Thicc Goddess of Eden Zero

Another long overdue thing to dump.

Before I do that best I knock out a request, I was planning to do a while back which is the scale of the Eden Zero Goddess, Mother, the massive star sized goddess shown around the beginning of the series.

The Size of Mother, the THICC Goddess

Eden Zero  Space goddess' by IreneBelserion69

Eden Zero seems to show a lot of potential in terms of characters and it’s world, much more so than Fairy Tail. I figure I do a nice scale based on the size of the mother plant of Granbell which is Shiki’s home planet for scale.


Going by the description of the planet itself, it’s stated to be roughly the size of a star. Given it’s stated to be a star-sized planet, it’s easily far bigger than Earth itself. We’re going to go with Jupiter since Jupiter is the closest in size to the smallest stars in the Universe, the Brown Dwarfs

1182X px space goddess Height: 2,709,337,770.49 m

88 px Space Goddess Length:193,055,000 m

176px Space Goddess Wdith:402,687,000 m

Volume:2.106259198961376e+26 m

Density of Iron:7850kg/m3

Mass:1.653414479122934e+30 ( 0.65 Solar Mass)

Mass of Mother: 0.65 Solar Mass

This Space Goddess would have nearly the mass of our sun and roughly half it’s size scaling from the planet Sun simply Scaling from here.

Jupiter and its shrunken Great Red Spot.jpg

Size of Jupiter:139,822 km

The planet within the scan is drawfed within scale by the giantness itself which tits alone drawf the size of the planet.  

Eden Zero  Space goddess' by IreneBelserion69

61px ( Size of Jupiter) 139,822,000 m

111px space goddess tits:254,430,000m

So yes Mother has boobs bigger than planet Jupiter itself. Hell, it would easily be several Jupiter Masses and rivaling the size of Brown Dwarfs within space.

Now for the Gravitational Binding Energy of Mother’s “Planets”

Mother’s Planets:254,430,000mx^3

The volume of Mother’s Planets:1.6470430613307e+25

Density of steel: 7,980 kg/ m^3

Weight of Mother’s Planets:1.314340362941899e+29 kg

This is roughly around the same mass of a Brown Dwarf per boob or nearly 7 Jupiter Masses per boob. Now for the GBE of those planets. 

GBE calc ref by IreneBelserion69






8.269449565685619e+38 joule = 1.9764458809e+23 megaton [explosive] or 197.7 Ninatons of TNT( Dwarf Star level)

GBE of Mother’s “Planets”:197.7 Ninatons of TNT each( Dwarf Star level)

Now for Mother’s Measurements.

Circumference of the Earth in kilometers: 40,075,000 m (EC)

Height: 2,709,337,770.49 m

Bust Width:(254,430,000m)x3.14= 798,910,200 m/19.93 EC

UnderBust:( 185,040,000m )x3.14=581025600 m/14.498 EC

Waist:159px(167,166,818.2 m)x3.14=524,903,809.1 m/13.1 EC

Hips:245px(257,584,090.9 m)x3.14=808,814,045.45 m/20.18 EC

Cup Size: 5.432 EC

Mother’s Measurements

BWH: 19.93 EC, 

Bra Size: 19.993 EC wide, 13.1 EC,20.18 EC

Yes this is true unparalleled thickness, whole planets can’t compare to her thicccness

2×1030 kg  The Sun (one solar mass or M☉ = 1.989×1030 kg)

So this space goddess going by sheer size alone is the size and mass of a star.

Now let’s calculate what would happen if you’re punched by this massive space goddess if she moved at the very least the speed of light. We’re only going lightspeed for this calculation basically because we don’t have a good estimate yet of how fast spacecraft are or the distance of planets. It’s easy to assume they’re traveling at the speed of light if not faster.

How Powerful are Fairy Tail Top Tiers Part 3 Final

Remember how powerful Dragons were in the Dragon Festival right ?Casual Mountain busters and all?

Not a single one of them compared to Irene’s power. It’s strongly implied that prior to being Mother of Dragon Slayers and inventor of Dragon Slayer Magic, she was a very powerful human who at the very least had power comparable to a Dragon but couldn’t actually kill Dragons and at most trumped most Dragons in power.

Irene being the queen of Dragons is very fitting given she’s easily one of the most powerful characters In Fairy Tail. Going by Beslerison’s title the Sage Dragon, it’s safe to assume that prior to Ingeel and Ancologia, he was the most powerful Dragon in the Fairy Tail world. Considering she almost won the Dragon War until Anclogia’s intervention, she was superior to all but maybe Ingeel at his prime in power prior to Dragonfication

So time for the big one, the big scaling for Natsu,  Deus Sama.

Irene summons her

After all, going by the previous series, Both Irene and Erza acehvied realistivc speeds of 60% the speed of Light

 Speed of Light: 299,792,458 m/s per second.


E=1.653414479122934e+30 x299,792,458/2


7.430069599102245e+46 joule = 1.7758292541e+31 megaton [explosive] or 743 Foe

Mother’s Mass Energy: 743 Foe( Solar System level+)

So merely moving at the speed of Light, Mother can potentially produce the force of over 7 Hypernovas with each Hypernova requiring the force of 1×10^46 J  Joules or 100 Foe, that’s more than 4 times the force needed to blow up the entire Solar System with the mas Energy of mother equaling that of nearly 31 Solar systems.…

However, this is merely lightspeed and it’s not realistic that someone of size exceeding 300,000 km size would only move at Lightspeed. a Human who’s of the average height of 1.81m can run up to 5 m/s. This would give Mother Goddess at least the average movement speed of 7,477,770,120 m/s or 24.943 times the speed of Light just by sheer size alone.

Considering FTL travel speed is already established within Eden Zero, this would make Mother’s speed at least comparable to that of the fastest ships within this verse but that has yet be shown but let’s use to esbtlaish the size of Eden Zero’s Solar System known as the

Eden Zero Solar System by IreneBelserion69

Eden Zero’s Solar System Length: 645px(At least 4,500,000,000,000 m or 4.5 Billion Km)

Distance between Ship and Blue Garden:63px(439,534,883,720.9302 m or 439 Million km)

Rebecca’s ship speed:20,348,837.20930232 m/s 6.79% SoL

Well that was underwhelmingly slow, just under 1/10th Erza’s speed

And just barely over 1/10t the speed of Deus Sema

So let’s revise the calc and do this again, What if Mother potentially had the speed to cross this entire Solar System in a second(Something that doesn’t seem impossible considering her massive size)

 4,500,000,000,000 m/s/ 299,792,458 m/s

15010.384 c


E=1.653414479122934e+30 x 4,500,000,000,000 m/s^2/2

E= 1.653414479122934e+30×2.025e+25

E=3.348164320223941e+55 J

3.348164320223941e+55 joule = 8.0023047806e+39 megaton [explosive] or 80 GigaFoe of TNT(Solar System Level+)

Mother’s Potential attack Potency/Kinetic Energy:80 GigaFoe of TNT(Solar System Level+)

Now that’s one Thicc goddess.

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