Democrats commit political suicide yet again as they support Black Thugs Matter and the destruction of America

As we speak, the Black Thugs matter movement continue to burn my city to the ground and loot and destroy black-owned businesses and being the city is run by America’s worst mayor and an utter sympathizer of the Black Lives Matter agenda, there’s no end in sight of these “Race Wars”  but i already talked about the hypocrisy of this vile movement in the previous post, i want to make a follow-up, this time addressing all the parasites and hypocrites hopping on the bandwagon to virtue signal how great they are while ignoring the fact these thugs are more dangerous to the very community these so-called “Woke” allies are protecting.

I deadass had to revise the title of this post again as so much shit keeps happening that i can barely keep track of this shit.I legit have 96 pages of links, pictures and memes summing up this clusterfuck of a movement

I already called out several organizations in particular in my last journal, as i was writing this shit even more companies have caved and virtue signal and added financial support to Black Thugs Matter.  First addressed some backlash WWE has gotten for it’s pandering to the Black Thugs Matter movement.

As expected from this virtue signaling, even the cucked BLM fucks are calling out WWE on its racist hypocrisy, especially considering they’re infamous booking of Booker T  vs Triple H, arguably one of the most racist angles in Wrestling history.

An angle which BTW the racist heel defeated the Black babyface being hit with racist remarks, needless to say, this company has no leg to stand on when it comes to  “Black Lives Matter”

Hell, it wasn’t even that long ago that WWE was accused of racism by Jordan Miles over a t-shirt design.

WWE trying to suddenly care about race relations is about as transparent virtue-signaling as you fucking get,especially consdering not only the racist seterotpyes they’ve ran in the past but even Racial Disicmrination lawsuits they’ve also faced as well which btw i called them out back in 2015 on their massive hypocrisy of banning Hogan from WWE,

Nevemrin they allowed Ulimate Warrior with open arms a year prior who said far more racist shit and far worse shit than Hogan ever said into the fucking Hall of Fame, not that it matters given them Hypocrites still let back into the company without much of a convincing apology.

Something even the New Day commented on his return to the company.

Guess you need tha Saudi Money huh Vince and you need someone as racist as these fucking Sand Niggas to represent you Saudi Blood Money Supershows.

Liberals vs Islam by IreneBelserion69

Which BTW Saudi Arabia to this day is a racist, Sexist, homophobic and bigotted Apatherid state. 

Do the Blacks living in slavery, proverty and opression in the Middle East Matter WWE?

Do the Milllions of dead Muslims  by Islam lives matter WWE?

What about one of many Muslim terrorists that kill black lives  funded by Saudi Arbia?Do their lives matter?

Islamic-Apartheid-31 by IreneBelserion69

What about the enslavement of many Muslims to this day in Arab lands, do there lives matter?

What about the pandering you did with the Indian Market with Jinder  Mahal,a storyline infamous for pandering and racism and putting a mediocre to crap wrestler in the helms

BTW Vince Mchmamon taking money from one of the most racist countries in the entire world but do tell us how Black Lives Matter .

Once again these cucks in Wreseltmaina and What culture defend the rioters and looters because British people are cucked snow wiggers whose blood is filled with white guilt.

 AEW joking banned Hogan’s wife for condemning these savages in BLM.  Frankly, I’m one more Black lives matter wank video away from unsubbing to them because they push this bullshit down my throat,i like your guys work on Wrestling news and wrestling videos and when it comes to those, you niggas are spot on, but when it comes to your political hot takes, you’re straight-up trash.

Keep your gay Britsh leftism out of our American politics.

While your shithole country falls apart due to your cuckery, America is still strong.

So suck on that you tea drinking commies.

So AEW has also caved to Black Lives Matter BS, URGH. Fuck me with this bullshit!

I was hoping they were better than this BS going on but it looks like they’re not. I like to think there are good intentions with Tony Khan but i don’t think so, i don’t trust Billionaires with agendas.

And that includes even the president himself who I voted for and frankly at this rate might vote again just to spite these Corporations, cucks, and thugs.

AEW jokingly banns Hogan’s wife for being Anti Riot. Yeah, what the fuck AEW? Do you support this BS?  

Or this

Or fuck even this 

Unlike Hogan’s infamous N-Word statement which you can definitely make the argument that it was racist in context( And even then hardly the most racist scandal WWE ever had), his wife’s comments were calling out Looting and rioting  so fuck you Tony Khan for supporting Black Thugs Mater.

Hey guys,  this is what you want? The murder of black cops?The murder of innocent business owners? 

The burning of fucking childern’s hopstials?
The beatdown of fucking childern by so called grown ass men?

The burning down of neighborhoods.

Or what about this bullshit of vandalizing graves of Black Soldiers who died  to give these ungrateful chimps their rights to vote.

Yeah by adopting the /#BlackLivesMatter hashtag, you have blood on your hands and that includes the Hollywoke dipshits who bailed out these thugs so they can murder more innocent people.

But we’re hardly done here, let’s cover why BLM are hypocrites. For example why don’t they call out violence like this in their own community?Thugs that gang up and assault a teenage girl. Where was the fucking outcry from Black Lives Matter when this shit happened? you dumbass Liberals think it’s about Black Lives, you’re fucking kidding yourself. 

Where the fuck are you people when Black owned businessses   are being  torched down by your fucking thugs?

Where’‘s these people when Blacks kill other blacks in far greater numbers than  any cop can?

Meanwhile people who want to rightfully respond to  Thug Lives Matter and calling to attack them back in self defense are banned from twitter.

Meanwhile faggots like Tom Androld who call for incitiment of violence against critics of Black Lives Matter  is perfectly protected by twitter.

We have good human being like Triana and Terry Crews, BTW both are black and both having grew up in the hood denouncing the radical Black Supremacist mentality  of BLM

Celebrities that even share a moderate view on the BLM movement are also shamed and attacked by these albino apes and chimps on Social Media.

Whereas celebrities bailing out criminals, terrorists,looters and murderers are cheered by the Establishment media.

Twitter is blatantly engaging in political bias, even as far as editing their search to paint Trump as Racist.

Let’s not kid ourselves, this is a staged , coordinated effort by the Deep State to destabilize not only this country but the world of any Anti Establishment movements and governments as we seen plenty of   evidence of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter being given bricks and even forklifts to loot stores which proves massive  amounts of planning and for what you may ask?

So the media and the Deep State can gaslight Trump and those aligned with him to acting with brutal force  when he  makes any connection between “Peaceful Protestors” with violent ANTIFA thugs and BLM .While i think the president is wrong at least in this case(Don’t worry i will update this when i get more information on this old man) , there’ s no doubt that these “Protests” are staged insurrections meant to gaslight the political opponents to act with excessive force, holding people who are well meaning and supportive of police reform hostage  and having the organizers of these events have BLM and ANTIFA agitators have refugee within Peaceful protests in daytime and attack and loot at night.


And let’s not kid ourselves, even the “Peaceful Protesters”come off as cult like and dangerous , just look at the shit these White guilt cucks haven been up to, literally bowing down to BLM and  their insane demands, i haven’t seen such cult like behavior in my 32 years of existence and this kind of shit wasn’t seen to this scale since the rise of Evangelicalism in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

These pathetic self hating whites go as far as wash the feet of their Black Masters, which is the ultimate irony about these Thug Lives Matter protests, even the peaceful protests are blatantly racists and Authoritarian

Slavery ended over 150 years ago, get the fuck over it! It’s this stupid retarded thinking that’s holding back the Black community and keeping them within the Democartic Plantation.

Also if you think Racism is holding you back nowadays, it’s fucking not. It’s ignorant black people trapped in the ghetto nigga mentality that’s holding back other black people. Insusittonal racism barely exists anymore. As this guy points out, gentrification is occurring because of black people who do become big and famous and get out of the hood abandon the hood and do nothing to improve and clean up their own neighborhoods and get mad when rich wealthy hipster white people do it, as much as i mock the hypocrisy of White liberals bitching about colonization while living in condo enclaves in the middle of the ghetto, they’re not doing anything wrong, they’re doing what black people should be doing already with their hoods. 

Whether it be Democrat Majority cities like Baltimore

Or Chicago, niggas are dominating the crime statistics and hence we have more police incidents with the black community. 

See the source image

Contrast the murder rate of Blacks killing Blacks to Police shootings of unarmed any race without justification are actually fairly rare, the average statistic of police-involved shootings are only about 1574 in 2 years from 2013 to 2015, giving us an annual statistic of 787 people killed annually, of which only 30% of Blacks are shot versus 49% of shootings involving white criminals or alleged white criminals, meaning that you have about a 163.3% chance of being shot by police as a white man than you do as a black man, which instantly debunks the Black Lives Matter Narrative of Black men being shot for being black.

The number of blacks killed annually in unjustified shootings lowers dramatically when you consider that 93% of all police shootings are justifiable by any race, bringing the number of blacks killed unjusfitablly down to around 17 out of the 236 blacks shot annually by cops.

Meaning actual killing on innocent unarmed black men are much rarer.

Then black men who attempted to kill police. 

Blacks make up 52% of the Homicide rate both as victim and Preparators of these crimes. Combing all racial groups in the country wouldn’t even equal the annual homicide rate of black Americans, an Average of 6,095 African Americans die to violence, 93%-97% of them from Black on Black Crime which contrasts with the combined death toll of White and Hispanic criminals and Victims which is only 5,397.

As a Law Abiding Black citizen of America, you are statistically 358 times more likely to be killed by a Black Criminal than you are with a racist cop or a racist Neo-Nazi. As a black criminal,you’re 26 times more likely to die from other black criminals than you are from a cop in general.

