Yhwach solos the Fairy Tail Verse:DEBUNKED

Yep hardly done with the Bleach Wank debunk, this time we dive into another series, this time a series that’s downplayed a lot more against an overwanked series which is Fairy Tail.  Now you might be wondering”Can’t Yhwach solo the verse?”  The answer would surprise you  as I’m about to reveal how ignorant it is to assume Ywach has a clean sweep in this verse too. Now it should be noted, unlike Naruto which has too many god tier characters who scale far above the best Bleach has to offer, Fairy Tail hasn’t exactly reached that level…yet  however they have enough feats. Enough lore and enough power scaling to stalemate Bleach characters and i’ll prove why shortly.

Fairy Tail is easily the most downplayed fiction I’ve seen in vs battle fights. Some say that  fucking Zoro can solo because”He beat a dragon” therefore he can beat Acnologia, yeah the downplay is that bad with the series.

Even ScrewAttack themselves are guilty of downplaying the verse heavily in their disastrous Erza vs Zoro battle when it makes Erza seem like she’s barely town level and only Supersonic in speed which is just the most absurd downplay i’ve seen.  That in itself is worth it’s own post again as well as a conclusive answer to the age old question of who wins between the two.  I’m waiting until the Wano Arc ends( Whenever that happens) before making the Erza vs Zoro battle as it’s too soon to determine Zoro’s full power within the current comics.

This is just one of the examples of toxic downplay I’ve seen in vs battle communities.  Fairy Tail because it’s a  “Shit manga”, gets the most heavy downplay by haters of the franchise, this is completely ignoring how terribly written Bleach is, no retcon in Fairy Tail remotely comes close to the AWFUL Zangetsu and Masaki retcons or the Kenpachi retcons, the characters are a million times less interesting  and the battles  while some are good, others are worse and full of more asspulls than even Fairy Tail battles and Yhwach was an even bigger joke than Aizen,Zeref and Acnologia combined.


Where to begin with this bullshit?  No he doesn’t solo.

In fact, Fairy Tail has more planet level feats than Bleach does currently…Let that sink in.  Allow me to explain.

Case and point Selene  in the most recent  Fairy Tail chapter has CONFIRMED  planet level feats.  Here’s one of them.


Selene either enlarged or pulled the Moon closer passively by getting serious which obviously shocked people, well former is more likely since it’s the exact statement but we can’t completely dis-regard the latter possibility. I’ll be calculating the magic power that should’ve been involved in those two scenarios, this would also be Selene’s Attack Potency.

I’ll be assuming the Moon is of the same size and distance from the Planet as our Moon is to Earth. I won’t be angsizing panels to find distance since it’s not a super reliable method and most of the times you’ll get distances far far lower than 384,000km if you angsize shots of the Moon in manga panels (unless it’s a god-tier artist like Murata). So it’s better not to angsize when you can already make comparison to real life objects/distances.

Moreover different panels with Moon are inconsistent with each other in terms of how they compare to the panel height. (we don’t have to worry about it in the 1st part since we’re using mountain for comparison)


Selene made the Moon bigger

This is if Selene directly made the moon bigger than it originally was, I’ll be finding the change in GBE of the Moon for this.

Overlap of images

As you can see, I took a triangle with 147px base, 147px height which managed to fit the angle of vertex at the peak of the Mountain for both images. I set the size of another image such that the other mountain coincides with the 147px base, 147px height triangle too.

I then overlapped both images such that the two triangles precisely coincide. The mountain peaks exactly coincided this way as they both had the same vertex angle already and their sizes are adjusted.

Diameter of the Moon before enlargement: 60px = 3,474km

Diameter of the Moon after enlargement: 368px = 21,307km

Mass of the Moon after enlargement = 1.695*10^25kg

Gravitational Binding Energy of the Moon before enlargement = 1.238464*10^29J

Gravitational Binding Energy of the Moon after enlargement = 3*G*M^2/5R = 5.39697*10^32J

Change in GBE = 5.39573*10^32J or 128.96 Zetta-Tons or Planet level

Selene moved the Moon closer

Initial Distance of the Moon from Earth = 384,400km

But since the view is from surface, distance between viewer and Moon = 378,000km

Distance from observer and the apparent size of an object in the sky are directly proportional if the actual size of the objects are the same.

What this means is that distance after Selene moved the Moon closer = 378,000km * (ratio of their diameters in px) = 378,000*60/368 = 61,630.435km

Distance the Moon has moved = 316,369.565km

She’s still seen glaring by the time the Moon has been enlarged. So I’ll take 1 minute for a low-end since it would be very weird for them to have a stare-down any longer than that.

Speed = 316,369,565m/60s = 5,272,826.1 m/s

Kinetic Energy = 2.043*10^36J or 491.25 Yotta-Tons or Large Planet

 So yeah  Selene alone is  Planet level, IN BASE.   In fact she’s  casually Large Planet level …IN BASE.

Keep in mind dragon forms in  Fairy Tail are  100 times more powerful than Dragon Force which is already 10 times stronger than base form.  So  if we  go by  pure power scaling, Selene in Dragon From would be approaching Star level.

So yeah right off the bat, we got casual  Planet level feats being shown from a base Selene , her dragon form is LEAGUES stronger than that form.


It’s further backed by  the fact Selene’s power was so immense, it could be felt across multiple planetary distances across dimensions.  It’s also further stated that  Aladron and Merpchopia at their peak easily match this level of power.

Even when she  left the world, her magic was causing catrospheres within Eiltinar.

Alata Face was so powerful that it is said to be a Planetary if not outright Planet level threat slimair to the Ten Tails is in Naruto and how Yhwach was in Bleach.



Team Natsu, enhanced by Irene’s magical power through Wendy, had enough magical power to completely offset a Planetary if not a planet-level threat.  They all reached 100 times their power levels beforehand temporality to offset the Planetary threat.

Keep in mind, Erza was already High Relastvic when she fought Irene a whole year prior when she reacted to Deus Sema so for that moment, all of Team Natsu was confirmed to be moving FTL or faster than the speed of Light by at least 100 times.

Keep in mind I’ve been on the Planetary Irene train since day one doing her Deus Sema calc years back, it seems like I’ve been proven right about that particular range of power she processes. 

 If  Erza is able to destroy the meteor traveling at relastvitc speeds using Deus Sema, then  just a conservative estimate enhancing her power 100 times over, she would’ve reached   roughly  1.119 Yottatons of TNT which is roughly Planet level+

This isn’t too far from Ywach’s base form’s best feat.


On a side note, if anyone in Fairy Tail beats Suzaku, the same guy who was able to defeat a serious Selene in base form.

Who has arguably Lightspeed techniques


Who casually one shotted Natsu and Erza at the same time. Who should both be stronger than their War arc feats. It would be a major upgrade for Fairy Tail characters.  We’ll see who  can scale to this power in the near future.


Which is most likely the case given Laxus is matching up against a Dragon Slayer on par with August and Gildarts in power  who should be equal or superior to Irene  in power.

Need i remind you the only actual planet busting feat in Bleach comes from a movie from dubious canon.  Yeah let that sink in everyone that even using a movie feat, Bleach isn’t still touching even Fairy Tail.

UPDATE: As dfo chapter 100 Fairy Tail is now confirmed to have FTL characters so the arugment is even more moot against Bleachwank.

That’s hardly the only feat in Fairy Tail favor.

There’s also the fact Selene’s power was affecting Earthland, a distant dimension from Elintiar.

This isn’t too far fetched from Yhwach’s power affecting the Human World from the Soul Society


It’s repeatedly stated that each of the Five Dragons equal each other in power and each and every one of them are as powerful as Acnologia himself.


Except for the fact that Acnologia has a near immunity to almost all forms of Hax and especially any hax that Ywach has to offer.

However let’s talk about possible time travel and the potency of  Last Ages, which was able to reverse time across the entire planet for a single minute at the cost of her magic and Ultear’s magic power is literally nothing.

It was affected by the entire world of Earth with the reversing of time.  To do something of this scale, the planet itself has to be traveling close to the speed of light for Relativity to kick in.


Going by Orders of Magnitude, in order to achieve  Planetary Time Travel via relativity moving at the Mass Energy of Earth, you would need roughly 5.4×10^41 Joules of energy or roughly 129 Tenatons of TNT, which is Small Star level+, approaching towards Star Level.  This may seem massively outilerish at first but you also have to consider just how much more powerful Zeref is to Ultear via Fairy Heart by scaling with Zeref at the first place. If a mere S Class character who’s fodder compared to Zered can make the Earth Rotate at Lightspeed at the cost of her life, what thinks Zeref can’t do the same casually with Fairy Heart?

However, what does scale is Irene’s Deus Sama which is roughly at the ballpark of Small Planet Level range. Base Zeref should logically be superior to both August and Irene putting him at least 4.3 Zettatons of power with a bloodlusted Zeref being roughly 43 Zettatons of TNT force which is near Planet level. Multiplying 43 Zettaons by at least 100, Zeref would be at least 4.3 Yottatons of TNT power equivalent which puts him at least Large Planet Level and that’s merely power scaling from Irene’s Deus Sama. Hell going by Dragon Cry scaling from Animus, Zeref is at least 11.216 Zettatons in base given Natsu needed Ingeel’s power against him whereas Animus was defeated by a Semi Awakened END, At least 112.16 Zettaons Bloodlusted and upwards of 11.216 Yottatons power scaling in Fairy Heart form and possibly scaled up to Small Star Level if he used Neo Eclipse.

Zeref then gets a major power boost from Fairy Heart to the point he’s able to effortlessly one shot Dragon Force Natsu post-Dragon Seed who gained a great power boost(Yeah they really shat the bed on the wirting at this point of the arc)

Natsu with END powers combined with Namaka Bullshit powers was able to beat Zeref who is at least 100 times more powerful than the base.  Power Scaling from Irene alone, Natsu and Zeref should be at the very least Planet Level+ and Lightspeed to FTL speed. Logically if an awakened Erza who reacted to a 60% SoL meteor is Relativistic and Zeref and Natsu are at least close to Light speed at 99.999% the speed of Light in their full powered forms bloodlusted, then Zeref via Fairy Heart is easily Faster than Light by sheer power scaling by 100 times, especially if one can argue that Gildarts and August scaling from Erza are near Light Speed already.

It should be arguable that Neo Eclipse should be far superior to Ultear Last Ages which wrapped Earth’s Rotation energy at Mass Energy speed  and described as having “Infinite Energy” and moving so fast that not even Light can escape it.


Anna herself compares the size of Neo Eclipse to that of an Orange, an Orange is roughly 6.35 cm wide.


Going by the description, Neo Eclipse is comparable to a Micro Black Hole as it’s said not even Light could escape it and Anna was confident it could kill even Ancologia.


Going by Anna’s description, a 40 cm blackhole the size of an Orange has a mass of  7.61 Earths.  Going back to Ultear’s feat of Earth’s Mass Energy, multiply that mass Energy by 7.61 and you would get up to 2.0424e+42 Joules or 487.685 Tenatons of TNT which is Star level.

Neo Eclipse Attack Potency:  487.685 Tenatons of TNT( Star level+)

Sadly this is debatable whether it can be used at all given Ichyia and Anna survived it.

Though considering Acnologia literally as in the middle of Absorbing the mass, it would be more likely Ichyia survived not merely because Mashima can’t kill any good characters(Although that doesn’t help either) but because Ancologia was already in the middle of absorbing the Blackhole like object hence Ichyia escaped due to luck and bad writing. 

It should be noted that Ancologia was only beaten via prep that required at least a whole continent’s worth of Magic for Lucy to use Fairy Sphere while Acnologia was on a ship( A weakness of Dragon Slayers being motion sick). 

And Natsu combining all the Dragon Slayers Flames into one in order to beat Ancologia post Ravines of Time so it’s Nigh Impossible to scale EoS Natsu or any character aside from Fairy Heart Zeref to Acnologia Post Ravines of time until further notice so Natsu’s power would cap at best Star level+ via Seven Flames Mode given Savage Dragon Force+END mode Natsu killed Fairy Heart Zeref and Seven Flames Natsu>Savage Dragon Force+END.

And for those who want to claim this feat is ridiculous, I didn’t write the series, Mashima did, I’m merely showcasing what’s written here. It would be utterly absurd to claim Ultear’s feat doesn’t count when it actually affected the plot, And even more ridiculous to claim characters who literally have “Infinite Energy” who can literally bend space and time don’t casually produce the mass-energy of earth when much weaker characters could do that.

Ancologica literally can’t be killed with most forms of magic/Reaistu abilities within Bleach so he’s like the perfect counterpick to Ywach’s broken hax abilities.


Dragons on average are virtually immune to magic attacks due to their tough scales.


Ancologia  has  immunity to not only Magic attacks but high resistance to Dragon Slayer Magic.

Case and point, it takes all the combined might of all the dragon slayers to beat Ancologia and to fuse their powers to Natsu.

Who was able to beat Zeref fused with  Fairy Heart with his fully unleashed power.

 You also have to consider how dragon slayer powers work.  Dragonslayers are 100% immune to whatever element they can consume.  Acnolgoia has killed thousands of dragons and has access to thousands of Dragon Powers, hence making Ancologia nearly immune to almost anything Ywach can throw at him.

With the Ravines of Time even if Yhwach had the ability to actually manipulate reality and time, it would not be enough to beat Acnologia and you’re assuming Ancologia won’t absorb the time asbprotion?

