Erza vs King Piccolo :Why Erza won

(Note as of the Erza respect threads done a few months back, the inflammation here is outdated and is going to be completely revised once we get past evaluating Dragon Ball Feats.)

For those who know, one of my good friends Veigtio 1089 made a video that had two of my favorite characters duke it out in a battle. King Piccolo aka Piccolo Sr and Erza Beslerion Scarlet, needless to say given Erza has advanced several levels above her already advanced powers in the beginning of the series, she defeated King Piccolo with mid difficulty at best and this presumably based on GMG arc levels of power

Let’s explain why King Piccolo lost to Erza here.


King Piccolo’s possible biggest failing against Erza was speed. And there’s several reasons why.

King Piccolo is simply slower than Lightning speed. 

It’s stated heavily that Mr Popo with merely a power level of 275 was several times faster and stronger than Post King Piccolo Arc Goku by a wide margin who casually moves faster than Lightning.

King Piccolo’s speed going by speed feats from Goku within the Budokai 22 Arc should be roughly Low Massively Hypersonic between Mach 100-200, putting Piccolo Sr roughly in the same tier.

As established within the previous journals, Erza was Faster than Lightning PTS.

And did it very casually Post Timeskip

What’s worse is her speed kept getting higher and higher as time goes on especially with the meteor feat.

InB4 nDBZtards wanking speed/

Erza may have the dodging speed advantage, although, kid Goku has dodged lasers against the RR robot, and the lightning dodging was filler. Good episode, but the win would obviously go to King Piccolo, he may have stamina issues, but he still nearly killed a beyond moon level kid Goku because he managed to use enough stamina, I don’t see how Erza would win with K.P’s power and durability and beyond laser speed.

 dishonest and disingenuous arguments DBZtards make in general is this hyperbolic claim Goku is Light-speed within Dragon Ball.One of the most common arguments used to argue this power is the fact Goku dodged Solar Flare, which is no doubt a light-speed move at the very least.However let’s look closely at how Goku “dodged ” that move. 

Do tell me if Goku can dodge Light, why does he need sunglasses ? After all, if one moves faster than light, they wouldn’t need sunglasses to block a light-speed ability right ? Also note when Goku says “Here it comes ” ,meaning Goku reacted to Tien, not the speed of the attack. The attack might be light-speed, but Tien sure as hell wasn’t in this arc and neither was Goku.

If anything Goku didn’t dodge Solar Flare the first time it was used did he ?   Nor did Roshi who at the time equaled Budokai 22nd Goku’s power and speed. Funny how Goku was unable to dodge it the first time and how Roshi who is just as fast as Goku couldn’t dodge it either.

Though some would try to argue that Goku disappeared from Kirlin’s sight in an attempt to argue this point Goku is FTL. However they fail to realize you don’t need to be FTL to disappear from the human eye. Given the average speed of a normal human is   3.5 to 4.5 miles per hour with their reaction speed being dozens of times faster. The fastest shown speed from humans is 44.7 km/h (12.4 m/s or 27.78 mph) with maximum reaction speed being at best 201 mph or the literal speed of a blink of a eye.

Goku blitzing Kirin isn’t impossible considering the fact Kirin is at least as fast and strong as Mercenary Tao who is Mach 13.95. Goku by comparison would be Mach 139.5 around Budokai 22/King Piccolo Arc given he’s slower than natural lighting but still easily in the Massively Hypersonic range.That’s more than enough to easily make it appear that Goku is invisible to the naked eye. After all the gap between reaction speed and movement speed is only 7.2 times. Goku is easily 10 times Kiin’s speed.

Not that it matters either given the same manga series have smaller gaps in power levels than Kirin and Goku’s yet the character can easily speedblitz and curbstomp the opposing character with little effort as seen with Cui and Vegeta. Eitherway, this dispels the myth Goku in Dragon Ball is Faster than the speed of light.

Another commonly used argument of FTL Goku and Dragon Ball characters is the argument Goku can dodge LAZERS .Note this is by far the dumbest argument i’ve heard from DBZtards on the topic of speed.

By this logic, Bleach characters around the rank of Vice Captains are Faster than Light because they dodged Ceros which are laser like attacks.

