Salty DBZtard threatens to dox me

(Update: Updated the size of the Universe and revised all Universe calcs due to new numbers in preparation for the Kirby respect thread soon.

Also redid calcs that used the 1×10^12 muplticaion now that i learned how to do those right, fixed all mathematical errors, will be updating DBZ too)

Of all the butthurt retards I’ve encountered on the internet, this has to be the saltiest one. DBZtards are well known for their sheer stupidity but this bitch nigga by the name of   takes it to a whole new level of faggotry by threatening to dox me because i raped his ass hard in a debate. No joke, this bitch nigga actually threatened yours truly because i dare called him out for his stupidity.


Lyterious 5 hours ago 

You’re not providing any evidence either and secondarily the only cuckold I see here is you I have access to your entire Internet history one more insult and it goes out to your whole family

Iron Man vs. Cell by OmnicidalClown1992

So what lead to this butthurt response you ask? Well, let’s flashback to nearly a month ago within this forum on Cell vs Tony Stark. Needless to say, a pretty interesting Matchup given Tony Stark’s armors can hold their own against Herald level characters like Hulk, Thor, and other Herald tier characters and Cell is Mid Herald level given he’s a Solar System buster at best. This should be an interesting fight, of course in the mind of a DBZtard, it’s a murderstomp against Ironman.


Lyterious Aug 20, 2017 

Cell by a murderstomp

Yeah, this is the informed opinion of a DBZtard, cell stomps because”LOL Planetbuster”, literally no joke that’s his argument for how cell wins.


Lyterious Aug 21, 2017 

Can you get a link to Tony surviving any planet busting attack

LOL wut? This guy clearly never read comics, has he? Granted I’m not a big comics guy myself but i take the time to research things.

Ironman has consistently shown to tank blows from the Hulk, an enraged Hulk at that.

As seen here Hulk is crazy strong, he’s able to casually generate Earthquakes that surpass Maniaigute 10 on the Richter Scale and that was merely fighting against mutated gamma radiated boars, Could generate a Planetary sheild that can protect against a Celestial being’s attack like the being about to destroy earth and as we known even fodder Celestials are casual Universe Busters, can overpower his own brute strength, can overpower a fucking timestorm which is a 4 Dimensional Spacetime storm which is beyond 3 Dimensional raw power, threw a dragon to the fucking Moon, could punch through Adamantium, Can hold the whole weight of a star, pushing the Teneotic Plates together,held back a whole mountain.

Did i mention he could generate enough force to stop a fucking Celestial? A Celestial who’s foot alone was the size of a whole continent who merely walking destroyed the entire planet of Earth? hulk was able to hold against that for at least a few seconds.

Hell, the crowning achievement of durability from Hulk was him taking an Asteroid twice the size of Earth which yes I’m going to calculate doing some math.…

Going by VS Battle WIki’s calc on this feat, the Asteroid smashing feat is already worth  WHICH IS FAR ABOVE MERE PLANET LEVEL! However i think they overlooked a major elephant in the room, the speed of the meteor itself, it’s FAR faster than anyone can account for.

Assuming the Asteroid was coming from the Kelper Belt itself. That’s a ridiculously fast Asteroid.  As we know 149,597,870,690.99997 meters equals 1 AU and Light travels at  299,792,458 m/s, assuming that the Asteroid merely moved a distance of one AU for three hours, it would still be 4.6% the speed of Light which is Sub Reaitlstivc speed…

The Kuiper belt (/ˈkaɪpər/),[1] occasionally called the Edgeworth–Kuiper belt, is a circumstellar disc in the outer Solar System, extending from the orbit of Neptune (at 30 AU) to approximately 50 AU from the Sun.[2] It is similar to the asteroid belt, but is far larger—20 times as wide and 20 to 200 times as massive

Fairy Tail Revisions(Second Timeskip)

Now let’s factor in 50 AU’s at three hours. That means the meteor has to be moving at 2.31 times the speed of Light if it traveled from the Kupler Belt to Earth in an instant, yes we’re talking about a Planet sized Meteor moving over twice the speed of Light. This would give the meteor the velocity of over 692,582,734.68 m/s so not only would it be moving faster than Light but with the meteor’s mass alone, it should hit with the force greater than the Mass Energy of Earth which  as I’ve shown within Ultear’s Last Ages feat is you would need roughly 5.4×10^41 Joules of energy or roughly 129 Tenatons of TNT, which is Small Star level+, approaching towards Star Level and mind you this is merely the energy of Earth’s mass at Lightspeed, now try a meteor twice Earth’s size moving at twice the speed of light.

Asteroid Length and Width:390px(25,500,000 meters)

Asteroid Height: 169 px(10,833,333.33 meters)

The volume of Asteroid:7.044375e+21 meters

Density of Iron: 7,980kg/m^3

Mass of the Asteroid:5.62141125e+25 kg 

Earth’s mass= 5.9722×1024 kg

Mass of the Asteroid:9.412 Earths


This Asteroid has roughly 65% the mass of Uranus heading towards Earth at 2.31 times the speed of Light, to say the Earth is fucked is an understatement.

it’s likely at this speed and mass, it could go into the Sun and blow it up Sephiroth style( BTW need to do a calc on that sometime)

Mass of Asteroid:5.62141125e+25 kg 

Velocity of Asteriod:692,582,734.68 m/s 


E=5.62141125e+25 kgx692,582,734.68 m/s^2/2

E=1.348213540438448e+43 Joules…

1.348213540438448e+43 joule = 3.222307697e+27 megaton [explosive] or 3.22 Tenakilotons of TNT(Large Star Level+)

Hulk’s Asteroid destruction feat: 3.22 Tenakilotons of TNT(Large Star Level+)

Naruto vs Ichigo DB revised Part 1

(Major Updates: Due to the calculations done by my recent Bleach freezing Feats, major revisions need to be done on the research here to update the versus battle thread)

Well, Death Battle Made another Anime based Death Battle, let’s see how they screw this one up…Only kidding, for the most part they were much fairer and did much better research than the shit heap that was Zoro vs Erza which pissed me off.

