Ryofu arrives

so new link is doing both a new and re-run banner for ikkitousen. there’s a few things to question about the set but the reasons are mostly cause ikkitousen has a new mobile game out if SK isn’t doing it for ya and something about western wolves but I won’t get into criticisms here and just focus on the RPs.


Ryofu: I’ll let you experience both pain and pleasure!

she says as she prepares one of her special chi blast moves as she moves as fast as lightning.

Published by Fu-reiji

This blog is just to post images for role playing purposes, bit of news that is happening, with help from a few other people we'll also get some very good calculated feats of our favorite characters, measurements of our favorite waifus, while also doing reviews on various anime, shows, movies, and manga. I am hoping to eventually do video discussions here but one step at a time. as for why do I have the name Fu-reiji on my public user display well it was just me wanting to see how google translate says my name in Japanese almost 10 years ago and I've stuck with it since. lol

10 thoughts on “Ryofu arrives

  1. Wolf: *blocks the attack while changing into his Gojira form* let show you the power of the King of All Titans.


  2. *Joins the room.* Ah Ryofu, nice to see you. I can say i´m a huge fan of you. Please give me some fanservice too~ *I say as i and scott stands in front of you.* How about a double blowjob Ryofu?


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