump off really high when they suddenly see a cucumber behind them


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