Or One Piece characters are FTL because One Piece characters can dodge Paascfista lasers which makes them FTL.

Lasers =/=speed of light. The only way a Laser would be Lightspeed is if that laser has the proprieties of pure light. Given the lasers fired at Goku come from tech that is nowhere close to that producing light speed ability, it’s safe to say that laser isn’t FTL and that DBZtards are grasping for straws. 

Another argument brought up to the defense of the Light-speed ablity is the fact that Goku caught a dragonball in Mid Air easily and DBZtards claim each Dragon Ball was moving at 1/7th the speed of light. Nevermind the fact that claim is dubious on it’s own given nothing proves Dragon Balls move anywhere near that fast and let’s foucs on the feat itself. 

So even by the feat, it’s rubbish and comes nowhere close to actual lightspeed movement.  

Hell in fact one can seriously argue whether DBZ characters are even FTL at all given Goku struggled to run across Snake Way which is only 1,000,000 km.

Hell this argument is deeply contradicted by the fact that Cell Saga characters like Piccolo fused with Kami( Who are lightyears stronger than Kid Goku) were unable to evade Solar Flare. So by DBZtard logic, Kid Goku 22n Budokai>>>>>>Piccolo fused with Kami in speed

 However to be fair, it’s established in DBZ that DBZ characters do have proven FTL reaction speed feats and can move FTl in short bursts much like a Cheaath can run very fast at short bursts across a short distance

However that’s DBZ characters past the Sayain Saga. No one in Dragon Ball ever moved faster than the speed of light. In fact Goku vs Mr Popo prove this in both the manga and anime.

At no point Kid Goku ever blitzed Mr Popo.If anything, Mr Popo was making short work of Post King Piccolo Arc Goku ( Who mind you got a Zenkai boost from drinking Ultra Divine Water)

Hell even Kid Goku admits moving at Lighting speeds alone is impossible for him.Funny how DBZtards who love to quote things miss this curial quote debunking their wank, either out of sheer ignorance of their source material or out of sheer dishonesty.

In the anime especially, there was a filler proving Dragon Ball Goku was slower than Lightning as a kid

Another problem with this is the fact that Kid Goku lacks the energy needed to even move at Lightspeed. This is the reasons why .

Energy needed to survive moving at the speed of light bare minimum.

800.679888 j=180 lb/ man weight

81.64 kgx


733 743 727 319 200 000 joule = 175.368 959 68 megaton [explosive]

for a human to move at lightspeed constantly, they need to generate over 175 megatons of energy per second and withstand said energy. That is the equivalent of over 3 Tsar Bombas. To move at this speed, you would need skin destiny on par with that of a mountain.

There is also acceleration that is a factor as well. Gravity is not just constant gravitational pull but also the acceleration force of objects . A human can only survive up to 982 m/s² or 100 g’s of acceleration before dying or roughly 3 times the speed of sound.  This means that a person needs to survive at least 314,642.85 g’s or nearly the surface gravity of a White Dwarf Star moving at the speed of light.…

Normal humans can withstand no more than 9 g’s, and even that for only a few seconds. When undergoing an acceleration of 9 g’s, your body feels nine times heavier than usual, blood rushes to the feet, and the heart can’t pump hard enough to bring this heavier blood to the brain. Your vision narrows to a tunnel, then goes black. If the acceleration doesn’t decrease, you will pass out and finally die. The Air Force’s F-16 can produce more g’s than the human body can survive. We’re forced to limit the acceleration of planes and spacecraft to a level humans can survive.

If we need to accelerate for extended periods, the level we can withstand is even lower. We can withstand 5 g’s for only two minutes, 3 g’s for only an hour. For the sake of argument, though, let’s try to tough it out at 3 g’s for a little longer. For Han to take off from Mos Eisley and accelerate at 3 g’s to half the speed of light would take him two and a half months—hardly the makings of an exciting movie. Even at 9 g’s, it would take him nineteen days to reach half the speed of light, though he’d be dead long before the ship reached that speed.

Going from zero to 314,642.85 g’s would require far more energy than merely 175 Megatons of TNT to withstand the force. To move at the speed of light safely and not be affected by gravity or vaporization energy, it would require an output and durability to withstand over 55 Teratons of TNT or over half the yield of the Chibuku comet that wiped out the dinosaurs. In other words, unless that body can withstand that pressure, it would get destroyed.

