Radliczation Doesn’t Exist…Says the Terrorist supporting Network with 88% of it’s followers being ISIS supporters in a country that funds violent anti semitic warmongers

(Archived from Old Tumblr from 2016)

Yep it’s time i take the piss out of Al Jazerra, which i swear to god sounds like a terrorist organization.Yep you might recall Party attempting to use Al Jazeera to further his attack on critics of Feminism, Al Jazeera is a terrorist supporting news channel within the confines of Qatar, the biggest funder of terrorism in the world , this time i take the piss out of Al Jazzaera directly with it’s bullshit about non radicals.

This is going to be a fun one because i can expose the hypocrisy of Al Jazeera within one post by using their own videos against them.

I’m old enough to remember when the word radical was surfer bro lingo and not used to characterize any Muslim committing a violent crime.

Okay right off the bat this is purely disingenuous. People don’t call any Muslim who commits a crime a Radical Muslim. A Muslim selling dope on the street or robbing a liquor store for example is not the same as a Muslim who shoots up a cartoonist event simply because they drew a picture of Mohammad. 

Terrorism is more than just simply a crime, it’s a crime motivated by political,religious and even racial reasons. Also the term “Radical” is thrown at Muslims who commit the worst crimes to distinguish them from Moderate Muslims who commit ZERO crimes. After all #NotAllMuslims commit violent crime let alone Jihad as mandated in the Koran.

Also the term Radical is not excursively used against Muslims, Christians who commit abortion bombings are also called Radicals, Feminists who tweet KilAllMen are called Radical Feminists, MRA’s who genuinely think we should not give women the right to vote are Radical MRAs, Ultra Zionists who commit terrorism are called Ultra Zionists or Radical Jews and Hindus who commit terrorism to be considered Radical Hindus.

The difference is that Islam vastly outclasses all the above mentions when it comes to radical extremism. 

Radical Hinduism for example is only responsible for 5 or 6 major terrorist attacks . Radical Judaism is barely in existence with literally about 6 major terrorism attacks within it’s name regarding Israeli Jew terrorism in existence however Israeli Settlers who are radical Jews have caused at least 2,100 attacks in 8 years which in a way can be considered terrorism in the West Bank. Feminism has at least 2 attacks by would be terrorists which includes arson within the 1900’s and the Assassination attempt Andy Warhol. MRA’s and Anti Feminist have only one Terrorism attack connected to them regarding Marc Lepnie and even then it’s pushing it to call him a MRA.

Islam on the other hand has well over 21,000 terrorist attacks since 9/11 alone and literally make up over 90% of terrorist attacks since 9/11 with the recent conflict of ISIS putting it much closer to 99%

In fact we used to talk about radicals we meant these guys and now we mean these guys.

Just whoa ? Did you just compare Susan B Antohy, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Jesus Christ and Ghandi to Radical Jihadists ? Man you’re a special level of stupid.

First of all Jesus never existed, he was not a real person for no historic record of him exist. He was a fictional person created by Arab Desert Tribes in Palestine as a separate region from the Pagan and Roman Empire religions. 

Second of all Jesus in the Bible never killed anyone, he was a massive hippie who allowed mere mortals to kill him, contrast that from Mohamed who was a warmonger and killed 900 Jews.

As for Malcolm X, mind you that Malcolm X was a former member of the Nation of Islam, a Black Supremacist movement that preached Black Separatism and opposed Integration with White Americans. Yeah he was a Radical and he was also a Muslim, though Malcolm X was nothing close to the savagery of Islamic extremism and converted to a moderate version of Sunni Islam which resulted in his death by the Nation of Islam which despite being radical is still nowhere close to being radical and violent as Wabbai Islamic terrorists.

Susan B Anatohy…Well considering her regressive, racist views of Black People and the fact the Suffragettes did commit some Arson and some terrorist attacks, she was a radical but guess what ? She never killed anyone, she never outright promoted violence against all men and never committed a terrorist attack herself whereas every one of the examples you listed did commit terrorist attacks.

