I’m getting sick and tried of this fucking hate movement posing as a Civil Rights Movement known as Black Lives Matter and getting especially sick of the silence from so called Liberals when it comes to the insane bigotry of Black Lives Matter.  Just when you think that Black Lives Matter couldn’t sink any lower than they already did with the Dallas Sniper shooting and Baton Rouge shooting one month ago,  they outdid themselves again last night by starting a race riot.  This is beyond inexcusable .

For those wondering, the riots were purely motivated by racist reasons by our favorite Black Supremacist movement  Black Lives Matter who Dindu Nuffin ever despite preaching death to cops and death to white people within their rallies and on Twitter.

To explain the context of this riot and why it’s happening, it’s all over the shooting of your guessed it, another black man.  Funny how it’s always the Black man dying to police that  triggers Black Lives Matter to commit mass riots.

I’m still waiting for the riots of the white men killed at 1.7 times the rate of blacks within police shootings  or Black Lives Matter to protest or riot for any White Victims of actual police brutality but if i hold my breath on that, i’ll die  worse than Eric Garner, someone who was somewhat a genuine victim of police brutality.

It’s ironic that nearly one year ago, i made a post on DA that would be my final post on that site about Black Lives Matter and yet one year later i was proven right about Black Lives Matter being a hate movement posing as a Civil Rights Movement.  What i originally thought were a bunch of Al Sharptons turns out to be the new manifestation of the KKK.

I mean let’s  once again look at the stats within America from my old post there and this would explain exactly why Black Lives Matter is a dsingenous movement.

(Imprisonment Rates In The US By Race, Age, And Gender, 2013) “At yearend 2013, 17% of all inmates (253,800) were ages 30 to 34, while an estimated 2% (31,900) were age 65 or older (table 7). An estimated 58% of male inmates and 61% of female inmates in state or federal prison were age 39 or younger. Among males, white prisoners were generally older than black or Hispanic prisoners. An estimated 17,300 inmates age 65 or older (54%) were white males.

“BJS uses race and Hispanic origin distributions from its 2004 Survey of Inmates in State and Federal Correctional Facilities to adjust the administrative data from NPS to reflect self-identification of race and Hispanic origin by prisoners (see Methodology). On December 31, 2013, about 37% of imprisoned males were black, 32% were white, and 22% were Hispanic. Among females in state or federal prison at yearend 2013, 49% were white, compared to 22% who were black and 17% who were Hispanic.

“Almost 3% of black male U.S. residents of all ages were imprisoned on December 31, 2013 (2,805 inmates per 100,000 black male U.S. residents), compared to 1% of Hispanic males (1,134 per 100,000) and 0.5% of white males (466 per 100,000) (table 8). While there were fewer black females in state or federal prison at yearend 2013 than in 2012, black females were imprisoned at more than twice the rate of white females.

“Black males had higher imprisonment rates across all age groups than all other races and Hispanic males. In the age range with the highest imprisonment rates for males (ages 25 to 39), black males were imprisoned at rates at least 2.5 times greater than Hispanic males and 6 times greater than white males. For males ages 18 to 19—the age range with the greatest difference in imprisonment rates between whites and blacks — black males (1,092 inmates per 100,000 black males) were more than 9 times more likely to be imprisoned than white males (115 inmates per 100,000 white males). The difference between black and white female inmates of the same age was smaller, but still substantial. Black females ages 18 to 19 (33 inmates per 100,000) were almost 5 times more likely to be imprisoned than white females (7 inmates per 100,000).”