Goku is not a human but a Sayian and naturally would be able to survive ten times the output of what humans can on average, however at the point of Dragon Ball, while his acceleration speed exceeded that of a human , his ability to withstand surface gravity was only that of a normal human born on earth.

There’s also the problem of King Piccolo. His strongest attack was only 95 Megatons of TNT at maximum power. Goku barely survived that force and had to be saved by Tien. King Piccolo Arc is the strongest Kid Goku can get. 175 Megatons at bare minimum alone would exceed Goku’s limits by nearly twice it’s level, in other words it would be physically impossible for Goku as a kid to move at the speed of light for it would easily drain his ki to life threatening levels and that’s not even factoring the acceleration energy either which would no doubt kill Kid Goku.

Now onto Teen Goku, can he potentially move at the speed of light. Remember that in order to achieve Lightspeed movement, you need a minimum of 175 Megatons per second and a maximum of 55 Teratons per second.Considering Goku’s power level in base is only 336 without weighted clothing at this time, there’s no way he can possibly obtain lightspeed movement.

After all as we established here, this is the tier of strength with regards to power levels

Human level: 5 to 8

Peak Human: 8 to 10

Wall level: 10 to 12.5

Small Building level:12.5 to 15

Building level: 25 to 50

City Block level: 50 to 100

Muilt City Block level: 100 to 150

Town level : 150 to 180

Large Hill/ Small City Level : 180 to 210

Smalll Mountain/ Medium City level : 210 to 250

Mountain /Large City level : 250 to 275

Large Mountain/Small Island level: 270 to 300

Hamalaya Size Mountain/ Island Level : Power level 300 to 330

Muilt Mountain level/ Large Island level: Power level 330 to 360

Small Mountain range/ Small Country Level: Power level 360 to 400

Mountain Range/Country Level : Power level 400 to 430

Large Mountain Range/ Large Country level: Power level 430 to 460

Small Continent level:Power level 460 to 500

Continent level: Power level 500 to 600

Large Continent level: Power level 600 to 700

Multi Continent level: Power level 700 to 800

Moon level : Power level 800 to 1,000

Small Planet Level: Power level 1,000 to 2,000

Planetary Core level(Low end planetbusting): Power level 2,000 to 10,000

Planet level: 10,000 to 100,000

Goku with a power level of 336 is only Large Island level+ at best without weighted clothing.However when using his Super Kamehameha Wave, his power level peaks at 910 given his Kamehameha wave is more or less as powerful as the one Roshi used making him Moon level at best, however as seen with that, he can’t casually sustain over 55 Teratons of energy at once within this point of battle. To do so ,it would still kill Goku.At best he’s Sub Relativistic in Dragon Ball EoS and EoS DB Goku>Kid Goku.

Only in the Raditz and Sayain Saga’s does Lightspeed ability become possible given that characters at this point are casually country level with both Goku and Piccolo being in the 400’s with weighted clothing off.

However Raditz who is shown to be their superior and actually dodged an attack that is arguably Lightspeed ( Given a weaker and slower Ki Blast can hit the moon in seconds by the same character). Raditz with a power level of 1,200 would be able to substan the pressure of moving at lightspeed with no problem,especially given Planet Vegeta’s surface gravity is 10 times greater than Earth’s.

Given Goku Post King Piccolo Arc couldn’t dodge Lightning, King Piccolo is easily as slow as Goku’s speed which would put him in the Low Massively Hypersonic Range(Mach 100-236 range) and hence debunking any claims of light-speed Dragonball Goku. This is key to understanding the reason why Erza barely had a scratch on her while Piccolo was being rekted every chance he gets.

King Piccolo’s speed: Low Massively Hypersonic

Erza’s speed;Low Massively Hypersonic with Lightning Dodging feats PTS, Massively Hypersonic Timeskip, Realistvic Second Timeskip


King Piccolo is no doubt very powerful. 

With merely a casual Ki Blast he can destroy a small city with a Ki Blast. This means King Piccolo can produce anywhere between 20 Kilotons to 5 Megatons of TNT with a Ki blast.

