How strong is DB/Z/S? Dragon Ball versus tier list Finale: Dragonball Super

How strong is DB/Z/S? Dragon Ball versus tier list Finale: Dragonball  Super

Now for the final series of the Dragon Ball Canon trilogy as we get to  Dragonball Super where we see Dragon Ball characters at their absolute Strongest point and still getting stronger from this point forward.

Just in time too as next week is the Death Battle between  Galaxia and Beerus which should be interesting to say the least. Anyways time to lay the ground work.

We established in Part 1 or the original Dragonball that characters range from Wall/Small Building level to  Large Planet level with the strongest characters and attacks within the verse with characters speeds ranging from Faster than Eye to Realisitvtic.

We established in Part  2 of the DBZ era that characters are Lage Planet level from the very start of the series with mid-tiers being Large Star level+ and the strongest characters ranging from Solar System level+ to Multi Galaxy level with Buuhan/Prime Kid Buu and Goku’s spirit Bomb being High Universe level thanks to the backing of the Daizhaeushu, Kai and Dragonball Super canonically giving these previously seen Hyperbole feats some grounds to stand.

Today we cover the entirety of the Dragonball Super anime and even the manga that goes from the beginning of this series to the recent manga chapters

Dragon Ball Z Feats/Verse tiering

Destructive Potency/Durability

It should be noted that  End of Dragonball Z Goku which Goku at the start of Dragonball Super easily scales to himself there as he spent the last  5  years training to become much stronger than ever before.

Goku around this point should be MUCH stronger than he was in the Kid Buu Saga. You have 5 years of training which is a tenfold mupilter in his already high strength, you have then Zenkai he would’ve gotten from battling Kid Buu which ranges from 2 times to  10 times stronger, you also have to mupilty his increase of power from the arc. 

At the end of  Z, Goku clashes evenly with the reincarnation of Kid Buu known as Uub, an extremely  powerful young warrior who was comparable in power to a suppressed Kid Buu

Who as we established can demolish an entire Galaxy in 2-3 years?  This would make Base Goku at least a casual Multi Solar system buster.  If your power scales him to Buutenks, he would be at least Galaxy level within base form assuming he’s holding back considerably against Uub.

Assuming mupitlers, Goku’s first SSJ form is a 50 times muptiler,  MSSJ would be a further 10 times  mupilter, SSJ2 is 2 times stronger than that and  SSJ3 is around 4 times stronger than SSJ2, assuming Goku’s striking strength/attack potency is within the borders of Galaxy level via powerscaling  from Kid Buu which is around 10.53 ZettaFoe, Goku would be 400-4,000  times stronger  than Galaxy level making him at least Multi galaxy level

Which is around the same level as Buuhan pre-Vice Shout.

This would also be acceptable to DBGT Goku who is stronger than Majin Buu in base form and within SSJ was battling General Rididlo who was superior to Kid Buu but more on that when we cover DBGT,eventually.

Goku regular works out on King Kai’s planet lifting massive multi million-ton steel weights while under 10 times normal gravity

Which we covered within the past series. Let’s go over gravity for a bit, something i overlooked within the last post. People have the misconception about Gravity that it’s merely about strength, which is proof they know nothing about Gravity or how it works.

Gravity is G-Force orAccleleartion energy

G-force or force of acceleration is used to express the load a person or object is subjected to when experiencing acceleration. The use of the letter “G” is derived from the word gravitation. The unit is used both for the large forces of acceleration experienced when an airplane takes a steep turn or quick dive,.

For example the Tuffle race, a human like race of people who existed on Planet Vegeta and appear to be very human like and seem to have the same speed as humans on earth however at 10 G’s,t would take a human who weighs roughly  74kg moving at the average speed of 1.4m/s alone exerting roughly ‭725.2‬ Joules of energy on their bodies.

To put this in comparison, this would be equivalent to  moving your body at average speeds with the weight of 738 kgs on your body which is 1.5 times heavier than the fastest world record squat, on I g the force exerted by you moving is merely  72.54 Joules on 1 G. Note  on a planet of 10 g’s, your body weight would be about 720 Lbs

And this is from the reveatetly weak Tuffles who are far weaker than the Sayians moving on their own planet.

So Goku is moving at his full speed and power while also under intense surface Gravity.   As we know, to move at Lightspeed alone.

When a car goes around a turn, it accelerates the whole time (this is why, when you make a turn in your own car, you feel a force pulling your body toward the outside of the car). The amount of acceleration is equal to the velocity of the car squared divided by the radius of the turn:

Let’s run the numbers:

230 mph is 337 feet per second (f/s).

(337 f/s)2 / 750 feet = approximately 151 f/s2.

The acceleration due to gravity (1 G) is 32 f/s2.

151 / 32 = 4.74 Gs experienced by the drivers.

9.81 m/s=Earth’s Surface Gravity

G=V^2/ R

G=299,792,458,000 m/s^2/149,896,229,000m

G=8.987551787368176e+22/149,896,229,000 m

G=898,755,178,736.82 G’s 

The gravity of a human moving at Lightspeed:898,755,178,736.82 G’s  

Now add 10 times of that force onto the already insane energy needed to move at Light speed alone. That would put the force of nearly 9 Quadrillion times Earth’s gravity accelerating at Lightspeed within 10 times Earth’s gravity.

So yeah if Goku was moving at mere lightspeed with that 55-ton weights, he wouldn’t be experiencing merely the lifting of 500 tons, he would be experiencing lifting the equivalent of lifting ‭4.94315348305251e+17‬ kg , which btw isn’t merely just transferred to his Muscles but every fiber of his body and BTW this is mere if Goku moved at Lightspeed.

Almost all Adult Sayains all scale to Raditz  who can move  just slightly above Lightspeed, all of them grow up on Planet Vegeta under 10 times Gravity.To  merely move at Lightspeed with their bodies weighing 10 times as much, they would need to   exert roughly ‭647,103,728,690,510.4‬ kg on their body to move at lightspeed under 10 times gravity, to move this fast on Vegeta, you would need roughly ‭2.907939136702504e+31‬ Joules of energy.

Which would be like Erza’s Deus Sema but being done casually in terms of force simply moving their bodies under 10 times Earth’s gravity at Lightspeed., this is how much energy an Average Syaian uses up merely moving in their homeworld at Lightspeed, this is why Sayains are so powerful as a race.

Goku past the Raditz Saga is not Lightspeed, he’s FTL if anything he is Massively FTL at the time of the Namek Saga , having speed at his base form at around 173 times the speed of light.  During this point, he trains under 100 times Gravity which makes his  62kg body weight as much as an elephant. Goku is accelerating at 173c while his body is weighing over 6,000kg, which means he wouldn’t be merely lifting 6,200kg which is his own body weight, moving at 173c, his body would weigh around ‭9.640048047131131e17‬kg moving at this speed.

 That means for every square meter of his  16,800 cm^2 of his body would weigh ‭57,381,238,375,780.54‬ kg/cm^2 or  the  weight of   nearly 6 times the weight of a comet on every square inch of his body if he’s traveling at his full speed under this gravity, now for the energy used within moving at this speed. This means that for Goku to move at over 173 times the speed of Light within100 times gravity require to use over 1.298896844281812e+39‬ Joules of energy or 310.443 Ninatons of TNT  within the Dwarf Star level range.

Meaning Goku at around a power level of 90,000 would be Large Planet level+ casually, if not within the Dwarf Star level range due to the level of power he exerted to move at his speed. It’s of little surprise he one-shotted the Ginyu Force.

It’s no wonder he was moving casually at 250,000c at under 1G

And it only gets much stronger and faster from there, especially when training under 400 G’s at Massively FTL speeds.

Beerus brings destructive feats to a new level, much like anyone else in DB, he can blow up planets casually however he blows them up extremely casually, merely tapping his finger alone completely destroys half a planet just tapping on the table.

Keep in mind tapping is far weaker than say a punch much less a Ki blast.  A finger weighs about 100 grams,  an average human speed is about 1.4 m/s, meaning finger tap would do at most 0.098‬ Joules of force or roughly 98 Millijoules, barely enough to be considered a Bee Sting. This is over 1,020 times weaker than an average human punch so this is an extremely casual feat on  Beerus’ part.  But how powerful is the explosion itself?

Assuming the planet Beerus blew up is Earth-Sized, It took a mere second for the explosion of the planet to reach the planetary boundaries of a nearby planet. Assuming the planets are within the same distance as  Venus and our Earth at 38 million kilometers, that means the explosion is FTL, yes Beerus can blow up entire planets at FTL speeds.  Calculating half the mass of the planet earth at 5.9e24 kg  and multiplying that and squaring it by  38 Billion Meters, we get the explosion of roughly ‭2.1299e+45‬  Joules  or  21.299 Foe,  just under   Solar System Borders of power.

Beerus Finger tap: 21.299 Foe (Large Star level+)

So yes Beerus is an extremely casual Solar System buster with one finger alone merely tapping his finger on a planet at average human running speeds.