Martin Luther King Jr.. Yeah go fuck yourself, Martin Luther King Jr never advocated violence, in fact he opposed the Vietnam War and opposed Malcolm X’s more violent separatist rhetoric regarding the Civil Rights movement..How dare you compare him to Radical Islam.

Gandhi , yeah the guy was radical for wanting a peaceful transition into Independence is totally on par with people who want a Islamic Caliphate to control the entire world right ?

And sometimes we’re afraid that includes all of them too but what makes a radical today anyway.

So essentially this boils down to criticizing the 4.5 Million active Jihadists committing terrorism based on the radical interpretation of Islam is suddenly criticizing 1.6 Billion Muslims ? 

Well here’s the biggest open secret about radicalization it doesn’t exist

Wait what ? Are you for real ?

Literally just  3 videos before this peice of shit Video you put out, you paint the IDF which is doing its job of protecting the people in Israel as monsters for simply defending themselves from knife weilding thugs. I guess by your logic , Israel is not an extremist or radical country….

Oh wait here’s yet another video of you again demonizing Israel and claiming they don’t respect the rights of Palestinian children using one case of a girl who was ambushed by IDF officers just 10 videos prior to your Anti Radicalization video, i guess Israel doesn’t have radicals within the IDF and by your logic doesn’t have any corrupt members at all.. Oh wait i forgot they’re not Muslims.

Or what about your views on Trump ? Yeah just 18 videos before this video, you made a video strawmaning all Trump supproters as racist, dumb or lazy in your own words. Literally you seem to claim that only whites support Trump and ingore nonwhites who don’t.

Or what about the fact yet again of another IDF soilder who shot another Palistean Terrorist who once again tried to kill Jews..oh wait you call him basically a murderer.

And again all of these are recent examples proving the hypocrisy of Al Jazeera, this is not even counting the countless Anti Israel and Anti Zionst Videos Al Jazeera has made against Israel or it’s constant demonization of Israel, Jews, Whites and Americas as extremists.

Then again as exposed by AIU, you’re the very same person who claims ISIS is not a terrorist orgainzation and has apologized for Islamic Terrorism by ISIS within your own blog so i’m not surprise you’re white knighting Islamic terrorism.

I guess by your logic , there are no Moderate Muslims and all Muslims are terrorist by your own fucking logic. There’s a reason we call Muslim Extremists “Radical Muslims”, it’s to distinguish these extremists from “Moderate “ Muslims. By removing this term, you’re just blanketing all Muslims as terrorists in your ironic attempt to whitewash the aroctites of Islam.

Well you can’t just say they’re radicalization doesn’t this about all, those people who are threatening the Democratic bedrock of our country and freedom

And ? This is 100% true. Name me a single Radical Muslim who is pro freedom and pro democracy, if anything even “Moderate ” Muslims are against freedom and democracy. For example, going by the Pew Research poll , there are 1.1 Billion Muslims who directly oppose the Separation of Church and State and want Sharia Law, this is over 2/3rds of the entire Muslim World who think Democracy shouldn’t exist.

As for the people you are white knighting, guess what ? THEY ALL OPPOSED FREEDOM ! The Charlie Hebdo killers were against freedom of speech, the 9/11 Hijackers oppose Freedom of Religion regarding Israel and Jews and countless terrorist groups have shown purely Anti Human Rights violations and the worst human rights violating countries are mostly Muslim.

The GOP presidential candidates ?

Yeah because we all know that the GOP are entirely equivalent to ISIS and Islamic Terrorists right ? I know Ted Cruz is a religious sociopath who does genuinely want to make America into a Christian Nation and replace the Constitution with the Ten Commandments but at no point ever is he remotely comparable to Islamic terrorist, nor anywhere close to being a threat to American Security let alone Global Security, in fact Ted Cruz was universally hated by Libertarians, Leftists and most of the right wing who aren’t Moralfags or Tea Partytards.

As for Donald Trump, yeah Trump said retarded shit about bombing ISIS family members , doesn’t mean he would actually do it and he just says whatever he wants to get elected. ISIS and all these terrorist groups on the other hand carry out what they say.

