How Strong is Luffy really? Post Timeskip Luffy

Now for Part 2 of the respect thread/calc complination of Luffy’s crazy feats from Pre Timeskip, now for the Timeskip version of Luffy.…

Post Timeskip Luffy


Remember how ridiculously durable a Pacifista used to be?

How they were 5 times more durable than Franky who literally took a Hiroshima tier nuke to the face?

Luffy effortlessly one shots the same  Pacifista with a Jet Pistol, this would put Luffy casually at City level+.

Luffy with a heavily weakened Gear 3rd one-shots a giant Kraken over 330 meters large. This is at least a casual Town level feat going by the sheer size of the Kraken.

Assuming the flesh of the Squid is the same density of human skin which is roughly 1,010 kg/m^3 and we don’t count tentacles and merely the Octopus body in mass of 300m^3, we get a volume of the squid of at least 35,937,000 m^3 making the squid weigh at least 36,296,370,000kg  or over 36.296 Million Metric Tons, the mass of over 201,646 Blue Whales which is over 8 times the combined mass of all Blue Whales worldwide. Merely punching at 13,611.6 m/s or Mach 44 and knocking it down the same depth as it’s height, Luffy’s severely weakened Gear 3rd should produce at least 2.219195124267643e+21 Joules of energy or roughly 530.4 Gigatons of TNT force which is at least Large Island level.…

That’s over 25.9 times the worlds Nuclear Stockpile as of 1960 at 20.47 Gigatons of TNT, Luffy can punch with enough force underwater as 25.4 times the Nuclear Stockpile of the world and this is a severely weakened Luffy affected by water.

In a base with Haki, he sends Hody Jones flying with a casual unnamed punch through a whole cliff with ease.

Let’s first get an estimated size of the Cliffside destroyed.

Luffy Haki punch  2 by IreneBelserion69

Clif Height:296px(460.1 m)

Surume’s Height:193px(300 m)

Now for the feat in question.

Luffy's Haki punch by IreneBelserion69

Cliff Height: 364px(460.1 m)

Cliff Hole Diameter:266px (336.22m)

Hole Depth:77px(97.33 m)

Volume:11,002,561.657972 m^3 or 11,002,561,657,972 cm^3

Density of rock : 2,700 kg/m^3

Mass destoryed:29,706,916,476.5244 kg/2.97×10^10 kg 

Fragmenation Enegery:8 j/cc

237 655 331 812 195.2 joule = 56.800 987 527 kiloton [explosive]

Fragmentation Enegery of the Punch: 56.8 Kilotons of TNT(Town Level+)

Now for Kinetic punching Energy.

Luffy’s timeskip speed:149,727.6 m/s

29,706,916,476.5244 kgx149,727.6 m/s^2/2

332 990 087 906 412 100 000 joule = 79 586.541 087 megaton [explosive] or 79.586 Gigatons of TNT(Island Level+)

Luffy’s Attack Potency(Base+Haki):79.586 Gigatons of TNT(Island Level+)

His power goes much higher within Gear Second as he’s able to overpower Hody Jones and almost beat him within Gear Second using Red Hawk. This would put Luffy’s Gear Second at 795.86 Gigatons of TNT which is Large Island level+

In Gear Third, he’s able to nearly desotry Noah…

Fish-man Island is an underwater island which dwells 10,000 meters below sea level in a giant hole that goes under the Red Line at the bottom of a deep trench. The island resides in a giant double-layered bubble floating above the sea floor, seemingly filled with about half water and reef and half air. Ryugu Palace rests in a smaller bubble on top of the main island’s bubble. It is illuminated by the Sunlight Tree Eve. It serves as an underwater gateway to the New World for those who do not wish to cross over the Red Line above.

