How Accurate was Death Battle?:Gray vs Esdeath

Yep, we’re back with another  Death Battle Anysislsis journal.  I was originally going to do an analysis on Miles Morales vs Static Shock but between not being able to find any respect threads for Static shock and not wanting to put over SJW Marvel by default, i left that alone, for the most part, this, on the other hand, is more of my cup of tea, Esdeath from Amage No-Kill and Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail.

As you know I’ve covered Fiary Tail a fair number of times before so i don’t really need to do much introduction to Gray Fullbuster, however, i only recently started watching Akame No Killso i know very little of Esdeath to be perfectly honest with ya’ll. I’m going to be going in blank mainly with her, lookup her feats, do my calcs on those said feats and see how they measure up with Gray Fullbuster and see if Death Battle was accurate with their feats.

The rules are we’re using only the second timeskip version of Gray. Current Gray lacks any real concrete feats from a 100-year quest and there’s no known variable of just how much stronger he is compared to his X792 counterpart.  Once he gets a solid feat for powerscaling purposes, we will redo this and include a 100-year quest, Gray. The reason only X792 is because Esdeath is a casual country buster with at least continent level DC and let’s just say Pre Skip and X791 era Gray stand absolutely no chance against Esdeath, especially when those are Pre Devil Slayer eras and gray’s biggest possible advantage against Esdeath is not present in those versions(Well tehcincially at the end of X791 it is)

Strength/Freezing power


Where mainly limiting Gray to the feats he’s shown within the X792 era,  after all showing feats from previous eras would be mainly pointless unless showing off specific hax Gray has. Thing is this era of Gray has probably the least amount of feats of any era however he does power scale and intersect with a lot of powerful characters of slimair tiers and we’ll explain how.

One of the more noteworthy powerscaling feats is that he’s still able to regularly clash with Natsu.

Who can casually one-shot a massive small amount summoning with a casual punch.

And easily one-shot Bluenote

Who was powerful enough to fight a suppressed Gildarts within the Tenoeru Island Arc. This would put Gray’s casual punching strength easily within the Island and Small Country level range.especially since Natsu’s dragon Roar is within this range of power.

One of the more notably impressive feats with Gray is being able to easily freeze Ajeel’s  Ice golem with his base level power. 

Note that  Ajeel is stronger than Brandish which each of them are said to be casual country busters.

With the recent scaling from me putting them each on par with Ehtertion  which Wal Itchi can actually use as a weapon with far less charge time than the normal Ehtetrtion canon which i calced having the power of roughly 43.933 Petatons of TNT  which is Multi-Continental Level+

During the battle with Historia, Base Gray was able to defeat Ur along with Lyon(Noted he’s in base form again here)

The Same Ur we established to be Country level+  due to her freezing feats with Deloria and was powered by  Hisrtoia which made her even stronger than her prime. Another example of how much stronger he’s become within  X792.

During his battle with Inveel, he was able to injure Inveel with his Devil Slayer Magic.

It should be noted that  Inveel was able to casually freeze Natsu’s flames and able to almost one shot Natsu and clearly stronger than Ajeel, Brandish and most spraaigan

Mind you the very same Natsu was able to easily vaporize Scoilra Lake merely by his heat aura alone

And a serious Natsu was able to one-shot Jacob, punching him through a mountain range at the other side of the lake.

So a very notable powerscaling feat.

During his clash with Natsu within his Partially awakened END mode, Gray was able to freeze Natsu’s flames and Natsu can melt his ice.

It should be notable that Natsu’s flames within this state are beyond hotter than normal flames.

Gray via enraged Devil Slayer Mode is around Half of Erza’s full power awakened as Erza was able to hold back the two ablets barely,  this would easily scale Gray to that of Erza’s feats.

Inculding the mother of all feats  Deus Sema which is within the 433 Exaton range with Erza’s slash producing roughly 11 Zettatons of TNT force.  So a full-powered, blood lusted Gray should be able to do around this range of damage. Safe to say Gray is solid Mulilt  Continent level with up to Small Planet level strength powerscaling from Erza directly.

Now for freezing enegery of Gray,  Gray’s power comes from his freezing capacity as opposed to brute force like Erza or even Natsu. Gray has consistently shown incredibly impressive freezing abilites throughout the entire seires.In act, the freezing capacity journal i made mainly contained Gray’s feats so let me recite some of these feats again.

Gray alone dwarfs the freezing potency of Akoji as he pre-skip frozen flames of Natsu soild from a magic theft using his flames.   

Which are shown to melt iron casually which has a melting point of  1800 degrees, assuming Natsu’s casual burning energy is the melting point of Iron, Gray could freeze up to Iron has a melting point of 1535.0 degrees Celsius or 2795.0 degrees Fahrenheit

Meaning Gray’s ice would be above the freezing potency of Liquid Nitrogen is about  −195.79 °C (77 K; −320 °F) and this is pre-Devil Slayer Gray. Note this was with a villain mincing Natsu’s flames which are far weaker than what Natsu can normally do

Be it melt stadiums with his aura

Or vaporizing Iron with his heat alone.

Post Devil Slayer Gray can do so much more, being able to easily freeze multiple twisters mid-motion.

Gray’s freezing capacity is near Abosutle Zero as he can freeze Natsu’s incredibly hot flames.  Note his father who was revived and made into an Ice Devil Slayer was said to be “Abostule Zero”, going by the following feats, it’s not far off to say Gray’s Ice would rival the coldest possible 

Gray’s ice should be doing at bare minimum  10e-12 K in temperature which is the, lowest temperature ever produced, achieved with a rubidium gas.  Which should be cold enough to decelerate most matter within the universe, rendering the concept of Thermodynamics virtually voided.  

After all, he can fight  Natsu who is able to burn through time numerous times, which would put Natsu’s flames at its maximum Absolute Hot which is beyond the flames of normal.

He’s also resistant to demonic powers and possession as he was able to prevent Lucy from being corrupted by the book of END.

