Night with Tiaplate

Tiaplate or Tia for short is a Salamander girl so unless your Fire/Heat Resistance is about 70 to 90 percent or you’re immune to high heat and fire like Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail due to Fire Dragon Slayer Magic then Tia is a very tasteful time to be having as she can cook your meat with her body and she tastes like meat when you lick her body and lower area and if your heat resistance or immunity is up to par then her insides will feel tight and hot lol


Tia: How’s the meat?


Time to do some foreplay and heat up some sausages as Tia sucks on one like it’s a real dick and you use another one as a dildo to insert in and out while making sure the sausages are nicely cooked lol


Tia: Hahh… did you get enough to eat? I really got fired up and want you to fuck me with your “sausage”.

Published by Fu-reiji

This blog is just to post images for role playing purposes, bit of news that is happening, with help from a few other people we'll also get some very good calculated feats of our favorite characters, measurements of our favorite waifus, while also doing reviews on various anime, shows, movies, and manga. I am hoping to eventually do video discussions here but one step at a time. as for why do I have the name Fu-reiji on my public user display well it was just me wanting to see how google translate says my name in Japanese almost 10 years ago and I've stuck with it since. lol

28 thoughts on “Night with Tiaplate

      1. Tia: Really hot! Fuck me harder!

        well Tiaplate is a salamander and her race live near an active volcano so let that tell about how high her temperature can get and how much she can tolerate.


      2. Natsu:I’M ALL FIRED UP
        He thrusts harder into Tia’s pussy
        Natsu:Lucy would never let me do this with her


      3. Natsud:an those jucies hot, like lava hot
        Natsu said as he came inside her with his cum hot like molten lava
        Natsu:Lucy would never let me do this.


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