Fishman Island: 402px(5,000m)

Noah Height and Width:129 px(1604.5 m)

Noah’s Length:172px(2,139.3 m)

The volume of the ship:5507457240.825 m^3

Depth: Volume/15.77

Actual volume:349,236,350.0840203 m^3

Now for the density, given it’s said to be denser than steel, let’s use Lead as the density of the Ship.

The density of Lead: 11,340kg/m^3 (High End)

Mass of the ship:3,960,340,209,952.79 kg

Now for Luffy’s punches. he destroyed half of Noah with his Elephant Gattling gun so let’s divide the mass by half. That’s over 1,980,170,104,976.395 kg

Now for Kinetic punching Energy.

Luffy’s timeskip speed:At least 149,727.6 m/s

1980170104976.395 kgx149,727.6 m/s^2/2

2.219607739654855e+22 joule = 5 304 989.817 5 megaton [explosive] or 5.305 Teratons of TNT(Small Country level+)

Given the attack is done by multiple punches at once, at least 5 per second, let’s divide it by 5. That would give Elephant Gattling at least 1.06 Teratons of TNT.

Luffy’s Elephant Gattling Punch: 1.06 Teratons of TNT per Punch( Small Country Level)

Maximum Attack Potency of Third Gear Luffy Timeskip:5.305 Teratons of TNT(Small Country level+)

Luffy’s Gear 3rd was shown to be so strong, it one shotted Monster Chopper with a single punch( Ablet Franky was in his body and couldn’t handle his powers.

His Gear 2nd form could flinch a Dragon with a kick.

We see Gear 3 hit Ceaser Clown with so much power, it knocks him out of his large mountain base and into a ship.

See the source image

While technically not a power feat(More of a Hax feat than anything, his Conqueror’s Haki can easily knock out 50,000 Fodder Fishmen. Meaning it would be very hard for a weak opponent to pull a sneak attack on him. 

If only Goku had a power like that in Revival of F, he probably wouldn’t have been sneak attacked by Frieza’s fodder.

Another impressive feat of strength was one-shotting a powerful Giant named Harudjin witn a single Second Gear enhanced punch while pisssed.

The same Giant who would later prove to be able to withstand up to Ten thousand tons falling at Massively Hypersonic speeds. Merely taking weight into a factor of 10,000,000 kg falling at least 136,116 m/s  or Mach 440 (Given Haurdjin is too slow to be scaled to Gear 2nd) that would give Hardujin at least 1.8527565456e+17 joules or up to 44.28 Megatons of TNT punching power to hold back Ten Thousand tons falling at Mach 440 with merely brute force alone. 

951 Gaspra.jpg

The force of the punch in Kilometer force meters is 18 892 858 882 000 000 kg or 1.89×10^16kg or basically hurling something with a mass greater than a 5 km × 7 km (3.1 mi × 4.3 mi) wide Asteroid which is almost the same size of Asteroid that killed the Dinosaurs. This puts Haudrjin in the Class P range and powerscaling to Luffy who’s far stronger than him, Luffy would be at least Class P in terms of lifting strength.

One Piece 770 - Page 14

Now imagine the force and enegery needed to launch someone over 5,000 meters high into Birdcage?  I say 5,000 meters because Birdcage was compressing further and further into the city at the point this feat was performed.  Anyways factoring speed, mass and distance, we get a punch that produces up to 9.263782728e+20 joules or 221.409 Gigatons of TNT which is a Large Island level tier punch with Kilogram force equaling 9.464×10^19 kg of force.

That’s over 3 times the mass of the Rings of Saturn in terms of eqauilvent mass. Yeah, Luffy has potential physical strength equalling that of small Planteiods merely scaling from Hadurjin’s punch. The force of 10,000 tons being punched at Mach 400 up 5,000 meters eqauls the force of trying to lift 3 times the mass the rings of Saturn and keep in mind Second Gear Luffy is easily this strong, we’re not even getting into Third Gear much less Fourth Gear.

