Naruto Female Measurements Chart Part 1 (Younger Naruto females Age 15-25)

Been a long time coming but here’s the Naruto female measurments.

From the maker of the Fairy Tail Measurements series

And for the Bleach Measurments seires

As well some other measurements.

Comes the Naruto female Measurement series Unlike the last two, we’re only going to have 2 parts to this one compared to the last two. A section for younger women and one for older women or MILF’s because Naruto has a lot of MILF’s within it’s series that deserve their own category.

Before we begin let’s establish our rules for this

No Loilcons( No girls under age 15, no girls under 4”8” unless they look like adult midgets)

Example  this is acceptable

Whereas this isn’t 

The character must be a woman.

, Sexy Clone jutsus would be counted as a separate character though, basically no traps.

As good as Neji looks as a trap, we’re not measuring his body.

No Filler characters, I refuse to watch Naruto filler , sorry to anyone who wants to see Fukka measurements or Guren, not worth wasting my life on shity Naruto filler again. I might make a seperate Part 3 if the demand is high enough for it but that would require me to watch Naruto Fillers.

No Pre Skip Konoha 11 females, all of them are banned under the rules of  age and all being Loilcons,defintely a no no!

No fan theory images of young females(Sadara/Choco), as nice as some of the fan art is, we must keep to canon appearance.

No Elderly hags.Seriously who wants to see this hags saggy ttis.

No current-gen Boruto characters under 16, should be obvious why Sarada is banned from being measured.

And no morbidly obese land whales. Seriously what did you do to Akno Bourto? It’s bad enough you raped powerscaling, writing and general characterization, why ruin Anko too?This isn’t some woke SJW Tumblr blog, i’m not about Body Positivity .

Fanon drawings can be used if no canonical body frame is available, as long as it resembles the canonical art style and doesn’t deviate from what’s established in canon.

Example this is usable for scaling

As it doesn’t contradict canonical anatomy or scaling.

Whereas this would be upfront to canonical scaling. As nice it would be to put big tits on Sakura, it would go against canon.

Part 1 would cover the barely legal females of Naruto where they’re between 15 to 17 on average while the older women would be given their own category entirely under “Naruto MILF Measurements. This list is going to be harder than the last two seires measurements as the Naruto females tend to dress far more conservatively than either Bleach or Fairy Tail and generally lacks fanservice like the former two seires, then again the waifus of Naruto tend to be shit tier, Tsunade being one of the few exceptions, either way let’s try to measure the Naruto females.

1) Sakura(Timeskip)

Ah yes back to our least favorite female main lead ever, now let’s see how she measures up.

Height:824PX(161 cm)

Bust:117px(23cm)x3.14=72cm/28 Inches

Underbust:116px(23cm)x3.14=72cm/28 Inches

Waist:101px(20cm)x3.14=62 cm/  25 inches

Hips: 153px(30cm)x3.14=94cm/ 37 Inches

Cup Size: Non-existent

Bra Size: 28 AA(Flat chested)

Sakura’s Measurements

BHW:72,62,94 cm(28,25,37 Inches)

Bra Sized:Flat Chested


Another female who does basically jacks hit the entire series, your typical shit tier waifu in Naruto, won’t lie though, she got a smoky hot body


 Bust: 79px( 28cm)x3.14=88 cm/  35 Inches

Underwaist:62px(22  cm)x3.14=69 cm/27 Inches

Waist::62px(22  cm)x3.14=69 cm/27 Inches

Hips:79px( 28cm)x3.14=88 cm/  35 Inches

 Cup Size:  8” more than bust

Bra Size: 36 H  or  J Cup in Japan

Hinata Hyugga’s Measurements 

BWH:88,69,88  cm ( 35,27,35 Inches)

Bra Size:   36 H   or J  Cup in Japan

3)Hinata(Last Movie)

The slightly less useless version of Hinata from the last movie, boy did she step her game… when it comes to her body, seriously Kishimoto, can’t you make a single female in Naruto useful?

Post image

Still more useful than Sakura ever was in canon,LOL


 Bust:72 px(27cm)x3.14= 85 cm/33 Inches

Underwaist:51px(19cm)x3.14=60 cm/24 Inches

Waist:47px( 18cm)x3.14=55 cm/22 Inches

Hips:81px(30 cm)x3.14=95 cm/38 Inches

 Cup Size: 9” more than bust

Bra Size:  34 I or K Cup in Japan

Last Hinata Hyuga’s Measurements 

BWH:85 ,55 ,95  cm ( 33,22,38 Inches)

Bra Size: 34 I  or K Cup in Japan


A woman even more useless than Sakura and that’s a legendary feat, that being said, hell of a body but just how good is it.