As a Devil Slayer, he has the same immunity to Ice and freezing as a Dragon Slayer does for their elements with only Supernatural versions of their element able to actually damage them.  He can also get stronger depending on how much Ice he consumes as well, a very important note for this battle.

Such as the case with Inveel who processed an extremely powerful version of Ice that was as cold as Hades and superior to Gray’s normal Devil Slayer Powers of “Absolute Zero”,  regardless Gray still surpasses this version of”Absolute Zero” as well.

He can also last-ditch do a kamikaze attack known as Ice Shell passed down by his mentor which would kill his opponent via entombing them in Ice at the cost of his own life, while not practical in a death battle, this is a good last-ditch effort on Gray’s part, the problem is the setup time allows it to have interfered quite easily.  He has a far more powerful variant known as Lost Ice Shell as he can permanently desotry his opponent in an icy tomb while completely erasing himself from existence, meaning he can actually use Absoutle Zero temperatures to freeze himself and his opponent on a Sub Atomic-level, again it’s a slow charge time and not partical in a vs battle as Gray would be killed before he can attempt this on anyone.


Most of my information i know of her is from this respect thread, i will use her more concrete feats for calculations  here

Esdeath’s freak strength is monstrous as it is strong.Fast and strong enough to knock back/incap both Trump Card Susanoo and Stage 1 Incursio before they can react. This Tatsumi was able to no sell a blast that destroyed multiple plateaus.

Against Stage 2 Incursio Tatsumi, she keeps him on the defense for the majority of the fight and blocks any strike he does throw, while depowered.

Flash Freeze: As the name implies, Flash Freeze is an ability where Esdeath instantly freezes her opponents. She can do it on contact with her skin or just by thinking about it despite not looking. This ability has quite a range as Esdeath was able to freeze a large river and even multiple Ultimate-Class Danger Beast that dwarf multi-story buildings.

Death Battle didn’t take one major factor into account with this feat which was Esdeath’s maximum Feezing enegery.      As we know Esdeath can create this massive Continent spanning Ice strom within 3 days. The huge storm seems to make a massive cloud of snow covering at least 2,470.50km in diameter with it reaching over 100km high.    This gives our Ice Strom from Esdeath over ‭6.10337025e+19‬ cubic meters wide.

Now comes the fun part, the freezing energy of this feat.  The density of snow is 300kg/m^3, this would make the snow weight over ‭1.831011075e+22‬ kg.  Unlike Gray, Esdeath can freeze time confirming she can actually use Abostule Zero however I doubt she’s using that power within this ice storm i could be wrong. Anyways, let’s use the lowest possible temperature of  10e-12 K in temperature which is the, lowest temperature ever produced, achieved with a rubidium gas. Which should be cold enough to decelerate most matter within the universe, rendering the concept of Thermodynamics virtually voided.  

 10e-12  Kx 919 J/kg x1.831011075e+22‬ kg

1.682699177925e+37 joule = 4.0217475572e+21 megaton [explosive]  or 4.02 Ninatons of TNT(Lagre Planet level+)



6.4918949765625e+31 joule = 15 516 001 378 000 000 megaton [explosive]  or 15.516 Zettatons of TNT(Small Planet level+)

Esdeath’s Freezing Potential(Without Prep)‭‭15.516 Zettatons of TNT(Small Planet level+)

Esdeath’s Freezing Potential(With Prep)‭4.02 Ninatons of TNT(Large Planet level+)

Holy shit, that was a way higher result than i was expecting from this, either way we’re talking about a woman who can freeze time so this kind of insane energy is pretty much expected.

Makahadoma: Esdeath’s ultimate trump card in which she freezes time and space in her vicinity, stopping all motion except for her own. During this time, she is free to attack her foes as she pleases and is also useful for intercepting attacks that she or an ally/objective cannot dodge on their own. However, using this ability drains her stamina more than she would like, and she can only use it once a day.



Gray doesn’t have too many noteworthy speed feats in general as he’s more of a defensive fighter than an offensive fighter, however, he does scale heavily with Natsu and Erza’s speed feats,especially the latter given her Dragon cry bullet cutting feat.

Velocity::440,007 m/s

Timeframe: 1/‭846,167.3th a second

Distance bullet was away from gun= 0.52m/0.52m

Distance bullet was away from Erza= 149px(‭0.16 cm)

 440,007 m/s x0.52m+0.16m/0.16m/=‭‭1,870,029.75‬ m/s or Mach 5495.400

Erza’s Dragon Cry Bullet deflecting feat: Mach 5495.400

Erza’s bullet-deflecting from guns that can tag a suppressed Natsu and Wendy Second Timeskip would be ridiculously fast in speed. Erza is moving faster than the speed of hypervelocity star PSR B2224+65, which currently seems to be leaving the Milky Way at 1,610,000 m/s.

Gray should be easily this fast and at his fastest scale to Erza who’s easily  61.6% SoL


Esdeath is shown to be hella fast like all brusierweight waifus  She’s shown to casually dodge Lightning, putting her base speed easily past Mach 2,225

In her second fight with Stage 2 Incursio Tatsumi, she holds the upper-hand throughout the fight proving herself to be faster than Tatsumi, she was also weakened during this. Stage 2 Incursio Tatsumi was able to run over 250 kilometers rather quickly as well as weave around Shikouteizer’s missiles that could cross the same 250 km in no time. This puts her in the extremely casual Massively Hypersonic range and possibly into the Sub Realstvic Range of speed.  I admit i don’t know much about this series so i would probably need to return to make revisions



Not much to say regarding Gray’s durablity or second timeskip,  powerscaling it’s relevant to Natsu and Erza.

Gray can repeatedly hold his own with Natsu which as we stated repeatedly can casually take down mountain-sized foes and can contend with casual countrybusters such as Sparrigan 12.

He’s also withstood blows from Inveel, an immensely powerful Sparrigan who can cancel out and negate his immunity to ice despite him being a Devil Slayer.

Who can easily freeze Natsu’s flames

And casually create a snowstorm with a swipe of his hand.