My first thoughts watching the death battle as they showed some Naruto Storm gameplay(One of my favorite multiplayer competitive fighting games) is that it’s really ashamed they never made a Bleach Fighting game on par with that of Naruto games, would’ve been excellent to played as Momo and get sweet revenge against Aizen online for what that prick did to her.

The death battle was good for the most part in terms of Accuracy…Mostly, there are several major problems I had with the Death Battle itself and I’m going to cover each of those problems

So yeah Gray Hulk casually busting an Asteroid twice the size of earth moving twice the speed of light is about half as powerful as Kaguya’s Truth-Seeking Orbs, the strongest known HST feat so far, yeah that’s how powerful Gray Hulk is alone.

RCO030 1467444374

And keep in mind this was Grey Hulk who smashed this meteor with little effort, the weakest incarnation of the Hulk. Savage Hulk is confrimed far more powerful than Gray Hulk who effortlessly tanked a Planet sized meteor moving at FTL speeds exploding with nearly the force of a Supernova.…

To contrast, Frieza’s feat of blowing up Planet Vegeta is only KE = 7.3069286e+39 Joules

 or 1.7 Tenatons making Frieza in first form 1,894 times weaker than than Gray Hulk thought it would interesting to bring up this feat that Frieza is actually Star level going by his anime feat.

Going by Anime Timeframe, it took 13 seconds once it left the atmosphere of Namek to blow up the nehigbrhobrhooding planets, dividing this by 13, you get a speed of roughly 2,923,076.92 km/sec for low end and over 4,200,000 km/sec for the high end, dividing this by 300,000 km/sec, this would give Frieza a casual 9.74c to 14c speed and give his casual striking force Large Planet level.  

In fact feels more like a lowball to say it took 13 seconds, it’s likely that long because it’s proven that Frieza moves in slow motion compared to the speed of the Z Fighters as even Vegeta who can perceive Frieza’s casual speed which is at least 1,000 times faster than Light couldn’t react to Frieza’s new found speed. It makes very little sense for Frieza to have speed slower than Sayain Saga Vegeta nor an attack that can be felt over tens of Millions of kilometers from Namek to merely be only Large Planet level.

Especially when a far weaker form of Frieza casually destroyed Planet Vegeta with a Dwarf Star level Supernova attack.

Let’s factor Frieza’s power level of 3,000,000 which is 2,000 times faster than Raditz’s 1.1c and him kicking Vegeta’s attack which would make far more sense.  This would give Frieza a casual speed of 600,000,000 km/sec or 600,000,000,000 m/s, now let’s go back to the mass of 1.8072e+17kg per Ki Blast times velocity times the speed of Light and we get roughly 3.25296e+40 joules or  7.7747609943e+24 megatons of TNT/ 7.77 Tenatons which in English gives Frieza  Small Star level Enegery in his Final Form at 5%, multiplying this by 20 and you get Frieza’s Maximum Attack potency at  155.4 Tenatons which actually pushes Frieza to Star level.

Goku scales easily from this as SSJ Goku as he effortlessly haymakered one of Frieza’s Ki Blasts into space which should be Small Star level casually and Massively FTL, especially given he haymakered the blast past several planets until it hit a planet.

This would make Cooler’s statements about blowing up the sun far more credible given he’s at least 4 times stronger than Namek Saga Fireza. Even powerscaling Cooler from Frieza’s ki kick feat a Goku’s punching ki feat, he’s only less than 1/5th as powerful as Grey Hulk. This would put Gray Hulk within the Android tiers of power but that’s merely Gray Hulk alone.

Tony Stark tanked blows from Savage Hulk who’s far more powerful than Gray Hulk.

and even one shotted She-Hulk with an inferior weaker armor to even his current base armor.

Keep in mind She-Hulk is no weakling as she curbstomped the Champion of the Universe, 

No Caption Provided

A very powerful character, who’s able to keep up with Silver Surfer, a High Herald Character who’s an extremely casual Solar System buster.

Herald tier characters can casually blow up planets so asking if Ironman could tank a planet busting attack when he tanked Herald tier attacks regularly is utterly retarded. Ironman tanked an attack from Minojri which can casually produce the destructive force and mass of a Netruton Star and can casually have a 2XFTL attack speed at bare minimum.

Even the considerably far weaker MCU Thor is able to tank a Neutron Star’s destructive power. Yes the seemingly weaker MCU has a Netorun star feat. The GBE of a neutron star is 7.612 kiloFoe which is roughly 334.7 times the GBE of the entire Solar System or the bare minimum enegery needed to destroy the entire solar system which is 22.7 Foe, this makes even MCU Thor Cell Tier/Buu Saga tier.