As covered before Luffy’s Initial Gear 4th is easily 152.54 Teratons of TNT which is Large Country level+. Likely higher due to recent scaling changes but even so Large Country level isn’t too shabby in the slightest. Let’s actually redo the calc.

That’s half the island’s Plateau size, going by Pica’s size, the Plateau’s full length is 2219.39 m

Dressora Size 2 by IreneBelserion69

Dressrosa Plateau:45px(2219.39 m)

Dressrosa:605px(29,838.47 m)

So Dressora’s Island is roughly 29.83 Km wide and long or roughly 889.8289 sq km, that’s 100sqk km’s larger than New York City which is only 783.84 sq km in area. Now for the feat.

One Piece 790 - Page 15
One Piece 790 - Page 16

One Piece 791 - Page 4

Contrary to Seth’s scaling, Luffy didn’t split all of Dressora open, he spilt the entire town in half underneath the massive Plateau that Pica leveled and almost uplifted the whole Town as high as the Plateau itself and punched Dolamfingo as deep as the underground Trade Port which is as large as a whole city itself. Even so, this is extremely impressive given Dolfamingo deflected most of the force from the attack.

Flower Hill:648px(1348.34 m)

Town destroyed Length:473px(984.2m)

Town desotryed Width:160px(332.92 m)

Town destroyed depth:105px(218.479 m)

Town Desotryed volume:71,587,542.73×2

Total volume destroyed:143,175,085.4603516

The density of Rock: 2,700kg/m^3

Mass Uplifted:386,572,730,742.9493 or 3.866×10^11 kg 

Now for the speed 

Luffy’s speed

Base: Mach 440

Gear 2: Mach 4,000

Gear 3: Decreased speed(Mach 440)

Gear 4th: Mach 40,000

Gear 4th Snake Man: Mach 120,000+

Mach40,000= 13,611,600m/s

386,572,730,742.9493kgx  13,611,600m/s^2/2

3.581125786172328e+25 joule = 8 559 096 047.3 megaton [explosive]

Luffy’s King Kong Gun Punch: 8.559 Petatons of TNT( Multi-Continental Level+)

So going back to my original post on debunking Seth’s video, he is right on Continent level Luffy( Still dead wrong on Lightspeed and FTL Luffy).  Normal punch at 1/10th Luffy’s maximum attack Potency should be roughly 3.581125786172328e+23 Joules or 85.59 Teratons of TNT which is pretty much Country level+ attack potency with fairly casual blows, at least Large Country level+ to Continent Level with stronger blows and with King Kong Punch, his strongest punch, confirmed Multi-Continental Level+ and he get’s only massively more powerful from here.

And before you wonder whether it contradicts Power scaling, Ace should be roughly Doflamingo Level who stopped Jozu who should power scale to Ace which would easily put Dolfamingo on the same tier. So let’s go to Ace’s Banna Island feat with Entel clashing with Blackbeard.

Banna Island One Piece by IreneBelserion69

Tree height: 4px(20 m)

Banana Island Length and Width:829px(4,145 m)

Tallest Mountain height:221px(1,105m)

Area of Banna Island

Now for the fireball.

Ace's Entel by IreneBelserion69

Ace’s Entel:299px(1693.1 m)^3

Banna Island:732px(4,145 m)

The volume of Ace’s Fireball:4,853,487,623 m^3

The density of Air:1.225 kg/m^3

Mass of Entel:5,945,522,338.2 kg or 5.945×10^9 kg

Now for temperature, As we know, Ace’s flames are inferior to Akaniu’s lava which burns at 1500 Celsius, meaning Ace’s flames would burn at 896.85 Celsius. This would give his heating energy up to 896,850 Calories/kg with the island temperature at least 12 Celsius.

