Kafuru Koumei

Kafuru: We got returning visitors this time but it looks like someone wants to offer their power to me . May as well try it out. Kafuru turned into Koumei complete with her hair color and style along with Koumei’s outfit. Kafuru: Looks like this person has some interesting skills and powers I can makeContinue reading “Kafuru Koumei”

Hakufu enters the battle

Hakufu: Hey! It’s the ninja girls! Long time no see! Katsu-chan!(Katsuragi) let’s have another fight after I see how strong your sensei is! Just me going off on assumption hakufu and katsuragi would be instant besties due to Katsuragi’s design and habits were based off of Hakufu as inspiration so it’d be weird for themContinue reading “Hakufu enters the battle”

Kanu transformation!

I haven’t read…. shin ikkitousen… man and I thought power rangers was obnoxious with labeling “super” in their 2nd season runs on nickolodeon. anyway I’m just going by impressions the image gives that suggest Kanu and certain others gain a transformation ability related to the spirits of who they represent from the 3 kingdoms thatContinue reading “Kanu transformation!”