Rias the devil

Rias: Hehehehe are you surprised that a devil actually exists, Sensei? While yes yoma and spirits are a thing in senran kagura, they never outright actually said if they ever dealt with the devil let alone Satan or 7 deadly sins or the forces of hell before lol so this could be considered a newContinue reading “Rias the devil”

Kuoh Academy Onee-samas?

After wandering around the school grounds you finally run into someone ?????: ara ara, I thought something about today seemed off. I see a girl who isn’t really Asia and a guy I’ve never met or seen at this school before. Would you two come with me? After following the beautiful mystery girl to aContinue reading “Kuoh Academy Onee-samas?”

Ashiya is Asia?

Pronunciation wise their names do sound similar lol After waking up in what looks to be a school yard Ashiya mangas to find you. Ashiya: Sensei! You’re here too!? By any chance do you where we are? Ashiya: Hehehe I think this is someone who attends this place, sensei. Maybe we can investigate by posingContinue reading “Ashiya is Asia?”