How strong is DB/Z/S? Dragon Ball verse tier list Part 1:Dragonball

(UPDATE:Added General Blue’s Durability feat via Arale’s Headbutt and updated the Moon busting feat from Roshi and Piccolo)

Yep in preparation for whoever Beerus fights in Death battle .we’re going to do a respect thread for the entire Dragonball Verse, given the vast scale of Dragon Ball verse with various powers from the very beginning of this mega-franchise to the recent Super Anime/Manga, we’re going to make a 3 part series in application to the death battle to whoever Beerus is fighting. I will make Goku his own separate Respect Thread of more of his feats including overlooked feats from Goku and would conclude with Beerus vs his opponent for Death Battle analysis.

I would get to She Ra vs Wonder Woman another time, I’m much more familiar with Dragon Ball. Anyways the first part will be Dragon Ball which covers the general strength and power levels of that series, the Middle will be DBZ  obviously and the last part would cover the general tiering of Dragonball Super.

As for Alteranviate canon or filler such as  Dragonball Movies, Dragonball GT, and Dragonball Hero’s/Xenoverse, they would be given their own separate scaling and tiring eventually. Now for the frist part, Dragon Ball the original.

Dragon Ball Feats/Verse tiering

Destructive Capacity/ Attack Potency

One of the first feats displayed within Dragon Ball is Goku himself being able to lift a whole car over his head and tossing it at least 3 meters away from him.

Given a compact car weighs about  600kg, going throwing it 3 meters at speed around the same as his running speed

With busted shoes, Goku clears 100 meters in 11 seconds so the bare minimum speed  is about 9.1 m/s, so doing the workforce equation


F=3×600kgx9.1 m/s

F=‭149,058‬  Joules 

Goku lifts cars:149,058 Joules(Wall Level+)

Meh, I was expecting a higher result, Sakura’s punch actually has more power than this, believe it or not, but keep in mind this was Goku at his absolute Weakest point of the series with a power level of 10.

It would be similar to the force of a compact car moving at 30mph hitting you, dangerous but not instantly fatal.

A much more impressive feat of Goku is shattering this massive rock the size of his body with his bare hands, again pre-training Goku with only a power level of 10.

Kid Goku height


So from that we can deduce that kid Goku’s height is around 1m (around 3ft) which is the height of a 4-5year old kid. So his weight would be around 18-20kg.

Given the boulder is the same size as Kid Goku, it’s safe to say it’s a full cubic meter in size, meaning it weighs 2,700kg.  Doing the math, to be able to completely crush the boulder the size of Kid Goku, you would need about ‭21,600,000‬ Joules of force to crush a boulder of that size, 

that’s equivalent to  5.16 kg of TNT explosives 

So roughly a small Building level for Kid Goku with a power level of 10.

It’s safe to say that his first Kamehameha Wave is easy to the same strength of his rock bustin

And can melt through several feet of steel with his second Kamehameha wave ever.

During Roshi training, Kid Goku pushes a boulder roughly twice the size of his own body

Going by this, the size is straightforward, Goku is 1 meter high and the rock is roughly 2.29 meters high,  given it’s rounded out, it should have the same length, width, and height. This would give the rock volume 12 m^3, this would make the rock mass roughly 32,424 kg in mass

You know the “MUH 40 TONS” bs argument DBZ haters use to downplay Goku, yah Goku was lifting near that level of weight easily at his weakest point. Now for the energy of this moving feat and  Goku’s estimated lifting strength at this time. He seemed to move about 3 meters at roughly 9.1 m/s


F=3×32,424kgx9.1 m/s

F=‭8,055,161 Joules  or  1.925 kg of TNT ( Wall Level+)

Goku’s Boulder moving feat:1.925 kg of TNT ( Wall Level+)

Goku’s Deadlifting Strength(Pre Roshi training): 32,424 kg 

So safe to say people with a power level of 10 or relative to Kid Goku are at least Small Building level in attack potency.

