How heavy are Passoinlip’s boobs

Now for the measurement of Passionlips massive rack Bust width: 73px(160/3.14cm=51cm) Underbust:35px(77cm/3.14=24 cm) Cup Size:33” Bra Size:Too Big to Measure Now for the weight of her boobs LengthxWidthXthiccness Length of each breast:Bust Width/2 33”=‭83.82‬cm 51cm/2=25.5cm 25.5cmx25.5cmx83.32cm ‭‭54,503.955‬ cm^3 ‭49,053.5595‬  or  49.053 kg( Passionlips Breast Volume:‭‭54,503.955‬ cm^3 Passionlips’s Breast Weight:49.053 kg(98.106lbs) Passionlips’s Breast Milk Capacity:11.82 GallonsContinue reading “How heavy are Passoinlip’s boobs”