During the fight with END Natsu, Gray takes multiple attacks from Natsu

The very same Natsu who’s flames can melt through time itself and one-shot Dimaria.

who is casually above Brandish

Who scales to Ehtertion which is the Multi Continent level  range

His strongest form should easily scale to Erza’s best durablity feat via  Deus Sema putting him within the solid Small Planet level range.


.Esdeath has never been physically hit by anything, but anything that was ever to hit her, she would cover her body in ice to act as armor, so the majority of these feat will be her Ice Armor durability.

Jumps from atmospheric heights and is not even effected by the impact. It should be noted that what she jumped onto was a mountain peak.

No sells a sword swing from Akame. Also a speed feat for how fast the Ice Armor covers her body.

No sells a strike from Stage 2 Incursio Tatsumi’s Neuntote as well as ice covering her body near instantaneously.

After, she proceeds to take an indirect blow from Stage 2 Incursio Tatsumi which only cracks the Ice Armor. It hurts her, but leaves no injury on her. 

For context, Stage 2 Incursio Tatsumi could send a mech bigger than mountains flying with a punch.

Heavy Pressure’s Trump Card, Nasty Voice, has no effect on Esdeath, and it is a sound-based attack that pulverizes the bones of those it hits.

Blaze Ball has no effect on Esdeath 

despite being able to vaporize a human (minus their bones) instantly.

Most notably Esdeath is Unaffected by the temperatures of her own ice. This is notable considering she can literally freeze time. Which we established makes your powers very OP.

To reach absolute   Zero, the actual Abostule Zero, all free bodies are still, no interaction within or without a thermodynamic system.  This is below 10e−30 k temperatures. The average density of air is about 1.125kg/m^3, the change of temperature energy of air is 919 j/kg.  Merely freezing a cubic meter of air within the temperatures of Absolute Zero, would produce ‭1.033875e+33‬ Joules or a staggering 247.102 Zettatons of TNT per cubic fucking meter.

This  is over 4.3  times the GBE  of Planet Earth, that’s how much energy it requires to completely freeze thermodynamic movement within a cubic meter.  r.

1.033875e+33 joule = 247 102 055 450 000 000 megaton [explosive]]

So yeah Esdeath is super broken,  simply going by freezing enegery or durablity, she’s easily able to take Planet level damage. You would need to hit Esdeath with Dragonball Z tier blasts within the Sayain Saga to damage her ice armor as her f potency is that high


And this is merely a Cubic Meter frozen by her and as we have seen, there’s far more than a cubic meter frozen this video sho[ws, she seems to freeze time within a whole area.  Asusming this is merely 100 meters in diameter alone and she’s not doing some crazy Dio style hax of freezing time across a whole country, she’s freezing the area of roughly 1 Million Cubic Meters,  that would be essentially tanking and producing more than 4.3 Million times the force to desotry Earth. Yes Esdeath is indeed fucking OP.

Who actually wins?

Gray vs Esdeath

Gray                        Power/Durability                       Speed

       At least 433 Exatons/11 Zettatons                        Mach 6,645-61.5%SoL

Esdeath            Power/Durability                           Speed

                                             15 Zettatons/4.02 Ninatons                                    Mach 2,225-Mach22,225

Overall Esdeath pretty much has this. Both Gray and Esdeath have roughly the same freezing attack potency both bordering at Absolute Zero and doing absurd feats, however, the death battle is correct that the sheer volume of Esdeath’s freezing potency is far greater than Grays.  What death battle didn’t factor is the sheer enegery they generate freezing on a large scale, it’s not Petatons Esdeath beats Gray in, its Ninatons Also she doesn’t outclass Erza by 1,600 times at her most powerful, she outclasses her by over 364,000 times. Erza is in the low Zettatons at best with Deus Sema whereas Esdeath’s normal base power is slightly higher than Erza’s full potential and Erza>Gray on a good day.

Speedwise Gray has the edge as he has confrimed Sub Rleastvtic to Relastvtic speed feats.  Whereas Esdeath’s speed is barely Sub Reaslstvic, again I’ve not fully seen the seires myself so i can’t confirm if she has any faster speeds, I’m going off merely by respect threads alone on her,  then again speed of little use against an opponent who has incredible defense and power and can spam a whole army of ice warriors.

Gray’s only real advantage over Esdeath is his resistance/immunity to Ice attacks but considering Esdeath can tank literal Absoutle Zero, she can easily match that immunity and bypass it easily as well. If Inveel could freeze Gray and Inveel is nowhere near Esdeath’s broken hax powers, Esdeath would have an even easier time against Gray considering that her ice powers can literally freeze time, ablet that’s not the standard temperature of her powers.  Gray’s only edge and only possible chance of any victory against Esdeath is to devour her ice and feed as much power on it to make up the overwhelming power differences between himself and her.

Going from Natsu’s consumption of flames, he can devour and potentially eat Altas Flames, a dragon made of flames that weighed at least  500 tons of solid mass of flames, this would giv[ee Gray at least the same capacity to eat that amount, however considering the overall edge in power and hax, Gray wouldn’t be able to do much even with that power boost.

There’s also the sheer difference in the scale of Gray’s attacks verus Esdeath. Gray’s attacks while almost as versatile as Esdeath are usually within a personal scale as seen with him summoning mainly weaponry and defensive ice walls, not bad counters to Esdeath

However, Esdeath can summon what appears to be an endless wave of these ice soldiers and has a far greater range of attack than Gray, while Gray can hit targets accurately from a few Kilometers, Esdeath can attack from literally thousands of Kilometers, normally range doesn’t play a huge factor  in a fight but with silmair styles of combat, it can make a good factor of difference, ESdeath can wear down Gray having him fight multiple waves of her ice soldiers and wait until Gray is worn out or off-guard to strike him.

Simlmairlly while both can break reality with their strongest spells/attacks,  Esdeaht is far more broken as it freezes time itself, even if Gray was 100% immune to all ice, he can’t tank time being frozen completely even with his ice resistance.