Note Goku gets much stronger as Great Ape which his Ki level raises by 10 times going from 10 to 100  however as seen with him effortlessly tearing through 3 feet of thick hardened steel as Great Ape, he’s clearly far stronger than he was, much more than the 10 times Ki output would imply.

To tear through a cubic meter of steel with brute force or  1,550 square inches.  To bend stainless steel, you need roughly 860 MegaPascals of force or roughly 98625.66 PSI according to this here which is roughly 11,143.202 936 joules/Inch, meaning for each cubic meter of  steel you would need roughly ‭17,271,960‬ Joules  of force per m^3  to destroy a cubic meter of steel.

Given the room Goku,Bluma and yamcha are in is roughly 4.3 meters High and about 10 meters wide and long, with 3 feet of steel thick walls, this is roughly  430m^3 of steel within this room or ‭645,000‬ in^2,  meaning for Goku in Great Ape form to break through this entire wall formation as Great Ape, he would need to exert a force of roughly ‭7,187,365,893.72‬ Joules or 7.19 Gigajoules of TNT  or roughly 1.72 Tons of TNT.

Enough to topple entire buildings that the Great APe effortlessly did. Anyone with a power level of around 100 is a casual Building Buster.

Post Roshi training Goku is much stronger as he can push a massive boulder 1 meter away,let’s measure the size of the boulder.

Kid Goku:77px(1m)

Boulder Height:509px(6.6 m)

Boulder Length and Width:484px( 6.29 m)

Volume of the rock:‭261.12 m^3

Density of Rock:2,700 kg m^3

Mass of boulder:‭705,032.26 kg

Goku’s Deadlifting Strength(Post Roshi training):705,032.26 kg

During the tournament of power, the verse powers increase greatly with the most impressive feat within the arc. Before Goku can fly, he and Nam leaped several Kilometers above the city.

Going by the cloud heights and how they tower over mountains in the panel it’s safe to say the clouds are between 6,500 and 7,000 m, we’ll go with 6,500m for the low end and 7,000m for the high end. Nam would be 6,500m and Goku would be 7,000m as he jumped even higher.

Let’s first get the mass of Nam as well as the mass of Goku.Going by the frame,  there’s about 5 second within the manga giving Nam at least 1,300 m/s  and Kid Goku  faster than Nam at least  1,400 m/s

Nam’s mass:68 kg

Goku’s mass:20kg


F=6,500×66kgx 1,300  m/s

F=725,010,000,000  Joules

725 010 000 000 joule = 173.281 548 76 ton [explosive]


F=7,000×20kgx 1,400  m/s

F=‭274,400,000,000‬ Joules

274 400 000 000 joule = 65.583 173 996 ton [explosive]

Nam’s Sky Dive attack:173.281 Tons of TNT(Multi-City Block level)

Goku 21 Budokai Sky Jump:65.583 Tons of TNT (City Block level+)

So anyone with a power level within around 85-100 is roughly City Block to Multi-City Block level. G0ku with tail is at least a power level of 125 with his tail and becomes roughly 1,250 in Oozaru form but more on that feat later.

A overlooked feat on my part is Arale headbutting General Blue across several countries which yes it’s technically canon, it appears within canon 

And given Arale is in Super, she’s  a canon character, It should be noted that Arale is vastly superior to Kid Goku as she can effortlessly destroy the earth with Toyirama considering her far stronger than Kid Goku, still her presence and cameo affects the plot so the feat counts much like Roshi’s Moonbusting feat affects the plot.

General blue was knocked from Penguin Village

 to  the Pyramids of the Egypt like country  near Baba’s house

Which is literally across the world.

Going by timeframe, it was mid afternoon where the feat happened

And Blue landed within the desert presumably within Later afternoon so it’s safe to say he was send flying for at least 3 hours.  

Now for distance  for speed.