4 718 234 076 208 768 000 joule = 1 127.685 008 7 megaton [explosive]

Now for Kinetic Enegery of the superheated gases. As going by the anime timeframe, the ball expanded at roughly two seconds, giving the attack roughly 846.55 m/s going by the expansion speed. Combine that with the mass and heating energy and the mass and Velocity and the combined attack potency of Ace’s Entel should be 1.69065391799709e+24  Joules or 404.1 Teratons, that would be Large Country level via Kinetic Energy combined with Heating Energy.

Ace’s Heating Energy of Entel:1.128 Gigatons of TNT(Large Mountain Level)

Ace’s Kinetic Energy/Heating Energy of Entel: 404.1 Teratons of TNT(Large Country Level+)

Going by this, Dolfamingo should naturally scale to Ace using his Awakening form as he was able to actually keep up with Fourth Gear Luffy and tank his attacks.

One Piece 884 - Page 12

And he gets much stronger in the Whole Cake Arc, most notably his fight with Karakuri. Luffy was decisively outclassed the entire first act of the fight as his Gear Third couldn’t do shit to him and even overpowered his Initial Gear fourth form which is at least Large Country Level+.

Luffy was going from barely matching Karakutri to equalling him in Gear Third

And matching his initial base strength in Gear Second.

Wheres previously Karakrutri barely put any effort in the strikes matching his Gear Second.

One Piece 877 - Page 13

And was moving so fast that Gear 2 couldn’t touch him and appeared as he had Logia to which Luffy notes it shouldn’t be possible for Logia’s to no sell Haki, that’s how fast this nigga was.

Katrakrui was pulling some Namek Saga Arc shit with Luffy dodging Luffy’s Gear Second attacks with ridiculous ease

And casually overpowered Luffy’s Gear Third with a single punch of his own

Not to mentioned blitzed Fourth Gear Luffy

No seriously watch this fight, it’s Luffy’s best fight yet.

Luffy eventually evenly matches Katrakrui blow by blow

And result in both of them knocking each other out.

So going by how even Gear 4th with It’s Large Country level+  to Multi Continent Level Attack Potency was completely useless against Katkarui and he overpowered even that form, it’s safe to say Karakurti is way above Country level and easily in the Multi Continent level ranges of Attack Potency.

Which puts him roughly in the same tier as Akoji who casually blitzed and one shotted Dolfamingo.

And arguably on the same tier as Big Mom herself as Big Mom casually matched Gear Fourth Luffy much like Karakuri.

Who took a direct blow to the face from Gear Fourth Luffy and shrugged it off. Needless to say Karaukturi Brought Luffy far closer to Adrimal level than he ever been previously.

Lore wise, Karraukrti is literally put in the same tier as an Admiral or Yonko going by Rayleigh’s statements of only the most powerful Pirates.Marines or warriors in the world can see the future.  

This would arguably put Karakurti on the same level as Rayleigh who’s capable of holding his own with Kizaru. Meaning current Arc Luffy can potentially contend with an Admiral class character or is near that level.

This is strength prior to Kakaturki

Base: Island level+

Gear 2: Large Island Level+

Gear 3: Small Country level+

Gear 4th: Country level+ to Large Country level, Up to Multi Continent level+ with King Kong Gun( 85 Teratons-8.5 Petatons)

And this is his strength post-Kakaturki

Base: Country level+ (8.5 Teratons)

Gear 2: Large Country level+(175 Teratons)

Gear 3: Continent level+(1.75 Petatons)

Gear 4th: Multi Continent level(52.5-85 Petatons)

Gear 4th Snake Man: At Least Multi Continent level+(525-850 Petatons)

Note Luffy has gotten so much more powerful that he was given a 1.5 Billion Dollar Bounty by the world government almost immeadetly after defeating the unbeatable Karakurti so not only was Karakutri very powerful, merely beating him made Luffy a global threat and considered a threat to the Yonko and Admirals.

One Piece 908 - Page 14

Even the King of the world himself considers Luffy to be the biggest threat to global security hence caled a whole conference to deal with him and other threats to their power such as Wano.