Realistically this won’t be so much a death battle so much as Esdeath getting a new pet and possibly destroying  Fiore, doing what Zeref couldn’t do. She’ll make Gray her bitch and possibly all of Fiary tail her slaves. Poor Juvia, i don’t think her dream with Gray is coming true.

Is Death Battle Accurate?

Yes for the most part yet again. Gray is significantly weaker than Esdeath and combines that with superior freezing capacity, durablity and a larger area of area and longer range. Overall spot on but as usual Death Battle does its usual low balling mistakes and bad calcs.

The storm itself isn’t 28 Gigatons via cloud size.

For example, the Inveel one Death Battle did, it’s wrong on both fronts.

Death Battle errorunsuly used the Fiore Size for the calc of the cloud of Inveel’s Snow Storm which is massively inaccurate. Death Battle doesn’t take into account Fiore was shrunken to about 1/20th it’s size so using the full size of Fiore is massively inaccurate.

Fairy Tail 498 - Page 11

 His casual freezing feat casually froze all of New Fiore merely tanking a full power Gray’s attack. The same guy who can casually freeze tornados and scale to Silver who very casually froze Sun Village and Altas Flames.

Now let’s  get a scale of New Fiore



Now let’s use an area calculator for the area of the new island

New Fiore’s Dimensions:283.405721 sq km or 283,405.721 sq meters

Now for the thickness of the Ice

Ice thickness of Inveel by IreneBelserion69

 Gray: 14(1.85m)

Rock depth: 28px(3.7m)

Now let’s plug this in.

The volume of the Ice:1048601167.7 m^3

Density of Rock: 2,700kg/m^3

Mass:2,831,223,152,790 or 2.831X10^12kg

Inveel froze a mass eqauivlent 70%  of the World crude oil production in 2009 within a split-second.

Now for the average temperature of the New Fiore Island. Given Tenrou Island was stated to be hot all year round and there are plenty of tropical beaches and palm trees which are never shown in Fiore, we’re going with the 40 °C (104 °F) measurement for the mean temperatures. Meaning Inveel would need at least 40,000 calories/kg to freeze the Island.

Note Inveel’s ice is superior to Gray and could Freeze even Gray who’s near Abosutle Zero. Hence Inveel would be able to freeze up to or near  -273.15°C or Absolute Zero

40 °C. Minus  -273.15°C=313.15°C

2,831,223,152,790 kgx40,000 calories/kgx313.15°C

35 463 901 211 847 540 000 joule = 8 476.075 815 5 megaton [explosive] or 8.476 Gigatons of TNT per second ( Island Level)

This is the casual freezing energy of Inveel, now for the freezing speed since Inveel froze the entire island almost instantaneously. Let’s assume using  10 seconds as a time frame for freezing speed.  

2.2446km/secx35 463 901 211 847 540 000 joule=/2

3.751524325322527e+24 joule = 896 635 833.01 megaton [explosive] or 896.63 Teratons of TNT ( Large Country level+)

Inveel's casual engery by IreneBelserion69

Enough to completely vaporize the continental mainland of the United States and most of Canada.

Inveel’s Casual Freezing Energy:8.476 Gigatons of TNT per second ( Island Level)

Inveel’s Casual Freezing Energy Environmental destructive Capacity:  896.63 Teratons of TNT ( Large Country level+)

Considering this is his base format 10% power at best, power scaling and then combined that to the transformation of Inveel, he would easily be Multi-Continental Level+ in his full power form.

Inveel's full power by IreneBelserion69

Enough to freeze much of the world within seconds.

Inveel’s full power(Powerscaling): 89.66 Petatons of TNT( Muitl Continental Level+)

Now that’s just crazy, scaling to AKoji’s freezing speed of 10 seconds, Inveel has shown comparable freezing speed, however, it should be noted Inveel could easily defeat Akoji for one, this feat above which shows his casual feat superior to one of Akoji’s better feats and Inveel is immune to ice attacks.

Another reason is that he casually froze Natsu’s flames, Second timeskip Natsu’s flames which is far hotter than previous points of the series. which should be factored as a separate feat.  Anyways the vaporization of water instantaneously would make Natsu’s flames roughly 20,000 degrees K or 19726.85 Celsius at this point, over three and a half times hotter than the surface of the sun

This is comparable to a Nuclear Fireball within the first Milliseconds of a Nuclear explosion.  Inveel would need 19,726,850 calories/kg to freeze Natsu’s flames.

As shown by the fight with Erigor, Natsu’s flames can generate a pressure system around him which would cancel out rigor’s winds which are easily comparable to the scale of an EF5 tornado like Temptser and could generate windspeeds so fast, it can cancel out flames. This would give Natsu’s flame density 1.225kg m^3 with pressure being at least 8.9km/sec or 48,516,125 Kg m^3 or 48.5 Million Aotmpshere of pressure.


Area around Natsu not burned Length:246px(15.375 m)

Area around Natsu not burned Widith:167px(10.4375 m)

Natsu flame height:136px(8.5 meters)

Natsu flame length:768px(48 meters)

Natsu flame Width:467px(29.1875 meters)

Area burned around Natsu:160.476563 sqaure Meters

Flame volume:11,908.5 Cubic Meters

Mass:57,775,427,4562.5 kg

19,726,850 calories/kg 

19726.85 Celsius -Minus  -273.15°C=20,000

2.279454382230651e+23 joule = 54 480 267.262 megaton [explosive] or 54 .48 Teratons of TNT( Country Level+)

Inveel's freezing engery by IreneBelserion69

That is enough energy to completely vaporize the entire Eastern Seaboard of the United States and heavily damage pretty much more than half of the continental United States and Canada with the air blast shockwave, that’s how vast Iveel’s attack Potency is.

Inveel’s casual freezing energy against Natsu: 54 .48 Teratons of TNT( Country Level+)

Note this is an extremely casual feat by Inveel and fits consistently with the feats he’s shown.

So yeah the Invel feat is way higher than 28 Gigatons and the cloud formation feat is also much lower than 28 Gigatons as well, either way you cut it, the calc is inaccurate.

