(Spoiler Warning:If you’re not caught up with Eden Zero, do not read this journal until you do. This journal contains major spoilers within it)

Holy mother of shits what the hell did i just read? When did this become Beserk?  Yeah, i was not expecting the darkest of chapter endings I’ve seen in a long time in a shonen anime much less from Mashima. Yeah for those who think Eden Zero is going to be another Fairy Tail in which the heros rarely lose and rarely have hardships…THINK AGAIN! After chapter 82 of this manga, Eden Zero has pretty much proven to be the Anti-Fairy Tail Manga in a good way, well if you define good as in soul-crushing curb stomp and the threat of possible gangrape, slavery and executions and no this isn’t even close to an exaggeration either,  shit got real this chapter.

We start the chapter continuing whether we left off with  Shiki about to face off the leader FDraken Joe and needless to say going into this, we already knew Shiki is pretty fucked.

For those not keeping track at home, the Element Four in Eden Zero was so powerful that even their weakest member could’ve defeated all of them at once had not for Weiz’s quick thinking skills

And Shiki Struggled to even keep up with the strongest member of the Element Four and all are far below the big boss Darken Joe.

It would be like Natsu fighting Gajeel, barely keeping up with Gajeel and midway during that battle Jose Perola appeared just to curb stomp Natsu but imagine not only this but Perola’s top henchman Aria sucker-punched Erza and defeated her and all of Team Natsu lost their fights with the Element Four, Fairy Tail was destroyed and all the members are at the brink of death..Yeah that’s the extent of how fucked Eden Zero’s heros are and this is only the beginning.

In fact, this fight isn’t just a curb stomp battle, it’s like a genre-savvy curb stomp battle in which just when you think  Shiki would gain Namaka power and power through like Natsu did…Yeah that doesn’t happen, a refreshing change of pace considering up until the recent chapters, Shiki was pulling a Natsu and beating his opponents with Low to Mid Difficulty, now he’s getting crubstomped but that’s far from the end of it.

After a devastating curb stomp battle Shiki Wakes up.

To see all his friends captured with him. 

To recap, in the last chapter Rebebeca was horribly tortured by one of the villains when she was captured by Darken Joe  two chapters back and unlike the torture with Erza, no fanservice here, just pure pain and very hard to look at at it so already doing this a lot better than Fairy Tail’s 

Weiz was last seen in the previous chapter in critical condition within the ship

In chapter 74, Weiz managed to defeat one of the Element Four however after he won, he was shot from  behind in a critical shot at his body by one of the Element Four who was a sniper.

He was pretty much incapacitated due to serious injuries, More on that later.,.

As for Homura’s outfit, during her fight against one of the Element Four, she lost her clothes during the fight and decided to borrow this arousing outfit which is about one of many outfits that are going to be used for hentai material, sadly given what’s coming up I’m going to have to make a personal embargo on hentai for her until the plot settles.

Anyways things already take a turn for the worst as the first think Dakren Joe and his thugs do is destroy the vital life-saving medicine for Weiz.


The very same medicine everyone has been fighting to get to Weiz, which has been stated without it he will die of his injuries.

Darken Joe destorys  it in front of the bond and helpless heros.  Oh trust me it gets even worse!

Shiki in anger lunges at Dakren Joe but given he can’t use his Ether to stop bullets, he took a bullet to the knee, so now Shiki is also badly injured.

Worse is the fate of Happy and Pinto, whereas Weiz and Shiki are likely to live.. Well at least Shiki, Pinto and Happy aren’t so lucky.

This makes me wonder if this is actually alluding to the nightmare Rebeccca had about Happy dying  back in Chapter 69.

And yeah talk about despair to Homura.complie how deep in the shit Eden Zero is in, Darken Joe confrims that Madadame Kurenai was orginally a sex slave who was a cum dump for the planet,  while he didn’t say it like that, it’s pretty much impiled.

Note it’s hardly the frist time sex slavery was brought up within Mashima;s works, as seen within Fairy Tail’s very frist chapter, Lucy was catured by a human trafficking mage who wanted to sell her body off, bascially implying forced prositution and gangrape threat

And i do mean threat.What else you think he meant by “Train her a little”?  Anyone who’s seen any hentai knows what they mean by “ training”

Doesn’t help she’s being held by  at least 10 men there who look at her with drity looks.