One Piece 923 - Page 11

Luffy is able to slightly damage base Kaido with Gear 4th, a man said to be equal to Whitebeard in size and power and said to be able to effortlessly kill Donquixote Doflamingo, previously his Gear 4th couldn’t even flinch Big Mom, the weakest of the Yonko in terms of physical power ablet Luffy was still outclassed and beaten with one blow and captured.

One Piece 926 - Page 12
One Piece 926 - Page 11

Even without Devil Fruit powers and restrained by Seastone, Luffy along with Kid were able to casually run with massive stone blocks on their backs and easily carry dozens of them within minutes, this is No Haki, No Devil Fruit Luffy’s strength.

Luffy lifts stone by IreneBelserion69

Luffy: 109px(1.72m)

Stone Block:225px(3.55m)^3

Volume of Stone Block:44.74 m^3

Density of Limestone:2,700kg/m^3

Weight of Limestone Block:120,794.9625  kg or 120.8 Metric Tons 

Now for energy, Luffy can run over Peak Human speeds even with Seastone restricting his superpowers which should be at least 12.51 m/s. Going by this feat, the kinetic energy and attack potency of 18,904,423.71 Joules of energy or 4.52 Kilograms of TNT, 

1024px-RPG-7 detached

meaning even with no Devil Fruit Powers surpessed by Seastone, Luffy can throw a punch that can equal Twice the destructive force of an Average RPG-7. This would also make Luffy’s Lifting/striking strength at 1 927 714.735 5 kilogram-force meter giving Luffy up to Class M lifting strength without Devil Fruit powers.

Now for speed.


A great example of Luffy’s speed timeskip is him casually dodging a Psascfta Lasers.

The same lasers which can tag him even within Gear Second in Pre Skip, all dodging it in the base.

Hody's water bullet speed and distance by IreneBelserion69

Fishman Island:252px(5,000m)

Hody Jones bullet travel:113px(2,242.1 m)

Now for the estimated height of the attack

Palaza size by IreneBelserion69

Clif Height:296px(460.1 m)

Surume’s Height:193px(300 m)

Coral rock:65px(101 m)

Now for the feat.

Hody's water bullet speed and distance 2 by IreneBelserion69

Coral rock:24px(101 m)

Coral Mountain:221 px(930 m)

Distance Mermaid Cove and the Plaza:2,242.1 m

Going by freefall speed, the rocks are still falling hence the attack crossed 2.242km before the debris began to fall.

Timeframe: 1/40th of a second or 0.025 second

Distance Mermaid Cove and the Plaza+Distance character moved/Timeframe

2,242.1 m+2,242.1 m/s/ 0.025 second

Hody’s Attack Speed:179,368 m/s or Mach 527.1(Massively Hypersonic)

See the source image

yep Luffy dodged attacks that are Massively Hypersonic with Pre Cog alone.

One Piece 671 - Page 11
One Piece 671 - Page 12

This makes Luffy’s dodging of a Liquid Explosion all the more casual and makes Gear 4th all the much faster by powerscaling and feats. This elevates Gear 4th much higher.

After all, Doflamingo is effortlessly blitzed by Luffy in gear 4th

Luffy’s speed was so great that he can react to Doflamingo’attacks even when he’s using two clones at once.

The same Doflamingo who is shown able to spam attacks from the sea to Dressora in a split-second.

And can easily react to a meteor moving at least 11km/sec to 72km/sec.

A heavily weakened Luffy was able to dodge a needle that was silent thanks to his Pre Cog.

Luffy and Katrukari move so fast thatBig Mom’s henchmen are unable to land a shot on either of them.

One Piece 568 - Page 3

Keep in mind New World Fodder tier pirates are capable of killing Passcfista with pistols and swords so they should have speed and reflexes comparable to Pre Timeskip Strawhats and this is merely New World Fodder so it speaks volumes of just how much faster Luffy has become when Pacifista tier pirates are incapable of getting an accurate shot on them.