(Racial and Gender Disparities) “Looking at the numbers through the lenses of race and gender reveals stark differences. Black adults are four times as likely as whites and nearly 2.5 times as likely as Hispanics to be under correctional control. One in 11 black adults—9.2 percent—was under correctional supervision at year end 2007. And although the number of female offenders continues to grow, men of all races are under correctional control at a rate five times that of women.”
– See more at: http://www.drugwarfacts.org/cms/Race_…@

(Chance of Imprisonment, 2001) “In 2001, the chances of going to prison were highest among black males (32.2%) and Hispanic males (17.2%) and lowest among white males (5.9%). The lifetime chances of going to prison among black females (5.6%) were nearly as high as for white males. Hispanic females (2.2%) and white females (0.9%) had much lower chances of going to prison.”
In other words going by empirical facts and data, Black Women, who are the most disenfranchised group of women are still slightly better off than white men. Yeah, the whole   “White Male Privilege “argument is complete bullshit! Black Men are being disenfranchised the most within this country( Still far from oppressed )  ,however looking at the statistics, Black Women are still better off  regarding prison  sentencing than even white men.

As i explained a year ago, the narrative of Black oppression by whites is completely negated by the fact Black Women on average get lighter sentences than even White Men and for roughly the same crimes.  If SJW’s claim that women and black people are oppressed, why does the stats show Black Women being given slightly lighter sentences than Black men or White Men?

Hate Crime Statistics, 2011 includes the following information:
There were 6,216 single-bias incidents, of which 46.9 percent were motivated by a racial bias, 20.8 percent were motivated by a sexual orientation bias, 19.8 percent were motivated by a religious bias, and 11.6 percent were motivated by an ethnicity/national origin bias. Bias against a disability accounted for 0.9 percent of single-bias incidents.

Of the 4,623 hate crime offenses classified as crimes against persons in 2011, intimidation accounted for 45.6 percent, simple assaults for 34.5 percent, and aggravated assaults for 19.4 percent. Four murders and seven forcible rapes were reported as hate crimes.

There were 2,611 hate crime offenses classified as crimes against property. The majority of these (81.4 percent) were acts of destruction/damage/vandalism. Robbery, burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft, arson, and other offenses accounted for the remaining 18.6 percent of crimes against property.

Fifty-nine percent of the 5,731 known offenders were white; 20.9 percent were black. The race was unknown for 10.8 percent, and other races accounted for the remaining known offenders.

Most hate crime incidents (32.0 percent) occurred in or near homes. Eighteen percent took place on highways, roads, alleys, or streets; 9.3 percent happened at schools or colleges; 5.9 percent in parking lots or garages; and 4.4 percent in churches, synagogues, or temples. The location was considered other (undesignated) or unknown for 11.3 percent of hate crime incidents. The remaining 19.1 percent of hate crime incidents took place at other specified or multiple locations.

In mid-September the Census Bureau released its latest report onIncome, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States@, current through 2011. Poverty as officially measured, the Census researchers found, went largely unchanged from the year before, though household income did fall.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

The new data also show, as they’ve shown since these statistics first became available in the 1960s, that black people in the United States have a much higher risk of living in poverty than white people. But poverty, a deeper look at the data shows, does not simply boil down to a matter of black and white.

Census Bureau researchers base their poverty figures on a market-basket approach, with a formula derived originally from the cost of an emergency food budget and then corrected for family size, age, and inflation. In 2011, under this formula, families of four rated as poor if their income fell below $23,000@.
Many people — including many college students who enroll in courses about poverty and social policy — assume that black means poor. Why this 
assumption? Massive racial inequality certainly plays a major role.

To take but two examples: Black household income stood at only 55 percent of white household income in 2011, an even smaller share than 1999’s 63 percent. Black unemployment in August 2012  ran twice white unemployment, 14.1 to 7.2  percent.

Black people currently make up about 13.8 percent of the U.S. population, and about 27 percent of these Americans fall below the poverty line. The population overall rates as about 15 percent poor. So black people in the United States face nearly twice the risk of living in poverty as average Americans.

This elevated risk reflects past and current institutional practices that put blacks and other minorities at a disadvantage. But it’s also true that almost three-quarters of black incomes do not fall below the poverty line. Collapsing poor and black as if all poor were black and all blacks poor turns the “poverty” problem into a “race” problem.