Another issue i take with the death battle is the size of Fiore in their calcs, which just seems strongly inaccurate and inconsistent within the calcing and narrative.  After all this is what Death Battle claims Fiore’s actual size is.

The inaccurate sizing of Fiore

Fiore is a ridiculous  3,469.50km wide according to Death Battle, sounds off? Yeah, it should because Fiore in the seires is a small country yet going by this badly made calc, Fiore would be roughly ‭12,225,512.25‬  sqaure kilometers in area.

Yeah, that would make Fiore bigger than Europe, bigger than Aursrtila and bigger than the  United States and yeah that logically makes ZERO SENSE.

Worse is that this country is actually MUCH bigger than the continent-sized country Esdeath froze which is only  2,470.50km wide, which makes even less sense when you consider that Esdeath is supposedly more powerful. Esdeath’s frozen continent would be around ‭6,103,370.25‬ sqaure km, that’s slightly smaller than the continent of Australia. 


Frist Picture

Earthland 99px(12,500km)




Second Picture


Fiore Length:18 px(252.52km)

Fiore Width:32 px(448.924km)

Area of Fiore:113362.4 sqaure Kilometers or 43769.31mi² ( Around the size of Honduras) Low End


Thrid Picture

Fiore Width:679px(448.924km)

Extent of Universe One:754px (498.51km radius)

In fact, in my Deus Sema calc, i further debunked the common myth of Fiore being over 3,000km  by using the calc of Deus Sema which the planet appears to be Earth-size. For this massively inaccurate calc  to work, the Fairy Tail Planet would have to be ‭618,762.8 km in diameter which is bigger than Jupiter, yeah see the problem with the calling Death Battle made?

This myth comes manly from dialogue within chapter 462 of Fairy Tail where Dmaira and Wal Itchi claiming that fiary tail was 400km from their location, which directly contradicts all scaling of Fiore previously.  All the more reason we don’t take hyperbole and words seriously here

So DeathBatle stays fucking up the calcs, the results are fine but they still need work on their methods.

C)Their Deus Sema calc is still off.

 Another  problem, ablet nitpick i had was the Deus Sema calc which just seemed off to me, probably because i calced this 5 times.   I’ll give Death Battle this, they get it much better and closer to the mark than Vs Battle Wiki and a lot of verus battle forms but they’re still off considerably in their math and scaling.

For example the distance isn’t right. It’s said to be around 29.000 miles, which is completely off by many miles.  If it was less than 30,000km it would appear far closer to earth.

Irene's Deus Sama anime by IreneBelserion69


Deus Sema:747px(1,704.2265 m)

Difference between Earth-Size and Meteor Size:7481.399919552947 times







Final distance of Deus Sema: 554,511,787 meters 

Another problem i take with the calc is the speed, it’s way too slow to match the timeframe. It took Erza merely 5 -6 seconds to react to the meteor going by anime timeframe, her speed would be FAR higher than Mach 20,000, in fact it would be realstivic given the speed of the asteriod crossing a Lunar distance in seconds.

This leads to the third problem, the attack potency is far too low, especially when considering the anime version.

No way  56 Teratons of TNT does this scale of damage to the atmosphere.

In fact, Irene’s Deus Sema atomspehreice impact strongly resemble the radius of Esdeath’s Ice storm so this doesn’t make sense at all.

I did the whole calc here to check it out, just a minor nitpick.

Overal; a pretty good death battle, pretty good match up of opponent and even good animations for a fan animation, they have been getting better  at the animation.

X792 Era Gray Fullbuster

Power and Abilities:Superhuman Physical CharacteristicsEnhanced Senses (Smell, hearing, and reflexes), Extrasensory PerceptionWeapon MasteryStealth MasteryMagicIce Manipulation (Proficient in Ice and Ice-make magic), Weapon Creation (Can form weapons with Ice-make magic), Danmaku (Via Ice-Make Unlimited: One Sided Chaotic Dance and Ice Make: Arrows), Heat Manipulation (Via Ice-make: Freeze), Forcefield Creation(Via Ice-Make: Rampart and Ice-Make: Shield), Duplication (Via Ice-Make: Clone), Rage PowerSealingShapeshifting (Iced Shell turns the user’s body into ice to seal away the target), Limited Memory Manipulationwith Lost Iced Shell (Lost Iced Shell removes Gray’s existence from the memories of everyone who knew him), Resistance to Cold Temperatures | Limited Durability Negation against Demons (Can bypass the durability of demons and similar beings), Breath AttackNon-Physical Interaction (Scaling from Silver, who could freeze magical flame), Absorption (Can consume ice to replenish his magic reserves), Limited Power Mimicry (Slayers are able to acquire new powers by absorbing their element. Gray imitated Invel’s True Ice Kamui), Resistance to Ice ManipulationHeat Manipulation (Devil slayers are immune to their own element, and Gray was capable of breaking out of Invel’s freezing), Curse Manipulation (Demon Slayers are resistant to all types of curses. This includes curses with Sense ManipulationPain ManipulationNecromancyBody PuppetrySoul AbsorptionPoison ManipulationMagic NullificationWeather ManipulationElemental ManipulationPlant ManipulationConceptual Manipulation (Type 3), Existence Erasure)

Attack Potency: At least Large Country level(Should easily scale to a casual Brandish,comparable to Base Natsu who one shotted Ika Tsugnai Defeated Wall’s weakness robots),At least Muilt Continent level+ with 1st Devil Slayer Mark (Overpowered and defeated Invel who’s far superior to Wal Itchi and Brandish), At least Moon level+ with 2nd Devil Slayer Mark .Likely Small Planet level+(Gained a larger and stronger devil slayer curse mark after defeating Invel. Matched Partially awakened E.N.D. in strength and power, can Injure Erza in Clear Heart Clothing). ignores conventional durability with Lost Iced Shell

Speed: Sub-Relativistic (Comparable to Base Natsu and Sparrigan 12),Relativistic (Faster than before,comparable to Erza)

Lifting Strength: Class Z (Comparable to Dimaria)

Striking Strength: Class ZJ(Comparable to Dimaria) Class NJ(Comparable to Erza’s Hidden Potential)

Durability: At least Large Country level+ (Took hits from Wall’s Weakness Robots,comparable to base Natsu and casual Brandish), Mutil Contitent level+ with 1st Devil Slayer Mark (Took hits from Invel), Small Planet level+ with 2nd Devil Slayer Mark (Took attacks from a partly transformed E.N.D. Natsu)

Stamina: Extremely large (Has shown to fight multiple opponents without resting. Battled Ultear even while having his bones broken) Can eat ice to restore his magic power and stamina

Range: Standard and extended melee range. Several hundreds of meters to several kilometers with ranged attacks.