Also before you throw the whole “Iraq War”Talking point, Islam in the 20th century alone killed over 11-16 Million people, most of them Muslims compared to the 500,000 Muslims that died in the Iraq War by American Intervention and that’s even claiming all 500,000 Muslims were killed by Americans and not the many sectarian Muslim movements causing the majority of killings and human rights violations and while America committed vast arotcites like Abu Ghbai, it still doesn’t come close to the countless human rights violations done by ISIS alone let alone all the Gulf States.

According to Wikipedia where we get all our 101 information

Yeah the same wikipedia that has links to more credible information that confirms whether something is a fact or not. This is a Red Herring you’re pulling here and attempting to distract from the fact Islamic terrorism is a very real. Also you’re not wrong for criticizing Wikipedia given it’s immensely biased but it’s biased for your SJW agenda given how any criticism of SJW’S and Feminism is toned down so it’s actually toned down to your favor, however since you’re massively dishonest, you don’t even want to bring up this fact but when it comes to Israel, i bet you use plenty of qoute mined Wikipedia pages for your Anti Semitic agenda

Radicalization if the process by which an individual comes to have extreme political social or religious beliefs that are anti status qou.

Which is all too true ! In fact you yourself have demonstrated that you’re a radical Muslim dressed like a moderate by essentially attempting to downplay radicalization. You support ISIS, within your blog posts. You are part of the 88% of AJ+ subscribers and employees who support ISIS, you’re part of a company that is the mouthpeice of Islamic terrorism.

But when we talk about radicalization we don’t mean these guys (White Guys) we mean Muslims

You know like the Boston Bombers and how they were White Muslims? Or the Chenen White Muslims who attack Russia on a near daily basis and tried to create their own cailphate ? Or the White Muslims in Bosnia that collbated with Hilter during World War 2 ? Yeah it’s almost like equating race with Islam is completely disingenuous given Islam isn’t a race and there are plenty of white Muslim Terrorists within Eastern Europe, the Balkans and Southern Russia.

As for the aforementioned “Terrorists ”, the Batman Shooter is not a terrorist given he had Zero Political Motivation which is essentially the definition of a terrorist. The Sandy Hook shooter also had Zero Political Motivation . Dlyan Roof and Timothy McViegh on the other hand are terrorists and did commit terrorist attacks purely out of racial and anti government reasons.

Also considering Muslims make up 90% of the global terrorism attacks and there have been far more Americans killed overseas than any White Supremacist attack in the last 50 years and that the combined total of Americans killed by Islamic terrorist nearly matches the combined number of Blacks lynched during the Segregation Era, there is seriously no equivalence between a retarded Neo Nazi versus a Muslim Radical. Dylan Roof and McVeigh are only 20 years apart regarding racial related terrorism whereas the Foot Hood Shooting within America and the San Bernardo Shooting is 6 years part and this is merely going by the recent major terrorist attacks, not even counting the many kidnappings and terrorist attacks against Americans overseas by Muslim terrorists or the vast daily terrorist attacks across the entire globe done by Muslim Terrorists. Maybe that’s the reason White terrorists aren’t brought up much.

No one asked where was he radicalized when a white dude goes on a shooting spree in a school or theater

Because the vast majority of white people who do shootings are not terrorists. Eillot Rodger(Who was half white BTW) for example was a lunatic who had mental health issues and while one can argue his hatred for women and minorities technically makes him a terrorist, he’s not one simply because he had no actual goal and in fact killed more men than women. Dylan Roof on the other hand killed Black people and followed his goals and was pretty political about his racist views. Also i love how it’s only white people who do shootings by your racist logic and no Black person ever has did mass shootings despite the fact Black on Black crime outpaces mass shootings in murder statistics and there are plenty of more school shootings in inner city neighborhoods than they are in white, middle class America. 

Also this is another red herring, being white is not an ideology but a skin color. Islam on the other hand is a ideology and a vile one at that that continues 7th century bullshit as if it was still the 7th century and commits the vast majority of war crimes globally and throughout recent human history, outpacing all but Communism in terms of barbarism and is a ugly stain on human nature.