And before you think he can just Reiatsu crush Acnologia or kill him with speed blitz oh boy i got bad news for the Bleachtards. 

Alaodrn’s  raw mass moving at the speed of Erza destroying Deus Sema would easily be around  Large Planet level via sheer size moving at such insane speeds.

Which is almost 10 times the power Yhwach’s best base feat and keep in mind Aldoron’s power is actually scaling FAR higher than this potential mass energy feat and if any of you think i’m wanking  Alaodron’s potential power just keep these factors in mind.


It’s shown that Alldorn’s giant form can move with the same speed  as Gajeel, even blitzin Gajeel in a straight up battle so it can attack with as much speed as it has force.


His humanoid form condenses all the mass of his massive country sized form into pure power and speed and was so fast he was casually bltizing Natsu post skip,Natsu should be relastvic in 100 year quest. He should be at bare minimum Faster than Light by powerscaling as Natsu couldn’t perceive his movements at all and it’s logical that Alaodron who scales to Ancologia is much faster than Natsu.


By narrative they all scale to Ancologia who was able to defeat a much younger version of Aladoron and force him to retreat and devour entire countries worth of people to get stronger and grew 5 times more powerful than he was when he was alive.

Stating that the 5 Dragons being planet busters potentially isn’t too far off narratively as  the Phoenix whose MUCH weaker than the 5 Dragons and Ancologia was capable of destroying the entire world if not pretty much destroy the entire surface of the planet.

BTW the movie is canon to the manga as seen with this brief mention of Ecilair amongst the deceased characters in the series.

Zeref’s powers are compared to the destructive powers of the Phoenix within the movie.

Which is fairly consistent with the planetary feats Irene showed when she sent a town-sized meteor moving at near lightspeed to almost destroy the world.

And August was going to completely vaporize Fiore off the face of the earth, easily Planetary level threats that would threaten all life on the earth.


  The Sparrgain 12 who are below  Zeref scale to the super weapons Ehtertion which can vaporize entire countries off the face of the earth.


Natsu and the Dragon Cry.jpg
Sonya and Natsu collide.png
Dragon Cry Released 1.png
Dragon Cry Released 2.png
Dragon Cry Released 3.png
Dragon Cry Released 4.png
Dragon Cry Released 5.png

There’s also Dragon Cry, a weapon that’s the power of 10,000 Dragon souls capable of casually outputting destructive force much greater than Etherion from each blast.   A combined power is ranked overall in the Small Planet level attack potency.



Which should be far superior to the destructive power of fodder tier dragons who 10,000 normal dragons alone can threaten the  entire world of Fairy Tail  via rain of casual Island busting and Mountain busting Dragon roars


Each of the dragons stated to be comparable to an extremely casual Acnologia.

Who shrugged off attacks from the entire Fairy Tail guild including Marakov and Gildarts.



With  even Kagura  and Marakov unable to damage their scales with their attacks.


Keep in mind S Class mages can casually part clouds with their power.


Create Giant Tsunamis

All inferior to a casual Acnologia who destroyed an island with a roar so deep, it punched through Ocean crust thousands of meters deep.

Acnologia fucking around was able to casually split the sea with no effort.


Ancologia fighting Jellal  with the same effort he did against Tenoru was only slightly bothered by Jellals attacks, Jellal who should be much stronger than Pre Skip Gildarts and Marakov.  It’s possible for Jellal to beat a fodder tier dragon going by the fact he was able to give Ancologia some annoyance, that  means you would need to be at least Multi Continental level just to harm even fodder tier dragons with magic  at least without using Dragon Force.

This is backed by the fact even Dragon Slayers failed to defeat a single Dragon despite being able to hurt them with Dragon Slayer Magic.


With Future Rogue being confident that just 7 dragons alone would be enough to end Humanity.

Anything less than Multi Continental level attacks would not be enough to bypass the scales of a Dragon regarding their physical and  Magic resistance.  

In Bleach just imagine if Ulquiorra had intangibility and resistance/immunity to most forms of Kido or Zanpakutos and can actually destroy countries? That’s essentially an average Dragon within Fairy Tail.  No Bleach character below the strength of Yamamoto or  Elite Sterin Ritters or the Royal Guard has any chance of harming let alone killing even the weakest of Dragons in Fairy Tail.

Respira won’t work as it needs to pass through their magic-resistant Dragon scales and Barragan isn’t surviving a single attack from dragons who shit on Soifon’s Bankai casually.

You would need hax that bypass conventional Durablity such as Bambieta’s Reishi Bomb hax

Deathdealing Hax

Preinda’s nervous system haxOr anything that can attack internal organs to attack even fodder tier dragon’s much less Acnologia and god tier dragons.

Ironically enough Illusions such as Kyouka Suigestu or Genjutsu would be the best way to defeat Dragons  as dragons have enhanced senses hence they can be left more vulnerable to attacks that attack the five senses.  Problem is Aizen has nothing else to hurt say a Dragon God.

All said to be  FAR inferior to that of Ancologia and the Five DragonGods.


As seen with Ingina, God tier  Dragons can very easily destroy entire countries on their own and even devastate entire continents.  Just this alone would kill anyone below Yamamoto, Ichibe and Yhwach.

This power is inferior to that Zeref once he takes Fairy Heart who can casually rewrite the entire planet’s space time and was going to reset the entire world.


Zeref via Fairy Heart should scale above that of Acnolgoia’s base power whose base power commented on the power of Noe Eclipse being too great for him to even control it after having absorbed that much power.

Keep in mind he ate a fucking black hole, A FUCKING BLACKHOLE.

So post  Ravines of Time Ancologia should be stronger than Fairy Heart Zeref by a considerable amount as Natsu’s peak power wasn’t nearly enough to beat Ancologia


Natsu's Ultimate Dragon Fist2.gif

 and Natsu needed the combined power of all the Dragon Slayers to beat Ancologia.

So if we’re assuming a typical mupliter and Ancologia had enough AP and durability to not only survive the micro blackhole but completely absorb the blackhole and use it to power himself up many times over, he would be easily in the Tenakilotons range of AP and power.

If so then even with highballed Lore, Ywach can’t solo the Fairy Tail verse. Zeref with Fairy Heart is already a hard counter against Ywach’s hax  via actual time space manipulation as opposed to the overwanked,overhyped probability manipulation Yhwach is wanked with. Yhwach can’t do shit to a guy who controls time and has infinite control of a planet sized space time conttunaitum.

The Five Dragon Gods aren’t that far behind in power as they each scale to a Human Selene who at her full power base can casually enlarge the moon to an Earth sized satellite and she’s over thousands of times weaker than in dragon form and all scale to Acnologia who survived a Blackhole.  Zeref also scales to this power with Fairy Heart 

and Natsu via Flames of Emotion powered Dragon Force also scales as he generates Planck temperatures to burn through time. FUCKING BURNING THROUGHT TIME .

So yeah Ywach would not have enough power to solo Fairy Tail, the only thing Yhwach has is superior speed overall given the verse lacks any actual FTL feats but logically via powerscaling they should all be much faster than Deus Sema and Erza.So yeah  Ywhach doesn’t solo the verse.They’re too hax and have resistances to his abilities.

Update as of chapter  99, Fairy Tail has confirmed FTL top tiers and the Deus Sema feat is now under review regarding it’s power revision content.A comprehensive powerscale for 100 Year quest would be made later on to explain this but for now Yhwach lost his speed edge over the verse.




Lol no they don’t.  Aizen was beaten by fucking Mutil Mountain/Hill looking AoE attacks.

Nothing Aizen has done remotely comes close to Erza’s Deus Sema smashing feat.  Just look at the differences between Aizen’s Fragor.



Which BTW, Brandish would find cute.

To  Irene ‘s Deus Sema.

Aizen doesn’t solo the verse. Erza high diffs him in the Alvarez Arc,

especially since she’s immune/resistant to his Illusions or Kyouka Sugiestu thanks to her artificial eye.

And even if it did work, she can fight without any of her five senses as well.

And Erza





Raw Power

And Speed

To throw hands with Aizen.


Hell given even VS Battle Wiki now has her at Large Planet level.


And Aizen is in the same boat Post Timeskip. And that’s even with the laughably inflated wanked feats from Aizen who hasn’t showed anything close to feats Erza or anything from the Sparrigan 12 so  yeah. Erza’s objectively stomps Aizen. 

Erza rapid spin

Erza Windmill attack

She’s a far more skilled fighter than Ichigo, has several hax armors, high hax resistance, insane durability and has a autocounter to KS. Erza is a monster overall, imagine the brute force and raw durability  of Kenpachi, the versatility of Byakuya, the raw potential of Hitsugaya and Ichigo and the cunning and intellect of Unohana and Uryu, that’s essentially Erza in a nutshell.


Now that’s a big load of Bullshit right there.

Natsu not as strong as most Shingimami?Fuck outta here with that downplay. His base power Pre Skip was easily SS Arc/Arrancar Arc Captain level. 

He’s capable of casually destroying city blocks with a single dragon roar, this is easily on par with an Esapdas cero.

He’s also capable of destroying small towns accidentally in battle, again something Captains are only capable of doing while in Bankai.

 His immunity to flames and all heat based attacks would make him nearly impossible to kill with Ceros, hence he pretty much fodderzies most Espadas.

Speedwise, he casually blitzes most Captains Pre Skip as he can dodge Lightning which moves at roughly Mach 2,525.

Mind you Hiyori who was average Captain level thanks to hollowifcaiton and on par with Hitsugaya’s Bankai speed

Was casually blitzed by Gin’s Shikai which is only Mach 50.

And was bltizting Ichigo hard with Mach 500

Same Ichigo proved to be faster than an average Captain.


Which BTW VS Battle wiki has his Maximum Bankai speed at around Mach 107-120


BTW Natsu is now 2% the speed of Light IN BASE at his weakest, thanks to VS Battle wiki

So he murderstomps Captains in speed .

So right off the bat, this statement is complete and utter bullshit.

Hell even Lucy, who’s basically the weakest A tier mage can unleash a casual Multi city block level feat destroying a good chunk of a town with her tsunami done by Auqarius

If anything it’s releavte to Byakuya’s normal Bankai’s strikes which i also cacled  so right off the bat this claim Natsu is weaker than most Shinigami and he be fodder to Vice Captains is complete and utter BULLSHIT!

Meanwhile Natsu tanked Zancrows God slayer flames which can do this level of damage which is already higher than most Pre Skip Captains and Espadas 5-10.Also as stated before, Ceros won’t do shit to Natsu as Natsu is immune to fire and explosions. If anything they would only amp Natsu’s power by considerable degrees of power.

In fact even the ceros from Top Espadas wouldn’t do shit to Natsu Pre skip as Natsu  has asborbed Ehehterano which was enough to dramatically boost his power to the point he was slapping around Jellal an S class mage.

Ehtenrranto from Ehterion can desotry an entire country, this is basically WAY above any Esapada feat wise. Hell even if we use the heavily wanked VS Battle Wiki Espada who are country to Mutil Contintent level, Natsu can eat Ehterano which is part of a Muitl Contient level attack so yeah even if you want Ulquorria, he’s not fucking touching Natsu with ceros and speedwise Natsu would be even faster than his Seguna Epta form

And as see with Alatas Flames, his power boost is able to devour easily up to small country level attack potency feats without getting weight down or risk of exploding

Keep in mind S Class mages are easily capable of outputting casual Island level power merely clashing with each other.

Erza Tanks Island Explode by ragazz

And are able to tank attacks that have the same destructive output as Cero Oscuras

And now for Natsu’s Dragon Roar portion of the calc, the first part is scaling it to Hades’s ship.

natsu's Dragon Roar by IreneBelserion69

Hades’s Airship Height:186px(427.87 m)

Dragon Roar Diameter:317px(729.219 m)

natsu's Dragon Roar  2 by IreneBelserion69

Natsu’s Dragon Roar Diameter:107px(729.219 m)

Destroyed Rock Diameter: 137px(933.673 m)

And now for the final tally of the destruction of Tenrou Island

Tenrou Island:278px (4km)

Natsu's dragon roar 3 by IreneBelserion69

Tenrou Island Length: 476px (4km)

Blast Length:302px(2.53km)

Now for the volume of rock destroyed by Natsu.

Rock destroyed Diameter:933.673 m^2

Rock Destroyed Length: 2530 m

The volume of Rock Destroyed:2,205,515,535.45037 m^3 or  2205515535450370 cm^3

Density of Rock: 2,700kg/m^3

Mass of destroyed rock:5,954,891,945,715.999 kg or 5.954×10^12 kg

Now comes the fun part. As we all know Lightning produces heat which is why Natsu’s power skyrocketed so high with little side effects compared to Ehtenerano. A bolt of lightning can travel at a speed of 160,000 km/h. It can reach temperatures approaching 28,000 °C, hot enough to fuse soil or sand into glass channels.  It should be bare minimum 28,000,000 calories/kg heating energy

Tenrou Island was described as very hot for the mages reaching it so it’s likely 40 °C (104 °F) in terms of temperature, let’s factor that t

28,000 °C-40 °C=27960 °C temperature change

5,954,891,945,715.999x 27960 °C x28,000,000 calories/kg 

4.661965806462141e+24 joule = 1 114 236 569.4 megaton [explosive]

Natsu’s Lightning Flame Dragon Roar for the First Time: 1.114 Petatons of TNT ( Continent Level)

Speaking of which,I don’t see a single Epsada surviving a Laxus amped Natsu Lightning Flame Dragon Roar.

Ulquiorra was killed with a far less destructive blast.