 Bust:199px(27cm)x3.14= 85 cm/33 Inches

Underwaist:179px(24 cm)x3.14=76 cm/ 30 Inches

Waist:147px( 20 cm)x3.14= 62cm/24 Inches

Hips:200px(27cm)x3.14= 85 cm/33 Inches

Cup Size:3” more than bust

Bra Size: 34  C  or C  Cup in Japan

Ino Yamanka’s Measurements 

BWH: 85,65 ,85cm ( 33,24,33 Inches)

Bra Size:  34 C or  C Cup in Japan


Awesome character in terms of personality and had potential to be a decent support character but because she’s a woman in Naruto, she’s in the same league of useless as Sakura sadly.Now to anayzile her assets.

Height:823px( 164cm)

 Bust:117px( 23cm)x3.14=73 cm/ 29 Inches

Underwaist:114px(22cm)x3.14=70 cm/28 Inches

Waist:114px(22cm)x3.14=70 cm/28 Inches

Hips:151px( 30cm )x3.14=94 cm/37 inches

 Cup Size:1” more than bust

Bra Size:   30 A

Tenten’s Measurements 

BWH: 73, 70,94  cm ( 29,28,37 Inches)

Bra Size:  A or  A Cup in Japan

6)Tsunade( Young Adult)

One of the few actually badass females in the whole series, aside from Mizukage,Konan and Temari, yeah shame how much potential wafius Naruto simply wastes. Anyways this is Tsunade pre Second Shinobi World War when she was around Sakura’s age.

Height:737px( at least 161cm   )

 Bust: 141px(31cm)x3.14=97 cm/ 38 Inches

Underwaist:111px(24 cm)x3.14=77cm/30 Inches

Waist:101px(22cm)x3.14=69 cm/27 Inches

Hips:161px(35cm)x3.14=111 cm/44 Inches

 Cup Size:  8”more than bust

Bra Size:   38 H or  J Cup in Japan

Young Tsunade’s Measurements 

BWH:97,67,111 cm(38,27,44 Inches)

Bra Size:  38 H or  J Cup in Japan


One of the few true waifus of the seires, sadly she doesn’t do much after Pre Skip but anyone who can one shot the fucking Sound Four, the toughest badguys in Pre Skip and actually scratch the Fourth Raikage is pretty badass. Imagine if she was in Fairy Tail or Black Clover, she could easily be one of the big waifus in those verses, sadly she’s in Naruto.


 Bust:58px(22cm)x3.14=70cm/28 Inches

Underwaist:55 px( 21cm)x3.14=66 cm/26 Inches

Waist:54 px(21 cm)x3.14=66 cm/26 Inches

Hips:66px( 25 cm)x3.14=79 cm/31 Inches

 Cup Size: 2” more than bust

Bra Size: 28 B

Temari’s Measurements 

BWH: 70, 66, 79 cm (28,26,31 Inches)

Bra Size:  28 B  or B  Cup in Japan


A Machoist that’s on par with Ryouna from Senran Kagura, still a way better support character than Sakura ever was.


 Bust: 105px(20cm)x3.14=63cm/25 Inches

Underwaist:97px(18 cm)x3.14=58 cm/23 Inches

Waist:95px(18 cm)x3.14=58 cm/23 Inches

Hips:142px(27 cm)x3.14=85cm/33 Inches

 Cup Size:  2” more than bust

Bra Size: 25 B or B  Cup in  Japan

Karin’s Measurements 

BWH:63,58,85cm   (25,23,33 Inches)

Bra Size:  25 B or B  Cup in  Japan


Seriously why the hell does this character get the most screentime in filler? Shame she’s not in this series more.

Height:1119px(160cm. 90% frame/144 cm /4’8½”)

 Bust: 147px(19cm)x3.14=59  cm/ 23 Inches

Underwaist:143px(18cm)x3.14=58 cm/ 23 Inches

Waist:133px( 17 cm)x3.14=  53 cm/ 21  Inches

Hips:209px( 27cm)x3.14= 85 cm/ 33 Inches

 Cup Size:  0”  or AA Cup

Bra Size:  24 AA

Fuu’s Measurements 

BWH:58,53,85 cm(23,21,33 Inches)

Bra Size:  24 AA


Tenten’s distant cousin, has just as much potential as her but because Naruto she’s a glorified background character at best, at least she became Kage in Boruto.


 Bust: 176px(26cm)X3.14=82 cm/32 Inches

Underwaist:162px(24cm)x3.14=75 cm/30 Inches

Waist:136px(20 cm)x3.14=63 cm/  25 inches

Hips:175px26cm)X3.14=82 cm/32 Inches

 Cup Size:  2” more than bust

Bra Size:  32 B  or B Cup in Japan

Kurostuchi’s Measurements 

BWH:82,63,82 cm (32,25

Bra Size:  32 B  or B Cup in Japan


The real reason we all watch Naruto, for the “plot”

Height:  382px(At least  161cm,75%frame)

 Bust: 100px(28 cm)x3.14=88 cm/35 Inches

Underwaist:71px(20cm))x3.14=63cm/25 Inches

Waist: 69px( 19 cm)x3.14=60cm/23 Inches

Hips:116px(32cm)x3.14=102cm/40 Inches

 Cup Size:  10” more than bust

Bra Size:  36 J or L Cup in Japan

Naruko’s Measurements 

BWH:88,60,102 cm(35,23,40 Inches)

Bra Size:   36 J or L Cup in Japan

12) Hana  Iznuka

Kiba’s sister, i know she’s a background character but just look how THICC this bitch is, i can’t ingore thiccness on this level.