The white poverty rate does run much lower than the black rate, just under 10  percent, one-third of the black rate. But the white poor outnumber the black poor considerably, 19 to 7.8 million. White people make up 42 percent of America’s poor, black people about 28 percent.

The basic numbers don’t change when we look at people living in extreme poverty, in households making less than 50  percent of the meager poverty line. Of the 20 million people who live at this alarming level of want and deprivation, about 42 percent are white, 27  percent black.

These data have political implications that racial stereotyping usually shroud from public view.  Many white people who don’t live anywhere near poverty, even many who consider themselves liberal, think blacks compose most of the poor. Large numbers of these white Americans feel no emotional connection to the problems poor people face. They perceive poverty as a problem of some other community, not their own.

If those white Americans who felt this way actually had to confront the demographic reality of poverty, if they came to understand that white people make up the single largest group of the poor, how white America thinks about poverty and policy might start changing.

Well-meaning white Americans have for decades been aware that black people face the risk of poverty than whites. But “poverty,” we all need to understand, is more and different than “race.”


The following are some of the significant cases in this area. They are offered as a start to understanding the issues, and are not intended as a substitute for obtaining legal advice from DOI’s Solicitor’s Office or private counsel. These summaries are intended neither as a legal analysis regarding specific matters, nor as a complete review of the topic.

  1. McDonald v. Santa Fe Trail Transportation Co.@, 427 U.S. 273, 96 S.Ct. 2574 (1976). Two White employees and one Black employee were charged with stealing property from their employer. The two White employees were fired while the Black employee was retained. In the first big reverse discrimination case, the Court decided that Title VII is not limited to discrimination against minority persons, but includes discriminatory actions against majority persons as well.
  2. Middletown v. City of Flint@, 92 F.3d 396. (6th Cir. 1996), cert. denied 117 S.Ct. 1552 (1997). Challenge by White police officers passed over for promotions because of voluntary affirmative action plan involving a 50% set aside of promotions to Sergeant for racial minorities. Court found plan to be an “unnecessarily drastic remedy.”
  3. Police Association of New Orleans v. City of New Orleans@, 100 F.3d 1159 (5th Cir. 1996). City’s race conscious promotions violated Equal Protection Clause because they were not narrowly tailored.
  4. Hopwood v. Texas@, 78 F.3d 932 (5th Cir. 1996), cert. denied, 518 U.S. 1033 (1996). Strikes down the race-conscious admissions program of the University of Texas Law School. The school used lower minimum criteria for African American and Mexican American candidates than for other candidates. The Court held that obtaining a racially diverse student body is not a compelling interest under the 14th Amendment.
  5. Harding v. Gray@, 9 F.3d 150 (D.C. Cir. 1993). D.C. Circuit interpreted McDonnell Douglas (described in our “Civil Rights Cases” category in list at left) to require an additional showing for White plaintiffs in reverse discrimination cases over and above what would be required by minority plaintiffs. The court held that, because racial discrimination against White persons is so rare, in order to establish the necessary inference of discrimination, White plaintiffs must prove “background circumstances” that “support the suspicion that the defendant is that unusual employer who discriminates against the majority.” This can be done by showing that plaintiff was better qualified than the minority applicant whom the employer selected.
  6. Lucas v. Dole@, 835 F.2d 532 (4th cir. 1987). The Fourth Circuit refused to adopt the D.C. Circuit’s “background circumstances” requirement and instead applied McDonnell Douglas test in the same way to White and Black plaintiff. White plaintiff satisfied her burden in this case where she showed that she was more qualified than the selected minority applicant, that the interviewing process was too subjective, that the minority applicant had received irregular acts of favoritism, and that other employees believed that race was a factor.
  7. Schafer v. Board of Public Education@, 903 F.2d 243 (3d Cir. 1990). Reverse sexual discrimination case. The court held that male teacher stated a claim for discrimination where he was not allowed to take a year of paternity leave, while female teachers were allowed to take similar amount of maternity leave. Distinctions between men and women can be made with respect to physical disabilities related to pregnancy or the delivery of a child, but not with respect to child rearing.