And  Barargan was marked by attacks much weaker than Natsu’s blast

They get merked by an heavily amped Pre Skip Natsu and given they all use some kind of cero, they are a mismatch against Natsu.

And that’s PRE SKIP.

Timeskip everyone is a casual Lighting timer. All who would blitz a toying around Gin.

S Class mages all have casual City busting feats.

S Class mages have casual Island level feats.

Jellal’s Meteor equals the size and power of Gremmy’s heavily wanked Meteor.

Foddder tier dragons have casual Island level to small country level attack Potency with extremely high magic resistance. A fodder tier dragon would be enough to easily murder most Espadas if not all of them

Barragan was nearly killed with this level of AoE

And Ulquiorra was stomped by this level of power

Nothing remotely close in scale to even this explosion.

Much less Eitle tier dragons who can casually vaporize  entire Mountain ranges. Most sternritter are cooked by Angels’ casual  Dragon Roar. I don’t even see Gread saving this level of power and he’s haxed as hell.

To vaporize a human body you need three gigajoules of death-ray to entirely vaporize a person — enough to completely melt 5,000 pounds of steel or simulate a lightning bolt.


Putting this in results here gave me this,3 900 000 000 joule = 931 721 534.71 calorie [15° C]


931 721 534.71 ° C or over 931 Million Degrees ° C

That’s over, that’s insanity, wasn’t expecting anything this high. Let’s just go with 93 Million Degrees as a possible low end given it’s no way in hell erza is surviving all 931 million degrees, that’ still over 6 times hotter than the center of the sun

Or nearly as hot as China’s attempts to develop it’s Artificial Sun project which would create Nuclear Fusion which would burn at 100 Million Degrees.

Now lets’ get something to get a good example of attack potency.

Ingeel’s attack produces flames MUCH hotter than the sun, in short Yamamoto’s Bankai won’t do shit to Natsu at all.

Natsu has pretty much immunity to all types of flames except for god tier flames.

 Natsu only gets incomprehensibly stronger as merely his presence in the games was capable of casually vaporizing the entire Grand Magic Games Staidum.

Natsu’s initial heating energy Natsu which mind you a casual base Natsu was able to effortlessly melt down the small town size Grand Magic Games arena merely getting “Fired up”. An arena roughly 4 times the size of the largest stadium in the world

See the source image

Just the ring of the Coliseum alone is enough to fit over 8 Manhattan City Blocks within it and a Mahannthan City Block is usually 22,100 m^2 in size.

Grand Magic Games arena ring by IreneBelserion69

This is how 8 city blocks look within comparison of the Grand Magic Games. Now for the Arena size.

 Given the mass of Grand Magic Games is 19,443,459,129.40597kg and the bare minimum heat he’s exerting is over 1,500°C degrees and generating 821.46 joules per kg against Fall Temperatures of 12°C., the mere heating energy alone would require over 2.376637161742544e+16 Joules of Energy or 5.68 Megatons of TNT in pure heating energy alone.

Natsu's heating engery second timeskip by IreneBelserion69

That’s enough Heating Energy to literally set almost the entire city of New York in flames engulfing most of the city in flames along with Yonkers Newark and as far as Paterson Country. This is the equipment of more than B-83 Nuclear Warheads. Natsu can somehow contain and concentrate the flames only on the stage itself and not melt people to death with it and not set the rest of Corcus ablaze with such heating energy.

So confirmed City level+ fodder characters for Second timeskip, especially since they can harm a suppressed casual Natsu.  Natsu would just obilerate most of the Gotei 13 just merely charging up his power and oblreiate all of Las Noches with just his base power alone.  As established before, his flames are essentially as powerful as nukes.

A nuclear fireball is around  roughly  millions of degrees celcius, in short just Natsu existing would Reiastu crush/Burn most of the bleach cast with ease  and this isn’t even close to Natsu’s best feat in the arc.

Natsu casually destroys a hill smacking a opponent into the ground. 

Well, I’m already saying that at the end of the anime, Natsu in base form is at the minimum island level, in training before skip time, Natsu destroyed some mountains around him with an attack.

That’s not too far off from a casual Bjuudama from Killer Bee in terms of splash damage.

Natsu no diffed 100,000 monsters with complete ease.

Natsu in base alone would stomp any Pre Skip Captain at this point. It would like Aizen vs Gotei 13. On a sidenote, why didn’t Unohana jump in to fight Aizen?

And would fodderize Shikai Yamamoto who’s Shikai is entirely useless against Natsu, it would just be a molestation. Aizen  would have problems with Natsu alone in base, at this point Natsu outscales them in base feats

Natsu fodddierzed Blunetoe who can generate a  “Blackhole”

Then comes the Spparagin 12 where even their weakest members are Multi Continent level and are casually able to destroy entire Islands and are given monikers as  “Nation Destroyers”  with their base power casually drawfing that of Marakov.

And would be stronger than any of their previous opponents by country miles.

Brandish alone would solo the Espadas with ease, reducing them to  subatomic particle sized beings or destroying their hearts or organs and can easily turn all of Las Noches into a doll house. In short she’s grossly overpowered, she would be a threat to almost all of the eilte Sterinn ritter on her own due to how insane her hax is.

 Greads size enlargement is a fucking joke compared to what Brandish can do. Hitsuagaya was worried that a Kaiju sized Grread would be able to destroy the entire Soul society. 

Imagine a small country sized Brandish  who’s output  shits on the level of power  anyone aside from Yamamoto has shown in the series just stomping on Gread like a Cockaroch.

Adult Hitsuagaya’s Bankai which is comparable to Yamamoto’s attack potency and hax only merely produced around the same tier of power as Brandish at best and much weaker at worst. In contrast, only the Elite Sterinn Ritter in Bleach and Royal Guard are Multi Continent level along with Post training Kenpachi and Hitsguaya. All the Espada are basically reduced to ash easily by even the weakest Spriggan 12 member.

 Could Brandish solo the Gotei 13?

We haven’t even talked about the fact almost every Sparragin 12 member scales to Wal itchi who can use Etheriton

Which can vaporize an entire country from existence.

We haven’t talked how out of the Spriggan 12  Brandish is like Average to low tier amongst them and she’s fodderized by Diarmaa, like absolutely curbstomped beyond belief

Yet Natsu  fodderized 3 Sparrigan 12 characters in short amounts of time.

Including one enhanced by Irene to be beyond Brandish levels of power surprising even Brandish

Which we established is able to casually  boost Gajeels power to be able to beat up a weakened Dragon God the size of an entire country. 

Note there’s nothing in the narrative stating she got stronger or anything, if anything given her character, she likely never increased her power.

Brandish is in a completely different league from anyone else  Natsu fought prior.


And dwarfs the power of Marakov

Who as we know has  Large Country level feats and scaling.

Brandish can basically attack people on a cellular level.

Can shrink her opponents either to being doll size or being the size of particles.

Can enlarge herself and others.

And can attack and reflect the spells from characters back, therefore being Anti Hax with her own hax  throwing it back at them much bigger and stronger.

She can also expand and contract weapons and enlarge weaponry so fast that it can catch even people much stronger than herself off guard.

In other words, Aizen sleeps on her for a second, he’s stabbed through and probably BFTO’d by her hax,

And how Irene casually dwarfs  Brandish in power in her base state.

Speaking of which, HOLY SHIT IRENE! Irene is just insanely strong, even more so when you realize Acnologia’s human form scales to Selene who’s  fucking ugodly strong for someone of her level.

It only goes to show how much she was holding back in the fight with Erza when she can trade blows against even a Human Anclogia.

Who instant no diffed God Serena

Who stomped the Four Gods of Isghai in their battle.She might arguably be more powerful than August for several reasons as August feared fighting Acnologia directly.


Gildarts admitted he can give his base power a decent fight if Serena was going all out.

She was completely keeping up with Acnologia

Irene in base would just stomp the entire Gotei 13.  Even her casual feats put her beyond Multi Continent level and possibly puts her at Moon Level….IN BASE.

Irene in base would easily be rivalling Mugestu Ichigo levels of power, in short more than enough to deal with the entire Gotei 13 Squad, by herself. BTW that’s just BASE Irene!

Even Yamamoto’s Bankai would be hard countered by the amount of hax she has plus the fact she created Dragon Slayer Magic herself so she’s basically a female Yhwach but without the broken powers he got from killing the Soul King.  

She has actual conceptual manipulation that can hit non tangible opponents.

Irene can basically BFTO Logia tier opponents with her enhancements through Wendy.

in other words she can ehnact her swords to cut through Yamamoto’s  Bankai Armor which isn’t tangible.

And would body Lille’s Intaignabily hard

If fucking Nanao due to plotkai can body intanabile beings, what can he do against spells that can kill intangibile beings.


She can also negate durability and remove and place objects into people without  touching them directly.

 Via Transmutation beings

In other words, GG Barragan, she just teleports an attack into you and blows you  up or  teleports an object with Respria and he dies.

And it’s proven she can teleport weaponry into and away from people

As if he can fuck with her when he dies from attacks like this.

When Irene casually does this.

Just this explosion alone would do in Barragan

GG Yamamoto, that heat armor won’t help either Irene can blow you up and bypass your armor with anit Armor Ehhancements so Yamamoto’s Bankai barrier won’t help him.

Can casually change the climate of an infinite winter climate with ease.

GG Hitsugaya’s Bankai.

Can enhance fragments of her own power to easily be on the level of Sparrigan 12 level members  and  give them their own personalities and powers . 

And the later able to casually one shot an Erza level opponent like Kagura.

Who goes  by powerscaling puts him above Dimaria who was able to clash with Kagura evenly but outmatched her via hax  despite the latter having her sword drawn.

And in God Soul was able to casually stomp Dragon Force Wendy

They were explicitly stated to be relative  to Bloodman and even Larcade in power.

The former being  able to force Gajeel into Dragon Force.

Lacarade is  also strong enough to fight White Shadow Unsion Dragon Force Sting.

Hiene and Juilet were so strong that they could overwhelm and force Mirajane to fight at her strongest form via pressure.

Keep in mind a weakened Mirajane can fight on par with Jacob.

Who’s able to keep up with base Natsu and Lucy. So Heine and Juilet scale pretty high with comparisons in power.

Meaning she can possibly make a clone of herself to avoid more deadly hax using another weapon.

And finish off weakened opponents with little mercy.

And use her other personality enhancements as crowd control against weaker characters than herself.

In short, even if you can catch her in some broken hax, she would have a way to escape and then wait until you’re out of power to then get a cheap kill on you.

This is like pulling a Yhwach and Pein at the same time, it’s not an exaggeration by hax she solo stomps the Gotei 13

As if she wasn’t OP enough, she can then enchant an entire army of soldiers to be amped relevaite to the power level of the Spriggan 12. To put in context, they were all bullying Gildarts and Erza who are already insane powerhouses to begin with.

Which is fucking insane, not since KCM2 Naruto have i’ve see anything this broken.  Now imagine hundreds of thousands of fodder given somewhere between Top 4 Espada level and Eilte Sterrin Ritter level in an instant. In fact it’s much greater given it’s not merely 20,000 Shinobi, it’s 2,000,000 soldiers on the frontlines.

That’s basically the entire US Army getting amped to be able to punch with the force of millions of nukes basically. So bascially  just going by this feat alone, Irene would be easily be 2 million times stronger than Ajeeel if she can amp all the soldiers to around his level or Brandish

Or amp Nieheart  who got one shotted pretty easily by Jellal.

To be able to not sell Brandish’s hax.

She can also process people’s bodies and use their hax and powers to full capacity with her own raw power level. She makes Wendy from easily the weakest Team Natsu member in terms of combat prowess  to being able to completely dominate Erza, the strongest member of Team Natsu.

During the recent arc in Fairy Tail 100 year quest, she amped Wendy so much that she was casually dominating the Spider Dragon slayer. 

Keep in mind that the Fifth Generation Dragons were strong enough to  outmatch Base Gray, Base Natsu and Erza individually, Lucy and Wnedy were also curb stomped as well.

And even make Erza their bitch…Literally

However once each respectively character fought at their Maximum power.

Or in the case of Laxus just flexed his Muscles Each of the Fifth Gen Dragon Slayers  were easily defeated.

And given Laxus and Erza nearly stalemated each other and Laxus was able to easily defeat  a Non Dragon Force DS, this would easily put them around the same level as that brute Wendy fought if not a lot higher given Erza is around the same power level that fought Irene’s dragon form via her Dragon Slayer enhanced blades

 But onto the point.. Irene states that she’s merely using 1% of her power to boost Wendy. Yes, Irene is really this powerful.

At 1% of her power, Wnedy was able to easily overwhelm and defeat a Dragon Slayer who was casually outmatching her Post timeskip Gains by a factor of 10 times, it was a complete curbstomp with a amped Wendy.

And even fought on par with a miniature dragon version of the Fifth gen dragon slayer who should easily be 10 times as powerful as he was before.

So this would make Irene when she was fighting Erza and Wendy back in Pre Skip, easily 100 times their full power in base form at 1% her power. 

Assuming she’s not counting Multipliers such as Dragon Force which is 10 times power boost in itself

Or if she means that her dragon form is 100 times stronger than even Dragon Force


This girl is called White Wizard, which was referenced as Zeref level threat and she already defeated Laxus, Jellal and the whole FT guild with no difficulty in an instant.

Irene had enough skill and power to teach Wendy a separation enhancement to basically defuse that power, offsetting magic on par with Based Zeref.