Katakuri himself praises Luffy’s speed in the second act of their fight showing how much faster Luffy has become since the Doflamingo Fight. Keep in mind Katakuri was undefeated and never lost a single fight prior to fighting Luffy, that’s how powerful he is.

The same opponent moving so fast that it looked like Luffy’s 4th gear Haki punches were having zero effect on his Logia Like body.

As established in the Boa Sisters fight, you would need a good amount of speed in order to predict and react to attacks, something Karakrturki effortlessly has displayed in most of the fighting against Karakutri. The fact even Gear 4th Luffy which is a 10fold speed boost from 2nd couldn’t land a hit speaks volumes of his immense speed.

Going by powerscaling and lore and the fact Karakturi blitzed Gear Fourth Luffy, he’s easily comparable to Rayleigh’s speed…

Who has somewhere between 8.39% speed of light Sub-Relativistic+ feat stopping Kizaru’s Light speed attack before he attacked.

And having a 12.5% speed of light Relativistic+ feat stopping Kizaru’s Light speed attack before he attacked.

Either way, Luffy by scailing Post Whole Cake Island’s speed should resemble this level of speed.

Base: 136,116 m/s Mach 400

Gear 2: 1,361,160 m/s or Mach 4,000

Gear 3: Decreased speed(Mach 440)

Gear 4th: 13,611,600 m/s or  Mach 40,000

Gear 4th Snake Man:40,834,800 m/s or Mach 120,000+


Luffy is able to tank blows from a heavily sterioded Hody Jones and even survive a fatal wound from Hody Jones

Despite the twofold power increase, Fishman get underwater.

Luffy also tanked shots from the Yeiti Cool Brothers

One Piece 667 - Page 13
Monster chopper by IreneBelserion69

Ussop: 210px(1.76m

Chopper:666px(5.58 m)

Chopper Lifts Mountain Top by IreneBelserion69

Chopper:85px(5.58 m)

Mountain top:262px(17.2m)

Yeiti cool shot by IreneBelserion69

Part of the mountain cropped from the previous panel:33px(17.2m)

Mountain height: 137px(71.4 m)

Mountain width and length:90px (46.9 m)^2

The volume of the served Mountain top:157,052.154 m^3

The density of Rock:2,700 kg/m^3

Mass:424,040,815.8 kg

Now for the bullet’s kinetic energy and power.

Bullet height: 9px(4.69m)

Destroyed rock mass length and width:90px (46.9 m)^2

Volume:10,316.1709 m^3

The density of Rock:2,700 kg/m^3

Mass:27,853,661.43 kg

Now for speed, the guys have enough speed to keep Second Gear Luffy on his toes. Let’ use Hody’s water bullet speed as Low End and Luffy’s Gear Second speed as High End.

179,368 m/s or Mach 527.1. Low End

1,361,160m/s or Mach 4,000 High End

448 066 245 352 154 700 joule = 107.090 402 81 megaton [explosive]

25 803 026 766 679 380 000 joule = 6 167.071 407 megaton [explosive]

Yeti Cool Brother’s Bullets:107.1 Megatons of TNT(Mountain Level)

                    6.167 Gigatons of TNT( Island Level)

One Piece 667 - Page 11
One Piece 667 - Page 12

Yep, Luffy’s rubber body effortlessly deflects bullets capable of literal Mountain busting despite the bullets being less than a meter wide.

Luffy is also able to tank attacks from Awakened Doflamingo despite being heavily weakened and injured without Haki.

One Piece 724 - Page 8
One Piece 724 - Page 9

Mind you his base attack was strong enough to effortlessly slice down buildings from a vast distance in a spiltsecond.

He fought Cracker for over 11 hours, an opponent comparable in power to Doflamingo

Another impressive feat was a severely weakened and starving Luffy was able to fight off  Big Mom’s Army.