White men have been responsible for 64% of mass shooting in this country since 1982 and they get the privilege of being a lone wolf shooters or mentally ill shooters 

First of all Mass Shootings don’t represent the majority of shooting deaths and this is completely ignoring gang violence and Black on Black Crime which is far more problematic and make up the majority of all shooting deaths. Second i love the casual racism and sexism within this claiming that White people have the privilege of not being considered terrorists. Is that why the Vrigina Tech Shooter who was Korean was considered a lone wolf with mental health issues ?

Also if a Muslim who happened to be a Muslim commits a mas shooting because of Mental Help, he would not be considered a terrorist,if a Muslim who is a terrorist committed a terrorist attack but not part of any Terrorist organization, he’s a Lone Wolf. The problem is that a overwhelming number of Muslims are not Lone Wolves and a overwhelming number of Terrorist groups are organized and well funded guerrilla armies funded by countries like Qatar, IE your place of birth brown buffaloete.

There’s a much talked about how even the USA government has said that the real domestic threat to national security are right wing anti-government groups and the president isn’t telling white people that there hasn’t been enough push back against extremism in their communities

LOL! This is ouright disngenous ! While it’s true that Right Wing, Anti Government groups that talk about armed resistance like Sovergin Citzens can be considered a threat to American security, they’re nowhere near eqauvilent to Islamic terorrist groups. If the right wing was like Muslims, we would be getting daily rocket attacks and mass shootings across America and Condeferates trying to take over America but as we see, there are not hundered or thousands of Dlyan Roofs, there’s only one Dlyan Roof.

Also by your logic, right wing extremism groups don’t exist given radicalization doesn’t exist in your mind or does it only exist when it comes to non Muslims and particularly only white people ?Right off the bat you’re proving to be a hypocrite on your main point and is simply denying the genocidal barbarism within Islam to damage control your vile religion.

Also Obama who states his blind defense for Islam is suddenly too Islamophobic? He’s one of the weakest cowards on Islam and is a Islamoapogist, PC retard on Islam. He was the moron who thought overthrowing Gaiddifi would bring peace to the Middle East.

Also come back at me when the KKK ever match the brutally and terror of ISIS. ISIS has killed far more Christians in Sryia than the KKK has killed Black people at the height of their power and there are literally hundred of Islamic groups like ISIS whereas the KKK is a barely existing joke of overweight rednecks on meth bitching about how Black people suck while in their dirty trailers who are more likely to shoot themselves than anyone else.

wow the comment section as hell gonna call you racist for that .

What’s funny though is her casual look regarding her own racism, it’s almost as if she’s admitting she’s a racist within her own bad skit.Like seriously, you know when someone is genuinely racist ? When they take racism as a compliment and are not fazed by the word and shrug it off with arrogance like she does. 

What’s ironic is that this is the same bitch who would bitch about your so called “racism” if you attacked Islam which isn’t a race and yet she thinks that casual racism against whites is A Okay because they’re the ones with power, despite the fact the Arab Gulf States like Qatar have cucked the west into giving into their demands.

As for your comment section, it’s filled with lulz. Honestly i don’t think i need to say more other than i at least give you credit for at least leaving your comment section open. Most SJW/Islamist youtubers don’t have the balls to do that.

there’s no set criteria for what the process of radicalization even looks like or what a radical actually is 

Hey bitch, i just sat through 2 minutes of a ISIS supporting bimbo who looks like the inbred bastard child of Cenk Uygar tell me uniornically that radcilziation doesn’t exist which is ironically what a radical believes in, BTW that radical is you . 

Take a look at this viral video from Sweden about a “Moderate” Muslim supporting Islamic terrorism. That’s what a radical looks like, radicals are people so processed by their ideology that they think that terrorism is jusifted and don’t see themselves as the radicals but the normal people.

With the Boston bombers we obsessed over their YouTube history with the Paris attackers we obsessed over gay bars, alcohol imply promiscuity and with San Bernardino CA ,we obsessed ove them becoming more and more religious .

And guess what, all these fall under the patterns of the common thread of radcilziation. As seen with countless examples like Ajmen Choruadry, the Muslims who are the most prone to join ISIS or Islamic terrorists are converted Muslims who are not taught the differences between the more moderate verses of Islam and the most radical verses of Islam.