However how strong is his strongest attack in attack potency?

To factor,Central City in Dragon Ball is the largest city in Dragon Ball Earth, roughly the Tokyo of this universe. That would make  Centeral City roughly 2,187.66 km2 (844.66 sq mi).Sadly there’s no full scale picture of Central City’s size that i can find for scale so we just have to eveaulte based on the Nuke Map on a rough estimate of the size of Central City scaling to the size of Tokyo’s Metropolis .

To summarize going by the square miles, the length of Central City would roughly be 29 miles wide and 29 miles long with a margin of of error of 3 square miles. That means the complete destruction radius of the attack would be 29 Miles wide roughly.

Given nothing but dust and ash remained, it’s safe to say everything in Central City was vaporized by King Piccolo, which would put his attack roughly higher than City level potency by vaporization energy alone and surpassing the power of a Tsar Bomba. This would mean that the Fireball of the exploison which is the core heat temperature akin to the center of the sun would be roughly 29 miles wide. Anything inside the fireball of the Nuclear explosion would be completely vaporized…

Going by the clacuations i got from the Nuke Map Classic, got the yield of the explosion. To produce complete vaporization of a city the size of Toyko, the explosion would have to produce a yield roughly 93.2 Gigatons of TNT or nearly 2,000 times the power of the Tsar Bomba, putting King Piccolo’s attack potency roughly at Island level+

However let’s see how strong Erza is in general

Here’s the calcatuion of said destruction of the island.

Frist picture

imageHeight of Erza’s:1.66 meters

Area around the two Erza’s: 10.852 meters

Second picture

Height of Island:376.2 meters

Widith:258 meters

Length: 736.73 meters

Voulme :2,062,985.191470923 cubic meters

Density: 2700 Kg/m^3

Mass of the Island:193,068,141,591.6 kg

Given the Island was hit with an attack that left little derbis, it’s Violent Fragmentation: which Applies when the matter that was destroyed was turned into small but still distinguishable pieces.

.Now that we added that, let’s factor in maximum speed of Erza which is around Mach 146.9 ( 49.98860km/s)And here is the overall DC of said attack.

193,068,141,591.6 kgx 49.98860km/s^2x/2=241 225 140 694 360 600 000 joule = 57 654.192 327 megaton [explosive] or 57.65 Gigatons of TNT

 A Solid Island level feat however given it’s two Erza’s fighting, that power is halved individually, however each Erza would have at least 28.825 Gigatons of TNT. Originally the calc was on in the Mid Megatons but doing revising on it and adding velocity correctly, we got a solid Gigaton feat. In short at least 1/3th the full power of King Piccolo’s Demon Destructive Wave 

As for the Juptier Canon feat PTS, her’es a revised calc of it.

imageFrist picture

Beam Diameter: 154 px( 67 feet diameter)

Beam Length: 1168 px( 508 feet long)

imageSecond picture Erza: 59 px(5.5 feet)

Energy blast:719 px ( 67 feet diameter

Thrid Picture

imageMan seen from far distance: 5 px ( 6 feet

)Fissure length: 434 px (520.8 feet )Fissure depth: 60 px ( 72 feet )

Fissure Width: 157 px (188.4 feet)

Volume of rock destroyed:7,064,547.84 ft^3 or 200,045.717 m^3

Density of concrete: 2,400kg/m^3

Bare minimum energy needed to destroy this volume of concrete: 480 109 720.8 joule = 228 lbs of TNT

Now to facotr in vaporization enegry which happened here with that feat. Vaporization energy is 27,500 j. 

Vaporization energy of volume of concrete:3.135 Kilotons,also bare minimum energy outputted.

Now for the potency of the canon.

Beam diameter: 67 feet (20.3 meters)^2

Beam Length: 508 feet (153.93 meters)

Volume of beam:63,433.0137m^3

Output of beam:66,000,000 J/m^3

Potential veloctiy of blast:At least Mach 90 (30,626.1m/s)

Forumla: 63,433.0137m^3×66,000,000 J/m^3×30,626.1m/s^2/2=1.963411157849724e+20

Overall potency of Jupiter Canon:196 341 115 784 972 400 000 joule = 46 926.652 912 megaton [explosive]

Overall Erza would only barely survive Piccolo’s Destructive Wave Attack Pre Timeskip going by the fact that Jupiter Canon’s attack potency is roughly half the power of Piccolo’s Demon Destructive Wave.  