Chance time 2 by IreneBelserion69

if you’re a law-abiding black man in America and the chance of being murdered by racist cop is only 17 out of 45,789,188 or roughly 1 out of 2,693,481, that’s just 67.33% more likely than being killed by a terrorist within the United States

Chance time by IreneBelserion69

By contrast of being killed by black men as a black man is roughly 1 out of 7513, which is 1.3 times less likely than being accepted into a major league Soccer Team.

See the source image

Also no outrage where Black cops are murdered on the line of duty either, i guess Black Lives only matter if you’re not Law Enforcement.

I’m against police brutality myself and criticize the overmitlriazartion of the police force myself, however, guess what is the cause of overmiltiarzing our police force, Stop and Frisk and all these policies that lead to potentially unarmed black kids being killed by cops? 

You guessed it, Gun Control! Very ironic that almost every dipshit Democartic Politician, especially the Black Democrat politicians are all for Gun Control.

hen it also leads to Stop and Frisk and increased chances of innocent Black kids being wrongfully profiled and shot. After all, where do you hear most Police Brutality incidents occur?

 Democrat-run cities, the irony is that you’re actually less likely to be profiled by cops in Pro-Gun towns and states than in Democartic Big Cites.

Not only this, but you also have the opposite effect of lowering gun crime with the policy to increase gun control as Chicago has become one of the harshest cites on gun violence yet also the city with some of the highest murder rates in the entire country, all thanks to gun control.

Hell look at Texas, a state that’s so gun-crazy, it’s vritually a meme and it’s Captial city has a very low crime rate whereas Chicago’s murder rate is fucking insane.

So how about you same liberal crackers washing these niggas feet suck my big black nigga cock  for all the Black on Black crime you ignore in my community?’

Hell i’m no pro lifer(In fact did a whole journal proving my pro choice stance) but i think Black conservatives are at least consistent with their stances of life compared  to the Niggas on the Democartic Planation.

In all seriounsess though i’m fucking tired of having this fucking convesrariton, but i have no fucking choice as literally ever corproate brand from Nike  to  Rockstar is trying to push this bullshit down my fucking throat  so it’s not like i can just stay silent, worse these fucks are actually winning within their states in their twisted agenda against cops so let’s call out these corpraritons  and show you exactly why i don’t stand with Black Lives Matter and never will again.

Of cours Vicacom via Nickeldon gave us this fucking gem of a moment when they go off air with this disturbing bullshit representing what appears to been silumations of Gegore Floyd’s final words, all i can really say to this is 

Seriously FUCK YOU VIACOM! Pushing your twisted corporate leftist agenda down kids throats.This is a new low even for you fucks .

Like you motherfuckers have any right to preach morality given the  fact you literally make children’s shows have jokes about sucide,TWICE.

The same coproartion that harbors child predators and child molestoers for many years openly  yet you fuckers think you’re best for kids?Fuck off.

And since we’re bringing up racism Viacom you  contribute to the ignorance of the Black community with your programing according to prominent black votes


Public Enemy rapper Chuck D,[7] journalist George Curry,[8] writer Keith Boykin,[9] comic book creator Christopher Priest,[10] filmmaker Spike Lee,[11] Syracuse University professor of finance Dr. Boyce Watkins[12] and cartoonist Aaron McGruder (who, in addition to numerous critical references throughout his series, The Boondocks, made a particular episode criticizing the channel), all have protested BET’s programming and actions. As a result, BET heavily censors suggestive content from the videos that it airs, often with entire verses and scenes removed from certain rap videos.[13][14] Furthermore, scholars within the black community maintain that BET perpetuates and justifies racism by affecting the interpersonal beliefs others may generalize about blacks, and also by affecting the psyche of its young viewers through its bombardment of negative images of blacks.[15]

The New York Times reported that the Reverend Delman L. Coates and his organization Enough is Enough led protests every weekend outside the residences of BET executives against what they claim are negative stereotypes of black people perpetuated by BET music videos.[13] Enough is Enough backed an April 2008 report titled The Rap on Rap by the Parents Television Council that claimed that BET rap programming, which they believed contained gratuitous sexual, violent, and profane content, was targeting children and teens.[16]

BET announced in March 2010 that Gordon would return to the network to host “a variety of news programs and specials.”[17]

In a 2010 interview, BET co-founder Sheila Johnson said she herself is “ashamed” of what the network has become. “I don’t watch it. I suggest to my kids that they don’t watch it,” she said. “When we started BET, it was going to be the Ebony magazine on television. We had public affairs programming. We had news… I had a show called Teen Summit, we had a large variety of programming, but the problem is that then the video revolution started up… And then something started happening, and I didn’t like it at all. And I remember during those days we would sit up and watch these videos and decide which ones were going on and which ones were not. We got a lot of backlash from recording artists…and we had to start showing them. I didn’t like the way women were being portrayed in these videos.”[18]

So yeah fuck you hypocrites and fuck off. Boondocks was right about you niggas .

Funny enough I don’t see any of these BLM thugs demand the removal of this shit , just only  pro cop movies and shows and  movies against their agenda. Anyways fuck these people.

Now onto  Nike ,I’ve covered them already in a previous post not too long ago, best i go and rehash my arguments against Nike since they’re the worst offenders out of everyone here in terms of their bullshit virtue signalling. 

Funny how the same guy who talks about American Imperialism is a spokesperson for Nike, a shoe corporation that strongly benefits..from American Imperialism. Funny how Crappernigg is all for bashing imperialism when he literally benefits from American Imperialism

Nike is a great example of how imperialism is still evident in our modern society. This very successful company was initially established in September 1969, and is an american based sports clothing and shoes seller (Reuters, 2014). They have a net revenue of 27.8 billion, with an average net income worldwide of 2.6 million. They spread around the world over 858 different retail stores, with over 56,000 employees. Nike has had a huge impact on the shoe industry especially in America. When Nike was founded, only 4% of US footwear was imported, while now in the 21st century it has risen to the massive 98% (Reuters, 2014). This is because a lot of Nike’s products are outsourced, which also helped them spread around the world and be as well known as they are today. have also been known to abuse the people working in their factories, but they never take the blame for it. This is because Nike do not actually own any of these factories, they outsource and give contract work to various owners. These factory owners than do harmful things to people who work there and Nike get no blame for it. In the first two years in Vietnam, one factory official was convicted of physical abuse, another fled the country, and another was investigated for sexual charges (New York Times, 2014). This is a type of imperialism, almost a kind of morphed Mercantalism. The big company has nothing to do with the dirty work of the processing of materials, and just markets and makes the products. This is also follows the idea that Nike are more superior to those working. Nike have the money to be able to pay those workers double as much as they do, but don’t because they are greedy. They do this so that they can become more popular worldwide, as part of their big idea of cultural imperialism and Americanization. Just like other big organizations such as McDonalds and Starbucks, it is in the companies best interest to spread around the world as much as possible and influence other countries to be like them. Nike have done this by offering outlets across the whole globe, sponsoring people from various nations, and spreading their factories around as well. They are a prime example of imperialism in today’s society, and reflect the same ideas and values of those in the past.  outsourcing, Nike has been able to have a large impact on the culture around the world, a type of Imperialism. By being spread all around the world they have become such a well known company. Their American slogan and logo are known to such a large amount of people because of how they advertise themselves, which is mainly through famous athletes and teams. Mario Gotze in Germany, Ilie Năstase from Romania, and even sponsoring the Indian Cricket team they spread across almost every country on the globe (Wikipedia, 2014). Although there are many benefits to this “outsourcing” technique, Nike has also become a symbol of abusive labor practices and unsafe working conditions for many foreign factories. Nike began their production of shoes in South Korea and Taiwan back in the 1970’s, but once these countries gained new freedom and their wages started to rise, the company began to relocate. They went to Indonesia and China and most recently Vietnam, all places where protective labor laws are poorly enforced and cheap labor is a possibility. People there are working for less than minimum wage, with over 10,000 Indonesian workers complaining about wage violations in April 1997, and 3,000 Chinese complaining about the same problem in the same month of 1998 (Saigon, 2014). Indonesian wage only covered 70% of the basic needs of one person, while in Vietnam people earned an average of 20 cents per house (Global Exchange, 2014).


Nike is an american globally-known sport brand. It plays a part in ‘globalisation’ (which is defined by merriam-webster online dictionary as being “the process by which businesses or other organisations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale”), along with several other companies such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, to name a few. With the help of media, these companies have spread to the point that almost everyone knows the United States, and how it is to live in America, no matter where they are in the world.

Because of this, it is a prime advocate of imperialism today- especially for cultural and economic imperialism.

  As defined by NYU Wiki, cultural imperialism is the “practice of promoting, distinguishing, separating, and artificially injecting the culture or language of one nation in another”. Thus it is evident that NIKE is an example of cultural imperialism – as a global company, whose brand is known almost everywhere, it projects american culture onto other countries through sports apparel and fashion, slowly taking the place any fashion there was beforehand. As NIKE is so well-known, it takes precedence over any existing sports/fashion companies as it is so popular. In a sense, it plays a part in the cultural hegemony of western culture over the rest of the world. 


(Gilroy. Liu Xiang. 2010. N.p.)

An example of NIKE’s cultural imperialism would be in China, where it sponsors Liu Xiang: China’s first track and field olympic gold medalist. He dons NIKE apparel, advertising them to Chinese public, who would most likely follow in the footsteps of their sports icon and buy some themselves. Since NIKE represents the core-values of american sport, this representation of them also promotes american culture over Chinese culture. It pushes the public to think that NIKE is better than other sports brands -especially Chinese – as their favourite sports idol is wearing them. As a result, NIKE takes precedence over Chinese sports brands and influences the public into buying NIKE products – thus being a classic example of cultural imperialism in the modern world. 