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Above average (Gray has a naturally calm and level-headed persona both inside and outside of combat, contrasting with the headstrong and excited nature of teammate Natsu. This leads to the element mage having an analytical mindset for defeating his opponents: for example, the development of complex shapes with his “Static Ice-Make” in order to imprison or capture enemies within, along with the creation of various weapons [such as swords and bows/arrows] and manipulating them with skilful proficiency. Quickly deduced that integrating his blood into his “Ice-Make” could negate the effects of Ultear’s “Arc of Time” in their first encounter, and learned the forbidden high-level spell “Iced Shell” in a relatively short period.)

Weakness: “Ice-Make” magic generally requires both hands to perform gestures for object stability and conservation of mana: while single-hand seals can also be implemented, they have been demonstrated in the series to accelerate fatigue in the caster. Extreme heat can melt his ice. He is left vulnerable to attacks if unable to cast spells when occupied. Repeated usage of his Devil Slayer Magic causes him to lose his sanity, and make irrational decisions. Lost Iced Shell completely erase the caster’s existence, including memories about him; the effects of the sealing aren’t permanent.


Akame ga Kill Esdeath (Divine Gate)

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Ice Manipulation, Time Stop, Weather Manipulation (Ice storm via Ice Storm Commander-in-Chief), Danmaku, Summoning via Ice Cavalry, Master Swordswoman, Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant, Extrasensory Perception (Can sense the presence of her adversaries if they carry a shred of murderous intent and has a strong 6th sense), Pseudo-Flight, Aura (Fear, bloodlust), Afterimage Creation, Resistance to Empathic Manipulation and Willpower Manipulation [Unaffected by Scream], Mind Manipulation (Drank the entire chalice of Demon’s Extract and resisted the Danger Beast’s attempt to break her mind / take control of her, while even of cup of the blood can destroy a human’s psyche), Sound Manipulation (Unaffected by Heavy Pressure’s Trump Card, Nasty Voice, comparing it to a mere fly buzzing at her ear), Heat Manipulation (Her ice was completely unaffected by Die Leaguer’s Fire Orb, and can resist being melted by Tyrant’s fire-breath), and cold temperatures (Grew up in a snowy region, and could cover herself in her own ice without any sign of discomfort)

Attack Potency: At least Contintent level+, likely higher (Treated Winged Incursio like a complete joke, who in his previous state, got stronger to the point of causing serious harm to Budo. Consistently referred to as the Empire’s strongest, which would put her above the likes of base Shikoutazer and Third-Form Tatsumi, with the latter being wary about fighting her) At least Small Planet level+, likely Large Planet level+(Stated by Najenda to be a greater threat than Shikoutazer while in this state. She effortlessly one-shotted Tyrant and was able to destroy Murasame after being weakened by using Makahadoma, can freeze a contintent under Absolute Zero temperatures.)

Speed: At least Massively Hypersonic (Much faster than Akame who managed to evade lightning. Faster than Tatsumi, and casually dodged a shot from Mine) | At least Massively Hypersonic (Should not be slower than before)

Lifting Strength: At least Class M (Casually lifts men larger than her and Tatsumi cannot escape her hold without Incursio) | At least Class M, likely higher (Far superior to Tatsumi in this state, who in his second form was capable of sending Shikoutazer flying with a punch)

Striking Strength: At least Class YJ likely higher (Casually deflected Tatsumi’s attacks on multiple occasions) | At least Class NJ, likely higher (Effortlessly one-shotted Tyrant moments after using Makahadoma)

Durability: At least Small Continent level+, likely higher (Took only slight damage from one of Second-Form Tatsumi’s strikes, though it should be noted that Esdeath’s feelings distracted her. Far superior to all the members of Night Raid who can withstand Budo’s attacks) | At least Small Planet level+, likely Large Planet level+ (Able to take hits from Ennodzuno Akame)

Stamina: Extremely high, can fight against a whole army and continue to fight powerful Teigu like Susanoo even after using Mahapadma, much higher with Ice Storm Commander in Chief

Range: Standard melee range with her rapier, several kilometers with her Teigu.

Standard Equipment: Rapier, pet dragon.

Intelligence: Gifted. Esdeath is an extremely skilled combatant renowned as the strongest soldier of the Empire, being a dangerously capable strategist and field commander who has led her forces to countless victories over the Revolutionary Army. Her skill is so great that Najenda believes only an army and ten Teigu users as skilled as Akame would stand a chance of defeating her if they all came at once. She prefers melee combat when not using her Teigu, easily taking on multiple foes in hand-to-hand combat at once and slicing through entire hordes of Danger Beasts with her rapier in a single movement. Her sadistic hobbies have given her a great understanding of human biology and is savvy enough to continually research and develop new abilities to use against her foes. However, for all her skill, Esdeath is still a bloodthirsty sadist who is more than willing to prolong a fight to savor it and her foe’s suffering.

Weaknesses: Using Makahadoma drains Esdeath and she can only use it once a day. She requires a great deal of prep time to summon her Ice Cavalry in large numbers. Esdeath is a sadist to the core and will drag out a fight she’s enjoying to savor it, which can distract her from her objective and keep her from finishing her foe off immediately.