Height:683px(  170cm)

 Bust: 115px(29 cm)x3.14=  91 cm/36 Inches

Underwaist: 97px(24 cm)x3.14= 77 cm/ 30 Inches

Waist: 95 px(  23.5 cm)x3.14=74 cm/ 29 Inches

Hips:111px(  28cm)x3.14=88 cm/35 Inches

 Cup Size:  6”  more than bust

Bra Size:  36  F or  G Cup in  Japan

Hana’s Measurements 

BWH:91,74,88 cm(36 ,29, 35 Inches)

Bra Size:  36  F or  G Cup in  Japan

13) Hanabi Huygga(Boruto)

Yep  we’re putting Adult Hanabi technically on the younger adult list. In Pre Shippuden she was officially Age 7,  doing the math on how Naruto went for 2.5  years after the Valley of the End Arc and there was a 1.5 year gap between  Kazekage Rescue Arc and the Battle with Kaguya, then factor the 13-14 year skip, 13 if you count Last Movie and assume Naruto and Hinata had Boruto in less than a year after hooking up in that movie, Hanabi’s age in Boruto would  be  20-21, perfectly legal to do, now let’s measure her up

Height:800px ( At least  160 cm)

 Bust: 125px(25 cm)x3.14=78.5 cm/  31 Inches

Underwaist:89px( 18cm)x3.14=56 cm/22 Inches

Waist: 88px(18cm)x3.14=56 cm/22 Inches

Hips:138px(28cm)x3.14=87cm/34 Inches

 Cup Size:  9 “ more than bust

Bra Size:  32 I  or  K Cup in Japan

Hanabi ’s Measurements 

BWH: 78.5,56, 87  (31,22,34 Inches)

Bra Size:  32 I  or  K Cup in Japan

Median female size(Real Life)

Median Height:5’4″ or 162cm

Median Weight:135 lbs

Median BHW: 84cm,60cm,86cm ( 34 Inches,24 Inches, 34 Inches)

Median Cup Size: 3 “more than breast or C Cup

Median Fairy Tail Female Size

Median Fairy Tail Verse female mages:44

Median Height:5’4″ or 163.4 cm

Median Weight:131lbs or 59.5 kg

Median BHW:94cm, 60cm,99cm( 37 Inches,24 Inches, 39 Inches)

Median Cup Size: 10″ more than bust  or J CUp in America or G cup in Japan

Median figure: Pear Shape

Median  Bleachverse female numbers

Median  Bleach female size

Number of females:38

Median Height: 162cm/5’4″

Median Weight:54.6 kg  or 120 lbs

Median BHW: 81,52, ‭84 cm ( 32 ,20,33  Inches)

Median Cup Size: 7” more than bust

Median Bra Size: 32 DDDD/G  or H Cup in Japan

Median figure: Hourglass figure

Median female size(Tirage X)

Number of Females:5

Median Height:5’4″ or 163cm

Median Weight:135 lbs

Median BHW: 92 cm,57cm,84cm ( 36 Inches,22 Inches,33 Inches)

Median Cup Size: 10“more than breast or J Cup

Miedan Narutoverse female size (Age 15-25)

Number of Females:13

Median Height: 149cm( 4’10”)

Median Weight:Roughly 101 lbs

Median BHW: 79 cm,63 cm,90 cm ( 31 Inches,25 Inches,36 Inches)

Median Cup Size:5 “more than breast or E Cup

Stick tune to when we do the MILF’s of Naruto version.

15 thoughts on “Naruto Female Measurements Chart Part 1 (Younger Naruto females Age 15-25)

  1. Interesting. I thought that Hinata and Naruko would be in the upper 90s (Sakura being flat doesn’t surprise me) but o-well. For the next part are you going to do Tsunade’s “current”/ Genjutsu measurements (I know that in the manga jiraiya says what Tsunade’s bust is; being 106 cm


    1. Yeah, it’s self-explanatory bust wise fro Tusnade, all i need to do with her is measure the rest of her body scaling from her breasts.


  2. Hello, I really like your blogs about anime bust measurements, I also write about topics like this and I wanted to ask you if I could use some of them as a reference for the following blogs that I write.


  3. imagine thinking doctors are useless, prrtty dumb. also why dont you go off official designs made by kishmoto for accurate measurements instead?


  4. no lie,majority of naruto girls are trash though,but their bodies is nice. the only naruto girls that are consider waifu is pretty much what you said and the rest in the other category. the prettiest girls in naruto is konan,karui and anko(before she was ruined,)
    the only romance that made some was shikamaru and temari, the rest is garbage.


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