Nike also plays a part in economic imperialism through the wide spread use of its product and the cultural imperialism that this results in. NIKE influences the countries it has factories in as it takes over local shops and creates another source of income for the populace – by controlling salaries, it also has a hand in the economy of said country. 

Through globalisation, NIKE is able to form workshops in dozens of countries, particularly under-developed ones. As such, not only does NIKE affect different cultures through globalisation, it also exploits the people in under-developed countries. Essentially, NIKE plays a part in ‘regressive imperialism’, which is the exploitation of people solely for their own gain. There are several cases where NIKE has been found using under-developed countries, such as Pakistan, for slaves in order to make their wares. 


( Nike – Child Labour. N.d. N.p.)

These people work in sweatshops and depend on NIKE for jobs and money – hinting that NIKE also plays a part in economic imperialism. The people working in the sweatshops gain very little compared to what NIKE is selling their merchandise for (Stanford University claims that NIKE sells their merchandise 250 times the salary of the worker making the clothes). This means that NIKE gains much more from this than the people, and consequently is a great example of economic imperialism. This has both good and bad impacts for countries such as Pakistan – it means that these people have jobs, although terrible ones- but it also means NIKE takes over any local business as it offers more and thus the people rely on it more than anything else. 

In conclusion, one can see that due to its wide-spread popularity, NIKE is able to have both a cultural and economic impact on the world, especial

But do tell me how much you hate Imperlaism Crappernigg, you’re black ass is the biggest fucking hypocrite in America and considering Micheal Moore exists, that’s saying something.

Not to mention the same shit he talks about the Besty Ross flag, he wore on his socks prior as if he wasn’t enough of a piece of shit hypocrite.

Not to mention this is the same guy who was fucking fined for using a racial slur calling someone a “fucking Nigger” which is why i call Colin Kaepernick Colon Crappernigg because in all purposes, this guy is the walking definition of a retarded monkey-faced half breed nigger. He’s not only a House Nigger but a self-hating cracker at that, what’ to like about a guy who hates his own race while talking about his race.

Now onto the other brands within this virtue signaling bullshit.Most notably Disney

Which was bullied into giving 5 million dollars to Black Thugs Matter because nothing says a peaceful movement than bullying people into giving you free shit. Anyways since we’re on the topic of Disney, did you know Disney cares about Black Lives?

Nevermind their many racist cartoons they made in the past.

Nevermind that their founder was a massive Anti Semtic Racist and Nazi Sympahtizer

Nevermind they’re company still is getting sued for racial and gender discirnariton.

And don’t get me started with it’s human rights violations,especially with their funders in China.

  But Hey Black Lives Matter.

Unless it’s our own movies in China with black male leads, then they suddenly don’t.. Funny how modern Disney  virtue singles so much yet they’re doing the same fucked up shit as their founder when it comes to the Chinese markets.

Speaking of which, notice all these companies coming out to virtue signal for Black Lives Matter just happen to do business in China?

Then again fuck Bodgeya, he’s a racist prick too, so really not much sympathy from mem  you got the balls to call anyone a coon when your porch monkey uncle tome ass is fine being Rey’s bitch in the movie and being cucked out in China. Fuck out of here House Nigger, you don’t get to call anyone a Coon faggot ass nigga.So yeah Bodygea i as  racist sheep, moving on.

Do tell me  folks, do Black Lives Matter in China?  China commit legit segregation, persecution and murder of it’s Black minoirty popluation.. Where’s Black Lives Matter calling for these corporations to move out of China and calling them out for funding legit Apahterid,Segregation and ethnic cleansings?

Miss me with this Gay shit that coproations give a shit about you dumb hood niggas.

China is directly respoible for the genocide of Darfur, where Muslim Arabs killed over 500,000 Black Lives.  Where are you dumb niggas when it comes to condemning China and companies doing business with China? Hell where was Black Lives Matter during this time.

Hell where are you when China is colonizing Africa in the current year?

How it did it take  a fucking ghetto thug kid like Trayon Martin to have your movement start shit with you guys where the destruction of Black Lives was at it’s worst in Sudan over 6 years before  where black lives were targeted and killed by the Sudanese government in the worst Black Genocide since the Ranawada genocide ?

Hell since were on the topic, how is it that Black America rioted for Rodney King back in 1992 and demanded action yet silent when it comes to the genocide of Rawanda?Where were the same black leaders like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton when it comes to the worst act of genocide on black lives?

Guess Black Lives only matter when the killers are white people.

All the more reason these so-called “Black Leaders’ ‘in Americare the ultimate con men, lulling sutpid black people into voting Democrats, the same Democrats who push for policies that create the environment of not only Black on Black Crime but police brutality.

Either Way these motherfucking communists have some gall to call America a racist society. Yeah China threw in their support for Black Lives Matter which is akin to a Nazi throwing support for Passover,disingenous and fake as fuck.

Keep in mind this is your usual police encounter in China.

Contrast this with the outlier cases of both Geogre Floyd and Eric Garner, both rare cases of cops committing excessive force to a man resisting arrest and killing them.

Whereas everyday in China ,there are several George Flyod tier cases of police brutality that go ignored by the world.

Meanwhile the Media and China continue to make false comparisons between Tiananmen Square and the current race riots.

Despite the fact Trump has not done nearly enough to go after the rioters who are being let off scot free thanks to Democrats allied to the cause of these race rioters.

Yet  criminals who murder, vandzile raped and attacked people in the name of Black Lives Matter and looted are walking scott free thanks to the Democarts, of which many of these Thugs were formerly released thanks to the “Brillaint” idea of Democarts letting criminals out of prison during the COVID-19 Epdieminc   and now many cites are giving these rioters cover to do their thuggery  which includes celebrities bailing out criminals .Totally like Tiamamen Sqaure., i totally remember china releasing “criminals” who criticize their shitty government.

Some faggots even try to compare these thugs to the Hong Kong Protestors,even making these shit tier memes trying to equate the two movements which a sheer sign of desperation on their part 

given their narrative on the Boston Tea Party and BLM failed.

Here’s the difference dumbasses, China has legit police brutality on a near daily basis, also every Brand that has endorsed Black Lives Matter has businesses within China so you’re admitting you’re taking Blood Money from a police state that commits police brutality at a rate that is far beyond anything in American history, even when compared to the Segregation Era.

Meanwhile in Evil Racist America, all those evil cops you hate are actually siding with your movement and some police departments are so shellshocked with White Gutil, they are surrendering like the pussies they are.

I await  for the Chinese government to  willfully surrender to the Hong Kong Protestors  demands of having them become their own independent Capitalist state free from Communism and to respect their human rights..Oh wait  that would never fucking happen.

Also an important thing to note is that the Hong Kong Protesters were legit defending themselves from a Military Invasion, they didn’t start the riots, it was the Chinese communist government  who started the Riots, not the protestors.

Meanwhile  in these  “Peaceful Protests” ANTIFA and BLM started shooting at the police first and looting and rioting first, not as an act of self defense. Note that while Floyd was killed by a crooked cop, the actions didn’t warrant  the actions of the people to burn down their own cites.

Also oh yeah, Hong Kong wasn’t burned to the ground either, so nice try lefties.

Also BLM and ANTIFA are terrorizing other countries that have nothing to do with the George Floyd case whereas you don’t see Hong Kong rioters burning down Chinatowns in America.

 The protesters in Hong Kong are by no means saints but the difference is all you same people now suddenly comparing BLM to Hong Kong Protestors were condemning the Hong Kong Riots  and siding with the Chinese Communist government, now all of a sudden you give a shit about the Hong Kong Protests?


Where were you and your mega corporations protesting the police brutality against the Chineses by their own government?Oh right you motherfuckers were literally calling them Alt Right and criticizing those in solidarity with the Hong Kong Protestors, now you motherfuckers want to side with the Hong Kong protestors? After supporting Chinese communist censorship?

Need I remind you about all the game companies who sucked China’s cock when they were committing police brutality  and bent over backwards on their values,ethics and morals to get them China bucks.

One thing China got right though is the new name for White Guilt Libtards, i refer to them for now on as Baizuos.

Now all of them are suddenly against police brutality when it comes to this one outlier case with Gegore Floyd, now they want to shove Black Lives Matter literally down our fucking throat. Even fucking Rockstar of all fucking companies is preaching this Bullshit!

Yeah the same Rockstar that gave us San Andreas, the ultimate Black on Black crime simulator(BTW Best GTA game, come at me)  in which you literally play as a Black THug to fight off other black thugs in street warfare.

Literally out of the whole 69 missions in the game , only one mission in the whole game has you fight actual White Supremacists  and really the real focus is to steal the harvester, they’re more of a nuisance than a credible threat unlike the Russian Mafia backed Ballas.

And the main antagonist of the game is a crooked black cop who is affiliated with the rival street gang who basically murders his own fellow cop and frames the main character Cj for the murder.

Many in BLM call Black on black crime a myth so they can argue San Anderas, one of your best selling games is fucking racist  because how dare you calim Black on Black crime is real?It’s clearly a white surpemeacist talking point.

BTW can we go to real hip hop that kept it real?

Rather than this wack ass modern bullshit that is just glorifying being a thug

Or what about Red Dead Redemption, you have a game where you play as a Straight White Male in the late 1800’s with even appearances of the Clan  in the game and the ability to use rope to hogtie or lynch people, surely  BLM won’t find that game racist at all right?