Irene’s other hax via wendy is how she can negate hax and magical power..In short she can seal away people’s magical power.

In short, she can probably neg a Bankai User like Yamamoto hard.

Or a certain arrogant fool high on his own power.

She can also shield people from massive AoE attacks as she did against Fairy Law which is an instant kill hax which is enough to neg over 700,0000 fodder enhanced to being S-Class mage level  so she can neg say.

Some overrated kid using his kiddie meteors trying to scare Irene.

Irene is a reality warper who can negate Bloodman’s hell portal hax which is an instant kill which dragged Gajeel to hell which would’ve killed him had it not been for Universe One activation. She was shown to have matter,magic,energy,soul and spirit manipulation and her enchantment was able to break death’s conception when she returned Gajeel from Hell.

 This isn’t even counting the fact we don’t really know much about her actual powers in the fight but we know she’s basically a Senjutsu Dragon who can increase her already insane power tenfold with Dragon force and amp herself up even further with Dragon form. Shame Mahsima never revealed more about this but it’s safe to say she is a master of nature magic.

Given all Dragon Slayers have Dragon Force, it wouldn’t be far fetched to assume she has one of her own. One that would boost her magic levels over 10 times her base power.

And maybe even a half  dragonfied Dragon force form.

Irene's power 2 by IreneBelserion69

Even before she became the Queen of Dragons, she was said to be the most powerful human alive and said to be even above most dragons(Ingeel being an obvious exception) with Irene stating she became queen merely by magical power alone long before she developed Dragon Slayer Magic.

Who within the flashback was said to have been a queen since she was at least a Teenager.

A queen in a country of Humans and Dragons.

And was shown within flashback prior to becoming a Dragonslayer wielding a blade possibly capable of killing Fodder Tier Dragons and shown fighting alongside Dragons.

The same ones who can casually destroy cities with a stomp.

Casually destroyed entire Mountains.

And no sell hits from Grand Magic Games Arc Kagura. And were too powerful even for Dragon Slayers to even kill.

Irene's power 2 by IreneBelserion69

Yet going by Irene’s statement, she was strong enough to defeat Average Dragons within her heyday before becoming a Dragon Slayer.

Irene's power by IreneBelserion69

And comes from a long line of powerful human rulers who can keep up with the likes of Ingeel.

This would put her at least Multi Continent level Pre Dragon Slayer Magic given that Dragon scales can resist attacks from Small Country level and Country level character so even without Dragon Slayer magic, she’s insanely powerful. It’s honestly not far off considering how monsterously powerful she is currently.

This is further backed by the fact that she was stated to be able to Enchant already powerful Dragons by the thousands during the war and her country was confident that her enchantment Magic alone could win the Dragon War.

A war that was said to beyond any human war.

A war against Dragons, some which can achieve Sub-Relativistic speeds crossing a whole continent within a minute and covering almost as much Square Kilometers within a continent a minute.

So yeah even Pre Dragon Slayer Irene is a monster.

She might actually be legit FAR stronger than any of us thought as she was able to amp via Wendy, Natsu,Erza, Gray and Lucy to over 100 times their power levels when they fought against Alta Face which was described as possibly a planet level threat and would casually desotry the world with the overload of Ehternanto within the world,…Irene’s power can amp  people to that level of power casually…. Which WHAT THE FUCK…JUST HOW MUCH WAS SHE HOLDING BACK IN THAT FIGHT?

Does that mean Deus Sema came from Deep Space? Do we get confirmed Massively FTL Fairy Tail ? 

Probably yes given  that Haku was stated to be as fast as the speed of Light and he’s one of the higher tier Dialabos Guild Members

Who even though is the weakest of the 4 Dragon Slayer Kingh

Just how much power was she holding back in that fight with Erza?

Simple, Erza in timeskip should be relative to her highest tier of feats Alaverz Arc and was able to stalemate, very high diff lose to Laxus.

Whereas  Erza using several different armors including the full power of her Heaven’s wheel armor wasn’t even able to scratch Irene even once.

And even with enhancements with Wendy and combined teamwork with Dragon Force, they only got hits on Irene who basically let them get their free hits on her and even then barely got a scratch from bloodlusted Wendy and Erza.

Erza who can surprise a mindless Acnologia dragon form unleashed enough power to knock him down for a brief moment using every weapon in her arsenal.Erza Scarlet, debatably the fastest FT wizard, was able to hit Acnologia using on of her main armors, Heaven Wheel armor.

Yet couldn’t hit Irene at all.

Its proven that Human forms of  Five Dragon Gods casually blitz Team Natsu in speed who should be relative to that of Ancologia’s speed.

Suzaku who’s comparable to a serious Selene casually bltized Erza and Natsu.

No Caption ProvidedNo Caption ProvidedNo Caption Provided  Selene  might you can casually spam Lightspeed BFR attacks As you can clearly see, the light reaches the planet from the moon in a single panel. Not even a few seconds, more like almost instantly.  Given Selene>Haku, it’s safe to say Suzaku and Selene are FTL as well.

Erza who should be easily 10 times stronger than when she fought Irene. I have a strong feeling based on Suzaku vs Erza and Natsu and Selene vs  Suzkaku, we might find out and if Irene is anywhere near Suzaku’s power level( which is a possibly given she’s the creator of his magic), then we might need to actually update her already insane power level.

And if we confirm the size of the Fairy Tail cosmos and their asteroid belt, then Irene is basically amped beyond  levels imaginable in Bleach outside the Soul Kings powers.

Keep in mind Elefseria who should be below the 5 Dragon Gods and Ancologia was able to seal away a 6th Dragon God that while the weakest would still be casually stronger than  Elesfiersa who died attempting to seal him but regrew his own heart to survive and i’m sure Irene is a lot more powerful and experienced than Eleferia.

Not that it matters. No one in Bleach is surviving  Deus Sema impacting the Stereiret. Unless you got Aizen levels of regeneration, Yhwach’s soul king powers or Ichigo’s plot armor, they’re all dying horribly to an attack that visually outclasses any Bleach feat shown.

Just the visual feat alone

Shits on even the best concrete AoE feat Bleach has ever shown.

Keep in mind mountain level feats are impressive to “Transcended Shingimai”

And Gremmy’s meteors scared even Hacshwalth who worried for Ywach’s safety.

Which mind you is about as powerful as Jellal’s Sema

And nowhere close to Irene’s meteors in power.

August who scales even higher than her would be able to completely vaporize Fiore which would have been an easy Planetary feat.

And Natsu at his highest peak was ABOVE that level of power.

Natsu  full power with Dragon King Mode casually one shotted Nieheart who was ignoring  Brandish’s hax.

He beats Jacob as well in one hit casually within his Fire Dragon King Mode.WHILE VAPORIZING AN ENTIRE LAKE IN SECONDS.

Amped by  END, he was able to completely negate Dimara’s time stop and stomp her heavily in power.

Same Dimara who casually one shotted Brandish.

And then clashed with Gray who just beat Inveel.

And this was before his PIS amp of becoming a composite version of END and his Dragon Slayer self and goes all out.

Natsu at a considerable weaker state was able to beat Anmius, a character who absorbed the power of  Dragon Cry on top of his power, 

the same power to  be equal to dozens of Etherion blasts.

The aforementioned  Time burning feat against Zeref..

And beating Acnologia who  was far superior to all the Dragon slayers.

And producinfg flames that  rvial that of a Nulcear Fusion containment casually.

And also melting the atoms in magic.

His most recent feat was destroying Alaodrn, a country sized dragon god, as noted

 that dragon even weakened would’ve easily been way above planet level by scaling as i discussed before in my Size of Aladorn post  2 years back,Just the attack alone would easily be Country level in pure AoE.

So Ywhach gets  high diffed by Natsu who’s highly resistant to time hax, rendering his Almighty abilities useless.  If Plot induced stupidity is what fucked Yhwach in the end of the day and there was a lot more and alot worse of it in the final arc of Bleach than any point in Fairy Tail, then Yhwach has no prayer in the Namaka world of Fairy Tail.

Hell by Bleachtards logic, Natsu fought a Yhwach tier character who can spam “Universal” level attacks and Natsu easily destroyed them, therefore Universe level Natsu confirmed.

Hell given Zeref can time travel and reset reality, by the very same standards Yhwach is wanked to Low 2-C, Zeref should also be Low 2C as well.

Especially when there’s FAR more evidence of  potentially creating a new timeline than any claim of Yhwach having  “Unvierse level power”

It’s still too soon to tell whether the Five Dragon Gods can solo the Bleachverse as they’re still getting feats but what’s cetrain is between power, hax and anti hax via Dragon slayer powers,  Bleach can’t solo the Fairy Tail verse and have too many overpowered and hax characters that can individually solo the Gotei 13 however  it’s not enough evidence whether Fairy Tail can  clear the Bleachverse in a decisive war.

What we do know is that both verses will solo the One Piece Verse.  Don’t see even Pirme Whitebeard matching Ancologia or Yhwach.

 The irony and hypocrisy is strong with the Bleachtards. Frist of all

Mountain level would be more around average S Class level. And that’s a vast lowball.

Second most of the top tiers in FT would beat the top tiers in Bleach. Irene and August via hax would solo stomp the Gotei 13 and would only lose to the God tier characters like Yhwach, EoS Ichigo and EoS Aizen

And third Bleach isn’t Universe level, nice try.

The level of wank here is indicative of the Bleachtard fanbase.

Yhwach’s Almighty is useless against Natsu who’s resistant/ immune to time hax. He’s not only preadetly shown to resist time hax but also be able to burn through time itself.

Fairy Tail in general has people who can hard counter Time hax such as Jellal, Ultear and Diamara.

Yhwach hax wise would have no counter to Dimara’s timestop, while Reiatsu in fairness would negate her hax,

 if they were equal in power 

or if Irene boosted up her power, her hax would be deveasting against Yhwach’s hax.

Zeref is actually immortal and has Death hax and instant kill spells and power level comparable to Yhwach before the Soul King Powers. 

 Zeref can casually come back from being vaporized 

whereas Yhwach got bodied hard and his power weakened 

to the point a merge Shikai killed him.

Zeref with Fairy Heart hard counters this overrated villain. His time hax is useless against a villain with infinite magical power and plenty of time hax himself. UInless  Yhwach has any response to Zeref’s Immortality and going by how he failed to kill Aizen, he doesn’t  Yhwach gets bodied by Zeref.

Hell  Ultear a  FAR weaker character had hax comparable to Yhwach.

Can restore/destroy anything with her time manipulation.

She  can control “Infinite  Universes” and manplautile  “Endless realites”

And can later age people , possibly out of existence,GG Barragan.  In short by Bleachtard logic  Ultear=Yhwach

And PTS Gray solos Bleachverse because PTS Gray>Ultear. So yeah in no way Ywhach solos Fairy Tail.

 Fairy Tail is much weaker than the Bleachverse:DEBUNKED

This is yet more downplay of other verses common amongst Bleachtards, Much like Naruto, they low downplaying the verses and wanking their bullshit. Fairy Tail is one of the most downplayed verses within fictional vs battle debates

Uhhh yeah no, Byakuya can’t solo the Fairy Tail verse. Where do I begin with the immense downplay of Fairy Tail?

Byakuya wouldn’t even solo Brandish.

We already did a feat and power scaling comparison, Byakuya’s best power doesn’t touch Brandish, the only edge he has is speed but that’s about it.

Far too slow you say ? Then what do you call this feat?

Yeah this is slow now ? Unless you’re Shunsui in Bankai speed, that’s hardly slow.

Come back to me when a single Captain in Bleach can do this.

Or this

I already proved to you Brandish is above even the Royal Guard Captains, so she would hax them.

Bleach characters are impressed with vaping small mountains

Brandish would be considered a god  casually destroying Islands and making them bigger than mountains.

Barrgan gets one shotted by any Spriggan 12 member.  Ignoring the fact Barragan isn’t remotely close to even the weakest one in power. Inveel would freeze his Reiastu,Lacarade  has Baargan fall into a death sleep,August hard counters his hax with copied powers or explosions,Irene hard counters him,Ajeel bodies Barragan as he can’t age sand, Bloodman is  able to turn intangible and use his own particles against Barragan and he’s ageless like all Etherious,Baaragan all argets BFTO’d into another dimension by Jacob and dies within the dimension,Nieheart summons a army of Vasto Lordes to fight Barragan to weaken him, Wal Itchi stomps with nuke level explosions, weakness magic and Etherion, literally everyone in the Spparagain 12 stomps Barragan by pure hax alone.  By sheer hax, Baaragan gets no diffed.Brandish shrinks him and just steps on him, GG.

Hell it’s doubtful he makes it past the Tartarus Guild who should all be at least Top Espada level and have their own set of hax. Selaih could mind control Barragan into killing himself,  Keyes is already dead and as an Etherious can’t die from old age and has poison particles and can summon the death, Kyouka would be able to ignore durability with her blasts, going through Respria’s shielding and Heirro,Jackal low diffs with explosions,Frnamlath can absorb his powers and minic them,

They are also completely immortal and only are permanently killed off if Zeref dies. Etherious can survive hundreds of years with no effort and scale to Zeref’s immortality curse, unlike Zaeref they can still die from mortal wounds but they can be revived at any time.

In short, all of Tararus is a hard counter to Barragan’s time hax. Hell Ultear is a hard counter to Barragan’s hax.

As for Aizen breaking out of time stop, sorry to break this to you but Aizen isn’t really that much stronger than Diamara, if anything, without his third or final form, he’s nowhere near her level.