Now let’s take the mass of a Neutron Star which is confirmed to be Minjori’s attack potency with a literal graphic example of this and give it the low-end speed of Times two the speed of light.…

The minimum size of a Neuton Star is 2.16 Solar Masses 

Light travels at  299,792,458 m/s

Times twice the speed of Light


E= 4.32e+30kg x599,584,916 m/s^2=2

E=7.765244744286104e+47 Joules

7.765244744286104e+47 joule = 1.8559380364e+32 megaton [explosive]  or 1.855 KiloFoe

Thor’s Casual Attack Potency:1.855 KiloFoe(Solar System level+)

So going by bare minimum force alone, Ironman has consistently tanked blows from Thor which are at least  times the power needed to destroy the Solar System and this is very bare minimum, going by feats, Thor can move much faster than stark who can reach the moon in a Picosecond,…

And even has reached the moon in a Picosecond which is roughly 1,282,227,053,000c or over 1.2 Trillion times the speed of Light.

Now let’s factor this with Thor’s attack Potency which is 2.16 Solar Masses bare minimum with the speed of 1,282,227,053,000c  or 3.844019999329663e+20 m/s, that would give Thor’s attack potency of 6.3840413952e+71 Joules or roughly 1.5258225132e+56 megaton which is Roughly 1.528 NinaFoe which is over 177.8 Times the force needed to be Multi Galaxy level.

Thor’s possible Attack Potency:1.528 NinaFoe (Multi Galaxy Level+)

And this is merely scaling from Ironman’s fastest speed, Thor’s actual speed is roughly 48,880,800,000,000,000c  or 48 Qaudrillion times the speed of Light which is just much faster than Ironman but then again we’re going with baseline Thor and not stronger thor forms.

So when this tard says


Lyterious Apr 16, 2019 

Perhaps but a solar system buster would annihilate Iron man



Contrast this with Vegeta’s attack speed and power with Final Flash which is only several Light Years fast.

Especially when you considered Prefect Cell tanked Vegeta’s Final Flash Attack which not only casually crossed multiple planets but went into another Star System. In fact, lets do a calc on that.

The Second thing to calc is the distance of the beam itself and how it went.

The Beam is fired from Earth to Space between 4:29 to 4:39 of the video before it exploded, creating a Supernova like an explosion from a distance.

The closest star to Earth is Proxima Centauri, which is 4.36 lightyears away. For Vegeta’s blast to reach 4.36 Lightyears in 10 seconds, Vegeta’s blast would be traveling 2,616,000,000,000 miles per second or over 14,064,516 times the speed of light. Approximately 176 times faster than 100% Fireza’s speed.

Now time for the concussive force of the beam itself traveling at 14 Million times the speed of light or 14,064,516 c, simply Mupiltying Velocity with times the speed of Light and the mass which is  at least  1.8072e+17kg , you get a total of 3.212899986073396e+48 Joules or 32.84931 KiloFoe which is well above Solar System level’s borders.

Vegeta's final flash by IreneBelserion69

Vegeta’s Final Flash explosion: 71px(16,464,900km)

Star: 6px(1,391,400 km)

Explosion speed of the star:16,464,900km/sec or 54.83 c

The Sun exploded at basically 54.83 times the speed of Light which is over Mass Enegery yield of the sun which is  1.8×10^47 Joules exploding, at the very least the exploison should produce 3.1976856e+49 Joules of Energy or roughly 326.939 KiloFoe or roughly 14358.3295 the energy needed to blow up the Solar System.

Vegeta’s Final Flash: 326.939 KiloFoe(Solar System level +)

Cell’s possible Solar Kamehameha Wave: 163.47 MegaFoe (Solar System level +)

Powerscaling from Cell and Goku who are 10 Vegetas in this fight and Super Perfect Cell which is over 500 Vegetas, Cell’s power via powerscaling should be 163.47 MegaFoe of force which is Solar System level, which is enough to vaporize everything within the Oot Cloud. So not only is Cell’s Solar System feat confirmed by statements, Vegeta’s own feats basically put him on this level via powerscaling and simple logic.

So yeah nowhere near close to Stark’s speed of 1,282,227,053,000c, 14 Million c isn’t going to cut it. Even scaling Cell’s speed from Vegeta’s Final flash, it’s still 1,000 times slower than Stark’s speed with his fastest suits as it would only be 1.4 Billion c at best.

Depending on how much speed and force Thor put in his attack to damage Stark, stark tanked between Solar System level+ and Multi Galaxy level attack level attacks. Eitherway Cell is not Murderstomping Tony Stark.

Hell, this isn’t even factoring the Hulkbuster Armor or his Thor Buster Armors which are FAR more powerful than his standard armors but before we get to that let’s look at this faggots hilarious attempts to downplay facts and feats.



IreneBelserion69 Apr 16, 2019 

Explain how Cell murderstomps Tony Stark when

1) Tony Stark has the Hulk buster which can tank blows from Hulk who can casually destroy asteroid twice the size of Earth and  can take out Solar System level attacks

2) Tony Stark has various armors that can keep up with Thor who can fly across entire Galaxies in mere minutes…

And even has reached the moon in a Picosecond which is roughly 1,282,227,053,000c or over 1.2 Trillion times the speed of Light, show me Cell moving this fast.

3)Has special armors that shit on far stronger villains than Cell such as Galactus or even Thanos with prep so what thinks Cell who is base Thor level at best is going to take Tony much less murderstomp him.