Also what’s with all these fucking game companies getting fucking woke?You know what you sutpif fuckers use for hard drives and disks and parts for your computers and consoles?The same rare earth minerals that come from slave mines in Africa  using Black slave labor?Does Ninetendo, Sony,Rockstar or Activision care for these Black Lives?

You same niggas that make those chips for my Playstation are the same ones using third world slave labor to make that shit.

Yep you fucking hypocrites who run big tech companies  and video game companies  have no fucking right to pretend you give two shits about Black Lives.

Tell me motherfuckers, do you give a shit about this black lad who slaved in a mine to make your fucking chips/No you ingore that because of course you fucking do, get the fuck out of here with the Black Lives Matter BS.

Wonder if Black Lives Matter to these folks as well, surely  Sony is going to tell the Congoness government on how evil they are?

Guess it’s only racist when the government leader is orange.

Also BTW last tuesday was a blackout for Black Lives Matter, guess what i fucking did?I drew hentai, played some steam games, played DOOM on the PS4 and waved my Middle Finger out  in defiance cause fuck you that’s why.

These corpatrions don’t give a damn about your human rights regardless of your fucking race, in the eyes of MuiltNaitonal Coprartions , #NoLivesMatter

In all seriousness i find it funny that the UN also wants to throw its hat in the ring for Black Lives Matter and wokeness. Oh that’s rich coming from the UN.

Same UN that’s constantly on Israel and America’s ass when they commit a few war crimes in the Middle East

Yet are dead silent when it comes to genocides done by Third World Nations, Arab Nations and China. They were also asleep on the wheel when  the Second Congo War happened, the worst war since World War 2, where was the UN when it came to all those Black Lives lost?

Just going by the  last 3 recent genocides alone, the UN failed to save over 6.5 Million Black Lives  and that’s only going by the overt genocides alone,  we haven’t even counted the amount of Blacks who died of starvation into the mix outside of war.

But some dumb hood niggas who pick fight with cops and get killed by their own stupidity, those are the fucking lives the UN cares about all of a sudden? EAT MY DICK UN.

Also police brutality is hardly a race issue, as i’ve shown hundreds of times before, whites are actually more likely to be shot and killed by cops than blacks by almost twice as many times.  

And no to the idots on the Alt Right , this isn’t a form of “White Genocide” either. But since we’re on the topic of that, funny how the UN not only ignores actual black genocides such as Ranwada and do nothing to stop it, they also ignore the White genocides of white minorities in South Africa but that’s a topic for an another time, let’s talk about the often ignored whites killed by cops in America.

A grand example of this is the infamous Tony TImpa murder, the White Gegore Flyod.


Police killed Tony Timpa using knee on neck for 14 minutes in 2016, almost twice as much time as Gegore Floyd which roughly fits into the statistics of the amount of whites killed by cops as much as blacks, this video wasn’t released until last year but did we see any outcry for the victim?

Was there riots by mostly white redneck MAGA Trump Supporters in every conveserative Small Town in America?

Where was the White Lives Matter “Protester” and the narrative that this was a Hispanic on White crime? Where’s the outrage? Where are the protests? Riots? Anything? T I’m not saying this to take away from George Floyd but if Black Lives Matter claims it cares for all races, not just Black ones, why are they silent on the death of this kid?

 And before anyone fucking tries this bullshit strawman “Oh you just wanted Gegore Floyd dead”No one condones or supports Derk Chauvin and his gang of thugs who committed the murder of Gegore Floyd, Even Ahteistism is Unstopaable who surpasses even my level of hatred for Black Lives Matter and the biggest defender of police in the Youtube community condemns this action, you know you done fucked up when even AIU isn’t defending your ass as a cop.

You do know who might’ve defended Derek Chuavn?  Amy Klobuchar

Let’s not forget it was a Democrat who led this disgusting crooked cop off the hook all those times, never forget that Neo Liberal Bitch Amy Klobuchar  who knew the  cop had a alleged racist history with Black citizens back in 2006 yet covered for him all these years, BTW this woman is likely to be Biden”You Ain’t black if you don’t vote for me “Biden VP Candidate pick.

Yeah remember that old cracker? I guess Lotting proves your black eh Biden?


Speaking of pandering bullshit now comes the part where i pretty much say that there’s a 99% chance i pull the lever for Donald Trump again and here’s fucking why?Democrats across the country are calling for the defunding of the police.

This is not only a idiotic idea that damages society, it’s literal political sucide.

You have even governors of whole states like that Neo Liberal Commie larping whore  marching side by side with these BLM Thugs.

Yes what you see here is Nazi Peloisl, Cuck Shcummer and all the house and senate democarts essseintially what appears to be culturally appropriating African arttie  and kneeling for 8 minutes, roughly the amount of time Gegore Floyd was killed.

Where do I begin with this bullshit? 

Seriously for a group of people constantly calling the right racist, how ironic is it that their culturally appropriating Black clothing and attire?

You might as well don blackface for how raically sewnstive you dumb fucks are being, at least you be up their with Northman.

This optic fail makes the previous”You Ain’t Black if you don’t vote for me” Biden segment seem like 4D Chess by comparison.

iI’ll leave this African woman to explain this better than me why this move was so fucking racist.

A s well with the massive backlash Democrats got for wearing this garb.

All VotesDemocratsRepublicansIndependents
Aye55%  235188 46 
No45%  19564 131 
Not Voting  5

Passed. Simple Majority Required. Source:

Ideology Vote Chart

Key:Democrat – Aye Republican – Aye

In all seriousness though you fuckers have some nerve talking about any kind of problems with policing when YOU CREATED THE PROBLEM WITH THE FEDERAL CRIME BILL OF 1994.

Main article: Federal Assault Weapons Ban

Title XI-Firearms, Subtitle A-Assault Weapons, formally known as the Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act but commonly known as the Federal Assault Weapons Ban or the Semi-Automatic Firearms Ban, barred the manufacture of 19 specific semi-automatic firearms, classified as “assault weapons“, as well as any semi-automatic rifle, pistol, or shotgun capable of accepting a detachable magazine that has two or more features considered characteristic of such weapons. The list of such features included telescoping or folding stocks, pistol grips, flash suppressors, grenade launchers, and bayonet lugs.[7]

This law also banned possession of newly manufactured magazines holding more than ten rounds of ammunition.

The ban took effect September 13, 1994 and expired on September 13, 2004 by a sunset provision. Since the expiration date, there is no federal ban on the subject firearms or magazines capable of holding more than ten rounds of ammunition.

Ironically enough the very thing Democrats bitch about  regarding mass inccncernaetions and the Federal Crime Bill just so happens to include gun control legislation.Coincidence?I think not,further proof that blacks are voting for their own enslavement when they vote for Gun control policies and then wonder why violent crime is such a huge problem in heavily disarmed cities if only the criminals have guns.  So don’t lecture us on”Sysemtic  racisim” when it’s your fuckin polcies your own sheep voters use to prove it. 

Speaking of crime bills, oh boy is it going to be amusing to see how Biden tap dances around this one ,especially with the Progressives now coming against anyone who goes against Black Lives Matter.

This is why Malcom X warned ya’ll niggas who vote Democarts , he warned you that the WhiTe Liberal are worst than the White conservatives yet you dumbasses who claim to be woke fall for this bullshit all the time.If you’re going to be a bunch of racist retards and vote with that slave mentality of yours, then don’t be surprised when you get shitty laws that fuck you over.

Not sure if this a leigt qoute form X but he might as well say it because it’s the fucking truth, time and time again we see thse so called “Liberals” push for policies of change only for it to not only fail but to fail disasteriously and yet you idiots in the black community still vote for them.

Hell even Van Jones, the Butt Monkey of CNN, that fucking nergro sellout  is qouting Mlacom X as a warning to those ery white liberals you suckers keep voting for. Hell these so called Woke Karens tried to deplatform him which proves his point.

It’s stupid fucks like these, especially the Nanny state loving Karens who lead to bad policies that lead to what happened with Gegore Floyd and you niggas on the democartic plantaiton just mindlessly vote Democart anyways.

You are literally no different from the  White Conservatives who vote Repubcilain under the Southern Strategy, you vote against your best interests for a party who doesn’t  care for your interests yet you think you’re better than those white folks?Nigga please, at least white folks don’t  vote overhwielmingly for one party like sheep. Blacks are the only race in America who vote overwhelmingly for one party 

So how does it fucking feel that it’s your politcal stupidty that leads to the deaths of so many Black men? Now you sheep are going to just vote Democrat regardless of how bad their defunding of cops are because Nike tells you to?

Of coure by defund the police, they only mean fuck the cops, they still want to maintain their gun control policies which  are already near unenfrocable to begin with(As seen with the high gun crime stats within inner cites) and maintaining the same Drug War policies that have been one of the leading causes of Black on Black crime, the real killer of the Black community.

Fuck yo know it’s bad when even Benrie Sanders is against such a terrible policy, though watch him cuck out on that like he did on immrgraiton as he is a princpleless cuck.

Yep celebrities such as Brie Larson  and Democartic politicians want to fight the power by defunding  the police which would hurt the working poor the most and hurt everyone who’s not in the 1%.

 The ones who can afford Armed security guards of course and don’t have to worry about cops in their gated communities up within beverly hills  which BTW i doubt would care much for Looters ruining their communities

As  seen with this NBA nigga previously condeming the rioting once it got too close to his home.

But hey feel free to tweet Black Lives Matter and push for gun control while making Millions off of  pro gun movies while you tweet off your blood money I Phone made by slave labor in Africa chasting us for being for defending our property.