So once again, where’s the White Supremacy here ? Blacks might be more likely to end up in poverty per captia but White people outnumber black people 5 to 1, which statistically means there are more poor white people pre population size than Black people.  And as seen from the Affirmative Action

And of course let’s cut to the chase here.  As i and non Regressive Leftists like Atheism Is Unstopaable pointed out, blacks accounted for 52.5% of homicide offenders from 1980 to 2008, with whites 45.3% and “Other” 2.2%. The offending rate for blacks was almost 8 percentage points higher than whites, and the victim rate 6 times higher. Most homicides were intraracial, with 84% of white victims killed by whites, and 93% of black victims killed by blacks.[

And for those who want to deny obvious fact, well look at these examples of violent black gangs.




And this is just a few common examples of the shit you see within the Black Community. Hell the reason i loved  90’s hip hop and gangster rap is because it literally kept it real about the life of the inner city.  Rappers like Tu Pac, Biggie,Mobb Deep and Big L were amongst the rappers who expressed the common theme of Black on Black crime within their lyrics..Nowadays Hip Hop is not only sterilized of talent for the most part but also  expression of real life struggles but that’s a rant for a different time.

The point is that the real problem is Black people committing an insane amount of crime pre captia and the Black Community and the mainstream media completely ignoring the facts and instead choosing to blame the Police and white people in general  and i’m fucking sick of this shit.

It’s funny how alot of these young black youths  listen to Hip Hop songs that promote or express sympathy for Black on Black crime, gangster culture and  even see the gangs  influenced by poverty, fatherless homes and the easy money of the  drug game don’t put the blame on the community that allows this shit to occur and don’t do enough to prevent this disaster but instead go to blame the police and white people..

But let’s get to the meat of this crap , the whole riot itself.  


The Ralph Retort did an excellent article yet again explaining the problem with the the Black Lives Matter movement.  Of course  rather than actually making any points, these people resort to throwing temper tantrums like children, burning down their own communities and looting shit  but how did this shit happen again?

Of course because a Black Man was gunned down by cops however because the suspect was Black , it didn’t even take seconds before rock throwing BLM thugs attacked police officers and chanted death to white people and cops.

And before people assume i’m jumping the gun on this, there’s a video from LiveLife8072 covering the details of the shooting.

So the officer who shot the armed black man Seilve Smith 23 year was black according to LiveLife, who has been dead right on every case regarding the BLM movement and yet BLM riot against “White Supremacy”? Seems Legit!  Also 5 homicides accorded within the same time period prior to the riots.

Also the proof is in the video, the same video LifeLive uses proves this was directly caused by Black Lives Matter as the rioters firing their guns and shouting “Black Power” were also shouting “Black Lives Matter” just minutes later.  It’s amazing how stupid these BLM protesters are and how incredibly racist they are when they shout  “If they’re white, beat their ass” which is an incitement to hate crimes.

Now tell me SJW’s, are these the people that you wish to defend ?  The same people who want to beat your ass because you’re white ? These are the people you seriously wish to defend ? People who don’t give a shit about how loyal you  are to the movement ?

And before people jump on my ass , no i don’t think every single person in Black Lives Matter is a violent thug, that’s a loud, vocal minority of the group who are the ones causing trouble, however that Loud Vocal Minority is mirrioing the ideology of the movement much like ISIS follows the literalist version of the Koran.  Black Lives Matter was founded based on the ideology of  Cop killer Assata Shakur, formerly known as Joanne Chesimard, murdered New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster in 1973 and then fled to Cuba.  

Yeah not to be confused with the rapper Tupac Shakur, who’s a a real nigga and one of the best rappers alive, though i probably hate Black Lives Matter far less if they were inspired by Tupac Shakur than they were with Assata Shakur, a convicted cop killer and domestic terrorist on the top 10- most wanted FBI list, the same list that had a $50 Million dollar bounty on Osama Bin Laden.