Not that i really need to say this but Beerus casual finger tap casually outpaces Kaguya’s strongest attack by over  3.3  times, keep in mind Beerus tapping his finger at human running speeds casually shits on Kaguya who can move at FTL Speeds with her Truth Seeking Orb.

Beerus not only can casually blow up planets but tank the explosion as well.

Beerus implies he can easily destroy a Star, which given his title is about right as well as his extremely casual destruction of whole planets.

It’s also implied that Beerus can send Goku flying to the furthest end of the Universe with his breath

Which sounds like something Pre Crisis Superman would be able to do.

Assuming the end of the Universe means about the end of the Observable Universe and assuming it would take merely about 5 seconds to reach there from a sneeze from Benrus.  The Observable Universe is  93 Billion Light Years long ‭or 8.8e26 ‬ meters, meaning Goku can be launched by Beerus at a speed of 8.8e26 ‬ m/s or  ‭‭5.8707e17‬ m/s  or  roughly 587.1 Quadrillion C

Going by Goku’s body mass of 62.2 kg combined with that speed,  Goku would be launched by Beerus sneeze at a force roughly ‭1.073118462075e+37‬ Joules or 25.648 Ninatons of TNT, enough power to destroy a star instantly.

Not quite Superman sneezing a solar system to another galaxy levels of power but still impressive. This is enough power to destroy a Namek Size planet with a sneeze

Something actually quantifiable by Beerus blowing up a small moon around his planet

It should be noted that Beerus can easily overpower Super Saiyan 3 Goku with a single finger

The same Super Saiyan 3 Goku who can keep up with Kid Buu

Who can destroy a whole galaxy in under 3 years 

And potentially destroy the Otherworld, a Multi  Galactic sized dimensional space above Heaven

He also tanked Super Saiyan 3’s Goku’s punches which can easily destroy King Kai’s planet

GBE of King Kai’s Planet:44.4 Megatons of TNT(City level+)

While Goku destroying  King Kai’s Planet is literally no big deal  as it only takes about   44.4 Megatons of TNT to destroy the GBE of the  planet

Which is around the range of power of Mercenary Tao’s Pillar throw 

And virtually any Mid Tier HST character can easily do.

It’s also enough for our Real World Tsar Bomba to completely destroy the planet of King Kai.

However Imagine a punch of that maiantudge  times the velocity of Goku, which is much faster than Kid Buu at his prime. Note Kid Buu can cross a whole area of a Galaxy in 2-3 years which is as high as 9.46748e18‬ c  or  9.467 Quintillion C  which is ‭2.83827910026584e27‬  m/s


E=2.442e14 kgx ‭2.83827e27‬  m/s^2/2
E=‭9.8361032199309e+68‬ Joules

9.8361032199309e+68 joule = 2.3508850908e+53 megaton [explosive]  or  9.836 YottaFoe  (Multi Galaxy level) 

SSJ3 Goku’s strongest and fastest punch against King Kai’s planet: 9.836 YottaFoe  (Multi Galaxy level)

So while destroying King Kai’s planet is nothing special, moving at Massively FTL in speeds that can cross a whole Universe in seconds make it far more potent attack potency wise. 

And yet despite such force, Beerus effortlessly tanks it and beats Goku with ease.

Beerus also effortlessly beats Mystic Gohan and Fat Buu, the former comparable to SSJ3 Goku in power going by Daiazhu(though likely weaker due to 5 years of inactivity in training )  and the latter a casual Solar System buster.

And can easily overpower Gotenks who are easily  400 times stronger than Fat Buu

It should be noted that Goku says this exactly about Beerus power that even with the Vegito Fusion of Gogeta Fusion, they have no chance of winning against Beerus

Keep in mind Super Vegito is able to stop Buuhan from warping the entire Universe 7  and collapsing the GBE of the Universe by collapsing Heaven and Hell onto the Living Universe, destroying all of Universe 7.  The GBE of the Dragonball Universe is roughly    

However it should be noted that an engaged super Saiyan 2 Vegeta was able to land some blows onto Beerus, actually injuring an even more heavily suppressed Beerus ablet it barely.

Beerus  comments on his power  forcing him to use  “10%” of his power, this would make Enraged Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta equivalent or near Equivalent to Super Vegito within the Buu Saga

Who can overpower Buuhan’s Universe Busting attack

Goku states that Vegito would still not be a match for Beerus which is important for scaling Battle of Gods enraged SSJ2 Vegeta.   This would put Enraged SSJ2 Vegeta in the same level as Super Vegito as he did decent damage to Beerus but not enough to actually force him beyond “10%”

As we know Fusion/Porta increases power combined of the two people using it.  Using the Most powerful powerup from Goku and Vegeta alone which is a maximum power  of  1,000 times and 4,000 times respectively,  this combined should make  Vegito alone around 4,000,000 times more powerful than base form with his SSJ form being roughly 200 Million times Base Goku and Vegeta’s level. Assuming SSJG Goku is 10 times stronger than  SSJ Vegito, this would be a power increase of over  2 Billion Times Base form.

Considering Goku and Beerus can casually generate Universe busting punches, they’re easily tens of times stronger than Buuhan who needed to charge up power to destroy the universe so it’s not far off to scale Buuhan and Vegito to Enraged Super Sayan 2 Vegeta. This scales nicely with  Goku and Beerus and sets the scale for the entire DBSverse power scaling and feats.

Now comes the bigger feats here,   remember when in Dragonball we were blowing up the Moon and being  Large Planet level was considered a big deal?

Only for it to be the norm within  DBZ?

Now, remember when Buuhan’s Vice shout and the Spirit bomb borrowing power from  2.2 universe size realms was a big deal?

Now High Universe level is the literal new norm within the Super Series and this can be easily seen with Goku and Beerus casually clashing when Goku turns Super Saiyan God. I covered this feat before so let’s show this feat again.

Now for SSJ God Goku vs Beerus feat, then punching and shaking Universe 7.  The Dragonball Universe World is 3 of our Universes in Mass and shaking the Observable Universe at light speed alone produces roughly 4×10^69 Joules.…

149,597,870,690.99997  meters=1 AU…

63241.077088071  AU’s= One Light Year

 93.7 billion light years – The diameter of the observable universe

The speed of Goku and Beerus punch:8.864704452808217e+26 m/s

Light travels at   299,792,458 m/s  

8.864704452808217e+26 m/s  /299,792,458 m/s =2.956947120000003e+18 c  or  2.956 Quintillion Times the Speed of Light

Goku and Beeru’s Punch:1.18258848e+88  Joules of force  or 118  TenaTeraFoe (Multi Galaxy Level+)…

To contrast with Dragonball again,  Beerus and Goku punch the Universe and shaking it with the mass-energy of the Universe times 2.956 Quintillion Times the Speed of Light. 

See the source image
See the source image…

149,597,870,690.99997 meters=1 AU…

63241.077088071 AU’s= One Light Year

 93.7 billion light years – The diameter of the observable universe

Size of the DB Universe: 23.25 Trillion Light Years or 2.199620631786262e+29 meters

DB Universe Volume:2.340944612800386e+117 m^3 or 2.478298321316967e+101 Cubic Light Years(2.160909889900313e+29 or 216.09 Octillion times larger than our Universe)

DB Universe mass:1.39654×81 kg

The speed of Goku and Beerus punch:8.864704452808217e+26 m/s

Light travels at 299,792,458 m/s 

5.496684396914271e+30 m/s or 1.833496557446509e+22 c /18.33 Sextillion times the speed of light 


E=1.39654×10^81kgx  5.496684396914271e+30 m/s^2/2

E= 1.39654×10^81kx3.021353935928079e+61 m/2

E=4.219441625680999x10e+142 Joules

4.219441625680999e+142 joule = 1.0084707518e+127 megaton [explosive] or 100.847 TenaexaUniFoe

Goku and Beerus Clash:100.847 TenaexaUniFoe(Universe Level+)

Yep Universe Busting is the literal norm for anyone within DB Super who can challenge Goku within his Super Saiyan God mode  or can put up a serious threat

Numerous Author statements as well as feats further back the fact that a Heavily suppressed Beerus is Universe level+ and scales far above normal Universe Busting or the High Universe busting Buuhan was capable of doing.

And as i explained within my Dragonball Z respect thread, the DB Universe while having the same length as our Universe is actually much bigger considering there are two Universe size realms between it which is Heaven and Hell which is confirmed by the Daizenshu to be roughly the same size as the Living word and unlike our current theoretical Universe which is flat like a Galaxy, Dragonball Universe 7 alone is a Spherical Universe meaning there’s far more mass and volume than our normal Universe, hence it takes more effort to destroy the GBE of said Universe…

Going by VS battle tiering, High Universe level is when Characters who have an infinite degree of 3-dimensional power. Alternately 4-dimensional power that is shown as completely qualitatively superior to 3-Dimensional beings, but is less than universal in scale. Or that allows them to create large parts of a universal continuum. Take note that 4-D power should logically always be superior to countably infinite 3-D power, so characters within this tier are not necessarily comparable. In other words, can destroy multiple infinite physical Universes, Beerus, and Goku going by their near-instant clash are quite casual Universe busters however at least neither are shown to be able to destroy timelines with their power levels which would make sense given they’re both far below Zeno who can casually erase a whole Universe and it’s a timeline, still at 100.847 TenaexaUniFoe, that’s enough firepower to destroy as many Universes are there are stars throughout one Universe.