Diamara is much stronger than Brandish who alone at her peak power can easily outclass Adult Bankai Hitsugaya who’s power is at best 1/20th a full power Brandish. Dimara going by power scaling would be at least 10 times Brandish strength and keep in mind this is base Diamara, she’s at least Small Planet level via powerscaling.

How much power was needed to defeat Aizen again? So no Aizen at least not Pre Skip has anything close to the power needed to break out of Dimara’s timestop.

You’re also comparing  Shikai Soifon who’s at best comparable to this level of power.

To Dimara who’s above this level of power, Yeah very stupid arugment.

Casual Lighting timers to Relastvic speed, go on.

Ultear says hi to Barragan! She literally cancels out time hax FAR superior to anything Barragan has shown with less drawbacks and weaknesses than Barragans.

Ulquiorra’s explosions are firecrackers to  actual Country Busting attacks

Hell a casual attack from Laxus shits on Lanza Del Rampaligo’s explosion,

7 couldn’t even handle Byakuya who’s not even remotely relevate to Erza Pre Skip.  

Also you forget your own rules on Reiatsu again. Any  S Class mage one shots Zommari.

Hell given how much of a disappointment he was, Natsu and Gray could potentially one shot him pre Skip.

Bickslow low diffs him as his hax are slimair to that of Zommari but much better.

Evergreen one shot with her stone glare.

And Freed simply outhaxes him.

Durability of 0? The guy chopped up like turkey by ease by  two guys below the 4th Espada? LOL.

Once again Yammy doesn’t compare to hell even at the beginning of the series Fairy Tail characters.

Also  Yammy can soul suck weak ass normal humans,So what ? It wasn’t even enough to kill Tatsuki or Keigo who are barely above normal human level. You think that weak shit is going to affect Zeref who is more powerful than casual Country busters?

If we’re wanking soul hax, Natsu casually burned through attacks that can consume souls Pre Skip, you’re point?

Natsu no diffs him Pre skip. What’s Cero going to do to him?He’ll just eat it.  

Fuck even Lucy wih Tartatus alone would be too much for him. She also has much more impressive feats than Resurreccion Yammy.

Even I doubt Lucy would’ve been fodderized as badly by Pre Skip Byakuya and Kenpachi as badly as Yammy and she’s a glass canon weaker than Natsu.  Even though she has better feats than the so-called Zero Espada, that’s just sad.

As for Ancologia and Irene being equal, proof is in the pudding.

 Ichigo doesn’t solo. He has literally no way around the Dragons scales of any of the Dragon Scales.

Dragons are immune/highly resistant to any non Dragon Slayer attacks, Ichigo would need at least hundreds of times the strength of a dragon to be able to hurt them.  

Mirajane who should be stronger than any Dragon Slayer minus Laxus is barely able to flinch a Dragon with her strongest Satan Soul state with a direct physical strike in one of the weaker areas of a Dragon’s body.

Feat wise, the dragons aren’t THAT much stronger than their  Dragon Slayers as they virtually stalemated the Dragon Slayers to the point there was no decisive winner. If the dragons were that much stronger, the Dragon slayers wouldn’t have lasted 5 seconds.

Sting and Rouge in particular are below Base Grand Magic Games Arc Natsu in power and  both did decently well against their Dragon Opponents. Natsu is still weaker than Erza and Mirajane yet because of the Dragons scales, Mirajane couldn’t do shit to dragons.  So again for Ichigo to even damage a fodder tier dragon that can destroy a country, he would need to use Muitil Continent level power against a fodder tier dragon alone.

Good luck matching Acnologia or the Five Dragons in power who by  feats and lore scale directly to Yhwach. You would need to prove Ichigo can cut through scales that can withstand and tank attacks on the same level of power as themselves.

Ichigo has no answer to actual immortality in the form of Zeref, Zeref simply outhaxes Ichigo and given he has crazy time hax and Ichigo has next to no real hax, Ichigo can’t solo shit.  Ichigo barely beat Yhwach himself and only one due to the combination of teamwork and plot induced stupidity, Zeref on the other hand would merk Ichigo before he gets the chance to oppose him.

Zeref no sold being vaporized by Natsu’s flames which are   WAY hotter than Yamamoto. Fairy Heart Zeref would be a far more intelligent, more broken version of Yhwach.  Fighting Zeref would be like fighting Aizen but if Aizen had the powers of Yhwach

  1. Natsu has tanked much worse than anything Ichigo can dish out.

Ichigo’s strongest attacks Guestuag Tensho and Gran Ray Cero are a mismatch against Natsu as they generate heat which Natsu is immune to and would absorb and amp up his power.

Natsu can neg his sword by melting the blade, Ichigo really has not much over Natsu.  Power wise they’re fairly close to each other,especially Savage Dragon Mode Natsu which can kill immortal beings like Zeref and melt space time.

Even if EoS Ichigo can use Mugetsu, it would still get negged as it’s blatantly shown to be flames which Natsu are completely immune to flames.

Ichigo outside of his Zanpakuto isn’t sadly much.  He had decent hand to hand skills, which isn’t nearly enough to fight a dragon slayer, much less people on Natsu’s level. 

Despite his looks and beahvior, Natsu is extremely intelligent when it comes to combat and  can read opponents moves,even if they have swordsmanship levels MUCH higher than Ichigos and yeah Ichigo really isn’t throwing hands with Natsu, he  has at best street brawling skills which are good but it’s nothing compared to a seasoned martial artist muvh less Dragon Slayers.

Ichigo’s only edge is superior speed feats and maybe regeneration with his Hollowficaiton form but that’s about it.

  1. Uryu isn’t much , the only thing he has is the ability to deflect damage back at his attackers, normally it would be useful but it’s a mismatch against a Slayer type mage who are immune to their own attacks.

Uryu lacks any real AP to do anything that serious to Gray and Gray can spam long range attacks like Uryu and feint out Uryu with Ice Clones. Gray takes this Mid Difficulty.

                   3)LOL Rukia gets stomped hard. 

                      Pre skip Rukia gets fodderized by Lucy much less Erza

                      Post skip Rukia is at best able to beat Pre Skip Erza,  any other version of Erza hard counters or one shots Rukia, Erza is far above her in power, strength and technique.

Rukia struggled with As Nodt who is at best Tartarus Arc levels of power.  His power pales in comparison to the level of Erza from Alvarez much less 100 year quest who is easily Multi Continental level lowballing and  easily on the level of EoS Kenpachi in attack potency if not outright far superior.

Rukia’s Absolute Zero Bankai makes Rukia a glass canon and vulnerable to attack

Erza not only tanked Natsu’s flames which are much hotter than the sun but also tanked Gray’s Ice which is above Absolute Zero. Gray is FAR more powerful than Rukia and has far better freezing feats than anything Rukia has ever shown

He even defeated a guy who can freeze below Absolute Zero.

The Sparragin 12 are each casually Country Busters with them possessing power comparable to Etherion which can vaporize entire countries.   Rukia has nothing to put her down, in fact Erza would be a monster amongst Shinigami going by her feats. 

4)As for Jellal vs grimmjow, i agree, Grimmjow only has speed over Jellal but Jellal’s Attack Potency is superior to Grimmjow. 

Grimmjow in the Novel Can’t fear your own world shouldn’t be much slower than Hikone  who has a lightspeed feat that’s pretty credible there. However given narratively Jellal scales to Erza and said to be faster, it’s not far fetched to say Grimmow isn’t at that speed either, also it

unny the guy admits  that Jellal can beat Grimmjow but Erza can’t beat Rukia despite  Erza>Jellal in power and Grimmjow>>>>>>>>>>>>>Rukia as Rukia struggled against a mid tier Sterin Ritter while Grimmjow one shotted one of the elites( ablet Askin was off guard”  Pointis  i agree, Grimmjow lacks the firepower to bring down Jellal.

5)LOL if Jellal is stronger than Gimmjow then Laxus is WAY stronger than  Renji, what is this bullshi.Renji isn’t remotely close to Grimmjow’s level and Jellal is below  Laxus.  Laxus one shots Renji with ease.  Laxuis has tanked far worse attacks than anything Renji can ever do.

6)I agree the battle with  Kyourkau would be close , Gildarts is much stronger than  Kyourkau on raw power levels.  SHunsui’s Bankai would give Gildarts a serious issue but if he connects with his Crash powers, he might one shot Shunsui.

7)Lol fucking August stomps Ulquorria with ease. Ulquiorra is not even a challenge to Neihart who summons undead Vasto Lordes to attack him and probably one shots himself.

August can casually produce the same destructive force

It takes for Ulquiorra to attack with all his power to produce even half that power.

Besides, he’s already tanked an explosion comparable to Lanza effortlessly with his shields. Ulquiorra isn’t doing shit until August. 

As for regeneration, he can’t regenerate from losing organs, that’s how he died.

August stomps Ulquiorra, shooting a laser through his heart.

8) Zeref rolf stomps Barragan, his haxes are useless against Zeref due to him being far more powerful than the Espadas and also being FAR more broken,he solo stomps the Espadas.

9)Ancologia godstomps Yamamoto in dragon form.

Not the worst wank/downplay of Fairy Tail,lets see some really serious wank/downplay

Where do I begin with this level of bullshit?

Unohana anti got shit on Erza, literally nothing on Erza.

Unohana got fodderized by Kenpachi without Shikai.

Kenpachi’s best feat is smashing a city sized meteor with a suppressed Shikai POST Unohana Battle.

Erza destroyed the same sized meteor moving MUCH faster than Gremmy’s coming from deep space with far more attack potency.  Kenpachi gets shitted on in pure attack potency compared to Erza,

 Even if we severely wank Kenpachi as being Yamamoto in Bankai level, He’s still leagues stronger than Unohana., 

Also going by what i calced, it would just be barely 3 times Erza’s Deus Smea slashing strength and we definitely know Unoahana is disappointingly nowhere close to that level of power.

As for speedbltiz her?LOL, show me a single speed feat that puts Unohana even close to Era reacting to Deus Sema, i’ll wait.  She did so shitty in that battle that she lost to fucking base Zanpakuto Kenpachi who’s nowhere near even his suppressed Shikai Zanpakuto levels of power much less his Bankai power which he would need greatly to stand a a chance against Erza.

 I’m a hypebeast for Erza and did my own respect for her.  Unohana comes nowhere close to touching Erza in the X792-X793 era, she’s just way too powerful for Unohana,

Unohana is only at best as strong as the Vizard Captains who lost to Mask going by feats and powerscaling, this is what is shown by narrative so nowhere close to X792-X783 Erza level.

Even if we highball almost wank her to Shunsui in Bankai level( which is directly contradicting Kenpachi matching her power in base form)  she’s still not beating Erza in the slightest.

She was killed by Kenpachi who’s best feat at this point was destroying a chunk of a city with a Yhwach clone.

Fairy Tail 315 - Page 4
Fairy Tail 315 - Page 5
Fairy Tail 315 - Page 6

Erza was able to block a slash from a bloodlusted Kagura which cut a whole city in half. Desotrying city blocks ? Fucking rookie numbers bro.

Kenpachi going all out Pre Skip destroyed a building at 100% of his power casually

Erza merely fucking around easily topples buildings not even trying. Knepachi isn’t even shit to pre skip Erza much less X792 Erza.

As for attacks, Pre Skip Erza no sold Nuclear sized explosions to the face and that was Pre skip Erza.

The explosion was comparable in size to Tenoru Island itself and as high as the island within the tree attached.

And the explosion that can be seen throughout the island by all the members of Fairy Tail. 

Kenpachi or Unohana for that matter haven’t shown tanking anything on this level of power.  Hitsuagya and Byakuya who are easily above Unohana feat wise were shitting themselves from an attack on this level.

Erza Tanks Island Explode by ragazz

That’s not even half as impressive as two Erza’s attacking pre skip and that’s FAR below  timeskip Erza.

Or toppling a Mountain sized tree.

Or casually punching through a Island with a Lance

In all seriousness, all jokes aside , by feats and powerscalling Erza is just ridiculously above Unohana it’s not even funny. Hell Erza is arguably capable of fighting the entire Gotei 13 almost single handedly by her numerous feats, powerscaling and armors and her combat skills.

It’s hardly an exaggeration either. During Irene’s enchantments of berserkers, Erza was seen battling a battalion of them, one-shotting the Berserkers capable of overpowering most mages and even capable of hurting Erza herself putting them at least comparable to Sparrgian 12 levels of power, at least comparable to Wal Itchi clones who can hurt Mirajane.

As I noted with my calculations of Etherion,  an average Sparrigan 12 member scales to at least 4 times Kenpachi’s suppressed Shikai level and that’s base power.  Erza realistically would be more than a match for the Gotei 13 with only the likes of Yamamoto or Ichibe having any means of killing her.  It may sound like me wanking Erza but I have  evidence she might have the combat skills to take on the Gotei 13 herself.

And before you claim “Hitsugaya can freeze her on a SubAtomic Level” or  “Yamamoto one shots her ,vaporizing her“ ,Erza High difffed Natsu and Gray tanking both   of their attacks which can  do both of the things Hitusagaya and Yamamoto can do with only minor injuries and barely slows her down.

Deus Sema Cinematic Time

And i’m sure this Asteriod would KILL everyone in the Soul Society.  Erza destoryed that meteor with just her slashing power.

And if you’re not convinced this is hitting the Atmosphere.

The frist comment doesn’t make any sense as  Harribel by scaling scales to no  one close to Erza’s level in any respective.