Dragonball world:998px(12,750km)

Distance Blue was knocked:773px(‭9,875.501km)

‭Distance Blue was sent flying:9,875,501 meters

Timeframe: 3 hours

Velocity of Blue:‭914.398 m/s

General Blue’s mass:69kg

Now for force


F=69kgx914.398 m/s^2×9,875,501

F=‭569,742,691,685,793.9‬  Joules

569 742 691 685 793.9 joule = 136.171 771 44 kiloton [explosive]

Arale Headbutts General Blue: 136.171 Kilotons of TNT(Large Town Level)

Damn, talk about a hell of a headbutt and Blue survived that with gnarly a scratch on him and was able to report to his boss of his failures.  Given General Blue equals 21st Budokai Goku, it scales Goku to Large Town level in Budokai 21.

Mercenary Tao wants to travel to beat up Goku. It’s 2300km. He says that he can go there, beat up Goku, and come back in only 30 minutes. Dividing up the time equally, that’s 10 minutes to go 2300km (even though it is shown him arriving in the next panel. 2300/10 = 230 km per minute. That’s 3.833 km per second, which is Mach 11. He would have had to jump much faster than Mach 11 to catch the pillar, someone who doesn’t suck at math calc that shit. Makes an imprint when it hits the ground. Now for the throwing strength and force of Tao’s throw.


Pillar Height:264px(2.445 m)

Pillar Length and Width:42px(0.389 cm)

Volume of Pillar:‭0.37 m^3

Density of Concrete:2,400 kg/m^3

Mass of Pillar:888kg

Now for the Force of this pillar throw.


F=2,300,000×888kgx 3,833  m/s

F=‭3.00067140936e+16‬ Joules

30 006 714 093 600 000 joule = 7.171 776 791 megaton [explosive] 

 Mercenary Tao’s Pillar Throw:7.17  Megatons of TNT (City Level)

Whoa talk about the total upgrade in power,  we go from Muiit city Block level Mercenary Tao to city level  Mercenary Tao. His Pillar Throw is that of an ICBM missile in both power and range, literally able to hit his target with pinpoint accuracy at 2,300km away.

Anyone with a power level around 140-180 is easily in the City level range.

Now for Roshi’s feat of destroying Mount Fry Pan.  Mount Frypan is based on the Flaming Mountains and the average height of each flaming mountain is 1600 feet. The highest mountains are 2600 feet. We would use 2,600 feet(787.87m) for height now for the length.

It should be noted he was in a buffed state here, which has his power range from 180 to 216, not to be confused with the Ultra Buff state he used to Moonbust, again we get to that later.

Mountain Height:153px(787.87m)

Mountain Length and Width:225px(‭1,158.63 m)

Mountain Volume:‭1,057,655,184.75 m^3

Density of rock:2,700 kg/m^3

Mass of Mount Frying Pan:‭2,855,668,998,812.048‬ Kg

This seems fairly accurate to scaling as the ruins of Fire Mountain were used to build a whole town within the remains of the whole mountain range Now for the destruction of the mountain. Given very little remained of the original Fire Mountain, it’s safe to say the mountain was either puirlriverezed or vaporized

Mountain Volume:‭1,057,655,184.75 m^3  or ‭1,057,655,184,750,000‬  cm^3

Pulverization: 214.35 (j/cc).

Vaporisation:25700 (j/cc).

‭6.121126498981388e+17‬  Joules

‭7.33906932698025e+19‬ Joules

612 112 649 898 138 800 joule = 146.298 434 49 megaton [explosive]

73 390 693 269 802 500 000 joule = 17 540.796 671 megaton [explosive]

Master Roshi destroys Mount Fry Pan:

  146.298 Megatons of TNT(Mountain level/Low End)

  17.540 Gigatons of TNT(Island level/High End)

Damn talk about insane amounts of power and mind you this is not even the strongest Roshi could even do.