Anyone who scales to Super Saiyan God is essentially Universe level, Considering this is Arc 1 of DBS, this literally puts almost any opponent Goku fights within this range of power, especially when factoring Zenkais and Power increases from training.

It should be noted that SUper SYain Post God transformation is easily as powerful as his initial Super Saiyan God form as Goku was able to battle Beerus head-on.  Meaning MSSJ form is now High Universe level+ Bare minimum

And characters who can force Goku to fight seriously are scalable to this level of power. Yes, even Kirrin is arguably a Universe level because even if Goku suppressed his power considerably in this fight within the Universe Survival Arc, he would still be MUCH stronger than before he became Super Saiyan God so Universe Level Kiriin Confirmed.

Meaning Kirrin can slap Saitama hard

And can easily solo the Narutoverse.

Keep in mind Beerus  can easily destroy this Universe even fighting suppressed.

This is the power scaling based on multiples.

Base: 1x

SSJ1: 50-500




Revival of F

Within the second arc of DBS which is the  Revival of F Arc, Goku and Vegeta should be much more powerful, especially with Vegeta training to become Super Saiyan Blue as well as Goku,  combine Zenkai with the fact they trained for over a year with Whis, they should be at the very least 100 times more powerful than Goku when he first turns Super Saiyan God.

It should be noted that Frieza somehow made up the massive gap in power between him and Goku in merely 4 months of training. How? Never explained how he gained a massive boost of power, get used to hearing that throughout Super given it’s not the best writing in general.  Anyways keep in mind Frieza at his strongest was just barely Large Star level which is roughly   Joules when we last scaled him in the Namek


And his power within  the Trunks Saga was up to 10 times his power on Namek  putting him in Large Star level+, that ‘s at least 3.98 TenaKilotons-8.68146 TenaKilotons of TNT as Frieza’s final power in terms of Joules

This would put Mecha Frieza comparable to Kaguya’s Truth-Seeking Ball so   Mecha Fireza=Narutoverse strongest characters at least in terms of attack potency.

Trunks who killed  Frieza would be at least 1.66 Foe, So Future Trunks>Narutoverse

Androids are 10 times stronger than Trunks  would be roughly 16.66 Foe

Which puts even Imperfect Cell’s power at around 33.3 Foe which is in the boundaries of the Solar System level.

For Frieza to match up with Super Sayain God Goku who not only got a 100 fold power boost from Zenkai and training but got a  50 fold power increase from God as Blue which is a 2,000,000 boost from his base power which should be around the same power as his  Super Sayain God form which has a Feat of roughly 4.219441625680999e+142 joules,  from Frieza to go from  10 times 3.632323485961451e+42 joules from Namek to locking horns with Super Sayain Blue Goku, Frieza would’ve gained roughly ‭2.323278263163462e+106‬  times stronger than he was when he was killed by Trunks, that’s a power increase in 2.323 Million Googol times.

This is the largest power leap in existence, possibly of all of anime.

This would be  like going from the mass of a Graviton, the lightest mass in the Universe at 8.9e+−59 kg

To the Laniakea Supercluster, which encompasses the Virgo supercluster weighing 2e+47 kg

This can be proven when  Frieza instantly one-shots Mystic Gohan+Super Sayain Gohan within his first form. While Gohan has gotten rusty in combat and only  1/10th the power he was within the Buu Saga, with the Super Sayain Muptiler of 50 times, he’s at least 5 times stronger than SSJ3 Goku putting him in the Multi Solar System range of power at the bare minimum. Frieza effortlessly defeated SSJ+Mystic Gohan Frieza in his first form.  So Yeah  Base Frieza is far above Mutil Solar System level.

Frieza and Goku can clash with each other  Fairly evenly, given Beerus and Goku were High Universe level+ alone clashing, power scaling higher, Frieza and Goku are Mutil Universe level, quite the power creep

Speaking of massive power creeps, Roshi who’s base power is 139 which is nowhere near close to beating even a single Frieza Soldier who’s maximum, the power level is between 910-1390 verus Frieza soldiers who range between 1,200 and 2,000, now Roshi is able to battle on par with Tein and Kirrin and fight off the Soldiers virtually on par with each other.

On the low end of powerscaling, Roshi should be equal to Kirrin who despite not training for 5 years should be comparable to Final form Frieza via powerscaling after training twice during the Cell saga, Kirrin should be at least  Star level pre-Universe Survival Arc if his power level in the start of the Android Saga was around 450,000,   given the power boosts of training, he should be around 4,500,000-45 Million at the end of the Cell Saga prior to his retirement putting him around Final Form Frieza tier.

On the high end of power scaling, Roshi should equal Tien Pre Universe Survival Arc. 

Keep in mind Tien never stopped training unlike Kirin so as a high end for Roshi’s Super scaling, he would be comparable to Buu Saga Piccolo who’s just below Super Perfect Cell level, Putting Roshi potentially at Solar System level Around this point.

After all Roshi mind-controlled within the later episode  was able to easily overpower Tien within his possessed Buff form(BTW this is canon)

And gave Goku a tough fight in his base form

Ignoring god ki and assuming Goku is heavily suppressed within this fight, Base Goku alone should be FAR stronger than Kid Buu who can destroy entire galaxies meaning Roshi is at the very least Multi Solar System level and up to Multi Galaxy level Pre Universe Survival Arc.

So  yeah because Potatoes, Roshi goes from considering Raditz and Nappa too much of a threat for him to even try to fight and literally pray for a miracle from God

And being completely outmatched by King Piccolo outside his Ultra Buff form

To be able to beat dozens of Frieza’s henchmen single handedly with ease 

And out matching Tien who is comparable if not superior to Gohan in the Buu Saga.

The power gap between the Large Planet level and Multi solar system level is already immense.

Overall not much to note in terms of destructive capacity feats in this arc, most of this arc consists of straightforward power scaling from previous arcs and the previous series.

Base: 1x

SSJ1: 50-500





Universe 6 Saga

During the  Universe  6 Arc, several months passed, Goku and Vegeta trained in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and also benefited from Zenkai so that’s another potential 100fold powerup for that arc


One thing to note is that Super rectoned the size of the entire cosmos within the Dragonball Series. Per Super, the Universe of DB was far smaller, only comprising of  4 Galaxies which is barely even Multi Galactic in size, it would be like saying 4 City blocks equal a  whole city however the statements and visual representations of Multiple Galaxies debunk and recton the “4  Galaxies” statements.

Bulma's Fancy New Super Dragon Ball Radar- The Galaxy Tracking Edition- Dragon Ball Super Episode 29
Center of universe 3
Center of universe 4

The following statements and visuals prove credence that the “4 Galaxies” are actually Galactic SuperCluster Quadrants that are each 1/4th the size of the Universe, and no it doesn’t make Snakeway 1/4th the size of the Universe. So don’t come at me with that shit DBtards.  Then again how is it that Kais who are inferior to Nappa much less Saiyan Saga Vegeta the ones entrusted to watch over not only one galaxy but a collection of galaxies?

Then again considering the retcon power levels of Master Roshi and Frieza, i wouldn’t be surprised if King Kai was secretly as powerful as Frieza.

Hell if King Kai can seal Bojack into his planet, a guy who can challenge SSJ 2 Gohan of all people, would it surprise you that he’s secretly that powerful? I know the movie isn’t canon but given the plot holes in Super, it wouldn’t surprise me.  Besides it would make sense logically more than just being a few times more powerful than King Yemma and Kami who are barely past the Moon and Large Planet level range.

After all, Broly wasn’t canon until the Broly DBS movie which retconned him into the series, note the events of the DBz Broly movies are still non-canon  given the Broly movie has that as the first time they  met


The size of the Super Dragon Balls are immense, each the size of large planets and roughly the size of Uranus and Neptune.

Crystal has the  density 2.648 g/cm³  whereas  Neptune has a density of 1.64 g/cm³, assuming the Dragonball have the same dimensions as Neptune,  The Crystal Dragon Balls would have roughly 1.61   times the mass of Neptune and would have the mass of 1.615e26 kg each,   combined mass is around 1.13e27 kg,  ‘

Merely to deadlift these dragon balls alone, you would need Large Planet level lifting strength or Class 

Assuming  one in DBS averages at Kid Buu Speeds (A very huge possibly considering everyone notable is far above Kid Buu) which is  2.687e27 m/s  and assuming each dragon ball is at the edge of the Universe which is safe to assume which would be around   4.4e26 m,  To pull   these dragon balls, you would need the lifting capacity of 3.5897685868e+108  Joules or roughly Universe Class+ lifting strength, this would put almost everyone within the Class 


The final confirmation of   Multiple Galaxies within  DBS is the sheer size of Super Shenron, just his head alone is massively bigger than entire Galaxies 

Some DB fanboys would claim that the size of Super Shenron is bigger than Super Tegen Toppa Gurren Laggran, however, that’s not really the case.