Going back to this calc, this a good example of how strong Erza is frist timeskip

Time to estimate the size of this massive fortress.

Frist picture

Castle door: 50 px( 20 feet high /6.1 meters)

Castle Height: 405 px (49.41 Meters )

Castle Length: 558 px ( 68.076 Meters )

Second picture

Castle: 14 px ( 68.076 meters )

Cube: 304 px(1478.22 meters)^3

Volume of Cube:3,230,109,326.056248 m^3

Density of Contential Crust(Dense rock that makes up Cube): 2700 Kg/m^3

Mass:8,721,295,180,351.87 kg

Thrid Picture

Average human: 32 px( 1.82 meters)

Huge hole diameter: 235 px (13.365625 meters) ^2

Depth of the hole: 1478.22 meters

Volume of rock destoryed:264,044.4236595 m^3

Mass destoryed: 712,919,943.88065 kg

Vaporization engery: 27,500 j/cc

Overall mass egnery destoryed:4 685.778 Kilotons

Erza’s speed: 249772.9 m/s.

Overall Attack potency of Erza’s Piercing Armor:4.896872250899948e+18 Joules= 1.7 Gigatons of TNT(Small Island level)

So mupilty that by 10 times and that should be Mirajane’s maximum punching power so roughly up to 17 Gigatons of Punch power and not a scratch on a Dragon despite Dragons being roughly in the same ballpark of power.

And as covered here, Erza has enough destructive potency and power to stop and overpower Kagura’s unsehated blade.

Fairy Tail 315 - Page 5
Fairy Tail 315 - Page 6

And Erza alone withstood a city busting slash arguably comparable to King Piccolo’s special attack with barely a scratch.

House: 4px ( 3 story house or 10.814 meters)

Slash Length: 718 px (1,941.113 meters )

Slash Width: 27 px (72.9675 meters)

Slash shockwave height: (1267.9415 meters)

Total Volume destroyed by Kagura’s slash:1,942,074,414.6985 m^3

Density of wood: 700 kg/m^3


And now for Velocity…

Veocity of slash:50km/sec

Here’s the potential potency of both Kagura and Erza factoring in velocity.

1.699315112861188e+21 joule = 406 146.059 48 megaton [explosive]

Overall potenecy:406.1 Gigatons of TN( Large Island Level)

That’s nearly 5 times the force and energy of King Piccolo’s Destructive Wave that Erza tanked with barely a scratch.

The fatal flaw with Piccolo as seen here is that he can’t spam his Ultimate attack , it takes all his effort to vaporize an entire city.


Second Timeskip Erza who has a soild Continent level+ feat stopping a relativistic speed meteor that could wipe out a continent with the energy akin to the impact of a asteroid the size of a small moon. Going by the scaling previously, the Deus Sama had destructive engery ranging between  1.04 Petatons ( Small Continent level) to 1.81 Exatons of TNT (Small Moon level) with 276 Petatons of TNT being the middle ground which is Large Continent level. In other words King Piccolo wouldn’t even last five seconds against this Erza.

Alot of DBZtards make the factless calim that based on King Piccolo’s statements he’s a planetbuster given he claims he can desotry all of Earth but we know oth based on power levels and the fact a city level explosion winded him out, it’s pure Hyperbole.

However let’s give the DBZtards a bone, let’s assume Piccolo at the very least could desotry all of Earth with one attack(Again extremely unlikely given he’s nowhere near Kami’s level). He will never be able to hit Erza with that attack.

As established within the Cell fight with Ultra Super Sayain Trunks, power is literally nothing if you can’t even catch your opponent and as seen with Mr Pop’s statements and feats,King Piccolo is nowhere close to Erza’s speed. Also as established with his attack, he can’t spam them so assuming he’s like Roshi, he has all the power but none of the speed to even catch Erza at her slowest.

This precisely why Roshi couldn’t possibly beat Piccolo despite having far superior feats, because his buff form was originally too slow to use for particular combat , not to mention it’s unknown whether he can control his ki enough to avoid destroying all life on earth with his Kamehameha Wave,especially if it can easily desotry the whole moon.