So do tell me again how cell wins.



Lyterious Apr 16, 2019 

OK is he going to have all of those on him at the time a and B there is no way he reach the moon and a pico second his superpower is having a brain it is not super speed he is still a normal human and would be creamed by going at speeds like that

So this faggot is actually trying to argue realism in fucking fiction. This is beyond a desperate attempt to downplay facts and feats.

Ignore the fact that Ironman can analyze information with his machines within a Picosecond.…

In a Picosecond, that’s the amount of time taken by light in a vacuum to travel approximately 0.30 mm. Considering Light travels at 299,792,458 m/s and a Picosecond is 10−12 or 1/1,000,000,000,000 (one trillionth) of a second, that means Ironman has Mental reflexes up to 1 Trillion C via thinking speed thanks to his Nanomachines and suit so this arugment simply doesn’t work that Ironman can’t process the speed.



IreneBelserion69 Apr 17, 2019 

OK is he going to have all of those on him at the time a and B there is no way he reach the moon and a pico second his superpower is having a brain it is not super speed he is still a normal human and would be creamed by going at speeds like that

No one is arguing Tony Stark without his suits, are you that desperate and retarded to try to get a victory here. Also, retard, he did so with his suits, you’re attempting to argue this is just pathetic and desperate and i relish in your pathetic desperation.

Also Tony designed suits that can survive planetary impacts so handling FTL speeds isn’t a problem. Sayain Spaceships move FTL humans can ride them without problem, hell Bulma can travel to Nakem moving FTL in the ship, she didn’t get creamed did she? This failed argument of nature fallacy doesn’t work when it’s contradicted within your own fiction

You’re going to deny facts presented to you? Yeah as expected from a punk ass DBZtard, what’s next Broly solos, Marvel?

Also going by this tard downplaying logic, Goku isn’t even Planet level as he died from planet busting explosions


Goku hurt from bullets. by IreneBelserion69

Not to mention you can easily argue he’s not even Bullet Level as welltroll

Of coruse, he responds with his usual faggotry and wank.


Lyterious Apr 16, 2019 

The self destruct attack yes he let himself die. His durability is based on the amount of how much he is trying out the time if he is unaware of an attack then he is as weak as a normal human to a point he’s apparently bulletproof at least back when he was a kid he was. Shit gets complicated don’t it. But his fight with the god of distraction was literally destroying his entire universe so that makes him the universe Buster doesn’t it if you want to go by that measure. You know nothing of wank I was born in it molded by it you merely adopted it once dumped.

he self destruct attack yes he let himself die.

Even so, going by your logic, Goku never tanked a planet busting attack did he?  

Hey just going by your logic of “Can you get a link to Tony surviving any planet busting attack”

In all seriousness, Tony Stark has tanked attacks from the Sentry which can hit with the force of a Million Suns exploding, that’s easily 45,000 times the force of Solar System busting bare minimum and way above planet busting.

He tanked blows from Minojri Thor which are casually Solar System level given the hammer has the force of a Neutron Star which is roughly 5,000 Supernovas casually.

His durability is based on the amount of how much he is trying out the time if he is unaware of an attack then he is as weak as a normal human to a point he’s apparently bulletproof at least back when he was a kid he was. 

Goku hurt from bullets. by IreneBelserion69


Yet somehow he was hurt by bullets as an Adult? 

But do tell me how Ironman can’t beat cell.

Shit gets complicated don’t it.

Only a moron thinks anything in Dragonball is complicated, they’re pretty straightforward. It’s just muscle-bound men with superpowers beating the shit out of each other, it’s not Citizen Kane, it’s just DBZ.

It’s like arguing that Commando is fucking Shakespeare, Commando might be fucking manly and awesome but it’s not fucking Shakespeare.

But his fight with the god of distraction was literally destroying his entire universe so that makes him the universe Buster doesn’t it if you want to go by that measure. 

Don’t you mean God of Destruction? Also, we’re not talking about Goku, we’re talking about Cell vs Ironman, also you don’t seem to get sarcasm or me mocking your downplaying of Marvel, do you?

See the source image

Goku is clearly Universe Level, Cell, on the other hand, isn’t. Let’s assume for a second somehow he returns as Prefect Golden Cell, Tony would design a suit to counter his immense strength.

So yeah Ironman with Model 23 ThorBuster Armor Alone is already ridiculously far stronger than his already high base stats of Solar System tier Herald level as written here.…

The Thorbuster Armor (Model 23), was an armor that appeared in the spider man Comics of the disneyl Comics Universe, that was published by Marvel and created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Don Heck and Jack Kirby.

Tony Stark created and used the Thorbuster Armor to fight Thor during the period when Thor attempted to rule all of Earth. It combined Stark’s technology with Asgardian magic, and its design was based upon Thor’s enemy, the Destroyer.

  • The armor was powered by an Asgardian mystical element. Everything from flight to life support utilized the magical energy. A facemask could be lowered for additional protection. If need be the wearer could eject and use a normal Iron Man armor.

Experimental “Type X” repulsors could be used to boost the armor’s punches in addition to the standard blast. The uni-beam fired large bursts of energy. Also impervious to any kinds of harm except, oddly enough, Thor.

The Asgardian Crystal empowers the armor and allows it to absorb and manipulate Asgardian energies effectively giving him Odin Force. It was even able to stop Mjolnir in mid-flight. 