Speaking of Hunger a rather Unodortodx durability ability from Luffy is the fact he’s eaten through Cracker’s Biscuitts which are massive constructs of crackers and biscuits.

And ate through a whole mass of Mocchi to escape death and burned off the excess energy to his normal mass in roughly 25 seconds, a testament to his inhuman anatomy.

Going by this height chart, Karakutri is at least 509cm/5.09m which is nearly 3 times taller than Luffy himself.

Karakurti mocchi by IreneBelserion69

Karakurti’s height:294px(5.09m)

Candy Length and width: 846px(14.65 m)

Candy Height:556px(9.63m)

The volume of candy:2,066.814675 m^3  or 2,066,814,675 cm^3

The density of candy: 1,000 kg/m^3 or 1 g/cm^3

Mass of candy:2,066,814.675 kg…

That’s roughly the amount of candy Hershey’s produces within a single day.

The Approximate food energy of a snack such as a Snickers bar at 280 food calories is 1.2×10^6 Joules or 1.2 Megajoules of Energy which weighs roughly 52.7 grams, meaning at 1 gram, the amount of joules candy would produce is roughly 22,770.39 joules per gram or 5.3 Food calories per gram.…

Meaning Luffy has eaten roughly 11,205,088,130.89 Food calories worth of food which is enough Food calories. That’s over 5.6 Million times the recommended daily amount of calories.

Luffy can eat in one bite as much food as the entire population of Singapore.

And still, be hungry later on. Luffy ltierally ate the eqauilvent of 2.4×1011 J Approximate food energy consumed by an average human in an 80-year lifetime.

That’s enough candy that can produce enough energy to equal  47,061, 370, 149, 750 Joules or 47 Terajoules of engery, that’s enough energy to  equal 11.247 Kilotons of TNT, which is just slightly below the energy yield of the Hiroshima Bomb meaning Luffy’s internal organs are so strong that they can potentially tank an Atomic Bomb if Luffy is stupid enough to eat one. It’s rare for one’s internal organs to be able to tank that much energy, then again not everyone is made of rubber.

Then within 25 seconds, he managed to run off the mass of his body which is at least equal to the mass of the candy he ate and was fully back to normal size. Assuming Luffy is running at Average Human Speeds alone( Which he appeared to be merely jogging) of 3.402900m/s, Luffy would be burning off roughly 82672.587 kg per second moving at  3.402900m/s producing roughly 957,326 joules per second merely running and burning 1,882,487,048,298.93 Joules per second or half a Gigawatt per Hour within a second.…

That’s roughly 679,000 Horsepower Per Second and that’s all generated merely burning off excess fat.

Luffy’s Eating Energy/Capacity:11,205,088,130.89 Food calories or 11.247 Kilotons of TNT(Town level)

So literally Luffy can eat a whole town, literally, in fact early in the Whole Cake Island Arc, he was doing ltierally just that.

This would explain how even Hody’s Fishman Karate failed to damage Luffy despite attacking his head directly with Fishman Karate

Which is shown to be able to attack internal organs and bypass Logias from Jinbe meaning it can ignore conventional durability.

Also, am I the only one who wants to see a battle between Erza and Karakuri in a sweet shop? Now that would be an Entertaining battle. They’re both pretty much arugably as strong as each other and arguably just as fast. Regardless of who wins, they’re both getting lifetime bans from sweet shops across the world.

During the fight with Katakuri, Luffy took so much damage that it would be considered fatal had anyone else took the same blows Luffy did.

He also survived being hit with a spear which took a massive chunk out of him.

