Joe Biden, Neo liberal Hypocrite running for 2020

Fuck you, Joe Biden, those ANTIFA thugs are not “American Heros”, they’re terrorists, they’re the ones who started the Charlottesville riots are the real terrorists, as much as i don’t like the Alt-Right, Neo-Nazi and Neo-Confederates, they had the right to protest the removal of the Robert E Lee statue given that its part of American history.

And for those dipshits still trying to use the whole James Fields thing as “Alt right 9/11″ James Fields was a scumbag who killed a protestor but he didn’t do it because”Muh Terrorism” he accidentally ran down someone because of the leader of the ANTIFA chapter chased down James with a gun. That’s not to say James Feilds doesn’t deserve jail time, he killed a protestor(Ablet a scumbag ANTIFA moron blocking the road) he should be at least charged with manslaughter and be given 20-25 years in jail,he’s a jackass not a terrorist that the media desperately tries to paint him to being.

As for Trump’s “Both sides” comment, he was referring to the non-violent protestors on the Conservatives and the Liberal side who were bystanders while the far right and far left brawled, this is a propaganda tactic the media has engaged in attempting to spin this as if Trump agreed with the Far right, completely ignoring not only the fact that Trump repeatedly condemned the far right but the statement”Both sides’ by their logic endorses the far left.

Spare us your white guilt cracker, you’re the biggest hypocrite of them all. Where was this “woke shit” when you essentially agreed with the Clintons on mass incarcerating young black men?

I sooner vote Trump again than Joe Biden And frankly, I’m starting to get sick of Trump’s inaction on withdrawing from Syria(GTFO already), on maintaining Obama era wars(Seriously end them), on Assange and on Russian Sanctions(Seriously, the Russiagate shit is over, remove those pointless scantions)

Also since was the Democrats “PRO MURICAN”, funny how the same Democrats who mocked this Pseudo Patriotism under Bush are now the same people embracing “MURICAN VAULES” while shitting on actual American vaules.

What’s sad is this assclown Biden is going to be the nominate of the DNC, he’s a Washington Esbtlaishiment insider for over 30 years so the game is already rigged in his favor(Assuming Hillary doesn’t run again) and much like Hillary probably has a shit ton of delegates already paid off to supporting him.

What i see here is that they purposely got the most retarded leftists in the 2020 field just so they can make Joe Biden look sane in comparison and considering how insane the field looks, yeah.

And for those hoping the #MeToo shit sinks him, well if New York Governor Cuomo( A good friend of Biden) was able to cover up for Harvey Weinstein’s crimes against women last year, don’t hold any breath on Joe Biden losing his career because as i pointed out, the Democartic Establishment has Joe Biden’s back. I know I’m using the Brown Buffalo’s videos here but even a broken Turk is right once.  

Funny how the #MeTooo movement, a movement built almost entirely on Harvey Weinstein’s crimes became less and less vocal about Harvey Weinstein’s actual crimes and became more of a movement trying to punish men who did nothing wrong like Brett Kahvahguhan.

Or Vic Mignogna 

Yet legit criminals like Joe Biden who are creepy, disgusting pigs with no respect for women or children walk free.

#MeToo at this point is just controlled opposition by the Deep State, it’s just one giant Kyuubi threater due by Radical Feminists in conjunction with the Deep State to push forth more Auhtoraitrain measures and laws and to take over industry and what better example of this than the recent actions of Marzgurzi who is trying to silence her critics with lawsuits because nothing says “Victim” then trying to strip away free speech  but I’m getting off topic.

My point is that Joe Biden is someone who should be #MeToo‘ed to death if the #MeToo movement didn’t already lose credibility and respect from the getgo but it doesn’t. It’s a witchhunt movement with a politcal agenda or rather it became a witch hunt movement with a political agenda when it was used on Roy Moore and Bret Kavhughuan, it’s Neo McCarthyism that only virtue signals about sexual assault and sexism yet when was the last time you hear them even talk about the fact Harvey Weinstein got away Scott free? 