As seen with the Paris shooters, the leader was a convert into Islam via prison, the Boston Bombers also converted and so did one of the San Bernadino shooters, these are all too common patterns of Islamic terrorism.

Is it being religious or not is it having anti foreign policy views? Is it being isolated from society ?

Islamic terrorist, the majority of them start off as ordinary citizens who seem to be well intentioned. The San Berandaro folks for example were Amercianized Muslims who were beloved by their community prior to their shooting, they were not isolated from society.The problem is Islam and that’s the reason how a middle class family can become monsters or how a Billionaire Saudi like Bin Laden becomes the most dangerous man in the world.

In the US, you can’t be prosecuted for your speech even if your views are extreme and really grows except in very specific hard to prove cases yet the Constitution protects your right to be a Nazi to say anti black crap even protect your rights advocate for consensual love between a grown man and a child because views aren’t actions actions can be criminal.

And this is a problem how? Are you outirght admitting you’re against freedom of speech and freedom of expression ? I know you never heard about the concept of freedom but this is what freedom looks like .

Also spare me the Nazi shit , Muslims like you are the biggest Nazi sypmathziers to exist. Name me one Jihadist that doesn’t want to kill the Jews or didn’t worship Hilter as a hero. In Turkey and Palistine, Mein kamf is the best seller within those countries. Qatar funds money to literal Neo Nazis in Palistine.  

Also Nazis speaking their minds isn’t going to make you any more racist, are you suggesting we ban Nazism because it triggers you ? I mean it’s suprising to see a Muslim be against Nazism, then again are you going to ban Communism because of Stalins genocides against Tatar and Chenen Muslims as well ? Because if so, then you would at least prove to be consisently against free speech.

Oh wait, there’s this video you made 10 videos this one in which you glofiy communism and International Workers Day to celebrate a holiday that killed much more Muslims and much more people than the Nazis ever did. What happened to being proud of Islam ? Guess Stalin who killed Chehen Muslims is better in your eyes than Hilter who was Pro Palistine.

Speaking of which, how does it feel that you constantly defend a state that Hilter literally approves of and supported a Nationlist leader who doubled down on killing Jews and helped Hilter with the Final Soulton? Also since Neo Nazism is radical and you claim radicalism doesn’t exist, that makes Neo Nazis not a problem and hence not worth addressing going by your own logic so i guess you’re not really against Neo Nazism either but given you’re a sand nigger from Qatar, it’s not surprising.

As for advocating pedophila rights, like you Muslims are to talk ? Quite literally your prophet Mohhhaead, bacon be apon him fucked a 9 year old girl and pedophilla is rampant across the Muslim World, especially in shithole Qatar. You’re not one to lecture anyone on morality bitch.  

Also i think you’re refering to NAMBLA, you know the SJW’s who think ISLAM DIDNU NUFFIN or Salon, the news site in which defends Islam because no one but regressives are claiming that Pedophila should be a Civil Right.Also i love how it’s a man and a child and not adults and childern, way to show you’re not a sexist, Msiandrist bitch who hates men because her fat , brown buffalo ass can’t get a man or a woman.

Also do you want thoughts to be criminal too ? And you wonder why i call you a regressive, this is precisely the dumbass mentality,weak regressive shits like you hold towards Freedom of Speech. Seriously dumb bitch, it’s because of free speech, you can spew your horseshit on the internet. No one is calling for you to be jailed because you’re a drity Wabbasi cocksucker getting DP’ed between Hamas and ISIS while taking Hellazboah within your big mouth, if you want to be gangbanged by Islamic terrorism and suck their dicks dry more than Sryian Migrants suck the welfare state dry, be my guess, just remember that there’s a reason why you’re in the west. If you lived in Qatar without a Hijab, you’re going to be gangraped like the women in Colonge, but then again i doubt anyone would rape you unless they’re into Cenk Uygar.

I’m continuing to talk about radicalization without any that criteria and targeting only Muslims when we talk about radicalization make anything and everything that Muslims do suspect .

