Dumbest Bleachtard comments ever and VS BATTLE WIKI goes full Bleachtard

Dumbest Bleachtard comments ever and VS BATTLE WIKI goes full Bleachtard And old but classic retarded Bleachtard from back in DA back in 2015, seriously this is goldmines of stupid.  Yes  this Bleachtard seriously thinks Superman would lose to Ichigo. superpokefan1Sorry DC fanboys but Ichigo wins this, it’d probably be the hardest battle of hisContinue reading “Dumbest Bleachtard comments ever and VS BATTLE WIKI goes full Bleachtard”

How the Arrancar Arc in Bleach should’ve ended

here, the basic rundown for it on how it should’ve played out Ichigo after beating Grimmjow and being saved by Kenpachi takes Orhime back to the World of the Living but Ulquorria stops him midway. Ichigo gets curbstomped by Ulqurroia’s Frist Release and is about to be killed by him until Isshin arrives with Kisuke,Continue reading “How the Arrancar Arc in Bleach should’ve ended”

Bleach Girls Measurements Part 3

Now for the finale of the Bleach Girl Measurements with the Qunicy and full bringer  Waifus before moving onto other verses. 1)Candice Catnip bleach.wikia.com/wiki/Candice_…  The hot yet very psychopathic waifu of the Sterinner is known for her Lightning-fast attacks and her long legs and firm hourglass body but how thicc is this Quincy Waifu? BeforeContinue reading “Bleach Girls Measurements Part 3”

Naruto vs Bleach verse battle part 2

by IreneBelserion69, Mar 9, 2019, 11:56:11 AM Journals / Personal King Tier Naruto Characters vs King Tier Bleach characters. Now here’s where we get to the characters who can do serious damage to the planet itself. At this point, there should be each their own fights and vs battles and would not be tally it. Naruto Madara is an absoluteContinue reading “Naruto vs Bleach verse battle part 2”