New TUmblr is down so posting the best of Chiasto Hasegawa gifs here

I can’t acess New Tumblr to post these gifs of Chisato Hasegawa from Shinmai Maou no Testament so i’m going to post the GIF’s here i made for her and post them on New Tumblr later when the site is back up. These are the gifs i have so far, will look for the NSFWContinue reading “New TUmblr is down so posting the best of Chiasto Hasegawa gifs here”

Dumbest shit said about the Iran conflict: Trump's attack is targeting brown and black people

Just when you think they couldn’t get any stupider, leave it to Race Pimp and sponsor of Third World Child slavery Colin Crapernigg to come out of his Muit Million dollar mansion, likely in a neighborhood that’s 90% White to come and open his stupid fucking mouth yet again. As you all know, I’m notContinue reading “Dumbest shit said about the Iran conflict: Trump's attack is targeting brown and black people”

Al Zoro reveals his true colors

by IreneBelserion69, Feb 17, 2019, 9:47:23 AM Journals / Personal Looks like Al Zoro got serverly butthurt after my recent post against him that was in Stash over a year ago when we got into our arugment about Israel and Palestine so naturally he resorted to damage control and attempting and failing to cover up his butthurt. Schooling AlContinue reading “Al Zoro reveals his true colors”

Schooling Al Zoro on Palestine

by IreneBelserion69, Feb 5, 2019, 10:26:04 AM Journals / Personal (This is a lost journal that I had forgot to put out a year ago but it was so good I decided to release this to the public as opposed to deleting it. Will have the new EIlthard posts later and Cosmic Chaos 3 parter tomorrow) Amongst the most cowardly vermin and mostContinue reading “Schooling Al Zoro on Palestine”

The Jihad Squad Part 2

by IreneBelserion69, Jul 20, 2019, 3:04:23 AM Personal Journal ( Update: Thanks to    for pointing out that the tweet i quoted of Ilhan Omar wanting to put white people in chains wasn’t actually written by Iihan Omar herself… While i’m wary of sites like Politifact, especially due to their bias in the 2016 election, for now with noContinue reading “The Jihad Squad Part 2”

The Jihad Squad

by IreneBelserion69, Jul 19, 2019, 10:45:24 PM Personal Journal Yep back again to talk about the clown cart that is the brown clowns of the House of Representatives, the retarded bimbos who’re favorite past time is hating America and shitting on America yet no sooner you confront these Brown Clowns about their disgusting behavior, play the victim andContinue reading “The Jihad Squad”

Rose Mcgoawn represents everything wrong with Millienal little shits

Back from the long hiatus, i took from Politics and boy am i fucking pissed off.  No, I’m not pisssed off over the fact Democrats keep wasting our time and money on this pointless Impeachment bullshit (Which BTW has gone nowhere because Democrats know they have nothing on Trump but more on that later), I’mContinue reading “Rose Mcgoawn represents everything wrong with Millienal little shits”

FTL Speed scale

FTL Speed scale… Luminal: 1 to 1,000 c(FTLx)… Example: Speed needed to cross the Earth to Moon in 1.3  second (299,792,458 m/s) to Mars and Earth in 1.3 Seconds (299,792,458,000 m/s  or 2 AUs per second) Minimum Energy needed to achieve Luminal speed with 70kg human in short bursts/Striking strength/Durability(Close range  E=MC^2/2):3.145643125578862e+18 JoulesContinue reading “FTL Speed scale”

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