Seriously how stupid are Bleachtards? First of all Rukia is nowhere close to Sui Feng’s level so why act as if they’re equals, i guess Rukia is supposed to be Lucy level here.

Second of all Lucy stomps Rukia even Pre Skip. Lucy at the beginning of the series with her summonings can generate town destroying tidal waves which shits on anything Hucedo Mundo Arc Rukia ever shown.

To put this in context, Kaien’s Tidal waves which rekted Rukia are merely kiddy pools by comparison

Now granted Lucy without spirts gets fucked by even Gigai Rukia as she has no defense or combat abilites that are superhuman Pre Skip but then again that’s a huge reach and that would be like barring Shinigmai from using Zanpakutos. Hell Rukia even with her Bankai is no match for 100 year quest Lucy

Esepcially with the recent fight with Kiria,  who  should be relative in speed to Dragon Force Wendy  IN BASE.

Who was able to keep up with Haku, one of the Four Dragon Slayer Kinghts who can move as fast as light.Given Rukia is below Byakuya Who’s below SHunsui who barely dodged light

She’s not fucking with Lucy.

Lol now that’s fucking Hiarilous.

Soul Society Ichigo loses to Lucy, Loki alone would be enough to beat Ichigo.

Jose the weakest villain to pose a direct threat to the Fairy Tail Guild itself is able to clash evenly with  Base Marakov who creates clouds expanding past small country sized distances 

Fairy Tail Episode 8

Should scale  relative to Lullaby being able to casually destroy mountains

Which calcs range from Large Mountain Ievel to Casual Island level.

 but was no match for a Titan Marakov using Fairy law which one shotted Jose.He’s stated to be equal to Erza in power

Jellal is literally shown to be equal to Erza if not weaker as both within 50% power fought and Erza got the upperhand on him but still lost when Jellal went 100%, Jellal was so strong Natsu needed Dragon Force to win.

Laxus is also  relative to Jellal and Erza and likely twice as strong as both of them combined as he physically overpowered and outsped Erza however Erza had enough power to be relative to Laxus power so the gap isn’t that wide.

Then came Zero.  Zero in his Biran base form was overpowered By Jura but wasn’t that much weaker than Jura  who was the weakest Saint Wizzard at the time but shouldn’t be that much weaker than Jose or Jellal who were comparable to Erza and shouldn’t be much weaker than Midnight who was compared to his fathers power  but when he turned into Zero was 3 times stronger than Jellal and required a 300 fold powerboost by Natsu to beat.

Then there’s Hades who was able to overpower Makarov   with Large Country level attack potency lifting the mountain sized Makarov.

And tank Natsu’s powered up LFDM

Which i proven it’s heating energy is continental.

Durig the Key to the Starry Arc

Daphne Arc


Key of Starry Heaven 1


Key of Starry Heaven 2


Key of Starry Heaven 3


Key of Starry Heaven 4


Key of Starry Heaven 5


Key of Starry Heaven 6


Yes it’s canon to the manga. On sidenote, so is the Daphne Arc and the vast majority of “filler” episodes.

And unlike the DBZ movies pre Super don’t have a billion plotholes that contradict it’s stating in canon

as there’s usually long periods between arcs in the timeline within fairy tail  which makes most fillers consistent with the lore and timescale of Fairy Tail,especially when alot of the anime follows the manga and some stuff is referenced in the manga.

While nothing too notable happened within the  arc itself feat wise( will need to rewatch the entre arc to find a canon feat ) Midnight within the Key to the starry Sky Arc who was equal to his fathers power,given Natsu didn’t get any stronger since pre skip and was boosted by the clock but even so, he was still strong enough to keep up with an opponent

Who would later be a challenge to X791 era JellalWho was able to match with Jellals  power several arcs later

Same Jellal who became so strong, he could  keep up with Jura

Who’s equal to Gildarts Pre Skip.

Most of the people within the arc are  weakened due to their mentai states but were casually stomping X784 era Fairy Tail with only Erza and Mirajane having any kind of power to keep up with the insane power increase of the Post Skip characters and really only won because they’re opponents weren’t mentally 100%

However the most notable thing of the arc is the amount of hax resistances and hax in the arc and Infinity CLock implied to be a world ending superweapon.  Another thing that needs further research.

 You then have Future Rouge who’s normal power stomped LDFM Natsu

And control Dragons who despite being consider fodder compared to the 5 Dragonslayer  Dragons,Five Dragon Gods, Irene and Anmius are comparable to a casual Acnologia fucking around on Tenerou Island  which was was stated to be  “RECORD HIGH ETHERANO”

Acnologia blows up Tenrou Island

Acnologia Destroys Tenrou Island

Acnologia creates a huge crater that has a diameter equal to Tenrou Island. The shape of the crater is a Cylinder.

Top of Crater = 4609.52 Meters = 352 px

Bottom of Crater = 4609.52 Meters = 33 px

Panel Height = 627 px

Distance to Top of Crater = 4609.52*627/[352*2tan(70/2 deg)] = 5863.05 Meters

Distance to Bottom of Crater = 4609.52*627/[33*2tan(70/2 deg)] = 62539.23 Meters

Crater Height = (62539.23 Meters)-(5863.05 Meters) = 56676.18 Meters

Crater Radius = 2304.76 Meters

Volume = 945805553000 Meters^3 = 9.45805553e+17 Cm^3

Pulverization: (9.45805553e+17 Cm^3)*(214.35 Joules/CC) = 48.45 Gigatons (Island level

Vaporization: (9.45805553e+17 Cm^3)*(25700 Joules/CC) = 5.8 Teratons (Small Country level+)

Going by this calc,  these Dragons who are considered Fodder would be considered Small Country level powerscaling from an extremely casual Acnologia.

And going by  the destruction of the Eclipse Gate,  the Dragons would easily be around Large Country level  given Motherglare survived the punch, possibly even up to Multi Continental if the Dragon Roar is being compared to Ehterion even remotely.

Dragon Cry had about the power of over 10,000 dragons within narrative with all their combined power equaling about 24 times the power of Ehterion.As stated by Dragon Cry an average dragons power is inferior to even Ehterion  and shouldn’t scale entirely to a casual Acnologia  only physically as it would take about 417 dragons from the Dragon King Festival Arc to equal the power of Etherion. That being said.

Considering the recent update on Etherion, THAT’S ALOT OF POWER! That’s still around 2.44 Petatons of energy, the strongest fodder dragon scales to which is Continteital.

Altas Flame and Mother glare who are far superior to X791 era Laxus to the point Laxus couldn’t do shit to Altas Flames despite being a Dragon Slayer and Natsu requiring Altas Flames power to even overpower Future Rouge and Motherglare is  definitely a testament of even a average class Dragons power.  Backed further by Marakov unable to flinch Altas Flames with a punch

It wuld also back consistent statements from the same arc that if 10,000 dragons roamed free, the entire world would come to an end

Hisui’s confidence that Eheterion might be the only weapon to defeat 10,000 dragons and thinking the Eclipse Gate can be the one thing to fight an average class Dragon.

Although one has to question even if that’s enough as it’s stated repeatedly only Dragon Slayer Magic can beat dragons.

And back Future Rouges confidence that using weaker dragons not even close to Acnologia in power or Ingeel would be more than enough to beat  all the guilds within Fiore,especially considering God Serena was defecting at this point.

Backed even further when X791 s class mages like Jura, Marakov,Kagura and Erza couldn’t even scratch them despite having feats comparable to the dragons themselves.

And none of the Dragon Slayers had the power to defeat the Dragons who pale in comparison to Ancolgoia or any Eilte Dragon.

In  Phoenix Priestess, yes the movie is canon to the manga,

Fairy Tail Phoenix Fire Ball


Phoenix statements 5


it does imply Zeref scales to that of the Phoenix whose power can literally destroy the entire world just though I mention the feat, it doesn’t change much but it can be used for scaling later.

This thread along with these scans confirm this as canon.

The  Reverse Celestial Sprit Arc is also canon to the manga using the same rules as the Key to the Starry Sky Arc, as JayOkatu stated in his video, there’s enough evidence to imply the arc is canon to the manga.

However between the arc itself being the weakest of the arcs 

 and a lot of Outiler level feats such as Ollciphuis creating 12 Earth sized realms  which would make a Fairy Tail mid tier easily twice as powerful as Kaguya and 4 times stronger than Soul King Yhwach

Despite you know being WAY below Brandish, which if we somehow took this arc’s feast literally, MUTIL SOLAR SYSTEM LEVEL BRANDISH CONFRIMED. BRANDISH SOLOS NARUTO AND BLEACH GG,.

In all seriousness, this is probably the only arc that felt like complete filler despite it’s canonicity  and the feats are just way too Outerlish for Fairy Tail, however you can probably make a solid argument using the Reverse Celestial Spirit King as canon and use him to scale maybe Post Ravines of Time Acnologia or Fairy Heart Zeref  as they’re the only characters who would be remotely close feat wise or lore wise to these arcs feats

As his power could be arguable to that of a god at his actual peak power  and if you take statements seriously, he would be at the very least Mutil Solar System level but given i demand more evidence i won’t accept it as a possibility until i see some casual starbursting in the series

That being said if one of the Five Dragon Gods can potentially destroy the entire Celestial Sprit Realm which is implied to be at least the size of a Nebula, then they would get a Muitl Solar System level amp. Doesn’t really factor into the scaling, just wanted to mention this for fun.

First of all the anime is canon and Mashima, the mangaka has referenced the validity of anime arcs multiple times in the manga QnAs and other such places.

Those are 3 sources proving the anime to be a valid source of information.

While rewatching the Edolas Filler arc from the anime i came across an interesting statement for the Celestial Spirit King where his Eclipse Form (after absorbing the 13 other eclipse spirits) is stated to be able to destroy the entire Celestial Spirit World.

How big is the CSW? Well it’s described as a seperate dimension and as we see in ch 262 it “might” contain stars in it.

See those little white lights in the background? From the looks of it they appear to be stars. Now to be fair there are a lot of “white planetoids” in the CSW which aren’t even close to Star level in size, like here.

So some people might argue that those things in the background aren’t stars, but the “white spheres” are just white in colour; they don’t have light emanating from them, unlike the ones in the background which emit light which is why they can be seen from that far away. So I think they might be stars, but this is something I completely discovered by accident recently.

You can also argue that since the characters can see each other and the Celestial Spirits, there must be a light source somewhere in the dimension, which hints at the existence of a star.

Anyways so if the anime is taken to be canon, the Eclipse CSK can destroy a Multi—Solar System sized dimension over a period of time and the FT guild can slightly harm and damage this CSK. Natsu also broke it’s core with this attack.

If names are to be taken literally which they should not, this is Planetary.

It should be noted however that no one in FT scales to CSK, they had to concentrate several attacks on one point to even do minimum damage, but they should still scale to a small fraction of someone capable of destroying atleast one star over time.

Keep in mind this is an extreme highball wanked meta which makes a lot of assumptions but it’s still food for thought. It should definitely be argued for being scalable to that of Fairy Heart Zeref and Post Ravines of TIme Acnologia  as they consistently scale far above anything in FT so far and can be argued as counterpick feats in a vs battle.

After all if Memories of Nobody which has much more dubious can be used to powerscale EoS Ichigo and Yhwach to Large Star level, then you can just as easily argue that the Reverse Celestial Sprit King should scale to the power of God tiers within Fairy Tail as he’s an implied god within the verse.

Then came the Tartaros Guild in which each member is at least Country level based on Franmalth’s statements

This is backed by numerous feats and powerscaling that already has X791 S Class mages equal to Gildarts level characters from pre skip

Who are far above X784 S Class Mages

Narratively as even Natsu who can at least match Base Laxus and Erza was entirely outclassed by Gildarts.

And numerous Small Country to Country level feats from X791 S Class Mages

With Gildarts having several large scale AoE feats like punching a hole within the ocean or  parting a cloud within splitseconds or casually leveling entire Mountains

Backed by powerscaling from the fact Franmalath can access Hades’s Soul 

Which a weakened Base Hades can withstand blows from Fairy Tail members before going down

And base Hades was able to overpower Marakov  

and survive LFDM

The Top Tier Demons  like Silver, Kyouka ,Selaih and Mard Geer are each comparable to Erza’s maxed out power 

Which should be several times more powerful than that  Hades’s full potential with the Devil’s Heart

 Bluenote who became stronger than he did when he first fought Gildarts was able to weight down Base Wendy and Sherria

Was effortlessly stomped by Natsu

As JyaOkatu revealed, to one shot someone, you need to have at bare minimum .5 times their destructive power and durability


 Next cam the Avatar Arc where Team Natsu grew so strong, they curb stomped the  Avatar Guild, all of them one shotting members of the Avatar guild.

Keep in mind Avatar is stated narratively to be as powerful as the Tartaros Guild previously. This would make all the people of Team Natsu at least 10 times stronger than Taratos.

With their summoning Ikasutgnai which dwarfed a small mountain and a small town was one shot by Natsu.

Keep in mind Ikastugnari showed the same destructive power as the Celestial Sprit King summoning against Mard Geer 

( A feat that needs to be redone due to change of Fiore’s Size.)

Either Way Natsu not giving a shit, not even close to implying to fighting at 100% base pretty much stomped country busters and even Multi Continental level characters and this is before Alaverz.

