Naruto Female Measurements Chart Part 1 (Younger Naruto females Age 15-25)

Been a long time coming but here’s the Naruto female measurments. From the maker of the Fairy Tail Measurements series And for the Bleach Measurments seires As well some other measurements. Comes the Naruto female Measurement series Unlike the last two, we’re only going to have 2 parts to this oneContinue reading “Naruto Female Measurements Chart Part 1 (Younger Naruto females Age 15-25)”

How Accurate was Death Battle?:All Might Vs Might Gai 

Merry Christmas to you all, today i would be doing something different, anyalisying Death Battle and seeing if the battle is accurate to the actual scaling and power Versions we’re using Gai vs  weakened All Might Gai vs Prime All Might Strength Gai Might Gai is well known for his immense strength, while he hasn’tContinue reading “How Accurate was Death Battle?:All Might Vs Might Gai ”

Sakura is MUCH stronger than you think …No Seriously! Sakura respect thread.

Rmemeber how Awesome Erza was? Yeah this is nothing like that respect thread. Yes, we’re making this thread, before you all laugh,  yes I’m being dead serious about this topic. Yeah this is going to be one of the hardest respect threads to write, not because I hate Sakura but because it’s so boring toContinue reading “Sakura is MUCH stronger than you think …No Seriously! Sakura respect thread.”

Area 51 vs Naruto Ninjas

by IreneBelserion69, Jul 22, 2019, 3:46:46 AM Journals / Personal (Update: Added the Speficie Heating Capacity Calcs for Doomguy, revised the Power Armor durability feat) `After a seires of fucking stressing journals, in order to clear out my head of anger, i would be doing something much more wholesome such as showing off the might of the US Armed forcesContinue reading “Area 51 vs Naruto Ninjas”

Naruto vs Bleach verse battle part 2

by IreneBelserion69, Mar 9, 2019, 11:56:11 AM Journals / Personal King Tier Naruto Characters vs King Tier Bleach characters. Now here’s where we get to the characters who can do serious damage to the planet itself. At this point, there should be each their own fights and vs battles and would not be tally it. Naruto Madara is an absoluteContinue reading “Naruto vs Bleach verse battle part 2”

Naruto vs Bleach verse battle

by IreneBelserion69, Mar 8, 2019, 1:11:47 AM Journals / Personal Now that we got Naruto and Ichigo out of the way and I finished my rant journals, let’s finish up the Bleach vs Naruto saga by matching up verse by verse going by characters of comparable rank and power and see without bias which displays who in power. Naruto vs IchigoContinue reading “Naruto vs Bleach verse battle”

Bleach and Naruto Freezing feats

by IreneBelserion69, Jan 2, 2019, 4:45:15 PM Journals / Personal We’re here for the Bleach freezing feats and some Naruto and what better than to start with Rukia. Rukia Rukia’s new Shikai would actually be a good place to scale from as going by her words we can find Rukia’s old temperature scaling.  Rukia’s Shikai pre Skip is clearly nowhereContinue reading “Bleach and Naruto Freezing feats”

Naruto vs Ichigo DB revised Part 3

by IreneBelserion69, Jan 29, 2019, 11:44:20 PM Journals / Personal  Round 4: Post-Dangai Ichigo vs 50% Kurama Cloak Naruto Naruto Strength Naruto within his Kyuubi Charka Mode Verison 1 is vastly stronger than his Sage Mode and base mode form. For example, in the war, he one shotted the Second Tusikage who easily eqauled the power of the Thrid Tsucikage who has shown Country levelContinue reading “Naruto vs Ichigo DB revised Part 3”

Naruto vs Ichigo DB revised Part 2

by IreneBelserion69, Jan 29, 2019, 11:41:51 PM Journals / Personal To those keeping score at home, Death Battle was actually dead wrong about Naruto not being planet level, the energy from the slash from Tornei alone was enough to potentially destroy earth when you combine the energy of the slash, its’ further scaled by the feats from Kaguya and Ywach withContinue reading “Naruto vs Ichigo DB revised Part 2”

Naruto vs Ichigo DB revised Part 1

by IreneBelserion69, Jan 22, 2019, 2:15:21 PM Journals / Personal (Major Updates: Due to the calculations done by my recent Bleach freezing Feats, major revisions need to be done on the research here to update the versus battle thread) Well, Death Battle Made another Anime based Death Battle, let’s see how they screw this one up…Only kidding, for the most part theyContinue reading “Naruto vs Ichigo DB revised Part 1”