BTW for those who don’t know about Assata Shakur, she left the Original Black Panther Party movement because she didn’t see the movement as “Black enough”e Black Liberation Army (BLA), “a radical and violent organization of black activists”  “whose primary objective (was) to fight for the independence and self-determination of Afrikan people in the United States.” In 1971, Shakur joined the Republic of New Afrika,  an organization formed to create an independent black-majority nation composed of Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina. In other words, she’s to Black Power as David Duke and Timothy McVeigh were to White Power

When you read the recent demands from the offical Black Lives Matter movement, you would see that  it strongly resembles the same insanely racist goals of the Black Nationalists sects of the Black Panther Party.

Speaking of Black Panther Party which is a whole can of worms, what ultimately destroyed the Black Panther Party which originally started as a well intentioned self defense movement against pro segregationist cops was the divide between Black Supremacist groups that became part of the Black Liberation Movement and the Maoist poison that would further make the movement more radical and violent.

Not only is this an interesting parallel to the Black Lives Matter movement which is the Third Wave of the Black Power movement but alot of the disastrous, counterproductive decisions that the Black Panther Party done created much of the problems the Black Community faced today. Mainly the creation of the Bloods and Crips.

The crips were originally formed as a subset of the Black Panther Party protecting the black community from corrupt cops and  violent street gangs but as the power of the BPP faded, the Crips became the street gangs terrorizing the black community to the point smaller gangs formed to create the Bloods and hence the most destructive conflict in the Black Community history post Segregation happened, this then  let into eventual splintering of these major gangs into smaller sets and hence contribute heavily to the reason why Black communities make up for 53% of the homicide rate within America.

So it’s the injection of Marxism and  Black Racial Nationalism that originally lead to the destruction of an already heavily damaged community from racial segregation and hundreds of years of oppression that is the root cause of why the Black community remnants stagnant overall regarding poverty, crime and education.   And this is the ideology SJW’s want to bring more of into the Black Community?  Because it you don’y succeed in poisoning the well, try again.

Is it of no coincidence that the rise of Black Supremacist movements have also shown plenty of Black Street Gangs which were originally formed from sects of Maoist and Black Nationals Black Panthers are suddenly gathering together again in support of Black Lives Matter?

Is it of no coincidence that crime has spiked insanely high in the last 2 years following the Ferguson riots.  Crime rates which have been down at record lows for 20 years have spiked up again given the rise of this hate group has made cops less willing to do their jobs and have less police within the neighborhoods hence causing crime to rise.

Look at Chicago for example in which the murder rate has spiked about the national average and is quickly replacing New Orleans as the murder capital of the world. Coincidentally, Black Supremacists groups like the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther Party reside within this city and many black street gangs reside there as well and they were the ones who crashed the GOP debate earlier this year with threats of violence and riots.  Funny how wherever Black Lives Matter is, there are gangs sympathetic to the cause.

The fact that it’s been 24 hours since the riot and we’ve yet to hear an condemnation from the 60  offical chapters of the Black Lives Matter movement regarding this riot. In fact  this is a grand example of the problem of Black Lives Matter. It’s not a movement that all cares about police brutality, it cares for money and power.

Out of all the major protests against police brutality and racism, how many of these people BLM defended were non Black?

Jonathan Ferrell, John Crawford, Ezell Ford, Laquan McDonald, Akai Gurley, Tamir Rice, Eric Harris, Walter Scott, Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland, Samuel DuBose, Alton Sterling, and Philando Castile were all Black.


Where’s the protests for Abraham Smith?He was a white guy killed in the same day Micah Xavier Johnson did his terrorist attack.

Where’s Black Lives Matter for Vinson Ramos,  a hispanic whiteish man killed by police the day before ?  Going by list of people killed by cops, it’s funny how Black Lives Matter doesn’t care about anything that doesn’t fit their narrative.

Also let’s look at the cases of the people that BLM defends.