Speaking of Roshi Inb4 DBztards wanking King Piccolo.

King Piccolo can be scaled to much higher than moon busting Roshi, Roshi’s moon busting Kamehameha isn’t much slower than the speed of light, King Piccolo’s power and durability should be scaled above moon level, and his attacks a much faster than Roshi’s, Roshi’s Kamehameha reached the moon in afew seconds. 

One of the most common and dishonest forms of inflating power levels and powers within DBZ is the claim Roshi at a power level of 139 can moon bust. It’s an outright like to say the least given the fact Roshi with such a power level comes nowhere close to Moon Busting..

In fact King Piccolo who had a power level twice as high could barely City bust without being exhausted severely. This.This alone debunks the myth that Roshi can moonbust within a power level of 139.

Because that’s actually his base power, not maximum power level readings. 

Given scouters at best only measure base power levels, they did not factor a serious Roshi or his MAX POWER state . After all, what ultimately killed Raditz was the fact he was arrogant and relied too much on the scouter for base power level readings.

Roshi powered up when he blew up the moon with his moon busting Kamehameha Wave so he was nowhere near 139, he was far stronger. Considering his MAX power form resembles the power of Ultra Sayain , his power is more than 10 times higher base, putting Roshi up to 1390, however up until Battle of Gods, he couldn’t use it due to decrease in speed and durability which would’ve made it impossible to use against King Piccolo who was faster than Kid Goku.

Another case and power is that Piccolo with a power level of 322 is only shown to be a casual Island buster with his casual ki attacks, there is no way Roshi with a power level of 139 is a moon buster.

Even with his Demon Explosive Wave, he’s at best only Continent level which means around a power level of 600-660

 Adult Goku at his weakest tanked a blast that’s capable of wiping out an enitre island the size of a country, this is with a power level of 330-660. If anything, let’s calc the size of the Island nation of 

The entire Marital Arts tournament takes place within this Island Nation on the map of the Dragon Ball world

Dragon Ball world by IreneBelserion69

Earth: 900 px

Width of Island:36 px

Length of Island:106 px

Now for actual size


Width of island:510km

Length of the Island:1480.46km(

Area of Island:754,800 square kilometers (Roughly the size of Zambia)

Now time to determine the power of the blast itself.

As seen within the manga scans, 90% of the island was complete destroyed by Piccolo’s attack and reduced to dust with only the outer limits being intact. We will use Zambia as a example for the potential destructive radius of the blast and the blast power. Now time to plug this badboy in the Nuke Map

Piccolo's 23rd Budokai exploison by IreneBelserion69

Dry Blast yield needed to vaporize the area akin to Zambia: 33. 2 Teratons of TNT (Country level)

However one factor that can’t be ingored is the mountains vaporized as well, meaning there’s way more potency in the epxloison than accounted for,especially since Nuke Map doesn’t factor vaporization of mountains or Mountain Ranges.This is where things get tricky to calc but let’s go with 27,500j/cc for complete vaporization energy alone. 

Piccolo Jr’s Hyper Demon Explosive Wave Maximum potency: 913 Petatons of TNT(Small Moon level)

The overall yeild of this exploison is roughly 913 Petatons or Muilt Conttient/Small Moon level, which is roughly around the reasonable edges of power considering around 800 to 900 does moon busting seen possible , in fact here’s this key fact backing up the claim.

Which would go to explain why Piccolo’s strongest Ki Blast was outmatched by Goku’s Super Kamehameha Wave which is confirmed Moon level.

Note the blast used against Radtiz was around the same energy output he used against the moon as seen with the two scans here. Meaning the blast Piccolo fired was not casual, however it wasn’t his full power either given he was wearing weighted clothing which limits his power by 25%

This proves that you need at least the power level of 800 in Dragon Ball Z to do moonbusting when even a power level around 322-660 is not shown to be nearly enough.