I’m sure no one ever needs an AR-15 to protect themselves amirite?

Not like deranged communists are coming to tread on our rights right?

Not like people with insane TDS are telling people to overthrow their current government because they’re salty about 2016 right?

It’s not like we have rioting niggas burning down their own cites,competely ignoring crime and murder in their own community

Not like we have deranged cucks with White guilt joining these thugs in rioting and looting.

Not like we have complete morons who think they are justified in killing cops because they think  police are trained to kill only Black People right?

But do tell me more on how these black screens ended racism.


What makes this literal political sucide is that 80% of Americans are against defunding the politics

And it’s universal amongst all races  So the Democrats  potentially risk losing everything even pushing this policy through and if Biden appoints this or is forced to adopt it, it would be akin to a cyanide pill for his campaign, all the more reason I hope he does it, Fuck Biden.

So yeah  Democarts who saw literally one murder of a black man by a corrupt cop which BTW was covered up thanks to a Democart in congress  want to push racival division and hatred of cops and desotry law and order ?Whoa this is probably the stupidest strategy i’ve ever heard.

Since when has this historically ever worked to go against Law and Order. Need I remind you Democrats lost badly in 1984 and 1988 because they were perceived Soft on Crime?

Need I remind you that it was Dwikins appearing weak and sympathetic to the Crown Heights thugs who riotted that cost him his relection and caused Guillinal to become Mayor of New York City?

May i even remind you that it was due to far left riots and protests that it caused Nixon to become president in 1968?

    When has being against law and order ever worked for Democrats?The answer is literally never. Now these dumb fucks want to defund cops and leave our streets more dangerous, more violent and more crime ridden?

Thanks but no thanks, we already saw what a lawless city looks like under Democart rule, it’s called  NYC in the 1970’s and 1980’s.  My mother grew up under those conditions, the last thing we need to do is to return to the literal dark ages, This is what a lack of police and constant riots and lawlessness does to inner cities, tell me again why i should give up police forces, especially when we live in the most disarmed city in America.

Where you can go to jail for having an empty chamber and magazine, no joke.

All because dipshits think that police brutality only happens to blacks and not literally other races.  Now onto some Democartic Emails.

Un-American”: Trump threatens military attack on American citizens

Yeah you guys are totally ones to lecture us on what’s American right?

Also learn to meme dumbass.


First Amendment Alert <> Unsubscribe
Wed, Jun 3, 4:33 PM (15 hours ago)

to Evan

Dear Evan,Donald Trump has declared war on the American people.No he declared war on communism and Black Supremacy, good try though.On Monday night, he named himself the “president of law and order” and announced that he’s “dispatching thousands and thousands of heavily armed soldiers” to disperse the protests. And then law enforcement tear gassed peaceful protesters and journalists standing across from the White House so he could do a photo op.
Translation:We hate the fact he’s stopping our thugs and looters from burning down mostly black and latino neighborhoods, how evil.But it’s not just tear gas and rubber bullets that are being used to suppress the protests. Police are using facial recognition to target protesters and stingrays to track cell phones, and the Trump administration is trying to get the power to collect web browser information on any American without a warrant—including protesters.
OH NOES, Trump is doing the same fucking thing Obama did under his eight years of presidency
Which BTW I fucked called out under Obama, where was your condemnation of Obama’s surrivilenace state under his presidency?
Also with ANTIFA and BLM hiding amongst protestors committing terrorism, arson,looting and murder, you jusifsted the use of the NDAA, almost as if you’re a movement created to undermine actual people’s complains of police brutality.
Our First Amendment right to protest is the foundation of our democracy, and Demand Progress is fighting the government’s effort to quash it.

Oh now you fucking care all of a sudden about  First Amemedent rights?
Says the same stupid fucks trying to get movies and shows about police censored for  “Police Propagandga”
 Says the same people who defend Twitter, Facebook and Youtube’s censorship under “MUH PRIVATE COMPANY” trying to literally cancel conserative voices like Tucker Carlson.Says the same people who try to cancel celebrities and people who speak against your agenda

Says the same people who got a journalist arrested for covering Black Thugs Matter thuggery in Canada despite the person being a victim of BLM Thugs.
But now that the President is using the powers ( which btw you dipshit commies gave Obama) to go against you guys, you now bitch about the NDAA and free speech?Only  bad when people are attacking your speech eh communists?
Tell me again who was the soy pussies who attacked Andy Ngo and nearly killed him trying to stomp on his first amendment rights again?In his statement, Trump said he would use the military to “dominate the streets,” and he encouraged state governors to do the same.3 Backed by his encouragement, police departments across the country are deploying military weapons and vehicles against their own constituents  .Congratulations, if your job was to make me side with Militarized police, you did your job because frankly i want your communist fucks dead.And the targeting of protesters doesn’t end when they leave the march to go home.Yeah sure protestors, that’s who these thugs are.Wonder if burning down black owned  shops and stealing TV’s are protests nowMaybe murdering Black cops in the name of BLM is also a protest.
Hell even killing other black people in a BLm rally is also a form of protest because PEOPLE MADE ME DO ITPolice can use Clearview AI facial recognition technology and stingray cell phone locators to track dissidents.5 The government scours millions of social media posts about protests so they know who to keep an eye on.6 Just three years ago, Trump’s Department of Justice demanded that a web host hand over the IP addresses of people who visited a dissident website—imagine the information they are scraping now must be golfing again as he’s doing nothing about these Leftists Democartic cites literally cucking to BLM, so far i think Trump hasn’t done nearly enough so honestly Fuck him for not doing enough.
The surveillance state is a threat to our ability to protest freely. People need to be able to take to the streets without fear of government reprisal down the road.Demand Progress has always fought for our right to privacy on the internet and beyond, and right now, we’re working to:
Working to what?Defund the police?You actually seem to be winning on that front.Stop the Trump administration from collecting our web browser history without a warrant. We shut down recent attempts to reauthorize the PATRIOT Act with that provision, and we’re going to fight it again when it comes back up for a vote soon.Newsflash honey, if you want to end the PATRIOT ACT, you need to vote literally everyone out of congress aside from Rand Paul and Berneie Sanders as every Democartic and Repubilcian politician voted for this awful law but i agree, get rid of the PATRIOT ACT.Prevent government and police from using racist and faulty facial recognition technology to identify us in public and track our whereabouts.Where’s the proof the technology is racist?Unless you’re talking about the chips built by slave labor in the Congo, but then again if you truly gave a shit about that, you would not be talking shit on Twitter.Put an end to Trump’s emergency power grab, including his attorney general’s attempt to suspend habeas corpus during the coronavirus pandemic.
Hey dumbass, the  people  who were suspending Habeas Corpus during the lockdown was the Democartic governors. Trump if anything was trying to end the lockdowns early but you same fucks whined about him killing people if he did end them too early. nice try faggot, try again.I You same fuckers literally called those who wanted small businesses to be open Nazis yet okay with Mega Corporations being open
BTW the same people who called the people protesting the Lockdown terrorists call these BLM Thugs Peaceful protestors
Continue to fight warrantless surveillance at large, including the NSA’s cell phone record dragnets and the widespread use of Clearview AI.Once again where the fuck were you when Obama was the one who created this shit under the NDAA?We’re not going to let the Trump administration scare us into accepting an authoritarian government. Projection much Nigga?
Demand Progress will not stop taking action to defend our right to protest and our democracy itself.
Translation:We’re going to continue to Loot,Riot and push for Racial Division like the good Soros sheep we are.Will you donate to Demand Progress and help protect our First Amendment right to protest?

Help bail protesters out of jail


Black Lives Matter (via MoveOn) <> Unsubscribe
Wed, Jun 3, 8:07 PM (12 hours ago)

to Evan

Dear MoveOn member,

I never once donated to your orgainzaiton, fuck off!  You shit on everything the Civil Rights stand for.

Last week, America reached the grim milestone of 100,000 lives stolen by the coronavirus. George Floyd’s breath was stolen by another virus: racist police violence.

Yeah because an annual average of  236 deaths  from police on black violence which about half the death toll of  whites killed by cops is totally equivalent to the death toll of the Coronavrius. What a fucking joke,  fuck you for comparing COVD-19 deaths to police on black deaths, of which 97% of those deaths are jusifsted shootings.

Meanwhile feel free to ignore the fact that 384,000 blacks were killed by other blacks from 1985 to current year.

Also BTW it was Democrats who are responsible mostly for the high death toll.  Republicain run states. Countries and cities have nowhere close to the same death toll as NYC.Also it was mostly democrats who released Inmates into the streets and  put COVID-19 victims into nursing homes so suck my dick.

They even withheld live saving COVID-19 Treatment because ORANGE MAN BAD.

But do tell me how bad White people and the Orange Man are.

Continue to focus on less than 1% of homicides in the black community.

In broad daylight, for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, the Minneapolis Police Department callously and cruelly asphyxiated Mr. Floyd using a chokehold which led to a lack of blood flow to Mr. Floyd’s brain and caused his death.

Which literally everyone condemned and BTW Amy Klobuchar allowed this cvop to slide even amongst racist abuse allegations.

Lamentably, Mr. Floyd’s state-sponsored murder was not an isolated incident. It was but the latest chapter in a centuries-long history of white supremacist violence that has taken the lives of far too many Black people.

Do tell me more on how America is like the Segregation era Black Hipster Millennial.  I’m sure Blacks didn’t have fucking manisons back centuries ago.

This is what an average Black mans life was during slavery

And during segregation 

And black people nowadays, notice something off?Oh right, you niggas have all the same rights as whites jackass. Don’t compare yourself to fucking slaves who would kill to have what you have.