In other words, Tony Stark’s Thor Buster puts him on par with Odinforce Thor who moved the mass of at least 9 Universes when moving the God Tree.

Assuming each of the 9 Universes are the size of the Dragonball Universes, the world Tree has the mass of 9 of those Universes plus the Dimmeisonal space of time which makes it a 4-Dimensional feat. Assuming Thor is merely moving at only twice the speed of Light carrying the World Tree, that would be the weight of 2.7e+54 Kg being moved at the speed of Light, that would produce the enegery of roughly 2.426638982589408e+71 Joules which is over the mass Enegery of the Observable Universe however we know it would be literally impossible to move the whole mass of the Universe merely at Lightspeed. So time to mupilty that speed by 2.95 Quintillion times the speed of light and the bare minimum force needed to move 9 Universe size realms is over 1.060190806248568e+102 Joules which is roughly 3752884955.752212 times the power of the Big Bang itself, now factoring the Dimensional space of the Realms and the World tree should have the mass-energy of 1.124004545653988e+204 Joules

Thor God of Thunder Vol 1 7 Many Armors of Iron Man Variant Textless

This would make Ironman in his Thorbuster Armor at least High Universe Level+ given he can match Thor with Odin Force and prevail.

Hell likely much stronger and up to High Universal/Low Muitverisal scaling from OdinForce Thor Feats as Odin Force Thor and Hungry Galactus was able to shatter multiple galaxies across the Universe in their clash, this would safely put Thorbuster Ironman on the level of Dragon Ball Super Heavyweights like Hit, SSJB Blue GokuKaikoenX20 and Jiren, so he can most certainly beat even the theoretical Golden Form Super Perfect Cell.

File:Iron Man Armor Model 13 (Hulkbuster).jpg

Even more crazy of an armor is the infamous Hulkbuster Armor which is ridiculously powerful.

This ridiculously powerful armor that can fight against Savage Hulk.

Who can match MCU Thor, who even in this continuity is at least Solar System level

In the comics, it can hold it’s own against a fully bloodlusted Worldbreaker Hulk

Which goes back to my Captain Marvel debunked post was so radically powerful that even Doctor Strange, a High Skyfather/Low Celestial tier character was bodied by him yet Hulkbuster Armor Tony Stark is able to hold his own briefly able he loses as Hulk gets stronger and stronger.  So that should put the armor at least Low Muitleverisal Level given it held it’s own against the strongest Hulk.’

See the source image

By contrast, let’s throw Cell a bone and let’s make him Golden Perfect Cell and given him the strength and power of Jiren.

The same Jiren who shooked the Void of Nothing which is supposed to be a near infinte 3 Dimmeisonal space within space-time which going by logic should equal the mass of at least the 13 Known Universes within Dragonball Super.

To contrast with Dragonball again, this was what Goku and Beerus could do do.

This makes even Goku’s mighty clash with Beerus appear to be a slow motion to Odin and Seth.…

149,597,870,690.99997 meters=1 AU…

63241.077088071 AU’s= One Light Year

93.7 billion light years – The diameter of the observable universe; 

Size of the DB Universe: 23.25 Trillion Light Years or 2.199620631786262e+29 meters

DB Universe Volume:2.340944612800386e+117 m^3 or 2.478298321316967e+101 Cubic Light Years(2.160909889900313e+29 or 216.09 Octillion times larger than our Universe)

DB Universe mass:1.39654×81 kg

The speed of Goku and Beerus punch:8.864704452808217e+26 m/s

Light travels at 299,792,458 m/s 

5.496684396914271e+30 m/s or 1.833496557446509e+22 c /18.33 Sextillion times the speed of light 


E=1.39654×10^81kgx 5.496684396914271e+30 m/s^2/2

E= 1.39654×10^81kx3.021353935928079e+61 m/2

E=4.219441625680999x10e+142 Joules

4.219441625680999e+142 joule = 1.0084707518e+127 megaton [explosive] or 100.847 TenaexaUniFoe

Goku and Beerus Clash:100.847 TenaexaUniFoe(Universe Level+)

Now for the size of the Observable Universe times 13  times the Roache Limit of the Universes. This would mkae the World of Void roughly 9,067,500,000,000,000 Lightyears wide or 8.578520463966424e+31 meters across. Doing the math, we have a void that is 5.415637245981538e+127 Lightyears across which is roughly 23,134,410,000 times more massive than Universe 7 hence weighing 23 .134 Bilion times as much, hence Jiren shook a realm roughly 3.23081289414×10^91 kg in mass which is the mass of roughly Duodecillion Observable Universes.

Or the difference between the mass of a Human to the mass of the Entire Galaxy.

Now for Jiren’s speed and power. To shake the entire void, Jiren would need to be having power and speed up to 8.578520463966424e+31 m/s or 2.861486416701792e+23 / 286.15 Sextillion times the speed of Light.

The speed of Jiren:8.578520463966424e+31 286.15 Sextillion C

The Mass of the Void of Nothing:3.23081289414×10^91 kg kg( 1.9001853e+25 times the size of the Observable Universe)


E= 3.23081289414×10^91 kg x8.578520463966424e+31 m/s /2

E=3.23081289414×10^91 kg x7.359101335069071e+63/2

E=1.188793974131202e+155 Joules

1.188793974131202e+155 joule = 2.841285789e+139 megaton [explosive] or 1 BiTenaKiloUniFoe

Jiren’s casual World of Void Shaking:1 BiTenaKiloUniFoe ( High Universe Level+)

To contrast with Dragonball again, Beerus and Goku punching the Universe and shaking it only produced  

100.847 TenaexaUniFoe of force which is only 10^50 the power of the Big Bang making Goku and Beerus in Battle of Gods 10 Trillion times weaker than Jiren’s casual feat within the Torumeant of power.

