How Strong is Luffy? DEBUNKED

by IreneBelserion69, Mar 10, 2019, 7:09:58 PM Journals / Personal Normally I don’t have a problem with Seth the Programmer’s videos but I have to call bullshit on his scaling here and there are multiple flaws with the scaling with the Luffy feat here. 1) Luffy isn’t Lightspeed Period I’ve heard my tale of bullshit from One Piece Wankers butContinue reading “How Strong is Luffy? DEBUNKED”

How Strong is Luffy really? Post Timeskip Luffy

by IreneBelserion69, Apr 13, 2019, 11:11:55 PM Journals / Personal Now for Part 2 of the respect thread/calc complination of Luffy’s crazy feats from Pre Timeskip, now for the Timeskip version of Luffy.… Post Timeskip Luffy Strength Remember how ridiculously durable a Pacifista used to be? How they were 5 times more durable than Franky who literally took aContinue reading “How Strong is Luffy really? Post Timeskip Luffy”

Streets of Rage 4 review

cue SOR opening sequence and texted opening lol in a world of video games full of various mediocre and triple A titles, a world of fighting games and RPGs, a world platforming made their returns now comes a type of game that isn’t see on mainstream anymore and a game that has long since retiredContinue reading “Streets of Rage 4 review”

How Accurate was Death Battle?: Obi-Wan vs Kakashi

How Accurate was Death Battle?: Obi-Wan vs Kakashi And here is a  third death battle yours truly is deciding to throw my hat into investigating.  The Battle of mentors Kakashi Hatake vs Obi-Wan Kenobi.  Yeah, weird matchup pitting an Anime character with a Live-Action character but such as life. Anyways we’re going toContinue reading “How Accurate was Death Battle?: Obi-Wan vs Kakashi”

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Review

Final Fantasy 7 Remake! the long and I do mean long anticipated awaited release to the 1998 classic PS1 RPG(1997 in japan) that never went away and remains Square Enix’s biggest cash cow. while people have been asking for this since the an E3 showing of what it could look like during the PS3 era,Continue reading “Final Fantasy 7 Remake Review”

Shin Sakura Wars Impressions

Alright, if you’ve been a long time anime viewer like me then you’re already familiar or remember an anime called Sakura Wars. yes the very same game series that was a massive success for sega on the sega saturn and dreamcast that Segata Sanchiro dated the main heroine Sakura lol Oh, Segata. you lived theContinue reading “Shin Sakura Wars Impressions”

Digimon Adventure 2020 impressions

Well this anime season is certainly looking like a lot of of the blocks are filled with returning seasons and series with only a handful of debuts. Digimon is certainly no stranger here and given how it’s lasted this long on its own merits and while certainly not the big phenomena as pokemon it certainlyContinue reading “Digimon Adventure 2020 impressions”

Overlooked Kirby feats and New Tiering system

by IreneBelserion69, Jul 27, 2019, 12:12:52 AM Journals / Personal .How Powerful is Kriby? Remember how fucking broken Kirby is? Well, her’es a few more feats dedicated to the scray Pink puffball and here’s some setup for future tiering within ficitonal VS respect Threads, especially with a certain upcoming feat. Yeah, there were so many other feats from theContinue reading “Overlooked Kirby feats and New Tiering system”

The size of Aldoron(Fairy Tail)

by IreneBelserion69, Jul 9, 2019, 11:58:03 AM Journals / Personal Back from massivie tooth pain, fully recovered, now to post out and dump some shit out, inculding this calc. We’re back with another Fairy Tail calc, this time of epic portions, one of the largest things within Shonen and easily the biggest thing in Fairy Tail by far. The massive WoodContinue reading “The size of Aldoron(Fairy Tail)”