The only thing holding back Blacks is other Blacks, let’s look at the facts. The Criminal Justice system does have some form of Racial bias, but it’s nowhere near as big of a deal as what Black Lives Matter makes it out to be. 

Look how silent they were when Micha Johnson shot up and killed 5 cops 

or when Gavin Long, motivated by TYT Pro BLM propaganda to kill 3 cops on his own ‘

or the complete silence from BLM regarding the kidnapping of a white teen tortured by BLM influenced Black teens

 or look up the #FuckParis hashtag in which they blame the victims of the Paris ISIS attack for their White privilege. 

Let’s cover the first point brought up and probably the most infamous talking point from Jontron himself, the Rich Black people committing more crime than Poor White people.As stupid as this sounds, believe it our not, this is actually backed by some source

Surprisingly, Jontron is not wrong on this fact, what he is wrong is not providing a single source. I’m actually surprised to see that Rich Black communities have more crime than Violent Poor White communities

Here’s the crime statistics from Beattyville Kentucky, the poorest white community within America.

The overall crime rate in Beattyville is 63% lower than the national average.

For every 100,000 people, there are 2.86 daily crimes that occur in Beattyville.

Beattyville is safer than 90% of the cities in the United States.

In Beattyville, you have a 1 in 96 chance of becoming a victim of any crime.

The number of total year over year crimes in Beattyville has increased by 230%.

And here’s the crime statistics of Windsor Hills California, the Highest Black Community in America.

The overall crime rate in View Park-Windsor Hills is 42% lower than the national average.

For every 100,000 people, there are 4.56 daily crimes that occur in View Park-Windsor Hills.

View Park-Windsor Hills is safer than 53% of the cities in the United States.

In View Park-Windsor Hills you have a 1 in 61 chance of becoming a victim of any crime.

The number of total year over year crimes in View Park-Windsor Hills has decreased by 35%

So yeah surprisingly Jontron is right on this point. A rich black neighborhood has a 21% higher crime rate than national average compared to a very poor White community, 159.4% higher daily crimes than the poorest white community, 169.8% less safe than the poorest white community, and 157.7% higher chance of becoming a victim of any crime than the poorest white community. Beattyville, however, has been skyrocketing within crime rates, having a 2.3 times increase in crime compared to Windsor Hills which had a 35% drop in crime over a year, still it doesn’t bode well at all for anyone who collreates crime with poverty considering the statistics prove otherwise that crime is not automatically linked to poverty and education.

Going by the Guardian article on Beattyville Kentucky, the reason for the skyrocketing crime rates within this community is directly connected to the rise of Painkiller addictions and the growing Heroine trade which is a common problem with a lot of rural and Suburban communities nowadays which has been leading to a lot of violent crime to start occurring within more traditionally safer neighborhoods.This proves that the Drug War does deeply impact the crime rate within America as a whole.

The reason crime is higher within Windsor Hills by default but is been declining annually is because a lot of Black people who came into the neighborhood came from the lower classes and worked their way out of the inner cities and the some has brought their baggage from the ghetto into this community, however as they assimilate into the Upper Middle Class and the Wealthy Elite, the crime rate drops.This proves that the Black Community problems are deeper than just poverty and education and proves that the further Black people move away from the ghetto, the better off they are and they can achieve the same success as whites and we came a very long way from the 1950’s and 1960’s.

This moment demands that each of us—especially those of us who are not Black—act with great urgency in defense of Black lives, to support the work of ending police brutality and white supremacy, and to bring forth a world order in which Black people are truly free and liberated. There are many ways of participating in this work—and here’s something you can do now that will have immediate impact:

First of all i’m not white so kiss my black ass.

Second of all, even if i was white i would have Zero White gutil and tell you to go fuck yourself.

Third for all that “White privilege” why do white people have to lie about their race to get Affirmative Action?

Will you rush a $3 donation that will be split between two organizations—the Movement for Black Lives and National Bail Out—on the front lines in the struggle for racial justice?

How about I donate you some 9mm to the skull terrorists?

The Movement for Black Lives was founded in response to the Ferguson Police Department’s murder of Michael Brown and has since been at the forefront of the movement for Black liberation, working to protect the rights of protesters and organizing in cities and states to divest from the police.

Yeah it was founded by  some punk ass Blood who was caught robbing a Liquor store and actually tried to kill a cop with his own gun .

And rightfully got blasted because of it.

It wasn’t founded to respond to Black on Black Crime

Or even Black on Black War Crimes

Nope because a cop shot a black  thug, hence i call it the Black Thugs Matter Movement.

National Bail Out is a Black-led and Black-focused organization that works to end the horrific policy of pretrial detention and cash bail that keeps so many people of color in jails and prisons without a conviction, simply because they cannot pay. 

And do tell me how Bail reforming is working for NYC? Black Thugs are literally committing crimes and thuggin ‘, do tell me how does that advance our people protecting thugs.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic they have been working to bail out Black mothers and caregivers, and they are also working to bail out protesters who have been arrested en masse over the past several days.

Aka you been bailing out rioters, thugs and murderers?Yeah do tell me how great this law is again. 

Click here to split a $3 donation between the Movement for Black Lives and National Bail Out, organizations on the front lines of this fight. 100% of your donation will go directly to these organizations.

How about  you pay back all the Black Businesses you’re thug organization destroyed?

Evan, the degradation of Black life, including the murder of George Floyd—and Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and too many others before him—is nothing new in American history.

Still waiting for the protests about Black on Black Crime.

Beginning in the 17th century, European colonizers, seeking to amass untold riches, abducted people from the western shores of Africa and forcibly transported them to what is now the United States. Once here, those same European colonizers, through unspeakable crimes that offend morality itself, seized this land from the indigenous people.

Get the fuck over yourselves niggas. That was literally 400 years ago, literally no one on BLM was even alive during Segeerartion aside from maybe Older Black Leaders much less slavery.

Jews were victims for 5  times the length of Blacks  in global history, having lost their homeland ,having lost the lives in their own slavery and the Holocaust yet they don’t seem to have anywhere near the same problems as Black communities. 

Hell look at Israel, a fucking First world country basically which is preopdmadiently Jewish.

Versus African countries

The problem isn’t fucking systematic opressiron, it’s sysmseteatic stupidity and inability to move the fuck on by the black community.

So miss me with this gay shit nigga, the problem isn’t about MUH RACISM, it’s your inability to get the fuck over it.

Jews have it 5 times worse than Blacks and yet they’re barely a blimp in crime statistics.  Meanwhile Blacks literally dominate most of the crime stats in America and they’ve been enslaved as a whole not even a quarter of the time Jews were.

 Hell even Hispanics here in America don’t commit half as many crimes as Blacks here in America and you can still argue some are being held back due to Immrrgariton issues,especially those exploited by third world labor and the Cartels that gripe their community  and yet their crime stats are still lower than that of Blacks, many having not known the first thing about forced labor to begin with..

Asians as a whole,especially when you consider that  they outearn and outcompete whites in White collar jobs and education are a literal rebuttal to your claim that oppression holds you back. Asians were pretty much the new black when it came to building the railroads throughout America and were even put in concentration camps during WW2  yet Asians aren’t interrailing  this shit like Black people do.  Asians are an extremely tiny blimp in crime stats and trust me there’s plenty of organized crime groups of Asian descendent, go to a Chinatown or Koreatown near you to find out.

So what the fuck is your excuse Black America for being at the bottom of the barrel in crime stats and poverty?  Native Americans have it worse but to be far they’re literally ⅕ of their original population size at this rate and i think having 99% of your entire race wiped out in genocides is a bit more of an excuse than anything,especially when these actions were happening as recently as the 1970’s. You niggas think you speical because you were slaves the longest in America at least?Think again.

Hell the Irish themselves were slaves almost as long as you(granted not nearly as badly treated for obvious reasons) and yet they still moved the fuck on, Why can’t you? 

Hell European colonists had their foot on the necks on all non white countries yet didn’t stop China or India from becoming powerful successful rising superpowers yet Africa hasn’t done half the shit. Maybe you should question yourself why is it that Blacks are still unable to get over 400 years of slavery. This chinese man sums up the problem with this nigga menatly not just within Black America but with Africa as whole

After all we literally see this mentality on display whenever thugs like these burn down Black owned Businesses or Target.

Maybe you’re Liberal  cities are the real problem and the real root of the racism and police brutality, not the cops themselves who are merely doing their job enforcing terrible policies. Maybe it’s the terrible Democrat policies that are the real cause of these problems. Funny how I don’t hear too many small towns run by Conservatives with far fewer black people in those towns having anywhere close to the level of “Racism” and police brutality that big cities run by Democrats tend to have.

I’m not saying conserative policies are inherently better than Democrats .

After all it was Nixon and Regan who started the Drug War and we know how much of a disaster that was.

And the modern framework for gun control was started by Regan.

However  there’s truth to the statement that Democarts for the most part have  created much of the problems they’re claiming to fight against. Looking at countless stats, the worst cites in the country are run by Democrats


Most notably the gun control issue which is responsible for the high homicides in cities verus cites with little to no gun control.

BTW The whole reaosnpolice bruality and racism exist is because of Stop and frisk, brought to you by gun control so any of you ingroant niggas who vote Democart are voting for more police brutality.

So any black person voting for Masta Biden, you are creating this vicious cycle and self fulfilling prophecy continuing to vote Democrat for your enslavement.

It was here, in these stolen lands, where this country’s founders legally declared that Black people were not fully human and, instead, declared Black life to be white property. The stolen labor of African slaves built this country.