Which is basically the power difference between King Piccolo

And Super Perfect Cell.

So assuming Golden Cell is High Universe Level+ to Low Mutiverisal Level, Ironman still has one trick up his sleeve which would be arguably enough to put down Zeno, the Ziran Armor.

Ironman Ziran armor by IreneBelserion69


Such as this suit which can take on Thanos with the Infinity Gaulent who would shitstomp Zeno and solo the Dragonball Multiverse entirely. Don’t believe me? Check this out.…

Vast Cosmic Powers with no known upper limit. Armor able to withstand planet shattering impacts with ease and Armour able to withstand strikes from nuclear warheads. Not the most powerful Celestials could disrupt the solar system from their seats. A single host has the power to threaten all the pantheons of gods in a planet. In fact, a single Celestial possesses the power to withstand attacks from three Skyfathers at the same time completely unfazed (including Odin (Odin in his battle with Seth, they could destroy the entire universe, as well as their battle tore the fabric of the multiverse itself and also hases Odinforce (Odinforce – Also known as one source. A huge number of mystical energy, which manages the King of Asgard, and makes it essentially equal and stronger creatures such as Hela, Dormammu, Mephisto. One can subjugate matter, energy, space and time. Able to teleport himself and all mankind in alternate realities. In his hand could fit the whole galaxy. Even a part of his nature is capable of only one physical power to destroy the planet, like pebbles. If the dark side of Odin (part of the forces of the present one) was given to develop further, he would have crushed the universe. He easily won annihilus who decided to capture the Asgard. One himself said that he could compete with Galactus fed, while the hungry he is able to win without problems. Power Odinforsa so great, that even being in a very weakened state, his battle with Seth (Egyptian god) went around all the levels of being extinguished stars, galaxies and destroyed staggered fabric of the Multiverse itself. and also Odinsword (Sword of Odin, about which we know that if he pulled out of the sheath, the universe was going to end. ) and Zeus). Though not a feat of raw power but of durability, it still suggests that a Celestial is far more powerful than a Skyfather. Durning a Fight With celestial known as Arishem the Judge combined power of Odin, Zeus and Vishnu, did not even scratch it, Odinsvord sword which can impose the most powerful cosmic curse, and who can break the fabric itself of Infinity, and which pierced Arishem, did not hurt him. also Celestials Can Easely Destroy Multiverse and easely withstand attacks which are capable of Easely Destroing Multiverse also they even noot need to fight (Even mighty cosmic abstraction themselves “Suicide themselves ” on his arm) Tony stark in Ziran Armor was Capable of Fighting With Thanos who Had Infinity Gaunflet and even make him feel his attacks. also Celestials Able to create universes at will, share them on the Multiverses.

In other words, Ironman in Ziran Armor casually shits on Odin and Seth and is stronger than a Celestial with his very strongest armor ever made, need i remind you how ridiculously powerful Seth and Odin are alone who are below the power of a Celestial. Thanos with the Infinity Gaulent was even overpowered and he was far above the Celestials.

The same Odin who can casually create Muitlversial shockwaves against Seth which can casually level galaxies and be felt across the entire Marvel Multiverse. 

A Multiverse with at least  47,385,383 known dimensional realities going by the Marvel Database wiki which would be shaking 47 Million Universes at once with each of them having separate Mircoverses, Space timeline relates and too much to even count. That’s how powerful Odin is and Thor surpasses that.

Let’s do some Math for this one. One Universe is at least 93 Billion Light Year Long or roughly 870 Yottameters, that is 1×10^24 Meters wide with a mass of over 6×10^52 kg or 52 zeros and this is merely the size of the obsverable Universe.  

Assuming the Multiverse is at least the length of 47,385,383 Universe size entities and mupiltying that by the Roache Limit of each Universe, the Marvel Multiverse would be roughly 2.754275386875e+22 Lightyears across or 27.54 Sextillion Lightyears across which is beyond incomprehensible amounts of size. 

And mind you this is merely a conservative estimate of the Marvel Multiverse size, in reality, the Marvel Multiverse is said to actually be a Hyperverse or an Omniverse with Muitverses within Multiverses and this feat really only tackles the masses of 3 Dimensional objects, Marvel is confirmed to have an Omniverse that has over 32 Dimensions which makes scaling the verse vritually incomprehensible,Odin’s feat with Seth is the closest one can get to conventional scaling as calling these feats to become immeasurable past this point. We’re going to settle with merely the 11 Dimmeisonal scale used by String theory as the minimum force.

Now for the force of the clash, combining blinding speed with raw-mas we get this formula

The speed of Odin and Seth:2.605745704619764e+38 m/s

The Mass of the 11 Dimmiesonal Marvel Multiverse:2.564253345083631e+25,396 kg( 1×10^25336 times the mass of our Universe )


E=2.564253345083631e+25,396 kgx2.605745704619764e+38 m/s^2/

E=2.564253345083631e+25,396 kgx6.78991067714435e+76 m/s/2

E=1.741105116668646×10^25476 J

 This would have developed a new term known as MultiFoe.