Going by this video, Super Shernon is roughly estimated to be over 38e25 meters to contrast, the Observable Universe alone is merely 3.8e25 meters  wide, contrast with the Observable Universe which is 8.8×10 26 meters  or  93 Billion Light Years wide, 

 Super Shenron would be roughly 1/23th the size of our Observable Universe.

Contrast that with the size of   Super  Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann who is over 52 Billion Light Years tall and many more lightyears wide making him bigger and heavier than the Observable Universe


 Regardless Super Sehnon is massive, It’s weight should weigh far more than the Observable Universe due to the immense density of the Dragon.

It should be noted it can change size as sen from it able to ensare Goku in this frame

To merely being bigger than planets

To its the default size of outclassing entire Galaxies.

Now for the size of this monster, the gravity of this beast and the speed and force of this monster coming at you.

Super Shenron Height:355px(3.8e25 m)

Super Shenron Width and Length:28px(2.99718e24 m)

Volume of Super Shenron:3.413573421912e+74 m^3

Now for the mass of the dragon, as we know, the density of flesh is 1.01 gram per cubic centimeter or 1 010 kilograms per cubic meter,  this would make Super Shenron weigh  roughly 3.44770915613112e+77 kg in mass

Mass of Super Shenron:3.4477e+77 kg( Universe Class+)

This would be over 212.8 Quadrillion  times  the mass of the entire Universe in our world   which  weighs roughly1.62e60 kg  and easily over 5.7 septillion times the  mass of the Observable Universe

However compared to the  Dragonball Universe, which also contains the mass of Heaven and Hell  and weighs a total of 1.39654e81 kg,  Super Shernon’s mass is only 1/4,051 the mass of Dragonballs Universe 7 and other Dragonball Universes

The sheer weight of Super Shenron would cause a normal-sized Universe to collapse due to the immense gravity and weight of Super Shenron but since the Dragonball Universe is a Spherical Universe, it can sustain the weight of Super Shernon.

If our entire Universe was the weight of an average human, Super Shenron would be the equivalent of us trying to lift a dwarf planet or  Small Moon off our bodies. 

And if he’s scaled to merely the weight of the Observable Universe being the weight of a normal human, it would be the equivalent of a human trying to lift the weight of a Gas Giant Planet off their backs.

Now for the Sheer GBE of  Super Shernon as it’s Multi Galatic in Size and Universe level+ in weight

DB Super Shenron:3.4477e+77

GBE calc ref by IreneBelserion69

Where U = GBE in joules, M = the mass of the body in question in kilograms, r = its radius in meters, and G = the gravitational constant of 6.67408×10^-11.

Super Shenron Height:3.8e25 m

Super Shenron :3.4477e+77 kg


U=0.00000000000667×3.4477e+77 kg^2/1.9e+25‬ mx5    


2.503700759504211e+118 Joules  or    250.37 Yotta UniFoe ( High Universe Level+)‬

GBE of  Super Shenron:‭250.37 Yotta UniFoe ( High Universe Level+)‬

Yep Super Shernon has more gravity than 250.37 Observable Universes, to contrast the GBE of  Shernon’s body to that of the Observable Universe.  To  compare the sheer energy  of  the Universe versus Super Shenron,

 this would be like comparing the average joules within a human punch which is around 100 Joules of energy

To nearly the same force of  Kizaru’s Lightspeed Kick attack potency.

Now time for Kinetic Energy of Super Shenon in theory,  as we know, this thing can cover a vast distance in seconds.  We’ll use Kid Buu’s speed as an estimate speed for Super Shneron as a possible Lowball, Kid Buu can potentially cross the entire Observable Universe within 0.3275 seconds, the Observable Universe is 8.8e 26 meters  giving Super Shenron a speed of 2.687022900763359e+27 m/s


E=3.4477e77x2.687022900763359e27/2  2.489e132

E=2.489271142707301e132 J  or   24.89 TenaGigaUniFoe (High Universe level+)

Kinetic Energy of  Super Shenron:24.89 TenaGigaUniFoe (High Universe level+)

Damn that’s immensely powerful and this is it’s merely moving around at Kid Buu speeds,  keep in mind Super Shenron can casually reset and undo the subatomic destruction of multiple Universes and their infinite 4-D Timelines destroyed by Zeno during the Universe Survival Arc, this would make him at the bare minimum Low Multiverse Level.

In ep 76 of the Goku Black Arc or rather the bridge filler between Goku Black and Universe Survival Arc, Goku and Kirrin fight a fake Super Shenron created by illusions, this scaled-down Super Shernon seems to be roughly the average size of dragons from Fairy Tail which is between 20 to 30 meters high, that’s a size difference of roughly 1.266667e24 times,  even if we lowball the hell out of the strength from its actual size and mass( which is logical given Kirrin can hurt it and we definitely know Kirrin is nowhere close to SSJB Goku and Goku is fighting heavily suppressed within this episode to help Kirin catch up)   the condensed attack potency would be at the very least 1.96499e108 Joules or  19.65 PetaUniFoe,  that’s  19.65  Quadrillion Times the energy needed to blow up the Observable Universe.

So even with Kirrin being lowballed within the Universe Survival Arc, he’s  at the very least 2,705,591.584 times the power of Goku’s Universe level sprit bomb  and18.43  times the power of Buuhan’s potential Vice Shout/Kid Buu’s potential destruction of Kaioshin Realm, meaning Kiririn in DBS >Super Vegito

Meaning  Kirin in the Universe Survival Arc would actually be stronger than most characters in Dragonball GT, excluding Post Zenkai Shadow Dragon Saga top tiers. Yes 

Rather then Super 17 being able to beat Kirin and curbstomp him

DBS  Kirrin in theory can curb stomp Super 17 but that’s for another journal.
It safe to say that Universe Survival Kirin Kirin is nearly the same power level as SSJG Goku

Now for the obligatory powerscaling within this arc,  considering the 100 fold increase in power within the world, even the weakest characters in the Arc equals the power of the strongest characters in the previous Arc.

Piccolo, Cabba, and Frost in this arc is comparable to that of Super Saiyan 1 Goku  and Vegeta, going by the 100fold scaling of the arc,   Cabba SSJ1 would equal that the very least 1/8th the power of Super Saiyan God would theoretically be in this Arc and easily 12 times stronger than Battle of God’s Arc Goku.

Who mind you can Universe bust with merely 3 punches.

So SSJ3 Goku within this arc would equal SSJG Goku within Revival of F and 1200 times stronger than the Battle of Gods Goku.

Hit can create a parallel world
Hit can create a parallel world 1

All of them, however, pale in comparison to Hit who can create Parallel Worlds with his Timeskip and be far above SSJB Vegeta and SSJB Goku. This confirms that Hit is Multi Dimensional and is 4D.

This would make Goku via SSB Kaiokenx20  easily Universe level+ or what I dubbed to distinguish Universe level tiering Mutii Universe Level+, it would also make Hit one of the most broken characters within DB history as he can manpautile  Dimensional realms on a Universe scale and freeze time on a Universal scale, basically Dio Brando on steroids.  Now for the force needed to control a 4D Universe size construct.

Back to our  DBZ Universe size, the DBZ Universe is roughly 23.25 Trillion Light Years or 2.1996e29 meters wide,  let’s multiply that to the fourth power to see the overall size of this 4-D realm.  We get a volume of the 4-D universe roughly 5.4796e234 m^4, which is roughly  2.335720375106564e+117 times the volume of the DBZ Universe or roughly 233.572  Quadrillion Googl times the size of the Dragonball Universe and can fit that many inside it’s realm.  As we stated, the Dragonball universe is roughly1.39654e81 kg, within this realm, if you can compare by mass, Hit’s 4 Dimensional Universe would weigh 3.261926932651321e+198 kg.

Now for the GBE on this realm and what’s needed to bust this entire realm.

GBE calc ref by IreneBelserion69

Where U = GBE in joules, M = the mass of the body in question in kilograms, r = its radius in meters, and G = the gravitational constant of 6.67408×10^-11.

Hit’s Universe Diameter::2.19962e29 meters

Hit’s universe :3.2619e198 kg


U=0.00000000000667×:3.261926932651321e+198 kg^2/1.09981e+29 mx5    

U=0.00000000002001×1.063999161e+397 kg/‭‭‭‭5.49905e29 m

3.871691148763877e+356  Joules  or 3.8716  Yotta OctTenaUniFoe ( Low Multiverse Level+)

GBE of Hit’s Parrel 4-D World: 3.8716  Yotta OctTenaMutiFoe ( Low Multiverse Level+)

Yes, this is how mindblowingly strong Hit is at his full power, basically able to destroy a near-infinite 3-D Universes, And this is hit alone.