Once again get the fuck over it, Blacks weren’t the only race oppressed by mostly Anglo Saxon Whites, the Irish have it almost just as bad, Mexicans and Chinese immregrants also had it just as bad yet the crime level and problems with these communities are nowhere close to as bad as Blacks.

After over two centuries of Black bondage, a civil war ended the barbarous system of chattel slavery. But in many deep senses, Black people in America remained deprived of liberty. For decades following the formal end of slavery, Black Americans were forced to live under a legal regime of segregation and under the terror of lynch mobs looking to hunt them down. Even children were not spared.

And do tell me how the black community is being terrorized today?

In this era, the police were of little help. Indeed, too often, the police themselves were the purveyors of violence.

Yeah back in the 1950’s and 1960’s, notice the cops back then were legally required to do something like this.  Nowadays it’s illegal to baltanty discriminate based on race and you fucks in BLM know this,

hence you exploit racism to weaken and divide communities, picking on the healed up flesh of America.

In the decades since, thanks to Black leaders and a multiracial movement that supported them in the struggle, some laws have changed for the better.

Most of those black leaders if they were alive would be chanting for All Lives Matter, not Black Lives Matter stupid fuck.

Real niggas who know what the hood is like  and actually made something out of their lives know the truth while dpishits trapped meitnally are part of the problem.

IU find it ironic that Black Lives Matter has the nerve to call me racist for being against them but wants segregation  to return, stupid fucks.

But in other ways, our nation has regressed to its old racist habits. In recent decades, Black people have been the targets of an ill-conceived “war on drugs” that has torn asunder Black families and has needlessly put hundreds of thousands of Black people behind bars. 

You mean the Drug War Black Leaders up until recently were all in favor of keeping drugs off the street?You mean the Federal Crime passed by Democrats which 90% of Black vote to enable this bullshit?

Our health care system, too, continues to fail Black families, as Black people have been dying in disproportionately large numbers due to the coronavirus.1

Once again thanks to the Democrats you voted for jackass.

The list of such racial injustices is nearly endless. That’s why we must pledge ourselves to radically transforming our laws and our nation in the direction of racial justice.

Ya’ll niggas are literally making your own hell voting for the same failed polices for 50 years.

The noted Black philosopher Cornel West once said that “justice is what love looks like in public.” If you are devoted to love, if you are committed to justice,

Yeah showing a lot of love right now amrite?

 please consider a $3 donation that will be split between two critical organizations—the Movement for Black Lives and National Bail Out—on the front lines of this fight. 100% of your donation will go directly to these organizations.

No how about i fund Trump to get ball surgery so he can gun you faggot down.

The pandemic and its attendant economic collapse have devastated too many families across this nation, and we understand that money might be tight. But if you are able, your donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated.

Translation:We know you’re broke because our Democartic leaders destroyed the economy with the lockdowns but please bail us out of jail even though we got Hollywood, celebrities   and Uncle Soros to back us.

P.S. Thousands of local and national groups are working on the ground in Minneapolis, Louisville, and across the country to support this movement. As you chip in to support the Movement for Black Lives and National Bail Out, please also consider donating to local organizations—in your city or elsewhere—that are on the front lines.

Once again I refer to you and my gun avatar for donations.

As of yesterday , Atheism Is Unstoppable released a video uncovering the  Gegore  Floyd incident as it went down, turns out there was no evidence of racism by the cops and Floyd’s stupidity and belligerence like so many countless examples lead to his untimely death. Don’t mistake this video as vinddicaton for Derek Chavuin, fucker needs to still rot in jail for committing murder but this is far from the innocent saint the media painted Gegore Floyd of being.

 This vindicates  Officer Tantum and Cancade Owens who were amongst the first to point out the criminal records of not only Gegore Floyd but  other recent “BLM” Poster children such as   Ahmaud Arbery and Breonda Taylor, all of these people have criminal records, all were attempting to fight people with guns , you get the hint,just a bunch of stupid niggas who died due to their own stupdity.

BTW CANCADE OWENS WAS 100% RIGHT, FUCK GEOGRE FLOYD! Black America has too much of the DINDU NUFFIN culture and doesn’t take responsibility for their actions.

And as of now here’s another update, more evidence George Floyd’s criminal record.

This is not about police brutality, this is racism and particularly racism by the left against whites and bigotry against cops.

Let’s not minx words, Black Lives Matter is a Corporate Communist takeover attempt of America  where the Neo Liberals are colluding with the Far Left to take down America and its institutions.

As seen with the words of Chicago Mayor , she reveals the true colors of the far left including herself and the real reasons these riots are happening

The media is pushing agendas and narratives to suit the democrats only so not only can they bamboozle the morons who vote them into power but to take even more power. This is the new Cultural revolution not unlike the one that hit China and Cambodia like the plague and killed millions of people .  What makes this much scarier is that this a merger of State and Corporations making this the deadliest opponent America has ever faced.


This is a unified assault on our values as we know them, from TV to movies, games, etc, they’re trying to push their woke garbage down our throats and force us to conform to the machine.

We even see these globalist tentacles seep into Japanese anime as of late as even some Japanese anime creators bend the knee for this globalist cult and we won’t see it stopped until it makes everyone conform to their bullshit ideology.

This cult is literally saying you’re either with us or with them, the cult of BLM is just one of the larger globalist cult that is trying to destroy the western world and to destroy intellectualism as we know it.

They want to emasculate the men.,especially white men and make them into soy filled bitches who just mindlessly follow their masters controlling them,this is what they want to do with people like us who think outside their far left cult, reeducate us to be these fucking cucks.

How stunning and brave amirite?

The democrats hush up the other side on al sites and all platforms and have them pushed out of power and the rest  because they’re narratives keep failing repeatedly for the last  4 years,everything they hit Trump with has utterly failed to stump his presidency, even the scourge known as COVID-19 barely dipped his Approval rating at all.

The media tries to make Police Brutality a real issue when it represents only a very small percentage of deaths in the Black community, Black on Black crime from the billionth time kills far more black people than Cop on Black crime yet people make a big deal out of that and hardly anything is ever said by the media about this shit.

 Democrats states were hit hardest with the virus and had the harshest lock down times and rules, getting innocent people arrested even when they were doing social distancing,meanwhile sam politicians would go to beaches and get haircuts,breaking their very own rules, showing us their true colors, meanwhile calling Trump Hilter.

And now that deaths actually came down lower than expected(Ablet is still very bad at over 100,000) they want to start and fund these riots, protests and attacks on our country,constitution and our police force to collapse it within the tail end of the Pandemic. This is proof that this so-called “Protest” was never really about Floyd, it was a desperate last ditch effort to boost up Biden because Biden without help at this point would be effortlessly slaughtered by Trump.

Funny how COVID-19 is barely talked about amidst the rioting, almost as if the Media wants people to die going in large groups.

 This defund the police bullshit is a desperate ploy by the left to try to get turnout out, a policy they really don’t care to actually do for the most part but even if this was a temporality disbandment or defunding, this was a stupid move too far for even them.

Already this is blowing up in their faces as Armed 2A men walk around Minneapolis , a previously gun control Democartic city and with no cops around, these guys can now legally practice their 2A Rights without any bureaucracy.

Seriously how that gun control looking now dumbass.

As expected the usual deep state criminals Bush and Mitt Romey oppose Trump and support Thug Lives Matter.  After all both them and BLM share one thing in common, they don’t take responsibility for their crimes.

As also expected, people in Blue States being given the bullshit double standards decided to pose as faggots just to open their businesses.

Meanwhile while those businesses aren’t allowed to open, people can openly protest in large cwords if they agree with the Democrats politics.

With Lamestream Media, Social Media  and the DNC providing cover for these “protestors”

These supposedly Anti Establishment communist are being protected by corporations who would love nothing more than to crush competition.

Asked if Damond’s death was “just as bad” as George Floyd’s death, one black protester commented, “Not it’s not,” and immediately walked away.

Another woman said it was “shit” that people were saying “all lives matter” and when asked if all lives matter responded, “Not right now.”

When asked why there were no protests in Australia over Justine Damond, another woman remarked, “Well, I’d have to say that’s a bit of white supremacy.”

“Why is it white supremacy?” asked Yemini, to which the woman responded, “Well, because she’s white.”

Apparently, being murdered while white by a non-white person is racist.

When asked if he knew how many white Australians had died in police custody, one man told Yemini, “I don’t really care to be honest.”

Another group of protesters immediately left when Yemeni pointed out that more white people in America die at the hands of cops than black people.

Finally, when approached, another protester told Yemini to simply “fuck off.”

Unspruisngirnly, these dumb .racist fucks give no shits about other forms of police brutality,especially if the races are reversed like in this case.

And also the same people who shoot you in the head while attempting to  fake being run over.

And then these pieces of shits, who burn down mostly black neighborhoods down, kill innocent people and attack people have the fucking gaul to demand we pay for the damages they did to their own fucking communties, fuck them and fuck anyone who fucking supports these thugs.

All these same sutpid motherfuckers who are going to keep voting for the same politicians who passed the crappy laws that caused this mess in the first place, literally being enslaved by the Liberal White man.

Guess what fucktards, more people are waking up to your bullshit and going against your Gun control agenda and your Anti cop agenda, firearm sales are soaring through the roof.

And speaking of Rooftop Koreans, they’re back and ready to shoot at any thug.

Of course despite being in favor of disbanding and abolishing  cops, these dipshits always want to maintain gun control

Good luck doing that with no cops jackass.