Overall Grade of this Death Battle Accuracy: A-

13 thoughts on “How Accurate was Death Battle?:Gray vs Esdeath

  1. Truth is, Fiore is actually the size of a continent in our real world. The reason why Fiore was measured so large at 3500 km length because it is based on the distance between Hargeon and Magnolia being around 370 km. Confirmed by Dimaria and Wall. It does make sense as it took some time for Wall’s blast to almost hit the Fairy Tail Guild. The world in Fairy Tail is fictional compared to our Earth. The reason why Invel’s Storm was in range of Gigatons was because the size of Fiore was shrunk to 1/20th of its original size due to Irene’s Universe One spell.

    I don’t think it is right to compare Fairy Tail’s Earthland Size to our real Earth. The best way to get the size of is based on the distances between certain locations because not all worlds in fiction should compare to Earth’s Diameter. Think about it, does Ishgar, Fiore or any other continent in Fairy Tail exist in our world? No.


  2. “Truth is, Fiore is actually the size of a continent in our real world. ”

    Based on what edivence? Going by all the scanlations and all the scaling, that’s not remotely true at all. In lore, Fiore is a small country within the Fairy Tail world Earthland.,h_754,q_70,strp/etheriton_map_2_by_irenebelserion69_dd3oxf5-pre.jpg?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwiaXNzIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsIm9iaiI6W1t7ImhlaWdodCI6Ijw9OTEyIiwicGF0aCI6IlwvZlwvNWVlMzVjNzctZmI0OS00YTAxLWJjNzktNjUxOGRjYWZlNTU5XC9kZDNveGY1LWM4NGE3NjI2LTI5MTctNDIzYy1iMGY4LTUxZWMxYjRkOTFhYy5wbmciLCJ3aWR0aCI6Ijw9MTI4MCJ9XV0sImF1ZCI6WyJ1cm46c2VydmljZTppbWFnZS5vcGVyYXRpb25zIl19.6r-qtYgCDkNePM4LG6Bac_P_kQ7sszThMP98VS_zCNU
    The country is much smaller compared to an actual continent Isghal which appears to be the size of Europe.

    Earthland has not been explicitly stated to be much larger than our earth, unlike Tokiro, Earthland doesn’t appear much larger than real-life earth.,h_1057,q_70,strp/mount_zonia_rnage_by_irenebelserion69_dd3q7ng-pre.jpg?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwiaXNzIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsIm9iaiI6W1t7ImhlaWdodCI6Ijw9MTYwMCIsInBhdGgiOiJcL2ZcLzVlZTM1Yzc3LWZiNDktNGEwMS1iYzc5LTY1MThkY2FmZTU1OVwvZGQzcTduZy04NzU3ZTBlMS02ZWQyLTRlN2MtYTA5ZS01YTAyYWNmOTI5NGYucG5nIiwid2lkdGgiOiI8PTExNDQifV1dLCJhdWQiOlsidXJuOnNlcnZpY2U6aW1hZ2Uub3BlcmF0aW9ucyJdfQ.FYVYGe0-kDj1QRX2GqFeO1ubleY9b-740djZOfjDa4g
    Nothing about its size comes off remotely close to continent size.

    “because it is based on the distance between Hargeon and Magnolia being around 370 km”

    Sounds like pure Hyperbole given that the size of the world contradicts the calim from Dimaria, much like silmiar claims about other animes such as Las Noches being country-sized when it only appears to be mountain-sized.If Fiore is indeed the size of a continent( despite it being FAR smaller than most countries).

    If Fiore is Continent size, why is it tiny compared to Ishgai and the entire earth and. If Earthland is 63px or 12,750, Fiore at 2px is 330-404km,

    if we’re going by continent size Fiore at 3,500km, then Earthland would be roughly 110,250km wide which is almost the size of Saturn.

    If Fiore is the size of Europe or North America or around 12,250,000 sq km, at 1/20th it’s size, it would be the size of Belgium which is still much bigger than how the shrunken country appears to

    So yeah the statement doesn’t match the scaling. Unless I have concerte edivence that Earthland is much larger than our earth, I’m using the Earth dimensions.
    I’m not saying this to downplay Fairy Tail, hell I put Deus Sema at Small Planet level in my calc so I’m far from downplaying the verse


  3. I would say because the Earth in Fairy Tail is fictional. Comparing its planet to our Earth is wrong considering any of Fiore, Ishgar, Albasta and Giltena do not exist on our Earth.

    370 km between Magnolia and Hargeon makes sense considering it took Natsu a Train ride to go from his guild to Hargeon. Plus, it took time for Happy, Carla, Panther Lily, Lector and Frosch to fly all the way across from Magnolia to Hargeon. Plus it took time for Wall’s blast to reach 400 km from there boat to the Fairy Tail guild.


  4. “I would say because the Earth in Fairy Tail is fictional. Comparing its planet to our Earth is wrong considering any of Fiore, Ishgar, Albasta and Giltena do not exist on our Earth.”,h_621,q_80,strp/irene_s_deus_sama_anime_by_irenebelserion69_dd9zrs7-fullview.jpg?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwiaXNzIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsIm9iaiI6W1t7ImhlaWdodCI6Ijw9NjIxIiwicGF0aCI6IlwvZlwvNWVlMzVjNzctZmI0OS00YTAxLWJjNzktNjUxOGRjYWZlNTU5XC9kZDl6cnM3LTFmNmRhMDhmLTYzZGItNDc2Ni1iZjM2LTM4NTYxYzAwMWU0Yi5wbmciLCJ3aWR0aCI6Ijw9MTI4MCJ9XV0sImF1ZCI6WyJ1cm46c2VydmljZTppbWFnZS5vcGVyYXRpb25zIl19.ylbpQZ5HnLB_Extg7ZISer18lFC77NOrcDP-IXx66pQ
    That’s not an argument to ignore planetary physics, especially when the world is called”Earthland” and resembles our planet. Unless it’s actual size is stated to be bigger than our world, it’s going to be measured by planetary standards.

