How heavy are Passoinlip’s boobs

See the source image

Now for the measurement of Passionlips massive rack

Bust width: 73px(160/3.14cm=51cm)

Underbust:35px(77cm/3.14=24 cm)

Cup Size:33”

Bra Size:Too Big to Measure

Now for the weight of her boobs


Length of each breast:Bust Width/2




‭‭54,503.955‬ cm^3

‭49,053.5595‬  or  49.053 kg(

Passionlips Breast Volume:‭‭54,503.955‬ cm^3

Passionlips’s Breast Weight:49.053 kg(98.106lbs)

Passionlips’s Breast Milk Capacity:11.82 Gallons of Mlik

These are much bigger than the monsterously huge Cheelsa Charms who’s each breast weighs roughly  30 pounds (14 kg),

 Given a small 5’2” woman like her averages around 110 pounds, this means her boobs are an overwhelming 60 pounds to her body frame, meaning she weighs an estimated 170 pounds with those boobs, meaning the boobs would take about  a atsoudhing 35.2% of her body weight.

Passionlip at over twice her volume would have boobs  ,  her breasts would be over  22.2 kg which is about the weight of a Medium sized Dog per breast,

To give you an idea of how ridiculously big this is,  Lucy, the largest busted female i weighed so far , both of her boobs which is around 11.22kg  are barely half the weight of a single boob of Passionlip.

And considering Passionlip is only the smallest of the heaviest tier women(BTW have some accuracy issues with the list), this is roughly in the range of hardcore shit of measurments.

12 thoughts on “How heavy are Passoinlip’s boobs

  1. Hey love the work and keep it up but on the chart its a little small to read do you have a HD or larger version?


  2. Hello, I really like your blogs about anime bust measurements, I also write about topics like this and I wanted to ask you if I could use some of them as a reference for the following blogs that I write.


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