To be Multiversal level or Mutifoe, you need 1001 to any higher finite number of universal 4-dimensional space-time continuums. Meaning you need to destroy 1,000 1.14506413233621e+72 Cubic Lightyear size Four Dimensional Universes.

1,000 Space-Time Universes should be at the bare minimum of 581.25 Quadrillion Lightyears wide or 5.499049579529122e+33 Lightyears then Mptly by Length, Width, and Height then Spacetime(4th Dimmeisonal) then mupilty that by the mass. The minimum size needed to desotry a Multiverse would be 8.361825158835864e+269 m^3 or  8.361825158835864e+259 cubic lightyears.


U=0.00000000000667×9.528388382898248e+72 kg^2/5.735548927168455e+17mx5   

  • G = Universal gravitational constant
  • M is mass of the celestial object in kilograms
  • R is the radius of the object in meters

Mass of the Multiverse:3×10^244kg (5  Octillion Quinquagintillion times heavier than the Universe)

The radius of the Multiverse:8.361825158835864e+269 m^3 


U=0.00000000002001x3x10^244kg^2/ 8.361825158835864e+269 mx5   



U=4.307432805138255×10^207 Joules

Minimum GBE to be considered a Multiverse:4.307432805138255×10^207 Joules or 38.33 TriTenaYotta UniFoe

Minimum energy needed to blow up 1,000 Unverisal Space-Time continuums: 4.307432805138255×10^207 Joules or 38.33 TriTenaYotta UniFoe

MuitlFoe:4.307432805138255×10^207J(10 Septentrigintillion  Big Bangs)

This is the minimum energy needed to be considered at least Low Multiversal Level or to consider a MutilFoe You would need at least 115 Zeros more energy than the Big Bang or 10  Septentrigintillion times the force of the Big Bang to blow up even a small Multiverse like that of Dragonball with only 13 Universes and countless spacetime continuum, now for the minimum power to bust the Marvel Mutiverse.


U=0.00000000002001×2.564253345083631e+25,396 kg^2/ 1.325123147731254e+32mx5

U=0.00000000002001×6.575395217772591e+50792 kg /6.625615738656268e+32m

U=1.315736583076295e+50782 kg/6.625615738656268e+32m

U= 1.985832917233346e+50749  Joules

Seth vs Odin Collision:1.741105116668646×10^25476 J  or 2,574,600 NinTenaQaudHunaOctTousaMutiFoe( High Multiverse Level+)

  • High Complex Multiverse level: 10-dimensional and 11-dimensional characters…

Going by this calc, Odin and Seth produced over infinite amounts of big bangs, which beyond mindblowing. This should be the baseline power of True Muitlverisal firepower and beyond.

GBE of the Entire 11 Dimmeisonal Marvel Mutiverse: 1.985832917233346e+50749  Joules  ( High Complex Multiverse Level+)

Instead of taking one measurement method, a team of scientists led by Mihran Vardanyan at the University of Oxford did a statistical analysis of all of the results. By using Bayesian model averaging, which focuses on how likely a model is to be correct given the data, rather than asking how well the model itself fits the data. They found that the universe is at least 250 times larger than the observable universe, or at least 7 trillion light-years across.

Note that Odin alone is outclassed heavily by Celestials who are said to be above even the strongest SAkyfather as even Odin with Destoryer Armor couldn’t beat a single Ceeistal in combat and they’re said to be able to desotry the entirely of a Mutiverse which is over 50,000 Zeros worth of Joules verus the 25,000 + Zeros worth of Joules within the attacks of Seth and Odin.

To give you a context of the sheer power gap of 1×10^50,000 vs 1×10^25,000

This would be like comparing Bulma’s power level.

To the power level of Zeno. That’s the vast difference between a Celestial to even the strongest Skyfathers and Ironamn with Ziran Armor basically went from Bulma level to casually killing Zeno.

 In other words, Cell would get brutally sodomized by Ironman with his strongest armor even in Perfect Golden Cell but let’s throw yet another bone for Cell.

See the source image

Let’s say somehow he absorbed Grand Zeno’s powers and had the power to destroy all 13 Universes in Dragonball. Now, this sounds fucking crazy. Let’s use the World of void scaling we did and add 2 more Dimensions to it.

Going by physics, as a Mutiverse, it’s an 11 Dimmeisonal realm by default hence it has to multiply the length of the verse 11 times to get the results.

Going by Roache Limit and physics, the Mutiversial sphere of Dragonball is at least 250 times wider than the combined Roache limit distance of Universes.  This gives us a value of 1.8890625e+18 Lightyears wide for the Dragonball Mutiverse  or 1.817712533907485e+34 m

The volume of the 3D Dragon Ball Multiverse:1.091693708616649e+137 m^3 or 1.15392074244753e+121 Cubic Light Years wide(49,607,661,958.99 times the size of the Void of Nothing)

Mass of the 3D Mutiverse:1.60273×10^102 kg 

The speed of Zeno:1.817712533907485e+34 m


E= 1.60273×10^102 kgx1.817712533907485e+34 m/2

E= 1.60273×10^102 kgx3.30407885592437e+68m/s/s


2.647773152377833e+170 joule = 6.3283297141e+154 megaton [explosive] or 632.832 QuninTenaExaMuitlFoe of TNT