Keep in mind Universe 6 Arc Goku doesn’t scale to this as Hit admitted to holding back his power in his fight with Goku.

However given  Goku is much stronger than he was in Battle of Gods,Goku is at least Multiverse level. However, Universe Survival Arc  Goku definitely scales to the power of Hit and you know who else,  Goku Black himself.

Goku Black Arc

Perhaps the largest increases in power are within this arc alone. As expected, Goku and Vegeta should be at the very least 100 times stronger than the previous Arc, during the fight Goku Black, they both kept getting stronger and stronger, oh boy this is going to be a Doozy to cover for the power increases.

Both  Seth the Programmer and Geekdom have done videos covering the insane power increases between the arc itself and the power increases are crazy, yeah this can be defiantly surged as plot holes or inconsistencies, anyways were not here to cover the writing quality of DBS but the power. Sitka tune but this one is a doozy. 

Zamazsu who’s the weakest of the people involved in this arc  was able to fight on par with SSJ 2 Goku who directly compares Zamazsu’s power to that of Beerus himself or at the very least a suppressed Lord Beerus,  Goku  directly compared him to Goku Blacks power, note Goku is much stronger than when he fought Beerus, 

Keep in mind Cabba last time, a pathetic beta male who learned SSJ1 was about east 1/8th the power of Super Saiyan God would theoretically be in this Arc and easily 12 times stronger than Battle of God’s Arc Goku, Goku is 100 times more powerful than he was at the Universe 6 Arc and was putting considerable effort as an SSJ2.

Just Goku within SSJ2 was enough to be compared to a Destroyer by the 10th Universe Supreme Kai, ablet Goku still outclasses Zamazsu here, it should be noted that he’s VASTLY FAR STRONGER than the Supreme Kais who each fought and failed to beat Majin Buu, including the Grand Supreme Kai who can fully match on par with Prime Kid Buu who can destroy the Kaioshin Realm.

So Zamazsu alone is comparable to a Suppressed Beerus more or less and stronger than Battle of Gods Super Saiyan God Goku

Which further proves how much Beerus was holding back as later he effortlessly destroys Zamasu with Hakai.

Beerus destroys a ghost
Beerus destroys a ghost 1

Which destroys everything on a Subatomic Level

Later the Zamasu him immortal was able to fight on par with Super Sayain Blue Goku and Vegeta as well as Trunks and even fight a super pissed off Goku after learning of the Muitviersial genocide and the death of his family in the hands of Zamazsu. Even Super Saiyan God Trunks wasn’t enough to beat Goku Black or Zamasu.

For those keeping score at home,  Goku was in 3 previous arcs where he got a muptiler of 100 fold due to training and Zenkai. This would make Goku at the very least 1,000,000 times his casual High Universe level feat with Beerus, putting him at least  Multi Universe level in the base.  SSJ base is a 50 times muptiler, MSSJ is 10 times muptilers past that, SSJ2 is twice that power,SSJ3 is a 4 times power up from that point, SSJG  form being roughly 200 Million times Base   or 50,000 times SSJ3’s power grade, and SSJB is 50 times that power, so Goku is roughly  100 Billio times with his SSJG form from Battle of the God’s form, this would put SSJG’s attack potency level at 8.4388e+155 Joules or Mult Universe level+, COmbined that with the training Goku and Vegeta did during the arc which is another 10-100 fold power boost, Goku and Vegeta would be beyond their previous Arcs.

Goku Black himself keeps growing stronger and stronger, even using the enraged power was able to cut a hole through the entire 4-D realm of Dragonball’s Universe, another insane feat from Goku Black and he was using the tear in the Multiverse to make himself stronger.Forcing Goku and Vegeta to go all out.

Infinite Zamazsu far exceeds the power of anything in DBS to this point, he was able to literally fight on par with Super Vegito Blue and SSJ False Blue Trunks with his Spirit Sword.

However, the greatest feat by far was merging with the entire Dragonball Mutiverse within Universe 7 Trunks timeline. Infinite Zamazsu was going to rapidly merge with the entirety of the Mutiverse of Dragonball. How great is that feat?

The Roche limit of the Now for the size of the Observable Universe times 13  times the Roche Limit of the Universes The size of the DB Multiverse is  9,067,500,000,000,000 Light Years wide or 8.5785e+31 meters across. Now for the volume of the potential Dragonball Multiverse.  Now round it up by  4 times squared and we get the volume of 2.93285670702551e+255 m^4, this would be the estimated size of the DB Multiverse based on the 4-D  scale, this should be an interesting scaling. BTW this is merely  the 4-D  reality of the DB Multiverse  and merely basing it on the 12 confirmed Universes,  just  going by the bare minimum of 12 Universes alone, is over 535.23 Quintillion times the size of a  single  4-D Universe Hit can control.

BTW not counting the endless timelines within each Universe which should equal this many parallel Universe(Something yet to be officially confirmed in DBS  but  likely applies to Zeno,assuming Zeno is massively above 5D)

Now for the GBE on this realm and what’s needed to bust this entire realm.

GBE calc ref by IreneBelserion69

Where U = GBE in joules, M = the mass of the body in question in kilograms, r = its radius in meters, and G = the gravitational constant of 6.67408×10^-11.

DB Multiverse Diameter::8.5785e+31 m

DB Multiverse  1.74576888e+219 kg


U=0.00000000000667×1.74576888e+219 kg^2/4.28925e+31mx5    

U=0.00000000000667×3.047708982376454e+438 kg^2/2.1.44625e+32

0.00000000000667×3.047708982376454e+438 kg^2/2.1.44625e+32

U=9.478676408874299e+394  or  94.786TirTena  Kilo HunaMuitFoe  ( Low Multiverse Level+)

GBE of the 4-D Dragonball Mutiverse: 94.786TirTena  Kilo HunaMuitFoe ( Low Multiverse Level+)

Now that’s a mindblowing amount of power to picture regarding  the power to destroy the relatively small Multiverse on a 4 dimensional level

Now for some potential of Zeno’s power. Assuming he’s confirmed 11Th dimensional(Which a decently powerful god would be considered such as Sailor Cosmos), Given virtually all Universes and Mutiverse follow the String Theory principle of 11 Dimensions minimum,  we now have to multiply the length of the DB Multiverse, at least based on the 12 canon universes by the power of 11th.

Size of the 11 Dimensional Dragon Ball Multiverse:6.5047129e66,347 m^11

Now for the GBE on this realm and what’s needed to bust this entire realm.

GBE calc ref by IreneBelserion69

Where U = GBE in joules, M = the mass of the body in question in kilograms, r = its radius in meters, and G = the gravitational constant of 6.67408×10^-11.

DB Multiverse Diameter::6.5047129e66,347 m^11


U=0.00000000000667×3.047708982376454e+438 kg^2/2.1.44625e+32

DB Multiverse mass:  5.58624743852e+57,225.88036 kg

U=3GM^2/5R   2

U=0.00000000000667× 5.58624743852e+57,225.88036  kg^2/2.144625e+32 mx5    

U=0.00000000002001×1.117249e+114,452 kg/‭‭‭‭1.0723125e+33  Or 1.1172 Exa TirTena  Huna OctTousa TenaTirTousa   UniFoe

GBE of the 11-D Dragonball Mutiverse/Zeno’s potential full power: 1.1172 Exa TirTena  Huna OctTousa TenaTirTousa   UniFoe (Low Mutilverse level+)

The potential true power of the Omiking at least going by the 12 Universes and infinite 4-D Alt Universe theory with the 11 Dimensions M Theory with all 12 universes is  over   times stronger than  Infinite Zamasu.

The gap in power between Zeno and Infinite Zamazsu despite both being Low Mutiversal level+ is      enough to fill an average book word count  of 90,000  words, the average weight of a book is around 2.04 kg.

Zeno’s potential full power using the size of the DB Multiverse as we currently known it would be the equivalent  to a 2.59 kg or nearly  a 6 pound textbook with over 114,000 zeros written from one end of the book to another, that’s the amount of Zeros within Zeno’s power.  

Zamasu on the other hand would only  barely fill up even 1/10th a page with merely 394 zeros worth of words.

This is the vast power gap  between Infinite Zamazsu, the then strongest character in the DB Multiverse and Zeno, despite both being Low Mutiverse level+

Omni-king 1

Omni-king 2
Omni-king 6
Omni-king 4
Omni-king 5

Zamasu One With Universe
Gods Confirmation

No brainer here that Zeno is above everyone however what if DBS is rectoned to have infinite Universes and the Mutiverse is consistently shown to be as large as our theoretical Muitverse.

