How the Arrancar Arc in Bleach should’ve ended

here, the basic rundown for it on how it should’ve played out

Ichigo after beating Grimmjow and being saved by Kenpachi takes Orhime back to the World of the Living but Ulquorria stops him midway. Ichigo gets curbstomped by Ulqurroia’s Frist Release and is about to be killed by him until Isshin arrives with Kisuke, Tessai and Yoruichi. Yoruichi fights Harribel off who’s also out to get back Orihime, Kisuke fights Starrk and Tessai fights Barragan. Keep in mind that all Espadas 1-4 have release forms.

Aizen who attempts to go after Ichigo is stopped by Unohana herself. Aizen has yet to get the Hoyguku implanted into him. In my story Orihime refused to do so so Unohana and Aizen are more or less evenly matched. Once Ichigo and Orihime escape Hucedo Mundo. Aizen not happy about his plans foiled then summons Yammy who’s the 0 Espada and he uses Mega Gonzui to absorb the energy of all the people in lash Noches. In my version Yammy is the weakest in base from like in canon but he actually is Aizen’s trump card and strongest Espada thanks to his Mega Gounzi which can suck away the souls within a city wide radius. Yammy would be the ulimate weapon that is used to form the Hoyguku and he’s basically the Hulk in my verison of Bleach, the madder he gets, the stronger he becomes.

After Byakuya defeats Zommari and Kenpachi defeat Ninrota, they attempt to fight it like in canon but he’s way too strong for them. His base level in release form is eqaul to R2 Ulquoarria’s power and he’s 5 times stronger enraged and has a second release that puts him on the level of Yamamoto’s Shikai. Aizen purposely kept Yammy’s IQ low so Yammy doesn’t attempt to rebel against him and both Yammy and Wonderwesis were created to counter Yamamoto’s Shikai and fulfill his goals.

With he Shingiami out of power than thanks to Yammy, things look bleak, Ichigo of course attempts to fight Yammy himself because he’s Ichigo and can’t leave his firends and comrades to die and as expected, he gets curbstomped badly. Yammy bearly kills him but that’s when his inner Hollow gets loose and does some damage to Yammy’s release form. Yammy then gets renaged and bulks up to the point he holds his own with Hollow Ichigo but too slow to couter most of his attack until he gets second release and beats the shit out of Hollow Ichigo. Ichigo back on the ground is about to be crushed by Yammy but then Orihime snaps and shoots a powerful beam from her pins and wounds Yammy from her rage( Keep in mind her powers are based on emotion and they have potential god like status).

Aizen who’s about to finish off Unohana is shocked by Orihime power. He;s then stabbed by Gin who find the prefect opprunity to seriously wound Aizen. Tousen then attempts to duel Gin bu then backup arrives. The Royal gaurd and Yamamoto to appear to finish the fight, which causes Aizen and Tousen to flee along with the Espadas, not wishing to pick a fight with them in his condition all leave the area to escape the Royal Gaurd.

Gin is then revealed to have his own motives and wanting to avenge Rangiku who lost her parents to Aizen’s Hoyguku experiment and was going to build his trust overtime before killing him at the right time. Gin then explains the Hoyguku thanks to Orihime being stopped from activating it would take another 3 months before it awakened and the Soul Society has to get stronger in order to fight the looming threat of Aizen.

Ichigo then learns of Isshin’s origins, Aizen orginally killed the Captain of the 10th divsion that Isshin was once under 110 Years ago buecase he caught wind of Aizen’s Hoyguku plans and later attempted to kill Isshin 20 years ago and almost succeed in his attempt to overthrow the Soul Society but Isshin stopped him with Final Gestuga Tensho and destoryed his original Hoyguku with it, hence Aizen needed to get Kisuke’s version so he can achieve would power

Aizen realizing 10 Espadas aren’t enough against the Royal Gaurd and with Syzael, Aanerio, Zommari and Ninorta dead and with Grimmjow and Neliel defected, he needs to gather and improve the surrivng Espada and make 5 more people to take the place of the the Esapda he lost and make 5 Super Espadas that would be used to defeat the Royal Guard.

Basically i plan to have the Winter Wars within the Winter War like it was originally suppose to be. I haven’t fully worked out the details at the moment but i do plan to have Ichigo trained by Isshin and the Royal Guard while the entire Gotei 13 would take Royal Gaurd training, not just Renji, Rukia and Byakuya.The whople 3 months Aizen would be reforming and boosting his army with the power of the Hoyguku and preparing to deal with the Royal Gaurd and Gotei 13.

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