Now for the thermal energy of  this feat. Going by the statements here, the energy of Mount Fry Pan was so hot, it turned the surrounding region into a desert.  Let’s  calc the height of the flames and then use that to get the volume of the flames and  calculate its heating energy

Flame height:17px(97.1 m)

Mountain Height:138px(787.87m)

Volume of mountain:‭1,057,655,184.75 m^3

Difference between Length of Mountain and Height of Flames:11.93

Flames volume:‭‭88,655,086.73512154‬ m^3

The density of flames:1.225 kg/m3

Mass of Flames:  ‭99,736,972.57 kg

Specific Heating Capacity:919 j/kg

Estimated heat of the flames:1,100°C

Average environmental temperature: 14  °C

1,100°C-14  °C=1,086°C

‭99,540,889,681,927.38‬ Joules

99 540 889 681 927.38 joule = 23.790 843 614 kiloton [explosive]

A bit underwhelming thermal energy wise but it’s what to expect.  So Roshi’s Potency is casually town level at around 139  scaling with his Kmmahea energy normally being on par with a mountain-sized blaze with his buffed up Kamehameha Wave being around Mountain to Island level.

Roshi with a suppressed Buff Form was able to match Tien in a stalemate fight, only quitting out of energy exhaustion with Tien having a maximum power of 180 at the time.

With merely a casual Ki Blast he can destroy a small city with a Ki Blast. This means King Piccolo can produce anywhere between 20 Kilotons to 5 Megatons of TNT with a Ki blast.

However how strong is his strongest attack in attack potency?

To the factor, Central City in Dragon Ball is the largest city in Dragon Ball Earth, roughly the Tokyo of this universe. That would make  Central City roughly 2,187.66 km2 (844.66 sq mi).Sadly there’s no full-scale picture of Central City’s size that i can find for scale so we just have to evaluate based on the Nuke Map on a rough estimate of the size of Central City scaling to the size of Tokyo’s Metropolis.

To summarize going by the square miles, the length of Central City would roughly be 29 miles wide and 29 miles long with a margin of of error of 3 square miles. That means the complete destruction radius of the attack would be 29 Miles wide roughly.

Given nothing but dust and ash remained, it’s safe to say everything in Central City was vaporized by King Piccolo, which would put his attack roughly higher than City level potency by vaporization energy alone and surpassing the power of a Tsar Bomba. This would mean that the Fireball of the explosion which is the core heat temperature akin to the center of the sun would be roughly 29 miles wide. Anything inside the fireball of the Nuclear explosion would be completely vaporized…

Going by the calculations i got from the Nuke Map Classic, got the yield of the explosion. To produce complete vaporization of a city the size of Toyko, the explosion would have to produce a yield roughly 93.2 Gigatons of TNT or nearly 2,000 times the power of the Tsar Bomba, putting King Piccolo’s attack potency roughly at Island level+

However, the real power of the said blast is within the crater itself. While I can’t find a qualifiable image of Central city devastation, the closest I can do is use Nappa’s Finger blast that destroyed  East city as both feats are very silmair to each other except it took the former no effort at all and the latter all their ki. Let’s try to see if we can get something for the scale of silmair feats.

East City/Central city: 753px (Around 46,670m)

Crater  Diameter:584px(36,195.6 m)

Crater Depth:33px(‭2,045.3 m)

The volumeof Crater:‭2,679,590,523,485.543‬ m^3  or ‭2.679590523485543e+18‬ cm^3

Denisty of rock:2,700 kg /m^3 or 2.7 g/cm^3

Pulverization: 214.35 (j/cc).

Vaporisation:25700 (j/cc).

1.550799617514641e+21 joule = 370 650.004 19 megaton [explosive]

1.859367864246618e+23 joule = 44 439 958.514 megaton [explosive]

King Piccolo razes Central City/Nappa destroys East City:

 370.650 Gigatons of TNT(Large  Island Level+/Low End)

44.439 Teratons of TNT(Country level+)

Pretty much anyone with a power level between 240 and 260  has enough power to completely destroy an entire city and reduce everything in the city to ashes  and can even devastate  entire countries in singular blows. Now onto the top tiers of the verse.