Trayton Martin=Was revealed to be a delinquent who was smoking pot and cutting school, though this is a legitimate case of excessive force however the media lied about Zimmerman’s race and made him white instead of the fact he was a Hispanic and tied to make this into a race issue. Zimmerman is a piece of shit regardless who might actually be a racist but it becomes less credible that Traynton Martin Dindu Nuffin when he was a troubled youth.

Jonathan Ferrell= Officer involved in the shooting was charged with charged with voluntary manslaughter.Ferrell’s family filed a lawsuit against the City of Charlotte; settled with $2.25 million. The officer was removed from the force so hardly an legitimate claim.  It was more of the case he though the suspect had  a gun and though he was resistant to the taser he used though it later turned out he missed.

John Crawford=Crawford picked up an un-packaged BB/pellet air rifle inside the store’s sporting goods section and continued shopping in the store.. Yeah this guy was a dumbass carrying what looked like a real gun and brandishing around so he deserved to die for his stupidity.

Ezell Ford=In September 2007 Ford was arrested on felony charges of carrying a loaded firearm and possession of marijuana with intent to sell. He argued the marijuana was for personal use, and in January 2008 the charge was reduced to a misdemeanor. So he had a criminal record, the officers who shot him were non black with one officer being Asian and the other being Hispanic.He also attacked the officers so it was self defense.

Laquan McDonald=Shortly before 10:00 p.m., police were called to investigate McDonald at 4100 South Pulaski Road responding to reports that he was carrying a knife and breaking into vehicles in a trucking yard at 41st Street and Kildare Avenue. When officers confronted McDonald, he used a knife with a 3-inch blade to slice the tire on a patrol vehicle and damage its windshield.McDonald walked away from police after numerous verbal instructions from officers to drop the knife, at which point responding officers requested Taser backup, according to radio recordings released December 30, 2015 to Politico and NBC Chicago in response to Freedom of Information Act requests. He was shot 16 times in 14–15 seconds, expending the maximum capacity of Van Dyke’s 9mm semi-automatic] firearm.  In other words the suspect was resisting arrest and threatening officer lives.

Micheal Brown=Resisted arrested, assaulted and robbed a convince store and tried to take an officers gun, the officer Darren Wlison never shot his gun prior to this point and had a clean record as a officer.

Eric Garner=The closet thing to a legitimate point Black Lives Matter has given the police officers did kill him via illegal chokehold and Garner was not a violent threat at the time however he did have a criminal record and was still resting arrest to an extent

Akai Gurley= Two police officers, patrolling stairwells in the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA)’s Louis H. Pink Houses in East New York, Brooklyn, entered a pitch-dark, unlit stairwell, one of them, Officer Peter Liang, 27, with his firearm drawn. Gurley and his girlfriend entered the seventh-floor stairwell, fourteen steps below them. The shooting was declared an accidental discharge; the bullet ricocheted off the wall and Gurley was struck once in the chest and later died from the shot.On April 19, 2016, Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Danny Chun sentenced Peter Liang to five years of probation and 800 hours community service, after downgrading his manslaughter conviction to criminally negligent homicide. In other words, it was a completely accident and the officer was charged of his crime.

Tamir Rice=Pointed what appeared to be a real gun at officers  and was running around shooting people with a BB gun causing panic, as tragic as the shooting was, it was justified given it was a case of mistaken intentions.

Eric Harris=While Harris was being subdued, Tulsa County Reserve Deputy Robert Charles “Bob” Bates, 73, confused his personal weapon, a Smith & Wesson .357 revolver, for a Model X26 Taser.Bates shot Harris in the back when he was on the ground. According to the Tulsa County Sheriff’s office, he immediately said afterwards, “Oh, I shot him! I’m sorry.” Bates was found guilty of manslaughter.  Another accident and the officer is in jail.