And there’s no way you can avogoddessimplincaitons of gangrape regarding Irene’s flashback where she was brutally torutred and hulimated for 3 straight yea rs wperhapse was naked.

It’s erriely silmair to Jeanne’D Arc’s storyline from FGO in which she was confirmed to have been tortured and gang raped for 6 years straight as a prisoner of war(Note the above image isn’t canon, just a fan-made doujin illustrating the dark reality of her fate.).

I’m pretty sure Irene’s story would be something in common with the women of Kurniou and that’s fucking tame compared to what was confrimed to happen to Madame Kurenai, Homura’s mother.

Eden Zero pretty much confrimed that Kurenai was a sex slave to pay off debts

Yes canonically Kurenai is a prosisutue forced into prositituion  so it’s already obvious she was repeatdely abused and raped. Worse is the implicaitons that they were also going to force Homura into prosisittuion.

Keep in mind this is 10 years in the past where Homura was a kid.. Yeah this seires is much darker than Fairy Tail as it not only implies sex slavery but child trafficking.

Worse yet is the fact that Darken Joe wishes to expolit her for sexual purposes…

Keep in mind the end of the last arc had Kurenai Recaptured by sex slavers

Which  sepciality  invoked doing sexual things to Kurenai in Chapter 67.

Assuming the next chapter cuts to Homura Imprisoned, it’s likely she would reunited with her mother and if the seires gets darker,easily in the worst ways possible.

Borken beyond beleif, Breeebca begs for the bandit gang to spare her friends lives and surrend to them.

Considering all things impiled already…Yeah this is going to go even more south for  them in the darkness department.

But being the twisted fiend he is, Darken Joe orders the removal of Weiz’s arm, a man mind you dying due to infection-related diseases from his previous wounds.

HOLY SHIT! This was a very intense chapter!  Unlike Fairy Tail, the tension is strong with this one as the villains have decisively outclassed each and everyone of the main characters at this point, hell even Shiki’s Namamaka power did him very little against Draken Joe. Given how much darker Eden Zero is to Fairy Tail, one has to wonder how is this going to be resloved.  Would Darken Joe prevail and Happy dies like in the foreshadowed nightmare? Would Homura and Kurenai be united? Would Homura be brutally raped and totured like her mother and broken as a warrior? Would Weiz actually live another day? Frankly, there’s little hope of them making it out of this scenario having been decisively outclassed.

Unless Elise Crimson appears last second to rescue the Eden Zero crewmates, they are royally fucked both Figureartly.

And in Homura’s case, very literally.

Looks like all Hope rests on Rebbeeca’s shoulders that would seperate their fate between  life and death at this point.  

Note back an arc ago, it’s stated Rbebeeca has time dliaiton powers and can see the future  as she used her Leaper powers for the frist time back in Chapter 64, prehaps that nightmare she had in Chapter 69 was foreshadowing the dark road this chapter is setting up.

Whatever the outcome is, it’s deifnte tha Rebeeca true hidden poteintial might come out within this arc.

And lord knows  they fucking need that potential more than ever.

Lest this would be the fate of Homura..

After all if the celestial godddese within the Mutiverse

Yes Eden Zero is confrimed a Mutilverse 

Claims she might be the hope of the Universe one day,then prehaps Rebecca’s potential is just staring.  Now i’m curious to see how this is handled. Would it be a second set up to a new arc overcoming even more struggle or would it be your typical Fairy Tail Namaka Power hidden ace  finish? Would Eilse criismion come to their resuce?

4 thoughts on “HOLY SHIT, THIS GOT DARK! Eden Zero recent chapters(MAJOR SPOILER WARNING)

  1. let’s just hope this won’t be the only arc that does well since while yeah it’s definitely got the tension and dark elements fairy lacked but remember it’s not what it has, it’s whether it can execute these elements well especially in the later arc where it’ll have to be consistent or escalate stuff from this.


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