During the Budokai 23rd Arc, there are two major destructive Capacity feats that directly show the power of characters and a feat from a much earlier arc that scales with these feats.

The first being King Piccolo’s casual Mountain range busting Ki blast which devastated an entire mountain range with ease  And left a massive crater in its wake in a distance. Now time to analyze this feat.

An average mountain size is around 3000 meters.

Mountain height: 101px(3,000 m)

Mountain Length and Width:255px(‭7,574.25 m)

Crater Diameter:703px(20,881.2 m)

Crater depth:165px(4,901 m)

Crater Volume:‭2,136,951,823,295.05‬ m^3  or‭2.13695182329505e+18‬cm^3

Pulverization: 214.35 (j/cc).

Vaporisation:25700 (j/cc).



1.236750182972893e+21 joule = 295 590.387 9 megaton [explosive]  or   295.590 Gigatons of TNT(Large Island Level)

1.482830870184435e+23 joule = 35 440 508.37 megaton [explosive] or 35.44 Teratons of TNT(Country Level+)

Piccolo Jr Budokai 23rd Casual Ki Blast:

295.590 Gigatons of TNT(Large Island Level/Low End)

35.44 Teratons of TNT(Country Level+/High End)

Just slightly weaker than King Piccolo’s strongest attack and that is just a glimpse of his power.  Now comes the second major feat from Piccolo Jr before we get to the ultimate power scaling and tiering within Dragonball.

Piccolo’s Demon explosive wave vaporized everything on the Island, which as i showed

Earthland Diameter:997px(12,750km)

Island Nation Length and Width:58px(741.72 km)

Area of Island Nation:‭550,156.24 km^2  or 550,156,240,000 m^2

Now for the Cubic Volume destroyed. As we see from the island in this scene. Going by the mountains around the island, the island seems to be quite mountainous, we’ll give the island at least 1,000 meters above sea level minus the coastline. 

As seen from the explosion, 95% of the island was completely vaporized and reduced to a desert with all the mountains leveled into a fine sandy desert  so we’re going with complete vaporization.

Area atomized by Piccolo:‭5.5015624e+17‬ cm^2

Potential depth of ground destroyed:1,000,000,000 cm^3

Volume of land destroyed:‭5.5015624e+26‬ cm^3

Density of Rock: 2.7g/cm^3 or 2,700 kg/m^3

Vaporisation:25700 (j/cc).

‭3.81753414936e+31‬ Joules

3.81753414936e+31 joule = 9 124 125 596 000 000 megaton [explosive]  or 9.124 Zettatons of TNT(Small Planet level+)

Piccolo’s Demon Explosive Wave:9.124 Zettatons of TNT(Small Planet level+)

Holy shit, this is much stronger than i was expecting,if anything this is pretty much on par with the destructive feat Piccolo Jr would later do blowing up the moon casually.

This scales nicely with Roshi’s Buff form which could endanger and potentially kill Great Ape Goku within the 21st Budokai Arc, who had a power level of around 85 without his tail and around 125 with it yet blew up the Moon Instead which we’re going to scale in a minute.

Keep in mind Goku’s Super Kamehameha Wave is directly scaled to that of Master Roshi’s moonbusting Kamehahma within the official Diaizazhu of Dragon Ball with Goku’s power level being officially 910 at the time of this Arc, Piccolo by extension shouldn’t be that much weaker than Goku when he did this Explosive Wave which is his equivalent to the Super Kamehameha Wave. It’s safe to say anyone with a power level of at least 850 can Moon Bust, and anyone with a power level of 910 or above can destroy a]

Luckily a calc puts the feat of Piccolo’s Moonbust at least Small Planet level with a mid end power of at least 17.43 Zettatons of TNT and put Roshis which was stronger(1250 versus Piccolo’s casual 850-910) yet slower being in the Low Planetbusting range of 69.69 Zettatons of TNT.