Walter Scott=Scott, a black man, was fatally shot by Michael Slager, a white North Charleston police officer. Slager was charged with murder after a video surfaced contradicting his police report. The video showed him shooting the unarmed Scott from behind while Scott was fleeing.  A legitimate case of excessive force , however that cop was charged with murder

Freddie Gray=Freddie Carlos Gray, Jr., a 25-year-old African American man, was arrested by the Baltimore Police Department for possessing what the police alleged was an illegal switchblade. While being transported in a police van, Gray fell into a coma and was taken to a trauma center. Gray died on April 19, 2015; his death was ascribed to injuries to his spinal cord  The medical examiner’s office concluded that Gray’s death could not be ruled an accident, and was instead a homicide, because officers failed to follow safety procedures “through acts of omission.  3 of the 6 cops charged were black and this was a case of incompetence, not brutality.

Sandra Bland=She committed suicide, this has nothing to do with police brutality or police violence against Black people

Samuel DuBose=Tensing fired after DuBose started his car. Tensing stated that DuBose had begun to drive off and that he was being dragged because his arm was caught in the car. Prosecutors alleged that footage from Tensing’s bodycam showed that he was not dragged and a grand jury indicted him on charges of murder and voluntary manslaughter. He was then fired from the police department. He was released on bond and a trial is scheduled to begin in October 2016.  A legit case of police brutality.

Alton Sterling=Revealed by LiveLife8072 via video Sterling had a gun and a serious criminal record.

Philando Castile=Details still shekcty but the police was Mexican.

So out of all these  major cases, only 3 cases actually has any legitimacy of excessive police brutality or force and yet Black Lives Matter exploits these tragedies for cheap sympathy for their own reactionary, racist agenda. Almost none of the cops had racist agendas.

But let’s be real and call Black Lives Matter for what it really is.  A plot to divide the people by race and keep them in conflict with each other for the gain of the Oilgrachy.  Why else do you think that Billionaire George Soros  funds over $30 Million dollars to the Black Lives Matter movement. Why MTV and BET are heavily promoting the propaganda for Black Lives Matter and mainstream media like CNN and MSNBC are pushing the Black Lives Matter narrative.

And as of a result of this politicization of race, we’ve had 3 major cites burned down by race riots,  dozens of dead cops from BLM militant shootings and strained relations between the Black Community and the Police Communities. Crime has been increasing for an all time high, the frist in 2 decades countrywide as a result of growing rifts between police and the black community.

My question is to all the moderate BLM supporters. Why are you part of a movement that is ignoring Black on Black Crime? Why are you ignoring the facts of the case and automatically assume the shooting was motivated purely by race?  Why are you ingoring the bigotry within the movement ?  Are you going to at least own up to the fact that the movement is founded by an ideology more Radical than the original Black Panther Party? If you still support this movement despite the terrible actions of the movement, then are you truly supporting eqaulity or are you just as bad as Micha Johnson and all the race hustlers and racists.

The actions of this riots proves without a shadow of a doubt that Black Lives Matter much like the Black Panther Party has devolved into a domestic terrorist organization   While it already had the seed of Black Supremacy deeply ingrained within it’s belief structure since day one, it was mostly a peaceful movement but since Ferguson, it has devolved into a movement mirroring the KKK at the height of their power.

This is why i’m part of the AllLivesMatter movement.  Regardless of how well intentioned and innocent as saying #BlackLivesMatter or #BlueLivesMatter might seem, it’s still a divisive movement by context though as stupid and counterproductive  #BlueLivesMatter is to police and community relations, at least the hashtag itself isn’t promoting racial violence for the fact all people in blue uniform count regardless of race and gender whereas there is no way you can excuse #BlackLivesMatter  which is no do different from  #WhiteLivesMatter as a concept yet one is seen as deeply racist and bigotted while the other is praised as a “progressive movement”

#AllLivesMatter  is what we need, we don’t need divisive rhetoric dividing our country. In other words  …. BLACK LIVES MATTER CAN GO SUCK MY BLACK DICK !FUCK THAT MOVEMENT, FUCK THE REGRESSIVE LEFT AND FUCK ANYONE WHO DEFENDS THIS SHITTY MOVEMENT.

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