Farewell to new wave

Not an RP, just a small update and mention that senran kagura new wave officially closed it’s servers as of this morning of october 30th, 2020. While it never got a western release probably cause they felt there wasn’t enough of a support for it in the West, it’s reasons for shutting the servers down haven’t been explained or made clear. Reasons could be new wave stopped being profitable, cause more to keep around than it was worth, putting all their eggs on new link, or perhaps have a plan for the series future? Whatever the reason people are sad to see it go if only for the simple fact that they won’t be seeing anymore new card images from it now.

With this shut down, new link is now left to be the only one to keep the series a float with the occasional merchandise idiots basically give up one of their bills to pay in order to buy and mostly only the very well off can afford to buy from either patreon donations or mom and dad paying it.

New link has been up and running for almost 3 years now. Whether it will be able to last as long or longer than new wave is something we’ll have to wait and see since at the moment even with all the sales the future of the series is unknown and it’s hard to grasp where things for takaki and honey parade will go especially after the big hit in losses with jet girls that didn’t really take off with flying colors and also depends on if they’re staying with sony or not.

If you’re optimistic then go nuts in thinking it’ll be around but I choose to keep looking at things from a distance to see if things will go good or bad since with things being what they are in 2020 and probably for most of 2021, I think a lot of franchises in Japan are gonna be in that phase of can we keep going or bounce back moments of their lives since the worst that could is they end up like Disney or AT&T bad have so much debt to pay off they can’t afford to keep the series as is. But that’s a extreme worst case. For now let’s just see where the following year takes senran kagura where hopefully we’ll get a clear answer on where they plan to go as 2021 comes in and next gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony now join and see if they can outdo nintendo.

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This blog is just to post images for role playing purposes, bit of news that is happening, with help from a few other people we'll also get some very good calculated feats of our favorite characters, measurements of our favorite waifus, while also doing reviews on various anime, shows, movies, and manga. I am hoping to eventually do video discussions here but one step at a time. as for why do I have the name Fu-reiji on my public user display well it was just me wanting to see how google translate says my name in Japanese almost 10 years ago and I've stuck with it since. lol

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