    One Piece Earth also doesn’t exist in our world and is a lot more different from our world, yet the shape and presentation of the Earth are the same as ours as well as the size.

    same with the Naruto World.

    370 km between Magnolia and Hargeon makes sense considering it took Natsu a Train ride to go from his guild to Hargeon. ”

    You’re aware there are train rides between towns in small countries that range from 15km to 100k. As someone from NY, our Metro-North literally has stops that are merely 1-2 miles apart and Amtrak has stops averaging around 15km, that’s not an argument of Fiore’s size either. If Fiore is indeed continent size, it would take 2-3 days to reach from Fiore to Crocus, nothing in canon implies that in fact muptlie examples contradict it.

    “Plus, it took time for Happy, Carla, Panther Lily, Lector and Frosch to fly all the way across from Magnolia to Hargeon. ”

    It didn’t take them that long, took them less than a few hours, also not really a credible argument given were talking about cats flying faster than the speed of sound.

    I did a whole calc on Happy’s speed a while back,h_1085,q_70,strp/mabia_city_location_by_irenebelserion69_dcrw0li-pre.jpg?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwiaXNzIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsIm9iaiI6W1t7ImhlaWdodCI6Ijw9MTUwNyIsInBhdGgiOiJcL2ZcLzVlZTM1Yzc3LWZiNDktNGEwMS1iYzc5LTY1MThkY2FmZTU1OVwvZGNydzBsaS1lOWE0MTdlNS1jZmZlLTQ0ZmItOWQ5MS1lNTdhNDBiYmE3NzMucG5nIiwid2lkdGgiOiI8PTEwMjQifV1dLCJhdWQiOlsidXJuOnNlcnZpY2U6aW1hZ2Uub3BlcmF0aW9ucyJdfQ.yFE73MHWS0TSqOLhWSV29u_1Ykp6GGs6W5HPDoxmaqc
    Happy can at the very least fly from one end of Fiore to another, a country roughly 330 km wide in roughly 2 minutes as seen with the anime.

    Size of Fiore 841px(330km)

    That means Happy could travel at roughly 2749.635 meters per second or Mach 8, that would be roughly 5 times faster than the fastest Fighter Jet in the world, of course, this is not a typical speed of Bottom tier mages, this is more of an exceeds average flying speed who specialize at high-speed flight however the force of the attack from a flying headbutt from Happy should equal the force of a low tier Mage. This means that a 6 Kg cat that can fly at Mach 11 should it with the force of 45,362,955.79935 Joules or roughly 10.8kg of TNT.

    This is the average yield and range of an IED explosion, in other words, if you’re hit at full force by this lovable furball flying at Mach 11, you will die instantly with the force that can level a small building.

    “Plus it took time for Wall’s blast to reach 400 km from there boat to the Fairy Tail guild.”

    Hyperbole, Fiore is stated repeatedly as a “Small Country”, within the narrative. Walt’s range is unodebtly impressive but Hageron isn’t 400km from Fiore.

    An average human walking speed is around 1.4 m/s which translates to about 5km/hr 4 or 3 to 4 miles per hour, or 1 mile every 15 to 20 minutes. Taking into factor sleeping, eating, and breaks which subtracts roughly 11 hours within every 24 days.

    Given it took Mavis roughly 3 days to cross Haregon and Magnolia(BTW this was before any of them learned magic to make themselves faster) An average person, who is walking in their free time rather than at work, walks at a pace of just over 3 miles per hour. By simple math, you might conclude that the average person, walking at a comfortable pace, might walk as many as 25 miles in a day.
    factoring in sleep and other factors, the average would be much closer to 5-10 miles or 8-16km per day, especially considering Mavis and Warrod don’t seem to be particularly fast runners at this point. This means going by this timeframe, Mavis and her guild walked around 15 to 30 miles in 3 days, now considering the factor of them walking “Three More Days”,they walked total of 30-60 miles or between 48 to 97km, much smaller than the distance Wal Itchi claimed and much closer to the calls I’ve made about the distance between the two towns.

    If the distance was 400km as you claim, the time it would’ve token Mavis and the guild to cross the forest between Magnolia and Hageron wouldn’t take 6 days within walking distance, it would take 50 to 25 days, that’s an average between almost 1 month to almost 2 months it would’ve token Mavis and her team if Fiore was the distance Walt Itchi claimed. Much slower than it took here and this is before the people here gained magic or any superhuman powers or prowess that FT characters would be known for.

    I don’t really see how Hageron and Magnoila are 400km apart. There’s too much contradictory evidence to validate the claims of the 400km distance.


  5. i dont think the main problem was power, it was the fact that esdeath has counters for everything grey could do and also grey has exploitable weaknesses for someone like esdeath to take advantage of, it was like zuko vs todoroki basically.


    1. Yes for the most part yet again. Gray is significantly weaker than Esdeath and combines that with superior freezing capacity, durablity and a larger area of area and longer range. Overall spot on but as usual Death Battle does its usual low balling mistakes and bad calls.”

      Yeah i noted it wasn’t merely a power edge, Grays only real edge is resistance to ice.


  6. So, yeah, but you forgot one Thing. Apperantly Esdeath dodged a Laser from mine, so that should make her faster than mhs


  7. Lasers aren’t always considered light speed. The “laser” Mine did was just an energy blast. This is a misconception most people make about “lasers always being light speed”. Plus, Mine’s Pumpkin cannon is not consistent enough.


    1. Yeah was going to redo this whole thing. Youtuber Rayidant did an excellent video debunking Death battle and it changed my outlook on this fight, this probably is my worst post to be honest because I just accepted what DB said Veraibum, and didn’t know the limits of Esdeaths abilities.


  8. Yeah, I learned a lot from Raydiant’s video there as well.
    I said before about Fiore being size of a continent well, not only the 370km distance from Magnolia and Hargeon but also a 1300km distance between Warrod’s house to the Sun Village. Also bonus to know the temperature value of how hot Natsu’s fire is.
    But yeah, Raydiant did a very good job debunking Gray VS Esdeath.


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