This would put Radtiz at Planet level+ as well as every Saiyan Saga Character  but more on that in the Saiyan Saga.

Now back to the Moon feat, we’re doing some changes thanks to the Toeiverse thread. We already did the speed of the attack which is 25%-31.25% the speed of light. Now for the destruction of the moon speed.

The mass of the Moon is 7.34767309e22kg,unlike the calc here, the timeframe I got was roughly  between 0:35. And 0:40 which is a timeframe of 5 seconds.

Diameter of the Moon = 428px = 3474km

Distance the fragments traveled (low-end) = 360px = 2922.05607476km

Speed of fragments:‭584.4‬ km/sec or  584,400 m/s or  Mach 1,730.7


E=7.34767309e22kgx584,400 m/s^2/2


1.254701000939191e+34 joule = 2 998 807 363 600 000 000 megaton [explosive]  or 2.98 Yottatons of TNT(Large Planet level)

Piccolo Jr Blows up the Moon/Roshi Blows up the moon: 2.98 Yottatons of TNT(Large Planet level)

And now the verse got a large bump in power. 23rd Budokai Goku and Piccolo are easily now Large Planet level, ablet Barely, Kami also scales to this power along with Buffed out Max Roshi who also blew up the moon along with Budokai 21st Great Ape Goku.

This further jussiftes the scaling of Fireza in Z being Dwarf Star level in base form. More on that later.

Speed /Reaction speed

With busted shoes, Goku clears 100 meters in 11 seconds so bare minimum speed is about 9.1 m/s.

With good shoes, he ran roughly  100 meters in 8 seconds.

This is mere travel speed alone, as Roshi notes travel speed is irrelevant to combat speed in which Goku moves easily far faster than that.

Even without Roshi’s training, Goku was already moving Faster than Eye, putting his speed at a bare minimum of Mach 0.1-  or roughly 34.3 m/s or 76.7 mph.It’s safe to say Goku without Roshi’s training peaks around Subsonic speeds casually.  At a power level of 10, that puts you at roughly Subsonic speeds.

Speed of this level allows him to easily aim dodge gunmen and take them out before they can fire their guns

During the Budokai 21 Ac, Goku’s speed explosively increases to the point he can use the Afterimage technique 

And can effortlessly dodge bullets, just how fast is Goku though?

Scaling  from Roshi’s casual bullet blocking feat, we get the answer to the speed of characters within the 85-125 range. Given Roshi was within 2 meters of the Red Ribbon Army soldier’s Tec-9, Roshi can move his arms roughly 8 times per second going by the panel around the same time the soldier fires.

An average 9mm round travels at roughly 360 m/s

Roshi can casually move his arms against a Full Clip of a Tec-9, which has a firerate of roughly 500 RPM  or  8 rounds per second.Now for ROshi’s arm movement range.


Roshi’s arm: 147px(1.1 m)

Now let’s muiltply  that by  8 times a second

Range Roshi’s arm covered in a second:8.8 m

Distance between Roshi  and RR Soldier :2 meters

Estimated distance his arm traveled:8.8 meters

Speed of projectile:360 m/s

Now for the speed

360 m/sx 2m+8.8m/2m =‭1,944‬ m/s  or Mach 5.67 (Hypersonic)

Roshi’s Bullet catching Feat:Mach 5.67

So a casual Roshi is at least in the Hypersonic range, meaning Budokai 21 Goku and Kirillin are also roughly this fast as well. 

 Roshi can move much faster as see as he blitzed Kirrin with ease, meaning he’s at least Mach 56.7

At a power level of 85 to 125, characters are between Hypersonic to High Hypersonic. By logic of powerscaling, at 140  the speed is around Massively Hypersonic  range. 

 Around a power of 180, Goku would be at least Mach 567  as he moves so fast, even Kirilin who is comparable to Mercenary Tao couldn’t see him.