Keep in mind not long ago DBZ was merely 4 Galaxies within a Pocket Universe sized realm

Before the recent rectons made DB Universe around the same size as our Universe with around the same amount of Galaxies and stars as our Universe, i wouldn’t put it past Toyriama to retcon the series again mid aseires, so here’s this calc in case  that happens.,with%20a%20finite%20or%20infinite%20number%20of%20universes.

The Multiverse is very huge. Our Local Multiverse has approximately 10^10^10^120 universes, although a multiverse can contain anywhere from only 2 universes to omega universes. Our universe lasts long, most of them only live for xonoseconds and pop. The diameter of the Local Multiverse is on the order of 92,200,000,000 * 10^10^10^120 light years across! A multiverse is a self-contained group or larger bubble filled with a finite or infinite number of universes. In many cases, the term is used to define a larger bubble filled with a finite or infinite number of universes. In many cases, the term is used to define the hypothetical set of every single possible universe, including the universe in which we live.

Now to sum up this mind blowing number,the a real Mutivlerse is 9.3e+120,000 lightyears across, a mind blowingly large size beyond comprehension,  by multiplying the dimensional space by the 3rd power, we get a 3 dimensional volume of our Multiverse  at  8.04357e+360,002  Cubic Light Years in volume.    You need a bare minimum of roughly8.04357e+360,002 Joules to blow up all Universes within a 3-D Dimensional Muitiviersial space

Low Multiversal Level(1,000 4 D Universes+Infinte 3D Universes):4.307432805138255×10^207J(10 Septentrigintillion  Big Bangs) or 38.33 TriTenaYotta UniFoe/1 MuitFoe

Multiverse Level (5th Dimensional busting on 1,000 Universes or 3-d busting of 10^10^10^120 universes):8.04357e+360,002‬ Joules   

High Multiverse Level(1,000 5th  Dimensional Multiverse Busting,Infinite 4 Dimensional Busting of 10^10^10^120 universes ): At  least 1.741105116668646e+‬720,004 Joules

Low Complex Multiverse level:(Infinite  4th and 5th dimensional busting of 10^10^10^120 universes,  6 Dimensional to 7 Dimensional busting of the Mutiverse)At  least 1.741105116668646e+1,440,008‬ ‬J   to1.741105116668646e+ 2,880,016J

Complex Multiverse level:(7-9 Dimensional Multiverse Busting)::1.985832917233346e+‭‭5,508,864‬ J to 1.985832917233346e+‭‭11,017,728‬ J)

High Complex Multiverse Level:(9-11 Dimensional Multiverse Busting):1.985832917233346e+‭22,035,456‬ J  to 1.985832917233346e+44,070,912 J

Low Hyperverse level: (fucking with with muptile 11 Dimmeisonal realites at once, up to 12th Dimmeisonal)1.985832917233346e+‭88,141,824‬ J

Hyperverisal level(Characters with a finite number of dimensions greater than 11, brder is  from 12 Dimensional to as high as 42 Dimensional)

Up to 1.985832917233346e‭+2.366039071811174e+16‬ Joules

High Hyperversial Level(At least more than 1×10^16 Dimensions/Infinte Dimmeisonal busting)

Infinite Joules

Outerverse level (Boundless, beyond infinte Dimensions, This is something completely formless, abstract, metaphysical and transcendental. The usual scale does not make sense against a beyond dimensional object.)

Infinite Joulesx1,000

High Outeversial Level(Infinte Dimmeisonal busting/Near Omnipotent)

Infinte Joulesx1,000,000

Omniverse  level( Completely Omnipotent, can’t be killed, can control all of Creation)

Examples: One Above All, Kami Tenchi, Mind Over Monitor Overlord, The Writer (Stan Lee, Grant Morrison)

This is the new Scale

悟空が見たのは、もしもの世界の ほんのひとかけらに過ぎない。= “Goku had only seen a small fraction of the worlds.”

“もしもの世界は無限にある” = “The number of worlds is infinite.”

“ドラゴンボールを愛する人がいる限り…” = “As long as people continue to love Dragon Ball…”

 This is the tiering of  Zeno’s power potential based on  what I have his peak potential at.  If Xenoverse is ever retconned into canon, Zeno would easily be  in the Low Hyperverisal levels of power, considering Xenoverse is said to have endless Universes and multiple  realities as opposed to the limited 12 Universes within canon. If Zeno scales to Xneoverse characters, he would be on a completely different dimension of power.

Zeno’s Theoretical Power(If scaled to Xenoverse):1.985832917233346e+‭88,141,824‬ J

Base: 1x

SSJ1: 50-500






SSJBx20: 2,000,000,000,000x

Universe Survival Saga

Now comes the ridiculous  amount of power increase within the arc.Almost every character within this Arc is Universe level if not higher, as i said before even if we massively downplay the human characters like Kiriin, Roshi and Tien. they are comparable to post Battle of Gods base Goku who alone should be stronger than he was in Battle of Gods as a Super Saiyan God.

We will be using powerscaling with all aside from Jiren’s potential World of Void Shaking feat.Let’s  start.

As we know Kirin is easily one of the weakest people in the entire toruemeant to no one’s surprise but as i pointed out with his battle with Fake Super Shenron. He should at bare minimum be High Universe level putting Kirin at bare minimum in Battle of Gods Goku as a SSJG.

This video breaks down the power levels within the torumeant but to give you a laments summary of power levels we will go with  the muptielrs of Goku’s power and scale people from there.

Goku after the Goku Black Arc got the Usual 100fold power increase, also factoring the massively leap in power during the arc itself. This would put Goku at the very least relative to Fusion Zamasu as a SSJB via Kaikoenx20  but more on that power level later.

For those keeping score at home,  Goku gains a muptiler of 100 fold due to training and Zenkai. This would make Goku at the very least 100,000,000 times his casual High Universe level feat with Beerus, putting him at least  Multi Universe level in the base.  SSJ base is a 50 times muptiler, MSSJ is 10 times muptilers past that, SSJ2 is twice that power,SSJ3 is a 4 times power up from that point, SSJG  form being roughly 200 Million times Base   or 50,000 times SSJ3’s power grade, and SSJB is 50 times that power, so Goku is roughly  100 Billio times with his SSJG form from Battle of the God’s form, this would put SSJG’s attack potency level at 8.4388e+155 Joules or Multi Universe level+, COmbined that with the training Goku and Vegeta did during the arc which is another 10-100 fold power boost, Goku and Vegeta would be beyond their previous Arcs.

Goku in base form should easily equal SSJ3 Goku within the Goku Black Arc due to the immense Zenkai boost and training since then and going by Zenkai/Training  mupilters alone from Battle of Gods to  Universe Survival Arc, Goku in base in Universe Survival Arc is easily 1 Million times stronger than Battle of Gods SSJG Goku. 

Anyone who is comparable against him is easily stronger than a million SSJG Goku and far stronger than anything in DBZ history.  Roshi, Tien and Krillin, the weakest fighters in the tournament who combined powers barely make even one base Goku even combing their powers,however to put this in context, if you dropped  each of these characters within the BuuSaga, they will casually defeat even the strongest version of Majin Buu in that arc in seconds.

To give you an even greater context of this power and an understanding of how powerful this is. Let’s quickly divert to DBGT, yes it’s non canon but the power levels are based on canon muptilers. SSJ Vegito as we discussed earlier is comparable to about 1/10th the power of SSJG Goku  and relative to SSJ4 Goku at the very least at the Baby Saga, SSJ Vegito as we discussed is roughly 200,000,000 times  base Buu Saga Goku’s power, Given Goku fights in two arcs later and trains, he gets a 100 fold boost of power per arc, there’s also the factor of his energized SSJ4 Post Novia Shenron fight thanks to saiyans lending him power,SSJ4 should be roughly 10,000 times to 100,000 times the power it was in the Baby Arc   Assuming the power levels of  SSJ4 Goku at his strongest would still be roughly 62.5 times weaker than Kirrin within the Universe Survival Arc, if we assume that Fusion is character A’s maxmxuim powerxCharacter B’s, then SSJ4 Gogeta would be 160,000,000,000  times base form of End of Gt Goku so he still easily slaps Kirin, Roshi and Tien however the latter three are relative to Omega Shenron if put into GT. 

So for any debate on DBGT vs DBS Super, if SS4 Gogeta was within the arc, they would be able to defeat anyone within SSJ1 Tier power levels and really literally nothing more. 18 and Piccolo within this Arc should be more than enough to defeat SSJ4 Gogeta with ease.

Kaufila, Cabba, Piccolo and Kale are within the same tier of each other, easily far above  any of the human fighters in the torumeant, Android 18 is also comparable to Kafuila, a match that would’ve been interesting to see.