He also survived Karaturi’s strongest attack which equaled his King Cobra Attack which are both vastly superior to his Large Country level attack against Dolfamingo


Attack Potency: At least City level casually( Effortlessly one shotted a Pasifscita, far stronger than Pre Skip.) Island level+ with Haki enhanced punches( Effortlessly overpowered overdosed Hody Jones who can punch through small mountains with his water bullets)  At least Large Island Level+( Stronger than base form, one shotted Haudrjin, a giant with Large Island level attack potency)  At least Small Country level+( Able to stop Noah, a massive ship from destroying Fishman Island despite being heavily weakened.)  At least Large Country level+(Casually overpowered Doflamingo with physical might while his previous gears resulted in merely “tickling” him, forced DOlfamingo to use Awakening)Up to Multi Continent level+ with King Kong Gun( One shot Dofalmingo in one punch, Able to keep up with Cracker, One of Big Mom’s strongest commanders.)  At least Country level+( Far stronger than when he first was in Whole Cake Island)  At least Large Country level+ via powerscaling, Continent level+ via Powerscaling( Far stronger than when he first was in Whole Cake Island) At least Multi Continent level+ via powerscaling,  At least Multi Continent level+( Able to keep up and eventually defeat Katakuri)

Speed: At least Massively Hypersonic(Far faster than Pre Skip, effortlessly dodged Palasfstica lasers, easily evaded Overdosed Hody Jone’s attacks which can penetrate whole mountains in a second) At least Massively Hypersonic(Far faster than base+)  At least Massively Hypersonic)  At least Sub-Relativistic( Blitzed Doflamingo)  At least Relativistic

Lifting Strength:  At least  Class T casually (Much stronger than before which his weakened post Marineford Arc counterpart can  toss a 200,000-ton rock over 100 meters giving him strength in the millions of tons) likely Class P( Comparable to Haurdjin’s strength) At least Class P( stronger than Harudjin) Likely Class Z via Gear 4th( Way stronger than before)

Striking Strength: At least Class EJ( Smashes Hody through a whole clif) At least Class EJ+(Stronger than base)  At least Class EJ, likely Class ZJ(Destroyed half of Noah with Elephant Gatling)At least Class ZJ, Class YJ via King Kong Gun,At least Class ZJ,likely class YJ.  At least Class YJ via powerscaling.  At least Class YJ via powerscaling.

Durability: At least Mountain level+ internal Organ durability(Tanked a Fishman Karate strike to the head from Hody, a technique that ignores conventional durability and can eat as much food to equal the energy of Nukes) At least Island level+( Effortlessly blocked Hody’s kick) , Far higher against Blunt force attacks and Lightning attacks( His pre-skip counterpart can tank Island spiliting punches, and country destroying Lightning blasts so he should be nartually far stronger) At least Large Island Level+( Stronger than base form, tanked attacks from Dolfamingo and Fujitora) Far Higher against Blunt Force and Lightning attacks At least Small Country level+, far higher against Blunt Force and Lightning attacks,  At least Large Country level+(Scaling from his Attack Potency. His body was unscathed by Doflamingo’s haki-infused strikes, and didn’t show any signs of injury after his fist collided with Doflamingo’s “God-Thread”)far higher against Blunt Force and Lightning attacks   At least Country level+( Far stronger than when he first was in Whole Cake Island)far higher against Blunt Force and Lightning attacks  At least Large Country level+ via powerscaling, Continent level+ via Powerscaling( Far stronger than when he first was in Whole Cake Island)far higher against Blunt Force and Lightning attacks At least Multi Continent level+ via powerscaling,  At least Milt Continent level+( Able to keep up and eventually defeat Katakuri)far higher against Blunt Force and Lightning attacks

Key: Base/  Gear Second/ Gear Third/  Gear Fourth ,Post Karatukri/Wano Country Arc base, ,Post Karatukri/ Wano Country arc  Gears 2nd and Gear 3rd,  Post Karatukri Wano Country arc Gear 4th, ,Post Karatukri Wano Country Arc Gear Fourth Snakeman

(Note: Expect Updates to this profile as the Wano Country Arc is updating and it’s likely going to give major upgrades to Luffy as he fights Kaido and maybe Big Mom, also expect a Zoro respect thread )

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