As noted by Mr Popo, Goku is below Mach 2,225 which is the speed of Lightning but should be about  in the Mach 1,000 range with King Piccolo.

And before anyone tries to argue for FTL Goku, that’s been debunked numerous times, Lasers in fiction are unquantifiable in speed unless specifically stated to be Lightspeed.

You also have Goku far slower than Mr Popo who’s a casual Lightning Timer.

Budokai 23rd Goku and Piccolo are easily far faster than Lightning as they move even faster than Kami and even Kami can’t keep up with their speed. They should scale to the attack speed of Roshi and Piccolo’s Ki blasts that hit the moon in seconds.

Roshi’s Super Kamehameha Wave took roughly between 1:09 and 1:14 to hit the moon, that’s around Five Seconds

Where’s Piccolo’s charged Ki Blast took roughly Four Seconds to hit the moon from 0:28 to 0:32 to hit and destroy the moon

It takes Light roughly 1.25 seconds to reach from Earth to Moon. This would give Goku and Piccolo within the Budokai 23rd Arc speeds ranging from 25% SoL to 31.25% SoL


One of the earliest and, most well-known feats of Goku is tanking gunshots to the head from Bluma’s handgun. An average handgun uses 9mmm ammunition and has the stopping power of roughly 481 Joules.

This would be the equivalent of taking   Usain Bolt, giving him a  6.24 kg Sledgehammer head, and having him run at his full speed of 12.4166667 m/s and hitting you dead on with that 


All of that energy  concentrated  into a  0.354  Inch wide  projectile

Or the equivalent force of a 490kg weight moving at 1.4 m/s, which is roughly in the range of the world’s strongest man’s Squatting deadlift.

Goku tanked that level of force being an equivalent to a painful bee sting to him.This would Goku at bare minimum durability comparable to high-level body armors which can withstand up to 30.06 caliber rounds.

An average handgun has a fire rate of 60rpm per minute depending on the trigger finger speed of the shooter and holds an average of 15 rounds. Goku would take the DPS of roughly 7,125 Joules to the head with no visible damage to his head.

Goku can consistently tank an entire round of Automatic weaponry to the skull.

And can even tank high powered rifle shots to the head with no effort.

And even “Hyper Guns”, the gun is presumably firing a 50 caliber BMG given the vast recoil and the name of the gun, and Goku isn’t even fazed.

He can also effortlessly tank blows from reveatly strong Peak Humans like General White with ease.

Another testament of Goku’s durability is being launched through several rock pillars the size of houses by Yamaha’s Wolf Fang Fists, Just how strong is that force Goku tanked?

Going by this we can use the shattered rock pillars and Goku for reference.


Rock Pillar  Height:128px(2.56m)

Rock Pillar Length and Width:98px(1.96m)

Shattered Rock Volume:‭9.83 m^3

Density of Rock:2,700 kg/m^3

Mass of Pillar destroyed:26,541 kg

Fragmentation Energy:8j/cc

‭212,328,000‬ Joules=50.748 kg of TNT(Small Building Level+)

So Goku was launched with the force of 50.748 kg of TNT  and survived such devastating force from Yamcha and tanked the whole mass of the rocks falling on him, all with a power level of 10.

Goku suirrved the flames of Mount Fry Pan which can burn anything in their path.   Wildfires are around 1,100 degrees ceilcus, the average density of air is 1.225 kg/m^3, Goku going into the blazing inferno with his body covered in flames would experience roughly 1,330 Joules per second, enough to cause third-degree burns instantly. If the flames engulf someone of Goku’s mass and size, it would melt him with the en

gy of 21,270 Joules per second.

Durabilty of vharacter should scale to Attack Potency.  Nami and Goku are Muti City Block level as both of them can leap miles into the air,tanking the friction of the jump on their body.

Another overlooked feat from Goku which scales to his endurance and strength is his swim  across the world to the Budokai 21 tournament in 3 days because he didn’t have tickets for a flight to the toumreant,yeah Goku fucking sawm across the entire world because he didn’t have tickets to a flight  going from Yahoy village  to Paypya Island.First the distance or combined distance he traveled

Yeah he swam the whole earth in 3 Days.