Gohan via Mystic form and Android 17 are around the same tier level as SSJG Goku just slightly below SSJG Goku while Kale in Berserker Saiyan form is easily far stronger than SSJG Goku but weaker than a full powered SSJB Goku. Golden Frieza to little surprise is relevate to Goku and Vegeta in SSJB and Toppo is just slightly below SSJB Goku and Vegeta but is easily much stronger than Vegeta Blue and forced Vegeta into a much stronger state surpassing  Kaikoenx20 SSJB Goku and around or relative to the power level of  Goku’s first Ultra Instinct used against Jiren.

This would put  Toppo relative to at the very least Base Beerus or around the average level of an God of Destruction,  this would make him comparable to a suppressed holding back Jiren as well as many statements highlight that a suppressed Jiren was easily as strong if not stronger than the Gods of Destruction themselves.

 This would also put Kefla around the same tier as Toppo  as her kick within LSSJ2 Goku was easily stronger than Kaiokenx20 Goku’s Spirit Bomb against Jiren, this is especially evident as Goku needed Ultra Instinct, the same one used against Jiren to beat her in her fused state.

So now that we got a summary of how strong  everyone is, let’s now compare them to   Goku Black arc characters.

As I noted,  each arc in Super,Goku gets 100 fold stronger. The human characters Kirrin ,Roshi and Tien would not fair well at all even power scaling to Base Goku  from Universe Survival Arc as while they might beat Base Goku,  merely Kaiokenx20 base or SSJ1 unmastered form would be enough for Goku Black Arc Goku to beat them.As for  Goku in base, he can easily defeat SSJ 1 Goku within the Goku Black Arc and would only be outmatched by MSSJ1 or SSJ2 state respectively.

SSJ 2 tier Goku  characters would easily be far stronger than SSJ2 and SSJ3  to the point it would be a stomp, however SSJG Goku from Goku Black Arc still shits on any SSJ2 and SSJ3 tier characters from  Universe Survival Arc.

Now comes the interesting part. When comparing SSJB Goku to the Tournament of power Goku, there’s a 100 fold difference and it would show, it would be comparable to stronger versions of  Goku Black as well as post training Goku SSJB and SSJB Vegeta.  

Now comes the fusions,First the fusion of Zamasu and Goku Black, note each were stronger than Goku and Vegeta initially which is a initially 10-100 times Goku Black Arc SSJB, that’s about a 1 Trillion, 10 trillion fold power increase from that arcs Base Goku, combine this with the fusion and you get a power muptiler of 1.e+26 times  or 100 Septillion base Goku power level as Fusion Zamazsu which weakened due to Goku Black’s body dying in the process of taking too much damage,  assuming the  Spirit Sword Trunks used is around the same tiering as Kaiokenx20 Spirit Bomb which should have roughly more or less scalable to a weakened Fusion Zamasu.

Now comes the big elephant in the room, Kefla herself. Kefla’s power increase is often criticized by fans and is shrouded in controversy. I’ll let this video explain this power from Kefla and why it’s not as bad as some of the other plotholes people ignore.  Kefla  in LSSJ2 would be  at the very least 2 Octillion times stronger than Goku’s base form and comparable to a weakened Megred Fusion Zamasu.Ultra Instinct Sign Goku should be easily be around this level in Ultra Instinct Omen, Vegeta is also around or relative to this power level in Super Saiyan Blue Evolution as well as Toppo within God of Destruction mode. Beerus in full power base is also arguably around the level  as Toppo is compared to Beerus and the other God’s directly.

Now comes the main event, Jiren himself. Jiren is ridiculously stronger than Goku and pretty much everyone else by a ridiculously large margin. 

Keep in mind Jiren barely broke a sweat defeating Kale with ease despite being in berserker mode.

He also effortlessly bltized and broke out of  Hit’s time skip despite the latter being on par with Kaiokenx10 Goku and was actually fighting all out against  Jiren.

And was able to defeat Goku in the first Ultra Instinct Form.

Going by the way the fight played out Jiren was holding back 1/1,000th his power in his fight with Goku and only went all out when he mastered Ultra Instinct.  Jiren is stated to be the strongest opponent Goku ever faced, putting him above even  Infinite Zamazsu.

Remember back in my previous DBZ post i calced Jiren’s World of Shaking void?Well forget about that as we’re going to recalc the entire feat.

Now for Jiren’s speed and power. To shake the entire void, Jiren would need to be having power and speed up to 8.578520463966424e+31 m/s or 2.861486416701792e+23 / 286.15 Sextillion times the speed of Light.  However it should be noted that Jiren can move within Hit’s Timeskip which freezes space time, meaning Jiren is actually moving at Planck Seconds time  so this is actually a lowball of Jiren’s speed, a massive one. 

Goku moving during stopped time

Hell considering Goku did a slimair feat with Hit, it’s safe to say we’re even further lowballing Jiren by comparison but fuck it, this is an exteremly casual feat regardless.

 We’re going to use the Sextillion times speed feat as a lowball as a bare minimum of how fast you need to shake this void and  his planck instant speed as a high end.  Jiren moved at least 1 meter under a planck instance, so  Jiren’s speed suppressed is easily 5.39 × 10−44 s  reaction time or 1 Tredecillion C times the speed of Light  or 2.99792458e+50 m/s

The speed of Jiren:8.578520463966424e+31 m/s  or  286.15 Sextillion C ( Low End)

                                        2.99792458e+50 m/s  or 1 Tredecillion C(  High End)

DB Multiverse Diameter::8.5785e+31 m

DB Multiverse  1.74576888e+219 kg

Now since we have this as a Lifting, time to add in the workforce  of the feat.


F= 1.74576888e219 kgx8.57852e31 m/s^2×8.5785e31 m

   1.74576888e219 kgx 2.99792458e+50 m/s^2×8.5785e31 m

F=1.102104661631107e+315  Joules   or     1.102    Peta  HunaMuitFoe      ( Low End)

      1.345982796261892e+352 Joules  or       13.4598   TenaZetta HunaMuitFoe     (High End)

Jiren’s  World of Void Shaking:1.102    Peta  HunaMuitFoe      ( Low End)

    13.4598   TenaZetta HunaMuitFoe     (High End)

Now that’s a crazy mind blowing amount of power from Jiren to shake the entirely of the World of Void with merely his aura alone.  At its higher end, it’s about around 1/20,000th the power of the entire GBE of Hit’s  Paarael Time world showing he was merely using a very tiny fraction of his power to shake the world of void, this is how crazy strong Jiren is  just raising his power slightly yet his power dwarfs almost everyone instantly.

Jiren’s true power should be at the very least 100 times the power of Infinite Zamasu and this should be the chart of power for the arc  which fits nicely into my scaling that  Infinite Zamasu>Vegito>Fusion Zamasu >Kelfa>Trunks With Sword of Hope>Weakened Fusion Zamazsu.

So Ultra Instinct Goku should be around  Low Mutiverse levels of power

This is the power scaling based on Multiples.

Base: 1x

SSJ1: 50-500






SSJBx20: 2,000,000,000,000x

Ultra Instinct Omen:2 Octillionx

Mastered Ultra Instinct: 2 Nonillionx

DBS : Broly Saga

Not much to say feat wisde aside from Broly’s casual dimensional break with Broly  but is Broly stronger than Beerus and Jiren?

Again assuming linear time, Goku and Vegeta get a 100 fold power boost from  Universe Survival Saga. That’s 100 times times also the  SSJB multiplier of 100,000,000,000x, which would give us the base power of  100 Quintillion times Goku’s base,, with the 100,000,000 times power boost of SSJB, you get roughly 1.e+28  times power or  10 times the power of   Ultra Instinct Sign Goku from tournament of power Arc bare minimum however 100 times weaker than  Ultra instinct Goku Mastered, so both Goku and Broly in this move should easily be far stronger than Kefla and  God of Destruction Toppo who warped the World of Void with Hakai.

In short they’re just shy of surpassing Jiren, however they are debatably around or stronger than Beerus as Beerus is at least Toppo level, if not higher as he’s been implied to be one of the stronger Gods of Destruction and has an incomplete Ultra Instinct. This would put Super Saiyan Blue Vegito relative to the power level of Infinite Zamasu if not even higher as Jiren is around 100 times the power of Infinite Zamazsu going by statements and feats.

I will cover the more recent arc once I get more information from the manga. Once i know more about Moro’s power, we’re going to  asset how he stacks up to the power of the characters in this Universe.


Speed feats are actually lacking without powerscaling within DBS Super  but let’s refresh on just how fast characters can move within the DBZ world because that would be nothing compared to DBS characters.

An extremely casual speed feat from Beerus and Whis was being able to casually fly across a whole Nebula to another unknown Galaxy within less than 3 minutes. Considering DB lacks good Travel speed feats, this is very impressive on the part of the two of them. Now time to work more on the feat itself

One of the most casual speed feats from Beerusd and Whis is being able to travel an unquantifiable  distance   in 28 minutes from his planet to King Kai’s palace  and  cross to another galaxy within 3 minutes.   