Instead what would be Joe Biden’s real undoing will be the sheer weight of his hypocrisy and his pandering to the Far Left while trying to placate the Neo-Liberal Corporate Esbtlaishiment. After all, trying to endorse the likes of Oscaio Cortez(Who in herself is controlled Opposition of the Neo-Liberals trying to dupe far leftists into voting Democrat) while trying to maintain the White Working class and Rustbelt voters is just going to be his own demise.

In fact anything short of Trump doing something ridiculously stupid, Trump pretty much has 2020. Between Oscaio Cortez who herself is a walking meme and walking Negative Campaign ad for the right and Joe Biden’s own gaffing nature and the sheer absurdity of the Green New Deal, what do the Democrats even have going for them at this point?

Hell if you’re a true leftist who seriously believes in half the bullshit you’re taught in your University, why vote Democrat at this point at all? Haven’t you learned from 2016 that the game is literally rigged from the start and not to your favor? They fucked over Bernie Sanders hard with no lube in 2016 and yet you think they won’t do the same thing again for Biden or hell god forbid Hillary Clinton again? 

Frankly, at this point, a vote for Democrats is a vote for more censorship, more war and more  SJW bullshit and lord knows I’ve had enough of this shit for a lifetime. After the last 4 months of pure SJW bullshit according, I’m sick of it to death soi would actively do anything to prevent any Democrat from winning in 2020 and so should you if you truly hate these scumbags. Hell, you might not like Trump but even you have to admit the Orange Cheeto man is better than all these dipshits in the Democartic Party.

After all, anything is better than these dipshits who are all insane enough to think that AOC is the voice of fucking reason.  We can’t let these people ever hold the reigns of power again, you think what’s going on is bad? Imagine how much worse it would be if these lunatics ever got back all three branches of government.

7 thoughts on “Joe Biden, Neo liberal Hypocrite running for 2020

  1. Here are my two cents on the matter; politics are stupid. While both sides have sane, rational people, they’re being ignored in favor of the brain dead followers who will believe anything they are told just so they can one up the ‘libtards’ or ‘cuntservatives’. These people don’t want a conversation or meet in the middle ground, they want everything to go their way. Worst part is they hypocritical pieces of shit. The right side says something about the left side and they do it and the left side says something about right side and do it. Both sides have incrediblely toxic members and the people who they put into office are just as bad. The US had a system set up so we didn’t have to deal with a pandemic, which was expanded by Obama, and then Trump just gets rid of it. The people that DNC tried promoting were either lying snakes or malicious boneheads, and the ones that got in were…do I have to say it they were bad. In my opinion, politics are mess that I don’t want to deal with, but if you want to have conversation with me, that’s fine. I don’t want to be negative so sing along if you know the lyrics.

    And there’s Chunky, he’s dead.


    1. I pretty much agree, i frankly have little interests in voting this year because of the problems with both sides of the party. I still view the left worse because of their cultural effect with SJW’s but both sides are crap either way.


      1. Thank you and I appreciate how instead of doing some bullshit like “You’Re WrOng tHe lEfT is WOrSe YoU SnOwfLakE” you just went “I think one side is worse” and didn’t make a big hoopla about it.


  2. Yeah, i only say one side is worse because of the SJW shit associated with the left, not to mention the rigging of the primaries against Bernie Sanders, the Republicans weren’t much better when they fucked over Ron Paul back in 2012 though the level of hypocrisy with the Dems at this rate makes the Neo-Cons under Bush seem like Honest Abes. Really yesterday’s lesser evils would become today’s greater evils and vice versa, that’s how i view the two parties currently. Technically i still lean Left for the most part despite my vote in 2016, sady the left at least in general politics have abandoned people like me who tend to be independent voters.


    1. Don’t worry too much about it, I definitely see what you mean. I lean more towards the left and I can’t stand the bullshit they pull.


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