The Dragon Cry Movie which is accepted as canon is a timebridge between Avatar and Alaverz Arc, the  timeframe is unknown but it has been accepted as canon

Going by my best guest it happened after chapter 437 and  before  Chapter 438 with the guild having been rebuild around this time  which would make narrative sense as it took around several days before the guld   and since the movie has no Marakov present, it fits consistently with the narraitve of the arc. and there’s enough time to  fit the movie within the timeframe.  The  Three Stars and  Zash Caine should be way above that of  Tararos and Alaverz as they were able to push Team Natsu to their limits whereas Avatar were jobbed out by Team Natsu, given neither were one shotted by Team Natsu and in fact in the initial fight defeated them, they’re power is relative to the strongest of Team Fairy Tail.

Natsu within the movie  then unleashes his END mode with  his fight with Anmius who should scale far above the previous opponents.  Animus powered by Dragon Cry had the power equal to that of Dozen’s of Ehterion blasts

Dragon Cry had about the power of over 10,000 dragons within narrative with all their combined power equaling about 24 times the power of Ehterion.  

Keep in mind merely vaporizing Fiore would yield High Multi Continental levels of power

Animus by scaling should dwarf an average Dragon by 10,000 times their power  and should be 24 times the power of Eheterion as he can lay waste to an entire continent in Fairy Tail  which given the size of the earth we calced at Large Planet level  to completely atomize a continent in Fairy Tail.

Pre  Alvarez Arc Natsu is able to fight on par with Animus and tanked several attacks from him and while overpowered, Natsu was able to withstand fatal blasts and wounds from him.

However near the end he goes into a partial E.N.D mode and blitzes and stomps the shit out of DC Animus, even cleaving right through his ultimate attack.

And yes, this movie is canon. Hiro Mashima, the mangaka of FT has confirmed it in a promotional leaflet.

This movie is a story which is connected to the final chapter of Fairy Tail. This time I wanted to make an entertaining movie, so I took a completely different approach when drawing the storyboard. Because I wanted to make a movie that all the fans can enjoy, I added many surprises. Please try and stay until the end of the credits and watch the Fairy Tail crew.’

And just guess who just happens to appear at the final credits of the movie, yep Brandish herself.

Just lurking in the corner meancingly

Waiting to  shit on the gains of all Timeskip characters

Like the  Legendary Bodybuilder Saiyan

 All of this FAR BELOW the Sparrgain 12  Yeah no fucking kidding.   The first thing Gray says when he sees Brandsih alone is that her power was beyond anything he sensed before

Natsu himself doubted he could win against her fighting her without using Ingeel’s power.


He used a far more powerful variant of Dragon Force  likely influenced by Dragon Cry to beat Animus which given he was half dragonfied should be around the same mupilter  as the Fifth Generation Dragons version of Dragon force which is 10 times stronger than Dragon Force which would be consistent with scaling.  If Natsu in X792 ase was10  times  the scaling of 34 Petaton level Erza, he would be at least 300-600 Petatons base in X792 and up to around 600 Exatons of TNT bare minimum but because he surpassed Dragon Cry, his power peaked beyond Large Planet level.

BTW keep in mind  END>That Dragon Force and yes we will get to that soon

So yes Base Brandish scales above Pre Dragon Cry Animus casually and scales just below his Dragon Cry enhanced power… THAT’S CRAZY.

 Brandish was on some Kenpachi bullshit here, making everyone shit their pants at the mere presence of her power.

If she scales in base to 1/24th the power of Animus who’s Large Planet level, her base suppressed power would be even more monstrous and would explain why Fairy Tail themselves were shitting their pants in her mere presence.

Not even Erza of all people  wanted to mess with her, FUCKING ERZA OF ALL PEOPLE.

Same woman who wasn’t scared of shit was doubting if she could beat her.And was too slow to perceive Brandish’s own movements.

And she just as casually decimated an entire island merely tapping her foot in the ground.

They all scale to Etherion who can be wielded by Wal Itchi

The distance between Haregon and Magnolia being in the hundreds of kilometers range is backed up by the official light novels (characters from which are referenced in the manga)—It’s stated that it would take hours for cars and trains to travel said distance which even taking conservative estimates for said vehicles should come down to at least a few hundred kms.

Narratively this makes the Sparrigan12 the strongest of the opponents Fairy Tail has fought,excluding the Phoenix in Phoenix Priestess, all the Sparrigan 12 scale far above previous villains.

Marakov described their power as being thought beyond imagination

Now how did Natsu go from barely scratching a Sparrigan

To  being able to clobber 3 of them  without using Ingeel’s flame power

It’s easy to chalk it up to bad writing and call it a day and it won’t be hard to do given how much of a letdown this arc was  but there’s actually a decent argument, like I said previously, there are usually breaks between arcs with undefined periods of time. With Fairy Tail knowing the threat of Spriggan 12, they would take all the time they have to train.

It’s stated in the recent chapters Natsu can train himself to increase his power even greater in a short period of time, surprising Suzkau who previously stomped him

Keep in mind One Piece in Water 7 got a offscreen power increase going from being stomped by the CP9

To dominate them in combat with Luffy unlocking Gear Second during offscreen training.

BTW a week past between the rescue and the invasion so plenty of time to increase power.

All the  Sparrgian 12  members are relative to Brandish with some much stronger than her.  Ichigo soloing the verse is just comically stupid.

Icihigo gets merked by Begining of seies Natsu, he’s not tanking shit from Natsu.

As for Erza being Streeet level

Yeah because street level characters can level mountain sized meteors

Now you’re trying to downplay my girl Erza?

As for attacks, Pre Skip Erza no sold Nuclear sized explosions to the face and that was Pre skip Erza.

The explosion was comparable in size to Tenoru Island itself and as high as the island within the tree attached.

And the explosion that can be seen throughout the island by all the members of Fairy Tail. 

Kenpachi or Unohana for that matter haven’t shown tanking anything on this level of power.  Hitsuagya and Byakuya who are easily above Unohana feat wise were shitting themselves from an attack on this level.

Erza Tanks Island Explode by ragazz

That’s not even half as impressive as two Erza’s attacking pre skip and that’s FAR below  timeskip Erza.

Or toppling a Mountain sized tree.

Or casually punching through a Island with a Lance

In all seriousness, all jokes aside , by feats and powerscalling Erza is just ridiculously above Unohana it’s not even funny. Hell Erza is arguably capable of fighting the entire Gotei 13 almost single handedly by her numerous feats, powerscaling and armors and her combat skills.

It’s hardly an exaggeration either. During Irene’s enchantments of berserkers, Erza was seen battling a battalion of them, one-shotting the Berserkers capable of overpowering most mages and even capable of hurting Erza herself putting them at least comparable to Sparrgian 12 levels of power, at least comparable to Wal Itchi clones who can hurt Mirajane.

As I noted with my calculations of Etherion,  an average Sparrigan 12 member scales to at least 4 times Kenpachi’s suppressed Shikai level and that’s base power.  Erza realistically would be more than a match for the Gotei 13 with only the likes of Yamamoto or Ichibe having any means of killing her.  It may sound like me wanking Erza but I have  evidence she might have the combat skills to take on the Gotei 13 herself.

And before you claim “Hitsugaya can freeze her on a SubAtomic Level” or  “Yamamoto one shots her ,vaporizing her“ ,Erza High difffed Natsu and Gray tanking both   of their attacks which can  do both of the things Hitusagaya and Yamamoto can do with only minor injuries and barely slows her down.

Deus Sema Cinematic Time

And i’m sure this Asteriod would KILL everyone in the Soul Society.  Erza destoryed that meteor with just her slashing power.

But sure she’s only Supersonic and City Block level?

A much younger and weaker Gildarts can casually do this level of power, a verison of Gildarts Pre Skip Erza should easily powerscale to.

. Acnologia final attack (reaches around the continent).

2. Acnologia busting Tenroujima Island.

3. Erza busting Eileen’s meteorite.

4. Ikusatsunagi slash creating a crater.

5. Celestial Spirit King destroying Tartarus base

6. Igneel destroying a small mountain.

7. Mother dragon destroying a small mountain.

8. Natsu busting Ikusatsunagi.

9. Natsu evaporating a lake.

10. Natsu melting the GMG colosseum.

11. Gildartz crushing a mountain.


Fairy Heart time reversal/infinite Magic for Zeref.

Time Stop for Zeref, Dimaria and maybe for Ultear (exists out of time).

Death Magic for Zeref

Ability to eat all Magic for Acnologia.

Brandish can shrink anything that exists physically.

Freed’s Runes.

Dimension BFR magic.

And cuffs that can share the damage between multiple people.

But do keep telling us about the trash feats faggot.

Boy you Bleachtards really don’t know how to not to be stupid.

Speedwise, he casually blitzes most Captains Pre Skip as he can dodge Lightning which moves at roughly Mach 2,525.

Mind you Hiyori who was average Captain level thanks to hollowifcaiton and on par with Hitsugaya’s Bankai speed

Was casually blitzed by Gin’s Shikai which is only Mach 50.

And was bltizting Ichigo hard with Mach 500

Same Ichigo proved to be faster than an average Captain.

Which BTW VS Battle wiki has his Maximum Bankai speed at around Mach 107-120

BTW Natsu is now 2% the speed of Light IN BASE at his weakest, thanks to VS Battle wiki

So he murderstomps Captains in speed .


 which is much faster than the initial strike and that’s arguably a massive lowball.

Aria effortlessly overpowered Natsu,

When Aria sees Erza, he decides to go serious and unleash so much power that it speeds up the city destroying Abyss Break even faster than it was before

Basically this guy pulled an Kenpachi and became 5 times stronger than before



Going by JayOtaku’s video here, to be able to effectively one shot your opponents, you must have an attack potency 7.5 times or greater than their durability so Erza is 7.5 times stronger than an opponent 10 times stronger than base Natsu Pre Skip. so overall Erza Pre Skip isn’t merely 10 times stronger than Natsu, she’s well over 75-150 times stronger than Natsu.

As for no qaunfitable feats,  you tards really don’t know shit do you?

Fairy Tail 93 - Page 4 She’s shown Hypersonic base speed with this feat here alone. 

Another impressive feat is Erza dodging energy arrows mid-flight from Evergreen and reacting to them while the arrows are 20 feet above her or 6.1 meters above.

Her reaction speed is even more impressive given she can react to Laxus Lightning speed attacks in her stronger armors at point-blank range.

As shown before, Erza is a Lightning doger in base form. Note even PTS Erza needs Armors to enhance her speed to dodge lightning, now she can dodge Lightning speed attacks without having to use Armors.

Erza dodges more energy blasts and explosions en route to attacking Eileen before the latter could put up a proper defense or dodge

Back to this again, Erza reacted to Asteroid moving across space to earth in seconds.

As we showed in the anime timeframe, The meteor approached Earth in 3 seconds with a 2-second margin of error, if we include attack activation speed which took around 6 seconds, this would give Erza about 9-11 seconds to react to the spell used. This is consistent given the average use of words per minute is 150 and this is excluding anime logic. Erza spoke about 30 words in the timeframe Deus Sema was coming towards earth which is about 12 seconds which is more or less close to the time passed to react. 

Erza despite crippled was able to intercept the meteor moving at the same speed as the meteor itself and this is before further accelerating pass the speed she was in…Meaning if she went even faster than 61.6%c, does that mean she’s achieved the Speed of Light?

Going by this, very likely but let’s reaffirm this with hard calcs.

Deus Sama meteor fragments by IreneBelserion69

Meteor diameter:164px(1,704.2265 m)

Distance Erza is from Meteor:152px(1,579.527 m)

Distance from Sea Level: 928px(9,643.428 m)

Velocity of the meteor:184,837,262.3739922 m/s(61.65%c)

Distance bullet was away from Surface= 9,643.428 m

184,837,262.3739922 m/sx9,643

Distance the character moved = 13.934+35 m) x (Speed of projectile ) / (Distance the projectile was away from the tank = 35m)) 

184,837,262.3739922 m/sx9,643 m+1,579.527 m/9,643 m

Erza’s Speed:215,113,674.95 m/s (71.7 % SoL/Realsitstvic+)

So not quite Lightspeed but very close.

See my respect thread of Erza to see how fast she is.

Outliers? Do you even know what that word means?https://roleplayingblog414201607.wordpress.com/2019/11/03/how-powerful-is-erza-erza-respect-thread-or-why-erza-is-best-anime-waifu-part-1strength/

Also nice attempt to downplay Erza,  lucky i have an entire journal on her power.

Keep in mind  a character FAR weaker than Erza is able to casually slash through a small mountain range distance with a single sword slash

Zeref is immortal and tanked being hit by Natsu’s flames which are Hotter than Yamamoto’s, He regenerated like nothing. Yamamoto then gets bodied by Death Magic.

Yeah except he doesn’t.  August and Irene hard counter his Bankai with power and hax, Natsu negs his Bankai as he’s immune to heating energy,.Gray can freeze flames as hot as Natsu,Erza has Namamgaki Armor which is basically Anti Hax against Yamamoto’s Bankai, all the Five Dragon Gods beat him at full power, Acnologia stomps, Fairy Heart Zeref stomps.

Talk about desperate downplay,because Natsu’s flames don’t work underwater, Yamamoto wins?

That’s not how this works jackass. You fail to realize Natsu is immune to almost any type of flames in existence unless they’re that of god slayer flames or a far higher tier of flames than his own.

Ahh, good old FT hate and Bleach wanking. Imagine thinking any of these captain clowns can solo.

Pre Skip Captains were impressed by destroying towns

And Post Skip captains were worried by a small meteor that’s slower than the one Irene did.