The location of Beerus’ planet is currently unknown but it’s safe to say they are at least within the center of the Universe,keep in mind King Kai’s planet is in the otherworld outside the Living Universe. Let’s assume the distance is about 1/4th the length of the Universe as Goku states he couldn’t sense Beerus planet within a distance of 4 Galaxies

Let’s  go with the full length of the Universe, the diameter of the DBZ Universe is roughly 23.25 Trillion Light Years or 2.19962e29 meters,  Beerus and Whis possibly crossed 1/4th that to get to King Kai’s realmin the other world from the center of the Universe without  Instant transmission, this gives Beerus and Whis a speed of roughly 3.273244047619048e+25 m/s or  1.091836689106785e+17 c  or  109.184 Quadrillion Times the speed of Light.  Enough speed to cross the Observable Universe within 112 minutes or almost two hours.

Whis and Beerus base travel Speed:109.184 Quadrillion c (Massively FTL+/PetaLuminal)

Now going back to their  traveling a unknown distance in 3 minutes, Beerus took 3 minutes and Whis took about 2 minutes and 20 seconds,  given both can travel potentially around the quarter of the Universe to King Kai’s planet, we’re going to subtract the time from 28 to 3 minutes roughly and estimate a travel distance from there  and  then  factor Whis speed

3.273248e25 m/sx60x3

5.8918464e+27 meters or  612,302,961,236.67 Lightyears

Distance both traveled:  612,302,961,236.67 Lightyears

Both of them traveled the distance roughly6.35times the Obseraable Universe within 3 minutes however Whis was around 1.3 times faster so here’s Whis speed.



Whis casual Speed:141.938 Quadrillion c (Massively FTL+/PetaLuminal)

But this is really the very bare minimum speed within DBS.

Keep in Mind Kid Buu can cross the entire area of a whole galaxy in 2-3 years, which gives him the speed of 9.467 Quintillion C and he’s qualifiable much weaker  and slower  than SSJ Vegito and Buuhan.   SSJ 3 Goku is  around 4,000 times stronger than Base Goku this is a base Goku who was revived from the Cell Saga who in his weakened SSJ3 state able to easily overpower Fat Majin Buu 

Vegito as a fusion should be  the combined power of Goku and Vegeta then multiplied with a factor of 5 due to Super Saiyan 1, possibly 500 times if they’re MSSJ. As we know Fusion/Porta increases power combined of the two people using it.  Using the Most powerful powerup from Goku and Vegeta alone which is a maximum power  of  1,000 times and 4,000 times respectively,  this combined should make  Vegito alone around 4,000,000 times more powerful than base form with his SSJ form being roughly 200 Million times Base Goku and Vegeta’s level. Assuming SSJG Goku is 10 times stronger than  SSJ Vegito, this would be a power increase of over  2 Billion Times Base form.

As we established already at the end of  DBZ, Goku in base is equal to SSJ3.

At the end of  Z, Goku clashes evenly with the reincarnation of Kid Buu known as Uub, an extremely  powerful young warrior who was comparable in power to a suppressed Kid Buu. This puts Goku’s base speed at roughly 9.45 Quintillion times the speed of Light, which is around the same level of speed to cross the Universe in less than a second.

 2 Billion  or roughly 2e9 zeros  times  9.45e18 should equal 1.89e+28c  for SSJG Goku or roughly  18.9 Octllion times the speed of Light  or 5.6660774562e+36 m/s   for Goku’s speed as SSJG, Beerus suppressed should easily equal this level of speed

Revival of F

Within the second arc of DBS which is the  Revival of F Arc, Goku and Vegeta should be much more powerful,especially with Vegeta training to become Super Saiyan Blue as well as Goku,  combine Zenkai with the fact they trained for over a year with Whis, they should be at the very least 100 times more powerful than Goku when he first turns Super Saiyan God.

This is noted during the fight with Frieza when Goku in base surpassed his SSJG God form he previously used against Beerus anf Fieza in foruth form surpassed Goku’s previous level of power in fourth form. This puts Goku’s base speed at around 18.9 Octllion times the speed of Light  or 5.6660774562e+36 m/s as wel as Fireza, Muptil;y that speed by the muptilers up to Super Saiyan Blue which is a 100 Billion times Mupiltier,  SSJB Goku in this arc would be moving at 5.6660774562e+47 m/s  or a mere 1.89e+39c/  1.89 Duodecillion Times the speed of Light, just about 1/1,000th Planck second speed or 2.99792458e+50 m/s  or 1 Tredecillion C.  Nothing quantifiable in terms of direct speed feats in this arc but they should be insanely fast regardless.

Base: 1x

SSJ1: 50-500






SSJBx20: 2,000,000,000,000x

Ultra Instinct Omen:2 Octillionx

Mastered Ultra Instinct: 2 Nonillionx

Universe 6 Saga

During the  Universe  6 Arc, several months passed, Goku and Vegeta trained in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and also benefited from Zenkai so that’s another potential 100fold powerup for that arc.  As expected  SSJB should be 100 times faster than before

Hit time

Hit is probably the best benchmark of true speed feats in DBS as he can free time on a Universal scale,Basically Dio Brando on steroids, he can slow time for 0.5 seconds, which doesn’t sound like much but given DBZ characters were reaction in femntoseconds, this is an entirely for DBS Characters perceptions

And yet Goku can react and move within this speed, considering true time stop stops all thermodynamic movement in the entire universe, everything in a true powerful time stop is basically under a Planck Second. For Goku to move against literally Planck’s second freezing, he’s surpassed space time and is within the Trans Time Velocity tier of Fiction.

Powerscaling backs this up too as I noted back with the fight with Freiza, Goku was about 1,000th the speed of a Planck instant.  SSJB Goku in this arc would be moving at 5.6660774562e+49 m/s  or a mere 1.89e+41 c/  1.89 Duodecillion Times the speed of Light, just about 1/10th Planck second speed or 2.99792458e+50 m/s  or 1 Tredecillion C.  

When you factor in his Kaiokenx10 which helped him move under Hit’s Time Skip,  it’s proof Goku is now within the Planck speed tier of power. He’s able to  completely counter  Hit while in this state which backs the power scaling as well.

Now all characters from this point on would be considered within the Planck Second tier of speed.

Base: 1x

SSJ1: 50-500






Goku Black Arc

Perhaps the largest increases in power is within this arc alone. As expected , Goku and Vegeta should be at the very least 100 times stronger than the previous Arc, during the fight Goku Black  and  even trained to get 10 times stronger during the Arc,power scaling alone should put them easily far above SSJB in the Universe 6 Arc putting the speed of SSJB Goku and Vegeta around 1  Quattuordecillion c or moving 1,850 meters in a planck second.

Fusion Zamazsu at bare minimum should be 2 Octillion times stronger than Goku’s base form  to 20 times stronger at full power  and hence faster too,same with Vegito, the speed of  1e73 c   or  2.99792458e+81 meters per second  or roughly 3  Quintillion Vigintillion c. 

Infinite Zamzsu’s speed as we know is virtually irrelevant as he was rapidly spreading across the entire  Multiverse so speed was irrelevant to him overall but should be bare minimum  higher than anything previously seen.

Base: 1x 

SSJ1: 50-500






SSJBx20: 2,000,000,000,000x

Veigtio:2 Octillionx

Universe Survival Saga

Yeah as you can guess, this arc is basically going to be dividing speed into tiers as we know since there’s so many fighters within this tournament.

Ps=Planck Second

Base: 1x(0.00001 m/Ps)

SSJ1: 50-500(0.0005-0.005 m/Ps)




SSJB:100,000,000,000x( 1,000km/Ps)


SSJBx20: 2,000,000,000,000x(20,000km/Ps)

Ultra Instinct Omen:2 Octillionx(1e73 c,  or 21,139,708 ly/Ps )

Mastered Ultra Instinct: 2 Nonillionx(1e76c/21,139,708,128.  ly/PS )

Goku moving during stopped time

Going by this chart here, the Human characters alone while the slowest and weakest characters would at the very bare minimum be traveling around the speed 300,000th Planck Second Speed, which is still ridiculously fast, that’s faster than most people in most verus move.  Jiren is on a whole different level entirely as well as Mastered Ultra Instinct Super Sayain Goku, both can travel  at around 1/5th the distance of the Observable Universe in a planck instant, that is some insane scaling and speed right there but nothing less from Goku and Jiren

DBS : Broly Saga

Broly within the movie was able to casually create dimensional tears into spacetime with Vegito as they both battled within  space time, both of them are 10 times more powerful than Kefla and Toppo but weaker than Jiren and Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku. Putting their speed at least 1e73 c,  or 211,397,080 ly/Ps, not much more to discuss about speed, it’s pretty linear on how fast characters move within this verse at this point.

Base: 1x

SSJ1: 50-500






SSJBx20: 2,000,000,000,000x

Gogeta Fusion:20 Octillionx

Power levels are essentially irrelevant at this point and would require a whole complete muptielr summary for the entirety of Super,I will come with that much later, we have a Death Battle to catch up with .My brain is hurting with the numbers I already picked out.

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