Maybe if morons like you weren’t white kingthing Islam while at the safety of your western home while being paid money by your genocidal, racist, Misogynistic country of Qatar and maybe if Islam wasn’t causing 90% of Islamic terrorism, maybe people wouldn’t have to be viewed with supscion.

You represent the main problem with Islam as a whole. While people like Maajid Nawaz are trying to reform the reilgion, people like you put their head in the sand and pretend that there is no problem and refuse to admit your holy book is complete bullshit , though you’re not even a Moderate Muslim as established by your denial of Radical Islam.

As for creeping Sharia, you have Shria Courts in Brtian, Sharia Partols within Beilgum,France, Germany,Sweden and Britan, Hundreds of No Go Zones throughout Europe and you have Islamists wanting to actively destory democracy. Yeah fuck off with your denial.

So you get programs like C , you get surveillance in moscow homes businesses you get 15,000 informants nationwide and you get a community that has some serious trust issues.

Part of the problem of the Surillvance issue is that this wouldn’t be a issue if Muslims didn’t cover for their own. Much like the Police, there are plenty of good Muslims , however due to their blind faith in their holy book as well as personal bias, they cover for the bad muslims, the terrorists who commit terrorism and try to downplay the scale of Islamic radicaization.

Case and point, the recent Brussels Bombers. They were sympathziers of ISIS who supported the Paris attackers and carried out the bombing in retailatation for the capture of the mastermind behind the Paris attacks. These Jihadists were protected by many Muslims within the No Go Zone they lived in. While i’m no fan of domestic surevilance or profiling, it seems like a nesscary evil as long as people coninute to cover for criminals. For fucksake AJ+, you’re so toxic , you have me defending domestic suervilance

And then we get shocked that we have presidential candidates openly calling for patrols in Muslim neighborhoods , for banning Muslims from the country and issuing special IDs to Muslims .

Oh do tell me who is asking for partols around Muslim neighborhoods because i don’t recall anyone saying that but you know what, if said Muslim Neighrbhoods are anything like the No Go Zones in Europe, then i’m all for partolling them considering the No Go Zones aren’t just a breeding ground for Islamization but a breeding ground for organized crime syndicates and the cartels as well hence why there are so much violent crimes within the neighborhoods.

However to my knowledge, not even Trump has suggested this policy and if he did, he would be wrong to do so because while America does have Muslim extremism within the country, it’s not even close to as bad as Europe and we already have patrols within Black Communities because Black on Black crime outweighs all other crimes with Blacks committing 53% of the Homicides in America despite being 13% of the population. Considering Muslims commit 15% of all terrorist attacks in America despite being 0.8% of a population and Muslims globally commit 90% of terrorism despite being 20% of the population, i think one can make the argument we need to prioritize counter terrorism to deal mostly with Muslim terrorism.

As for banning Muslims, not even Trump has called to ban all Muslims. He’s made it clear he’s mainly for the ban of Syrian Refugges, granted i’m against Trump’s poistion given it’s unconsitutional to ban people coming into the coutry by race, reilgion or creed and definetly against American vaules however to spin this into “All Muslims” is completely dsingenous, espeically given Trump is right about the Sryian Refugges being mostly consisting of Non Sryians

Granted Trump’s position did cite the inhumane Alien and Sedition Acts regarding Muslims but have clarifed that it doesn’t apply to existing U.S Muslim citizens nor Muslims within the Military however to try to equate this to Nazi Germany in which ALL JEWS were rounded up in Concentration Camps and killed is ridiculous and is just another example of disingenuous propaganda from AJ+. It’s sad when i have to defend that moron Trump from the slander of the mainstream media.

Also by your own logic, this is not radical and hence not a problem but again going by this post so far, you’re only against radicalization when it attacks Muslims yet fine when it attacks non Muslims, especially white non Muslims.

Why do you say that like it’s a bad thing?

Exactly, by this logic of the video, spying on Muslims and doing radical polices should be A Okay with you considering you don’t think radiclaization doesn’t exist or is violating human rights only okay with you when it’s done by your heroes like ISIS.