Anyways, the Spriggan completely outclass the Gotei in raw power. When has the Bleach verse showcased something like reshaping a country to 1/20 of its size, and in base and casually at that? I only recall Yhwach doing something comparable to that, and only after he absorbed the Soul King.

You have 2 Small Planet Level (Irene and August), and  dozens of other mages on par with each other who are Multi Continent level+. Whereas in Bleach, Butterfly Aizen and Dangai Ichigo were  Multi Continent level/Small Planet level at best, and that’s pushing it when you look at the size of those so-called mountains. Even by Aizen’s admission, vaping hill is an impressive feat .

Hell, even Brandish whose a mid tier Spriggan was casually changing the size of an actual island on panel.

Contrast that to Aizen being impressed by small mountains being destroyed.

Neinhart sits in the back somewhere and the Gotei 13 now has to face not only the spriggan 12, but the entire Espada Line up as well as all of the Stern Ritter as well as the Vizard. Ichigo, Urahara, and Yoruichi also fighting for Zeref as well now. 

 Zeref casually one shots anyone below Yamamoto level with utter ease.

They also don’t really have an answer to Dimaria who can freeze time and just one shot all the actual threats to the Sparrigan 12 which would be Yamamoto and Shunsui with her time freeze. Diamra being bloodlusted normally wouldn’t give anyone a chance to turn Bankai.

Evaluating attack potency by environmental destruction is far more credible and believable than fan made-up attack potency and fanfic scaling , since panel showings are things that actually happen right in front of us. 

That, and we have Aizen’s direct admission of how he’s amazed his abilities have risen to destroying entire Mountains when it turns out Prime Ichigo did that. So both Prime Ichigo and Aizen, who are Multi Continent level/Small Planet level highballed>>>> the captains. 

And we have several Spriggan members displaying casual  island to continental feats, but I’m supposed to believe the captains win? Bitch please.

Only a handful of captain reach Multi Continental,  Hitsugaya post training , Bakuya Post Royal Guard Training, Mayuri with Prep and Post retcon Kenpachi

Man, must really suck to know Bleach has the worst DC showings in HST, FT included.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

Naruto has many country-Mutil continental  feats with even planet level to star level feats.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

Fairy Tail has many country and muilt continental feats and even gained a few planet level feats.

If we’re goin purely by DC/AoE showings, even One Piece outclasses Bleach at this point.  Chijano literally splits an entire continent in half

Law slashed a small Mountain range much bigger than the mountains Aizen and Ichigo destroyed.

Akoji and Akainu fighting on an island for 10 days destroyed the Punk Hazard Island and permanently destroyed the climate there.

Akoji forze a large chunk of the entire ocean.

And Luffy just from the pressure of his Kong Gun’s airburst force and  Dolfamingo being knocked down casually shook and entire island and split the island in half.

Joint explosion of Cero

No Caption Provided


No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

The explosion is much weaker than the previous one.

Ichigo Strongest Attacks:

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

Bleach Doesn’t exactly compare.Show me a country level feat here let alone planet level.

Bleach is only carried at all by power scaling and credible lore at this point as we’ve not seen any real Multi Mountain level or even Island level feats from Bleach outside of the wanked Meteor feat  which is only city sized.

You can’t reaistu crush characters on par or superior to yourself, how many times do i have to explain this. 

There’s not a character who Bleach characters don’t equal to in Fairy Tail or much weaker than the characters.

Irene alone solos the Gotei 13 and even she can’t beat Yhwach.

And Yhwach can’t beat the Five Dragon Gods or Acnologia, so at best they’re stalemated in power. Not ready to declare if they solo the Bleachverse as the verse still doesn’t  have much on FTL feats.

The downplay here is insane and stupid.

Using one  anti feat to try to downplay  Fairy Tail so you can wank Yamamoto. 

You’re completely ignoring that Natsu’s flames were enough to completely no sell temperatures colder than Absolute Zero.

And Vaporized an entire lake with ease, so nice try Bleachfag.

If anything Natsu has completely overcame Anti Fire limitations long before he achieved flames hotter than Yamamoto.

Speaking of Yamamoto’s flames, Natsu was able to beat Zancrow, a character with flames hot enough to turn into ash..PRE SKIP.Now granted the flames did hurt Natsu but that’s because they’re  “God Slayer Flames” which are  more powerful than Dragon Slayer flames and yet despite being outclassed, Natsu still ate those flames  so let’s assume Yamamoto’s flames are actually too much for Natsu. Natsu can just purposely empty his magic reserves and chomp down on Yamamoto’s Bankai and get an insane boost in power.

Since you wanna downplay like a faggot,  Hitsuagaya’s normal Bankai ice which isn’t anywhere close to as cold as his Adult Bankai form frozen Yamamoto’s flames in the Zanpakuto tales arc.

And before you tards be like “THAT DOESN’T COUNT, IT’S NOT CANON” Shunsui’s Zanpakuto spirit looks and acts exactly how she does in the filler arc so she’s canon by your own standards.

Given Gray can freeze flames Pre Skip

That means Pre Skip Gray can beat Yamamoto because Yamamoto’s flames can’t cancel out ice.

You  guys know that Yamamoto is fucked in terms of fighting Natsu so you resort to such desperate downplay of Natsu. 

August, who is easily on the level of Yamamoto, generated a powerful heat spell to blow away Natsu, Natsu tanked it without a scratch on it and protected Lucy and Happy from the explosion. Yeah Natsu is entirely immune to anything Yamamoto can throw at him.

Natsu is immune to anything Yamamoto could throw at  him,  while Yamamoto still stomps Pre Skip Natsu and First Timeskip Natsu, Natsu stomps Yamamoto in all areas Second Timeskip and no diffs in the 100 year quest era.

People wank Yamamoto’s Bankai to be as hot as the sun hence it’s an instant kill and defeats any opponent however as we’ve seen with the  actual battle,  the clone of Yhwach still survived Yamamoto’s strongest Bankai slash ablet Barely. The Bankai can incinerate anything it touches but it seems like the destructive power is more concentrated to the area of the sword rather than turning anything it hits into ash instantly.

Contrast this with Natsu’s Igneel powered flames, which completely obliterates Zeref, reducing him to ashes instantaneously.  Natsu’s flames from a bloodlusted Natsu is almost gauenatte  an instant kill more so than Yamamoto’s flames going by direct feats.

Hell Natsu is capable of burning Magic with Ingeel’s flames.  FUCKING MAGIC.  Magic is basically the energy of the Fairy Tail verse.

 Ehtneranto is essentially magical atomic Particles within the Fairy Tail verse.

This is backed by the Ultimate magical weapon Etherion being able to completely destroy a country and reduce anything hit by it to atoms.


The thing I can think of when going by this is to use the Large Hadron Collider which produces heat up to 13 EK at heavy nuclear conversions/This is just a mindblowing amount of heat. Now let’s convert this to Plasma. That’s over 1.300000e+18°C. In short burning the atoms within magic to completely dispel it would be WAY hotter than anything Yamamoto’s Bankai can generate and that’s not even the hottest flames Natsu produced.

Not to mention you have to completely ignore this feat in order to justify any chance Yamamoto has which BTW would completely merk Yamamoto.  Burning Time and space would be exceeding Absolute Heat levels of temperatures which is Planck temperatures.

You also have to completely ignore that Natsu has killed people FAR more powerful than Yamamoto.

Zeref for example is easily superior to Yamamoto’s power without Fairy Heart. Despite Bleachtards claims to the contrary, Zeref scales to a lot of credible  Top Tiers and  God tiers in lore.

Zeref’s  creations Etherious are stated to be individually life wiping threats. Even the weakest of the demons have Curses that can kill even S Class mages even at dimminshed state and was going to be used by assassin mages to take out multiple guilds.

Deloria, a demon weaker than that of Tartarus, was capable of destroying entire countries and wiping out entire civilizations. 

 Deloria as I calced before would easily be considered a Vasto Lorde class threat in Bleach.

Fairy Tail Episode 8

He’s saclaable to Lullaby who’s shown casual feats on par with Top Espadas.

A threat Hitsugaya considered to be beyond an average Captain level Shinigami back in the Pre Skip era.

Tatarus are the strongest demons in Zeref’s Army, Even the weakest of them can defeat an entire country’s army of mages by narrative and should scale relative to Post Skip S Class mages who has numerous Island to Country level feats with the strongest demons even scaling to Multi Continental level feats. These demons would range from  Top Espada level to  High Sterrin Ritter levels.

Zeref’s Sppragain 12 which I talked about already easily scales far above that with even its weakest members casually being stronger than any of the Tatarus demons.  All of the Spparagain 12 would easily be considered Multi Continental level via power scaling and even by feats with the strongest members easily reaching Moon to Small Planet level+, they would be essential Royal Guard to Captain Commander level in power.

And Zeref himself would be at least comparable to Yhwach in terms of feats and hax so the idea Yamamoto can beat Natsu at all is laughable.

You also have to completely ignore that there are plenty of characters who can counter Yamamoto’s hax via their own hax .

Inveel for example can freeze Natsu’s flames which are comparable to Yamamoto’s flames.Inveel hard negs  Yamamoto’s Bankai with his hax and would freeze Yamamoto before he can obtain Shikai.

Gray with devil slayer magic literally can freeze things at Absolute Zero,in short it’s a hard neg towards Yamamoto’s heat.

So by your  logic everyone in Bleach is killed by a sword user

So can Freed solo Bleach now?

Also Erza’s sword>>>>>>>>99% of the Bleachverse, your point faggots?


Erza 4d sword power

By your logic Erza in base is  4-D because she surpassed dimmeisons so Base Erza at her weakest=Dangai Ichigo.

Whoa this is beyond asinine and retarded.  First of all, that meteor is nowhere close to the size of Aladoron.

Aladron is actually country sized

 unlike the Seteriet

And definitely unlike Las Noches.

And Second, let’s assume Kenpachi is even equal to Alaadron’s power for a minute.  Alaadorn is literally unkillable to anything aside from Dragon Slayer Magic.  Mind you what happens when non Dragon Slayers fight Dragons.

Third Kenpachi’s best feat

Is just a dozen times stronger than  Alaaodron’s casual energy to sustain itself. Merely stomping Kenpachi would casually outperform Kenpachi’s strongest feat.

Brandissh size scale
Brandish vs nyc
Las Noches

Kenpachi going by powerscaling and feats wouldn’t even touch Brandish in her giant form. BTW..THIS IS FUCKING OUTDATED

The actual potential size of Brandish is actually FAR Bigger than this

He’s got five towns built on his back. For reference, this town on his foot:

Is stated to be bigger than Crocus, the capitol Fiore:

Its flesh is so superhumanly tough he didn’t even notice Natsu’s Dragon King Demolition Fist, the same attack that one shotted this guy:

The size of a mountain.


Soifon hasn’t even remotely come close to killing anything of this size, in fact No Bleach character to date has.

 Soifon was having trouble against BG9 who’s a fucking pissant compared to Alaadron.

Also what’s stopping her? Two words, Dragon Scales.

Characters FAR stronger than her( Also look like her too)  Couldn’t even scratch a fodder tier dragons .Who are  FAR  weaker than the Dragon Gods .Soifon hasn’t even shown the feats of GMG arc Kagura much less anything close to 100 year quest Erza or Natsu

Meanwhile Alaodron’s casual power is easily outdoing all the average Sterrin Ritter with ease merely existing.

Need I remind you how Reiastu works for the billionth time in Bleach?Gajeel fighting a weakened Alaodron produced far more force and power .Then anything Bleach captain can output.


 This is peak Bleachtard ignorance and stupidity right here.  This is proof they do no research on the series they’re debating.

Absolute Zero is something GRAY ALREADY POSSESSED.

Gray is entirely immune to Ice attacks.

Inveel is even more immune to said effects


And various characters in Fairy tail actually have pretty good temperature durability feats.

So saying  Abosutle Zero solos the verse is just stupid.Rukia doesn’t even get pass Lucy let alone the verse.

Bleach Downplay?You mean the most overwanked verse in fiction?

A verse that’s so heavily wanked , retards on the interent make shitty videos claiming Yhwach can beat Jojo characters?

A verse with actual Universe busters?

As for this “Transcende” , the most overrated, overwanked statements in fiction,  Ichigo’s powers are on a higher dimension is just metaphor of his power increase, not literally him being 4D much less higher

Ichigo and Aizen are impressed with blowing up mountains

Pfft going by Hyperbole Ep 4 Erza=Dangai Ichigo as she’s a casual mountain buster according to Gray.

Now this is a funny joke.  


If Inveel could casually no sell Gray’s Absolute Zero

And Gray>>>>>>Rukia

Who’s not even above Gremmy in power

And Gremmy’s meteors scared even Hacshwalth who worried for Ywach’s safety.

With even the weakest members of the Sparrigan 12 easily Multi Continent level With feats shitng on Shikai Kenpachi

What thinks Irene is losing to Rukia?

When her MUCH weaker daughter withstood Absolute Zero temperatures and heat that can melt time?Rukia would get stomped by any Alvarez era A rank mage much less S Class mage.  In short Fairy Tail has enough hax to counter Bleach characters, more on revisions for the series at another time.

3 thoughts on “Yhwach solos the Fairy Tail Verse:DEBUNKED

  1. I do wonder why bleach overhyped in power scaling when they’re feats arent straightforward. It could be cause it is kind of a rip off of Yu Yu Hakusho but that’s it. I find fairy tail vs bleach to be debatable.


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