And before the DBZtards claim that if Piccolo and Goku were that powerful, why were they curbstomped by Raditz ? Simple, notice that both Goku and Piccolo without weighted clothing were around 322-336 in 23rd Budokai? They are easily that power level against Raditz with Weighted clothing, proving they got much stronger in the 5 year skip. Further evidence by the fact that Piccolo’s peak power was around 900 in 23rd Budokai whereas his special Beam Canon was around 1,333

Given scouters at best only measure base power levels, they did not factor a serious Roshi or his MAX POWER state . After all, what ultimately killed Raditz was the fact he was arrogant and relied too much on the scouter for base power level readings.

Roshi powered up when he blew up the moon with his moon busting Kamehameha Wave so he was nowhere near 139, he was far stronger. Considering his MAX power form resembles the power of Ultra Sayain , his power is more than 10 times higher base, putting Roshi up to 1390, however up until Battle of Gods, he couldn’t use it due to decrease in speed and durability which would’ve made it impossible to use against King Piccolo who was faster than Kid Goku.

Dragon Ball 209 Page 11

Another thing debunking this claim is Piccolo with a power level base level of around 322 with weighted clothing blowing up the moon.Even that Piccolo had some difficulty busting the moon despite what people tend to think.

Dragon Ball 195 Page 12

Note the blast used against Radtiz was around the same energy output he used against the moon as seen with the two scans here. Meaning the blast Piccolo fired was not casual, however it wasn’t his full power either given he was wearing weighted clothing which limits his power by 25%.

If i had to guess, the moon busting feat had to be at least 800 to 1,000 at the very least and that’s not even factoring in the fact this was post Radtiz Saga Piccolo who did this feat and Namekaians can get strong enough at a rate that rivals the Sayains so yeah consider that factor there.

So this alone debunks the claim Roshi at 139 can Moon Bust or King Piccolo can planetbust.

For those what want to ask”If Roshi was this strong, why didn’t he beat King Piccolo”? The answer is simple, originally his form had a major weakness, it’s lack of speed. Roshi himself admits he doesn’t like using this form because of the drawbacks it has in speed,stamina and even durability. 

Enlarge this image 

As Goku stated much later in the Cell Games, Ultra Super Sayian suffers the same drawbacks as Master Roshi’s buff form, all that power is useless if you can’t catch your opponent.

Also as for the Revival of F movie, once Roshi is able to master the buff form without drawbacks to speed, he was able to defeat 170 of Fireza’s low class henchmen each as powerful as Raditz or at the very least more powerful than King Piccolo.This alone proves my point that King Piccolo who far outclassing base Roshi and suppressed buff Roshi can’t beat a full power Master Roshi.

As for the feat being nearly Lightspeed and Moon level, ironically enough so is Deus Sama which is pretty close to speed with Master Roshi’s Super Kamehameha Wave and while not Moon level, comes close to Small Moon level in potential kentic energy.

Another nonsensical claim thrown around regarding King Piccolo’s power is the fact he killed Shneron who can recreate the Moon which is a logical fallcy.

Frist of all Shenron is not an established fighter.

Second it’s a creation of Kami which Kami purposely allowed to die in other to hope that the humans stop misusing the Dragon Balls.

And as established with him effortlessly curbstomping Goku post King Piccolo fight, he’s far above King Piccolo in power.

Eitherway King Piccolo loses on this front too. Even if King Piccolo had the attack capable of killing Erza, his attack would fail to hit her and Erza has more than enough durability to tank anything he throws anyways.

King’s Piccolo’s power:  At least 6-15 Megatons of TNT with a casual Ki Blast

                                          93 Gigatons of TNT with his strongest attack

Erza’s power: Between 130 Megatons and 27 Gigatons of TNT PTS full power

                         1.8 Gigatons of TNT casually, over 440 Gigatons Post Timeskip Second Orgin full power

                         Casual Teratons base, Between 8.32 Petatons  and   14.48 Exatons                     

Overall King Piccolo is outclassed in overall power as well.


Durability and Stamina can’t be ingored within the matchup of these two for it plays a vital role in battle. King Piccolo was not a slouch in durability.

In his eldery and weka state presumbly only 1/10th his power, he outright tanked Goku’s Kamehameha Wave

This is no small feat considering Goku at this point powerscaled with Master Roshi from the 22nd Budokai and Tien who were roughly at a power level of 180. Eldery King Piccolo was around 230 give or take with his maximum power being around 260.

