How heavy are Passoinlip’s boobs

Now for the measurement of Passionlips massive rack Bust width: 73px(160/3.14cm=51cm) Underbust:35px(77cm/3.14=24 cm) Cup Size:33” Bra Size:Too Big to Measure Now for the weight of her boobs LengthxWidthXthiccness Length of each breast:Bust Width/2 33”=‭83.82‬cm 51cm/2=25.5cm 25.5cmx25.5cmx83.32cm ‭‭54,503.955‬ cm^3 ‭49,053.5595‬  or  49.053 kg( Passionlips Breast Volume:‭‭54,503.955‬ cm^3 Passionlips’s Breast Weight:49.053 kg(98.106lbs) Passionlips’s Breast Milk Capacity:11.82 GallonsContinue reading “How heavy are Passoinlip’s boobs”

Naruto Female Measurements Chart Part 1 (Younger Naruto females Age 15-25)

Been a long time coming but here’s the Naruto female measurments. From the maker of the Fairy Tail Measurements series And for the Bleach Measurments seires As well some other measurements. Comes the Naruto female Measurement series Unlike the last two, we’re only going to have 2 parts to this oneContinue reading “Naruto Female Measurements Chart Part 1 (Younger Naruto females Age 15-25)”

Tirage X Cup Size calcs

(UPDATE:Added Scaling and Breast Weight) Hello, after seeing a bunch of Tirage X pictures which have all sorts of their measurements, i notice there’s a lack of official cup sizes, so here’s my measurements for each female of Tirage X using my usual measurements. We’re also going to be using a new scaling method whichContinue reading “Tirage X Cup Size calcs”

Bayonnetta’s Measurements

Here’s some measurments from our favorite waifu of gaming. Height:913px(7’7 /237 cm) Bayonetta’s Bust:147px(38cm)x3.14=120cm/47 Inches Bayeontta’s underbust:122px(32cm)x3.14=99cm/39 Inches Bayoentta Waist:102px(37cm)x3.,14=84 cm/ 33 Inches Bayonetta’s Hips:175cm(45 cm)x3.14=141 cm/56 inches Cup Size:8 “ more than bust Bra Size;48 H or J Cup in Japan Bayonetta’s Measurements BHW:120,84,141 cm( 47,33,56 Inches) Cup Size:8 “ more than bust BraContinue reading “Bayonnetta’s Measurements”

Bleach Girls Measurements Part 3

Now for the finale of the Bleach Girl Measurements with the Qunicy and full bringer  Waifus before moving onto other verses. 1)Candice Catnip…  The hot yet very psychopathic waifu of the Sterinner is known for her Lightning-fast attacks and her long legs and firm hourglass body but how thicc is this Quincy Waifu? BeforeContinue reading “Bleach Girls Measurements Part 3”

Correcting a major error

i was way off on my measurements everyone , Mika Kano’s Measurements are t: 96cm, Waist: 58cm, Hips: 91cm, yeah never doing the Decoed measurements thing again, measuring anime characters isn’t th same as IRL characters. Sorry for the crappy calc i made. To make it up here’s some Mika Knao stuff. Born  October 7, 1962Continue reading “Correcting a major error”

Hero Rias and Akeno Measurements

(Reedited this entire post since Mika Kano’s measurments were revealed and the measurements i did were wildly off the mark but we’ll stick with these measurments here) After all she has a crossover with High school DXD, an anime i might get into measuring later with the recent season apparently giving all the girls aContinue reading “Hero Rias and Akeno Measurements”

Bleach Girls Measurements Part 2

IR by IreneBelserion69 on 2 hours ago 1 view Bleach Girls Measurements Part 1 Now for Part 2 of the Bleach Girl Measurements, this time for the Arrancars, Vizards, and other Hollow related females. Now for the moment, you’re all waiting for, the measurements of Hollow and Vizard females. I will be using these pictures fromContinue reading “Bleach Girls Measurements Part 2”

Bleach Girls Measurments Part 1

by IreneBelserion69, Jul 9, 2019, 2:15:21 PM Journals / Personal Yep for the maker of the Fairy Tail Female measurements, comes the Bleach Female measurements. This would be a three-part measurements chart for all the females within the series or at least the most notable females. The first edition would e dedicated to Humans like Orihime and Shinigami, the Second edition would beContinue reading “Bleach Girls Measurments Part 1”

Fairy Tail Measurements Part 3

(Update: Added Young Irene Measurements) Part 3 of the Fairy Tail Measurements  for   this time covering the girls from rival guilds to Fairy Tail Fairy Tail Female’s Measurments Part 1 ( Final Revision: Body Types added) Today at the request :IconGliscor888X: I will be doing “research” into the measurements of the Fairy Tail Females. We would be using these scales as a basisContinue reading “Fairy Tail Measurements Part 3”