Lucy Beach date

Lucy: Hehehe having fun? Do you want to try something even more fun?

Published by Fu-reiji

This blog is just to post images for role playing purposes, bit of news that is happening, with help from a few other people we'll also get some very good calculated feats of our favorite characters, measurements of our favorite waifus, while also doing reviews on various anime, shows, movies, and manga. I am hoping to eventually do video discussions here but one step at a time. as for why do I have the name Fu-reiji on my public user display well it was just me wanting to see how google translate says my name in Japanese almost 10 years ago and I've stuck with it since. lol

81 thoughts on “Lucy Beach date

  1. Ryuma: I would love to have more fun with you, what kind did you have in mind?

    *gets hard seeing her all wet and in such a tiny bikini*


      1. Ryuma: Oh yeah, I’m loving this surprise and don’t want you to stop.

        He changed into his dragon form from the lust as his cock grew bigger in her soft hands.


      2. Ryuma: Oh yeah keep sucking this mighty cock and I’ll give you all the cum you can manage and then some.

        He placed a hand on her head and pushed her head more on his cock.


      3. Ryuma: Then let me fix that ache in your pussy.

        He pulled her bottoms off, looking at her wet pussy before ramming his meaty dragon cock deep inside her pussy.


      4. Ryuma: And you’re so tight and wet for dragon sex, I wanted to fuck you for so long I had to fight the urge to rape you!


      5. Ryuma: Go crazy and shout how much of a slut you are for dragon cock!

        He grabs her hair and pulls hard as he fucks her tight pink pussy hard and wild.


      1. Nick:*Smiles* Oh well someone is eager. *He pulls on her bikini bottom strings again making it fall off before he takes his trunks off to show her his dick ready and hard*


      2. Nick: *Grins* I have and its all for you. What do you say? *He pulls her closer letting his dick touch her thighs*


      3. Nick: *Smiles* Oh with pleasure. *He pushes his cock into Lucy pussy and begins to thrust slowly*


      4. Nick: *He does pounding her pussy so hard he swear he can feel her womb as he then slaps her tits* Ah yeah your such a bimbo lucy, i should make you my fairy slut!


      5. Nick: *Grins at this as he gropes her breasts before putting her in a mating press* I think i will, your my bitch now Lucy.


      6. Nick: Mmm yeah moans for me. I want to fill you so much with my cum that you’ll be walking funny for weeks!


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