Note he  probably took around 10-15 minutes to eat  but that’s about it

Now for the speed of Goku,frist the distance he swam.

Earth Diameter:999px(12,750km)

Frist Distance:141px(1,799.54km)

Second Distance: 449px(5,730.48km)

Third Distance:419px(5,347.6km)

Combined distance Goku swam:‭12,877.62 km or  12,877,620 m

Now for the speed

12,877,620 m/3/24/60/60=‭49.68 m/s

Now for the energy of the feat.


F=20kgx49.68 m/s^2×12,877,620 m

F=‭635,665,696,565.76‬  Joules

635 665 696 565.76 joule = 0.151 927 747 75 kiloton [explosive]  or 151.92 Tons of TNT

Goku Swims a whole ocean:  151.92 Tons of TNT(Multi City Block Level+)

Goku burned enough calories to equal Multi city block busting bombs.

Goku tanks Mermaracy Tao’s strongest attack, the Dodon Ray with his bare hands

Keep in mind Tao  van throw a pillar across a  small contitents distance.

Kid Goku  tanked  King Piccolo’s blast which vaporized a whole city.

And Goku in Budokai 23 tanked Piccolo Jr’s Demon Explosive Wave,which vaporized a whole ilsand nation.

Dragonball Tiering.

Original tiering.

Human level: 5 to 8

Peak Human: 8 to 10

Wall level: 10 to 12.5

Small Building level:12.5 to 15

Building level: 25 to 50

City Block level: 50 to 100

Muilt City Block level: 100 to 150

Town level : 150 to 180

Large Hill/ Small City Level : 180 to 210

Smalll Mountain/ Medium City level : 210 to 250

Mountain /Large City level : 250 to 275

Large Mountain/Small Island level: 270 to 300

Hamalaya Size Mountain/ Island Level : Power level 300 to 330

Muilt Mountain level/ Large Island level: Power level 330 to 360

Small Mountain range/ Small Country Level: Power level 360 to 400

Mountain Range/Country Level : Power level 400 to 430

Large Mountain Range/ Large Country level: Power level 430 to 460

Small Continent level:Power level 460 to 500

Continent level: Power level 500 to 600

Large Continent level: Power level 600 to 700

Multi Continent level: Power level 700 to 800

Moon level : Power level 800 to 1,000

Small Planet Level: Power level 1,000 to 2,000

Planetary Core level(Low end planetbusting): Power level 2,000 to 10,000

Planet level: 10,000 to 100,000

Revised Power level and scaling.

Human level: 5 to 8

Wall Level: 8 to 10

Small Building level: 10 to 15

Building level:15 to 25

Large Building level: 25 to 50

City Block level: 50 to  85 

Muilt City Block level:  85 to 100

Town level : 100 to 125

Large Hill/ Small City Level : 125 to  140

Smalll Mountain/ Medium City level : 140 to 180

Mountain /Large City level : 180  to 200

Large Mountain/Small Island level: 200 to 215

Hamalaya Size Mountain/ Island Level : Power level 215  to 230

Muilt Mountain level/ Large Island level: Power level 230 to  240

Small Mountain range/ Small Country Level: Power level 240  to  260

Mountain Range/Country Level : Power level  260  to 300

Large Mountain Range/ Large Country level: Power level 330 to 360

Small Continent level:Power level 360 to 400

Continent level: Power level 400 to 500

Large Continent level: Power level 500 to 550

Multi Continent level: Power level 550to 600

Moon level : Power level 600 to 700

Small Planet Level: Power level 700 to 800

Planet level:800 to 910

Large Planet level:  910-10,000

Large Planet level+:10,000 to 100,000

Dwarf Star level: 100,000 to 1,000,000

And that’s all for now,Stick tune for Dragonball Z feats.

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