Meanwhile these Democrat run cities due to their bad policies are seeing a mass exodus from the city from those who can afford to leave while people who don’t have the option to leave go to fend for themselves/

If NYC abolishes the police, I’m buying myself a gun so I can shoot at leftist thugs.

Democrats seem to be on a mission to ensure Trump pulls a Regan vs Mondale 1984 in which Regan cukced the utter shit out of Mondale and frankly Mondale fucked up far less than the Democrats are doing right now.

with a start of 3.2% GDP growth at the start of this year, Trump actually skyrocketed the economy far past his predecessors Bush and Obama with an economic boom surpassing that of the Clinton Era and Early Reagan Era. Fuck even CNN, the NPC center of news is admitting Trump has a good economy so the idea this dipshit can ignore reality and claim that Trump has a terrible economy is a symbol of pure delusion and mania where even Trump’s worst enemies have even conceded defeat and admitted Trump’s economy was good and they were pretty much wrong and underestimated him.

Hell Bloomberg 3 years back in a video that TOTALLY Aged well basically laughed at the idea of a 3% GDP growth rate under Trump yet here there are now eating crow.

Trump has won the Tariff wars against China, hell he’s bringing jobs home to America for the first time in fucking decades.

As for Trump winning here are the following things Trump did right.

1) Pulled out of the TPP

2)Pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord

3) Record Job Growth

4) Highest manufacturing Job rate in decades

5) Lowest reported unemployment rate for non-whites

6)The lowest unemployment rate in 5 decades

7)Trump is already bringing back American jobs and halting decades of outsourcing 

8)He’s currently withdrawing troops in Syria and Afghanistan

9)He’s already begun building the wall last year 

10) Got 5,000 National Guard Troops for border protection

11)followed his promise to Renegotiate NATFA and got a new bilateral U.S. – Mexico 

12)He got two Supreme Court Conservative Judges in the process

13)Get rid of Iran Nuke Deal which was a disastrous deal

14)Defeat ISIS has declared victory over them

15)Managed to have Border crossings arrests at an all-time low

16) Got deportations at an all-time high 

17) successfully followed through his Lobbying Ban 

18)He partially delivered within Comprehensive Tax Reform

19)Move U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and officially recognize as capital 

20)GDP growth cosnsienty at 4.0 GDP growth

21) recently curb stomped China on the Tariff and Trade War 

22)Successfully cucked the Neo-Cons

23)Successfully passed Prison Reform 

24)Peace between North and South Korea possible in our lifetime. 

25) Launched the Global Initiate for LGBT rights

26)Prevented War with Iran(For now)

 27) Signed a new trade deal with China wining the Trade War

28)Crossed the North Korean Border with Un and made a large advance towards peace.

Trump has far more positives going for him than negatives and that’s something considering Trump has also blundered quite alot.

1) Has failed to de escalate conflict with Russia

2) Caved to the House and Senate on Russian Sanctions

3)Has considered invading Venezuela

4)The infamous Bump Stock ban attempt.

5) Has doubled the funding to Saudi Arabia

6)Has retained Obama era funding of Euromaidan in Ukraine

7)The Infamous Syrian Airstrike.

8)The FOSTA act

9)Appointing Aji Pat as part of the FCC regarding Net Neutrality removal

10)The Transgender Military Ban

11) Appointing Rick Perry to the EPA.

12) The indictment of Julian Assange 

13)Continuing the Yemen Civil War. 

14) The reauthorization of the NDAA and PATRIOT Act.

15) Has idiotic views that games cause mass shootings

16)Oppose Trump’s Climate Science denial

17)Continuing Obama’s drone strikes

18)The questionable Iranian Drone Strike

19)Blundered the Coronavrius response(in fairness, mostly Democrats fault)

20)Not doing nearly enough to qasuh these BLM and ANTIFA thugs.

Even so, Trump continues with the W’s

So keep it up Democrats, continue this farce at your expense.

We would use your hatred of America to vote against you.

The economy is already starting to recover at a rapid pace, thanks to President Trump and no thanks to the Democrats.

Black Americans of all stripes are coming out and speaking out against this atrocity that is Black Lives Matter

As expected these White Liberal are trying to speak against us  in the name of Black lives as seen with cucks like Seth Rogan berating and belittling Canacade Owens.

Democrats at this point are agents of Chaos whereas Trump is the law and order President and all because they can’t get the fuck over 2016.

This level of violence has been building for 4 years already,ever since the infamous riots in Chicago and in San Jose, both riots are in response to that of Trump’s rallies within there were DNC paid”protestors” attacked Trump Supporters and agitated them to attack in self defense, the media used these attacks to smear Trump and his supporters.

We see more of this in the aftermath of Trump’s  victory in 2016 where several cities fell under minor riots which is where ANTIFA began to appear within the US lexicon.

We’ve seen ANTIFA  commit it’s very frist attack of terrorism where they attempted to murder 5 congressional members of congress within the GOP, an attack foiled thanks to the failed training of this guy.

We’ve seen this unfold in the Unite The Right Rally in Charlottesville in which ANTIFA and the KKK,Neo nazxis and Condeferates battled each other in a chaotic brawl which the media disingenuously used to slander Trump as a supporter of each group.

We’ve seen the Deep State use a possible ANTIFA agent attack Las Vegas, shooting up a country music festival in the worst mass shooting in American history, killing 59 people and wounding over 100, a man who has known ties to ANTIFA committed this act of domestic terrorism.

We’ve seen Antifa commit several attempts to burn down ICE fallacites in response to AOC’s own defamatory remarks on  ICE and our detention centers.

And now we see  ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, both Soros funded groups attempting to burn down the country  and even the White House?Condiecence, i think not

These riots are engineered by the Deep State in an attempt to take over the country or scare people into not voting for Trump or anyone who goes against the orthodoxy of the cabal. THis riot was enenggiered, staged and planned from the very start because the Deep State and the criminals in the Deep State are losing power and are desperate.

Democrats try to paint Trump as this terrible racist and his supporters as this horrible racist but the truth is the opposite of their narrative.

HISTORIC! Black Business Ownership Under Trump Jumps 400% in ONE YEAR

Despite overwhelming proving otherwise.

Blacks literally never had it better than under Trump in terms of ecomonics

Also gotta love how evil and Racist Trump is when he literally did more for Black Americans than the first-ever Black President.


And the same people who call Trump racist are the same stupid motherfuckers who almost elected a legit racist into office.

See the source image

Look at this EVIL racist clearly using Rosa Parks as a human shiled…oh wait , that’s not what fucking happened did it.

Hell to further kill this myth, here’s Jesse Jackson actually rewarding Trump in 1999 for diversity initiates.  

See the source image

Clearly he can’t be like Hillary who has shown her true diversity as seen with this picture.

Racism isn’t a big deal, when you compare the 1960s to today, Blacks are actually far better off today than they are within the 1960’s. Name one right black or any nonwhite person doesn’t have that white people have. Oh, wait you can’t. Also if you’re so against America and think it’s racist, why live in a racist country.

In the 80s, Trump received the esteemed Ellis Island Medal from the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations alongside Rosa Parks, Muhammed Ali and others. NECO originated in 1986 under the conviction of its founders that the diversity of the American people is what makes this nation great. Its mission is to honor and preserve this diversity and to foster tolerance, respect and understanding among religious and ethnic groups. Again, Donald Trump was one of the first recipients of this honor. But isn’t he supposed to be racist?

The National Rainbow Coalition (Rainbow Coalition for short) was a political organization that grew out of Jesse Jackson’s 1984 presidential campaign. During the campaign, Jackson began speaking about a “Rainbow Coalition”, an idea created by Fred Hampton, regarding the disadvantaged and welcomed voters from a broad spectrum of races and creeds.[10] The goals of the campaign were to demand social programs, voting rights, and affirmative action for all groups that had been neglected by Reaganomics.[8] Jackson’s campaign blamed President Ronald Reagan’s policies for reduction of government domestic spending, causing new unemployment and encouraging economic investment outside of the inner cities, while they discouraged the rebuilding of urban industry. The industrial layoffs caused by these policies hit the black and other minority populations particularly hard.[10] At the 1984 Democratic National Convention on July 18, 1984, in San Francisco, California, Jackson delivered an address entitled “The Rainbow Coalition”.[19] The speech called for Arab Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, youth, disabled veterans, small farmers, lesbians and gays to join with African Americans and Jewish Americans for political purpose. Whereas the purpose of PUSH had been to fight for economic and educational opportunities, the Rainbow Coalition was created to address political empowerment and public policy issues.[20] After his unsuccessful bid for the Democratic nomination in 1984, Jackson attempted to build a broad base of support among groups that “were hurt by Reagan administration policies” – racial minorities, the poor, small farmers, working mothers, the unemployed, some labor union members, gays, and lesbians.[10]

So again, spare me the horseshit that Trump is this massive racist. This is sounding like bullshit!

To further debunk this narrative of alleged racism on Trump’s part, let’s keep in mind the now famous   Mar-a-Lago. Hmmm yeah, Trump sounds like a real racist allowing Jews and Blacks in his golf course and actually doing Civil Rights Activism.  

Remind me again how many golf courses were desegregated by the Clintons?

Nevermind Gun control has lead to skyrocketing crime rates in Democartic controlled cites with the cites having the largest Democartic populations and largest black communities having the highest rate of murders in the country.

Nevermind it’s”Progressive” polices and nigga mentality bullshit that has destroyed the black family and has lead to the stagnation of the Black community within the inner cities.

We as Americans will never bow to your bullshit.

I will leave you with prominent black voices condemning THug Lives Matter,voices that call out this joke of a movement along with me.

And here’s my sqaure for this movement

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