Zeno’s Causal Universe Busting: 632.832 QuninTenaExaUnilFoe of TNT (High Universe Level+)


U=0.00000000000667×9.528388382898248e+72 kg^2/5.735548927168455e+17mx5   

  • G = Universal gravitational constant
  • M is mass of the celestial object in kilograms
  • R is the radius of the object in meters

Mass of the Multiverse:3×10^244kg (5  Octillion Quinquagintillion times heavier than the Universe)

The radius of the Multiverse:8.361825158835864e+269 m^3 


U=0.00000000002001x3x10^244kg^2/ 8.361825158835864e+269 mx5   



U=4.307432805138255×10^207 Joules

Minimum GBE to be considered a Multiverse:4.307432805138255×10^207 Joules or 38.33 TriTenaYotta UniFoe

Minimum energy needed to blow up 1,000 Unverisal Space-Time continuums: 4.307432805138255×10^207 Joules or 38.33 TriTenaYotta UniFoe

MuitlFoe:4.307432805138255×10^207J(10 Septentrigintillion  Big Bangs)

This is the minimum energy needed to be considered at least Low Multiversal Level or to consider a MutilFoe You would need at least 115 Zeros more energy than the Big Bang or 10  Septentrigintillion times the force of the Big Bang to blow up even a small Multiverse like that of Dragonball with only 13 Universes and countless spacetime continuum, now for the minimum power to bust the Marvel Mutiverse.

Going by the previous calc above here Zeno is at least on this tier. 

In other words, even if we give Cell Zeno’s powers, it doesn’t come close to Seth or Odin shaking the Marvel Multiverse which has 4 times as many Zeros as Zeno and they’re literally inferior to Thanos and Ziran Armor Iron Man. So until Dragon Ball Super gets the major upgrades of power that Xenoverse has, Ironman can solo the verse in Ziran Armor, hell he arguably still solos even if we factor in Zneoverse given Thanos with the Infinity Gaulent is superior to even Abstract level entities who are Hyperverisal level

So yeah in no way Cell Murderstomps Ironman, quite the opposite actually if we factor in the fact Ironman has armors that are far above Solar System tier Heralds and if we factor Ziran Armor as a last resort, there’s zero chance of any DB character currently having any chance with Ironman.

Of course, facts don’t matter to DBZtards so naturally he makes another retarded arugment.


Lyterious Aug 21, 2017 

Okay I ain’t seen it though an the keinzan cuts everything 

Phil Mason facial hair

Just whoa, that’s insane levels of stupidity.


What’s even dumber is this retard attempts to defend the fact his arugment failed horribly.


Lyterious Apr 16, 2019 

Cell regenerates. Is there any reason he could not simply regenerate the area that would’ve been cut

Uggh I’ll just let my comment do the talking for me.



IreneBelserion69 Apr 17, 2019 

Several problems with your arugment…

1) Kirrin’s Kiezkan didn’t even scratch Cell you idiot, why are you claiming he has regeneration abilities when he never needed to display them against Kirin, literally Kirrin’s Keizkan bounced off Cell’s neck

2)Second, you’re literally making shit up to cover up for the fact there’s a logical hole in your arugment. 

3) Are you so desperate to wank DBZ, you’re going as low as wank fucking Kirin, one of the weakest characters in the series? How is this helping with your Cell arugment

4) The Hulk regenerates too yet didn’t stop Tony Stark from beating his ass.

5)Cell’s regenerate has limits, if every cell is destroyed at once, it’s game over, he dies and Tony has weapons that can do just that . The Hulk literally got vaporized to dust like cell yet survived and regenerated and Tony still handed Hulk his ass to him

Of course, this tard tries to play spell corrector which proves he already lost the arugment.


Lyterious Apr 17, 2019 

Kirin is a brand of beer or a type of dragon like unicorn not a DBZ character. His name is Krillen spell it right.

You know when you lost a debate when you’re desperately trying to nitpick spelling of a name. And of course, it turned into a pissing contest until this faggot actually threatened to dox me.


Lyterious 18 hours ago 

You’re not providing any evidence either and secondarily the only cuckold I see here is you I have access to your entire Internet history one more insult and it goes out to your whole family

And yep because he can’t handle the fact i raped his ass harder than TFS Cell raped Vegeta, this faggot wants to dox me and my family because he can’t win an arugment. Not only is this a clear bluff but I’m calling out his bluff, by any chance you do actually doxx and hax me with your super hackers , i will flame the shit out of your channel and get you banned from DA for harassment and doxxing,  and i strongly encourage anyone who doesn’t like bullies and doxxers to report this guy too because it’s one thing to talk shit on the internet, it’s another to try to ruin people’s lives because your too much of a butthurt retard to make a valid arugment.

Of course, this is just bullshit talk from an edgy little shit who’s cornered like the little rat faggot he is and is desperatetly trying to shut me up because he can’t win an arugment, i heard this song and dance before, remember when Ross and his superhackers would hack Mister Mektour and bring him down? Well, guess what, that shit didn’t happen so this is just desperation from a cornered rat.

Stay mad that Ironman can potentially solo the Dragonball verse bitch and do try to go through your threat, i dare you faggot. We’ll see how long you last on this site if you’re really this super hacker, you’re just anyone soy boy bitch who wants to act tough, well if you know anything on how i look in real life, let’s just say you’re going to regret fucking with me bitch!

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