Roshi with a suppressed Buff Form was able to match Tien in a stalemate fight, only quitting out of energy exhaustion with Tien having a maximum power of 180 at the time.

Anyways Tien’s TirBeam completely vaporized the entire ring

Human: 52 px(1.81m)

Ring length:700 px (24.2 m)

Crater depth:303px ( 10.55m) low estimate   

Denisty of Rock:3,500kg/m^3

Volume:6178.502 m^3


Veocity:47.30031km/s (Mach 139)…

48 381 486 758 231 920 joule = 11.563 452 858 megaton [explosive]

Tien’s Tir Beam power:11.56 Megatons of TNT (City level)

Considering 22nd Budokai Goku=22 Budokai Tien, it’s safe to say that King Piccolo ltierally tanked the potency equivalent of Ivy Mike, the frist H Bomb the US tested and the third largest nuclear weapon to exist. In short killing King Piccolo with nukes would outright fail and this is merely an elderly King Piccolo.

Prime King Piccolo was strong enough to tank his own Island level Demo Destructive Wave which vaporized Central City which we esbtlaish was 93 Gigatons of TNT or Island level. Pretty monstrous to say the least.

However King Piccolo while can easily tank a nuke to the face, can’t maintain using extremely high end techniques at once. His Demon Destrsuctive Wave left him winded after a single use of the technique meaning he can only use it’s true power once without straining his body too much.

Contrast with Erza who’s able to fight with immense stamina and druablty to boot with her immense strength. She has quite alot of feats of this level but let’s use the craziest feat, her fight with Kyouka.

To give you a good clue of how strong Kyouka is.  Fairy Tail 372 - Page 9

Fairy Tail 372 - Page 10

Erza in the previous feat shown was able to casually punch through an entire island with one of her weaker armors and Kyouka no sold the attack entirely without a single scratch on her and Kyouka was the one hit with the force.  This would put both Erza and Kyouka roughly in the Mid Gigatons.

Fairy Tail 399 - Page 5

if anything Kyouka would easily be stronger than Kagura given Fairy Armor is twice as powerful as Clear Heart clothing which was enough to beat Kagura and Kyouka was in Base form while Erza used her strongest armor which is roughly twice as high as her.

Fairy Tail 403 - Page 2

However no sooner Kyouka transformed(Also amped with Sayla’s power) she easily overwhelmed Erza in a straight up brawl

Kyouka also increased Erza’s pain threshold to the point even air would feel like blades to her skin . The weight of air per cubic meter is only 1.2 Kg, whereas human skin is 1,010 kg per cubic meter. Erza’s pain threeshold and durabltiy would be 841.667 lower.

Erza takes numerous beatings from Koyuka despite her getting stronger every second.Given Kyokua is 100 times stronger at full power than Erza with Piercing Armor, a casual blow form Kyouka should be roughly 180 Gigatons of force and note Erza’s durablity is 841.667 lower which is making a punch that can desotry an entire island feel like the force of a punch that can destroy a country the size of Texas.

It should also be noted Kyouka doubled her power when she asborbed the powers of Salyia, her lover and that’s prior to trasnforming.

And despite that beating combined with having all her senses removed, she’s able to stand and fight due to sheer willpower.

She gets hit by amped up pain slashes which would stimulate the pain equivalent of being ripped in half And despite being hit by the equivalent of 10 of those attacks plus amped up strength of 7.5 times, she was able to beat Kyokua.

Fairy Tail 404 - Page 10
Fairy Tail 404 - Page 11
Fairy Tail 404 - Page 12

Yet Erza not only overcame and resisted that pain, but no sold it

King Piccolo by contrast was killed by an attack only slightly greater than his Demon Destruction Wave. That at best puts his threshold around 2 to 10 times his limt, much lower than Erza’s pain and durability threshold.

At least PJ, At least PJ

Durability: Mountain level (Casually tanked Goku’s Kamehameha Wave which is comparable to Tien’s Tir Beam), Island level+ (Tanked his own blast that vaporized an entire city the size of Tokyo)

Putting this all together it becomes clear why Erza defeats King Piccolo. King Picolo might be very powerful but with lack of speed and his low stamina against an opponent who outspeeds and outlasts him and can far stronger as well, he never stood a chance.

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