Here’s the thing here. All this false equivalence and this balant attack on the GOP has only proven your own hypocrisy. The worst of the GOP is easily far superior to even the so called “ Moderate Muslims . “Moderate Muslim ” itself is a myth given even the most Moderate Muslims by the sense of the majority of Muslims are still Homophobic, Misogynistic and oppose human rights. At best only 300 Million Muslims worldwide are true Moderates. 


Pew survey finds seven of the ten countries that are least tolerant of homosexuality are Muslim majorities.

The countries that viewed homosexuality least positively were:

Nigeria (1% say it should be accepted by society) Pakistan (2%) Tunisia (2%) Ghana (3%) Senegal (3%) Egypt (3%) Jordan (3%) Indonesia (3%) Uganda (4%)Palestinian territories (4%)

Hell this is what American Muslims beleive. According to a Zogby International poll of American Muslims taken in November and December of last year, a whopping 71 percent oppose “allowing gays and lesbians to marry legally.” And 68 percent support the death penalty. Maybe the slient majortiy you should be afarid of is not Trump supporters but the Muslims who think you should be killed for being born Gay.

I mean you constantly bitch about the homophobia within Christianity and rightfully so given Christianity is a peice of shit religion like all religions but you’re silent on Islamic Homophobia. And you wonder why non cucked Liberals think Moderate Islam is silent on bigotry from Islamic extremism. 

Then again i’m not surprised, you’re silent on the homophobia in islam considering Sodomy between consenting male adults in Qatar is illegal, and subject to a sentence of up to five years in prison. The law is silent about sodomy between consenting female adults. Sexual orientation and gender identity are not covered in any civil rights laws and there is no recognition of same-sex marriages, civil unions or domestic partnerships. 

Also it probably explains why you’re allowed to even operate within Qatar. Freedom of expression is the political right to communicate one’s opinions and ideas. A life sentence was handed to critics of government during the 2012 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Qatar to a Qatari poet Mohammed al-Ajami, also known as Mohammed Ibn al-Dheeb. Observers were not allowed to enter the court, and al-Ajami himself was not present at the sentencing. All the information available points to Mohammed al-Ajami being a prisoner of conscience who has been placed behind bars solely for his words. In February 2013, the court reduced his sentence to 15 year

A new cyber law, which passed in late September 2014, severely limited the freedom of speech, and freedom of expression rights, granting the government and authorities the right for criminal punishment with jail time of up to 3 years, and fines around 500,000 QR for “content that may harm the country”. The new law also states that the authority may in each individual case judge whether the content is suited or not. No guidelines or references are currently available to say what type of content is allowed

So yeah fuck you Al Jazeera! Also is it coincidence that a terrorist supporting network sounds like a terrorist organization ? I actually used to think this was a potential alternative to the corrupt mainstream media but after seeing enough AL Jazeera support for Hamas and ISIS, i give it the finger.

so maybe it’s time to rethink the poorly defined language that we use and how that poorly defined language create programs policies and dangerous misunderstanding that have aneffect on the lives of millions in this country is that for a radical idea

No we don’t need to rethink shit . I don’t need to be told shit by a Misandrist,Racist brown buffaloette about how i should think and act who supports a Islamic state more radical than the one she’s currently working for.

What this video boils down to is a 20 something Musfag lecturing people about radiclaization while sucking ISIS dick while ironically just making it all the easier for people who don’t give a crap about distinguishing Islam form Radical Islam the need to brand all Muslims as terrorists.

When Muslims throw gays off buildings, that’s not Radical Islam, that’s just Islam. When Muslims declare Jihad, that’s not radical, that’s just Islam. When Muslims achieve Martyrdom through suicide bombings…. THAT IS NOT RADICAL, THAT IS JUST ISLAM.I guess by your own retarded logic, ALL MUSLIMS COMMIT TERRORISM, ALL MUSLIMS HATE GAYS, ALL MUSLIMS HATE WOMEN, ALL MUSLIMS HATE JEWS AND ALL MUSLIMS LOVE SHARIA LAW.

Seriously fuck AL Jazeera and fuck the Young Turds for partnering up with these sockpuppets of ISIS and Hamas.You guys are the Hilter Youth to ISIS . To qoute Pat Condell “You are running a propaganda campaign that Goobeels would be proud of”

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